Adieu from Cheryl Taggert

  • Posted on September 18, 2018 at 9:33 am

I first must apologize for being out of contact to my friends and online family here at JS. I’ve been working on my second novel, which must be finished by the end of September. Yes, in the mainstream publishing world, there are firm deadlines. My first novel is due out sometime in early 2019. They expect it to be a moderate success at least. No, I cannot tell anyone at JS about it. That would make finding out my real identity too easy, and I am still very protective of that.

Even those I got to know well online were never told my real name. Only Naughty Mommy and JetBoy know my real first name. (No, it’s not Cheryl.) They don’t know my real last name, however. I once told someone I got to know what she thought was my real last name, but I was lying there, too. It turns out that was a good thing. She eventually tried to get me in trouble with “the authorities,” mostly because she’s mental.

Anyway, I thought I would finally come here to say my final farewell. I will be visiting the site, and I’ve been given permanent admin access because of my situation as an original founder. (Thanks, y’all!)

Anyway, here is my good-bye. It’s difficult even now months after I made the decision.

To Naughty Mommy: Thank you so much for being there for me when I needed it most. I went through some bad moments, and despite your own problems, you were always there for me. That’s really something, especially considering we’ve never met in person before. Thank you for being part of a team of what was two for asking me to join in on this endeavor. Being a part of this has been a joy. I see it is still having some possible problems, but hopefully that will all work out fine in the long run.

To Danny/JetBoy: You’ve been like the big brother I never had. I will miss you greatly. You have given me a shoulder to cry on more times than I can count. You’ve listened to me in emails as I complained about this and that, mostly inconsequential things, and you never once told me I was wrong to feel the way I did. Mostly, you never once made any stupid remarks about how I was being too emotional, which shamefully is a hallmark of some men in this world. I love you and am so happy to have known you. Thank you for joining Naughty Mommy in contacting me and asking if I wanted to be a part of this. It has been a labor of love, but I must move on now. I am saddened and thrilled at the same time.

To PoppaBear: I’ve known you longer than anyone else since deciding to write my first erotica piece when I was only nineteen. I remember that you commented to me in an email years ago, telling me how good a writer I am. You inspired me to do more, and I don’t know that I would have ever attempted to write a novel, erotica or mainstream, without your encouragement. Thank you. You’ve been wonderful. I am saddened by the personal news I only discovered today. I know all will be well with you and your family, but please know that my thoughts are with you.

To Amanda Lynn: We only had a chance to work together for a short time, but you impressed me, not only with your technical knowledge of things that totally escape me and my very right brained personality, but also your demeanor online and your writing, which is to say the least, HOT! Thank you for stepping in when you did and handling this difficult job with expertise and a style that speaks well of you. I will miss you!

And finally, to my readers: I saved you for last because you are the most important. I will always remember the encouragement you gave me as I did my best to improve my writing to entertain you, not to mention turn you on to excess! Thank you to everyone who stuck with my tome I Was the Daughter of a Porn Star. I hope you felt the long book was worth the read. It was during the writing of this book that I realized I could write a mainstream novel. Now, I have indeed done that, and found an agent who likewise found a publisher for my book. I have also managed to get several short stories published in literary journals as well, improving my writer’s resume. My stories will remain here at Juicy Secrets, and I hope you enjoy them. I know two were never finished, but perhaps one of my colleagues will decide to tackle them and finish them one day.

So while I will be a visitor here on occasion and might even put together a blog about writing to post here once in a while, I must say adieu for now. Lisa is happy for me, and we will still read the material here at what I still consider to be the best erotica site on the Internet.

It’s been a great three-plus years!

All my love,



18 Comments on Adieu from Cheryl Taggert

  1. Aussierules says:

    Fare thee well, Cheryl! Best of luck with your new endeavors and thank you many times over for the wonderful stories and entertainment you’ve provided me. You will be missed here but I understand the need to take on new challenges in life. All the best to you!

  2. Drodrobot says:

    Vaya con Dios, Cheryl. You will be missed. I really enjoyed your stories… 😉

  3. kacey says:

    Fair thee well, Cheryl, our sweet girl! Going into the big, bad world!! Take care and thank you for your stories and a small insight into your mind. We’ll certainly miss you. 😉

  4. No One says:

    Best of luck in your new career path, Cheryl, and thank you for all you’ve done to help this site to thrive.

  5. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Adieu, Cheryl!
    Thank you for the stories, they are forever fabulous and HOT!
    Best wishes & much luck on your new endeavors.
    the fantasy world of Lesbian erotica is a fair bit less intriguing
    as you depart…

    “Which of us has not felt the printed page is more real than the person standing beside us?…”
    Cornelia Funke


  6. Lynn says:

    Thanks for the o’s Cheryl and good luck. Dreams can come true.

  7. JetBoy says:

    I will always think of Juicy Secrets as one of the greatest endeavors I’ve ever been a part of — and it wouldn’t have been nearly as special without Cheryl. I’m still amazed at how perfectly she, Naughty Mommy and I balanced each other as a team, and how well we shared each other’s tastes. By our first week together, the three of us were a family.

    My love for this site will always be a fierce and loyal one, but I can’t deny that Juicy Secrets seems… smaller, somehow, without Cheryl. I thought of Naughty Mommy as the brains of Juicy Secrets, and myself as the arms and legs — but Cheryl Taggert was the heart.

    Cheryl, I wish you love, health, happiness and all things good on the journey of your life. It was an honor and a privilege to accompany you on that road for a brief while.

    Love always, Danny/JetBoy

  8. Milanov says:

    Cheryl, I’m very sad from the fact that you stop working in “Juicy Secrets”. I have long been interested in this genre of erotic stories. It’s a pity that I learned about your site so late.
    But good luck with the release of your real novel! I wish that in your other career you also had a wonderful time! You’re an excellent writer Cheryl!

  9. Tim says:

    All the very best Cheryl. You’ll be sorely missed here, but if you are successful out there in the real world then we’ll all be happy for you.
    The very best of luck. May health and happiness go with success. You deserve it!!
    Much love,

  10. joel says:

    Best of lick, oops meant luck in the future. I enjoy all the stories here and hope someday to read your new novel, even though I won’t know if it is you. Maybe some wording or phrase will give a hint. Hope the books become best sellers.

  11. egor44 says:

    best of luck for the future Cheryl

  12. David says:

    Thanks Cheryl, as one of your readers and a huge fan of your work, I will miss you and look forward seeing you in here in the future. When you have time! lol
    I wish you the best in the future to you and your family!

  13. Jack says:

    As we say in Greek, Kalo Taxidi (A Good Journey to you), Cheryl. You will be missed more than you can possibly imagine just as your stories have, in turn, been appreciated. All the best to you in your “mainstream” adventure! Thank you for sharing of yourself through this site and your stories…

  14. Obsessive Imaginings says:

    Sorry to see you go Cheryl. Though it is a wonderful reason why you are leaving anyway, Moving towards success is a great reason for change. My only regret is that we’ll never know what your legit authorship is unless we luck upon it. Best that you keep it under wraps tho. Thanks for your stories and good luck.

  15. Chef71 says:

    Good luck in your future. Enjoyed your stories.

  16. Noah says:

    Thank you Cheryl for all your hard work and time you have put into this. I wish you the best of luck with your novel and all the other books to come. You are missed at JS very much. Thanks Again.

  17. Joe says:

    Cheryl I want to add my best wishes for your future. From reading all of your wonderful and amazing stories here I am sure you will be a great success.
    You will definitely be missed. Your stories have brought so many people enjoyment and lots of pleasure. Also have expanded my imagination of just how much pleasure women and girls can have together.

    Again I wish you all the best with your endeavours. Maybe one day I might accidentally end up reading one of your novels out in the mainstream world.

  18. sue says:

    Miss you and love you. You’ll never know what big part you played in our lives.

    love and hugs, Kim and Sue

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