Happy Birthday to Us!

  • Posted on May 22, 2022 at 2:10 pm


By JetBoy

The seasons change, the hands of the clock race past, the leaves fall from the calendar… and before you know it, another year has passed. Once again, the time has come to celebrate the anniversary of our humble site, and another year of Juicy Secrets.

Actually, we neglected to acknowledge this occasion in 2021. It wasn’t the happiest of times for us, honestly. We were still battered and heartsore from the unexpected loss of our beloved friend Cheryl Taggert, who founded Juicy Secrets with Naughty Mommy and yours truly back in 2015.

In addition, my editing work pile was bigger than ever. The endless days of pandemic isolation gave rise to a new generation of erotic authors who decided to try their hands at lesbian fiction (as opposed to using their hands to enjoy lesbian fiction), until it seemed as if we were receiving a new submission every week. And most of the stories were good – too good to pass up.

Anyhow, I let that anniversary date slide by, then when realizing after the fact that I’d never gotten around to composing a post for the occasion, told myself, “Fuck it. Not in the mood.” And another year passed.

As of now, Juicy Secrets is in a better place. The flood of stories has slowed enough for us to get more of a grip on things (though some authors have had to wait a shamefully long while for their work to go public, for which I now offer a blanket apology), and several very impressive authors made their first appearance on our home page.

Best of all, we now have something that Juicy Secrets has sorely needed – an associate editor, which we’ve gone without since the disappearance of our old friend Poppabear, who was last heard from over two years ago. It was rough going for a while after that.

Enter erotic author Jacqueline Jillinghoff, who has already contributed three exquisite stories to our site. Out of the blue, she offered to do some editing for Juicy Secrets after I bemoaned my work load in a story comment. Honestly, I wasn’t fishing for assistance, but wasn’t about to say no, either – especially not to someone who unquestionably had the writer’s chops that the task required.

Since then, Ms. Jillinghoff has worked her editor’s mojo on at least half a dozen stories. Most of these have been posted; a couple more will hopefully make their appearance soon. Please join me in extending hearty thanks to Jacqueline for her willingness to take on an incredibly useful but unglamorous job that doesn’t pay.

(By the way, Jacqueline has a très cool book of erotic verse that you can check out at Amazon. Charming, witty and very, very naughty, these pastiches of popular poetry ranging from nursery rhymes to sea shanties will liven up your next Wesson Oil party something fierce.)

As always, I want to extend a MAJOR shout-out to She Who Keeps The Machine Humming – my site partner Amanda Lynn, without whom, et cetera. Amanda does the behind-the-scenes work that keeps Juicy Secrets alive and vital, in addition to turning out excellent stories of her own. Were it not for her, this site would wither like an old turnip.

Props are also given to our site friends Sapphmore and No One, for lending a hand and the occasional shoulder when needed.

Thanks as well to our writers – for their amazing contributions, as well as their willingness to be what I like to call our “editing victims.” Some of them put up a bit of a scrap in the process, but it works out well nearly every time, with the author and the editor going back and forth (sometimes forth and back!) to make a good story great… or a great story fantastic.

Finally, a huge debt of gratitude is owed to you, our devoted readers. Your love is what makes Juicy Secrets tick.


23 Comments on Happy Birthday to Us!

  1. chef73 says:

    Many more years to come I hope. All keep writing.

  2. Kim & Sue says:

    Happy Birthday, JS! And we hope many many more. Hugs to all of you.

  3. David says:

    I was wondering why nothing was mentioned, I thought I had the wrong date as I left a message in Staying In Touch on May 4th wishing you a Happy Birthday. Did I have the wrong date? Anyway as I said, I have been a fan since 2015.

  4. BlueJean says:

    Seven years, huh? It seems like so much longer. Wasn’t I young when I first discovered this treasure hoard of a site? Nope, I was still old seven years ago, I think.

    I may have already said this somewhere else to someone else (I do tend to lose track of my ramblings), but Juicy Secrets seems to be enjoying quite the Renaissance at the moment. New editor, new authors, lots of diversity within the fiction, and the comment section seems to be livelier than ever.

    JS has weathered several storms since it first opened its sticky pink doors. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Thanks to all the staff, past and present, and all the writers who’ve contributed over the years. And from an ex-lurker, I’d like to encourage readers who’ve never commented, to do so every once in awhile, or even just a quick vote on what you’re reading – it’d be great to know you’re out there.

    Now if someone could just persuade Naughty Mommy to come out of retirement…

    • Erocritique says:

      You pretty much summed up my JS experience. The only thing I would add is…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUICY SECRETS!!!!!!!!

  5. Chris Redvelski says:

    Jet Boy, first-off let me say I love your work. Second, thank you to all the behind-the-scenes people, past, present, and future for what they do, keeping this site open, and running. Every one of you deserve all the praise you receive. All of you keep doing what you do, because we love what you post on this site.

  6. Jack says:

    Happy Birthday to JS!! SO grateful for this site…the stories and the entire community here! May we all get to share many more!

  7. Felicia says:

    Happy birthday been here since the beginning love the stories

  8. hawkbird2 says:

    Happy Birthday, here from the beginning also, and look each day for another wonderful well written tale. Thanks for everyone who has worked so hard to make this such a great read!

  9. Admatt says:

    I think I,too, have been around, as a reader, from the beginning, years ago. I am thankful for all the good work that the editors and writers have posted during that time. Congratulations and commendations for all you do and have done. Please continue. Finally, Happy Birthday.

  10. Me says:

    Happy birthday from a long time lover of the writing …many more years i hope
    Love to chat with women who are open to conversation

  11. NC Bright says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JS. May we see many many years come and go. Thanks to everyone that works behind the scenes doing the necessary stuff that keeps JS moving along.

  12. Craw2519 says:

    Happy Birthday JS, have enjoy reading the great stories and other things for many years now. This is the best site for our favorite erotica, hands down. Have not found anywhere better. Keep up the excellent work. Miss Cheryl and Naughty Mommy, they were terrific.
    A little off subject here, but does anybody know what has happened to another great writer – Ebo? He has been missing in action since July last year, with no activity on his site since his last post 5 Jul 2021.
    Hoping for a very long run for JS. Love this place.

  13. Iceman says:

    Happy B-day JS and I wish you many more. I also would like to thank all of you who work so hard to keep this sight alive and well and very,very exciting. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks again.

  14. kinkys_sis says:

    Happy Birthday to the site and those that began it. Plus those that have joined the team.

    M & B

  15. Anna says:

    Happy Birthday 🎂 JS. Long may you continue and thank you to all the authors past and present for giving me and others enjoyment with their stories.

  16. Tim and Litka says:

    Yes Jetboy. A big thank you to you, Amanda, Jacqueline and all the writers who have given us so much pleasure (and a few aching wrists!) over the years.
    It’s always a joy coming to this great site, and of course cumming to it too.
    So happy birthday, and many many more in the future.

  17. Sapphmore says:

    I’ve just checked my emails and realised it’s been four years since I submitted Ripples chapter 1 to Juicy Secrets. Finding JS was a revelation for me. I only found written erotica in early 2012, gradually building up a collection of story sites as I moved away from visual stimulation (though not completely of course – well I am male!), and frequenting a handful of the more select sites until I chanced upon Juicy Secrets, and therein discovered true erotica.
    Now all these years later, JS is the first site I open in the evenings after checking emails and news sites under my alter ego. It’s become an important part of my life, somewhere I can indulge in a fantasy world with no harm to anyone else and no desire to cross over into real life.
    It has given me purpose and expanded my imagination, and although I’m not as prolific as perhaps I could be, I have great plans to change that.
    So I say happy birthday to the past, present and future souls who make JS possible, which of course includes the site owners, editors, techy wizards and contributors, but also those who support JS and make it worthwhile – the readers!
    But I must give special thanks to Jetboy for his faith, guidance, partnership and downright dirty mind (you should see some of our discussions on ideas for Ripples).

    Long may you reign.


  18. Joe says:

    Happy Birthday JS!!

    May we enjoy this wonderful site for many decades to come!

  19. JetBoy says:

    Many, many thanks to you all for the praise and kind words. I’ll say it again: your love is the fuel that feeds this site… and our engine is capable of burning as much as you’ve got to give, so keep it coming!

    Looking forward to writing the post for Year Eight — and seeing you good folks here to celebrate the glad occasion.

    Love, Danny

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Happy Birthday JS! Years ago when I “accidentally” discovered a story on my hubby’s open laptop, my eyes were very narrow to this World. To say after that day they were opened is an understatement! You brought to us a whole new dimension, one that we were searching for but could never quite find. The places it has led us, the people we’ve met, the things we’ve since have been nothing short of amazing! Here’s to many more years of reading, enjoying, and most certainly cumming with this site!

  21. Keiko says:

    JS, and Danny, are both very special and hugely important to me. Not many know this perhaps, but I was an adventurous underage questioning-being-lesbian girl when I discovered ~Leslita. That’s where I fell (HARD) for the stories of Louisa May, who is now also included here on JS. Because of her I tried to write. I wasn’t very good, and struggled to get the pictures in my head into stories. But I kept at it, and ended up writing some stories together with Louisa, then someone else, and then Danny.

    I eventually graduated from high school and started the journey to an actual career. ~Leslita kinda died and Danny and a few others created JS. I believe it was Danny who brought me here.

    I wish I could write more often. I know that when I do, Danny is here to make it so much better. But my hectic job does not always allow for the time I need to craft a story.

    But more so than me writing, JS is so full of discoveries for me. New writers, new stories, new characters. All feeding my deepest desires and dreams and fantasies. There have been so many, past and present. I can not tell you how hugely important it has been for me to learn about lesbian love, and specifically accept my sensual preferences in that.

    Danny is a true master writer, editor and I think I can call him friend. I will be here forever if JS makes it that long.

    • JetBoy says:

      Aw, thanks, Keiko. You can call me your friend any old time. I’ll wear it like a badge of honor.

      For me, that’s one of the very best things about Juicy Secrets (besides the sexy stories, of course): the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know, the friends I’ve made. It’s been a hell of a job, keeping the site going, but the rewards are precious indeed.

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