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  • Posted on September 24, 2022 at 4:10 pm

By JetBoy

(This is a re-run of a blog post I did several years ago… but as it’s still very much relevant today, here it is again. It’s not at all erotic, but very heartfelt, and it only runs for a few paragraphs, so please indulge us and read the thing.)

I’d like to bring up a subject that is very near and dear to us folks who run Juicy Secrets: your comments and feedback, and how crucially important it is to us — and this site.

First, a few words about what goes into making Juicy Secrets what it is.

Without even asking, I can speak for all of us in saying that the running of this site is a genuine labor of love. Read our first-year anniversary blog post to get an inkling of the satisfaction and outright joy we’ve derived from planning Juicy Secrets, bringing it to life and watching it grow.

But when you click onto our link and navigate around the site, exploring its nooks and crannies, what you’re seeing is the result of work. A lot of work. Adding new posts and stories (which often includes considerable reformatting from the original source), hunting for thrilling images to accompany them, making necessary changes to the site pages to present and catalogue these posts, editing and proofreading work for our guest authors, composing critiques, both positive and critical, for submitted stories (even the ones that don’t make the cut), dealing with technical requirements and issues, etc.

Not to mention writing our own stories, which requires a heaping helping of time in itself.

Needless to say, we don’t make a cent doing this. Actually, it’s not even possible to make a living by offering the kind of fiction that we do. I’d estimate that ninety-eight percent of our content consists of stories that no publisher (actual or virtual) would touch with a ten-foot pole — and the lion’s share of them wouldn’t be accepted by any of the big erotica sites, either.

Which brings us to the million-dollar question: why do we do this? Well, there’s the pride we feel at having created Juicy Secrets, and the security of having a safe space for our work. But there’s also the enormous pleasure of having that work noticed and acknowledged, particularly in the words of praise and the thoughtful comments that some of you are kind enough to leave after you read.

It’s hard to describe just how good it feels, that giddy surge of delight that we experience when a reader compliments our writing. It’s a friendly pat on the back, an assuring smile, a hug of encouragement that tells us our work has value — and all the time, effort and yes, occasional frustration that went into it was worthwhile. The warm regard of an audience is a better high than any drug, no question.

On the other hand, it’s a major downer to pay a visit to a recently posted story, one that you put your heart and soul into, and find no more than a single comment, or nothing at all. I’ve known authors of erotic stories — good erotic stories — who’ve simply abandoned their craft in defeat, convinced that barely anyone gives a damn about their work.

Don’t misunderstand, dear readers — your Boy Author is not throwing a woe-unto-us pity party here. My cohorts and I derive a great deal of satisfaction from doing what we do. But your comments add so much to that satisfaction that I’m willing to put aside my pride — indeed, even my dignity! — to plead with you good people: spare a thought for us when you especially enjoy reading a Juicy Secrets story, and leave a comment.

It’s not just the praise that sustains us, mind you… we also appreciate criticism, when you feel it’s warranted, and it’s always helpful when you let us know about mistakes you catch in our work. We’re always striving to do our work a little better, and your careful scrutiny makes that possible.

It should be added here that, much as we crave your praise, it’s even more important that you leave comments for our guest authors. Doing so will increase the likelihood that they’ll continue to write — a winning situation for both Juicy Secrets and its readers!

One final point: we are not — emphatically not — asking anyone to offer praise for our work if we haven’t earned it. As the great comedian Flip Wilson once said, “If you didn’t intend to applaud, don’t applaud. Keep your damn hands to yourself!” On the other hand, if the story moved your soul, got you feeling warm and tingly all over, or spurred you into a “happy ending” of your own… why not take sixty seconds out of your life to tell us so? Thirty seconds, even. Hell, you can type “Great story!” in less than ten. And it honestly does mean the world to us.

Thanks for indulging my shameless pandering, and for being a part of this site’s extended family. (You must be, if you’ve read this far.) May the road always rise with you.

Love always, JetBoy



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  1. Kim & Sue says:

    Right on! We really do thank you all. Writers, editors,site keepers.

  2. Steve says:

    I for one do leave comments when I find a story very good but I have to say I’m guilty of not leaving a comment when I should I just take it for granted and forget to leave one so I for one will make the effort to do so more often.
    Also may I say y’all are doing a hell of a job keeping it up and fresh

  3. Jake says:

    The same could be said for the people who take the time to comment, seldom is there any feedback on the comments we make. Comments are an opportunity to have a dialogue, but not so much. So in my opinion Hit the star rating and move on.
    I believe the “star rating was created in substitution of a comment a few years ago.

  4. BlueJean says:

    You know, I was reading stories on Juicy Secrets and other sites for a long time without it ever occurring to me that I should be leaving a comment or even voting. I mean, I don’t think I was even *aware* that there was a comment feed at the bottom of each story. Once I began posting my own stories however, it immediately dawned on me how crucial it is for any writer to be getting some kind of feedback for their work, especially new writers. The first ever story I posted was pretty awful – I might have given up there and then if not for the handful of positive comments I received. I didn’t deserve them, but they were enough to encourage me that I might get better if I kept trying.

    As far as negative feedback goes, I don’t think many writers are opposed to criticism, providing it’s constructive. “Fuck, your story’s so boring!” remains a pointless insult unless you can explain *why* you think it’s boring. Where do you feel I went wrong in that particular chapter? What can I do to improve it? What aspect of my writing do I need to work on? I might disagree with you, but I’ll certainly take it on board.

    I’ve seen fiction sites with no means of giving feedback whatsoever – no voting system, no comment feeds – and it begs the question, why bother writing and posting stories at all when there’s no indication that those stories are even being read? Writers write for themselves for the most part, but they share those writings in the hope that they might have some value to others.

    The problem may lie in the fact that the stories here are effectively masturbation aids. Assuming the story has done its job, readers may be more inclined to turn the light off and go to sleep or take a quick shower and then carry on with their day, rather than post a quick, “Thanks!”. After all, when was the last time you thanked your dildo for making you cum? Uh, you don’t need to answer that…

    My point is, there’s someone behind that story that just made you cum (or didn’t). Several people, actually. Someone wrote it, then someone else edited it. Finally, someone posted it. All because they enjoy what they do. And for free. Not much in this world is free.

    I’ll endeavour to comment on stories more often, then. God help you all…

  5. Kelly says:

    While I’ve been away for some time, I’ve returned to the bosom of JS. In the past I have posted a few comments appreciating stories. Perhaps some of the lack of response is because of the lack of response and not knowing where to post what comments. I see just in one day I’m the 5th response to this thread, but yet 4 weeks ago I posted a query about NM in the readers forum and so far no one since has made any post whether to my query or otherwise. I appreciate and thank Jetboy and the other editors but even this thread to me should have been in readers forum. And since my post I am greatly relieved that I see NM posted a few reply’s on her link here. Guess I’m just saying that comments seem to be in in many categories while most could fall into one bin, the readers forum.

  6. Keiko says:

    Heavy user reader and occasional commenter. Some time writer. So I can see it from all sides. I always try and leave a compliment if I enjoyed a particular story.

    I have noticed more and more commenters being critical. And maybe this is just me, but unless you find an error or inconsistency, I can’t do much with comments like “I wish you had described more about ‘character X’ and given her a bigger role”. Or “I hope there will be more”. Or “maybe the girl can do it with XXX next”. I mean, I get you’re excited about the images and ideas forming in your head. That’s what I love too, as a reader and a writer. But a writer writes from THEIR images, ideas and desires, not yours. Yes, we write for our audience. But we don’t write our audience’s thoughts and ideas. We share ours. You are welcomed into our mind, and we take you along on our journey of seduction and desire. Not yours. If we click: great! Enjoy! If it doesn’t do it for you, or if in your mind it needs more or different, then feel free to dream it. Or even write it. But I can’t do much with your ideas of how, in your mind, my characters and my story line should evolve.

    I realize this is only sideways related to the topic. But I needed to get it off my nearly non-existent chest. Regarding this website and the amazing contributors and the truly amazing JetBoy: this place is my refuge. My slice of heaven. My solace. My mini break. Don’t ever underestimate it’s importance in my life.

    And to all others: please share your praise. Just don’t ever take it for granted that we can come here and find high quality super curated and edited lesbian girl content. I know I never will. End rant (sorry Danny).

    • Allison Collier says:

      Here are the questions I think writers need readers to answer for really constructive criticism that can help us become better writers for them:

      Was the motivation behind every in-story decision clear AND believable?

      Were there any glaring plot holes? This one seems to be something JS readers are very good at.

      Was the action clear enough to follow? Especially important in such a frequently detail-oriented action-filled genre of fiction like erotica. In other kinds of fiction you don’t have to account for where this elbow fits and where this tongue went in this position lol. It’s got a crapload of moving parts!

      Did the characters seem separate enough from each other? When it’s just words, this can be tough to pull off. We’re trying!

      Were the characters believable? Did they exhibit real human characteristics and behavior? More importantly (maybe for just me) did the characters’ actions, decisions, etc match their described age? (One of my personal sticking points with our niche genre is when authors seem to have no desire to portray children as actual kids / preteens / teens. These underage characters often sound so much like adults that the fantasy just pops, like a flimsy bubble. It might be hard — if you don’t have kids or haven’t interacted with kids in a long time, you might not be able to properly do this, which I fully understand.)

      What was your favorite part, and why?

      What parts did you feel were left particularly unexplored? Different from ‘you should have them do X with their index finger,’ though see below for my opinion on this kind of thing.

      Was there anything that just plain didn’t make sense to you? Was there anything included in the story that just plain didn’t seem like it did anything for the story?

      There are probably other big ones, but hopefully the gist has been gotten. These kinds of things help writers reflect and refine their writing, making better naughty stories for you.

      In this kind of writing, I personally understand when commenters and critics tell you where they wish the story went, or suggest directions for you and the characters to take. In erotica, the writer’s fantasy becomes the reader’s fantasy; it feels different from other kinds of fiction. I get it — readers are fingering or jerking or however else going to town on themselves, they got wrapped up in this fantasy that has become their fantasy, and they are let down that it didn’t go exactly where they wanted it to go. I believe commenters are entitled to excitedly sort of suggest choose-your-own-adventure-style steps, it’s probably pretty hot for them to do that. What I very much hope is that they are doing this because they are coming to underage taboo written fiction because they do not want to actually see or read about real kids being hurt and destroyed — they want the fantasy only, and we’re giving it to them.

      The kinds of comments that just kill all writers are pretty obvious ones: Your story sucks. This wasn’t hot. You can’t write. I hate what I think your face looks like. Your name is dumb. Etc etc etc.

      End rant

      • BlueJean says:

        You make some very good points, particularly about readers imprinting their own fantasies onto your stories. Generally the comments on Juicy Secrets are fairly grounded, but I’ve had comments elsewhere where a reader will gleefully inform me that they’d very much like to, ahem, do certain things with my characters. Sometimes they’ll word it in the present tense, as if it’s happening right there and then. Quite often another reader will reply, explaining they’d very much like to join that person. There’s a good chance the first reader will reply back, telling the second reader they’re more than welcome. Along with a third reader who’d like to watch…

        Okay, then… So I, er, guess you enjoyed the story…?

        So yeah, comments from people are great – you just don’t get to choose what kind of comments you get. Good, bad, weird, whatever.

      • Keiko says:

        Thanks Alison for adding more color and context to my rant through yours. Very much agree with all you say. Xx

      • Keiko says:

        And if I could type, or not let my stupid iPad auto-correct things, I would have even typed your name correctly, Allison… 😳

  7. Kelly says:

    I so agree with Kieko, especially her last few thoughts! As with so much of social media, for whatever reasons it seems easier for people to be negative. I think the superb writing of NM and a few more have spoiled us. I think some of us may have gotten spoiled by the superb writing of NM and a few others here. As you make a criticism of a writer try to keep in mind they are voluntarily giving you their expressions and most of us are amateurs

  8. Lakeisha says:

    Every story that I have read on JS has been excellent. Thank you to all of the authors who write such wonderful erotica that keeps our juices flowing:)

    There’s a story, Learning Phase, by Nuit du Loup that has left me and possibly other readers hanging in mid-air so to speak. I found this story quite enjoyable and would love to be able to to read the rest of the story to it’s conclusion.

    Is there any chance that the remaining chapters can or will be posted in the near future so those of us who have read the chapters that have been posted can read the rest of the story to it’s conclusion?

    Thank you one and all of Juicy Secrets staff and authors.

    • JetBoy says:

      Lakeisha, I plead GUILTY to having forgotten all about “Learning Phase” in my endless work on current stories. For this, I throw myself on the mercy of the court, apologize profusely to Nuit du Loup and vow to post another chapter fairly soon. Thanks for reminding me about this one, my friend.

  9. kinkychic says:

    As with some others, I am both a reader and a writer.

    My reading tastes are quite narrow. For example, I do not like stories where I consider the participants too young.

    There are writers here that I think of as quite skilled. But, I stop reading when infants or very young children are involved. They might go on to write a lot of chapters, some of which may be acceptable to me … but I never find out. I also refrain from commenting in these cases.

    There is one writer that has commented several times on our stories. I have not returned the favour due to the content of his story. His email is not in the contact section so I am unable to explain – which I would like to do.

    Feedback is absolutely essential. Especially from fellow writers. I truly consider what is said and hopefully, I improve.

  10. Sara says:

    I’m guilty, as one of the many who don’t usually comment. I really should, because the fantastic stories by the very gifted writers always deserves high praise and a grateful thank you. We are all so lucky to have writers like you and the others sharing your great stories with us. So…Thank you all soooooo much. XOXO

  11. Tracy says:

    I, for one, also appreciate the work that goes into keeping the site going and the stories that come to here. I don’t comment enough or express the gratitude that I ought.
    Thank you everyone who does put the work into this site. You have my gratitude.

  12. Esisikazi says:

    I am grateful for your work, and that of the writers.

    Unfortunately, I am not much of a commenter. I also mostly forget to like youtube videos even after watching them for 20 minutes

    To all writers, keep it up. Your work IS being seen.

    As for the site, maybe it’s possible to add a view counter to story pages? I know they’re tacky from the olden days of the internet, but it might be motivational?

  13. Tim says:

    As a fairly regular commenter, and a story writer, but not on here, just to a very special friend, I have to say that comments are vital, which is why I do try to leave feedback when a story has had a real effect on me.
    I also try to vote, and am often amazed to see low scores after what most readers have voted to be excellent or at least very good.
    I am with Kinkychic too, in that there may be stories where the ages are too young so I won’t even read beyond that first mention of age, so certainly won’t comment.
    I also agree with Jake and Kelly in that a response to our comments can also be important, although writers can’t possibly reply to each and every one!
    So good point Jetboy. I will continue adding my thoughts if a story has given me pleasure (as most of them do!!), but I would also say a heartfelt thanks to you, to every writer, and to all contributors to this great site.
    We really do appreciate all you do for us!!!

  14. Mona says:

    I too am greatful for the authors, all the authors for their work and i always rate what i read. I have this guilt and fear that somehow prevents me from commenting. Truth. I will try and let the authors know how much i appreciate their work.
    Thank you JB.

  15. Allison Collier says:

    I’m guilty of all of this. I read a lot of stories and don’t deign to offer my opinions, but I should. We all should. With the story I’m about to publish here, I think it might be illuminating for everyone if I talked a little bit in the comments there, in the next few days, about just how long and just how much you and I worked on polishing it for the site. I think people need to truly comprehend how much work and discussion goes into these stories. And really for how many readers? Maybe a hundred? I have no idea, actually. It’s such a true labor of love, which I myself didn’t understand or cherish until I went through the editing process.

  16. becky says:

    i love reading your stories , just the long chapthers get so predictable ( except naughty mommys )i love short storeies with seduction theme , first time theme eould love to see more of these , but other wise you and your staff do a great job with this site and look foreward to reading more stories

    becky m

  17. Sapphmore says:

    I’m with you Alison; my revisions, and often whole scene re-writes, go well into double figures until I’m happy, and by the time Jetboy has done the same, I dread to think how many edits have been done. I start with a good idea of what each chapter will include then jot a storyboard with everything mapped out, but it always ends up quite different as you think of little touches or even new scenes that flash into your head as you go.
    As Jetboy said, it’s all done with no thought of reward other than knowing people read it and like it. The idea of a read-counter sounded like a nice idea, but it doesn’t really tell you if people started reading then abandoned it because they didn’t like it, so I’m not sure it would add much value other than at least giving a rough idea how may people look regularly at JS as a whole.
    It is indeed a labour of love and as long as I know at least a few people enjoy what I submit, then I’ll persevere.

  18. Rosie says:

    I also rarely comment on stories but I know it may be beneficial if I start doing this.

    I feel bad reading this sort of content at all as my partner should be enough for me and she knows nothing about my desires.

    Anyone else feel like this as a younger woman? Feel it’s all guys or older mothers and I find it hard to relate.

    • Allison Collier says:

      I’m now 29. I really don’t know much about the audience demographics, but I do know for a fact that there are a few younger women readers. I used to have a lot of guilt and Shane about writing this kind of erotica when I first started, but I’ve come to grips with it. I know I’m not a monster, and I I also know that probably no one else in my actual life would be able to understand that.

      • Keiko says:

        I am a younger woman (26… does that count?). I’ve been reading and writing since my early teens. I know what you mean although I don’t have a partner. I see reading and it’s arousal as a little indulgence just for me. Like a decadent chocolate. You know you shouldn’t but it’s so damn good 😑

      • kim says:

        why care what others think or have guilt and shame? I am sure most of them have things they would rather others did not know about too so just be you and fantasy is a great release

  19. Rich says:

    I would miss this site so much if you and the rest of your fantastic staff stopped doing the GREAT job you are doing. I have never left a comment before. I do not know why I did not. I think your stories are FANTASTIC. I will start leaving comments from now on. THANK YOU AND ALL THE AUTHORS FOR THE FANTASTIC JOB YOU ALL ARE DOING!!!!!

  20. Powertenor246 says:

    Is there anyone out there that knows what happened to Lesbian Lolita? Everytime I try to load it in to my Firefox, it times out. Have they lost their domain name or something? Can anyone shed light on what is going on? TYVM in advance.

    • Amanda Lynn says:

      There is a link near the bottom right of our homepage that works.

      • Anna says:

        The link works fine, just a shame they don’t upload stories more regularly. The last updated story was over a month ago.

        • Allison Collier says:

          I started posting there over a year ago but had to stop. Sometimes the site prevents you from submitting, sometimes you submit and don’t see it posted for weeks and sometimes they publish your work with numerous typos / mistakes they made on their end and your only option is to resubmit, which as I’ve said is a crapshoot. It’s really a shame. It just goes to show you that these sites take a lot of work, and I’m grateful this one’s still chugging along.

          • BlueJean says:

            My first scribblings were there and I’m still submitting updates to all my stuff. I’ve always liked the “anything goes” approach over there, it’s a good way to roadtest material, but the submission issues have hindered me too. I wonder if that’s the reason the updates seem to be becoming less and less frequent.

    • kim says:

      the site just updated again but the future looks cloudy, such a shame

  21. Emiliano says:

    I highly agree, expressing an opinion and at lest some compliment is a necessity in these sites

  22. Megan Day says:

    I don’t know of anyone that remembers Flip Wilson these days! Happy to see that 🙂

    • Jonathan D says:

      “In the booth, in the back, in the corner, in the dark”
      The first time I ever heard Melissa Etheridge sing “meet me in the back” I thought of that line from Geraldine!

  23. Anna says:

    As an avid reader of the stories on JS, I for one have to admit that I do not comment on every story of which I apologise for. I will try in future to leave a comment but in the case of a story with multiple chapters, do you leave a comment after each one or when the story ends?.

  24. Jennifer says:

    I have also been guilty of not leaving a response – sometimes as R/Life intrudes and I apologise. I will certainly try to do much better, thank you for the gentle reminder Jetboy.

  25. hludens says:

    I rarely comment on any site.

    But you should get a hint of readership from yr tech people.

    I for one am ipmressed that you’ve kept this site together, running smoothly thru ups and downs.

  26. Sticky says:

    As a “reader only” I rarely comment. Since I’m a male and this is a lesbian site I honestly thought that I shouldn’t comment. Possibly deemed a creep or worse. I should now that I know how much it means to the authors. The pandemic has given me time to read just about every story on this site as well as others. There are some authors who take you places you never expected to go and some…not so much. But I appreciate the effort they all give.
    Please continue this great work you are all doing. It is greatly appreciated.

  27. David says:

    I try to comment on every story, but I have been guilty of forgetting to comment myself. I appreciate all the authors time and talent. I haven’t read a bad story here since I started many years ago. Thanks to you and all the writers for your hard work.

  28. Felicia says:

    I am a reader and i do not comment very often but what I have to say is thank you to all who contribute to this lovely wonderful site and keep writing these lovely stories

  29. kinkychic says:

    I’ve been thinking about how and when I comment.

    I try to comment on most new stories. Although there are one or two writers that I don’t much like, in those instances, I refrain from commenting.

    For some of the older stories with a number of chapters, I prefer to read the whole story before I comment.

    That has one major drawback. I did, for example, start reading one writer’s multi-chapter story. It was all going fine until chapter seven (I think). Then suddenly a seven-year-old is drawn into the sex action. I instantly stopped reading. The end result is, he has not received any comment from me. He has often commented on our writing and could well be feeling peeved that I have not returned the favour.

    Perhaps I should go back and comment on the first six, then explain why I stopped reading (although he probably already knows my views on age). Now we have another twenty-something chapters that remain unread. All because (to me) of an unrealistic age for a girl to be enjoying sex.

    I will not read any story where the participants have not reached puberty. Which is one reason why I prefer story codes.

    • BlueJean says:

      I’m not sure why any author would be pissed off that you didn’t leave them a comment in return for them leaving one on your story. The thought of receiving a “return favour comment” kind of horrifies me, actually. 😅

      None of my stories are 20+ chapters long, so I’m assuming I’m not the writer you’re talking about, but two of the characters in The Beekeeper’s Daughters are seven and ten, so…

      I wouldn’t be offended if you started reading and then decided it wasn’t your cup of tea after all. I’m getting bored with the whole concept myself, truth be told.

    • Girlluver says:

      Wait a minute. Did I read correctly? That seven year olds realistically can’t enjoy sex! Email me and I think I may dissuade you. Girlluver

  30. Gretchen says:

    I appreciate what all of you do!

  31. Joe Dornish says:

    If authors were a car, then comments would be the fuel that drives them forward. The voting system helps a great deal to, but there’s nothing like a comment to spur you on. Well thought out (and well intended) criticism is equally as important as loving praise.

    With my own story, some aspects, mainly the large amount of characters, did put people off as the story developed. Looking back, I agreed with that opinion and have taken it onboard when writing other things. Were it not for the kind and thoughtful feedback back that readers took the time to write I’d still be in the dark.

    Thank you to all those who comment and as JetBoy has said, if you’re not sure what to say then a quick ‘great chapter’ is more then enough!

  32. Tam says:

    I too am guilty of reading and not commenting. I should leave a note, even if it is just a quick “I loved it!” I promise to get better…although a swift swat on my tushie will help me remember…any takers? (Keiko, put your hand down 😛 ) Allison brings up a good point about not knowing how many reads/views there have been on a story. Any way to add a counter to the bottom of each story with just “total views”?

  33. Mage says:

    You make a good point about authors becoming disillusioned from lack of feedback. For instance, there was a series I had gotten into in Nifty that after 20+ chapters just suddenly stopped without resolution. Granted this was near the beginning of the of the pandemic, so the author may have passed away. But there is always the possibility that wasn’t so, and he or she simply stopped.

    Authors on that site are always asking for feedback, but there isn’t any dedicated area that allows open forum commenting. So it’s unknown if any of them get any feedback at all. Whenever I email my own praise, I often wonder if I am one of the very few, or if anyone else has responded.

    • No One says:

      Yes, you are one of the few who will do that. For reference, my stories on Nifty will get *maybe* a maximum of five comments by email when posted. Then once in a blue moon, I’ll get a message about an older story on there. So, feedback is quite minimal. Thank you for doing your part to encourage the authors you like, I’m sure it’s appreciated.

      • Lacy says:

        I’ve read some on nifty, I believe I’ve emailed you once. I know I need to get better at commenting here, so many stories are worth the praise.

  34. LuluLime says:

    I am grateful for this site. I’ve praised authors when I like their stories. But ‘horses for courses’, and I know my tastes aren’t everyone’s. I hesitate to ‘critique’, as I don’t feel it’s my place. B

  35. Phil says:

    I enjoy this site and it’s stories very much. I usually vote after reading a story, and sometimes leave a comment.

  36. Lezfic Reader says:

    “Needless to say, we don’t make a cent doing this. Actually, it’s not even possible to make a living by offering the kind of fiction that we do.”

    There’s a solution to this: Bitcoin + VPN + non-KYC (know your customer) bitcoin exchanges = receive donations for site upkeep.

    Non-KYC trading platforms allows one to sell/buy crypto without so much even providing an email address. The most well known exchanges/platforms out there are: Bisq, Robosats, hodlhodl, LocalCryptos.

    I’ve personally used Robosats. Robosats is only compatible with a select few Lightning Network wallets. I used Wallet of Satoshi, and didn’t have any issues. There are tutorial videos on Youtube on how to use Robosats.

    Here’s one of them:

    Writers, too, could receive tips in bitcoin if they so wish.

    Now, what can you do with your accumulated bitcoin aside from saving it? There are sites and apps like Bitrefill and The Bitcoin Company that allow you to purchase gift cards from numerous companies. There’s also an app called Oshi that may reveal local businesses that accept bitcoin payments.

    Btw, the VPN provider, Mullvad, accepts bitcoin payments.

    • JetBoy says:

      I’ve no desire whatsoever to hit our readers up for donations. This is a labor of love, not a second job. And even if I were into shilling for handouts, may heaven spare me and this site from the scourge of cryptocurrency (or as I like to call it, douchemarks).

      • Michael v. says:


        You are so funny, ‘douchemarks’ is so appropriate for vapor currency.

        Thank you for the laughter 😂!

  37. Lisa Taggert says:

    Hi, everyone, especially JetBoy. For those who don’t know me, I’m Cheryl Taggert’s widow. That still sounds weird to say. (Check out her stories. They’re the best ones here, but I might be prejudiced.) I’m getting better after suffering because of her passing from cancer. I don’t usually leave comments, but I guess I maybe should. I’ve visited the site a few times since my sex drive came back. It was gone for a while after Cheryl passed. I’m still not dating anyone because I just have no interest in doing that yet. Maybe I will one day. I do get with my sister sometimes. For those who have read alot about us, my sis and I started messing around when we were kids and never stopped, not even after Cheryl and I got married. Cheryl was fine with it and we had a few threesomes even. I guess I’m talking about shit like that because I just read one of the new stories here, “Sisters do what sisters do.” I got turned on from it but haven’t “done” anything about it yet, so I’m still a little wet and ready for something. I’ll probably go back to it and find one of the best parts and take care of that when I finish this comment.

    Anywho, I wanted to let JB and the others now running this site know that I’m still around and I’m back to getting horny. I don’t visit often, only when I’m in the mood for stories like these, and I even read some of Cheryl’s stories, though mostly they make me sad. When I read other stories though I really enjoy it though. Also, my restaurant made it through covid, though I had to close for about seven months, but I’m back now, so life is good. I feel I have a fairy godmother named Cheryl looking out for me now.

    Yall keep writing these stories, okay?


    • Kim & Sue says:

      Thank you for checking in and giving us an update on how you’re doing. It means a lot.

    • JetBoy says:

      Thanks for checking in, Lisa. I still miss Cheryl, and can only imagine what it must be like for you to have lost a sweet soul like hers.

      It’s good to see you on the road to recovery, slow and winding as it must be. I know that Cheryl would want you to find happiness again; here’s hoping that day comes sooner rather than later.

      Please know that you have friends here, even if most of them only know you through Cheryl and her beautiful stories. Not a bad way to get acquainted, really.

      Love always, JetBoy

    • David says:

      You don’t know me Lisa, but I am a lover of Cheryl’s stories, like a lot of people in here. I am glad to hear that you are recovering from your loss, even though you never truly get over it. I lost my wife many years ago and it was very hard, so I feel your pain. Hang in there and enjoy the hot stories when you can.

    • Captain Midnight says:

      Lisa, are you a restaurant owner? I hadn’t heard that information. I am glad it is r7ig okay. As for the rest, go at your own pace and remember that people are very grateful to you and care for you as the woman who dearly loved and cared for Cheryl all this time.

    • ClitLicker says:

      Hello Lisa, and thank you for finding the courage to post on here. We all miss Cheryl, but none as much as you of course, even though most of us knew her only through her wonderful writing. I do hope you and your sister continue to enjoy each other, and maybe others in time.

    • Michael v. says:

      Dear Lisa

      I cannot fully understand the loss of your soulmate. I have experienced the sad loss of my father about 33 years ago, my mother almost 10 years ago.

      I am now 61 years old and find much pleasure from the wonderful talent your Cheryl gifted to us readers on this site. She lives on thru her stories an new and returning readers find such value in her thoughts…not only in her stories but also her replies to reader comments.

      You were mentioned in stories/comments and the love between both of you was very sweet and tender. I hope that the fond reminders of Cheryl are some help thru your journey of honoring her memory but also finding happiness as she must have hoped joy would replace sadness.

      It is encouraging to read your update: your loving relationship with your sister must show you a way forward to happier times.

      Do you have any desire to try your hand at crafting a story about you and your sister? I for one can imagine just how hot that would be…just a thought…

      Thank you for having shared your Cheryl with this community, we are better for knowing you both. I wish you much happiness for the future.


  38. Guy says:

    More Ripples

    • JetBoy says:

      We’re working on it. Sapphmore and I are determined to finish “Ripples”… it’s just that life keeps throwing obstacles in one’s path. Please bear with us, and thanks for enjoying it in the first place.

      • ClitLicker says:

        Grrrr! My internet connection is misbehaving – maybe someone can delete the second copy of my post. ….and this one?

  39. DaughterLover says:

    There are several aspects to this issue. Perhaps it’s the shame (I lost that a LONG time ago) of enjoying these types of stories. Perhaps for the newbies it’s the assumption that since it’s been posted it will always be here. We older (ahem) users have been around long enough to know that NOTHING on the interweb is forever. Witness the most recent – third that I am aware of – demise of the Lesbian Lolita site. Not to mention the several hosts that JS had to reincarnate from to get to here. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I take NONE of the stories on this site for granted. Some are more to my taste, some not even close, but ALL are appreciated. I should make that more obvious with comments on each story that I read through.

    ps My personal request for a new chapter of “The Investigation” by hotbox. It used to be on JS, but I can’t find it anymore, and with Lesbian Lolita gone…

    • JetBoy says:

      Actually we’ve never had “The Investigation,” here at JS. That one was a Leslita exclusive. If the author was amenable, I’d be into having it here if she/he was willing to A) finish the story, B) allow me to apply a coat of editor’s polish.

      Hotbox… you out there? Interested in seeing “The Investigation” here? The ball’s in your court.

      • Sapphmore says:

        Hey JB, I assume by B) it means you have the story as far as it was written (to ch2). If not, I have it of course.

        • gblur says:

          Sapphmore – I thought “The Investigation” was amazing, but I never downloaded a copy before Leslita disappeared. Any chance you’d be willing to send it to me? Would really make my day. Thanks again.

          • Sapphmore says:

            I sent it to Jetboy last December along with three others by Hotbox as he issued a plea for the author to get in touch so if you ask him nicely he might send it on from the JS account (apologies if that isn’t possible) or post it as is as I can’t see your contact details on JS

          • 3FingersNeat says:

            I remember that story. Yes! Please post it, if possible. I’d love to read it, again.

      • gblur says:

        JetBoy, I’m just seeing Sapphmore’s suggestion below, that you might be willing to send me the Hotbox stories he sent you. I’d be incredibly grateful. Thanks so much!!!

        • Sapphmore says:

          gblur, as previously stated, you have not posted your contact details on the ‘Staying in touch page under blog, so it would not be possible to send you anything.

          • gblur says:

            Sapphmore – Thanks for your patience and sorry for being so slow on the uptake. I just messaged Amanda Lynn on the Staying in Touch page and asked her to add my contact details. Thanks again.

    • gblur says:

      Did you have any luck in getting a copy of Hotbox’s The Investigation? It was incredible (read it on lezlita – my bookmark was I think there were 5 parts. I sure would love to get a copy or find online again. Thanks so much if you have any clues to help find it.

  40. Bob says:

    I for one am deeply humbled. I have left comments, on occasion, but have not left them regularly. I will try,from this point forward, to be more conscientious about giving the praise the authors richly deserve

  41. Harmony OnenOnly says:

    I absolutely love this please ask whoever creates to please reply back to me thanks

  42. Dom Inus says:

    Well I just discovered this site yesterday and I wasn’t looking for ‘lesbin sex’ sites (I’m a bisexual male), I waslooking for seduction stories and happily I found this excellent site. The standard of writing that I have seen so far is quite simply superb. Thank you to all for your ‘labour of love’, it is already very much appreciated by me as a new reader.

    I’ll be back – the stories are imaginative, fantastically well written and very erotic.


  43. Uncle Jedd says:

    Like the site. Would like to recommend for your archive, Little Miss Blair, whom I read on Storiesonline.

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