Learning Phase, Chapter 4

  • Posted on February 25, 2021 at 3:02 pm

By Nuit du Loup

By the time they got back to the house, the girls had discovered a number of very interesting things. Notable among them was that there was a den of foxes nearby that came and stole Karin’s strawberries that she’d picked at the garden when she set them down for a moment and that Isana’s wondrous marvels did not include a portable toilet. The latter was discovered by all three girls at one point or another when they refused to go back early for a break.  Having done it many times before, Isana had no qualms about peeing in the woods, but the girls were city folk and found it quite embarrassing when they had to duck behind a tree for a moment. They also returned very hungry.

Dinner was a raucous meal of laughing girls and good food.  Isana wasn’t all that bad a cook, and she was more than a little proud when the girls deemed dinner-worthy.  They spent an entire hour reminiscing about things, and even quiet Sora had plenty to say. While the girls may not have been very close when they arrived, it was clear even now that they enjoyed each other’s company. It made Isana glad that she’d accepted them into her home.

When Isana left them to their happy conversations in order to wash up the dinner dishes, she was a little surprised when Ayaka came up to her side shortly after and started to dry things for her. When she raised an interrogative eyebrow, Ayaka smiled warmly.

“Sora and Karin washed and dried at breakfast, so it’s not right for me to skip out,” Ayaka explained smoothly. “Besides, Sora got Karin to tell her about the foxes again. That girl thinks they’re the cutest things on earth now.”

While Ayaka was waiting for another dish to dry, Isana noticed how she kept rubbing at her thighs. “A little sore?” she asked in concern.

“Yeah, I haven’t ever walked that much before at one time,” Ayaka smiled ruefully. “If anything else, living here is going to have me in much better shape. I just wish the process of getting there wasn’t so uncomfortable. My leg is so stiff that I know it’s going to hurt even more tomorrow.”

“Which is why we’ll take care of it tonight, with my secret room,” Isana replied teasingly, handing over another dish.

“You keep hinting about this great place of yours,” Ayaka said, willingly rising to the bait. “Is this also where you’re going to explain things to the other girls?”

“Yes, it’s an appropriate place for many things,” Isana replied cryptically.

“A place that lies beyond that mysterious door on the north side of the house?” Ayaka countered, enjoying the game.

“I see my subtlety was wasted on you,” Isana grinned, washing the last plate. “In the future, I’ll have to remember that quick mind of yours.”

“At least now you know about it,” Ayaka agreed loftily. She dried the dish and placed it neatly in the stack with the rest and put the lot of them back into their cupboards. “So when are you going to reveal this wonderful secret to us?”

Isana glanced toward the windows and saw that it was nicely dark outside. This deep into the forest, the sunset fairly early from the thick foliage. “We can go any time now,” she replied. “Assuming you can convince the other two to suspend their conversation.”

Ayaka gave a snort of amusement and shook her head. “Honestly, I really wish they had given us some warning that you had an odd sense of humor. Karin thinks I’ve already wormed it all out of you and she’s tried several times to get me to talk, and Sora somehow seemed to be conveniently close by to overhear each time. I don’t think it will take much convincing.”

Ayaka returned to the table and as promised, Sora and Karin were both more than eager to postpone Sora’s interrogation about the foxes for another time. She earned a darkly humorous smile from Ayaka when she dithered a bit and took her time walking back through the house to the door into her special room. She really liked Ayaka’s sense of humor and it seemed the girl was willing to put up with hers.

A tap on the wood and a tiny jolt of magic undid the lock she’d set, just in case one of the girls had gotten curious enough to try and sneak a peek. This earned her another amused snort from Ayaka, but she blithely ignored it. When she opened the door she led them into a very small chamber with another door at the end and blue tiled walls. One wall held several fluffy bathrobes on hooks, including a smaller girl-sized one Emi wore when she visited. The other side had a wicker rack with several white towels on top that were even fluffier than the robes, and several empty shelves below them. They all stood elevated slightly from the tile floor on wooden slats. Isana gently closed the door behind them.

“What are these for?” Sora asked, feeling the softness of a towel.

“You’ll see in just a second,” Isana said, then led them through the second door.

The large, spacious room they entered glowed hauntingly with the silver of moonlight and Isana felt a moment of pride at the silence from the girls. The octahedral walls were made entirely of slightly opaque glass and rose up to the crystal clear glass roof and the stars above. The moonlight seemed to flow down and accentuate the joining points of the structure until it seemed as if they stood inside a gleaming glass cage. The effect grew even greater when Isana made a gesture and the walls became clear as well, showing a nighttime forest.

The room was just over thirty feet across with the center taken up by a large octagonal pool of water. Vapor rose from the water and its warm humidity clung to their skin in the heated air. Around the pool were several comfortable benches, chairs and couches that she treated regularly to prevent mildew or fungus from growing. Small crystals like she’d made to light the girls’ rooms hung suspended over several of the pieces, but were currently quiescent.

“What is this place?” Sora asked quietly, eyes wide.

“I found the original plans for the house a few years back, but when they built the house they must have come up a little short on funds, so they left this room unfinished. All that was here were the glass walls and ceiling. The floor was left as bare dirt, of all things,” Isana smiled at the memory of how bad this place had looked originally. “I liked the original idea a lot better and decided to make a project out of it. What you see is the product of two years of my own planning, enchanting, and the hard work of a contractor friend I know from town. The blueprints call this room a solarium, but I have always found it to be even more enjoyable by moonlight.”

“You did all of this on your own?” Ayaka said in amazement, looking up into the night sky. “It’s beautiful, but it must have been a lot of work.”

“Oh, it was,” Isana assured her. “But stuff like this is what I like to do when I’m not on a job for the town. I fiddle around and make things. This was just one of my larger and more enjoyable projects. Others, like my truck or the garage door, were more practical.”

“What’s that pool?” Karin asked, moving further in to touch the water’s surface. “It’s hot!”

“That’s why they used to call something like that a hot tub,” Isana laughed. “Watch this.” She knelt down and tapped her finger on a small silver circle on one side of the tub and then the water erupted into a bubbling, seething, froth.

“Are you saying we can get into this ‘hot tub’ of yours?” Ayaka asked with a growing, excited smile. She had moved forward and was standing close by again.

“Of course I am,” Isana answered immediately. “I made it to be enjoyed.”

“What do we wear?” Karin asked, looking eager to try it out. “They never bought us bathing suits.”

“You’re not supposed to wear anything,” Isana answered casually as if that was obvious. “It would detract from the experience.”

“We have to be naked?” Sora asked shyly, but then she glanced at Isana in a thoughtful way.

“I suppose you could wear your underwear if you really have to, but it feels a lot better au naturel,” Isana shrugged. “I’ve had Emi and Claire over a few times, and they seem to like it.”

“I don’t mind,” Ayaka said calmly, drawing everyone’s attention. Even Isana was a little surprised. She had expected all three of them to insist on wearing something their first time. But Ayaka seemed fairly relaxed about the idea and when their eyes met, Isana realized Ayaka had been thinking about their discussion earlier. “I don’t see what’s so bad about it.”

“But you’d be naked,” Karin argued. “Na-ked.”

“So? You’ve already seen Isana nude and I know you had the same lack of privacy back at the orphanage that I did,” Ayaka argued back. “I’m getting in. Do we just put our clothes on the rack in the small room?”

“Yeah, as you probably already noticed, the humidity will have them fairly damp soon if they are in here,” Isana answered with a smile. “Karin, if you’re uncomfortable being naked, just wear your panties in.”

Ayaka was already headed towards the small buffer room, and it was plain that Sora and Karin were conflicted as to what they wanted to do. Both were eager to get in the water, but neither was sure they wanted the other part. Isana followed Ayaka and when they were alone in the smaller chamber, Ayaka let her own shyness show.

“I can’t believe I agreed to this so easily,” Ayaka admitted once she realized Sora and Karin hadn’t followed them in yet.

“It’ll be fine,” Isana assured her with a smile. “You’ll love it, and it’ll help with your sore legs too. Will it make you feel any better if I go first?”

“Yeah, that would help… maybe,” Ayaka laughed. “But I already said I’m doing this, so I will. I’m just nervous.”

“Good,” Isana said and grabbed the hem of her shirt. She drew the garment off in one smooth pull and calmly placed it, folded, onto the rack. Isana smiled amusedly when she saw Ayaka’s gaze settle onto her pink nipples. They were visibly hard already, but there was nothing she could do about that. Instead, she slipped both her shorts and panties off in one go, displaying her hairless womanhood to the girl. They joined her shirt on the rack.

“Does that attraction and desire you were talking about affect other people?” Ayaka asked, not moving her eyes away from Isana’s body. She looked a little flushed.

“I’m not sure,” Isana said gently, not hiding her nudity at all. Her tail was twitching from her amusement. “At least now I know you don’t think I’m ugly.”

“Heh, hardly,” Ayaka smiled widely again. “Karin was telling me earlier how nice you looked; now I understand why. It’s actually hard to look at you and not feel excited. It’s a weird feeling, but really nice too. Now it’s my turn.”

Ayaka took a deep breath and after locking her eyes onto Isana’s, she pulled off her tank top and laid it down next to Isana’s clothing. Not pausing to let nervousness stop her half way, Ayaka quickly popped the snap on her jeans and drew them down her smooth, pale legs. Last to go was a pair of low-cut, green panties. Once she had her clothes stacked, she stood nervously in front of Isana as if waiting for judgment.

Isana let her eyes roam, drinking the gorgeous girl in. She was naturally on the thin side with a lithe musculature and somewhat narrow hips. Her skin was silkily smooth except for the very fine hair on her arms and a small brown tuft of hair over the closed lips of her womanhood. Only a tiny peek of the inner lips could be seen. Ayaka’s growing breasts had proud, slightly upward pointing nipples that were cutely small with lightly tan areolas. They too were hard, and looked tasty. Isana also loved how Ayaka’s long hair hung down to the rounded bubble shape of her butt.

“Ayaka,” she said softly and a little lustily after the moment passed. “If you’re worried about how I think of your appearance, don’t. You are one of the most stunning girls I have ever seen, and that was before you even took your clothes off. Now you’re even more so. I know this will be hard to believe, but I do think you’re even more beautiful than me!”

“Thanks for that last part,” Ayaka said, grinning after barking out a surprised laugh. “I really look all right?”

Isana rolled her eyes. “Gods, Ayaka, I don’t think I can even look away from you right now. When I said stunning, I was entirely serious. I want to touch you so bad that it almost hurts.”

“So what do we do now?” Ayaka asked, her face turning a little red as she instinctively tried to hide her hardening nipples with an arm. She seemed very pleased and excited by the compliments.

“We go out there,” Isana said, pointing at the closed door to the room. “Then we walk to the tub and climb in. Once we’re enjoying ourselves we’ll wait for the other two and then we’ll all enjoy the water together.”

“Sounds like a genius plan,” Ayaka smiled, looking Isana over again. “Hard to believe you’re only a decade older than me.”

“It’s an important decade,” Isana agreed with a grin. “Are you still nervous?”

“Not really,” Ayaka said after a thoughtful moment. “I think I’m more excited now than anything else.”

“Even about the sex stuff?” Isana asked.

Ayaka gave her a very amused smirk. “Isana, I’m fourteen years old. I can assure you that I’ve seriously thought about sex long before your revelation and have become well acquainted with my right hand.  Before today I had just assumed I’d end up fooling around with a boy someday, but after having thought about it since this morning, I think I like the idea of this better. I mean, I’m looking at you right now and wondering what it would be like for you to touch me. All I want now is for Karin and Sora to be okay with it too. I am totally fine with this.”

“Wow,” Isana was impressed. She’d been a lot younger than Ayaka her first time, but she’d also had a lot more time to think about it when her adoptive mother explained things. Yet here Ayaka was, admitting freely that she wanted to have sex with her too. “I’m convinced. Now let’s head back out there before they wonder what’s going on in here.”

“Okay,” Ayaka agreed, taking a deep breath again. After a moment of indecision, she held out an asking hand. Isana smiled wider and took it before she opened the door and they re-entered the solarium.  Twin intakes of breath greeted them from one of the couches where Karin and Sora sat. It appeared they had been waiting to see what Ayaka did first.

“See, it’s not bad at all,” Ayaka told them confidently, even though her grip on Isana’s hand was tight from nerves. She stood next to Isana and neither of them made a move to hide the choicer bits. “There’s nothing to get freaked out about.”

“Wow, Ayaka,” Karin said slowly after a moment of silence. “Did you know that you look really pretty with no clothes on?” Sora nodded her silent agreement with the statement. “I knew Isana was already, but you’re nice too.”

“Thanks, Karin,” Ayaka said happily, and shared a knowing smile with Isana. “Now you two go in there and change too. No more excuses.”

Karin and Sora exchanged a long glance, but it was Sora who answered. “Okay.” They then stood, entered the other room, and closed the door.

“I thought you said you were fine,” Isana teased, leading Ayaka over to the hot tub. “Step down close to the wall, there’s a shelf there for sitting on.”

“I thought I was,” Ayaka shrugged, smiling ruefully. She gingerly stepped into the water. Isana hadn’t let go of her hand yet, and Ayaka didn’t seem to want to either. Ayaka let out a pleased sigh as she stepped down to the bottom which made the water level just over her shoulders. After a moment, she rose up a little again as she found the seat and moved onto it. “God, this is nice! You weren’t kidding at all.”

“Indeed, it is very nice,” Isana agreed. She got in too and sat very close to Ayaka on the next seat to her left. After a moment of silence, Ayaka scooched a little until their arms were touching. Then they both shared another smile and laid back to wait.

A few minutes later they heard the door to the undressing room open. Ayaka started to turn around to look, but Isana put a hand on the girl’s thigh and shook her head with a small smile. Ayaka got the hint and stopped. She also made no move to object about the placement of Isana’s hand. A second later the smacks of bare feet sounded and the two younger girls came into view together.

Isana’s eyes widened and her hand gave Ayaka’s leg a soft squeeze. Karin had a beautiful, darkly tanned skin tone and her body was at just the beginning of adolescence. She is very skinny with the small speckles of scale spots everywhere.  Her tiny breasts were like halves of mandarin oranges with big, darker colored nipples. Karin stopped in front of them, on the other side of the tub, with her legs slightly spread and with her arms crossed, so she and Ayaka had a good view of her smooth, tightly closed pussy. Ayaka also seemed to like the view as much as she did because she was breathing faster again and Isana could feel her muscles tensing and releasing.

Sora followed Karin and was no less appealing. Her skin was a lighter tan than Karin’s, but it went very well with her silky, dark hair. She had no breasts to speak of yet, but Isana liked Sora’s very tiny nipples. Her butt had a very nice round shape that Isana had already sampled this morning and when she turned a little, they saw her pretty, almost hidden slit.

“You’re not so bad either, Karin,” Ayaka said, speaking first. She smirked and then addressed Sora. “And you’re very cute looking, Sora.”

“Really?” Karin asked, looking over herself and then Sora. “I thought she was cute too, but she didn’t believe me.”

“I don’t know if I want to be cute, though,” Sora complained.

“There’s nothing wrong with being cute,” Isana assured her, knowing her arousal would be noticed soon if this kept up. “I think you both have no reason at all to be ashamed of how you look. Now join Ayaka and me over here and get in.”

“Careful, Sora,” Ayaka said in warning. Her hand had settled onto Isana’s and was rubbing on it slowly. “It’s pretty deep in the middle, but there are seats around the sides.”

They made their way over and with just a little assistance from Karin and Isana; Sora climbed in on Isana’s other side and was seated.  Her eyes were wide from the sensation of hot, churning water all around her, but she seemed to like it. Karin just grinned and got in next to Sora.

“Nice, huh?” Isana asked proudly.

“Yeah!” Karin answered emphatically. They had to sit up straight in the seats to keep their heads above the water, but neither seemed bothered by that. Karin wiggled to get comfortable and then closed her eyes. “I feel good.”

“I like it too,” Sora agreed quickly, a smile on her face. “Can we use it a lot?”

“I use it at least four or five times a week,” Isana answered. “Sometimes I just don’t have time to laze about in here, but I do so when I can, especially at night. If I work a really long and hard day, I like to come here first when I get home to relax and unwind. It also helps calm me down whenever I’m upset about something.”

“Well, my legs certainly feel a lot better,” Ayaka said, smiling and giving Isana’s hand a pointed rub. Isana returned the expression and started to slowly run that hand up and down Ayaka’s leg. Ayaka’s smile widened and she leaned closer into Isana and closed her eyes.

For a while they all just sat in the nighttime silence and heat of the hot tub and just enjoyed it. All three girls had their eyes closed and Isana made a mental note to warn them about the dangers of actually falling asleep in the water if they were alone. Isana though had her eyes open and instead of feeling calm, she was terribly excited and almost painfully aroused. Ayaka had lain fully against her and their skin contact was enticing her greatly. She removed her hand from Isana’s thigh and smiled when the girl made a soft whine of disapproval. Ignoring that, she instead put the arm around the girl’s back and held her. Ayaka apparently liked this much better and put her head onto Isana’s shoulder with another pleased sigh.

“I think I like this very much,” Ayaka whispered softly a little later. Isana felt a small hand touch hesitantly onto her own leg. Then it began to rub like Isana had done to her. “We are so lucky to end up here with you.”

“I’m glad you think so,” Isana replied, just as softly. Sora and Karin didn’t appear to have overheard. Karin was softly humming and Sora seemed to know the tune because her head was bobbing slightly in time to the song. “I’m very glad you girls are here too. Do you mind if I start things soon?”

“Sure,” Ayaka shrugged slowly. “Just let me know when it’s time. Till then, I just want to lie against you like this for a while because it feels just as good as the water, maybe even better.”

Isana was more than pleased to let Ayaka enjoy herself.  Until now, she hadn’t realized just how alone she had truly been these last few years. The arrival of these girls however slammed home the fact that she had been fighting her nature and that had left a hole in her life. Now she had three wonderful people in her home.  The girl in her arms amazed her especially because not only had she accepted Isana’s nature, but had embraced it fully and returned her feelings.

“Thank you, Ayaka,” Isana whispered, briefly rubbing their cheeks. Ayaka sighed and returned the gesture.

“Isana, you’re the nicest person I’ve known in a long time,” Ayaka said. “I liked you as soon as I met you, and so did the other girls. You’re giving me the opportunity to become important in your and their lives. I should be the one thanking you.”

“What are you guys whispering about?” Karin asked sleepily. She still had her eyes closed. At the question though, Sora opened hers in curiosity.

Isana met Ayaka’s gaze and they both decided at the same time that they may as well get things over with. “Sorry, we didn’t want to disturb you guys. We were just talking about something I need to discuss with the both of you. Ayaka knows already, because we talked about it while you guys were in the shower this morning.”

“Is it something bad?” Sora asked worriedly.

“No, not at all,” Isana answered reassuringly. “It just has to do with the three of us being witches. Ayaka will be directly involved too, because she lives here with the three of us.”

“I knew you were hiding something,” Karin smirked at Ayaka. “So, why did you wait until now?”

“Because our current location and situation might help you understand a little better,” Isana said. “Now let me explain. You can feel free to ask questions. Understand?”

Heads nodded.

“Okay,” Isana said, unconsciously shifting her body as she began. “When a girl is a witch and especially when their power is awakening or is about to, there are changes that occur in that person. They are usually fairly subtle at first, as they are right now in you Karin.” Karin blinked at being mentioned, but stayed quiet. “Specifically, I’m talking your sex drives and related desires.”

“Our what?!” Karin said, surprised. Sora’s eyes were very wide.

“Sex drives, Karin,” Isana said, unable to suppress an amused smile. “Witches’ bodies and minds are slightly different from a base human. One major difference is that we tend to want sex quite a bit more. We are very easily aroused too. In addition to this, witches are almost always attracted only to other women and especially other witches. Many centuries ago, it was why women in villages would sneak off into the woods to meet with their covens. They desired each other’s company so they met secretly for sex and companionship. It’s also why you two have been feeling different lately.”

“Different?” Karin asked.

“Yes, different,” Ayaka interjected. “Karin, think about it. Why have you been hugging us so much lately? Why were you so entranced when you saw Isana naked this morning? Why did you stare so much when we came out naked just a bit ago?”

“Sora,” Isana said gently as Karin frowned and thought over Ayaka’s question. “Do you understand what it is I’m talking about?”

“I do,” Sora nodded. “I kind of know what sex is. I heard other girls talk about it. I’ve always thought girls were pretty.”

“What about when you’re around me or the girls now? What is it you want to do?”

“I really want to be around you guys all the time,” Sora answered. “It feels really nice when I touch you and I get hot inside.”

“That just means you’re feeling aroused,” Isana informed her with a smile. “When a girl is very attracted to someone and wants to do sex related things, she feels hot. I bet you also get wet between your legs.”

“Yeah!” Karin said, perking up at the same time that Sora nodded. “I feel all warm and gooey sometimes, like this morning when I was hugging Ayaka.”

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about,” Isana said, nodding to them. “But this is only the beginning for both of you. Witches tend to form very tight knit relationships with those they live with over time, and it is very likely we will now too. I’m warning you about this because I don’t want you to freak out.”

“Are you the same then?” Karin asked.

“Definitely,” Isana laughed. “I have a very high sex drive, even for a witch.”

“Then how come you live alone?” Sora said.

“Well, kind of like you guys, I was adopted when I was very young. I was only two, I think. But my magic awoke very early when I was only seven. At that time, the focus on my sexual attention was on my adoptive mother. She recognized the signs and until she died in an accident in town, she was my sole partner. After that,” Isana shrugged. “I’m not sure. I just never approached anyone or tried to seek new relationships.  For the last four years I took care of things by masturbating at least twice every day, and that took a bit of the edge off. I don’t know why I secluded myself, but it was after you guys came that I realized that I really have been terribly lonely. We witches thrive in the close company of others, and I didn’t have that. But now I do.”

“Okay,” Karin said slowly. “So what you’re saying is that pretty soon I’m going to want badly to do sex things with everyone?”

“Yes, and you too, Sora,” Isana answered. “So if you see me naked and it excites you, that’s perfectly fine and normal. I know it’s weird, but I think you’ll find that it’s actually very nice.”

“But what about Ayaka?” Sora asked, worried about her new sister.

“Ayaka and I have already talked it over and she doesn’t mind at all that you two and I are going to want to have sex with her,” Isana smiled and pulled a happily smiling Ayaka close again. “Even if she doesn’t want me to make her a witch too, she’ll be willing.”

“Wait a minute!” Ayaka turned a little and gazed with wide eyes at her. “You can make me a witch?”

“Oh, yes,” Isana grinned. “Most people can learn magic to some degree, and women become witches when they do. Natural witches like Karin and Sora have natural talent and strength, and they’ll use magic whether they want to or not. So if you want, I’d be willing to try and teach you as well. If you do, you’ll have the same strong urges we do.”

“I’d like that,” Ayaka replied eagerly. Then she smiled at her sisters. “Isana’s right, I’m not going to shove you away just because you feel like hugging me or more.”

“So it’s a good thing I feel this way?” Sora asked. Karin nodded as if to second the question.

“Yes,” Isana answered. “I want you to enjoy it too. So just take things at a pace you’re comfortable with.”

“Hee hee, cool,” Karin said, blushing a little and smiling. “It is weird, but I think I understand what you mean about feeling and acting differently. I just never noticed it before. Thanks for explaining it.”

“No problem,” Isana responded warmly. “Are you going to be okay too, Sora?”

“I think so,” Sora said slowly.

“Sora, just think of it to mean that we’ll be very close sisters,” Ayaka said. “Plus, you don’t have to do anything right away. Just think it over tonight, and I think you’ll see it as a good thing.”

“Yes,” Isana agreed. “Sleep on it, both of you. It’s bedtime anyway, and we’ll be all wrinkly if we stay in here much longer. We’ll talk about it again in the morning or whenever.”

“Okay,” Karin agreed. “But can we use this tub whenever we want now?”

“Yeah,” Sora grinned. “I like it a lot.”

“Of course you can,” Isana laughed. “The only rule is that you can’t be in it alone. I don’t want one of you falling asleep and drowning.”

“I think we can work with that rule,” Ayaka said, wriggling a bit. “A bed does sound pretty good right now. Let’s head upstairs, you guys.”

Ayaka moved away from Isana, a move that saddened them both a little, and then pulled up into a sitting position on the clay tiles of the floor as water cascaded down off of her body. She was still stunning in the moonlight and Isana watched amusedly as Karin and Sora stared at her. Isana followed Ayaka out, which spurred the other two on as well.

Dripping wet, they all made their way to the smaller room. As they went, eyes roamed freely. Now that everyone knew what was going on, it was as if everyone was testing out new waters yet again.  Once inside, Isana snagged one of the towels and before Ayaka could grab one as well, Isana stopped her in place and started to dry. Isana made sure to be quick and efficient, but she could tell Ayaka was really enjoying the physical attention.

“Sora, Karin, why don’t you guys help dry each other too?” Isana suggested with a smile. “I think you’ll like it.”

“You want to?” Karin asked, looking at Sora. In answer Sora went over, picked up a towel, and smiled. Karin raised her arms, and Sora started drying her off. Isana slowed her own work on Ayaka to more fully appreciate the feel of the girl. Once she was dry, Isana handed her the towel and they switched places.

Ayaka was hesitant at first when the towel touched Isana, but as her hands moved, she grew bolder. Isana even gave her a very wide smile when Ayaka dried off her breasts. Across from them, Sora was getting toweled by Karin and from the looks on their faces, they liked it immensely.

Once they were all dry, Isana gave each girl a fresh towel to go upstairs in, since putting on clothes seemed like a hassle at the moment. Then Isana sent them on ahead as she shut down the tub.

When she too made her way up to her bedroom, she wasn’t all that surprised to find Ayaka waiting for her there. Ayaka was still wrapped in her white towel, but it rode high enough that the round curve of her butt was plain to see because she was bent over and checking out the big bed. When she heard Isana close the bedroom door, Ayaka turned towards her with a small, nervous smile on her face. Isana approached her without speaking and gently cupped Ayaka’s face in her hands. Ayaka smiled wider and her fear lessened.

“You don’t have to rush this,” Isana told her, ignoring the hot wetness she felt running down her leg. Her body knew what it wanted, but she would deny it if Ayaka truly wasn’t ready.

“I know that,” Ayaka answered. “But I want to. I’m nervous because I’ve never done this before, but I really want to spend the night with you. I want you to be my first, but I’m not sure what to do.”

“What about the others?” Isana asked, breathing a little heavier now that she knew that Ayaka was okay with this.

“Karin asked Sora to sleep with her this time,” Ayaka answered with an amused smile. “I don’t think Karin is going to be doing anything like this, though. I think they’ll just sleep together naked.”

Isana looked into the deep wells within Ayaka’s eyes and saw both a growing love and a mirror of the same sexual hunger that burned inside her own body. Very slowly she leaned in, tilted Ayaka’s face a little, and kissed her. Isana kept the kiss soft and loving, and felt Ayaka’s hand come up onto her face as well. They kissed for a long time and Isana gradually increased the intensity.

Ayaka’s soft moan of pleasure filled her with unparalleled joy when it drifted to her ears. Isana moved her free hand down and slowly loosened Ayaka’s towel. Ayaka made no move or sound of protest and it dropped to the floor. Then Isana undid hers, and they were once again naked. In response, Ayaka pressed herself closer and their skin was hot.

Isana shuffled them towards the bed, but didn’t break the kiss. She rested one hand on Ayaka’s firm behind and began to squeeze and caress it. This brought more moans from the girl, then Isana let out one of her own as she felt Ayaka grab onto her ass. Once she had Ayaka’s legs against the bed, she finally removed her lips.

“Climb on,” Isana said softly.

Ayaka complied, moving to the middle and lying back onto the cushioning pile of blankets and such. Isana followed, crawling towards the girl. Ayaka watched her with desire on her face, then a small tear started to roll down a flushed cheek.

“What’s wrong?” Isana said, up on all fours over the girl. She leaned down and kissed the tear before it could fall, then continued to place kisses on Ayaka’s neck and up near her ear.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Ayaka said with a happy smile. “This just feels perfect. You took me and the others into your house, and it feels as if I’ve waited my whole life to come here. You’re making us a part of your life and I can see in everything you say and do that you really care. I know it’s silly to say this since I’ve only known you for two days, but I think I love you.”

“You’re not silly,” Isana said, rising up to look Ayaka in the eyes. “I told you and the others in the solarium, you have, all three of you, filled a hole I didn’t know I had. From now on we’re a family, and you are an important part of it. We’ll all live and grow together here.”

Isana leaned in again and, starting from her mouth, she began kissing her way down Ayaka. First she spent a little time nuzzling and licking at her neck. Then she went a little lower, kissing very lightly over the young girls’s chest, just above her tantalizing breasts. Ayaka’s breathing increased and a reddish, excited flush suffused her skin. They were both starting to sweat a little, but Isana thought it just made Ayaka even more appealing.

She kept up the teasing kisses for a while, going up and around each of the firm, youthful mounds. As she treated one, her hand would trace slowly and lightly over the other. Ayaka was squirming with need beneath her, but Isana wanted Ayaka’s first time with her to be special. So when she finally gave one of Ayaka’s rock-hard nipples a teasing flick with her tongue, the girl gasped and arched up to her with a hiss. As soon as she did this, Isana switched back to the teasing kisses.

She let Ayaka relax, and then went for the other nipple and took it into her mouth. Ayaka mewled in pleasure and Isana felt a small shudder pass through her own body. She had always liked sucking on a girl’s breasts, and Ayaka’s were heavenly.

They were both sweating a great deal more by now and Isana could smell Ayaka’s arousal on the air. That female musk was exciting and it made her mouth water. Her own pussy was like a leaking faucet.

Ayaka was in a sexual fog when Isana slowly kissed down her smooth stomach. Muscles twitched as she descended and Isana knew Ayaka was feeling every touch with pleasure. A glance upward showed the girl’s face with eyes closed. Ayaka’s small hands were clenched tight to the bed sheets.

When she reached Ayaka’s sparse patch of juice-soaked pubes, Isana nuzzled her face into it and inhaled. This excited both of them, and Isana knew it was time to finish the girl off.

Ayaka’s pussy was inflamed with demanding arousal and it glistened slightly in the moonlight coming from the window. The outer lips had parted slightly from the girl’s excitement and Isana smiled when she saw a hard, very aroused clit peeking out. A small wet spot was forming on the bed, just below the crack of Ayaka’s butt.

She kissed down through Ayaka’s pubes, wetting her face and moved to the side. First she licked slowly and deliberately around the sides of Ayaka’s pussy. Ayaka moaned and wriggled with need, but Isana was patient. She cleaned up all the delicious wetness she found with her tongue and worked her way toward Ayaka’s creamy center. She got a particularly pleasant response when her tongue grazed the cute pucker of Ayaka’s asshole. Ayaka shivered and Isana thought she might have had a small preliminary orgasm.

With her fingers and her mouth, she cleaned Ayaka’s soft, lower lips even as they got wet again. She let one finger rub in circles around the entrance to Ayaka’s questing pussy, then slowly sank it in. After a very short distance she encountered the girl’s hymen and withdrew. She continued the shallow thrusts, and Ayaka twisted her body and groaned loudly with need.

Isana smiled inwardly, knowing just how badly Ayaka wanted her release. So she moved slightly and sucked the girl’s tiny clit into her mouth with a firm suction and clamped with her lips. Ayaka’s entire body arched into a bridge as she came hard and Isana’s finger was suddenly trapped by a tightly clenching pussy. Then Ayaka dropped hard to the bed and Isana moved up quickly to take the girl into her arms. Ayaka’s arms wrapped tightly around her and the girl shuddered several times before she relaxed and lay limp, panting hard.

Knowing she was a bit hypersensitive at the moment, Isana gently trailed her fingers over Ayaka’s stomach and breasts. It soothed the girl, and she saw life returning. Isana leaned in again and kissed her lightly on her lips. Ayaka’s lips opened and their tongues played together.

“How was it?” Isana said softly when she withdrew again.

“So good that I don’t think I can move,” Ayaka smiled and giggled softly as they gazed at each other. “My whole body is still tingling. I know I’m going to remember that for the rest of my life.”

“Then I’m glad you enjoyed your first time,” Isana smiled. Her own pussy was practically quivering and she couldn’t help gently rubbing it into the bed sheets. “I’d hoped it would be special for you.”

“It was,” Ayaka grinned. Then she noticed Isana’s movements and Isana saw excitement bloom in those young eyes again. Isana stopped her humping of the bed and turned on her side next to the girl a little so Ayaka could see all of her again. Then Ayaka touched the wetness around her mouth that had come from Isana’s face and tasted her fingers. “Is this from me?”

“It is,” Isana nodded and wiped her own face with a hand.

Ayaka appeared thoughtful for a moment, and then she wriggled down the bed until her face was even with Isana’s crotch. Ayaka reached out, grabbed her by her ass and pulled in. Isana involuntarily wrapped her legs around Ayaka and moaned like an animal. Ayaka was clumsy and inexperienced, but that didn’t make her tongue any less pleasant. Isana stayed silent and let Ayaka do what she wanted. When Ayaka found her clit, Isana cried out harshly and realizing that this was the right spot, Ayaka’s tongue was merciless.

The first orgasm took Isana by surprise. It ripped out of her like a force of nature and still Ayaka continued. She wanted to tell her to stop and let her rest, but her mouth wouldn’t work right. All that came out her were mumbled half-words and groans. Then her second orgasm slammed home and it was like having an eruption between her legs.

When she came to and found herself panting on her back with Ayaka gently sucking on her right breast, Isana felt like she must have died. Her muscles had a pleasant soreness and she could feel a nice throbbing from her clit. She could feel wetness under her ass, and the more than pleasant warmth of Ayaka lying against her as she suckled.

“Are you awake?” Ayaka asked, releasing the nipple with a soft pop. She moved up and they kissed again. Isana could taste a little of herself there, but she didn’t mind at all. She just enfolded Ayaka in her arms.

“Thanks for that,” she said after a while.

“I liked doing it,” Ayaka grinned. “I might have been nervous about having sex earlier, but it feels amazing and it was just as fun touching you as it was being touched by you.” She used a hand and gently squeezed Isana’s right breast. “I also found out that I like sucking on these and playing with them. Mine felt awesome when you did them, too.”

“Well, since you live here now, and you’ve found that sex is fun and exciting, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for more of both,” Isana said, caressing an ear with a finger. Ayaka smiled at the touch and they moved closer again.

“It was exciting,” Ayaka confirmed. “I’m still excited, but it feels like I’ve been running for hours.”

“There’s no hurry, Ayaka,” Isana chuckled. “Neither of us is going anywhere. I won’t disappear if we go to sleep. I’m pretty sleepy myself. So let’s get under the sheets before we get cold.”

Ayaka agreed, and Isana found a place for them to wriggle under.  Once they were in place, Isana pulled Ayaka into her body and they spooned together. Ayaka settled down onto her pillow, enjoying the embrace, and Isana did the same behind her. It didn’t take long for them to fall asleep.

On to Chapter Five!


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  1. Lakeisha says:

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