The Notebook, Chapter 3

  • Posted on August 17, 2019 at 2:24 pm

by Ebo

Dana was a little disappointed to see her stepmother in jeans and a blouse. Not that she didn’t look good, the pants molding to her body in all the right places. She’d just been hoping for the little black dress.

Penny saw her looking, smiled, “I had my little black dress on, but I didn’t think it would be good for either one of us.”

“You’re probably right,” she said, blushing when her step-mother laughed.

In the car, her stepmother asked, “Where do you want to eat?”

“Somewhere with burritos,” Dana said, strapping in.

“Mexican food it is,” she said, pulling out of the driveway. At the end of the block, she glanced at Dana, said, “Can I ask you a kind of personal question?”

“Um, sure,” Dana said, cringing. The question that followed that one was rarely good.

“The things you write about,” she said, pulling up to a stop sign, “have you… done any of them?”

“Oh,” Dana said, blushing.

“I don’t want details,” Penny said, laughing, “this is a mom question and not a perv question.”

“No,” Dana said, which was the truth. So far, she hadn’t done anything.

“I didn’t think so,” Penny said, driving through the intersection.

Dana looked at her for an explanation. Seeing the look, Penny said, “Some of the things you write aren’t quite right. Not too obvious, just stuff you wouldn’t have missed if you’d actually had sex. I used to think Dfox was a guy. Nothing wrong with guy writers, they just don’t always get the details right.”

“What’s wrong with my stories?” Dana asked, frowning.

“Nothing I can see from where I sit,” Penny said, glancing away from the road to smile at her.

“But you just said–” Dana started but Penny held up her hand.

“Love, your stories are wonderful, sexy. Knowing what I know now, they are even more so. Don’t change a thing about them.”

“Then why did you bring it up?” she asked, frowning.

“Just being a concerned parent,” she said, then laughed, “or something like that.”

“Concerned parent?”

“You are thirteen,” she said, glancing away from the road.

“I’m aware of that,” Dana said, laughing.

“You’re also writing erotica aimed at people who like girls your age,” she said, shaking her head. “You are swimming in some sharky waters, Dana. I just want you to be safe.”

Dana smiled, touched by her concern.

“It’s probably safe to email me, but you shouldn’t give anyone else your email.”

“I use a dummy email account for Leslita, and the information is completely false,” Dana said, then gave her stepmother a look. “Just ‘probably safe’?”

Penny winked at Dana and said, “I think I’ve proven my intentions aren’t completely innocent when I gave you my old laptop and sent you that email.”

“What email?”

“You didn’t check your email before we left?” Penny asked.

“No, why,” Dana asked, then grinned, “did you send me a naughty email?”

Penny just laughed.

“What does it say?” she asked.

“You’ll have to wait until we get home,” Penny said.

“That’s not cool,” Dana said, groaning. She didn’t think she could wait that long. The anticipation would surely kill her.

“A little anticipation can be fun,” Penny said.

“That’s easy for you to say,” Dana said, shaking her head, “you aren’t the one waiting. Can you at least give me a hint?”

“How did you come up with the little black dress theme from your last email?” Penny asked, instead of answering her.

Dana blushed, not sure she wanted to talk about it in person. It was easy to say those sexy things in writing, but face to face…

“I… I like that dress. It… it looks great on you,” Dana said, shyly.

“Oh,” Penny said, smiling at the compliment, “Thanks, Dana.”

“The rest of the email… It just sort of came to me.”

“I’m not going to lie to you, kid. It got me all hot and bothered,” her stepmother said, making her laugh, “then that line this morning, ‘why don’t you ask the boys at school’. You should be ashamed of yourself, teasing me like that. Couldn’t get that image out of my head all morning.”

She had to smile, pleased that she had turned her stepmother on.

“I was inspired,” Penny said, pulling into the parking lot of El Toro Loco, “to admit my own little fantasy.”

“Oh,” Dana said, her mind racing as she tried to imagine what Penny’s ‘little fantasy’ could be.

Inside, they ordered some food. After the server was gone, Penny turned to Dana and said, “I’ve got to ask. How did you end up writing stories for Lesbian Lolita?”

Rubbing the back of her neck, Dana said, “That’s a long story.”

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to,” Penny said, making it sound like she really wanted Dana too.

Giving her stepmother a weighing look, she had to ask, “Is this the concerned parent or fellow erotica writer asking?”

“Both,” Penny said, laughing, “for completely different reasons.”

“What reasons?”

“Well, I guess it is the same reason but with different intentions. The concerned parent in me wonders how a thirteen-year-old girl ends up on a site like Lesbian Lolita. The site isn’t just something you stumble upon. You have to go looking for it.”

“And you want to know why I went looking,” Dana said, smiling at her.

Penny met her eyes, gave her a look that was hard to read, part love and part sadness and some other emotions not readily identifiable, “I love you like my own daughter, Dana. You know that, right?”

A little embarrassed, Dana nodded.

“I wasn’t kidding about the waters being sharky, Dana. You are in some rough seas and it worries me to death.”

Feeling a burst of warmth for the woman, she gave her an affectionate smile, “I love you, too, Penny. You think hearing my story will put your mind at ease?”

“I hope so,” she said, meeting Dana’s eyes. The concern was clear in her face and again Dana’s heart swelled for her stepmother.

“Well… I guess I should start with I’ve always liked to write. I wrote my first story when I was eight about a magical unicorn and a princess.”

Penny smiled, “I remember that story. I think I read it to you about a dozen times at bedtime.”

“So, you see the writing isn’t something new,” she said, pausing as their food arrived, “I think that is important to remember.”

“Okay,” her step-mother said.

“I was riding my bike one day during summer vacation — I think I was ten, at the time. I rode past the Yoder’s place, about a block up…”

Penny recognized the name, Dana saw. The woman started grinning, “You mean Alison Yoder’s place?”

“Yes,” Dana said, blushing as she saw the knowing smile on her stepmother’s face, “I take it you’ve noticed her before, too.”

“It’s hard not to,” Penny said, laughing, “she does yoga on her front lawn in her bikini. Everyone on the block has ‘noticed her’.”

“The first time I saw her,” she said, her face hot, “I was enthralled by her. I must have rode my bike up and down the street a dozen times, just drifting by so I could watch her a little longer. When she finally went back inside, I came home, and only then did I notice how sore my legs were.”

Penny laughed around a bite of food, put her hand over her mouth, “Sorry. It’s not funny.”

“No, it kind of is,” Dana said, grinning sheepishly, “Only ten and I knew I was attracted to women. Not so much girls, but women.”

“Ah,” Penny said, nodding.

“So, you see where this is going?”

“I have a pretty good idea. You were traumatized by Alison’s incredible body,” her step-mother said with a playful grin.

“Pretty much,” Dana said, laughing. “Maybe I would’ve been a lesbian anyhow, but seeing her in Downward Facing Dog definitely nudged me in that direction. Especially when my morning bike rides always seemed to take me past her place when she was doing yoga.”

Penny snorted, “Only ten and already a horn dog.”

“Hey, I was in love,” Dana said, laughing around a mouthful of food. She blushed when Penny gave her a mother look for that “Sorry.”

“So, how did your infatuation with the very limber Ms. Yoder lead to Lesbian Lolita?”

“In one word,” she said, having swallowed, “Google.”

“Ah,” Penny said, nodding. Dana got the feeling she could stop her story there and her stepmother would still understand. Hell, maybe she did.

“I guess you could say Alison opened my eyes. I started noticing beautiful women all around me. Present company included.”

Penny gave her a grin, “Thanks.”

“Then there was the Wild Things incident,” Dana said, taking a big bite out of her chicken taco.

Wild Things incident?”

“Dad rented the movie Wild Things…”

“Oh, yeah,” Penny said, nodding, “we made you go upstairs because it wasn’t appropriate for a young girl to watch.”

“Well, it was the worst thing you could have done.”

Penny frowned at her, then started laughing, “You googled ‘Wild Things’.”

“Yeah,” Dana said, grinning.

“Let me guess,” she said, still laughing, “You got an eyeful. Maybe liked it but were at least curious, clicked on another link, something related to the movie…”

“It was my introduction to porn,” Dana said, her voice low, “even with safe search on, Google used to be riddled with it.”

“Very true,” Penny said, laughing, “although it is kind of funny hearing a young girl say it.”

“Then I figured out how to turn the safe search off,” Dana said, blushing, “then things got really interesting.”

“Interesting, huh?”

“Anyway,” Dana said, taking a deep breath, “I won’t walk you through all the steps that lead to Lesbian Lolita. I’m sure you get the idea, anyway.”

Penny nodded, sitting back in her chair, “Thanks for telling me, Dana. I’ll sleep easier at night knowing.”

Frowning, she asked, “Why do you say that?”

“Your story was kind of sweet, innocent. I was worried it would be a lot darker,” she said in a way that let Dana know not to ask for more information.

Dana finished her tacos, wondered what kind of things Penny had imagined. She had read enough stories on Lesbian Lolita to know it wasn’t always a happy story. Again, she felt a burst of warmth for the woman, that she was concerned about her.

“The pervy writer in me has to ask,” she said, leaning forward so she could keep her voice low, “when you discovered porn, you were what eleven? Did you ever, you know?”

Blushing, Dana said, “You mean, did I ever have my hand in my Hello Kitty panties while I was looking at two women having sex?”

“See, there you go again. Teasing me, putting images in my head,” Penny said, grinning.

Dana winked at her, didn’t answer the question. She didn’t tell her about finding videos of girls playing with themselves, about trying it herself. It became one of her favorite pastimes.

Her dad still wasn’t home by the time they pulled into the driveway, so she ran upstairs to check her email. Her breathing was little funny as she waited for her computer to boot up but it had nothing to do with the sprint up the stairs. So excited, she couldn’t stop grinning.

Finally, she could access her email, opened the new message from her step-mother:

You don’t have a little black dress, but maybe I should buy you one. Something slinky and cute. Mmm, maybe I will.

There is this one thing you used to do that so innocently drove me crazy. As a young girl, you’d walk around in just your panties and a t-shirt, unaware what you were doing to me. Sometimes I wondered if you could feel me looking at you. Surely you must because I couldn’t look away.

I was sad when you outgrew that phase. You were about ten or so when you started being self-conscious of your body. I guess it is for the best. If you still walked around in just panties and a t-shirt now, I’m not sure how much self-control I’d have. Your pudgy little girl body has given way to a sleek young woman’s, something I’ve noticed with a mix of sadness and pride. I miss that little girl I fell in love with when I met your father but I’m more than curious to see what kind of woman you grow into.

I know I said it’s for the best, but I still wonder what it would be like, if you still walked around the house in just a clingy shirt and panties. When I close my eyes, I can almost see you, leaning one hip against the sink, eating an apple, your lovely legs bare.

Dana was grinning by the time she finished reading. She wondered if Penny was exaggerating how she used to look at her. She’d never noticed the woman paying her more than the appropriate attention. Then again, she hadn’t known then what she knew now.

Giggling, she wondered what Penny would think if she walked by without any pants on right now. Just cruise by in panties and a t-shirt. The idea got stuck in her head, going around and around until she found herself seriously considering it. It would be kind of exciting, crossing that line.

She got off her bed and went to the window, looked down at the driveway. Her father’s car still wasn’t there. It was just her and her step-mother here.

Biting her lower lip, she glanced at the door to her room. Did she dare?

Giggling, she wriggled out of her jeans. Her heart was racing as she moved to the door. She paused with her hand on the door, made sure she really wanted to do this. The nervous giggle that escaped her was answer enough and she opened the door.

She spotted her stepmother in the kitchen, doing the dishes. Before the woman saw her, she took a deep breath to muster her nerve, then walked through the archway. She had to bite her lip to keep an excited giggle in check as she went to the fridge and got a Coke.

Before she turned around, she felt eyes on her, heard her stepmother lose her grip on the plate she was washing. It splashed water onto the floor as it fell back into the sink. She had to keep her face in the fridge a moment longer, get herself under control. Finally, she had her face set, closed the door and turned around.

Penny was grinning at her, shaking her head, “You are playing with fire, young lady.”

“What on earth do you mean?” she said, leaning against the counter. She shivered as the woman looked her up and down, made no attempt to hide her interest.

“I take it you read my email,” Penny said, her voice a little funny.

“Maybe,” she said, grinning, “or maybe I just forgot my pants.”

“Well, you better remember them before your father gets home,” Penny said, the dishes forgotten in the sink.

“I guess you’re right,” she said, pushing away from the counter. She walked past Penny to the archway, shivering when she felt the woman’s eyes follow her.

“Dana,” her stepmother called as she crossed the threshold. Pausing she looked back over her shoulder at her, “it was even better than I imagined.”

Smiling playfully, Dana winked at her. She made sure to roll her hips as she walked away, felt her stepmother’s eyes on her backside until she disappeared from her line of sight. Only then did she let out the nervous giggle that she had been holding in.

“Oh God,” she laughed, running her hand through her hair, “that was so bad.”

Taking the stairs two at a time, she hurried to her room. She flopped on her bed, grinning up at the ceiling. The adrenaline pumping through her veins had her jittery, her hand shaking.

I can’t believe I just did that, she thought, laughing.

She and Penny had crossed a line when they decided to keep emailing even after they found out the truth. Or more accurately, Dana had crossed the line with that first email, then Penny had followed her with the second one. Now, Dana had done it, again, stepped even further over that line. She had been teasing, flirting with Penny. Not online or by email but in person. Not even just flirting, but playing into an admitted fantasy of the woman.

It had been spontaneous and impulsive, exciting, and she was pretty sure a bad idea, but she was glad she had done it.

“No regrets,” she said, out loud.


She was pretty sure her father was asleep by now. He had looked dead on his feet by the time he finally made it home. She felt reasonably safe about fishing her laptop from its hiding place and booting it up.

Opening her email, she saw a new email from her step-mother. Grinning, she opened it:

Shame on you. All I could think about was the tick of your backside in those cute, white panties all evening and night. Your poor father was trying to tell me about his day and I couldn’t concentrate. So here I am, laying in bed, thinking bad thoughts, again. So, I say again, shame on you.

Giggling, she hit Reply, then hesitated. What should she write? Finally she put her fingers to the keys and typed: Bad thoughts, huh? I had a few of my own. I can still feel your eyes on me. It made me feel sexy, the way you looked at me. It made me never want to wear pants, again.

Reading what she had written, she giggled excitedly. The thought of sending the email sent a shiver up her spine. She hit Enter before she could think better of it. Another shiver worked through her and she put her hand to her mouth.

Much further and she wouldn’t even be able to see the line they’d crossed.

A little window popped up in the corner of her screen and she saw her step-mother’s handle, P.anna1980 and this message:

P.anna1980: What are you doing still awake? Other than putting more bad thoughts in my head?

She saw a cursor flashing on the screen and pushed a key as an experiment. She grinned when the letter appeared on the screen. Her step-mother had opened the chat option in their email service. Deleting the random letter, she typed: I only used to be able to write at this time of night. Old habits die hard.

P.anna1980: Ah.

Dana typed: Is it safe to be doing this?

P.anna1980: I’m in the bathroom, leaning against the bathtub.

Laughing, she typed: Want some company?

P.anna1980: Um, sure.

Dana closed her computer, got out of bed. She was dressed for bed in a tank top and panties, didn’t bother putting anything else on. Barefoot, she padded to the bathroom, knocked lightly on the door. Her step-mother opened the door, let her in. She locked it behind them.

The woman was also dressed for bed, wearing an oversized t-shirt that fell to her knees. She had her hair pulled up in a ponytail, had her contacts out and her glasses on. Dana thought she looked cute like this, kind of nerdy chic.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey,” her stepmother said.

An awkward silence fell between them. Neither knew what to say next. They just kind of stood there, not looking at each other. Finally, Dana sat down on the floor, leaned against the tub. Penny looked at her for a second, then followed suit, sat beside her.

Penny finally said, “Is this what you were wearing to bed?”

Smiling, Dana said, “Yeah.”

“Didn’t change for me?”

“Didn’t have to, but I could have grabbed some shorts or something. Didn’t, though.”

“No, you didn’t,” Penny said, looking sideways at her.

“Getting any more bad thoughts?” Dana teased, smiling at her.

“A couple,” her stepmother said, laughing.

“Like what?”

Penny gave her a look, frowning, “You really want to know?”

Swallowing hard, she nodded.

Her stepmother rubbed the back of her neck, nervously. She glanced at Dana, then down at her lap. Finally, she said in a low voice, “I was thinking about pulling you onto my lap.”

Jittery with nervous energy, Dana crawled onto the woman’s lap, sat sideways across her legs, so her flank was pressed against Penny’s stomach. Her heart was racing. Penny looked at her sitting in her lap, her face hard to read.

A little anxious, she asked, “What are you thinking about now?”

“I’m thinking I shouldn’t tell you what I’m thinking,” Penny said, her breathing a little funny. It was shallow and fast and Dana sensed her excitement.

“It’s too late to overthink this now,” Dana said, smiling at her, “what are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking I’d like to kiss you,” Penny said.

Before she could lose her nerve, Dana leaned in and kissed her stepmother, shivering as their lips touched. She opened her mouth just a little, just enough so Penny’s tongue could caress hers, draw her into a deeper kiss than she had intended.

It was her first kiss, lingering and sweet, and it left her trembling all over. When their lips finally parted, she couldn’t contain the nervous giggle that escaped her.

Her stepmother looked as flustered as she felt, different emotions fighting for supremacy on her face. Finally, she just shook her head and smiled, “I really didn’t want to like that. I hoped I’d do it and it wouldn’t be anything special, and I could finally get the urge out of my head. But you are a nice kisser.”


“You don’t think you’re a good kisser?” Penny asked, raising her eyebrows.

“I don’t know,” she said, then added shyly, “this was my first time.”

“Oh,” Penny said, a surprised look on her face.

Blushing, Dana went on, “I mean, I’ve read about it, studied how to do it online, but this is the first time my research has paid off.”

Laughing, said,“Paid off, huh?”

Her cheeks still red, she said, “I was really okay?”

“It was a lovely kiss, Dana,” she said, then frowned, “all those kisses in your story and you’ve never had one of your own?”

“No,” Dana said.

“Then you must be a helluva researcher, because you got them right.”

“Thanks,” Dana said, then added, “but they used to be just words on a page. I was rewriting what I’d read about kissing. But now…”

“Now, you know what it is like…” Penny said, nodding.

Smiling shyly, Dana said, “And I want to do it again.”

Penny gave her a look, then sighed, “Yeah, so do I.”

Her stepmother didn’t pull away when Dana kissed her, again. The woman drew her deeper into the kiss, made her almost dizzy with excitement. The woman didn’t seem in any rush to break it, their tongues dancing.

Finally, Penny broke the kiss, said, “We need to stop.”

A little disappointed, Dana still knew she was right. She was becoming painfully aware how little clothing separated their bodies, the proximity. If they didn’t stop now, she wasn’t sure they ever would. She nodded, got off her step-mother’s lap.

Penny looked at her and she couldn’t help but start giggling. The woman started grinning, then laughing, too. She put an arm around Dana’s shoulder, pulled her into a hug. They stayed like that, Dana molded against her stepmother’s flank.

“So, that really happened,” Penny said, smiling at her.

“Yeah,” she said, her lips tingling from the kiss, “I can finally write an honest making out scene.”

Laughing, Penny said, “Well, I’m glad I could help with your research.”

“You know, you pointed out that my stories need a little work. There is a whole lot of other stuff you could help me… research.”

Penny gave her a surprised look, then grinned, “Wow. Be careful. I just might take you up on the offer.”

The grin made it hard to breath and Dana had to look away. Her face felt hot as she flushed in excitement.

Laughing, Penny gave her a squeeze, “Go to bed.”

“Like I could sleep now,” Dana said, laughing.

“Then go write me something sexy to read,” Penny said, then added, “oh, what about the story you were writing yesterday. Is it finished?”

Blushing, Dana stammered “N-no. Not quite.”

“Am I going to get to read it before it posts on Leslita?”

“I’m not sure I’m going to post it,” she said, looking away. Please don’t ask why, she thought.

Her stepmother looked at her a long moment, then shrugged.

Feeling brave, Dana said, “I might let you read it when it’s finished.”


“Yeah,” Dana said, shyly.


…My heart was racing as I walked into the kitchen. Sensing me, my stepmother looked way from the dishes she was washing. I pretended not to notice her eyes widening as I went to the fridge for a drink. Her eyes were hot on me and I shivered deliciously. Straightening up, I closed the fridge and leaned against the counter, let her look at me.

It was a dangerous game I was playing, my father due home at any second, but that only made it more thrilling. My stepmother had admitted a fantasy to me, that she liked when I walked around the house in just panties and t-shirt. She drank in my bare legs, the cute white panties I wore. I couldn’t help shivering, again.

I left her then, felt her watching me as I exited the kitchen. It was just a little thing, just a tease but I was jittery with excitement as I climbed the stairs to my room. Glancing at the clock, I didn’t even open the drink, didn’t need caffeine on top of the adrenaline in my system. Instead, I slipped into a pair of gym shorts and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

I was rinsing my mouth when I heard a light tapping on the door, then it opened before I could call out that someone was in here. My step-mother poked her head in, put her finger to her lips. Curious, I watched her step into the bathroom, then close and lock the door behind her. She came to me and I found myself in her arms. She laughed when I had to spit so I could kiss her.

My husband is asleep in the next room, so we’ll have to be quiet.”

You mean, Dad,” I said, laughing.

My husband,” she insisted.

It dawned on me that we were playing the game, again. In fact, I remembered Dad wasn’t even home, yet. Smiling, I said, “Is this a good idea, then?”

He is a sound sleeper,” she said, kissing me then, “and I missed you too much to stay away.”

I slipped from her arms, turned so I could rinse my toothbrush and put it up. She molded against me, her breasts mashed against my back. Her arms slipped around my waist and she smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I smiled back.

It’s shameless,” she said, letting her hands roam up my stomach to cup my breasts through my thin cotton t-shirt, “the way you tease me. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Her hands teased a moan from me and I pushed back against her, let her know I didn’t want her to stop. She didn’t, not until I could hardly take it anymore. When she took hold of my shirt, I lifted my arms so she could remove it. I shivered as the cool air caressed my bare breasts. My step-mother was looking at me in the mirror, her eyes shining with desire at the sight of me. I shivered again, but not from the cold.

She wasn’t satisfied with me topless, her fingers hooking in the waistband of my shorts. She raked them, along with my panties down my long legs and helped me step out of them. Naked, I wondered what the woman had in mind for me. My mind was racing with the possibilities and my heart was sprinting to keep up.

You are such a beautiful girl,” she said, her hands roaming over me. The purr in her voice, the tingling her touch awoke in my skin made my knees weak with desire. I wanted her to say it, again. To tell me I was beautiful, again. And I never wanted her hands to stop their caresses.

I had my hands on the counter and my fingers tightened on the marble as her hand slipped down my belly and between my thighs. Her eyes met mine in the mirror as she touched me there, her fingers sending little waves of pleasure through me. It was intimate and sexy and I couldn’t catch my breath to let out the moan stuck in my throat. Those lazy circles she was making with her fingers had rendered me speechless. Then I found my voice suddenly and a shuddering moan ripped from my slack mouth.

Shh,” my stepmother teased, knowing I couldn’t be quiet if I tried. What she was doing to me felt too good to keep quiet.

My grip on the vanity was in danger of cracking the marble. I was holding on for dear life. Those little waves of pleasure had swelled, fueled by the storm of pleasure building inside of me. They crashed through me harder and harder. I was biting my lip to keep quiet but it wasn’t doing any good.

My face was pinched in pleasure and I closed my eyes so I couldn’t see my reflection, how goofy I looked.

Open your eyes,” my stepmother said, softly, “I want you to see what your little stunt downstairs made me do.”

I opened my eyes, even though it was hard to keep them open. They kept wanting to squeeze shut at the intense sensations alive in my young body. I still thought I looked funny, my eyes glazed and my mouth slack in pleasure, so I looked past my reflection at my stepmother’s. The woman was grinning playfully, her eyes bright with mischief.

That grin got to me, turned me on even more than I already was. The storm my stepmother’s able fingers had awakened in me gathered force and produced a monster of a wave, a tsunami. Then it battered me, shook me to pieces. Only my stepmother’s arms around me kept me on my feet as I came, my whole body trembling against her.

I got you,” she said, holding me as I recovered.

Finally, I turned into her, kissed her deeply. When my hands found her breasts, she pulled back and grinned at me, said, “Not tonight, love. You’ll get your chance to repay me, but not tonight.”

Then she was gone and I was left to stand naked in the middle of the bathroom, trying to understand what had just happened.

Dana looked down at the laptop, tried to make her hands stop shaking. Just like the last time she had written something for this story, she was a mess. Something about it got to her even more than her other stories. Probably because the elements of her own life that she’d tied into the story and writing in first person made it more intimate, personal.

Saving the document, she opened her web browser, accessed one of her favorite sites. Her heart started beating a little faster at the thumbnail images for the pornographic videos. She didn’t see anything in the new videos that grabbed her attention, so she clicked her mouse in the Search bar. Her fingers on the keys, she hesitated, not sure what she wanted to see. Then she thought about her story, about the surprise visit by the step-mother. Grinning, she typed: lesbian bathroom.

She laughed at some of the ridiculous scenes her search produced, never ceased to be amazed by the variety of things people were into. There were videos ranging from girls peeing in the sink to one Japanese girl dry humping the countertop to more mundane sex in its many variations. One thumbnail caught her attention, featuring a youngish teen being fondled from behind by an older woman while she was brushing her teeth. It was close enough to her story that it piqued her interest.

Clicking on it, she set her computer to one side to free up her hands and lap. As the scene began, she hooked her thumbs in her panties and raked them down her long legs. She tossed them on the bed beside her, her eyes focused on the screen. She grinned when the video turned out to be a mother/daughter fantasy.

The teen girl was wearing sleep shorts and a tank top and was bent over the sink brushing her teeth. The mother, in her robe, was leaning against the door jam, admiring the girl’s backside. Finally, she enters the bathroom, presses against the girl, startling her. The daughter relaxes when she sees who it is, melts against the older woman.

Dana felt the first tingle of excitement as she watched the mother reach around to fondle her daughter’s breasts. Her hand slid between her thighs as heat blossomed there and she moaned as her fingers caressed her tender bud. Her eyes never left the screen as she played with herself.

On the screen, the mother began undressing the younger girl, first her tank top, then her shorts. The naughty girl wasn’t wearing underwear and was soon very naked. She turned to her mother, who undid the knot in her robe until it fell open.

Dana’s breath caught in her throat at the glimpse of her naked body and she bit her lip to stifle the excited giggle that escaped her. The woman was probably thirty-five, slim and shapely. Dana’s heart was racing as the woman shrugged out of the robe completely, let it fall to the floor at her feet. She couldn’t take her eyes off the woman’s long legs, the flare of her hips and her flat belly, the pale swells of her full breasts and the dark thatch of pubic hair above her sex. She looked so tempting, so sexy that Dana hardly noticed the daughter anymore.

Her fingers were a blur, her hips gyrating against her hand in perfect counter-rhythm. The two women on the screen were kissing and touching, their bodies molded together. Dana watched the older woman’s hands roam over the girl’s back and buttocks, up into her long hair. It was very sexy, intimate and Dana was a little jealous of the teenager.

She wondered how it would feel to have someone touch her like that. A naughty little shiver worked through her as she thought about her step-mother’s hands on her back and buttocks. She blushed when one of those hands slipped between the teen’s thighs and she wondered about that, too.

The teen leaned against the sink, spread her legs wide for her step-mother. The woman grinned and sank to her knees in front of her. Even with the sound off, Dana could almost hear the girl’s moans as the woman’s mouth found her bald sex, her able tongue torturing the teen’s clit. The enjoyment was all over her face.

It was too much for Dana and she felt herself beginning to come. She gasped as her body clenched up, then shook itself loose. Trembling all over, she slipped her hand from between her thighs, paused the video. She drifted on the tide of endorphins flooding her bloodstream, smiling at the frozen image on her screen.

Even through her post-orgasmic haze, she noticed something strange. Under the video, was a flashing red rectangle that said Download. She’d been coming to this site for a while now and had never noticed the option before. Frowning, she clicked on it and sure enough, the download menu opened. It showed the folder last saved in and she started grinning at the sight of all the videos saved there. Scrolling through them, she was surprised to see they were mostly lesbian videos, with the occasional straight video thrown in for good measure. More than that, she noticed a theme to her stepmother’s downloads, that of older women and younger girls.

She noticed an unnamed folder, clicked on it. It appeared to be empty, then she remembered it only showed like file types in the save menu. Exiting the folder, she wondered what files it contained.

Maybe it’s her stories, she thought, grinning.

She saved the video she had been watching and,, while it downloaded, she went in search of the video folder. Finding it, she located the unnamed folder, took a deep breath, and clicked on it. She gasped, then started giggling at all the image files it contained. As she scrolled through the thumbnails, she realized they were all girls about her age, say ten to fourteen. Mostly just photos of girls in bikinis or their underwear, the occasional costume, but a few of them were a bit more than that. She saw a few topless girls, even a few nude.

She was blushing as she closed out the folder. She didn’t know what to think about her stepmother’s collection. She knew she shouldn’t be all that surprised by it, knew the woman liked young girls. After reading all of her stories, it would be hard to deny that. Looking at the folder icon, she pictured Penny looking at those images, her eyes bright with excitement at all those young bodies on display.

Curiously, it didn’t bother her, not at all. If anything, it filled her with this funny sense of hope.

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    “See, there you go again. Teasing me, putting images in my head,” Penny said,grinning.

    Mmmm! and then when Dana finally got to join Penny in the bathroom and they so nervously, hesitatingly, inexorably kissed…well, the die is cast now!…there’s no “undoing” that!

    Such a good,teasingly hot story! Thanks Ebo!


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