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Series or Standalone?

  • Posted on May 6, 2024 at 1:03 pm
by Mystery Mouse

First of all, let me just take this opportunity to say thank you to everybody who contributes to this wonderful site. Not just the editors and the authors, but the commenters and the people behind the scenes as well. You all help to make this an enjoyable, lively, and above all else mature place to visit. Which is why I keep coming back.

Anyway… I was wondering what everybody thought about long story series’s (or whatever the heck the plural is) compared to individual stories.

I always avoided any story that had more than one part to it. If I saw that somebody had written a follow-up, a sequel, or even just a ‘Part 2’, I wouldn’t bother with it.

Why? Well, at the time, I justified it by saying to myself that I was reading one-handed (you don’t want details, trust me) and I didn’t have the time to invest in a long story. I don’t mind edging, but ask me to do it for twenty chapters and things will start to fall off.

Or I would say that I’d read too many webcomics whose updates had gotten slower and slower until they stopped completely, so I didn’t want to get hooked on a story that would never finish.

Or, when it came to taboo stories, I was interested in the first time. Not so much the second time and even less so the third.

But I’ve recently come to realise that this attitude has made me miss out on a lot of quality content, so I’m trying to overcome it and get into the serieses (that definitely can’t be the right word) here. I’ve got a lot of reading to catch up on!

So my point is this: I’m in the middle of writing some stories of my own for here. Maybe they’ll be accepted, maybe they won’t. Juicy Secrets has admirably high standards. But which do you guys generally prefer? Do you like reading long stories with multiple parts realised over time (‘seria’ seems like it should be a logical plural, but I guess not)? Or do you like to read one-off stories with a beginning and an end in the same installment?

Or does it not matter?

Do let me know in the replies below!

Regards, Mouse


Site News

  • Posted on November 27, 2023 at 3:57 pm

by JetBoy

Friends, readers, contributors, Romans, countrymen, etc.

We’ve been busier than a one-armed short-order cook of late, it is true. Nonetheless, we thought it high time to bring you good people up to date with developments at Juicy Secrets, the world’s greatest edgy lesbian fiction site in a crowded field of… one. Sigh. Guess that also makes us the worst.

Enough levity. On to the news:

First, site co-founder and author extraordinaire Naughty Mommy has officially retired from writing under that moniker. She’s been on an extended break for a few years, but finally made it official. It’s an unhappy, but not unexpected turn of events. She did mention having a few unfinished pieces that might be completed one day, but also let me know that she hasn’t touched these in a long, long while, so we shouldn’t get our hopes too high.

Despite this loss, we still have truckloads of amazing erotica under the Naughty Mommy banner, waiting to arouse and delight each and every one of you. So let’s not mourn the stories that will never be, but celebrate the treasures we still have in our vault. And if you’ve never read the work of Naughty Mommy before… well, what on earth are you waiting for?

Secondly, there are a few forum pages here at Juicy Secrets that have been regularly attracting the kind of questionable comments that we would prefer not to have at the site, and have asked our public not to leave. What discussion there was on these pages between actual members of the JS community seems to have petered out years ago, only to be replaced by the commentary of random oddballs who insist that children can consent to sex with adults because it feels good, or share disturbing stories of real-life experiences involving underage participants – mostly bullshit, we’ve no doubt, but still against site policy and a real pain in the gluteus maximus for us to read and purge.

Therefore, we have elected to take the following pages down. Site friend No One sent me his thoughts on these, and I think them relevant enough to share with you:

Child Models – This one I would strongly suggest deleting since it has a bunch of people praising illegal or at least exploitative content. (Most of the links are broken anyway.)

Attraction to Young Girls, Lesbian Incest and to a lesser extent Letting the Secret Out – These are the ones that most commonly have random people dropping by to break the rules, either by advocating for real-life adult/child sexual contact, or by telling their alleged experiences of the same. Nobody’s having any interesting, active conversations there these days.

In addition, there are a couple of pages that are completely out of date and of no relevance, taking up real estate that could be occupied by more hot lesbian fiction.

Twitter Confession – Basically, none of the Twitter accounts mentioned in this post are active anymore, so it seems utterly pointless to keep this. (Also, fuck Elon Musk.)

Seeking Life Partner – This page is six years old, so the guy who posted it could well be married and have kindergarten-age kids by now.

So yeah, these pages are now gone. Apologies to anyone who feels cheated, but we’re doing our level best to make the staff’s life easier… more importantly, we wish to avoid content that could get Juicy Secrets shut down for the third time. If that happens, I very much doubt we’ll be able to get it started again.

Thirdly, I bring a heartfelt request for help from Cunthia, the original founder of Leslita (later Lesbian Lolita), the sapphic erotic fiction site that inspired so many of us. It’s no exaggeration to say there would be NO Juicy Secrets without Leslita to light the way. It was this site that prompted me to write my very first erotic story.

Cunthia retired from running Leslita about six years ago, handing the keys over to a new administrator. Those keys got passed around a time or two until the site got unfairly nuked.

Basically, she wants to fix the home page and update it so Leslita no longer links to the defunct site – a most worthy goal, I think we can all agree.

The question, then: does anyone have an archive of the site as it was when shut down in 2022? I know there are a couple of folks who have done that very thing for Juicy Secrets, so we’re hoping…

If you have any info that could be helpful in this matter, please drop us a line at [email protected].

Okay, that’s enough news for now. Go read a story.

Love, JetBoy


Comment Etiquette

  • Posted on August 11, 2023 at 2:49 pm

by JetBoy

First, apologies for putting up a new item that isn’t actually a sex story. Rest assured, our next post will be crammed to the gunwales with the fine lesbian content you’ve come to expect from us.

What’s this all about, then? Basically, we at Juicy Secrets thought it was a good time for something you’ve not encountered before at the site: guidelines for you kind souls who take the time to leave comments for our stories.

Note: if you never leave commentary, and have no intention of ever doing so, you might as well blow this post off altogether and seek out something with more hot lesbian action (otherwise known as “everything else we’ve got here.”) The rest of you, pull up a chair – let’s have a little chat.

At least four times since the founding of Juicy Secrets, I’ve left blog posts about the comment section, asking our readers to take a moment to say a little something about the stories we print. Or a lot of something, if you prefer. Your opinions mean the world to us – in fact, we see them as a reward to our writers, editors and staff for the hard work that goes into making this site what it is.

Sometimes, though, we get comments that are, er, less than ideal, occasionally irksome, even downright infuriating. Our objective with this post is to address that issue, and let you know how we’d prefer you good people conduct yourselves when engaging with us and other readers. So… here goes.

Juicy Secrets Comment Etiquette

  1. First, any mention, promotion, endorsement, encouragement or solicitation of real-life sex between adults and children is strictly forbidden. We traffic in fantasy, not child abuse.
  2. While we certainly welcome and encourage comments from men, please remember that this is a lesbian-oriented site. Guys, we really, really don’t need to hear about your throbbing stiffies, massive loads of jizz, masturbatory techniques, or whatever heterosexual antics you’d like to get up to with the characters in the stories. You wouldn’t go into a lesbian bar and indiscriminately flash your wang at the ladies, right?
  3. Juicy Secrets isn’t a hook-up site, though we do provide the means for readers to communicate, should they care to. Our Stay in Touch page is given over to socializing; please confine such activities to there. If you encounter someone you’d like to get to know on a different page, ask them to meet you at Stay in Touch.
  4. That said, please remember that no one who attempts to communicate via the Stay in Touch page is owed a response, so please refrain from scolding fellow Juicy Secrets denizens because they didn’t email you back.
  5. A related point: if you are a woman, gay or otherwise, who wants to make her email address public but is NOT interested in exchanging pleasantries with men, please say so in the first place, thereby avoiding frayed feelings. (I’m assuming we have zero men here who don’t wish to hear from women.)
  6. We can’t always require civilized behavior… but we strongly encourage it. Strive for politeness; refrain from flinging insults around. If a comment gives you offense, we suggest taking time to cool off before you reply, instead of charging ahead when your dander is up. Remember: if you respond with abuse, you’re wrong even when you’re right… but if the other guys are the ones spewing rage, they’re making themselves into bigger jerks than your scornful reply ever could.

We reserve the right to flush any comments that violate these guidelines, so either exercise good judgment when making your opinion public, or make your violations so entertaining that we couldn’t bear to lose them. Thanks for reading.


And Then There Were Eight: Happy Birthday, Juicy Secrets!

  • Posted on May 30, 2023 at 9:50 pm


By JetBoy

Lo and behold, another twelve months have slipped through the hourglass. Man, those grains of sand are feeling more like ball bearings every day…

Anyhow, here we are, commemorating another year of Juicy Secrets. The eighth, to be specific.

It’s been a long wild ride since those heady days of yore, when Naughty Mommy, Cheryl Taggart and yours truly cobbled this site together out of string, chewing gum, boundless enthusiasm and a few dozen dirty stories.

The original concept was to set up a home for our own erotic fiction, but we quickly got seduced by the notion of inviting like-minded reprobates to send us their stories. We got some great ones, too — some by authors who are still writing for us. Later, when it appeared that our sister site Leslita was on the verge of disappearing for good (as it finally did last year), we worked feverishly to harvest their best material for Juicy Secrets. We compiled these in a new Archive section, then began trawling other story sites for more erotic yummies to tickle your tummies.

Along the way, Cheryl moved on to become a published author, then succumbed to cancer a couple of years later. (Rest in peace, dear friend.) Naughty Mommy retired from the site to devote more time to her family. Poppabear signed on as an associate editor, applying his discerning skills to numerous stories, then simply vanished one day. We honor and cherish these three for all they did to make Juicy Secrets what it is. Cheryl and Naughty Mommy have stories aplenty here; please read them.

Before Naughty Mommy’s departure, Amanda Lynn, already a fine JS contributor in her own right, volunteered to lend a much-needed hand. Needless to say, I seized that hand and have clutched it like a drowning man ever since. Naughty Mommy trained her in the art of running this site, and Amanda has done so with distinction, keeping the machine purring like a well-fed cat. Every year, I ask you Good Peoples who make up the Juicy Secrets community to offer her vigorous and lusty thanks, and 2023 is no exception. Thank you, Amanda. Thank you.

Last year we had an enormous stroke of luck when JS contributor Jacqueline Jillinghoff, noticing a comment of mine in which I casually mentioned my massive backlog of stories waiting to be edited, offered to take on some of the load. Privately, I questioned her sanity, but wasn’t about to say no. JJ  has been an invaluable asset ever since, applying her polishing skills to numerous stories – in particular the Kinky Sisters’ saga “Queen of the Pirates.” She is also an immensely gifted author whose stories are a crucial read for devotees of edgy erotica.

And that’s not all! The caprices of fortune have brought Juicy Secrets yet another editing champion – in this case, our own esteemed author BlueJean. Out of the blue, he offered to work on stories for us, and is off to a smashing start. His second contribution as associate editor, “My Sister’s Trap,” has recently been posted. BlueJean is also a superb author in his own right, not to be missed.

Of course, I must mention our site friends, always willing to offer a hand when needed. No One (yet another excellent JS author) has lent us considerable behind-the-scene assistance over the years. And my man Sapphmore, in addition to being an ace writing partner, has also distinguished himself as the Sherlock Holmes of lesbian fiction, able to track down obscure stories with a few keystrokes.

Finally, this testament would be tragically incomplete without a tip of the fedora to you, the reading public of Juicy Secrets. Your love and passion are the fuel that keep our proud little site going. Many thanks, and here’s to another awesome year!

Yrs, JetBoy


The Vanishing of Lesbian Lolita

  • Posted on December 7, 2022 at 2:40 pm

by JetBoy

The recent disappearance of our elder sibling site Lesbian Lolita has shaken up Juicy Secrets in a big way, and has led to fragments of uncertain news and rumors flying about like angry bees. Amanda and I have been blitzed with questions galore on the subject… and frankly, neither of us knows for absolute certain what went down, which makes it difficult to reply to those inquiries. So it seemed like a good idea to provide a blog entry for the denizens of JS to share what they know, along with apologies for our ignorance on the matter.

What I’ve heard is that host site Sapphic Shares, after who knows how many threats, got the axe from their host, and Lesbian Lolita got dragged down along with them. That’s the extent of my knowledge; there could be much more to tell. Those of you who can fill out the finer details of this story, please feel free to share.

While we’re at it, anyone who knows what happened to the massive erotic fiction resource ASSTR is also encouraged to respond. I recently managed to find the site at a different web address from my linked one (, but the content has been reduced to virtually nil, and damn near every site connected with them seems to have vanished.

The whole affair is a major annoyance, not least because of the lack of tangible detail. I’ve scoured Google for some kind of information, but came up empty-handed. If this occurrence involved anything other than porn, the story would receive at least a smidgen of media coverage, but as of now there’s only a chorus of crickets.

Thanks in advance for your input, beloved readers.


Your Thoughts, Please!

  • Posted on September 24, 2022 at 4:10 pm

By JetBoy

(This is a re-run of a blog post I did several years ago… but as it’s still very much relevant today, here it is again. It’s not at all erotic, but very heartfelt, and it only runs for a few paragraphs, so please indulge us and read the thing.)

I’d like to bring up a subject that is very near and dear to us folks who run Juicy Secrets: your comments and feedback, and how crucially important it is to us — and this site.

First, a few words about what goes into making Juicy Secrets what it is.

Without even asking, I can speak for all of us in saying that the running of this site is a genuine labor of love. Read our first-year anniversary blog post to get an inkling of the satisfaction and outright joy we’ve derived from planning Juicy Secrets, bringing it to life and watching it grow.

But when you click onto our link and navigate around the site, exploring its nooks and crannies, what you’re seeing is the result of work. A lot of work. Adding new posts and stories (which often includes considerable reformatting from the original source), hunting for thrilling images to accompany them, making necessary changes to the site pages to present and catalogue these posts, editing and proofreading work for our guest authors, composing critiques, both positive and critical, for submitted stories (even the ones that don’t make the cut), dealing with technical requirements and issues, etc.

Not to mention writing our own stories, which requires a heaping helping of time in itself.

Needless to say, we don’t make a cent doing this. Actually, it’s not even possible to make a living by offering the kind of fiction that we do. I’d estimate that ninety-eight percent of our content consists of stories that no publisher (actual or virtual) would touch with a ten-foot pole — and the lion’s share of them wouldn’t be accepted by any of the big erotica sites, either.

Which brings us to the million-dollar question: why do we do this? Well, there’s the pride we feel at having created Juicy Secrets, and the security of having a safe space for our work. But there’s also the enormous pleasure of having that work noticed and acknowledged, particularly in the words of praise and the thoughtful comments that some of you are kind enough to leave after you read.

It’s hard to describe just how good it feels, that giddy surge of delight that we experience when a reader compliments our writing. It’s a friendly pat on the back, an assuring smile, a hug of encouragement that tells us our work has value — and all the time, effort and yes, occasional frustration that went into it was worthwhile. The warm regard of an audience is a better high than any drug, no question.

On the other hand, it’s a major downer to pay a visit to a recently posted story, one that you put your heart and soul into, and find no more than a single comment, or nothing at all. I’ve known authors of erotic stories — good erotic stories — who’ve simply abandoned their craft in defeat, convinced that barely anyone gives a damn about their work.

Don’t misunderstand, dear readers — your Boy Author is not throwing a woe-unto-us pity party here. My cohorts and I derive a great deal of satisfaction from doing what we do. But your comments add so much to that satisfaction that I’m willing to put aside my pride — indeed, even my dignity! — to plead with you good people: spare a thought for us when you especially enjoy reading a Juicy Secrets story, and leave a comment.

It’s not just the praise that sustains us, mind you… we also appreciate criticism, when you feel it’s warranted, and it’s always helpful when you let us know about mistakes you catch in our work. We’re always striving to do our work a little better, and your careful scrutiny makes that possible.

It should be added here that, much as we crave your praise, it’s even more important that you leave comments for our guest authors. Doing so will increase the likelihood that they’ll continue to write — a winning situation for both Juicy Secrets and its readers!

One final point: we are not — emphatically not — asking anyone to offer praise for our work if we haven’t earned it. As the great comedian Flip Wilson once said, “If you didn’t intend to applaud, don’t applaud. Keep your damn hands to yourself!” On the other hand, if the story moved your soul, got you feeling warm and tingly all over, or spurred you into a “happy ending” of your own… why not take sixty seconds out of your life to tell us so? Thirty seconds, even. Hell, you can type “Great story!” in less than ten. And it honestly does mean the world to us.

Thanks for indulging my shameless pandering, and for being a part of this site’s extended family. (You must be, if you’ve read this far.) May the road always rise with you.

Love always, JetBoy



Happy Birthday to Us!

  • Posted on May 22, 2022 at 2:10 pm


By JetBoy

The seasons change, the hands of the clock race past, the leaves fall from the calendar… and before you know it, another year has passed. Once again, the time has come to celebrate the anniversary of our humble site, and another year of Juicy Secrets.

Actually, we neglected to acknowledge this occasion in 2021. It wasn’t the happiest of times for us, honestly. We were still battered and heartsore from the unexpected loss of our beloved friend Cheryl Taggert, who founded Juicy Secrets with Naughty Mommy and yours truly back in 2015.

In addition, my editing work pile was bigger than ever. The endless days of pandemic isolation gave rise to a new generation of erotic authors who decided to try their hands at lesbian fiction (as opposed to using their hands to enjoy lesbian fiction), until it seemed as if we were receiving a new submission every week. And most of the stories were good – too good to pass up.

Anyhow, I let that anniversary date slide by, then when realizing after the fact that I’d never gotten around to composing a post for the occasion, told myself, “Fuck it. Not in the mood.” And another year passed.

As of now, Juicy Secrets is in a better place. The flood of stories has slowed enough for us to get more of a grip on things (though some authors have had to wait a shamefully long while for their work to go public, for which I now offer a blanket apology), and several very impressive authors made their first appearance on our home page.

Best of all, we now have something that Juicy Secrets has sorely needed – an associate editor, which we’ve gone without since the disappearance of our old friend Poppabear, who was last heard from over two years ago. It was rough going for a while after that.

Enter erotic author Jacqueline Jillinghoff, who has already contributed three exquisite stories to our site. Out of the blue, she offered to do some editing for Juicy Secrets after I bemoaned my work load in a story comment. Honestly, I wasn’t fishing for assistance, but wasn’t about to say no, either – especially not to someone who unquestionably had the writer’s chops that the task required.

Since then, Ms. Jillinghoff has worked her editor’s mojo on at least half a dozen stories. Most of these have been posted; a couple more will hopefully make their appearance soon. Please join me in extending hearty thanks to Jacqueline for her willingness to take on an incredibly useful but unglamorous job that doesn’t pay.

(By the way, Jacqueline has a très cool book of erotic verse that you can check out at Amazon. Charming, witty and very, very naughty, these pastiches of popular poetry ranging from nursery rhymes to sea shanties will liven up your next Wesson Oil party something fierce.)

As always, I want to extend a MAJOR shout-out to She Who Keeps The Machine Humming – my site partner Amanda Lynn, without whom, et cetera. Amanda does the behind-the-scenes work that keeps Juicy Secrets alive and vital, in addition to turning out excellent stories of her own. Were it not for her, this site would wither like an old turnip.

Props are also given to our site friends Sapphmore and No One, for lending a hand and the occasional shoulder when needed.

Thanks as well to our writers – for their amazing contributions, as well as their willingness to be what I like to call our “editing victims.” Some of them put up a bit of a scrap in the process, but it works out well nearly every time, with the author and the editor going back and forth (sometimes forth and back!) to make a good story great… or a great story fantastic.

Finally, a huge debt of gratitude is owed to you, our devoted readers. Your love is what makes Juicy Secrets tick.


Our Newest Team Member

  • Posted on December 13, 2021 at 4:45 pm

By JetBoy

A couple of months ago, I responded to a comment by indulging in a little good-natured griping about never having enough time to edit all the stories we get at Juicy Secrets. In my comment, I gave an open invitation for anyone with the interest, inclination, and language skills to edit stories for this site, freeing up your humble servant to do things like, oh, earn his daily bread.

Before I knew it, my prayers were answered in the form of author Jacqueline Jillinghoff, who has thus far turned out two lovely stories for us, with the hopes of more to come. Her fiction comes with a deliciously dark edge, a fine alternative to the plethora of sweet and romantic erotica we’ve got here. (One needs both to be truly well-rounded.)

Sequence of events: Jacqueline volunteered, I handed her a story, and she edited it to a fare-thee-well. Pleased and then some with the result, I added her to Team Juicy Secrets on the spot. (Throws confetti.)

That story, “Beautiful Evelyn, Beautiful Bee,” appears here today. Hope you enjoy it… and please give Ms. Jillinghoff the robust welcome she so richly deserves. Be sure to check out her stories, if you’ve yet to — they’re both excellent.


Staying in Touch – Keep or Delete

  • Posted on June 25, 2021 at 2:09 pm

Hey there JS fans.

I have some questions for all of you:

  • Do you like the “Staying in Touch” page?
  • Is it useful?
  • What should the future of our “Staying in Touch” page be?

Here’s the thing. A few issues have come to my attention and that need addressing.

  1. People asking to have their info included only to ask for its removal a short time later,
  2. People complaining that no one responds to emails sent to them,
  3. People complaining that published email addresses are not valid,
  4. People are being, for lack of a better word, harassed. (IE: Asked about their activities with their kids, if you get my meaning.)


Issue 1. This may be happening because of issue 4, which would be totally understandable if it is.  And it’s not a big deal to delete someone from the list, just annoying when you’ve taken the time to create a record and add the data only to delete it a short time later.

Issue 2. Sorry, nothing I can do about that.

Issue 3. There are far too many emails for me to vet on a regular basis to ensure validity.  As stated at the top of the “Staying in Touch” page, you! need to report any invalid email addresses to us. Do that and I will gladly delete them.

Issue 4. This really sucks! And sadly, there is nothing I can do about it.


I, personally, would like to delete it.  But, the “Staying in Touch” page is for you, our readers therefore,  I (Juicy Secrets) would like your input on what we do with it. Do we keep the page as is, do we get rid of it altogether, or are there any changes you would like to see that would make it better?

Let us know what you think in the comments below. We are looking forward to hearing your opinions.


Amanda Lynn

Juicy Secrets Site Manager



Cheryl Taggert 1982-2021

  • Posted on March 31, 2021 at 2:57 pm

Today, it falls on us to pass a tragic piece of news along to the friends of Juicy Secrets: Cheryl Taggert, one of the founders of this site and author of some of our most beloved stories, passed away on March 18th, 2021, at the age of thirty-eight. 

To celebrate Cheryl’s life and work, we present these humble words from her fellow site founders, Naughty Mommy and JetBoy. Consider this a memorial service for someone we never met in person, but came to love very much.




by Naughty Mommy

Life can be, and often is, so cruel.

Take the case of a beautiful, talented, intelligent young woman, with a heart (and libido) overflowing with passion. Let’s call her Cheryl, though that is not her real name.

In her vocation, Cheryl is a dedicated, skilled English/Language Arts teacher, guiding her students toward eloquence, erudition, and a fulfilling life. As an avocation, she is an author of exquisite lesbian erotica, and in fact is one of the founders of a popular online site called Juicy Secrets.

To top it off, Cheryl is in a blissful romantic relationship with her long-time lover, whom we will call Lisa, and recently has branched out from writing porn (albeit very high quality porn) to become a successful published author of mainstream novels.

This girl has everything going for her, right? Living the kind of life that so many of us might envy.

Alas, there is a catch. For a number of years, Cheryl has been engaged in a deadly war with cancer, sometimes winning her battles, gaining a year or two of respite, but then having to enter that brutal fight once again.

Until, at last, she lost for good. And we lost her. The world lost her. A beautiful, talented, intelligent woman, taken away far too soon. Such a terrible tragedy.

*     *     *

I first encountered Cheryl Taggert around fifteen years ago through her stories posted at Nifty. They were perfect for turning me on, so much better written than nearly anything else I found there — or anywhere else on the Web — and her kinks were virtually a carbon copy of mine. We seemed to share an almost identical erotic imagination.

I can’t tell you how many orgasms I enjoyed from reading her sexy stories, but it was a lot. And all this was several years before I would get to know her as a person. I simply held her in awe, wishing I could write the way she did.

Eventually, in my perpetual search for masturbatory arousal, I discovered Lesbian Lolita. Wow, what a find! And there, through the comments section, I managed to have a few polite exchanges with my idol. This slowly grew into a budding friendship, especially after I found the courage to begin publishing my own naughty fiction.

When I decided, back in early 2015, that it was time to establish my own site housing the stories I’d written, I reached out — quite hesitantly — to my two favorite dirty authors, JetBoy and Cheryl, secretly hoping (though honestly doubting) that one or both of them might want to join me in that effort. The rest, of course, is history.

I don’t know what else to say except that I loved Cheryl. I loved her heart, her passion, her commitment, her ambition. I greatly admired and often learned from her writing, from her creative style, her gusto, and her willingness to take chances. She can never be replaced.



A Beautiful Soul

by JetBoy

I’d read and loved more than a few of Cheryl Taggart’s stories before Naughty Mommy, in her infinite wisdom, approached her (along with yours truly) with a crazy but enticing proposal back in 2015: would we be interested in starting up a new website, designed to house our respective bodies of kinky lesbian fiction? Needless to say, Cheryl and I jumped at the chance, and Juicy Secrets was born.

The three of us bonded instantly, and within a week were new best friends, racking up what felt like hundreds of emails a week, growing more and more excited as our dream grew and flourished. Those were heady days, building our online home up from nothing but a big pile of words. We finally opened Juicy Secrets after a month or so of preparation, eventually resulting in the colossal repository of Sapphic delights that you see today. What a fantastic time we had during those first few years, and what a marvelous rapport we achieved!

Cheryl Taggart was a superlative author of lesbian erotica. More than that, she was a wonderful, warmhearted person, a peerless site partner… and a true friend. I used to joke that in the hierarchy of Juicy Secrets, Naughty Mommy was the brain, I made up the arms and legs, but Cheryl… she was our beating heart, embodying that rare quality I call largeness of spirit. Even in the midst of her battle with cancer, she never fully lost her warmth and good cheer. And more than most, Cheryl understood the power of love, how it shapes and moves our lives. You can see that love right here at this site, woven into every one of her stories.

Cheryl leaves behind a wife, Lisa, whom she adored with a passion that shone like burnished gold. Naughty Mommy and I were privileged to share the flowering of their love in her many emails, celebrating through our endless correspondence with the happy couple when they tied the knot. Later, Cheryl would incorporate the story of their relationship into the third part of her magnum opus, “I Was the Daughter of a Porn Star.” We hope that you will join us in extending your profoundest sympathy to Lisa in her time of loss.

I missed Cheryl terribly when she left Juicy Secrets on a quest to become a legitimate author, but was thrilled to see her achieve that big, crazy dream, completing and publishing two novels before the end. A fine accomplishment, but I take even greater pride in the body of work she created for this site. For obvious reasons, these stories will never make a big splash in the outer world, but they have given a huge amount of pleasure and stimulation to her readers. And for those who struggle with desires that many see as twisted or perverse, her writing has a message: You are not alone.

Cheryl, yours was a beautiful soul. Thank you for the priceless gift of your incredible self. We will always love you.

*     *     *

One last note: Cheryl composed a final story for Juicy Secrets, not long before she became sick for the last time.  Except for the correction of a few minor typos, the story appears exactly as she wrote it. It is entitled Monica’s Discovery.