The Notebook, Chapter 10

  • Posted on October 22, 2019 at 2:44 pm

by Ebo

Opening her eyes, Dana rolled onto her back. Her movement disturbed Penny, and the woman stirred but did not wake up. Dana smiled as she looked at her stepmother sleeping next to her. Penny hadn’t slept in her own bed since Dana’s dad got on the plane to Tokyo. Dana had been sharing her little full-size bed with her for a couple of weeks now. She wasn’t complaining, though.

Dana was fully awake now but didn’t want to get up. It was Saturday, so she really didn’t need to and, with Penny’s warm body next to her, the last thing she wanted to do was leave the bed. Instead, she snuggled against the woman.

“Mmm…” Penny mumbled, waking up, “morning.”

“Morning,” Dana said.

“It’s Saturday. Why are you up so early?” Penny asked, yawning. “You’re supposed to sleep in on the weekends.”

“I did,” Dana said, laughing, “it’s eleven-thirty.”

Penny’s eyes widened, and she said, “Really?”

“Yeah,” Dana said.

“I haven’t slept this late in a long time,” Penny said, then with a little laugh, “I guess I needed it after last night.”

“We did get carried away again,” Dana said, grinning at her.

“That seems to happen a lot when I’m with you,” Penny said, gently kissing Dana.

“So you’re blaming me?” Dana asked, playfully.

“Yes,” Penny said, kissing her again. “You make me feel younger than I am, and I pay for it the next day. I’m definitely not a teenager anymore.”

Feeling all warm and fuzzy because of Penny’s words, Dana snuggled even tighter against her stepmother. She liked being the bane of Penny’s self-control.

“I was thinking… Maybe we could see a movie tonight, get some dinner somewhere,” Penny said.

“You mean like a date?” Dana asked, meeting the woman’s eyes.

“I meant just to get out of the house, but…” Penny said, clearly thinking about it, “Yeah, like a date.”

“I get to wear my little black dress again?” Dana asked, smiling.

Inhaling sharply, Penny said, “That dress… I should never have bought it for you.”

“Does that mean you want me to wear it tonight?” Dana asked, playfully.

“Yeah,” Penny said, excitement creeping into her voice.

“Then you have to get dressed up, too,” Dana said, kissing her.

“Oh God, we’re going to have to leave town again,” Penny said, meeting Dana’s eyes. After a moment, she made up her mind and said, “I’ll make us some reservations. In fact, I’ll do that now.”

Penny threw off the covers and got up. Dana admired her stepmother’s naked body as she searched for her robe. Even sleepy and disheveled, the woman was absolutely lovely, very easy on the eyes. So much so, that Dana didn’t tell Penny that her robe was on her side of the bed, where it had ended up last night as things got heated.

Noticing Dana, Penny asked, “What are you smiling about?”

“I’m trying to decide if I want to tell you where your robe is,” Dana said, her smile becoming playful, “but I’m kind of enjoying the view too much.”

“It’s on your side of the bed, isn’t it?” Penny said.

Laughing, Dana said, “Yeah.”

“Good,” Penny said, heading for the door, “I’ll know where it is if I need it.”

“You don’t need it now?” Dana asked.

“And spoil your view?” Penny asked, the roll of her hips more pronounced as she opened the door. She did it to make sure Dana was watching, and it worked like a charm. Dana couldn’t look away as Penny stepped naked into the upstairs hallway.

Grinning, Dana threw the covers off and followed her downstairs. She was just as bare as her stepmother, and she got a naughty shiver up her spine as she followed the woman downstairs. There was always a thrill to being naked, even if the chances of anyone seeing her were pretty low.

Penny glanced over her shoulder, laughing when she saw Dana following her, “I hope no one comes to visit.”

“We’ll both be running for the stairs,” Dana said, grinning at her.

“Draw the curtains in the living room while I make a couple of calls,” Penny said.

Dana saw what Penny was talking about. Her heart was beating a little faster as she approached the open curtains. If there were any chance of someone seeing her, it would be right then. She got another shiver up her spine as looked at the window glass. Glancing over her shoulder at Penny, she made sure her stepmother was distracted. She took a deep breath and stepped into full view of anyone looking in the window.

“One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi…” Dana said, under her breath. Her heart was racing as she tempted fate, standing completely naked in the window. She counted out seven seconds in her brain, then lost her nerve. Giggling, she closed the curtains in a hurry.

Jittery with excitement, Dana giggled, thought, That was exhilarating. I hope none of the neighbors were looking.

On legs that felt a little rubbery, Dana headed for the kitchen. She found Penny leaning against the sink, cell phone to her ear.

Penny smiled at her and said into the phone, “I’d like to make a reservation… Um, how about eight for two? You have something… Yes, we’ll take it. Thank you, goodbye.”

“I take it we have reservations,” Dana said.

“Terra Nova at eight,” Penny said, smiling as she saw Dana remembered the place.

“Where we went for our fake date,” Dana said.

“I thought we agreed it wasn’t fake,” Penny said, pushing away from the sink and wrapping her arms around Dana’s neck.

Smiling, Dana said, “I meant our first date.”

“That’s better,” Penny said, kissing her tenderly, “and for the record, this one isn’t fake, either. Nor will any of the others be fake.”

“Others?” Dana asked, raising her eyebrows.

“A woman likes to get out of the house from time to time,” Penny said, smiling at Dana, “so I’m thinking… Fridays will be date night.”

“Date night?” Dana parroted, her eyes widening at what Penny was suggesting. One date had been risky, this second date at the same restaurant even more so. Did Penny really want to try their luck every Friday?

Penny kissed her, said, “We’ll have to be discreet, but we aren’t just sitting around the house all weekend while your dad is away.”

“Okay,” Dana said, grinning.

“Good,” Penny said, letting go of her. “Now, let’s figure out what we are doing for breakfast.”


Sitting on the edge of the tub, Dana ran the razor over her calf. She smiled, thinking she was going to need smooth legs after her date with Penny tonight. She’d slept with Penny after their last date, and Dana really didn’t expect this one to end any differently.

She managed to finish shaving without cutting herself, a small miracle for her. Going to the shower stall, she started the water going. She stepped under the hot water, letting it sluice away the last of the shaving cream on her legs.

As she finished her shower, Dana kept thinking about her date tonight. She still couldn’t believe she was getting another chance to wear her little black dress and heels. She had figured she’d never need them again, would have outgrown them by the time she was old enough to go out on another date. Smiling, she felt glad to be wrong.

Thinking about that dress got Dana wondering what Penny was going to be wearing. Dana had asked, but Penny had only winked in reply. Whatever Penny wore, she was sure to look stunning in it. Penny could turn heads in a potato sack. Still, Dana was left with a couple of hours to wonder, and she had a very vivid imagination. She was picturing Penny in something slinky and low cut.

“I definitely needed to shave,” Dana said, grinning.

Turning off the water, she reached for a towel. After she dried off, she wrapped it around her naked body and headed to her bedroom. She couldn’t help but smile, thinking that the towel was the closest thing to clothing she’d worn all day. Even after breakfast, she and Penny hadn’t bothered with clothing. Dana had gotten a thrill from it, being naked in the middle of the day.

In her bedroom, Dana dropped the towel and grabbed her bottle of lotion. She wanted everything to be soft and touchable for Penny. She kind of liked this, getting all dolled up for her stepmother. It made this feel more like a real date.

It is a real date, Dana reminded herself. Then smiling, she thought, the second of many, it would seem.

All lotioned up, she went to her dresser for some underwear. Looking at her unassuming cotton panties, she hesitated. Date night called for something with a little more… pizzazz. Pulling out her bottom drawer, she saw the lingerie she’d bought. There was the bustier she wore for Columbus Day and some odds and ends she’d purchased to wear for Penny. The things in her hiding spot had a whole lot of pizzazz. Probably too much to wear in public.

Chewing on her lip, she looked from her cotton panties to the sexy lingerie. Her eyes kept going back to the lacy bits of nothing, and she couldn’t help but think what Penny’s reaction would be if she took Dana’s clothes off and saw it. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to see the look on her stepmother’s face. So much so, she found herself pushing her underwear drawer shut.

She didn’t bother with the bustier, figuring it would show under her dress. Instead, she reached for a bra and panty set that had come with a garter belt and stockings. It was lacy, sheer and very skimpy. Definitely not meant to be worn in public. She didn’t think she could wear the bra for the same reason she couldn’t wear the bustier. The dress didn’t have much of a back, so it would show. Still, the panties and garter belt were incredibly sexy, especially with the stockings.

She pulled those pieces out, looking at them. They were even more sheer and skimpy than she remembered. Still, she found herself stepping into the lacy black thong, then the garter belt.

“I just want to see if it shows under my dress,” Dana said, to no one in particular.

Leaving the stockings on the bed for now, she went to her closet. She had to move all of her clothes aside to get the little black dress hidden in the back corner. Smiling, she realized she had a lot of things to hide since Penny had found her fuzzy kitten notebook. Little black dresses and lingerie, a laptop she shouldn’t have and a vibrator she really, really shouldn’t have.

She slipped into the dress and stepped in front of her mirror. Turning this way and that, she tried to catch a glimpse of the lingerie, but the dress covered it completely. She’d have to make sure the tops of the stockings wouldn’t show, but she could wear the naughty lingerie underneath, and no one would be the wiser.

Well, until Penny takes my dress off, Dana thought, her heart beating a little faster. It was then that she realized she wouldn’t be taking the thong and garter belt off again.

She went to the bed, sat down to slip on the nylons. She put the garters under the panties, so the underwear would be easier to get off later, then secured the stockings in place. She moved in front of the mirror again, looking at her legs, now sheathed in black nylon. The dress was just long enough that the lacy tops of the hosiery wouldn’t show, even when she was sitting.

“Probably not, anyway,” Dana said, chewing on her lip. She loved how her legs looked in the stockings and really didn’t want to take them off, now that she had them on. She’d just have to be mindful of the hem of her dress.

Dana went to her closet and found the heels that went with the dress. Laughing, she thought, I forgot these earlier on my list of things I need to hide. Dad would have a fit if he saw them.

She stepped into them and instantly became three inches taller. God, she loved these shoes. Dana took a couple of laps around her bedroom to get used to wearing them again.

Confident in her ability to walk in the heels and not make an ass of herself, Dana finished getting ready. She put her hair up in a twist and applied a little makeup. As she put on some of her strawberry flavored lip gloss, she thought about Penny getting ready down the hall. She wondered if her stepmother was putting as much effort into looking beautiful for Dana as Dana was for her. Would her hair be styled and her makeup perfect? Dana hoped so. She wanted to Penny to try as hard as she did.

She glanced at the clock and saw she still had twenty minutes until they were supposed to leave for the movies. She sat on the bed and opened her laptop. Waking it up, she checked her email. Seeing a couple of messages from her regular readers, she felt a twinge of guilt. She hasn’t written anything meaningful since her father left for Tokyo, hadn’t submitted a story to Lesbian Lolita in weeks. Opening the messages, they were what she expected them to be about — when was she going to have a new story ready?

Writing erotic stories had been a means of channeling her pent-up desires — first for Mrs. Yoder down the street, and then, later on, Penny — into something productive. With Penny in her bed every night, her passion hadn’t been nearly as stymied as usual. Without need of that outlet, her writing had sort of fizzled out.

She closed her email account without responding. Setting her laptop aside, she decided she’d spend tomorrow writing, so she’d have something for her loyal fans to read. Even with Penny taking care of all of her desires, Dana thought she could still squeeze out a little eroticism now and again.

Dana glanced at the clock. Only a couple of minutes had passed, but she couldn’t stay in her room anymore. Grabbing her little purse, she took a second to look at herself in the mirror. With her hair up and wearing the black dress and heels, she looked older. Not old enough to be on a date with her stepmother, but older. She thought this might be how she’d look in high school, and she was okay with that.

She headed downstairs, but didn’t find Penny anywhere. Her stepmother must still be getting ready, so Dana sat on the couch to wait for her. She looked down at her crossed legs, sighing with relief when she didn’t see the lace tops of her stockings.

A couple of minutes later, Dana heard the clock of heels on the hardwood stairs. She turned and her breath caught in her throat as she saw Penny. Her stepmother wore an off the shoulder white cocktail dress that almost made Dana’s jaw hit the floor. She wore diamond earrings and a dainty chain necklace, her hair styled and pulled up. She looked stunning.

She definitely got dressed up for me, Dana thought, her heart racing.

Getting up, she met Penny at the bottom of the stairs. She stammered, “Wow… y-you look amazing!”

“So do you,” Penny said, smiling at her, “I was hoping you’d put your hair up again.”

“This dress… I’ve never seen it before,” Dana said, looking her stepmother up and down. Laughing, she said, “I would have remembered.”

“It’s new,” Penny said, her smile widening.

“New?” Dana asked, then realized the woman had bought it to wear for her.

“I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d need it,” Penny said.

“You were expecting us to have another date,” Dana said, meeting the woman’s eyes.

Penny nodded, “Even if I had to suggest it.”

Looking down at herself, Dana said, “I’m wearing the same thing as last time.”

“We’ll find you something new to wear,” Penny said, her eyes hungry as they took Dana in, “you look so beautiful, though.”

“Another dress like this?” Dana asked, playfully.

With a nervous laugh, Penny said, “Yeah… even if I shouldn’t have bought you that one, let alone another one.”

“Still worried what the other mothers would say?” Dana teased.

“Well, yeah,” Penny said, sheepishly.

Laughing, Dana said, “Just tell them I’m a rebellious little hellion.”

“You forget, they’ve met you,” Penny said, smiling at her. “The other mothers are a little jealous of how easy I’ve had it.”

“Am I not being enough of a handful?” Dana teased.

“Oh, you’re a handful,” Penny said, laughing, “just not in the usual sense.”

“And what sense would I be a handful in?” Dana asked, playfully.

Penny laughed, said, “Let’s go. Our movie starts in an hour, and it’ll take us about that long to get to the theater in Brighten.”

“Okay,” Dana said, grabbing her coat. She followed her stepmother out to the car, shivering as the cold air found its way under her dress. The thong didn’t cover much down there, and it was a bad place to feel a chill.

As she got into the passenger seat, she quickly smoothed her dress into place before Penny could see her stockings. She wanted the lingerie to be a surprise for later. She had to smile, couldn’t wait to see Penny’s reaction to what she had on underneath the dress.

“It’s cold out tonight,” Penny said, starting the car.

“Yeah,” Dana agreed.

“I’ll get the heat blowing as soon as the car warms up,” Penny said, rubbing her hands together. Smiling, she said, “It’s starting to feel like Christmas.”

“It’s only two weeks from now,” Dana said.

“Are you looking forward to seeing your dad?” Penny asked, putting the car in gear.

“Yeah,” Dana said, nodding.

Her dad was coming into town next week and staying until after Christmas. Dana was excited to see him, but also a little bummed out. She doubted she’d get to spend much time with Penny while he was home.

Rolling her eyes, she thought, Anyhow, I should be able to get some writing done in that week and a half.

Penny gave her a knowing smile, said, “We’ll find some time for us while he’s here.”

“You think?” Dana asked, intrigued.

“Dan will want him to come by the office, I’m sure,” Penny said, backing out into the street.

“I hadn’t thought about that,” Dana said, nodding. With a little laugh, she said, “Either way, I might get some writing done.”

“What do you mean?” Penny asked, glancing away from the road.

“I realized earlier today that I haven’t submitted a story — or even worked on one — for Lesbian Lolita since Dad left for Tokyo,” Dana said.

“What does — oh,” Penny said, laughing, “You think because… Am I keeping you from writing, then?”

“In a sense,” Dana said, blushing.

Penny was smiling as she returned her attention to the road.

“I was planning on writing some tomorrow,” Dana said.

“What’s the story about?” Penny asked with interest.

“No idea,” Dana said.

“Okay,” Penny said, laughing.

“Any ideas?” Dana asked.

Penny blinked in surprise, then frowned. Giving Dana a sheepish look, she said, “I just realized I haven’t written anything for a while, either.”

“Am I keeping you from writing, then?” Dana teased, grinning.

“Apparently,” Penny said, shaking her head and laughing, “I guess I should try to write something tomorrow.”

Dana smiled out the window, thinking, Looks like I’ve been taking care of all of Penny’s desires, too.


The movie theatre should have been packed this time of night on a Saturday, but it wasn’t even half full. Dana looked around and realized she and Penny had a bubble of empty seats all the way around them. Maybe the cold had kept everyone inside, or maybe there was something more exciting happening in the town of Brighten tonight.

Whatever the reason for the poor turnout for the movie, Dana felt comfortable enough to put her head on Penny’s shoulder when the lights went down, and the previews started. She smiled when the woman put an arm around her shoulders. Dana had seen the other people here on dates doing this, and she had been a little jealous because she expected not to have the opportunity. She intended to take advantage of their good fortune.

“This place is almost empty,” Penny said.

“I know,” Dana said, kissing her. Penny started to pull away, then changed her mind. When Dana parted her lips, Penny’s tongue slipped into her mouth. Her heart was racing as they kissed in the flickering backsplash of light from the movie screen.

Pulling back, she giggled, “I always wanted to make out in a movie theatre.”

“God, my hands are shaking,” Penny said, looking around.

Dana looked around, saw that none of her fellow moviegoers were paying them any attention. Smiling, she kissed Penny, again. Her stepmother was clearly nervous, but she didn’t hesitate to kiss Dana back. Nor did she break the kiss. It was Dana who had to pull back as the movie started. Blinking in surprise, she realized they had made out through all of the previews.

She gave Penny a sheepish grin, said, “Maybe we shouldn’t have done that.”

“Definitely shouldn’t have done it,” Penny said, laughing, “that was the exact opposite of being discreet.”

“Fun, though,” Dana said.

“Definitely fun,” Penny said, smiling at her, “I haven’t made out in a movie theatre since… Since college, probably.”


“That was nice.”

Smiling at her stepmother, Dana said, “Yeah.”

“Good movie, good food,” Penny said, unlocking the front door.

“Good company,” Dana said, following Penny inside.

Very good company,” Penny said, closing the door behind them. She shrugged out of her coat, then helped Dana with hers, said, “I’m glad we did this.”

“Me too,” Dana said.

Penny put her arms around Dana, kissed her, then said, “I meant what I said about this being a thing.”

“Date night on Fridays?” Dana said, smiling at her.

“Maybe a couple of Saturdays, too,” Penny said, making Dana laugh, “Do you still have my Amazon account information?”

“Um, yeah,” Dana said.

“You are going to need a couple of new dresses… maybe some shoes,” Penny said.

With a playful grin, Dana said, “The kind I’ll have to hide from Dad?”

Laughing, Penny kissed her and said, “I’ll leave that up to you.”

Definitely the kind I’ll have to hide from Dad, Dana thought, grinning or, even better, the kind Penny won’t let me wear in public. A couple of Brighten dresses.

“This only being our second date,” Penny said, her smile becoming playful, “would it be presumptuous of me to want to go upstairs?”

Laughing, Dana said, “Considering how the first date ended, no.”

“Good,” Penny said, kissing her, “because I’ve been thinking about getting you out of this dress all night.”

“All night?” Dana parroted, grinning at her. She loved it when Penny said things like that to her.

“Even before we left the house,” Penny said, kissing her, again.

“That’s a long time to be thinking about it,” Dana teased.

“Which is why I really, really want to go upstairs,” Penny said.

“I figure you’ve had to wait long enough,” Dana said, inclining her head toward the stairs. “Let’s go.”

Penny took her hand and Dana followed her upstairs to her room. Barely through the door, Penny caught her stepdaughter’s arm and spun her around, kissed her deeply. Dana slipped into the woman’s arms, kissing her back. There was an urgency behind Penny’s kiss, and Dana suspected that maybe that remark about wanting to get her out of her dress all night hadn’t just been playful banter.

Dana lifted her arms over her head. Penny ran her hands over Dana’s nylon-clad knees, catching the hem of the dress as they moved higher. She pulled the dress all the way up and off, tossing it aside.

Dana smiled as the woman gasped. Penny’s eyes were wide as she saw what her stepdaughter was wearing under the dress. Dana almost laughed as the woman managed to look aghast and turned on at the same time.

“You wore this out in public?” Penny said.

Smiling at her, Dana said, “I wanted to surprise you.”

“Oh, I’m surprised,” Penny said, looking Dana up and down. Her eyes were hot on Dana’s almost naked body. She gave Dana a curious smile, asked, “Was it exciting?”

“Wearing this?” Dana said, blushing, “a little.”

“I saw you earlier,” Penny said, running her hands over Dana’s arms, “standing naked in the open window.”

“Y-you saw that?” Dana said, her already hot cheeks growing even hotter.

“A little danger can be exciting,” Penny said, smiling at her, “like us kissing at the movie theatre.”

Swallowing hard, Dana nodded.

“I was so turned on,” Penny said, with a little laugh, “it was a good thing the movie started when it did, else I would have pulled you into the bathroom.”

“At the movie theatre?” Dana asked, her eyes wide.

With a playful smile, Penny said, “Doing it in public can be exciting, too.”

“But in a movie theatre bathroom?” Dana said, crinkling up her nose. It wasn’t her idea of a romantic setting.

Laughing, Penny said, “It has its own raunchy charm.”

“If you say so,” Dana said, then had to ask, “have you ever done it in public?”

“I was dating a girl in college- Brenda was her name. She used to like to go up to Forest Overlook — or Make Out Point, as it was more often called, and fool around. A lot of high school and college couples did, but most of them parked in the corners away from the light poles. Not Brenda, though. She liked to park right underneath them. She was a bit of an exhibitionist, liked the idea that people could see us,” Penny said, her cheeks flushed.

“That sounds better than a theatre bathroom,” Dana said, laughing.

“It was a lot of fun,” Penny said, smiling nostalgically.

“Did anyone ever see you?” Dana asked.

“I’m sure,” Penny said, then laughed, “In fact, I had my picture taken more than once. Luckily that was before the internet really took off.”

“Huh,” Dana said.

“I wonder if the college and high school kids still go up there?” Penny said.

Dana looked at her for a moment, then grinned and asked, “Want to go and find out?”

“What?” Penny said, her eyes widening, “tonight?”

“Yeah,” Dana said.

“Dana, we can’t,” Penny said, laughing.

“Why not?” Dana said, grinning at her, “you only live once.”

“I’d like to not live in prison,” Penny said.

“We don’t have to park under the lights,” Dana said, kissing Penny, “you can’t tell me that hot story about you and Brenda, then not take me up there. That’s just mean.”

Laughing, Penny said, “I’ll take you when you’re eighteen.”

“Are you sure you’ll have the chance when I’m eighteen?” Dana asked, meeting Penny’s eyes.

The comment seemed to hit home, and Penny seemed to be thinking about it. Dana was pretty sure she’d still be up for sex with her stepmom when she was eighteen, but that was five years from now. A lot of things could happen between now and then. Dana could see it in Penny’s eyes, she was thinking the same thing. Dana’s heart started beating faster when she saw her stepmother lean toward her, saying yes to the crazy trip up to Make Out Point.

“I don’t even know if Forest Overlook is still open,” Penny said, nervously, “it was in pretty bad shape when I used to go there.”

“There’s one way to find out,” Dana said, still holding her gaze.

“You only live once, huh?” Penny said, shaking her head.

“Should I put my dress back on?” Dana asked, grinning at her.

Taking a deep breath that became a nervous laugh, Penny made up her mind. Picking the dress off the floor, she handed it to Dana, said, “This is so stupid.”

Dana’s hands were shaking as she slipped back into the dress and she felt hot with adrenaline. They were really going to Make Out Point. Dana shivered, thinking about Penny’s story about making love with Brenda under the light of a sodium vapor lamp. It got her already racing heart beating even faster. The idea was kind of erotic and more than a little bit kinky. Dana loved it.

Remembering the thrill she had gotten while standing naked in the open window, Dana thought, Maybe I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, too.

They headed back downstairs and slipped back into their coats. In the car, Penny hesitated with the key in the ignition. Dana thought Penny was going to chicken out, but Penny didn’t change her mind. She cranked the car over. Penny put the car in gear, then started laughing.

Glancing at Dana, she said, “I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“I can,” Dana said, smiling at her.

Returning the smile, Penny said, “I guess it’s just another line in the list of things we shouldn’t have done.”

“That’s a long list,” Dana said, laughing.

“And it’s getting longer every day,” Penny said, pulling out of the driveway.

Dana glanced at Penny, saw a distracted smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. She was looking at Penny for a while before the woman notice and looked her way. Dana raised her eyebrows, and Penny laughed.

“Sorry,” Penny said, sheepishly, “just thinking about the past.”

“Brenda?” Dana guessed.

“She didn’t have a car, so I always had to drive,” Penny said, the smile back on her face, “she got bored easily in the passenger seat and… She liked to touch me while I drove.”

“Touch you?” Dana asked, then guessed what her stepmother meant when the woman blushed, “Oh.”

“Her fingers made it so hard to concentrate on driving,” Penny said, laughing self-consciously, “I got pulled over once because I was swerving because of what she was doing to me. The cop thought I was drunk. Brenda had pulled my panties down around my thighs… My skirt was covering them so he couldn’t see. I was sure he was going to make me get out and take a sobriety test. I could just see my panties falling around my ankles as I tried to walk a straight line. I was mortified.”

“What happened?” Dana asked.

“He gave me a warning, sent me on my way,” Penny said, shaking her head, “he followed us for a ways. Brenda, ever the tease, started touching me, again. God, how I didn’t get a ticket is beyond me.”

Laughing, Dana said, “Brenda sounds like trouble.”

“Oh, she was,” Penny agreed, then snorted, “too much trouble, really. I couldn’t keep up.”

Dana glanced at Penny’s leg, the one closest to her. The hem of Penny’s skirt had ridden up high on her thighs. Dana turned in her seat so she could run her hand up the inside of Penny’s thigh. The woman gasped and looked down at Dana’s hand as it slipped under her dress. She glanced at Dana, her eyes wide.

Smiling at her, Dana said, “Watch the road.”

“I didn’t tell you that story so you’d — oh God,” Penny said, a nervous laugh that turned half moan as it escaped her. She bit her lip as Dana’s fingers massaged her bud through the panties she wore. Taking a deep breath, she said, “I need to quit telling you stories.”

“Do you want me to stop?” Dana asked, amused.

“No,” Penny moaned.

Dana saw her knuckles turn white as her fingers tightened on the steering wheel. She smiled at her stepmother’s attempt to keep her attention on the road. The woman was clearly struggling. Luckily, there wasn’t a lot of traffic on the street.

Slipping her hand into one of the leg holes of Penny’s panties, Dana eased her fingers into Penny. The woman was very excited, her juices running down Dana’s fingers. Dana thrust her fingers in and out of her. Penny’s little sounds of excitement were soon drowning out the hiss of the heater.

“Shit,” Penny moaned. Her hips were trying to push against Dana’s thrusting fingers, and she was having difficulty maintaining her speed. Dana smiled when she saw her set the cruise control. No longer needing to work the accelerator, Penny didn’t fight her own body anymore.

“Thank God for the cruise control, huh?” Dana said, grinning at her.

“My old car didn’t have it,” Penny said, her voice thick with excitement, “the people in the cars behind me would get so mad because I couldn’t keep my speed steady.”

“Brenda did this when you had cars behind you?” Dana asked.

“All the time,” Penny said, laughing.

Penny slowed to a stop at a train crossing, the safety bar descending. Looking down the track, Dana saw a train coming. It looked like a long one.

“I forgot about this train,” Penny moaned as she put the car in park.

Looking at the gearshift, Dana asked, “Is it that long?”

“We are going to be here a while,” Penny said.

“Long enough?” Dana asked, playfully.

Moaning, Penny said, “It’s not going to take much more.”

Dana thrust her fingers faster into Penny’s wet pussy, and she felt the woman start to come undone. As the train rumbled by, the clacking of its wheels filling the night, Penny cried out as she climaxed. Her thighs clamped down on Dana’s hand, and her hips jerked with it.

“Jesus,” Penny gasped. She gave Dana a dazed smile, then leaned across the console to kiss her. It lingered until the safety bar was lifted, the train disappearing down the track.

“How much further to Make Out Point?” Dana husked, her voice thick with excitement.

“Another ten minutes or so,” Penny said, putting the car into gear.

“That long?” Dana groaned.

Penny glanced at her and grinned, said, “I’ll hurry.”


Penny turned off the paved road onto a rutted gravel track that cut into the woods. They were going uphill in a lazy spiral until they came to an old campground at the top. The pavilions were dilapidated and overgrown with kudzu. Dana thought this place was probably abandoned.

That didn’t stop there from being half a dozen cars ringed around the darkest parts of the parking area. Far from the light poles, the interiors of the vehicles were dark, giving their occupants some privacy for whatever carnal pursuit they were engaged in.

Dana expected Penny to find them a spot in the gloom with the other cars they were sharing the overlook with, but Penny eased to a stop under the brightest of the sodium lamps. The sickly yellow light founds its way into the car and Dana could clearly see Penny when she met her eyes.

Smiling, Penny said, “Our windows are tinted… another luxury my old car didn’t have. It’ll be hard for anyone to see inside.”

“But not impossible?” Dana said, looking out the window.

“Not impossible, no,” Penny said, putting the car in park.

“Isn’t this a bit too much of a risk?” Dana asked.

“They won’t be able to see in well enough to tell how young you are,” Penny said, unfastening her seat belt. Meeting Dana’s eyes, she asked, “Do you want me to find another spot?”

“You were the one worried about prison,” Dana reminded her.

“I think we’ll be okay,” Penny said, leaning in and kissing her, “besides, you only live once.”

“Okay,” Dana giggled excitedly. It was like being naked in the window all over again. Only this time, there was a spotlight shining on her.

“Are you sure?” Penny asked, slipping her finger between Dana’s shoulder and the spaghetti strap of her dress.

“Yeah,” Dana said, her breath catching in her throat as Penny pulled the strap down, revealing one of Dana’s breasts. Her nipple stiffened almost instantly. She moaned as Penny lowered her mouth to it, teased it with her tongue. A naughty shiver worked up Dana’s spine as she looked out the window in the direction of other cars on the overlook. As Penny drew another moan from her, Dana could just make out the outlines of those cars.

Penny’s fingers slipped the other strap from Dana’s shoulder, and suddenly the dress was pooled around her hips. The hot air blowing from the car vent on her bare breasts made her shiver. Then Penny’s hand was cupping her breast, kneading it until Dana’s back arched. As her body started to grow hot all over, Dana forgot about the other people at the campground.

“Take your dress off,” Penny said.

Swallowing hard, Dana lifted her butt off the seat and shimmied the dress off her hips and down her legs. Suddenly a little shy, she held it in front of her nearly naked body defensively. Penny gave her a sexy smile and took hold of it. That smile made Dana’s fingers open, and Penny took the dress from her and tossed it into the backseat. Dana looked at it back there — still in reach, but not if she needed to get dressed in a hurry.

Her heart racing, she looked back at Penny, saw the woman shifting until she was kneeling on the driver seat. She ran her hand down Dana’s stomach and between her thighs. Dana moaned thickly as Penny’s fingers massaged her clit through the lacy panties she wore. The lovely pressure of her swirling fingertips was all the distraction she needed to forget about her dress, to forget about everything except the waves of pleasure washing through her young body.

Penny pushed the crotch of the panties aside, lowering her mouth to Dana’s bud. The hot caress of her tongue was a delicious torture, one her body couldn’t get enough of. Her hips pushed her girlhood against Penny’s mouth, eager for more.

The car was pretty well insulated, reduced outside noises on the inside and vice versa, but Dana knew her cries of pleasure had to be audible outside the automobile. She bit her lip, but she couldn’t hold them back. Doing this here was too exciting. She could clearly see Penny’s head in her lap in the yellow light of the sodium lamps. In spite of what Penny had said about it being hard for anyone to see in the windows, Dana felt like she was on a stage under a spotlight.

She was a little surprised how excited that made her. So much so that it didn’t take long for her to come. Penny brought her to a breath-stealing, mind-blowing climax, Dana’s whole body shaking with it. Even as her juices started to flow, Dana wondered if anyone had witnessed her losing control. A shiver worked through her at the thought.

“There’s a lever on the side of your seat,” Penny said, running her hand over Dana’s bare belly. “Put your seat back.”

Dana felt along her seat until she found the lever and pulled it up. Her weight took the seat as far back as it would go, until she was nearly horizontal. She looked at Penny as the woman crawled across the center console. Penny put her hand on Dana’s leg closest to the door, raising it up and pinning it against the window. With some maneuvering, Penny straddled Dana’s hips until their bodies were nestled tightly together. Smiling down at her stepdaughter, Penny pulled her dress up around her neck, leaning forward so she could remove it completely. It ended up hanging over the steering wheel as Penny tossed it aside.

Even in the tight quarters of the passenger seat, Penny was able to grind against Dana. Rolling her hips in tight little circles that had Dana moaning again, Penny showed off her experience in having sex in a car. Dana wouldn’t have thought this possible, let alone that it could feel so good. Penny’s body was rubbing deliciously against hers, and it had Dana’s cries filling the car again.

The heater was cranked against the chilly winter air, and it was getting hot in the car. Or maybe it was just Dana. A sheen of sweat had broken out on her body as she rolled her hips up into Penny. As she ran her hands over the older woman’s lovely body, she found she wasn’t the only one. The windows were fogged up from all the heavy breathing in the car.

Even as Dana lost herself in the pleasure washing through her, she didn’t completely forget where she was. The fact that she was having sex in a very public place never left her mind. It didn’t distract her from the lovely feeling of Penny’s body grinding against her own, but amplified it. Her senses were wide open, the adrenaline surging through her heightening them.

No wonder Brenda always wanted to do this, Dana thought, her fingers digging into Penny’s hips as she urged the woman to move faster.

Dana heard a new urgency enter Penny’s cries, and realized that her stepmother was going to come. Her own climax came on fast, brought on by Penny’s. The car was rocking on its suspension as they pushed each other closer to the edge of ecstasy. Their cries of excitement filled the car and probably the night outside as they strained toward that explosion of pleasure. The tension built up until neither one of them could take any more. Their climaxes shook them simultaneously. Dana closed her eyes and let pleasure have its way with her.

Eventually, she opened them again, and saw that Penny looked as wrecked as she felt.

Seeing her looking, Penny laughed and said, “This used to be easier when I was younger.”

“Maybe we should continue this back at the house,” Dana said.

“Um, yeah,” Penny said, trying to figure out how to extricate herself from the passenger seat. She managed to get off of Dana and back in the driver seat.

Dana grabbed her dress off the back seat, pulled it over her head. As she moved, she realized her panties were soaking wet. Smoothing her dress into place, she had to smile because she didn’t know if she was to blame for that or if Penny was.

Watching Penny struggle to get her own dress back on, Dana had to smile. She’d just had sex with Penny in a car parked in a public place. The car still smelled of the musky scent of their excitement and the windows were still fogged.

As she reached out to turn on the defrost, Dana thought, I think I know what my new story is going to be about. Tonight has been very inspirational.

On to Chapter  11!



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  1. SugoiiKacey says:

    I’ve always loved the amount of detail in all of Ebo’s stories,describing things so well the mental picture is crystal clear and plays out like a movie in my mind. This whole high level of romance along with the danger and unique premise (almost like a 4th wall breach..story writer writing about a pair of writers) has always had the series in the top of my “best” lists.
    Like JetBoy said.. “of course” I’d love to see it continue further.
    I can appreciate however.. it likely gets tougher to make “fresh” chapters and maybe moreso here because the limits Dana and Penny are forced to experience themselves, limit writable events for us.
    Also in a way, this idyllic relationship seems too good to try to modify with any deep drama such as a discovery or other big life event. Like feeling a deep need that they are able to continue their relationship without worry.
    I also wonder, if as authors, it gets hard to even think about “hurting” their characters with such a thing (adding negative drama).
    While I can see a few scenarios in that direction which could be realistic, I’m unsure of the impact to this beautiful relationship for growth or if it’d damage it.
    On a different note.. it’s funny to think about these car “make out” sessions…and the differences in times. I only got a couple times trying that.. back in ’80s, but the difference in a ’72 Ford LTD with a nice wide bench front and back seat and how car style changes change makeout methods is interesting to think on. Car designers sure don’t plan interiors for their “makeout-ability” ^_^
    Thanks Ebo again, for a wonderful series.

  2. Jake says:

    Not thrilled with this one, a lot of details leading up to …almost nothing detailed about the sex. Back to the house would have been a better way to finish I think.

    • JetBoy says:

      Have to disagree here… I thought having mother and daughter fuck in a car at a notorious make-out spot was hotter than Hades.

  3. kelli lake says:

    Oh Ebo… I have to agree with JetBoy…we want more. i’ve read every word of your work on your site, and love it all. More when you can,please.

  4. David says:

    I enjoyed this very much Ebo and would love to read more about Dana and her stepmom! Also the side stories they both wrote!

  5. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Oh YES! and another great chapter, Ebo!…As JetBoy has requested we do, I am imploring you to please, please consider writing more chapters for this awesome story!,,It’s just a terrible thought to leave it at this juncture with Penny & Dana really getting to explore their delicious lusty desires.
    Your story line is so well depicted, it reads so nicely and flows us readers down a river of deep still waters punctuated with exciting rapids of erotic Mother/Daughter lesbian pleasure!( and it’s just too damn good! )

    After all, as young Dana so coyly said to her lovely step Mum: ” you only live once. ”

    Thanks for your endeavor to present this for us,Ebo…


  6. ebo says:

    First, thanks for all the comments. As mentioned by other authors here, the occasional pat on the head and ‘atta boy’ or ‘atta girl’ is what keeps us returning to the keyboard even when time for writing gets skinny or the story starts getting stubborn.

    Anyone who has been to my site lately will know the gap between chapters is getting longer, sadly. This doesn’t mean I don’t still crave attention, just that real life keeps getting in the way. You probably also will have noticed I have a lot of open-ended stories. I’m trying to get a couple of them to a good stopping point- not the end of the story, because I really don’t want to say goodbye to any of my characters for good- but a point where if I can’t get back to them for a while, the reader won’t be left with a cliff hanger. I just got the The Wild to a good stopping point and I’m working on Henna Tattoo, now. The Notebook will probably be next. So, yes there is more to this story… Just can’t say when it’ll drop.

    • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

      Thank you Ebo, for explaining your writing conundrum, I think & hope we readers understand,especially about the real life part, it always seems to have plans for us all at the most inconvenient times, stifling our hopes & dreams, making things to be put off and/or delayed…I guess the age old adage applies:
      “hope for the best, expect the worse.” or alternatively: “the most you can do, is the best you can.”…
      Either way, Thanks Ebo!


  7. Keiko says:

    I love this story, and especially love this chapter… the danger of exhibitionism and sex in a public place is so recognizable from when i was younger… please continue!!! Xxxx

  8. Lakeisha says:

    I loved every chapter of The Notebook. Beautifully written and so hot! Looking forward to reading future chapters.


  9. Erin says:

    I’m just starting to become familiar with your work and I LOVE it. This story has so much to offer and such eroticism. Please continue for a new and devoted fan. Thank you. Erin

  10. Jay Denton says:

    Just an incredible story. I’ve really enjoyed how you’ve created then filled out the characters. Not sure a continuation would be worthwhile as good as it’s been so far. But maybe a fast forward might be fun. An older Dana and Penny could be interesting. This story resonates so strongly with me, those who know me will know exactly why. Just want to add my thanx to Ebo for a wonderful and exhilarating ride. ?

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