Home Alone, Chapter 1

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By Ebo

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“I really have the house to myself,” Riley said, watching her parents back out of the driveway and head off to their date. Almost thirteen, she’d been telling them for years she was capable of taking care of herself, didn’t need a babysitter. Her pleas had fallen on deaf ears, high school senior Tamara Highland called every time they needed to go out. Then, suddenly, she was rewarded for her protests. She was at home alone while her parents were out. She liked to tell herself that they finally realized their girl was becoming a young woman who could be trusted not to burn the house down, but she had a suspicion that Tamara couldn’t babysit tonight. Still, this was an opportunity to show them they were wasting money on supervision, that she was ready.

Now, all she had to do was not burn down the house.

Grinning, she ran to the living room, plopped down on the couch. Her phone appeared from her pocket and she called her best friend, Caroline.

“What’s up,” Caroline said, when the call went through.

“Just chillin’,” she said, the excitement creeping into her voice. “Alone.”

“Alone? Wait. Isn’t it date night?”


“Look at Riley in her big girl pants,” her friend said, making her laugh, “Good for you. Just don’t burn down the house.”

“Oh my God, I thought the same thing,” Riley said, laughing.

“Great minds and all that jazz,” Caroline said and Riley could see her grinning on the other end of the line, “So what mischief are you going to get into?”


“Come on,” Caroline said, liking she was talking to the village idiot, “this is your first time alone without supervision and who knows if you’ll get another opportunity any time soon. Do something you are not supposed to.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know,” she said, then laughed, “Do like Paul says he does in his new apartment when his roommate is out of town. Walk around naked.”

Paul was Caroline’s older brother and was off to college. She kind of had a crush on him, thought he was way cute. Caroline knew about it, thought it was amusing, and liked to tease her about it. She knew that her words would put mental images into Riley’s head, ones of Paul walking around naked. She’d accidentally seen him naked once, walked in on him getting out of the shower. Now she flushed, her face hot thinking about him in the buff at his apartment.

“If it were me,” Caroline said, breaking into her fantasy, “I’d sneak into your slutty step sister’s room. Who knows what you’ll find in there. Whips and chains, probably.”

Laughing, Riley said, “Now that’s a disturbing image.”

“But accurate,” her friend said.

She had to agree. Rebecca was sixteen and, if the rumors about her reputation true, a bit of a whore. She definitely dressed the part, all of her clothes either too short or tight enough to restrict circulation. Too much make-up and a surly attitude only added to her charm.

Riley had to admit it was tempting to explore the dark dungeon that was her room. At least, she assumed it was a dark dungeon. The girl had been living in the house for almost two years now and Riley hadn’t even caught a peek of what she’d done to the room.

“You are thinking about going in, aren’t you?”

The problem with best friends, they tended to know you too well. Caroline knew she was going to explore Rebecca’s room. The question was rhetorical.

“Might even do it naked,” Riley said, making her friend laugh.

“Well, go be mischievous,” Caroline said, still laughing, “Call me later with the kinky details.”

“I will. I love you.”

“Love you.”

Hanging up the phone, she felt a surge of nervous energy work through her in a shiver and she giggled excitedly. She really was going to do it, breach the lair of the dreaded step-sister. Once her mind was made up, there was no stopping her. In one graceful move, she was off the couch and headed for the stairs. Her heart was racing in her breast and she was all jittery with adrenaline.

At the second door on the right, Rebecca’s room, she paused to settle her breathing. She was breathing way faster than the dash up the stairs warranted. Finally, when she had some control over herself, she twisted the knob and let herself into the forbidden zone.

Of all the ways she had pictured her step-sister’s room to be, this wasn’t one of them. Everything was neat and orderly, simply furnished. She tried to picture the surly teenager in here but the images wouldn’t line up right.

Shrugging, Riley decided to explore further. She spotted the door to the closet open a little and started grinning. Pulling it open all the way, she saw the rack of slutty clothes that drove her mother mad. The short skirts, torn jeans, blouses so tight you could count her ribs from across the room, hip hugging jeans with studded belts, shoes and boots with impossibly high heels.

It was a running joke with Caroline that Riley could probably wear half of her stuff even though her step-sister had four years on her. Staring now at the rack of clothes, she had to grin. This was her chance to see if the joke was actually the truth. There was one outfit in particular that always made them laugh because it looked like Rebecca was one sneeze away from being naked.

“There it is,” Riley said, spotting it in the corner. She pulled it out, took it to the bed. Laid out on the comforter, it looked like it might even be tight on Riley.

Before she lost her nerve, she pulled her t-shirt over her head, then shimmied out of her cheer shorts. In just her training bra and panties, she pulled on the stretchy skirt . It clung to her young body even though she really didn’t have much in the way of hips, fell well short of her knees. On Rebecca, it covered her crotch and ass as long as she didn’t bend over. It was a little more modest on Riley but just a little. Next came the baby-tee with the skull on the front and a very deep V in the neck. Rebecca was a little top heavy and looked like she was about to spill out at any moment when she wore it. The V was deep enough that even Riley had a little cleavage showing. Hell, she only had a little to show to begin with. She didn’t know what the material was, but it was very elastic. It molded to her like a second skin.

Her step-sister always finished the outfit off with a black lace choker and fishnets. Figuring in for a penny in for a pound, Riley found the fishnets in her unmentionables drawer, slipped them on. Her legs were still skinny, coltish, so they didn’t stretch the material quite right but weren’t in any danger of falling down. She spotted the necklace on top of the dresser, slipped it on. Like most things Rebecca wore, it had some stretch to it so it actually fit Riley.

The moment of truth, she thought, turning to the full length mirror on the closet door. She had to laugh, thinking she looked inappropriately sexy for a twelve year old girl. Still, she had to admit everything fit well enough. Not loose or baggy.

She took a rare moment to admire her reflection. At twelve, her body was changing, but not enough to suit her tastes. Her legs were still skinny, with too much knee; her hips still narrow and boyish, just starting to flare a bit; her breasts were still small, little more than a handful. The outfit managed to flatter what she had, made her look more feminine. Slutty, but feminine.

With her phone, she took a picture of herself in the outfit, striking what was supposed to be a provocative pose but only managed to be silly. Grinning, she attached it to a text message and sent it to Caroline.

It didn’t take long for the phone to start ringing. Laughing, she answered it, “Hello.”

“Oh my God,” Caroline said, laughing, “Look at you, all slutted up.”

“It is ridiculous how well it fits,” she said.

“I can see that,” her friend said, laughing, “I’ll forward this to Paul for you,” Caroline said.

“Yeah, yeah,” Riley said, laughing, “You are going to feel foolish when I’m your sister-in-law some day.”

“Sweetie, you don’t want to marry into this family. We are a mess. You of all people should know that,” she said, giggling, “Are you going to try anything else on?”

“I don’t know.”

“Send me some more pics if you do,” she said, then, “I promise I’ll delete them. Probably.”

Laughing, Riley said, “Bye.”


With one more look at herself, she shook her head and started undressing. She felt sluttier just for having tried the outfit on. In her bra and panties, she carefully put everything back from where she had gotten it. Riffling through the rest of her step-sister’s clothes, she didn’t see anything else she wanted to try on.

She closed the closet door, looking around for something else to snoop through. Her eyes went to a jewelry box sitting on the dresser, next to where she’d found the choker. She popped the lid, poked through the cheap jewelry inside. Bored, she was about to turn away when she noticed something odd. The depth of the inside of the box didn’t match how high the box was on the outside.

Frowning, she pushed some of the jewelry aside and noticed a catch. Excited, she realized the box had a false bottom. She carefully lifted it out, wondering what her step-sister had hidden there. Drugs would be her guess.

Her eyes grew wide at what she saw and she giggled. Definitely not drugs. It was a shiny black vibrator. At least, she thought it was. She’d never actually seen one, only heard about them from one of the girls at school who found her mother’s. It had a long shaft that tapered at one end and a black knob on the other end. When she cranked the knob, the thing started buzzing in the box.

Giggling, she picked it up, crinkling her nose at the buzzing in her palm. The sensation was a weird one, kind of tickled. Could this really feel good? She kind of doubted it.

She looked at it a long moment, contemplating trying it out. Biting her lip, she wondered what it would feel like. She glanced nervously at the door, then back at the shiny black shaft of the sex toy. Curiosity might or might not kill the cat, but it was getting the better of this twelve year old girl.

Like Caroline had said, she might not get another chance.

Giving into the urge, she giggled excitedly. Like most kids, she got a thrill from misbehaving. Her body thrummed with excitement, the nervous energy of being naughty.

Gingerly, she touched the vibrating shaft of the toy to the crotch of her panties. It made her squirm and giggle, it tickled so much. When she moved it back and forth between the soft folds of her girlhood, she stopped giggling and a soft moan escaped her lips.

Okay, maybe it felt good, she had to admit, moaning again. A curious heat spread between her thighs and her breathing quickened. Her nipples strained against the material of her training bra. She vaguely knew what was happening to her. She had come across one of her mother’s romance novels, had blushed through some of the racy sex scenes. If she wasn’t mistaken, she was becoming aroused. Sexually.

All she knew was that the vibrator was sending little waves of pleasure crashing through her body and it felt incredible. Her hips were swaying on their own accord, her body knowing what it wanted even if she didn’t understand its motives.

Her eyes closed and she savored the sensations awash in her young body. She’d never felt anything like it. Those little waves were growing, cresting higher and crashing harder into her. They drew little animal sounds of enjoyment from her parted lips.

Sighing, she cupped one breast, gently squeezing it. The romance novel had been full of breast squeezing and the female characters had seemed to like it. Her nipples were turgid and sensitive. It felt good when it dragged against the palm of her hand. Curious if it would feel better without the bra in the way, she pushed it up to have access. She plied her breast, teased the nipple until it ached sweetly.

“Mmmm,” she said, then sighed.

Her hips were gyrating faster, her stomach clenching and unclenching. Those little animal sounds of enjoyment had built into sharp cries of ecstasy. She sensed something was coming, felt tension starting to mount in her body. What it was, she didn’t know, but she felt she was rocketing toward… something.

Then the something happened. With a startled cry, her body locked up on her, every muscle clenching. An orgasm shook her violently and she almost fell to the floor when her knees grew weak. Her eyes sprung open and she laughed in surprise, looking down at her still spasming vagina.

“What was that?” she asked out loud, giggling. Again, her mother’s romance novel provided an answer for her. She had had an orgasm, or climax. Then again, she was pretty sure they were the same thing.

All she could say for sure was it had felt incredible, like her body was going to explode. The feel good juices were flooding her bloodstream and she felt as light as a feather on a breeze. Her legs felt a little wobbly and her whole body was tingling.

She held the vibrator up, looked at it with wonder. She had definitely been wrong. It was a miracle tool.

For the first time in a while, she remembered she was in her step-sister’s room, standing around in just her bra and panties, holding the sex toy she’d found in the secret compartment of the jewelry case on the dresser. She couldn’t say how long she’d been up here. With a moment’s panic, she glanced at the alarm clock on a bedside table, then sighed with relief. Her parents had only been gone twenty-five minutes, shouldn’t be back for a while, yet.

Grinning sheepishly, a little embarrassed by the loss of her senses, she turned the knob to turn the toy off, put the vibrator back in its hiding place, returned the tray, then closed the lid to the jewelry box. Remembering her bra, she pulled it back into place, restoring her modesty.

Figuring she’d done enough mischief for one day, she gathered her clothes, made a quick sweep of the room to make sure she hadn’t disturbed anything, then left the room. In the hallway, she put her back to the door. She shook her head, laughing at what had just happened. She’d had an orgasm, something she didn’t even know was possible at her age.

“What an evening,” she said.

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