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  • Posted on November 27, 2023 at 3:57 pm

by JetBoy

Friends, readers, contributors, Romans, countrymen, etc.

We’ve been busier than a one-armed short-order cook of late, it is true. Nonetheless, we thought it high time to bring you good people up to date with developments at Juicy Secrets, the world’s greatest edgy lesbian fiction site in a crowded field of… one. Sigh. Guess that also makes us the worst.

Enough levity. On to the news:

First, site co-founder and author extraordinaire Naughty Mommy has officially retired from writing under that moniker. She’s been on an extended break for a few years, but finally made it official. It’s an unhappy, but not unexpected turn of events. She did mention having a few unfinished pieces that might be completed one day, but also let me know that she hasn’t touched these in a long, long while, so we shouldn’t get our hopes too high.

Despite this loss, we still have truckloads of amazing erotica under the Naughty Mommy banner, waiting to arouse and delight each and every one of you. So let’s not mourn the stories that will never be, but celebrate the treasures we still have in our vault. And if you’ve never read the work of Naughty Mommy before… well, what on earth are you waiting for?

Secondly, there are a few forum pages here at Juicy Secrets that have been regularly attracting the kind of questionable comments that we would prefer not to have at the site, and have asked our public not to leave. What discussion there was on these pages between actual members of the JS community seems to have petered out years ago, only to be replaced by the commentary of random oddballs who insist that children can consent to sex with adults because it feels good, or share disturbing stories of real-life experiences involving underage participants – mostly bullshit, we’ve no doubt, but still against site policy and a real pain in the gluteus maximus for us to read and purge.

Therefore, we have elected to take the following pages down. Site friend No One sent me his thoughts on these, and I think them relevant enough to share with you:

Child Models – This one I would strongly suggest deleting since it has a bunch of people praising illegal or at least exploitative content. (Most of the links are broken anyway.)

Attraction to Young Girls, Lesbian Incest and to a lesser extent Letting the Secret Out – These are the ones that most commonly have random people dropping by to break the rules, either by advocating for real-life adult/child sexual contact, or by telling their alleged experiences of the same. Nobody’s having any interesting, active conversations there these days.

In addition, there are a couple of pages that are completely out of date and of no relevance, taking up real estate that could be occupied by more hot lesbian fiction.

Twitter Confession – Basically, none of the Twitter accounts mentioned in this post are active anymore, so it seems utterly pointless to keep this. (Also, fuck Elon Musk.)

Seeking Life Partner – This page is six years old, so the guy who posted it could well be married and have kindergarten-age kids by now.

So yeah, these pages are now gone. Apologies to anyone who feels cheated, but we’re doing our level best to make the staff’s life easier… more importantly, we wish to avoid content that could get Juicy Secrets shut down for the third time. If that happens, I very much doubt we’ll be able to get it started again.

Thirdly, I bring a heartfelt request for help from Cunthia, the original founder of Leslita (later Lesbian Lolita), the sapphic erotic fiction site that inspired so many of us. It’s no exaggeration to say there would be NO Juicy Secrets without Leslita to light the way. It was this site that prompted me to write my very first erotic story.

Cunthia retired from running Leslita about six years ago, handing the keys over to a new administrator. Those keys got passed around a time or two until the site got unfairly nuked.

Basically, she wants to fix the home page and update it so Leslita no longer links to the defunct site – a most worthy goal, I think we can all agree.

The question, then: does anyone have an archive of the site as it was when shut down in 2022? I know there are a couple of folks who have done that very thing for Juicy Secrets, so we’re hoping…

If you have any info that could be helpful in this matter, please drop us a line at [email protected].

Okay, that’s enough news for now. Go read a story.

Love, JetBoy


34 Comments on Site News

  1. Tosser1881 says:

    This may help. I haven’t followed the magnet link yet, but recent comments say it’s still seeding.

  2. Lakeisha says:

    Sorry to hear that Naughty Mommy is retiring, but I look forward to reading the treasures from her that are in the JS Vault.

    JS My sentiment’s exactly on Elon Musk JetBoy.

    Thanks for keeping us updated!


  3. kinkychic says:

    My goodness – newsletters now! How wonderful.

    I for one, am pleased to see those pages gone. I already expressed my opinion on some of the undesirable posts.

    Good luck to Naughty Mommy.

    • 3FingersNeat says:

      I haven’t done a deep dive, just clicked on a few links, but that archive seems to be the real deal.

    • JetBoy says:

      That’s a pretty old link, sad to say… about fifteen years. It’s only a fraction of the grand total.

      Thus far, the most recent link I’ve found is on our homepage, which hails from 2020. The thing is, the last administrator started from scratch, and she never did get all the old stories back up. So the main reason for finding a more recent link or copy of Leslita would be to get the material that posted since then.

      • Sapphmore says:

        I’m pretty sure that I have almost all the stories on text (Wordpad) or MS Word files. Back when I first started saving the stories in text in February 2012 I didn’t always put the author’s name in the file name, just the story title. I now have 24,565 stories in my archive and back then I selected almost everything from Leslita and just lesbian and incest stories from Loliwood at the time they were running in full (but not those with very young girls or involving forced as that’s really a no go for me). I still copy lesbian tales from NIFTY on text (and of course I have all of JS in a separate archive) but les and inc tales on Literotica I only save the first chapters as Firefox bookmarks.

  4. Kim & Sue says:

    Pleased with the news, well except for N M bowing out. But yes, agree very much with whats jettisoned. And it’s very much worth losing those pages to lower the risk of losing are fav lesbian erotica site.

    It is the best site. There are other dirty stories out there, but here there’s not only dirty stories, but some dirty stories that are really good literature hiding behind erotica.

    Thanks JB and everyone else behind the scenes, and a special thanks to Amanda Lynn

  5. Erocritique says:

    NaughtyMommy should be honored with the JS lifetime achievement award. So many great stories. Can’t really speak to the rest of the updates, but anything that threatens JS continuing to survive and thrive should be addressed immediately .

  6. Amy Mendoza says:

    “Child Models – This one I would strongly suggest deleting since it has a bunch of people praising illegal or at least exploitative content”

    Including you, Jetboy

      • Amy Mendoza says:

        Oh come on now Jetboy, don’t be coy.

        You know perfectly well that you contributed enthusiastically to the link sharing on ‘Child Models’.

        But conveniently, you’ve taken it down so no-one can check. Handy 🙂

        However, as I say often, isn’t screenshotting just the best invention ever?

        • JetBoy says:

          Oh, I might have contributed to the comments on that page ages ago, but I don’t believe for a nanosecond that I ever shared links. I never visit child model sites, don’t have any of them bookmarked… hell, I don’t even know the name of one. Reading about little girls in erotic stories (fictional ones) is a delight, but photos of them capering in their undies aren’t really my bag. I’ll just say, “I believe you are mistaken, Ms. Mendoza,” and leave it at that.

          But hey, if you’ve got a screenshot, send a copy to the site mailbag. I’d be interested to see what my “contribution” to the Child Models page actually was.

          • 3FingersNeat says:

            “capering”. Another peek into JetBoy’s ample vocabulary.

          • Amy says:

            Oh hi there!

            Firstly, sorry for not reponding earlier, I’m sure you’ll be devastated to learn that although JS is kinda interesting to us, it doesn’t merit a daily visit.

            You don’t even know the name of a child model site. Right. Someone who is quite heavily involved in the CP – ahem – ‘community’ and you’ve never visited one of these sites. And despite admitting to commenting on posts on your site linking to them, of course you NEVER followed any of those links? Even though several of your comments could be summarized as “Oh yeah, she’s one of my favorites, so gorgeous!!!”

            Do you have any bridges for sale, Jetboy?

            Ah yes, send a screenshot to the site mailbox. because of course you’ll be able to deny receiving anything. Straight out of the playbook of the late unlamented Fur, that one.

            Hey, here’s a better idea! If anyone reading this is curious about how seriously they should take Jetboy’s self-righteous indignation, drop me a line at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to fill you in.

            Love and kisses.

  7. sue says:

    So I’m looking and Child Models and the others mentioned are all still here. Get thee gone already.

  8. Keiko says:

    Thank you JetBoy and all others who keep this site going for all of us to enjoy. It is easy to take it for granted… and we should not. I for one very much appreciate it every time I come back to… *ahem* read… Much love.

  9. Rachel says:

    This Amy person is one mixed-up person.

    I notice, over time, how she has so much to say and yet doesn’t ever really say anything. She casts unsubstantiated aspersions against various people without presenting a shred of fact. It’s clearly hard to respond to her when there’s never anything to actually respond to.

    I have seen where some have responded, but she simply twists whatever they have said to suit her own agenda. She’s clever at that.

    The Queen of Trolls. Or maybe, just someone overflowing with crap.

    • sue says:

      ‘Amy’ should read the terms of use, and should be banned by said terms.

      • kinkychic says:

        The problem with that Sue, is that there is no membership. Anyone can visit the site to both read and comment. No one can be banned.

        The only possibility is stronger admin censorship of comments whereby irrelevant comments or attacks on others do not get posted. But that means a lot of work.

        Amy Mendoza purports to be a crusader against CP. (Although I do wonder at the truth of that). And yes, one could argue, that there’s nothing wrong with her being anti-CP. Where I disagree with her, is the way she goes about it. As Rachel says, she does distort things and uses vague hints that are damaging to her target, even though they are usually meaningless.

        I’m sure there must be better sites out there that she could target rather than a few writers. She seems to know all about them.

        Her digs at Jetboy, Fur and, in the past, my sister and I are pointless exercises in vindictiveness.

        Her only audience is those like me, foolish enough to even bother with commenting about her. I am a kind, caring and fairly placid person. But this individual makes my blood boil.

        • kinkychic says:

          Rule 10 states – Do not make personal attacks against other users or against story authors. Polite disagreement is fine, but it must be polite.

          So, Amy’s comments SHOULD be deleted.

          • sue says:

            should be deleted and

            11 Continued disregard for any of these Terms may result in the user being banned.

        • DigificWriter says:

          kinkychic, there is commercially available software that can be acquired and used to blacklist IP addresses, and that should (IMO) be used to track and blacklist the IP address that Amy is using to come here and antagonize people.

  10. JetBoy says:

    No point in responding to Amy, really. Because she disapproves of the stories posted here, she will always assume the worst of us.

    I mean seriously – we take down a page that’s been here for years because we’ve come to the conclusion that it attracts inappropriate content, and what is her response? We’re only doing it to hide something. Bit late for that, I’d say.

    Amanda has gone ahead and blocked Amy Mendoza from this site, seeing as she has indeed violated policy with her threats and insults. It was Amanda’s call, but she has my support. Since Ms. Mendoza hates us so much, we’re sparing her the additional outrage. Who knows? We might be sparing her a bleeding ulcer.

    • Joe Dornish says:

      I can’t say that Amy’s ban doesn’t please me, it will be nice to be rid of her and her her trolling.

      However, if she does think we’ve got something to hide, I wonder if banning her will just reinforce that notion and give her increased impetus. I think I’d rather deal with something I can see than have her lurk in the shadows.

      Still, it’s done now and I am glad to see the back of her.

      • BlueJean says:

        “However, if she does think we’ve got something to hide, I wonder if banning her will just reinforce that notion and give her increased impetus.”

        It undoubtedly will, but the problem is, once Amy had her foot firmly in the door, her facade of civility was soon abandoned. Her last post here was about as vicious, vindictive, sarcastic, and downright unpleasant as I’ve seen from her. Then what usually happens is, one or two people respond, then a few more. And before you know it we have another shit show clogging up the comment feed, and the post has to be locked down.

        I respect Amy’s commitment to shutting down *actual* CP, but I dunno, I somehow get the feeling she’s been doing this for so long she’s lost perspective along the way, what with the picture sharing and hard drive full of screenshots. At this point she’s surely as neck-deep in the CP community as the people she’s trying to shut down. “I just keep those pictures as evidence, officer” is probably not going to cut it when the police seize her computer.

    • kinkychic says:

      It’s very easy to use a different IP. As far as I know, it’s impossible to properly ban anyone on an open site, Amy already uses different names to post here. She has in the past, used different IPs when we admin staff were tracking her on another site.

      Anyone living in the UK would be crazy using their home IP to post a story here. A trustworthy VPN is essential.

      I’m not giving anything away, Amy is very IP and domain savvy.

    • kinkychic says:

      That last paragraph – 🤣

  11. leafie says:

    Site cleanup is always welcome. It helps keep the lights on, so to speak.

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