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Monica’s Discovery

  • Posted on April 1, 2021 at 2:52 pm

By Cheryl Taggert

Here it is, friends: Cheryl’s last piece of erotic fiction. Intending to surprise everyone with it, I kept the existence of the story a strict secret, telling no one about it but my site partner Amanda. I was about halfway through editing it — along with the dozen or so other site projects I’m currently juggling — when Lisa emailed me with the awful news.

Under the circumstances, I elected to throw out my own work on the story and post her original as she sent it, with only a few minor corrections of small errors and typos. (Thanks to Naughty Mommy for lending a hand with these.) Guess I’ll always feel a twinge of regret for not having posted this before her passing. My apologies to Cheryl, and to you readers.

Cheryl, wherever you are in whatever comes after, I hope you’re able to see your beautiful story now, appearing for all to see on the site that you helped to build…  as well as the loving thoughts that so many have left for you thus far — and will continue to leave in the years to come. You’ll be missed, dear heart.

Love always, JetBoy


Monica Nelson stood in her parents’ bedroom, staring down at what she’d found in a drawer beside where her father slept. She had decided to snoop in their room after her friend Sarah told her she had found a lot of adult stuff in her own parents’ bedroom.

Now she felt like a treasure hunter who had found the motherlode.

Sarah had only found a few nudie magazines. Monica’s father had some girlie magazines, but he also had some DVD’s. She looked from the drawer to the TV and DVD player in her parents’ room. Did they watch this stuff together? Did her mom really watch porn? It didn’t surprise her that her dad did. He was a man, after all. But her mom?

Summer vacation had started just last week, and at twelve, Monica was allowed to stay at home by herself while her parents worked. It was only ten o’clock in the morning. Her parents wouldn’t be home until after five that afternoon. She had the entire house to herself until then. Her younger sister, Beth, who was only a year younger than Monica—thirteen months to be exact—had gone with her friend Katie to the beach for the week.

She swallowed hard as she considered watching one of the DVD’s. She could lie right here in her parents’ bed and watch. Okay, she’d do more than just watch. She’d discovered orgasms a few months ago, and she loved giving herself that pleasure. She pictured herself lying naked on their bed, watching movies until she had come like a zillion times. The image was too good to resist.

Stripping off her clothes, she first grabbed a few of her father’s magazines. She wondered if he kept them in a certain order, so she laid the stack on the bed without disturbing their sequence. She could look at one, set it face down on the bedside table, and then look at the next one until she grew tired of just pictures, which she knew would happen. The idea of watching a full porn movie would take her imagination, and she would have to watch one of them. After all, she had all day.

Then it suddenly occurred to her. She also had all day tomorrow and the next day and the next until Beth got home. After that, she’d have to be more secretive. Her sister knew nothing of her nighttime ritual as she lay in bed. Monica didn’t come every night, but she would masturbate at least three or four times a week, depending on when she felt she could get away with it. She and Beth shared a room with twin beds, and she had to be sure Beth was asleep before exploring herself like that. It was also hard sometimes to keep quiet, but so far, she’d managed to keep her secret from Beth.

Sarah, on the other hand, knew all about her nighttime fun. They had exchanged stories of their self-discovery and had even done it with each other when they had sleepovers, though they were careful not to touch anything but themselves. Sleepovers were rare, though, because they each had a younger sister they shared their bedrooms with who would have to arrange to sleep at one of their friend’s houses to make room. They couldn’t very well fit two in a twin bed.

Lying back naked in her parents’ bed made her feel sexy. She thought of her mom and dad fucking in this very bed, maybe after watching one of the videos. For some reason, she was excited to think of her mother watching one of the videos and playing with herself. Sarah had said that even grown women who were married masturbated. Monica hadn’t believed it until Sarah showed her an article in one of her mother’s women’s magazines talking about it. The idea of her own mother masturbating had given her an unexpected thrill, a slight tingle deep inside her pussy.

She’d never said anything about that to Sarah. She didn’t want to sound like some kind of weirdo. Still, the image of her mom diddling herself had been one of her favorite fantasies when she played with herself.

She opened the first of her father’s magazines. It was what some of her friends would call “raunchy” because it had a lot of close-ups of women’s pussies and stuff, as well as some of men with hard-ons who were fucking the women or about to.

She enjoyed the pictures of the men and their hard dicks, but what really caught her interest were the pictures of the women. One had a woman with what she knew was called a dildo. It was a series of pictures of the woman fucking herself with the imitation dick. The woman was very pretty and looked like she was really enjoying herself. The last few pictures had her sucking the dildo, licking her pussy juices off of it. The final one had her licking her lips.

Monica had never tasted her fingers after playing with herself. This was the first time it had even occurred to her that she could. If she licked her fingers after getting her pussy juice on them, she could find out how she tasted.

She recalled lying on her own bed with Sarah in the other. They had never so much as touched each other’s boobs.

But that didn’t mean Monica didn’t think about it. She often wondered if Sarah thought about it, too. They certainly liked looking at each other while they “did it.” Was Sarah as curious about this stuff as she was? She wasn’t sure, but one of the best orgasms she’d ever had was one where she thought about rubbing Sarah’s pussy instead of her own. She had pictured each of them touching the other instead, and the amazing orgasm had rushed up on her like a speeding car. Now, she pictured touching Sarah’s pussy and then tasting her fingers. She wondered what Sarah would taste like. Then she realized once again she didn’t even know what she herself tasted like. If she didn’t like the flavor, the fantasy was for nothing.

Reaching down to her pussy and spreading what little hair was down there, she dipped her middle finger inside, hooking it down near her vagina and coming up with a small dollop of her cream. It actually looked a little like cream.

Sticking out her tongue, she touched it to her finger. When she really didn’t taste anything, she realized she would have to do more than touch her finger to get any taste. Closing her eyes, she took her finger into her mouth and wrapped her tongue around it, tasting the juices.

Not bad, she thought. Not bad at all. A little salty, but with a slight tangy flavor. Dipping her finger again, she brought up more cream and plunged her finger instantly into her mouth.

Yes, she liked this. She liked the taste of pussy a lot, in fact. She again pictured herself with her fingers rubbing Sarah’s pussy and plunging her fingers into her mouth. She reached down to herself again, bringing the nectar to her lips, pretending it was Sarah’s pussy juice, not hers.

She felt a delicious shiver run through her pussy, a sort of pre-orgasmic mini-quake. She realized how close she was already and was shocked it had taken such a short time to get there. She’d barely even touched herself. It usually took at least five or ten minutes to come. She’d barely gotten started.

She lay the magazine aside and rose from the bed. She wanted to see porn, not just pictures. Real people fucking each other second by second.

She looked through the stack of DVD’s and saw that several of them were labeled “All Women!” One was titled Where the Boys Aren’t. It had a volume number, so she knew this was probably a series. Since she’d been thinking of her friend, not to mention her own mother, she put this one into the machine and started it up. As the scene began, she thought about her mother again. Did she watch lesbian stuff with her dad? Did she enjoy it, or did her mom just allow her dad to get horny watching it before they fucked? Then she wondered something else. Did her mom ever watch these movies when she was alone? Her dad went on business trips about once a month and would be gone for several days. Would she sometimes plug in one of these movies and masturbate?

It was at that point that her mother’s bedside table drew her interest. If she looked in there, would she find anything that would help her know the answer to those questions?

Ignoring the previews of other movies for a moment, she leaned across the bed and opened the top drawer. There were a few women’s magazines, but nothing really related to sex. Then she opened the bottom drawer.


Inside lay not one but THREE dildos of various types. Wow. Her mother was definitely into masturbation! Monica picked up one of these and saw it had a knob on the base that turned. When she turned it, the dildo began to vibrate. She nearly dropped it in her surprise. Wrapping her palm around the vibrating plastic, Monica had a sudden understanding of what this was and how it was used. This was what was called a vibrator. She’d heard of them, but didn’t know much about them. She intended to find out, and right now.

She lay back with her mom’s sex toy and watched the movie. The first scene after the previews was of three women who did everything to each other. She’d never known about licking someone’s pussy before, but these women seemed to love it, both doing it and getting it done. The scene ended with one of the women sitting astride another woman’s pussy, rubbing her cunt against the other woman’s. The women’s sweaty bodies worked at their approaching orgasms. The third woman leaned back and masturbated for a while until she got up and put her pussy over the mouth of the woman lying back so the other woman could sit over her, rubbing their pussies together. This woman licked the other woman’s pussy as if it was the most amazing thing to do, ever.

Monica realized that perhaps it was the most amazing thing to do, ever. She hoped one day to find out. She pictured her mother lying back and Sarah crouched over her mother’s mouth while she, Monica, rubbed her pussy against her mother’s.

Monica could wait no longer. She placed the vibrator against her pussy and turned it on. Immediately, shivers of pleasure began racing through her pussy, the warmth of the sensations spreading out from her pussy across her belly, up to her budding boobs, and back to her ass, making her asshole quiver.

Within seconds, the orgasm began and became a series of waves of intense joy that spread through her body. Spasms rocked her, spasms that reminded her of that amazing orgasm she’d had when thinking about her and Sarah playing with each other’s pussy. She allowed herself to grunt and moan, knowing nobody would hear. At one point in the climax, she could hear herself grunt in perfect rhythm with the waves of pleasure that began in her pussy and traveled the length of her body. The grunting sounded as though from far off, as if someone else was making the noise.

As the orgasm subsided, she lay back, catching her breath and considering the fantasy that had played in her mind as she came. Part of her was bothered that she found her own mother to be sexy, but part of her didn’t mind at all. She loved her mother, after all. And wasn’t sex the ultimate expression of love? Saying ‘I love you’ in a physical way?

Monica lay in the bed for several hours, watching movies until the horniness took over. She would masturbate again, feeling the joy of orgasms rush through her over and over. She had four orgasms this way, and was exhausted by the time she put everything back in its place, being careful to put the magazines in the same order they were in.

However, being twelve, she made a few errors. First, she didn’t put the movies back in the order they’d been. Second, she didn’t realize the slight scent of her pussy would be left behind on the bedspread she’d lain upon. And third, she did not wash the vibrator she’d used. She hadn’t known her mother always washed her sex toys when finished with them.

After this escapade, Monica called Sarah and told her about her morning, leaving out the fantasies about the two of them—or rather the three of them. Sarah was thrilled that Monica had found her parents’ stash so easily and was secretly thrilled to find out that Mrs. Nelson had sex toys. Perhaps she could sneak over one day and she and Monica could try them out together. Neither of them were allowed to have friends over when no parents were there, but who would know? Besides, Sarah’s fantasies matched Monica’s, but like Monica, she was too scared to voice her desires.

As Sarah hung up her phone, she wondered how many times she had masturbated thinking of her friend, recalling the times they had masturbated together, watching each other as they brought themselves off.

Yes, one day maybe they would do something more together, but she’d have to be a million percent certain first that Monica was okay with the idea. She was too afraid of what could happen if she mentioned doing something to each other and Monica wasn’t interested, or worse, disgusted. It would be all over school that she’d come on to Monica. She’d be labeled a lezzie by everyone and treated like shit.

Still, she wondered if she wasn’t in love with Monica. She knew she wanted to touch her pussy, though. That much was certain.


When Monica’s mother Tori arrived home that day, she stepped into her room to change clothes. Monica had brought the mail in, placing it on their bed as usual, and now Tori opened one of the envelopes, which looked quite plain but was anything but. Inside was the new mail-order catalogue from their favorite supplier of adult toys and videos. She read the beginning of the accompanying letter, “Dear Victoria, please find enclosed the latest we have to offer. Because you are such a valued customer, we are offering a two-for-one special in our video selection!” She read on for a bit, then dove into the 5×8 catalogue. Brad had told her she could make the choices with their next order, and she sat on her bed once she was naked and poured through the material, using a pen to check the items she would consider for narrowing down to two or three.

As she turned onto her tummy and lay face down to look at the brochure, she noticed something. It was a very slight fragrance, one she recognized but which was not really strong enough for her to place. She buried her nose into the fabric and inhaled deeply. Was that—pussy? The bedspread had been washed yesterday, and she would have expected to smell Downy or something. She inhaled again. She wasn’t totally certain, but it certainly smelled like a woman’s scent. If she’d not practically buried her face in the bedspread, she’d never have noticed it.

Was Brad coming home for a noontime hookup with someone? They had an open marriage, so if he’d fucked someone else it would not have been a problem for her, but usually they told the other when that was going to happen. Perhaps he’d just found himself with an opportunity and couldn’t pass it up.

But then she remembered it was summer vacation for the girls. Beth wasn’t around, but Monica would have been home all day. No way would he even attempt to bring a woman home with Monica there. Still, the fragrance was noticeable, though not strong.

Then it hit her. Maybe Monica had been in there. She could have been sitting in the center of their bed, maybe in her panties or something, and had somehow leaked through to the bedspread. That was ridiculous, though. She could sit on the bed with panties on even if she was horny and not leave any odor behind. No, she would have to have been naked.

She looked up at the TV, wondering. Then she went to Brad’s side of the bed and carefully opened the drawer with the DVD’s and magazines. They both knew magazines and movies were kept in alphabetical order. They always stacked them this way because they wanted to know if either of the girls had been snooping in their things.

The moment she looked into the drawer, she knew. Her Where the Boys Aren’t video was on top. W. That one should have been on the bottom. She glanced at her side of the bed, glaring at the drawer there. Would she? Maybe. But she might have thought to wash it off after using it. Then Tori realized that probably would not be the case. First, Monica was twelve and would never have considered the hygienic practice of keeping a toy you put inside yourself clean. Second, Monica rarely cleaned up anything after using it unless specifically told to do so. And Tori had never mentioned that if she used one of her vibrators to make sure she washed it afterwards. She hadn’t exactly hidden them, and it wasn’t until now that she started considering why not. They hadn’t hidden the movies either, knowing the girls might find them.

Did they want their daughters to find them? Had their lack of care come from a secret desire to have them locate their most private items?

Tori stepped over to her bedside table and opened the drawer. While she certainly didn’t place her toys in such a way as to know if they’d been disturbed, the drawer did look different than it had the last time she’d looked in there. Still, any idea the drawer had been disturbed in some way was no certainty. She picked up the vibrator that was on top. The moment she touched it, she was fairly certain it had been used. It was sticky to the touch. She held it to her nose. The faint odor of pussy was there.

Brad had always claimed she had the scent glands of a hound. She did have a very sensitive sense of smell, and now she was smelling what she was certain was her older daughter’s pussy juices. She wondered how she would approach such a discussion. She would definitely have to talk to her about this, not in an effort to shame her but to make her more, well, careful. Using another person’s vibrator was asking for problems with bacteria. Yes, she cleaned her vibrators thoroughly after each use, complete with alcohol wipes, followed by a mild soap and hot water. But if she’d used this vibrator after her daughter had, she could have given herself a urinary tract infection.

As she sat down on the bed and thought about how to proceed, she pictured Monica in here, lying naked on her parents’ bed, using this vibe while watching a porn video. She was shocked to discover the image turned her on. While she and Brad had been open-minded about raising their daughters, she had never thought of either of them in this way. They were twelve and eleven, for Pete’s sake! Could they have discovered sexual gratification so soon? How long could Monica have been…?

Then it hit her. She had discovered masturbation at a very early age, courtesy of her older sister, Jeanine. While Monica had no older sister to instruct her—okay, maybe more than instruct—she did have friends, like that precocious minx Sarah.

Jeanine had shown her VHS videos she found in their own parents’ bedroom. That had led to, well, a lot. She had been only ten at the time, and Jeanine was sixteen then. Too old to be messing around with her ten-year-old sister. But of course, that had stopped neither of them. Jeanine, as it turned out, was lesbian through and through. Tori had been a bit more open-minded as far as partners went. She’d never told anyone about their fun, not even Brad, whom she’d told damn near everything else.

Now, she was sitting here, naked, wanting to get herself off to the images of her daughter that were beginning to become quite graphic.

Suddenly, as if she’d not even considered it—which she hadn’t anyway—the movie her daughter had watched occurred to her. It was an all-girl movie. One-hundred percent lesbian. Was Monica like her aunt Jeanine? A lesbian? Jeanine had once told her she’d known since her pussy had started demanding attention that she preferred girls to boys romantically and sexually. Tori was okay with it if Monica did turn out to prefer women to men. She and Brad had discussed this possibility regarding their children’s lives before they were born. Now, given seven different movies to watch, she’d chosen the only one that featured only women having sex.

She needed to speak with Monica and let her know the jig was up. And she wanted to do it before Brad got home. She didn’t want Monica to feel too embarrassed by the discovery. Besides, she wanted to make sure Monica knew the proper procedure for cleaning a sex toy.

Her own pussy throbbing, she put on a robe and stuck her head out the door. Monica was in the den, watching TV—not a porn, of course, she thought to herself and nearly laughed.

“Monica? Could you come here for a minute?” she called.


Monica was instantly nervous. Had her mother discovered she’d been snooping in their bedroom, despite her efforts to hide the fact? Was she in trouble? Would she be grounded or given a ton of chores to do to make sure she didn’t do it again?

She entered the bedroom, and her mother was standing there in a short robe. Monica wondered if she was naked beneath. Then Monica saw what was on the bed. The DVD, the vibrator, and something else that looked like some kind of color brochure. She instantly blushed.

“Yeah?” she asked, as if she had no idea what this was about.

“You’ve been into our things.”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Don’t lie to me, Monica. It will only make it worse. To be honest, I’m not mad at you. I just want to discuss a few things with you. That’s all. If you lie, though, I will be mad, and your punishment will be a bear.”

Monica began to cry. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to.”

“You didn’t mean to open our drawers and watch a video? Don’t be ridiculous, Monica.”

“I’m sorry! I just don’t know what to say! It’s…embarrassing! You know what I did, and I’m ashamed, that’s all!”

“There’s no reason to be ashamed, if you’re talking about the masturbation part. Looking through your father’s and my personal items, yes, you should be ashamed. I don’t want you to be ashamed of your sexuality, though. That can lead to a lot of problems in your life.”

Monica buried her head in her hands and bawled. “Am I grounded?”

“No, you’re not. I just want to talk to you about some of this. There are things you need to know.”

As the reality dawned on her that she really wasn’t in trouble, her crying began to subside. She looked at her mother with teary eyes. “Like what?”

“Here, have a seat on the bed.”

They both sat down, and Tori put an arm around her daughter. “There are a couple of things you have to know so we aren’t passing around bacteria.”


“Yes, sweetie. While the vaginal area is very adapted to fight off certain bacteria, it’s still possible to get things like urinary tract infections and such from using vibrators, especially vibrators that belong to someone else.”

“You mean it’s okay for me to use your vibrators?”

“Actually, I’d prefer you use your own, so we’ll be buying you one. Or you could just do what I did when I was your age and use your electric toothbrush.”


“Hey, I’m a biological human woman. I have had sexual feelings for about as long as I can remember. And when you’re too young to buy your own toys and your parents won’t buy them for you the way I will, you have a tendency to find your own fun.”

“You actually used your own toothbrush?”

“Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

Monica blushed again, not for the last time in their first ever sexual conversation.

“But if I’m going to buy you your own toy, you need to know how to take care of it.”


“First, you have to wash it thoroughly after each use. Use an alcohol wipe, followed by soap and warm water. Dry it thoroughly, and try to keep it private from your sister. That could be difficult, given how you share a bedroom and bath, so on second thought, you might want to show it to her and tell her not to use it. If she wants her own, she should come to me.”

Monica couldn’t believe she and her mother were having this conversation. Just that afternoon, she had fantasized about her mother and had a fantastic orgasm thinking of her. Now, her mother was going to buy her a vibrator for her own use. She wasn’t sure she could show it to Beth, but since they made a noise, she might have to or use it for a paperweight.

“Do you mind if I ask you some questions?” Tori asked.

“Okay.” Monica wasn’t sure she wanted to answer any questions, but it seemed she had no choice.

“What made you decide to come snooping in our bedroom?”

Monica looked down at her lap and then back at her mother. “If I tell you, do you promise not to say anything to anyone else?”

Tori considered the question. She still wasn’t sure she would tell Brad about this. The horny bastard might want to have sex with Monica. She wouldn’t put it past him. Hell, she was sitting there right now, hoping some of the conversation could become fodder for her own imagination later when Monica left the room. She supposed she was a horny bastard as well.

“As long as not telling won’t cause someone to get hurt or anything.”

“No. It’s the opposite, in fact. Someone would get hurt if you did tell.”

“Okay, then. I promise.”

Monica took a deep breath. “Sarah snooped in her parents’ bedroom and found some magazines like what Daddy has in his drawer.”

“And she told you about this?”


“So you and Sarah talk about sex stuff a lot?”

“I don’t know what a lot is, but yeah, we talk about it.”

“Have the two of you ever fooled around together?”

Monica blushed again.

“Tell me the truth. It’s not like I was an angel when I was young.”

Monica looked at her mother again, thinking about how she had discovered sexual stuff when she was young. “Well, sort of,” she answered.

“Sort of? How do you sort of mess around?”

“We’ve, well, we’ve played with ourselves with each other there.”

Tori grinned. “Don’t let it bother you. I did that a lot when I was your age. More even.”

“You did more? Like what?”

“Well, I’m supposed to be the one asking the questions, but I will tell you this much. I first had a sexual encounter with another girl when I was only ten.”

Monica felt her jaw drop open. “You’ve had sex with girls?”

“Plenty of times. Now, back to my questions.”


“What, sweetie?”

“Could we, you know, trade questions? You know, you ask one then I ask one?”

Tori considered this and figured what the hell. In for a penny. “Okay, honey. But it’s my turn to ask a question if we’re playing Truth or Dare.”

Monica giggled. It was the first sign of her enjoying herself in this conversation. Tori asked, “How long were you in here masturbating?”

Monica took a deep breath. “Maybe about three hours.”

“Oh, my God! You masturbated for three hours?”

“Well, not the whole time. I would watch some of the movie and get, well, you know, and then I’d work it up to—“ She stopped suddenly.

“It’s okay, sweetie. You can say orgasm. And you can say horny, too. If we’re going to talk about these things, you can’t be saying ‘you know’ and ‘that thing that happens’ or stuff like that. When we have these talks, you can use the words you and your friends use.”

“Even the F word?”

“Well, again, only when we are talking about sexual things. In public or just sitting with your family in the den? No.”

Monica giggled again. “Okay.”

“So, you’d watch some of the movie, get horny, and masturbate until you came?”


“How many times did you come?”

“It’s my turn.”

“Oh, sorry, but it was sort of connected to the other question and answer.”

“Okay. I lost count. Maybe six times?”

“Lucky you.”

“Okay, now my question. Who was your first?”

“My first? You mean the first person I had sex with?”

“Yeah, but I want to know the first girl, not the first boy.”

“Okay.” Tori considered what she was about to say. “It might shock you because you know this person.”

Monica’s jaw dropped again. “Who?”

“Your Aunt Jeanine.”

“Oh, my God! Really?”

“Yes, really.”

“But she’s, like, a lot older than you are. And your sister!”

“Yes, I know.”

“You were ten?”

“That’s what I said.”

“How old did that make her?”

“Nope. It’s my turn,” Tori said with a laugh.

“Same thing! It’s part of the other question I asked. I answered yours!”

Tori laughed again. “Okay. She was sixteen.”

“Holy—” Monica paused.

“You can say it. Holy shit, right?”

Monica laughed. “Yeah. That’s weird. She had sex with you when she was sixteen and you were only ten? I mean, she woulda had hair down there, and you didn’t. Did she always like young girls?”

“I think the fact we were sisters played into it. There’s a convenience to that. You live in the same house, and you’re available.”

Monica suddenly thought about her own sister Beth. She’d never considered her as a sex partner before. Now, she thought about what her mom was saying. Convenience. They shared a bedroom and a bathroom. How much more convenient could it get?

Tori saw the wheels turning in Monica’s mind and knew what she was thinking. She and Beth were a lot closer in age than she and Jeanine had been. Now that Monica had been given permission to engage in sexual behaviors, it would only be natural for her to consider her sister for sexual fun and games.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Tori said to her daughter, who blushed again.

“What?” Monica asked.

“You’re thinking about initiating Beth into having sex with you.”

“But, I…I—”

“It’s okay, sweetie. As long as she’s open to it, that’s fine. But there are two things you can’t do.”


“Force her to do anything she doesn’t definitely want to do is the first one.”

“And what’s the second?”

“Never let your father catch you together like that.”

“He’d be mad?”

“No, he’d be horny. I don’t want him getting involved with either of you, and I know your father. He might do that.”

“Dad would rape us?”

“I don’t know about that, but he’d mess around with you two.”

“So, it’s okay if I get things going with Beth?”

“Yes, but be careful and remember what I said. No forcing her to do anything she doesn’t definitely want to do. No coercion, in other words.”

“Okay. Whose turn is it to ask a question?” Monica asked.

“Mine. If you manage to get Beth involved, or even Sarah—yes, I know you want to do more than masturbate together. I can see it in your face just as I saw your desire for Beth there. Anyway, if you get them involved in more, will you tell me about it?”

Monica considered this and decided these talks were fun. They might end if Monica didn’t share what she was doing. “Okay.”

Tori had the sudden urge to ask if she could watch, but decided to hold that one for later when they were more familiar with each other and more comfortable talking about these things. Besides, she was one horny lady and needed to get off.

Then an idea occurred to her. If she wanted to watch Monica and either Beth or Sarah together, maybe giving Monica the opportunity to watch her masturbate would grease the wheels, so to speak. It was worth a try, anyway, and she loved being watched.

“Actually, I have one other question.”

“But it’s my turn!”

“Okay, one more question each.”

“How did you know I had been in here masturbating?”

“Well, first, your scent was in the bedspread. I wouldn’t have smelled it, except I was lying on my tummy to read our adult toys and video catalogue and practically put my nose right in where you must have leaked some pussy juice. Then, I looked in the drawer of your father’s bedside table and saw you’d watched a video. Finally, I checked my vibes, and one of them was rather sticky. That’s why I told you to make sure you keep yours clean when you get it. A dirty dildo can cause health problems you don’t want to deal with.”

Monica frowned at her apparent carelessness, especially since she thought she was being so sneaky. “Okay, follow-up question. How did you know I had looked at a movie?”

“Easy. I guess it’s no problem for you to know now since now you know it’s okay to watch them—”

“It is?” Monica interrupted.

“Yes, of course, sweetie. I thought you figured that out. I mean, I’m okay with you and your sister fooling around, so why object to you watching porn?”

“Oh, I guess you’re right.”

“Anyway, to answer your follow-up question, we keep the videos in alphabetical order, just like the magazines. Your viewing choice was Where the Boys Aren’t. That one should have been on the bottom, but it was on the top.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“Now, my last question. Would you like to watch me?”

Monica felt her breathing catch. She thought she knew what her mother meant, but she needed to be sure. “Watch you…what?”

“You know. Masturbate?”

Monica blinked, dumbfounded. Here she’d been just a few hours ago fantasizing about her mom, and now she was being asked if she wanted to watch her mom bring herself to orgasm.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to, but this little conversation has made me hornier than I was when I lay down to look at the brochure. The fact is I absolutely love to be watched. I’ve actually set things up to be watched before.”

“You have?”

“Yes. The first time was when your father and I went on our honeymoon. We were in New Orleans, a sex-crazed city if there ever was one, and we were on Bourbon Street, which has a lot of strip clubs and such. We stopped in a bar and I reached under my skirt to play with myself. There was this other young couple at a table. Your dad and I were sitting at the bar. I made it look like I was being careful not to be seen, but this couple watched while I diddled my pussy. They couldn’t see my pussy or anything, but it was obvious what I was doing. The guy kept trying to get his girlfriend or wife, not sure which, to join me. Finally, she reached into her shorts and started playing with herself, but only for a minute. I smiled at the girl when we left the bar.”

“Did you come?”

“No. That would have probably gotten us arrested, even in New Orleans, because I wouldn’t have been able to keep quiet.” Tori laughed at the memory. Then she looked into her daughter’s eyes. “So, how about it? You want to watch me, or not?”

Monica felt herself swallow but her mouth was dry. “Okay.”

Lying back, Tori removed the scanty robe and spread her legs so Monica could see her wet lips.

Monica stared into her mother’s pussy. She wanted so much to lean over and play with it herself, to maybe plunge a finger inside. Then the image of one of the women in the video she’d watched sprung into her mind. The image of her licking the other woman’s pussy. While a moment ago, her mouth was dry, now she was practically drooling. Still, her mom might have a problem with that. She could actually end all the fun if she gave in to what she really wanted to do.

Instead, she watched as her mother’s hand crept down from pinching a nipple to her pussy. She rubbed it several times, getting her fingers good and wet. Then she brought her hand up to her mouth and tasted herself.

“I love how I taste,” she said. “Have you ever tasted yourself?”

“Yeah, today was the first time, in fact.”

“Do you taste good?”

Monica nodded, mesmerized by the scene before her as her mother took a vibrator that was different from the one she’d used herself earlier. Her mother turned the slender object on, and the sound of the vibrator’s buzzing filled the room.

“I bet you do,” her mother said. “Would you mind reaching into your shorts and getting me a taste on your finger?”

Monica nearly fainted. Her mom was going to taste her pussy juices from her finger? She did as she was asked, sliding a finger inside her shorts and panties and dipping her middle finger into her pussy. She was wet, though still a bit tender from the day’s masturbation, and she pulled her wet finger from her pussy. Her mother stuck out her tongue, and Monica placed her finger where she could lick it. Monica was surprised when her mother not only licked the finger, but began to suck on it.

Finally, she let the finger go and said, “You’re right. You’re delicious.”

Monica had to stop herself from asking if her mother wanted to lick her pussy directly. Instead, she turned her attention to her mother’s pussy. The end of the vibrator was inside her pussy, the buzzing sound muffling each time it entered and growing louder as she withdrew it.

Then her mother took the vibrator out and turned it off. Monica was confused, wondering if her mother had come though it certainly didn’t look like it. Then as her mom raised the vibrator toward her face, Monica understood. She leaned forward, taking the vibrator into her mouth and sucking on it, tasting her mother’s juices.

Her heart rate shot up as she enjoyed the flavor of her mother’s pussy. She couldn’t believe she was doing this! She watched as her mother withdrew the vibrator and returned it to her pussy. Within a minute, her mother started to moan, the sounds of her pleasure growing with each second. Soon after that, she began to buck and heave, her body convulsing rhythmically with the sensations.

“I’m coming!” she said. “I’m coming, baby!” Finishing her orgasm, she lay back, a look of pure satisfaction on her face.

“Come give Mommy a kiss, sweetie,” she said, almost a sigh.

Monica leaned over her mother’s naked body and bent her head to kiss her. When she did, her mother surprised her by turning it into a tongue kiss, though only briefly. “Maybe you better go back to the den before your father gets home. I don’t want him knowing we did this, okay?”


“Or do you have to get yourself off now that you’ve watched me?”

Monica smiled. “Normally, I would, but I’m a bit sore from earlier.”

Tori smiled. “I understand. I’ll be out in a minute, okay?”


Monica rose from the bed. She had told the truth, if she weren’t sore from her session earlier that day, she would have needed to masturbate. She was wet, but the soreness kept her from trying to come. She knew the horniness wouldn’t last long, so she went back to the den and started watching The Big Show Show on Netflix. As she watched, she tried to picture every girl in the show naked, even J.J., the youngest, and lying on a bed masturbating themselves and each other. She saved the fantasy for later when her pussy wasn’t so sore.


The week had passed all too quickly for Beth. Their fun at the beach had been great, but their fun in the bedroom had turned out to be a lot greater. Beth had no idea so much fun could be had with a girlfriend. Katie had learned about sex from her cousin and had, as she put it, finally gotten up the nerve to approach Beth with what she wanted to do for fun.

Katie’s cousin, Diane, had come for a visit over spring break a few months ago with her family. Beth remembered when Katie was busy with having to spend time with her cousin instead of hanging out with her. She’d felt jealous and left out, but she understood. Family was family, and she knew if her own cousins had visited, her parents wouldn’t have allowed her to go spend time with Katie. But still, she’d missed Katie during that week. Now, she was happy Diane had visited. She was thirteen and had taught Katie a lot. Now, Katie had taught her the same things.

And, damn, they were fun!

Beth had known that her pussy was sometimes a source of pleasurable feelings, but nothing like what she’d experienced over the past week. She had heard about orgasms and coming, but she’d always dismissed them. Now, she knew she had dismissed them because she had no idea just how wonderful they could be. In the past week, they had become almost all she’d thought about. After that first night when Katie had talked her into messing around, which had actually been the third night at the beach, Beth had begun looking forward to bedtime more and more.

They had also snuck off into the sand dunes to get themselves off one afternoon. Things had gone fine until a couple of boys came along. They’d managed to pull their bikini bottoms up just in time as the boys, who were teenagers, topped the hill of the dune overlooking their hiding place. The boys had acted as if they knew exactly what had been going on, but she and Katie had ignored them the best they could and ran off.

That had been their one and only attempt at masturbating at the beach. There were just too many people who could come along. If the boys hadn’t been talking to each other, they would have come upon two eleven-year-old girls rubbing away at their pussies.

That had been the day after the first evening when Katie had shown Beth how to masturbate. It had taken a while, but the resulting waves of throbbing pleasure had hooked Beth like cocaine or something. She was instantly addicted to coming. She’d told Katie this, and her friend had giggled and said, “I know, huh?”

On the night after the fiasco on the dunes, Katie had shown her how they could have more fun by humping each other’s thighs and hips. They had rubbed themselves against each other until they both came. Then Katie had shown her about multiple orgasms by lying back after that and masturbating, making herself come again.

Then last night, their final night at the beach, had been the best. Katie confessed to having licked her cousin’s pussy while her cousin licked hers. “It’s called a sixty-nine because it sort of forms those two numbers with each other’s face buried in the other’s pussy,” Katie explained.

Beth had heard of sixty-nines but hadn’t known what they were, only that it had something to do with sex. Of course, she had thought sex could only happen between a boy and a girl, but now she knew better. She still liked boys, but it was nice to know she didn’t have to wait to grow up to have sex. She could have sex with another girl and have all the fun without worrying about getting pregnant.

She and Katie did a sixty-nine, and Beth had been in heaven the entire time. Both the feeling of Katie’s lips and tongue on her pussy and the taste of Katie’s pussy had worked together to create a world Beth knew she could never abandon. Yes, she liked boys, but she would always like sex with girls, too.

As they rode along, Katie turned a mischievous smile toward her. They each had a pillow to lean their heads against if they wanted to nap, and Katie had placed her pillow in her lap. Beth wondered what that smile meant. It was obviously a naughty one, as if she was doing something she didn’t want to get caught doing. So of course, Beth wrinkled her brow at her as if to ask What?

Katie reached out and took her hand and brought it under the pillow. Beth’s eyes went wide when Katie placed her hand against her bare pussy. Beth reached further down and found her panties and shorts around her thighs. She had managed to undo her shorts and pull them down with her panties to expose her pussy. The pillow was the only thing hiding what she was doing.

Katie nodded at Beth’s pillow, indicating she wanted Beth to join her. Beth, however, wasn’t so sure about this. What if her parents stopped for gas or something? They’d have to pull their shorts and panties back up, which if hurried would be obvious to anyone who was watching.

Still, the feeling of her hand against Katie’s pussy was making her own pussy swell and get creamy. Glancing at the front seat area, she saw that Katie’s father was driving and paying attention to the road. Her mom was leaning against her own pillow, taking a nap. Beth cut her eyes at Katie, who grinned and nodded again toward Beth’s pillow.

Sighing, Beth nonchalantly placed the pillow over her hips. Then, reaching underneath it, she casually unbuttoned her shorts and pretended to rearrange herself in the seat to allow her to pull them down, along with her panties. She was careful not to pull them down too much; otherwise, anyone who looked back at them would see her shorts bunched at her knees.

Katie reached over and slipped her hand underneath Beth’s pillow, her hand coming to rest on Beth’s mound. Her fingers began to play with Beth’s clit. She gave Beth one last grin before turning to look out the window at the passing scenery as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

Beth realized she needed to return the favor, so she slid her hand beneath Katie’s pillow and began stroking her pussy.

Neither of them had much in the way of pubic hair. Actually, they both had little more than peach fuzz. Still, Beth could feel the soft down as she played with her friend’s pussy. Though she shouldn’t have been, she was surprised that Katie’s pussy was already very wet. She only hoped the pillow would mask the sounds of her fingers rolling around in the wetness.

Soon, both girls were getting close to orgasms. Beth noticed Katie’s breathing was becoming more ragged as the climax approached. Then she realized her own breathing was more or less matching Katie’s.

The sheer naughtiness of what they were doing helped spur them toward coming. The idea they were masturbating each other within two feet of Katie’s parents made their excitement grow until their orgasms were only seconds away, then the wave crested and they were both in ecstasy.

Beth marveled that they were coming together, something that had not happened in their few times together. They managed to control their shivers and maintain their total silence throughout their orgasms as they each continued to stare out the window, pretending to watch the passing trees and such while actually seeing nothing but their own fantasies. For Beth, that fantasy had begun to revolve around her sister. She had realized days ago that continuing her self-pleasure would be difficult with her sister in the same room. Then it had occurred to her that if Katie and her cousin could have fun together, why couldn’t she and her sister? Maybe she could talk Monica into doing what she and Katie had done.

When they had caught their breath, they managed to pull up their shorts and panties. Just as they were done with this, Katie’s father pulled into a rest area for everyone to use the bathroom. As Katie and Beth walked toward the restroom building, they hung back.

“That was close,” Beth said. “What if we’d still been doing it when he pulled off?”

“Then I’d have set a new world’s record for getting my shorts and panties back up.” They giggled together.

“Don’t you think they’d have noticed?” Beth asked.

“I’d just say I had a bad itch and pretend I was scratching it, which wouldn’t exactly be a lie.” They laughed again, holding on to each other as they walked into the bathroom. They didn’t speak until they left the bathroom, but Beth picked up the conversation from where it left off as they ambled to the car where Katie’s parents waited.

“An itch, huh? Wow, you have a plan for everything.”

“Hey, it’s not the first time I’ve done that in the backseat. It gets boring in the car just riding. A girl’s gotta have some fun, right?”

“Oh my God! You’ve masturbated in the back seat with your parents right there before?”

“Yeah, but only once when we went to visit some of my parents’ friends over Memorial Day weekend. It was a four-hour drive, and it got so boring, I just decided to do it with them sitting right there. I figured out the whole ‘I got an itch’ thing before pulling my clothes down.”

“Wouldn’t it have looked kinda weird if we both had an itch, though?”

Katie burst out laughing. “Shit! I never thought of that!”

The rest of the ride home was uneventful. The girls, having satisfied their craving for another orgasm, talked about normal things while Katie’s parents talked in the front seat. When they arrived at Beth’s to drop her off, Beth’s mom and sister came out to welcome her home. Tori talked to Katie’s parents, asking if Beth had behaved. Of course, they said she had. Beth smiled at this answer, thinking their response might be different if they knew about the sex she and their daughter had enjoyed.

Tori told Beth that her father wouldn’t be home for a few more days since he was on a business trip. “It’s just us girls!” her mother had said. Her mother and Monica had exchanged a look when she’d said that, and Beth was intrigued at its meaning. It was as if they were sharing some kind of private joke. For her part, Beth couldn’t wait to get Monica alone to talk about sex. They’d never talked about it before, but Beth was certain Monica wouldn’t say anything to their mother if she confessed what had happened with a suggestion they might have the same kind of fun. Beth planned to bring up Katie’s cousin with Monica as proof that girls who were related to each other could have that kind of fun.

She and Monica were even closer in age than Katie and her cousin Diane. If Beth had these kinds of feelings in her pussy, maybe Monica had had them, too. She hoped so. It would make talking her into messing around easier.

She planned to use Katie’s tactic of easing into things. She and Katie had begun with just masturbation, moving to masturbating each other, then humping, and finally a sixty-nine. It had taken nearly the entire week to get to that point. Of course, the good news was that she had more than a week to talk her older sister into fooling around and moving into more fun as time went on. Beth had said nothing to Katie about her plans with her sister. First, she didn’t want to have to keep her up-to-date with any progress, and second, she didn’t want to admit failure if Monica wasn’t interested. If that happened, she would just keep it to herself.

As she set her bag on her bed to begin unpacking, Monica asked if she had fun.

Now or never, Beth thought and mentally crossed her fingers.

“More than that! We had a blast!”

“So, what’d you guys do?”

Beth looked at Monica. She was obviously expecting a typical answer, like ‘played on the beach,’ or ‘ate at some cool seafood restaurants’. “If I tell you, you promise you won’t tell Mom or Dad?”

Monica hesitated. “I can’t promise that if you guys did drugs.”

“Then I guess I can’t tell you.”

“Holy shit! You guys did drugs? That’s so not cool, Beth!”

“No, silly. We didn’t do drugs, but at least now what we did won’t sound so bad if you don’t like it.” Beth knew her sister hated the idea of drugs and would have told if she’d confessed to doing any, which of course she never would. Sex was her drug of choice, anyway.

Monica visibly relaxed. “Don’t do that. You scared the shit out of me.”


“So, you gonna tell me what y’all did that’s so secret?”

Monica waited for her sister’s answer. She thought maybe she was going to confess to shoplifting or something or sneaking out at night after everyone was asleep. She felt her eyes widen at what her sister said.

“We had sex.”

“Oh my God! You fucked a boy?!” Monica squealed.

Beth grinned at her sister in disbelief. “Not on your life. We did it with each other.”

Despite all the fantasies she’d been having about her sister this past week since her talk with her mother, Monica had never expected her sister would come home from her trip to the beach and confess to having sex with her friend Katie. Suddenly, all the worry about how she would go about seducing Beth flew out the window.

“Fuck a duck! You’re joking!”

“No. Katie taught me a lot this week.”

“Like what?” Beth stared into her sister’s eyes and could see she was extremely interested in hearing about this. She leaned forward from where she sat on her own bed in anticipation.

“Well, it started with masturbation. Have you ever tried it?”

Monica now had no problem admitting these things to her sister, of course. “Yeah. You have no idea how many nights I had to wait until you went to sleep to do it.”

Beth giggled. “Really?”


“You shoulda woke me up and taught me about it!”

“I didn’t think you’d have taken so well. I figured you might tell Mom.”

“Well, from now on, you don’t have to bother waiting for me to go to sleep. I’ll just join in.”

“So she taught you about masturbation, huh?” Monica asked, grinning.

“And more.”

“Like what?” Again, Monica was leaning forward, impatient to hear the details.

“Well, like masturbating each other and humping each other.”

“Shit! Y’all did that?”


“Did you like it?”

“You see me grinning, don’t you?” Beth said with a laugh.

“Wow. That is so…cool!”

“Do you find it,” she gave a half shrug, “exciting?”

Monica could see where she was taking this and wanted to jump up and down and whoop for joy. “What do you mean by ‘exciting’?”

“Have you ever tried messing around with another girl?” Beth asked.

“Are you suggesting that we mess around like that?” Monica asked, grinning. The smile reminded Beth of Katie’s grin on the car ride home from the beach.

“The idea crossed my mind once or twice this week. Or maybe even more than that.”



“I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do more right now.”

“Is Monica getting hot with all this sexy talk about having sex with her little sister?” Beth asked, teasing her with a little-girl voice.

With that, Monica began to undress. Beth was shocked. This was even bolder than what she and Katie did in the backseat. They could have pulled up their shorts if needed before being caught. If she and Monica were naked and messing around and their mother opened their bedroom door, there was absolutely no way to explain it.

“Wait a minute! Now? Mom could walk in!” Beth protested.

“Well, you know what they say, no time like the present.” By this time, Monica was down to just her panties, the small bud of her nipples standing out in their puffiness.

“Jeez. We have to wait until bedtime. I’m serious. What if Mom walked in on us when we had our fingers in each other’s pussy or something?”

Monica figured it was time to tell Beth the facts about their mom.

“We’ve already watched each other masturbate,” Monica said, recalling the day a few days after she watched her mother masturbate when Monica invited her mom to watch her as a sort of payback. Her mom had joined in, taking off her clothes and lying back on Beth’s bed. They had watched each other come and agreed it wouldn’t be their last time doing that together.

Monica’s statement, however, confused Beth. “Who are you talking about?”


“Wait a second! You and Mom have watched each other masturbate? Are you shitting me?”

“Nope. In fact, just the day before yesterday, she was lying on your bed, naked, masturbating.”

Beth stood there, staring at her sister, trying to determine if she were lying just to see if she’d believe her. Her face, though, suggested that wasn’t the case. Monica appeared to be telling the truth.

“Holy fuck! You’re telling the truth!”

Monica nodded. “She actually asked me to seduce you and tell her all about it.”

“Mom?! Our mother? The woman who’s out there right now somewhere in the house?”

“One and the same.” Monica stepped over to her little sister and began pulling her top over her head, exposing her own breast buds, her left one slightly larger than her right, but still no bigger than a large marble.

After stripping off her panties, Monica reached for Beth’s shorts. Beth just stood there, marveling at the news about their mother. She had never considered her in a sexual way, but now the thought of watching her mother masturbate made her pussy swell and moisten. This reaction was only heightened by what her older sister was doing, which was to push her shorts and panties to the floor to be stepped out of, which Beth did.

They were both naked now. They’d seen each other naked nearly every day since childhood, but now that sight affected each of them in a totally different way. For the first time, they saw each other sexually, like lovers, not sisters. The mere fact they were sisters made the moment even more thrilling, increasing their sexual response. The thought of that word—incest—made their pussies drip. Yes, it was incest, but the beauty of it was that this kind of incest could not get either of them pregnant, even if they were old enough to become so. They could enjoy each other like this every night, and they would be safe.

Not only that, but their mother was encouraging it, so they would never get in trouble for having a sexual relationship.

It was the best of all worlds.

Now, Beth understood her mother’s mischievous look toward Monica when she’d said it was “only us girls.” She was giving Monica a sort of high sign, as if to say, ‘yes, you and Beth can do whatever you please with each other tonight. I’m the only one who will know and you won’t be in any trouble for it.’

Monica leaned in and kissed Beth, her lips feeling like melted butter on her younger sister’s lips. She and Katie had kissed, but it was nothing like this. Monica was a better kisser. She wondered where she’d learned to kiss like this. Was she just a natural at it? With that thought, she wondered if maybe she’d not learned about it this week from someone special. Had there been more than just masturbating going on?

As Monica’s tongue explored the inside of Beth’s mouth and tongue, her hand went to her boobs. She gently caressed the tiny nubs that grew there, first one then the other. She was careful because she knew all too well how painful nipples could be as they grew.

Then she broke the kiss and leaned her head down, taking her little sister’s left nipple into her mouth and sucking gently before licking it and moving to the other nipple, the smaller one. She moved back up and began kissing Beth’s neck, gentle kisses that grew to more insistent and finally sucking the flesh there.

As she did this, her hand moved down her sister’s torso to her pussy. She began toying with it, making the juices flow even more.

Soon, they were on Monica’s bed. Beth decided that waiting to move into other ways of playing with each other was no longer called for. She twisted her body around and soon, the sisters were in a passionate sixty-nine, each one savoring the taste of the other’s pussy. They moaned and grunted with abandon, not caring if their mother heard their cries of pleasure.

For her part, Monica was screaming even louder just for their mother. She wanted her to hear what was happening in their bedroom. She longed for her to open the door and join them, or at least watch and masturbate.

When nobody opened the door, she could stand it no longer. “Mom!” she called, wanting their mother to see this. Wanting her to know exactly what was happening. Hoping she would watch and at least strip down to nothing and masturbate while enjoying the show they could put on for her.

Within seconds, the door opened. The girls stopped what they were doing long enough to look at her. Monica, for one, smiled at the vision that greeted her.

Their mother was naked, one hand pinching a nipple, the other rubbing her clit. The lust in her eyes made them glaze over. She was near her own climax, just as they were.

Monica had told her mother she had never licked a pussy before. Now, her mother knew that wasn’t true. Now, she knew that the first pussy Monica had ever licked was her little sister’s. She hoped it reminded Mom of how her own older sister had seduced her, back when she was younger than Beth was now.

As her daughters began to come, Tori felt her own waves of immense pleasure begin to wash over her. Her hand became a blur. She pinched her nipples, first one then the other, with a fierceness that made them ache beautifully. Her climax washed over her as she listened to her daughters coming as well.

When they had finished and untangled from each other to lie side-by-side, she could hold back no longer. She fell upon the bed with them, her face at their middles. She licked Monica first and then Beth, savoring the delicious flavor of their young juices. Soon, she was licking only Beth as Monica moved to lick her mother, tasting the fluids directly from her pussy for the first time.

Beth came for a second time, the third time that day counting the adventure in the car. When Beth had finished with her climax, Tori moved to Monica. She began licking her older daughter as Beth now moved to lick her mother to leave Monica to enjoy the pleasure of their mother licking her. Soon, Monica came and Tori lay back, motioning her daughters to use her for their pleasure. The sisters moved to their mother’s pussy and licked her in tandem, one at her vaginal opening to drink the fluids rushing out of her, the other at her clit, then switching places, until Tori was screaming out her orgasm.

The girls slept with their mother that night and every night when their father was away on business, which didn’t happen often enough for Monica and Beth. This arrangement, however, gave them the most amazing life as they went through their teen years. The girls shared a dorm room in college beginning with Monica’s sophomore year when Beth was a freshman.

Their father finally figured out they were more than sisters when they moved in together after Beth graduated from college. He had wondered about their relationship when they’d argued against the family moving to a different house where they would have their own bedrooms, instead choosing to get a Queen-size bed to share, replacing the small twin beds. That they now lived in a three-bedroom house alone while sharing the master suite said everything. Not only that, but when Tori wanted to visit them without him, he knew everything.

Being an open-minded man, he was fine with the whole thing. He only wished he’d known about it from the start.

The End


Adieu from Cheryl Taggert

  • Posted on September 18, 2018 at 9:33 am

I first must apologize for being out of contact to my friends and online family here at JS. I’ve been working on my second novel, which must be finished by the end of September. Yes, in the mainstream publishing world, there are firm deadlines. My first novel is due out sometime in early 2019. They expect it to be a moderate success at least. No, I cannot tell anyone at JS about it. That would make finding out my real identity too easy, and I am still very protective of that.

Even those I got to know well online were never told my real name. Only Naughty Mommy and JetBoy know my real first name. (No, it’s not Cheryl.) They don’t know my real last name, however. I once told someone I got to know what she thought was my real last name, but I was lying there, too. It turns out that was a good thing. She eventually tried to get me in trouble with “the authorities,” mostly because she’s mental.

Anyway, I thought I would finally come here to say my final farewell. I will be visiting the site, and I’ve been given permanent admin access because of my situation as an original founder. (Thanks, y’all!)

Anyway, here is my good-bye. It’s difficult even now months after I made the decision.

To Naughty Mommy: Thank you so much for being there for me when I needed it most. I went through some bad moments, and despite your own problems, you were always there for me. That’s really something, especially considering we’ve never met in person before. Thank you for being part of a team of what was two for asking me to join in on this endeavor. Being a part of this has been a joy. I see it is still having some possible problems, but hopefully that will all work out fine in the long run.

To Danny/JetBoy: You’ve been like the big brother I never had. I will miss you greatly. You have given me a shoulder to cry on more times than I can count. You’ve listened to me in emails as I complained about this and that, mostly inconsequential things, and you never once told me I was wrong to feel the way I did. Mostly, you never once made any stupid remarks about how I was being too emotional, which shamefully is a hallmark of some men in this world. I love you and am so happy to have known you. Thank you for joining Naughty Mommy in contacting me and asking if I wanted to be a part of this. It has been a labor of love, but I must move on now. I am saddened and thrilled at the same time.

To PoppaBear: I’ve known you longer than anyone else since deciding to write my first erotica piece when I was only nineteen. I remember that you commented to me in an email years ago, telling me how good a writer I am. You inspired me to do more, and I don’t know that I would have ever attempted to write a novel, erotica or mainstream, without your encouragement. Thank you. You’ve been wonderful. I am saddened by the personal news I only discovered today. I know all will be well with you and your family, but please know that my thoughts are with you.

To Amanda Lynn: We only had a chance to work together for a short time, but you impressed me, not only with your technical knowledge of things that totally escape me and my very right brained personality, but also your demeanor online and your writing, which is to say the least, HOT! Thank you for stepping in when you did and handling this difficult job with expertise and a style that speaks well of you. I will miss you!

And finally, to my readers: I saved you for last because you are the most important. I will always remember the encouragement you gave me as I did my best to improve my writing to entertain you, not to mention turn you on to excess! Thank you to everyone who stuck with my tome I Was the Daughter of a Porn Star. I hope you felt the long book was worth the read. It was during the writing of this book that I realized I could write a mainstream novel. Now, I have indeed done that, and found an agent who likewise found a publisher for my book. I have also managed to get several short stories published in literary journals as well, improving my writer’s resume. My stories will remain here at Juicy Secrets, and I hope you enjoy them. I know two were never finished, but perhaps one of my colleagues will decide to tackle them and finish them one day.

So while I will be a visitor here on occasion and might even put together a blog about writing to post here once in a while, I must say adieu for now. Lisa is happy for me, and we will still read the material here at what I still consider to be the best erotica site on the Internet.

It’s been a great three-plus years!

All my love,



So When Will I Hear Back?

  • Posted on June 2, 2018 at 10:05 am

By: Cheryl Taggert

This blog entry is mostly for those who are interested in submitting work to Juicy Secrets, but I hope it is of interest to everyone. It will provide some “behind the scenes” information and ask for patience when submitting work.

So, here is the process and how we handle things here at Juicy Secrets.

Let’s say an erotica author, Ima Writer, submits a story to the Juicy Secrets email address ([email protected]). First, Ima gets a gold star because she read the Submission Guidelines like any author submitting to a publication would (either online or in print). If Ima is truly a writer, she is aware that all organizations that accept work for publication are not joking about those submission guidelines. In fact, they are actually misnamed. They should be called “Submission Requirements.” Calling them guidelines suggests following them is optional if you want your work considered for publication. They aren’t. Mainstream editors (i.e., those who get paid to read submitted material) discard any submissions to them that don’t follow the guidelines without reading a word of the text. That is a completely true statement.

Next, one of the site’s staff (unpaid, by the way) opens the site email, which is checked every few days, though sometimes a week or more might pass before we get around to it. (Hey, it’s our email; we can check it as time permits.) The staff member who opens the email notices Ima’s submission. He or she probably reads a bit of it, if not all, before forwarding it to the rest of the staff for consideration. If an opinion has been formed by the first person to see it, that opinion is usually included in the email. We will see things like, “I looked at it and think it would be good for the site with a little tweaking,” or “It’s not bad, but it needs a lot of work.” The worst thing to see is, “I really didn’t like it because (various reasons discussed here).” Another bad thing to find is a story that is good as far as the story itself goes, but the work will need a lot of editing before it is made available for our readers. Remember, you come here to read what is offered because of the quality of the fiction we share. You want wankers (fast tales with no build-up or sense of character) or numerous typos? Go elsewhere, please. Speaking of typos, they demonstrate an amateur approach to writing. You should be sending things you’ve at least cleaned up a bit. Any writing you send us should always be the best you can make it before you press “SEND.” As I’ve said before, a first draft is good for only two things: editing or the trash can. And that goes for every author you’ve ever read, even the really famous ones (in fact, especially the really famous ones.)

Another good thing to try is reading your story out loud. You can catch far more errors doing that than if you read it silently. If you’re like me and have a spouse who also enjoys erotica like ours, it can be a LOT of fun, believe me!

Okay, so staff member A opens the email, reads at least some of it, and forwards the rest for us to read and make a decision. Staff members B, C, and D (yep, that’s all of us) read the story and we exchange emails, sometimes over the course of a week or more, about the story and our individual reactions to it. The clincher here is that the site owners (at this point JetBoy and I, since Naughty Mommy is unable for the time being to participate more than sporadically at best) have final say on any story. If either one of us says no, the story will not appear on the Juicy Secrets website. When Naughty Mommy returns full-time, she will also have veto power on a story. It’s not a “majority rules” decision, and it never has been. Occasionally, one of the site’s owners voting “no” has been convinced to go along with publishing a story if the other(s) are in favor of it, but that is a rare occurrence. Amanda Lynn and PoppaBear have input, but their votes lack veto power.

Once a final decision is made, one of us will contact the author and inform him or her that the story has either been accepted or rejected. If it is rejected, we try to give some of the reasons why. None of us are much in favor of the “form rejection.” Also, even acceptances can come with a “but it needs a little more work” comment. Usually, a “no” response from the author regarding our offer to help improve the story results in a “Then no thanks” from us.

This process can take as much as two or three weeks if we are busy with lots of things. For instance, since the transition involving bringing Amanda Lynn and PoppaBear on, things have sometimes been rather hectic. They’re calming down a bit now, but any change in how things are handled causes a hectic atmosphere for at least a little while.

Now, let’s compare this to the “real” publishing world in which non-erotic stories are submitted for publication in print and/or electronic periodicals. I submit to these publications. At least once a week, sometimes more often, I submit a short story (non-erotic) to a journal. This is accomplished through a service called Duotrope, which has listings of hundreds of periodicals and what each is looking for in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual art, etc. I submit to these with full knowledge of their “average response time.” For each of these periodicals, there is generally a small percentage of submitted work that never receives a response, either positive or negative. In other words, an author will submit his or her work and never hear back from the periodical. Never. Generally, the average response time is around 3-6 months. That means that when I submit a story, I can expect not to hear one word about it for at least three months.

Fortunately, many of these publications accept what is known as “simultaneous submissions,” meaning they will accept a story, etc., that has been submitted somewhere else at the same time. It’s a “first to accept gets to publish it” kind of thing. Mostly, however, stories receive a form rejection. It’s worded something like this: “Thank you for your recent submission to XYZ Magazine. Unfortunately, it does not match what we are looking for at this time.” That’s it. I have many emails that say this. However, the good news is that I have also received an email from one publication that has accepted a story of mine. Now, if I can just get a few more of those.

So, dear writers of erotica, keep in mind that if we take two weeks or even three to respond with a decision, it could be much worse. Also, consider this: Perhaps we’ve not contacted you because one of us is trying to convince someone to accept your work instead of reject it. (Yes, that happens here at Juicy Secrets, as well as at mainstream literature publishers, though it’s not successful often in either case.)

Once we have accepted your story, we edit it before it goes in the queue. A date is decided by our webmaster, Amanda Lynn, for when your story will be published at our site. It could be a week, or it could be longer. If the story needs editing, it could be considerably longer. JetBoy, PoppaBear, and I all do editing. (I’ve done more since feeling much better.) This includes the stories from other sites we wish to publish in our archive as well. There is always a lot on our plates as far as editing goes, and adding unpublished stories to that mix can cause a delay to get your story posted on the site.

The good news is once we accept your story, we will usually accept more from you. If we accept the first few chapters of a longer work, we expect you to complete the work at some point. If you don’t think you can finish it, don’t submit it.

A quick story here about that. Purple Les sent us the first chapter of her now famous “My Family, Friends, and Sex,” with a note that it was her first effort at writing a story. While there were some things to clean up, I daresay anyone who has read it knows it’s a very hot, and immensely well-told narrative. Purple Les has talent. Chapter 28 of that saga was posted recently. She knows how many more chapters will be written before the book is done. She would tell you she was never a professional writer, but she also has perseverance in addition to the talent, and she will see things through to the end. Of course, it is our sincerest wish and hope that this is not her LAST effort by any means. She promised to keep at it until she’d told the whole tale, and she has–or at least she will be finished soon. We understand when life interferes or a sort of writer’s block occurs with a story. But you should plan on finishing a work. You don’t need to be a professional writer to accomplish writing a long work, as Purple Les has demonstrated–very admirably.

So, please be patient when you submit to us. We try to reply to all emails when we open them to assure the author their work has been received and is being considered. That is something we are trying to do a better job of. Also, please remember we are all volunteers. Nobody gets one penny for doing any of this. It is all strictly a labor of love.

Thank you for reading this. If you have a story you wish to submit, by all means, send it on. Just be sure to click the link to the Submission Guidelines above first. Then read and follow them! Also, if you see a story somewhere else that you think is good enough for the archive, tell us that as well. But we ask that you PLEASE use the email for that, not the comments section of a story or any of the website’s different areas. Our acceptance or rejection of a story for the archive, for whatever reason, should not be a public discussion.

Now, happy reading and writing!


Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 19

  • Posted on May 19, 2018 at 10:03 am

By: Cheryl Taggert

Candace took a deep breath. It helped calm her nerves to know her older sister Pauline knew Candace was aware of the child porn Pauline owned but had kept a secret. Pauline had wondered at first if Candace was going to call the police about the illegal DVD’s. Her reply had put Pauline at ease. She suggested it was time for everyone to confess to their illicit sexual behaviors. Of course, Pauline didn’t know that Lexi knew about the DVD’s, nor did she know that Lexi was extremely experienced in lesbian sex, not to mention years of masturbation as well.

But Pauline was about to find out. And if all went as planned, they would all be having a lot more fun together in the future.

“Well?” Pauline asked. “What kind of confession could you possibly make that would be anything like what you know about me now?”

“First, let me ask you a few questions,” Candace said, wanting to maintain the upper hand in this conversation. Pauline was ten years older than she was and was used to being in charge. Candace would now need to assert herself to be in charge now.

“I guess that’s fair,” Pauline said.

“How long have you enjoyed fantasizing about little girls?”

Pauline blushed and swallowed. This would not be an easy conversation, regardless where it went. “For a while now.”

“What’s a while? A year? Five years? Ten?”

“Longer,” Pauline admitted.

“So since you were younger than I am now?”

Pauline nodded, afraid to speak.

“C’mon. Out with it,” Candace said. “How old were you when you first knew you wanted to have sex with a little girl?”


“Who was it?”

“Don’t make me say it, Candace. Please,” Pauline said, shaking her head gently.

“Sorry, Pauline. I have to.”

“You already can guess, can’t you?”

Candace could see she would have to say it. “Was it me?” Pauline nodded, unable to answer again.

“Why didn’t you try it?”

“I was scared.”

“Of what?” Candace asked.

“Of everything. I was scared because I was having those thoughts and feelings. I was scared you’d tell if I so much as touched you. Everything.”

“I wouldn’t have told.”

“I didn’t know that, and if you did, I could go to some place for delinquent girls.”

“Okay,” Candace said. “I understand, but you’ve left a lot of years of fun behind by not at least seeing how I would react to it.”

Pauline hung her head, whether from shame or regret, Candace didn’t know. “Let’s move on,” she said. “Where did you get those DVD’s?”

“Online. I found someone online that I got to know and she sent them to me after chatting with me for over a year. We got to know each other rather well. We’d do video chat online and masturbate for each other. I used a P.O. box in Fremont. I was surprised she actually sent them. When I got a notice a package was there for pickup, I was scared to claim it. Then I figured if someone knew what it was, I could claim someone must have sent it by mistake or as some sick joke or something, but when I claimed it, nobody said or did anything. They had no idea what was in the package.”

You and this woman would chat and masturbate together online?”


“How did you find out she had stuff like this?”

“We talked about our fantasies, and she confessed she had one about little girls. I couldn’t believe it. I had actually met someone online who had the same feelings and desires I did. We would get on camera and play with ourselves while talking about what we’d do if we had a little girl who was interested in doing things with us.”

“How long ago did you get the movies?”

“About a year. We still chat sometimes.”

“Is she pretty?” Candace asked, wondering if the woman might get repaid for taking such a chance by getting to watch Lexi with her mom.

“Pretty enough, I suppose. She’s not ugly or obese or anything. Just . . . average, I guess.”

“Have you ever thought about Lexi in that way?”

Pauline stared at her sister, wondering why she would want to know every intimate detail of her sexual fantasy life. She asked her. “Why would you want to know that? Do I have to tell you every little detail?”

“Yes, you do. Don’t worry, my own confession is coming.”

“Okay, yes. I have. She’s such a pretty girl, but of course, I could never do anything about it. She had no idea how many times I’ve walked in on her when she was taking a bath just to see her for later fantasies. I would even tell Janet about it.”

“Janet’s your friend from online?”

“Yes,” Pauline said.

“Why haven’t you tried something with Lexi?”

“Are you crazy? She’s my daughter! Having a fantasy about it is all fine, but to do it–really do it–is out of the question!”


“Because! She’d end up having nightmares about how her mommy had sex with her! She’d end up needing therapy, and I’d end up in jail for raping my own daughter!”

Candace decided it was time she let her big sister know about all the fun she and Lexi had been having for the past five years.

“Okay, maybe after I tell you a few things about me, you’ll not feel that way,” Candace said. She looked over at Pauline, who looked frightened while at the same time looking curious. It was as if she longed to hear the confession but afraid of what it could be.

“Do you remember my friend Phyllis?”

“The one who died in the accident?” Pauline asked.

“Yeah. Remember how we were inseparable?”

Pauline figured out at least where part of this was going. “Oh, my. Did the two of you have sex?”

Candace smiled. “Just all the fucking time.”

“I never realized it,” Pauline said.

“That’s too bad. You could have had us both.”

“How old were the two of you when you started?”

“Like a week after we met.”

“Oh, my! Really?!”


“But you were only–what?–ten when you met?”


“So the two of you were doing things with each other–sexual things–when you were only ten?”

Candace nodded. “And that’s not all.”

“It’s not? What else could there be? I mean, having sex with a girl your age when you were ten is enough, don’t you think?”

“Nothing is ever enough when it comes to sex–for Phyllis or me.”

“Then what? What did you do that was more than that?”

“We seduced Lexi.”

Pauline’s face showed the utter shock she experienced from that statement. “Lexi?! My Lexi?!” Candace nodded.


“When she was five.”

“Oh, my God! You’ve been having sex with Lexi since she was only five? Do five-year-olds even like sex?”

“Of course they do, if it’s handled properly. You have a DVD that proves that,” Candace said. “That one is a mom with her daughter who’s only about five or six. It’s obvious that wasn’t their first time in bed together. That little girl was LOVING what her mom was doing to her. She was coming, in case you didn’t notice.”

“Oh, my God! I guess you’re right.” Pauline looked at her younger sister. “You mean Lexi likes it? The way that little girl in the video likes it?”

“Even more. I mean, she’s been doing this with me since she was five. She’s ten now. She is very experienced and extremely good at making love with a woman.”

“So the two of you have been involved with each other since she was five?”


“And she enjoys–”

“Everything,” Candace said, finishing her older sister’s sentence.

Pauline flushed, her face growing hot as the blush spread up her neck and onto her face. “Does she know how to–”

“Everything, Pauline. She does everything and she loves doing everything . . . as well as having everything done to her.”

“Then the nights she would stay with you . . . the two of you would–”

“Fuck each other’s brains out.”

“How did you and Phyllis get her to do these things?”

“We just asked her if she wanted to play big girl games with us. She took to it like a golden retriever to swimming.”

“And she’s never expressed any shame or guilt?”

“Of course not. Think about it, Pauline. People don’t feel guilty until they get caught doing things they shouldn’t and people start heaping shame on them. Until that point, they love what they’re doing. Otherwise, they’d stop doing it.”

“Oh, my God. You’re right.”

“Of course, I’m right,” Candace said. “And what’s more, Lexi wants to have sex with you, too. In fact, her idea was to join you in the shower today and start sucking your boobs and fingering you to let you know about how we found your private stash of kiddie porn.”

“Holy shit! I’d have fainted!”

“That’s what I said. Anyway, she’s in her room right now, probably playing with her pussy just thinking about what might happen.”

“Do you think I should?” Pauline asked.

Candace was exasperated. “Do I think you should?! I think you should have seduced me when I was five! Why in the world would you pass up an opportunity like this? You’re not forcing her to do anything, believe me. For the last five years, you’ve had the world’s most sexually charged pre-pubescent girl! Don’t you think it’s about time you do something about it? Let’s go have sex with each other. A lesbian incest threesome. What could be better?”

“You want to have sex with me, too?”

“Duh! Of course, unless nineteen is too old for you. My pussy is absolutely creaming with the thought of it!”

“Are you sure Lexi wants this?”

“Where have you been the past ten minutes?”

Pauline stared at her bedroom door, thinking about what awaited her through that door and just down the hallway. The girl she’d lusted about for the past few years. Her daughter. Lexi. Ten-year-old, sexy–HORNY–Lexi. And she was more than willing to do everything her mother ever fantasized about.

She looked at her little sister and nodded. “Okay.”

“Great! But first, we have to be properly undressed,” Candace said, and laughed. She began pulling Pauline’s top off while Pauline just sat there, a blank look on her face as she tried to take this all in. When Candace pulled her own top off and said, “Well?” Pauline started undressing herself. Soon, the sisters were naked.

Pauline stared at her sister and her shaved pubes, feeling her mouth watering already over the sight. “I’m so sorry I never tried to seduce you when you were little.”

“I am too, but you can make up for it with Lexi.”

With that, Candace pushed her older sister back onto the bed and said, “Call Lexi in here” before diving face-first into Pauline’s pussy. “I’ve waited to taste this since I was little,” she declared and sunk her tongue into Pauline’s wet pussy for the first time.

“Oh,” Pauline said. “Oh, shit, that feels good.”

Candace stopped licking long enough to say, “Call Lexi.”

“Oh, yeah,” Pauline said before hollering toward her door, “Lexi? Come in here, please!”

Candace couldn’t help laughing and lifting her face for a second to say, “I’m sure she will!” Then she returned to the feast she was enjoying.

Seconds later, the door burst open, and Lexi was standing there, a huge grin on her face as she took in what was happening on her mother’s bed. She jumped up and down for a few seconds, clapping before shouting, “YAY!” Then she stripped off her clothes and joined her mother and aunt on her mom’s bed.

Lexi stared at her mother’s pussy and thought to herself, I came out of there! Her aunt had her tongue buried deep into her mother’s pussy, tasting her own sister’s juices. Lexi was jealous.

“Can I lick you?” she asked her mom. “Please?”

Pauline looked at her daughter. The ten-year-old was eager to make oral love to her own mother. The woman felt her heart swell and wondered why she’d waited so long to initiate this wonderful mother-daughter activity. Hell, she had already chastised herself over not engaging in sexual fun with her baby sister–who was no longer a baby, but had admitted she would have loved her older sister to teach her when she was one.

What she hadn’t confessed to Candace was she had licked both her pussy and Lexi’s when they were babies. She had licked her when she was still a toddler and not old enough to remember it. She’d done the same with Lexi, even going so far as to play with her pussy and lick it when she was only a baby. She’d stopped with both of them when she figured they were getting to a point they might remember what she was doing to them. It had been a difficult habit to break.

Smiling at her daughter and feeling her own body jolt at the pleasure Candace was giving her, she said, “Of course, sweetheart. We can do this as often as you like from now on.”

Lexi grinned and hugged her mother. Then she kissed her, sliding her tongue into her mother’s mouth for the first time. She relished the feel of her mother’s tongue as it danced a seductive dance with her own.

For her part, Pauline was amazed at how good a kisser her little ten-year-old daughter was. She thrilled at the sexual kiss, once again considering that she could have been doing this for the past five years if she’d only taken the chance. At this thought, she realized how much she wanted to taste her daughter’s immature pussy. But that could wait. She’d waited this long, she could manage a few more minutes.

Lexi began moving down her mother’s body, licking and kissing her way along the smooth skin, tonguing and sucking on the nipples before giving each a playful nibble. Again, Pauline was flabbergasted at the girl’s ability as a lover.

Finally, Lexi arrived at her mother’s pussy and nudged Candace aside to allow her to put her face between her mother’s legs. Sticking out her tongue, she began sliding it along her mother’s slit, from the vagina to the clit, taking note of each slippery fold until arriving at the engorged organ that was the center of sexual pleasure. Her mother’s clitoris felt like a large swollen mass beneath the thin layer of lubricated skin. Lexi considered its size. It felt like it was as big as the end of her index finger. Candace’s clit wasn’t nearly this big. It was more like the size of a bean. Her mother’s clit didn’t protrude or anything, but she could feel the mass of swollen flesh beneath as it trembled with desire.

Candace moved to where she could make oral love to her older sister’s boobs. She ended up suckling Pauline like a baby, taking the nipple into her mouth and enjoying the feel of it inside her mouth. Then she moved to the other breast, doing the same to it.

For her part, Pauline felt as though she was going to go off like a rocket, blasting off from the bed with the power of her orgasm, which was swiftly approaching. The woman noted how good Lexi was at doing this as well. She had the body of a child, but her mouth seemed to be more like the mouth of a young woman in her twenties, it was so aware of what to do and when to do it.

Finally, Pauline felt the orgasm slam into her, making her body tremble and heave. Her grunts and groans filled her bedroom, each one signalling how wonderful this was.

After a minute, she had to ease her daughter’s mouth from her pussy, the sensations were so overwhelming. Lying back, she did her best to catch her breath while allowing the sweat to evaporate and cool her body down. She knew her pussy, and it would be ready for more spasms in another ten minutes. For now, though, it needed to rest and recuperate.

Candace rose from the bed and retrieved something from her sister’s closet that Pauline didn’t realize she knew was there: a folding massage table. She’d seen it once months ago while staying overnight with Lexi while Pauline was out of town for her job. Candace had wondered why Pauline would have a massage table since she lived alone.

As she set the table up, she asked, “Where did you get this?”

Pauline looked at the table that she had nearly forgotten about it had been so long since it had been used. “Oh, my. I forgot about that. Lexi’s father and I used it when we were married.”

Candace looked at Pauline with a mischievous grin. “You think it’s okay if we start using it again?”

Pauline smiled. “Of course.”

Candace finished setting the table up and crooked her finger at Lexi. “Come here, you.”

Lexi grinned. She’d found the table as well and wondered about it. For some reason, she’d never mentioned it to either Candace or her mother.

Climbing down from the bed, Lexi went to Candace, who helped the girl onto the table. “Lie on your tummy and put your face where the hole is,” Candace instructed. “Now, just relax while your mom and I make you feel, well, orgasmic.” Candace grinned at Pauline, who rose and went over to the massage table. She remembered some amazing orgasms while lying here, but the best one was the orgasm she had not mentioned to her daughter or sister. She recalled the last time this table had been used. She and Lexi’s father’s secretary had enjoyed it one day about a week before her husband had left both her and Lexi forever by running off with that same secretary. Until today, Pauline had no desire to use the table and had considered selling it.

Now, she would make sure it was used much more often.

Candace had left the room, returning with her purse. She fished inside and brought out two tiny bottles of lubricating oils that she carried everywhere with her. Handing one to Pauline, she opened the other and squirted some into her hands, rubbing the lotion between them to warm it. Then stepping to the prone child, she began rubbing the oils over the flawless skin. She began at the girl’s feet and moved up her legs.

“You can start on her back,” Candace said, and Pauline squirted the fragrant lubricant into her palm to warm and spread on Lexi’s back.

As each woman worked, she eyed Lexi’s shapely little butt, the first of their prizes for giving the child a massage. Of course, they also knew that Lexi would enjoy the massage as well, especially when they got to those intimate areas.

As Candace rubbed Lexi’s legs, first the right, then the left, Pauline massaged Lexi’s back, moving down the shoulders toward the gorgeous butt. Pauline glanced at her younger sister and saw that she was already breathing hard from the excitement of massaging Lexi’s immature body.

Soon, both women had moved down the girl’s body to her butt. They stared at the fleshy orbs, the crack bisecting the flesh, and glanced at each other, as if for permission to move to the child’s ass.

“You take the left buttock; I’ll take the right,” Candace said, her breathing once again giving away her excitement.

Pauline moved to her daughter’s left cheek and began kneading the flesh. Lexi sighed, followed by a moan as her aunt began massaging her other butt cheek. Lexi could feel the movements stretching her butt and stimulating her anus. She felt someone’s fingers, she wasn’t sure whose, move into the crack and rub some of the scented oil there, lubricating her butthole. Then a finger popped inside, moved in and out smoothly, going in just far enough to create pleasure.

The child waited as she enjoyed the sensations flowing through her body. She waited for someone to move lower. For someone to start massaging her pussy, which lay between her legs and, from above, beneath her anus. Her legs now lay spread to the point that her feet were no longer on the table. She wasn’t sure if she moved them or her mother or aunt did. She didn’t care. She just wanted someone to touch her pussy, to rub those pleasant oils into the soft flesh there, to massage her tiny clit until she burst.

Then someone was doing just that. An oil-covered hand moved between her legs and began pinching the labia together, squeezing her clit at the same time. Then the hand extended a finger and inserted it a short way into her vagina, where it began to piston slowly in and out, matching the movements of the other finger in her butthole. Lexi felt the vibrations deep within her body. She could feel one finger fucking her butthole, another masturbating her like some small dick, riding in and out. She knew about dicks, though she’d never seen one in real life, and she knew they grew soft after an orgasm. That was the best thing about fingers. They never grew soft. They were always available to enter one of her two holes, the holes that gave her unbelievable pleasure.

“Turn onto your back,” she heard her aunt say. She didn’t really want to, but she complied. She was afraid whoever had a finger in her butt may have to pull it out, but that didn’t happen. The finger remained inside her there, as well as the one in her pussy. Whoever had a finger in her pussy was also massaging her clit with her thumb.

Then a mouth was on her there, licking her clit. She couldn’t help herself. She had to see who it was licking her, hoping it was her mother. She stretched her neck and looked down along her naked body.

What she saw made her body jolt with the pleasure. Her mother’s face was at her pussy, her tongue licking her as her mouth covered the top half of her little cunt. Candace was smiling down at the sight as well, celebrating the final union between mother and daughter. From the angles, Lexi could see it was her aunt whose finger was in her butt. That meant her mom was the one fingering her pussy.

The effect of knowing this was immediate. The orgasm that had been lurking inside since the moment she and her aunt had finalized their plan to include Lexi’s mother in their lovemaking, burst on the child without any further warning. She thrashed and moaned as wave after wave of her climax rolled throughout her body. She felt her tummy muscles clench and relax, clench and relax, as the shuddering took her.

She felt the finger being pulled out of her butt, and in a sort of dream, she saw her aunt’s pussy hovering over her mouth before the woman’s hips dropped and planted the mature cunt onto Lexi’s mouth. In seconds, the child’s nineteen-year-old aunt was sliding her pussy along Lexi’s face, stimulating Candace’s clit and smearing the natural juices onto Lexi’s mouth, nose, and face.

Then Candace was coming. She screamed out her orgasm as it rocked her. Reaching down, Candace spread her labia wide, allowing her clit to pop up from her hiding place and rub itself against her niece’s lips, tongue, teeth, and nose. She hunched her body against the child until she could take it no more.

Candace rose from the table and collapsed on her sister’s bed before she fell to the floor with the sheer energy drain the orgasm had produced. An old Victorian novel came to mind, specifically a word used back then for an orgasm. In those books, people frequently would “spend,” instead of come. Yes, she thought, I am definitely spent. She lay there, unable to move for an entire five minutes. When she again opened her eyes, it appeared all three of them had “spent” themselves into an exhausted bliss.

“I gotta sleep now,” Candace said.

“Be my guest,” Pauline answered, feeling a love for her sister she’d never experienced before. The woman looked at her daughter on the massage table. Pauline smiled as she saw that Lexi was already asleep.

Pauline lay beside her younger sister, who was already asleep herself and thought about her life and how much it had changed in the past hour. She looked over at her sister again and then at her daughter. “Yes,” she whispered to herself, “I think the change is definitely for the better.”

Relax, dear readers! Chapter 20 will be “coming” in no time! (Anyone remember Tabitha, the employee at Toys-R-Us?? She will figure in the next chapter.)


Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 18

  • Posted on May 8, 2018 at 8:43 am

By: Cheryl Taggert

When Lexi finally got home after having fun at Becky’s, she lay on her bed thinking until nearly suppertime. She wondered about the life her new friend, Becky, enjoyed. She herself had enjoyed fun with her mom’s little sister, Candace, but she never had sex with her mom. She didn’t know if she would be able to do that, but the idea intrigued her.

She thought about her time with Callie, Becky’s mom. She had sucked the woman’s boobs until the woman was moaning with the need to come. Then she’d moved down her belly, planting little kisses along the way. Lexi’s Aunt Candace loved for her to do that, and she thought maybe Callie would love it, too. She had, but not as much as she’d loved it when Lexi began licking and sucking the woman’s pussy. Callie had enjoyed three orgasms while Lexi licked her pussy and clit. Then the woman had insisted on licking Lexi. She’d told Callie she was sore from the sex she’d had with Callie’s daughters, Tanya and Becky, but she’d still managed to have another orgasm. Callie had made sure she licked her clit softly, which made a difference. When she’d had her orgasm with her new friends’ mother, she opened her eyes to see Tanya and Becky watching them. Tanya had her fingers on her pussy, rubbing herself to another orgasm. Becky had found she liked having her butthole touched and fingered, and she was standing there with one hand reaching around herself and was obviously pushing a finger in and out of her butt.

Lexi was still too sore to do anything more that evening, but she sat at dinner that night with her mom and wondered how often her mom masturbated. She also wondered if her mom had a vibrator. They’d really enjoyed Callie’s. She decided she had to find out and wondered why it had taken this long to see her mother in a sexual way.

The next day when her mom went to work, Lexi sneaked into her bedroom. She had never really explored her mom’s room much, other than playing dress-up when she was younger. At those times, her mom would choose a few items for her to wear. Now, though, she was in search of her mother’s more intimate possessions–if she had any. She hoped so. Her parents were divorced and her mom rarely dated, so she felt her mom should at least have some fun.

She stood in the middle of the room, looking around and wondering where her mom might keep a sex toy, when she remembered that Callie kept hers in a bedside drawer. She stepped over to her mom’s bedside table and tugged at the drawer.

It was locked. Lexi was disappointed because now she wanted to see what was inside that drawer even more than before because she was certain there was something in there her mom used for sex. Why else would she lock her bedside drawer?

She began searching around for a key, hoping it wasn’t on her mother’s key ring. She went to the other side of her mom’s bed and opened the drawer there, which wasn’t locked. No key. She searched her mom’s closet. No key, at least not one she could find. If that’s where the key was, though, it was in a great hiding place because Lexi searched everywhere inside the closet. Finally, she went into her mother’s bathroom, remembering how her mom didn’t like for her to go in there, saying it was her “haven of solitude.” Oddly, she looked at her mother’s Jacuzzi tub and figured out for the first time what her mom liked to do in there. Again, she wondered why it hadn’t occurred to her before. After all, her Aunt Candace enjoyed sex and loved masturbating in the tub. Why wouldn’t Aunt Candace’s older sister?

Opening a bottom drawer of the bathroom vanity, she spotted a key at the back of the drawer. It was small enough to fit the lock on the bedroom table’s drawer. Not only that, but it was on a key ring with a tiny dildo attached to it. She recognized the inch-long replica of a sex toy immediately and realized she must have found the key she longed for.

Walking to her mother’s bedside table, she inserted the small key and turned the lock. Success! Slowly sliding the drawer open, she realized she’d found something amazing.

Lying on top of several DVD cases was an assortment of vibrators and other sex toys. Now, however, what she was really interested in were the DVD’s. What kind were they? Did they have people in them having sex?

She picked one up and walked to the DVD player and small, flat-screen TV on top of a chest of drawers across the room from the bed. Turning both on and inserting the DVD, she went to sit on her mother’s bed.

The screen flickered for a moment as the DVD started playing automatically. She knew these were some kind of homemade or private DVD’s because there were no credits at the start of the movie or any ads for other movies. Plus, commercial DVD’s had images and stuff stamped on one side. These looked like the blank ones people could buy in the electronics section of Walmart or something.

As the movie started,  Lexi gasped. It was a movie with a woman and a little girl, who looked to be maybe five or six years old. The woman was adjusting the girl on a bed. Both of them were naked. The woman was talking to the girl, and the girl was answering her. From the conversation, it was obvious the pair were a mother and daughter.

The mom was a pretty brunette. The girl had long hair the color of dark honey. They had done this many times before because the little girl did not show any surprise at anything her mother did. At one point, the mom asked the little girl, “Do you like it when Mommy licks you here?” and the little girl nodded and said, “Yes.” The woman licked the little girl’s pussy and butt before handing the child a small purple vibrator. The girl pressed the humming toy against her pussy and was obviously enjoying the sensations it brought her.

After watching this scene for several minutes, it suddenly occurred to Lexi that this was her mom’s DVD. She watched this?! The thought that her mom had this and watched it caused Lexi to shiver. Her mom enjoyed watching this woman and her little girl together. That thought kept racing through her mind, leading Lexi to wonder if her mom ever fantasized about doing that stuff to her.

Lexi noticed she was getting very turned on watching this. The little girl licked her mother’s pussy for a while and then they got into a sixty-nine, with the little girl’s pussy and butt facing the camera. Lexi watched as the young girl had an obvious orgasm. Her little hips trembled and shook as the mom licked and touched her most private spot. The child’s squeals of delight were music to Lexi’s ears and quite stimulating for her pussy. Still, she refrained from doing anything right then.

After watching that scene, Lexi took out the other DVD. This one was much like the other one, but the girl was older and had a twin sister. The mom wasn’t as pretty as the one in the other DVD, but she wasn’t ugly either, just more average looking. The twin girls looked to be about her own age, ten, perhaps eleven. They did lots of things to each other while the mom watched. Then they all took turns doing stuff.

When she’d finished watching this scene, Lexi made a decision. Her mom obviously enjoyed the same stuff Lexi’s Aunt Candace, her mom’s youngest sister, enjoyed. Her aunt and a friend had seduced Lexi when she was five. Now, she had discovered her mom had the same kind of sexual fantasies. Lexi’s decision was to seduce her mom. And she didn’t think it would be that hard to do.

She called Aunt Candace at her work and asked her to stop by on her way home. Her aunt could tell there was something sexy Lexi wanted to share and agreed happily to stop by. She would be off work well before her sister, Lexi’s mom, would. That would allow plenty of time for what they liked to call “playtime.”

When Candace got off work, she drove to her niece’s house, wondering what Lexi had to share. She decided to remove her panties once she got in the car so her pussy would be easily accessible for her ten-year-old niece.

Parking in the driveway, she strolled up to the door, her pussy already a soaking mess. But a delicious mess, she reminded herself.

When the door opened, Lexi was standing there, completely naked, grinning like the cat that caught the canary.

“Well, well, little girl,” Candace said, smiling lasciviously at her niece. “What on earth are you doing without any clothes on?”

“Waiting for my sexy aunt to get here.”

“Well, she’s not going to make it, I’m afraid. I guess I’ll have to do.”

Candace stepped inside and Lexi closed the door. Then the child brought two DVD’s out from behind her back. “Guess what these are?” Lexi asked, a wicked smile curving her lips.

“DVD’s?” Candace said, stating the obvious. “Or are they CD’s?”

“They’re DVD’s, but of what?”

As Candace removed her clothes, she said, “Did you make a DVD of yourself? You know your mom could find them.”

“These are Mom’s,” Lexi said, the mischief in her tone unmistakable.

“Your mom has some DVD’s?” Candace asked, a bit shocked since based on Lexi’s manner, the DVD’s obviously were not movies of one of their family holiday dinners.

“Uh-huh. Guess what of.”

“Sex?” Candace asked, suddenly surprised she knew nothing of her sister’s sex life. For some reason, she had always thought of her sister Pauline as rather straight-laced.

“Even better,” Lexi said.

“Nothing’s better than sex,” Candace said.

“How about sex between moms and their daughters?”

Candace’s face took on one of those looks that said Lexi didn’t understand the porn business. “Honey, those are actresses. They’re not really mothers and daughters. There are entire porn series based on it, like “The Mother-Daughter Exchange Club,” or a lot of them featuring an older woman and a college-age girl as a step-mom and step-daughter.”

“No, these are real. They can’t make these kinds of movies in Hollywood or whatever.”

Candace still looked doubtful. “How do you know they’re real?”

“Well, one is of these twin girls, so I know they’re really sisters.”

Candace had to admit that yes, there were plenty of those kinds of videos online. “Okay. But how do you know they’re mothers and daughters for real?”

“Well, the twins look to be about my age and the other one with a mom and daughter has a girl who’s maybe five or six.”

Candace felt her jaw drop open and her eyes widen. “Is this a joke?” she asked.

“Nope. See for yourself,” Lexi said, holding out the plastic DVD cases.

Candace took them and stepped over to the family TV with the DVD player hooked up to it. She saw the player was already on and noticed the TV screen had a dark blue tint, indicating it was on as well but needed something in the DVD player to show anything. She popped in one of the DVD’s and watched in awe as the picture came to life. It was a young, very pretty mother and her equally pretty daughter, who was definitely around age five or six. She stood there, still half-dressed, watching the movie.

She looked at Lexi. “You found these in the house?”



“In Mom’s bedside drawer. It was locked but I found the key.”

“Show me where,” Candace said. As she followed her niece to her sister’s bedroom, she finished stripping off her top, which had been the only garment remaining by then.

They entered the bedroom and Lexi went straight for the bedside table, and Candace followed. Inside the open drawer were a half-dozen sex toys. “You found these DVD’s in here?” Candace asked, despite knowing the answer.

“Uh-huh. They’re Mommy’s. MOMMY’S!” Lexi answered.

“What does this all mean?” Candace wondered aloud.

“It means I’m gonna have sex with Mommy. And so are you!” Lexi said and got down on her knees to start licking her aunt’s soaking wet pussy.

Candace was rather confused about what Lexi had found. Pauline had always seemed so . . . straight-laced. There had never been any hint that she went in for straight porn, much less the kind of ultra-kinky stuff that was found in her bedside table drawer. She was momentarily overwhelmed by the throbbing in her pussy as her little niece licked her there. She and Phyllis had taught her well, or maybe she was just a natural. Either way, Candace forgot about Pauline for a moment and settled on her sister’s bed while Lexi worked to bring her to an orgasm. She would return the favor when Lexi was finished, and then they would talk more about what Lexi had discovered and how to go about seducing Pauline.

She could feel her body climbing the mountain to a wonderful climax. The throbbing intensified until she fell over the cliff into absolute joy. She’d loved orgasms since her first one at age nine, and Lexi could bring on the most intense orgasms she’d ever had. This one was no exception. Pleasure spread out from her center, seeming to bathe each cubic inch of her body with bliss.

Now it was Lexi’s turn. Candace turned the girl onto her back and dove in to lick and suck the girl’s bald pussy. It was much fuller than it had been the first time she and Phyllis had seduced her. Candace could tell Lexi would be starting to grow boobs soon as well as pubic hair. The child would probably want to keep the hair until she realized it could be a nuisance for girls when they licked her. Then Candace would teach her how to shave and wax her most intimate area. Or maybe Pauline would want to teach her. Candace had never thought of that before, but with the evidence of the way Pauline truly felt about children and sex in their possession, she was sure their entire existence would be changed forever now.

As Candace licked her niece’s bald pussy, she thought of the many times she had sneaked a peak at Pauline when Candace was young. She had longed for Pauline to do things to her once Candace had discovered orgasms. She instinctively knew that if she could rub herself there and make it feel so amazing, then someone else could do the same, and she fantasized about it frequently growing up. Of course, she also would imagine rubbing Pauline’s pussy as well. Those thoughts would sometimes be all she thought about when she masturbated as a young girl. When she met Phyllis, she discovered just how great it could be to touch another girl’s pussy and have another girl touch hers. Now, here it was ten years after Candace had discovered the amazing sensations that she could feel in her pussy, and she would finally get to enjoy her older sister, the first target of her lust.

When it occurred to Candace that she was about Lexi’s age when she discovered orgasms, and Pauline had been Candace’s own age now when that had happened, she thought about the DVD’s found hiding in Pauline’s drawer. This made her wonder if Pauline had ever thought of her in that way when she was nineteen and Candace only nine. She hoped so. It would make the imminent seduction easier. Then again, it made her realize all the fun times they had lost because Pauline had probably been too scared to approach her with her desires.

Lexi had an amazing orgasm, shivers and spasms rocking her slender body. When Lexi’s climax ended, Candace took her hand and led the girl into Lexi’s bedroom. “It wouldn’t do for your mom to catch us like this in her bedroom, regardless of what we found,” Candace said.

They and gathered their clothes the DVD’s on the way to Lexi’s room and lay on the bed to talk about how to get Lexi’s mom interested in doing what they both knew would be a fantasy come true.

“I was already thinking about that while waiting for you to get here,” Lexi said.

“What’s your plan?”

“Well, she takes a shower every day when she gets home from work. I thought I’d wait until she was in the shower and get naked and join her. Then I’d just start sucking her boobs and fingering her while telling her I found her DVD’s.”

“Well, that’s one plan,” Candace said, “but it might scare the shit out of her when you got in the shower with her and started having sex without so much as a quick explanation. After all, we’re assuming she would be okay with having sex with you, her own daughter. She might not really feel that way. Besides, she’s taken quite a few measures to make sure nobody ever found out about her secret desires. Doing what is essentially ‘jumping her bones’ would be a shock. She might even faint.”

“Then what do you think we should do?”

“First, are you absolutely sure you want to have sex with your mom?” Candace asked. “Think about it now. It would change everything about your relationship.”

Lexi thought about it, but not for long. She was totally excited about this. She could imagine the feel of her mom’s pussy on her mouth as she sat there thinking. “Absolutely sure. Like a thousand percent,” she finally said.

“Well, I was thinking I would sit down with her while you are in here and tell her what the two of us have been up to since you were little. Then I’d tell her I knew that she enjoyed that kind of stuff because I’d found her DVD’s.”

“But I found them!” Lexi protested.

“Yes, I know you did, but it might be better if I say I found them. Then she can’t be pissed at you for sneaking into her private stuff. I’m an adult, so I can handle it. You’re her daughter. That entire situation changes how she would accept the fact we know about it.”

“So you’re gonna tell her everything, like what happened that first time with Phyllis?”

“Yes. And telling her I know about her secret will help make it easier for her to accept what I tell her. I plan to make her understand that you would LOVE for her to join us.”

“But why can’t I tell her that?” Lexi asked.

“You will, but only after I ease her into the idea. Believe me, it will be a lot better than you stepping into the shower and more or less raping her.”

Lexi sighed. She wanted to do it her way, but she’d learned that Candace usually saw the problems in her ideas, and she’d found out the hard way more than once that Candace was usually right about stuff like that.

“Okay. We’ll do it your way,” Lexi said. “Now, you wanna hear about my new friend and her older sister and her mom?”

Candace looked at Lexi, who obviously had a sexy story to tell. “What?”

“I met this girl at the toy store in the mall the other day, and we got to talking about Barbies, and that led to talking about sex, and that–”

“Wait a second. How did talking about Barbies lead to talking about sex?”

Lexi gave Candace a look that said, ‘come on, think.’ Candace thought about it and asked, “Oh, so you two started talking about the sex stuff you do with Barbies?”

“Yes. Now, don’t interrupt me. We started talking about sex and she invited me to her place to ‘play with her Barbies’ and her meaning was clear. So when we got to her house, we got online and started looking at Pornhub and then she started this lesbian video and that led to us messing around, which of course was what we’d both been planning all along. So then, Becky’s–that’s my new friend–Becky’s sister, who’s like sixteen or so, comes in the room and we all three start doing it together. Well, then Becky’s mom comes in and then she joins in and we all have sex.”

“You met a girl your age who has sex with her older sister and mom?”

“Yep. Cool, huh?”

“I’ll say. Where do they live?”

“It’s over on Poplar Drive. I bet they’d like to meet you. I told them about us, and they really looked interested in getting together.”

“You told them we have sex?”

“Yeah, but then they do too, so there’s no problem. Becky wants to spend the night the next time I get to stay at your place.”

“She wants to have sex with me?” Candace couldn’t believe her luck. It had never occurred to her that her little niece could get more sex partners for them.

“Yeah, and I think Tanya and Callie do, too.”

“Tanya and Callie are Becky’s mom and sister?”

“Yeah. Tanya’s Becky’s sister.”

“I think that would be great. Maybe your mom would want to invite them all over one night for fun. Who knows? It’s worth a try, isn’t it?”

Lexi grinned at her aunt.

They got dressed and kept talking about various things, waiting for Pauline to get home. They had just started kissing again when Lexi’s mom got home. They heard the door open and close, and Pauline’s voice called, “Candace? Lexi? Where are you?”

“We’re in here,” Candace called, then rose from where she was sitting on the bed, but not until she hid the DVD’s under a pillow.

Stepping to the door, Candace opened it and greeted Pauline, who looked suspiciously at Candace and her daughter, as if wondering what might have gone on behind the closed door.

“Hey,” Pauline said, her nervous smile greeting them. “What’s going on in here?”

“We were just talking,” Candace answered. “And that reminds me that there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

“Oh? What?” Pauline said.

“Let’s go in your bedroom. It’s more private.”

As they entered the bedroom, Candace saw that the drawer with the vibrators in it was open. Pauline stopped in her tracks, indicating she saw it too.

Candace looked at her older sister, whose blush displayed both anger and embarrassment.

“What the–? Have you been in my drawer?” She walked to the table and peered inside. Her face registered she could tell what was no longer inside. She glared at Candace.

“You have no right going into my private property!”

“Yes, well,” Candace began, “since I did and I know everything about you and your secret, I think we should talk.”

Pauline stared at her younger sister, a frown creasing her brow and the hot flush of embarrassment coloring her cheeks.

“Here. Let’s sit on the bed,” Candace said, and Pauline sat, allowing her weight to fall onto the bed as if her legs would no longer hold her up.

“Are you going to have me arrested?” Pauline asked.

“Why would I do that?” said Candace, truly confused.

“Because. Possessing movies like that is illegal.”

“Of course I’m not going to have you arrested,” Candace said. “In fact, I think it’s time for confessions to be shared.” Her smile was the first clue to Pauline that perhaps Candace had something much more acceptable than jail in mind for her older sister.

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Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 17

  • Posted on April 7, 2018 at 10:37 am

By Cheryl Taggert

Suddenly, they heard the sound of someone clearing her throat. Becky looked at her bedroom door. Tanya stood there, smiling.

Lexi looked frightened until Becky said, “You mind if my older sister joins in? She’s fun and knows a lot of stuff to do to make you feel good.”

Lexi smiled and looked back and forth between Becky and her sister. Then she made up her mind. “Sure!”

Tanya lay on the bed and said, “You both have to take off my clothes.”

Becky looked over at Lexi and grinned. “This is gonna be so wild!” she said, and reached for the buttons on her sister’s top as Lexi reached for the teenager’s belt.

Yes, this was going to be wild, Lexi thought. 

Becky and Lexi worked at the older girl’s clothing. Lexi worked to undo the belt and unsnapped and unzipped the shorts. Then she began tugging them down impatiently. Becky, meanwhile, had removed Tanya’s top and was unhooking her sister’s bra, which had the clasp between the cups rather than in the back, making it much easier to take off.

Tanya raised her hips to allow Lexi to pull her panties down. As she did, Becky said, “Tanya, this is Lexi. Lexi, Tanya.” The young girl smiled at the teenager before staring at the older girl’s pubes, which were shaved clean.

“Wow, you don’t have any hair!” Lexi said, surprised.

Becky stared as well. Her sister’s dark pussy hair was gone. She was completely bald now. “Gee, what happened to your hair?”

“I shaved it, then waxed. It’s as smooth as yours now.” She spread her legs for her sister and Lexi to see. “Here, feel.”

Becky didn’t need to be asked twice. She crawled over to where she could see and touch the bald pussy better. It felt like her own, just larger. “Wow, cool,” Becky said.

Becky was surprised when Lexi said, “Can I lick it?”

They’d not really discussed any other activities they had done before other than masturbating and watching online porn. The idea that Lexi would be quick to want to lick her big sister suggested she was familiar with that activity as well. She watched as Lexi didn’t wait for an answer and leaned over to place her mouth against Tanya’s wet pussy.

Lexi lifted her face for a moment to speak. “Mmm. Tastes delicious.” Becky continued to watch and noted that Lexi certainly seemed to know what she was doing. She had no hesitation at all and was doing things to Tanya that made Becky know her new friend was quite experienced with licking pussies. She wondered where she got that experience from. Or rather who.

“Suck my boobs,” Tanya said to her sister, and Becky moved to enjoy the teenager’s boobs. She felt her sister reach down and scoot Becky’s hips closer and then begin to play with Becky’s clit and smooth labia, spreading what cream that was leaking from her immature vagina around inside. Then Tanya licked her fingers to increase the lubrication and make the touches even more pleasant.

Becky could tell that Tanya was getting close to her first orgasm. She was sure the idea of having fun with Lexi, a ten-year-old girl she’d never met before, was helping urge Tanya’s excitement over the edge. Both Tanya and Laura had told her that sex was about 90% in your head anyway, and the idea a young girl licking her pussy was a huge turn-on for Tanya. She had even confessed to Becky she had recently begun preferring her to girls her own age because of what she called the “innocence and naturally bald pussy factors.”

Becky could feel her own pussy beginning to respond even more to what was happening. It occurred to her that if Lexi was both experienced and skilled at licking a pussy, she wouldn’t have to talk her into trying it with her, which she thought she might have to do before they had gotten involved with Tanya. She couldn’t wait to feel Lexi’s mouth on her and decided she didn’t want her sister to make her come yet. She wanted Lexi to be the first person to bring her to an orgasm.

Lexi was loving this. She loved licking pussies, ever since her Aunt Candace had taught her how to do it when she was only five. Her aunt had been fourteen at the time, about Tanya’s age, she guessed. Lexi’s mom was ten years older than her younger sister Candace, and she’d used her little sister to babysit her daughter. Candace, who had been enjoying sex for years with friends, had taught Lexi about sex after Candace had invited one of her friends over and the conversation had led to the idea of teaching little Lexi about sex. Candace and her friend had embraced the idea of having a little girl to do things to them sexually, and Lexi had fallen in love with the feelings her aunt and aunt’s friend had given her.

Her pussy was tingling now as she licked Tanya, and she could tell Tanya was about to come. Lexi reached down and petted herself, rubbing her fingers around in her moist slit after gathering some of Tanya’s copious fluids on her fingers to help lube herself. She didn’t want to come yet, though. She knew there would be a lot more fun to be had that afternoon and wanted to hold off for now.

Tanya couldn’t believe her luck. She had come into the house and heard giggles and other sounds that indicated Becky was having some sexy fun with a friend. She didn’t know the girl when she’d peeked into her sister’s bedroom, but the little girl’s slender body and bare pubes had made her pussy spasm. She’d watched the two of them kissing and touching each other until she decided she needed to announce her presence before one of the girls saw her first.

Now, here she was, fingering her little sister and enjoying the rather expert licking of young Lexi. Becky was sucking her nipples, which were one of Tanya’s most sensitive erogenous zones, and she was playing with the bald pussy while looking down at where Lexi was now licking her. She saw Lexi’s hand sneak down to her pussy and rub after gathering juices from Tanya’s soaked pussy, and the vision–not to mention the idea she may be able to get with this heavenly little girl again in the future–had made her take a leap toward her orgasm.

Now, the teenager’s pussy was about to flood over into a marvelous climax. She heard her own grunts and squeals as she worked to push herself over the edge. When she imagined herself licking this little girl’s bald pussy, she felt the image sending her over the edge to crash down into utter bliss.

As her pussy spasmed and trembled, Tanya did her best to keep her body from moving too much to allow the girl’s mouth to remain pressed against her slit. She could feel Lexi’s tongue flicking back and forth on her sensitive clit, sending vibrations throughout her pussy and then out to her body. The girl was amazing. Becky had been able to lick her to an orgasm, but she was tentative, always seeming to wonder if she had been doing it right. That was not true with Lexi. Despite her young age, it was clear she had done this countless times before, and Tanya wondered who had taught her. It wasn’t as if a girl was born knowing how to do the things that brought the most pleasure to another girl’s pussy. Hell, this girl was better than Marcia Daniels, her most frequent female lover. As the orgasm subsided, Tanya thought she might have found a new and better lover.

Lexi looked into Tanya’s glassy eyes when the older girl’s orgasm had passed and licked the juices from her lips. Tanya saw this and said, “Holy fuck, you’re good.”

Lexi giggled and looked at Becky. “Wanna sixty-nine?” Lexi asked her new friend.

“God, Becks, she’s better at it than I am,” said Tanya.

“Where did you learn how to do that?” Becky asked, nearly stealing the words from her sister’s mouth.

Lexi cut her eyes back and forth between the sisters. “You promise not to tell?”

“Of course,” Tanya said. “It’s not like we’re all innocent here. My sister and me fuck each other. That’s incest.”

“Well, so’s what I do,” Lexi said.

“Give,” Becky said, urging her new friend to tell all.

“When I was little my mom got her sister to babysit me. My Aunt Candace was only fourteen back then. She got Phyllis, a friend of hers, to come over and apparently they decided it would be cool to teach me about sex. We all got naked and they taught me how to lick them. They also licked me.”

“How old were you then?” Becky asked.


“Wow,” Tanya said, still trying to catch her breath after the magnificent orgasm she’d just had. “No wonder you’re so good. How old are you now?”

“I just turned ten.”

“Did you like what they did?” Becky asked.

“Fuck yeah. It was great. Still is.”

Tanya asked, “So she’s, like, nineteen now?”

“Yeah. She still watches me sometimes. And whenever she does, we do sex stuff together.”

“Damn,” Becky said. “And I was worried you might freak out if I started suggesting we lick each other.”

The three girls laughed.

“Is she still friends with Phyllisl?” Tanya asked.

Lexi’s expression changed. “No. She died in a car accident.”

“Oh. Sorry,” Tanya said.

“Yeah. She was a lot of fun. She used to lick my butthole too. My aunt wasn’t much into it, so I’ve sorta missed that.”

“Hey,” Tanya said. “I can do that. You two do a sixty-nine with you on top, and I’ll lick your butt while Becky licks your pussy.”

Lexi grinned. “That sounds great!” she said.

The two young girls moved into a sixty-nine and Tanya hovered over them. Lexi and Becky started licking each other, with Becky moving quickly into moans and sighs because Lexi was so good at what she was doing. Tanya leaned down and started licking Lexi’s butthole, flicking her tongue over the tiny, clean rosebud. The action made Lexi wiggle her butt in sudden enjoyment.

Lexi concentrated on what it felt like to have both her butthole and pussy being licked at the same time. She hadn’t experienced that in a couple of years and had nearly forgotten how good that felt. She would sometimes tickle her butthole when Aunt Candace would lick her, but it wasn’t the same as having a wet tongue on it.

Becky was concentrating on her own fun. She had wanted to find a girl her own age to enjoy sex with, and Lexi was more than perfect. She was experienced and a lot more than willing. She now felt that her new friend would be accepting of anything she suggested they do. And Tanya was enjoying her friend too. She loved the feel of Lexi’s naturally bare pussy against her mouth and tongue. This was what she’d wanted to experience, and the feel of the bare lips against her mouth was not disappointing but more than she’d ever thought they would be. The knowledge she was licking a girl her age added to the eroticism of the moment, and she was reminded of Tanya’s and Laura’s words about how sex was 90% in your head. She felt her clit twitching as her orgasm neared.

Not only was the idea of licking a girl her age adding to her enjoyment, but also the fact her friend was licking her so well, seeming to know exactly what to do with her mouth and when to do it, was doubling and tripling the excitement. Tanya had been right. Lexi was very good at this. Of course, it occurred to her that she hadn’t had that many girls lick her, only two actually, but she knew what she liked, and she was loving what Lexi was doing to her.

Lexi felt the climax rush up on her. The sensations coursing through her body from the double licking had pushed her closer and closer, and now coming was imminent. Almost there, almost there, almost . . . THERE!

Waves washed over the girl as she came. Her hips bucked and her body trembled. This day had been one teasing moment after another as she and Becky hinted about sex, from the discussion of what they liked to do with their Barbies to looking at porn. Then the teenager had joined them, and it was like having her aunt and Phyllis having sex with her all over again.

Becky did her best to keep her mouth on Lexi’s pussy while her hips bucked and jerked as she came. She wanted to be as good as Lexi was at licking a girl’s slit. Her own orgasm was put on hold while Lexi climaxed. Her friend had stopped licking Becky, such was the power of the young girl’s orgasm.

When Lexi finished coming, she heaved a huge sigh and went back to licking the bald pussy of her new friend. She wondered if she could get Aunt Candace to let Becky sleep over when she stayed with her aunt on the occasional Saturday night. She bet she could. Aunt Candace loved young pussy, and Becky would probably jump at the chance herself.

Becky thrilled at the feelings Lexi’s lips and tongue were giving her. The pressures and sensations were just right, and soon the child’s orgasm was getting close once again. She stuck out her tongue and flicked Lexi’s clit again and felt the girl’s body jump, as if a live wire had touched her. The idea she could give her friend so much pleasure and the sheer eroticism of the moment pushed Becky over the edge and she was coming. Extreme pleasure coursed through her body, all centered in her tiny clit. Her belly hunched as much as it could given the fact Lexi was lying on top of her. She could feel the trembling in her pussy as the climax continued erupting, and she relished the feel of those waves easing until the orgasm was finished. Her clit was sensitive to the touch now, and a quick flick of Lexi’s tongue elicited the same response Becky’s flick against her friend’s clit had caused, like being touched with a live wire.

Both young girls moved to sit up, their bodies covered with a sheen of perspiration, their hair wet from it.

Tanya looked at the girls and said, “You girls need a shower!”

They giggled, and Becky added, “So do you!”

“Wanna use Mom’s shower?” Tanya asked. The girls’ mother had a large shower with twin spray-heads that were detachable. It was plenty big enough for her and the two pre-pubescent girls.

“Sure!” Becky said. She loved using her mother’s shower, especially since figuring out the wonderful way to use the detachable heads.

The three girls scampered naked to the bathroom off their mother’s bedroom. When they arrived there, Tanya said, “You wanna see something interesting first?”

The young girls were intrigued. “Of course,” Lexi said, answering for both of them.

Tanya walked back into the bedroom and walked over to their mother’s bedside table. Opening the bottom drawer, she pulled out a long, bullet-shaped object that Becky didn’t recognize.

“You know what this is?” Tanya asked.

Lexi cut her eyes to Becky and back to Tanya. “Sure, it’s a vibrator.”

“What’s a vibrator?” Becky asked, and Lexi giggled.

“You don’t know?” Lexi said.

“Nuh-uh,” Becky said. “Is it for sex?”

“Boy, is it!” Tanya answered and switched it on.

“You mean mom has that beside her bed?” Becky said, incredulous.


Becky stared at the sex toy, the first one she’d ever seen. Tanya pressed the humming tool to her pussy and immediately sighed with the pleasure it gave.

“Can I try it?” Lexi asked. Aunt Candace had one, but it was shaped differently. Hers looked like a man’s penis, but this one was smooth.

“Sure,” Tanya said, holding the toy out to the girl, who walked over and took it, pressing it against her clit.

“Mmmm,” Lexi said. “Feels great.”

Becky spoke up. “You mean Mom . . . masturbates?” For some reason she thought adults didn’t do that.

“Of course, silly. Would you give up orgasms if you didn’t have to?”

Becky giggled. “No way! I wouldn’t even give them up if I was told I had to!”

“Me neither,” Lexi said with a happy sigh. The vibrator was still against her pussy.

Soon, Lexi was coming again, the wonderful sensations caused by the vibrator running through her as she now laid on the bed where her friends’ mother slept. Tanya and Becky watched, playing with themselves some while they waited their turn with their mother’s sex toy.

When Lexi had come, Tanya looked at Becky and said, “You wanna go next?”

Becky grinned and took the still-buzzing vibrator from Lexi, who looked like she wanted to melt, she was so sexually satisfied.

Placing the toy against her slit, Becky felt the sensations rushing through her body. Her eyes went wide and her mouth gaped. Where had this toy been all her life? She decided if she had a daughter one day, she would introduce her to this kind of pleasure very early in her life, maybe in her infancy. This was just too good a thing to miss out on.

She continued pressing the vibrator against her clit until she couldn’t stand it anymore. She came for the second time that day and only wanted more as she handed the toy to Tanya for her to use.

Tanya pressed it against her pussy, sliding it up and down her slit and coating the hard plastic with her juices. Then she pushed it inside her, something the younger girls didn’t do, and Lexi and Becky watched the bullet pushing in and out of the older girl’s vagina. Lexi had seen this up close before with her aunt, but for Becky, this was an entirely new experience, and she loved it.

After their shower, the girls dressed and sat around in their living room talking. Finally, Tanya decided since they knew about Lexi’s aunt, they could tell her about their own mother and aunt. When they finished telling about their first time with their mom and aunt, who had enjoyed sex together growing up, Lexi wanted to meet them herself.

“Maybe you’ll get your wish,” Tanya said. “We could arrange for a sleepover.”

“That reminds me,” Lexi said, turning to Becky. “You think you would like to sleep over with me when I stay with my Aunt Candace? I’m sure she’d love to have you!”

“In more ways than one, I bet,” Tanya added, feeling a slight jealousy that her sister would be able to have fun with Lexi’s aunt.

“I’d love to!” Becky said, and the two girls kissed.

Just at that moment, Callie, the girls’ mother, walked through the door, catching the two girls in their embrace. Lexi pulled back quickly, but not before Callie got a good look at what was going on.

“Well, who is this?” Callie asked.

Becky looked at Tanya, wondering how much they should tell. Lexi, on the other hand, had no such qualms. She already knew about the sex this woman had with her daughters and sister, so to her it was no problem.

“Hi, I’m Lexi. Becky and Tanya and I had sex this afternoon, and they told me about you and your sister. Maybe you would like to try sex with me too, one day?”

Callie’s jaw dropped and she looked at her daughters. “You told her about us?”

“It’s okay, Mom,” Tanya said, hoping what she was about to say would ease her mom’s mind. “She’s had sex with her aunt. She won’t tell anyone.”

Lexi stood up and approached Callie, hugging the woman and resting her head on Callie’s boobs. Then the bold girl turned her mouth to the woman’s mounds and started kissing them through her top and bra, gnawing slightly at the hidden nipples with her teeth.

Then looking up at Callie, she said, “I’m sorta sore down there from all the fun we’ve had today, but I’d love to give you an orgasm. Would that be okay?”

Callie looked at her daughters, who were now grinning. The look of surprise on their faces told her this wasn’t planned. The girl named Lexi had turned her attention back to her boobs and was sucking a nipple through all the fabric.

She felt her pubes swelling with desire and looked down at the girl’s face. It was obvious she was enjoying what she was doing, despite the professed tenderness of her pussy from the sex she’d already had with Callie’s daughters. The woman imagined those lips on her pussy and said, “Come on.” The two went back to Callie’s bedroom and removed their clothes.

Callie watched the child expose herself to her gaze as she took off her clothes while trying not to seem in a hurry.

“Like I said,” Lexi told her, “I’m kinda sore, but I figured you’d enjoy seeing me naked.”

Then Lexi pushed the naked woman onto her bed and proceeded to make love to her. In the middle of this, she said, “Do you mind if I spend the night with Becky soon? You could even ask your sister to join us.”

Callie nodded and Lexi went back to sucking and licking her now very creamy pussy. Within seconds, Callie was coming.

Yes, she would make sure Lexi could stay over very soon. Very soon indeed.

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Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 16

  • Posted on March 26, 2018 at 8:27 am

By Cheryl Taggert

Gayle and Sandra managed to calm down some before going back into the building to wait for their daughters and talk about less stimulating topics. Still, each woman remained a bit turned on by their encounter and the promise to get together for some real sex the next afternoon.

After the girls finished practicing for an upcoming meet, they showered off the pool water and dressed, chatting about various things, though none of them mentioned sex since the shower and dressing areas were anything but private. Dozens of girls of all ages were in there.

Still, Laura, Emily, Kelli, and Kate managed to sneak a peek at several of the young girls, some as young as seven or eight, and each secretly harbored ideas of what they would do to those little ones if given the chance. It made Laura think of Becky, her sexy little neighbor.

When they joined their mothers, Corinne left with her mom, and the others left with Sandra. Corinne knew Sandra had talked to her mom about masturbation, and the fact Corinne indulged, and she wondered how her mom had taken it. She hoped she wasn’t upset.

Gayle and Corinne rode in silence for the first few blocks until Gayle decided to take the plunge and discuss such a private thing as masturbation. She and Sandra had discussed how she would go about talking to Corinne, her fourteen-year-old daughter, since Gayle was so nervous about raising the subject and knew Corinne might be totally embarrassed by it. Sandra had assured her that in the end it would be for the best. Sandra had also told Gayle she had to admit to Corinne that she did it too, since not telling her would serve to make the subject even more taboo for the mother and daughter to discuss.



“I think there’s something we need to talk about.”

“Oh?” Corinne knew what the subject would be, of course, but she didn’t want to let her mom know she knew.

“Sandra talked to me about what the two of you talked about.”

“What was that?” Corinne asked, wanting to be sure Sandra hadn’t chickened out and talked about something like favorite foods or something equally dumb instead.

Gayle took a deep breath and felt her face turning red. “Well, honey, she said you talked to her about, well, masturbation.”

“Oh, that.” The moment of truth had arrived. Would her mom hit the roof?

“Yes, honey, that.” Gayle looked over at her daughter and realized how beautiful she was. “She said you confessed to her that you did it.”

“Yeah. What about it? Are you mad?”

“No, baby, I’m not mad, but I am hurt that you didn’t feel you could talk to me about it.”

“I thought you might freak out or something.”

Gayle took a deep breath before continuing. “Well, honey, I can’t very well condemn you for doing what everyone does.” She looked over at Corinne again then back to the road, putting on her blinker to turn into a large parking lot beside a strip mall. She found her hands were shaking a bit and decided she should probably stop driving until the conversation and the nervousness associated with it were over. As she turned into the lot, she continued. “Even your mom.”

“Really? Sandra said you almost certainly did, but I didn’t believe her.”

“Why not?”

“Well, because . . . because you’re my mom.”

Gayle looked at her daughter, and the sudden realization that her own mom probably masturbated as well hit her, surprising her.

“Baby, I’m not exactly a virgin, you know.”

“Well, of course I know that, Mom. I’m here, and we look too much alike for me not to be yours. It’s just that, well, I never thought of you in that way.”

“You mean as a sexual being?” Gayle asked as she put the car in park and left the engine and air conditioner going.


“I know what you mean. I never really thought of you as a sexual being either, but of course you are.” She turned to her daughter, who was now turned and staring at her. “Okay, it’s confession time. We’re going to tell each other things we’ve never told each other before about our sexual pasts. Rule number one is we are to be completely honest and up front. Rule number two is, no judging allowed. We accept that each of us is a sexual being and nothing is taboo.” Gayle’s words were the product of the talk with Sandra, who had made Gayle memorize the two rules.

Corinne nodded. “Okay.”

“I’ll go first,” Gayle said, another suggestion from Sandra because they both felt if Gayle confessed first, it would prompt Corinne to be honest with her mom. Sandra had told Gayle to be completely honest, and she should even include the story about her times with her dog. Gayle had balked at that, but now realized being that honest would lead to a much closer relationship with her daughter, one in which Corinne would not be afraid to tell her mother anything.

“I had my first orgasm when I was around eleven. I don’t remember the exact date or anything, and I may have already turned twelve, but I don’t believe so. I don’t think I was ten because of where we were living when I had the orgasm. The point is, I started touching myself at a very early age. I had been rubbing myself for as long as I can remember because it felt so good, and once someone told me about orgasms, I set out to have one. I actually tried for months to achieve one until it finally happened.

“I was like you, though, in that I was scared of being caught. For a long time, I would only masturbate in the shower or in bed at night, and only then by just putting my hand inside my panties so that if one of my parents came into my room unannounced, I could stop easily.

“Finally, I grew bold enough to push my panties down, figuring my parents probably wouldn’t come into my room after I went to bed because they never had before, but I was just paranoid about it. Then the day came when I decided to do it completely naked in the bed. It was such a turn-on for me to be lying in bed naked. I could feel the sheets against my bare skin, and it felt wonderful.

“When I had my first orgasm, I fell in love with the feeling. I must have masturbated every night, sometimes twice a day by also masturbating in the shower, for two weeks. The flesh down there finally got sore from all the rubbing. I took a short break from it and finally settled on doing it about four or five times a week, showers included. I also discovered why the detachable shower head was invented, and don’t let anyone tell you it wasn’t for masturbation purposes.”

Gayle looked over at her daughter and the fourteen-year-old’s smile said she’d discovered that handy device as well.

“Then there was an incident that is the most embarrassing for me to tell you, but I think it will let you know you can tell me anything.” Gayle took another deep breath, pausing for a moment not only to collect her thoughts, but also to wonder at the sensations that were now centering themselves in her pussy. Was she turned on talking to her daughter about this? She had to admit reluctantly that she was. Then thinking about it, she realized it must be the aftermath of getting so horny with Sandra before and not being able to find a release. Yes, that must be it.

Finally, Corinne, waiting for her mom to continue her confession, said, “Mom?”

Gayle looked at Corinne, again noticing how beautiful the girl was, and said, “Yes?”

“You were saying?”

“Oh, sorry. I got distracted. Yes, well.” She cleared her throat. “I’m going to tell you the most private thing about me, and certainly the most embarrassing. I tell you not because I think you should try it, but to help make clear just how honest I want us to be with one another about our private alone times with our bodies.” She cleared her throat again. “You understand that?”

“Yes.” Corinne had no idea what her mother was about to say, but she obviously was still harboring reservations about saying it.

“When I was twelve, and a veteran masturbator, I did something I’m not proud of. I was always searching for new ways to have an orgasm.” Gayle glanced at Corinne, who seemed mesmerized by the anticipation. The woman felt her cheeks burning again with embarrassment, but plunged on.

“You see, we had a small dog at the time. Her name was Peaches.” She cut her eyes at her daughter, wondering if she would figure out where this was going. She couldn’t tell and continued. “Peaches was, well, a dog that loved to sniff women’s, um, private areas.” She looked at Corinne again. Still no hint she knew where this was going. “One night when I was twelve, I wondered what it would be like to let her have her way. You know. Let her sniff me. Just to see what she might do.”

Gayle looked over at Corinne, who was now blushing deeply, her mouth agape. “Oh, my God!” Corinne said under her breath. “Did you let her lick you there?”

Gayle looked away and nodded. “Yes. As I said, I’m not proud of it. But, Lord, that dog loved licking me there. I had tasted myself too, and couldn’t really blame her. I liked the taste myself. Still do. When I came, I was flooded with guilt and decided not to do it again.” Gayle got up the courage to look into Corinne’s face once more. Okay, she’d left out that she’d done it more than once. In fact, she’d lied to Sandra as well. She’d done it at least a half dozen times before deciding she needed to stop that from ever happening again. She’d succeeded in stopping it, with Peaches or any other dog, but she couldn’t deny it had not been easy. She’d been able to lie back and just enjoy the sensations. In fact, the dog had given her her first multiple orgasms because she wouldn’t stop until pushed away. The dog had enjoyed it, so she didn’t feel bad for her. In fact, she’d felt bad for denying Peaches her special treat, but the dog had begun trying to do it when they were sitting on the sofa watching TV with her family, and she knew it had to end. She wondered what her parents must think, since she’d finally had to put the dog in another room when they watched TV. Looking back on it now, she wondered how in the hell they hadn’t figured it out. Then a new wave of embarrassment washed over her as she realized that they probably had.

“Wow,” Corinne said, so awed by this revelation she could barely be heard. “I guess nothing I could say could top that one.” Then the girl laughed out loud, a response she’d inherited from her mother, Gayle knew. Nervous energy had a way of expelling in such sudden outbursts in both of them.

Corinne, for her part, knew that her suggestion that she couldn’t top that was not exactly true, but she would not tell her mom about her sleepover with Laura–and subsequently Emily and their mother as well–because it involved other people. She knew that Sandra could go to prison for doing what they’d done last night, so there was no way she’d tell her mom about that, even if she found out about her and Laura.

“So,” Gayle said as a way of transitioning to Corinne’s confession. “Your turn.”

Corinne swallowed and felt a blush swath her cheeks. “Well. I guess you want to know how long this has been going on with me?”

“That would probably be a good place to start,” Gayle answered, thankful to be moving on from her own confession.

“Before I start, can I ask you a question?”

Gayle thought of a hundred questions the girl could ask, most of them having to do with her time with Peaches, but she knew she had to be willing to at least hear the question. “Go ahead.”

“When did you first do it with someone else?”

“Do what? You mean masturbating or actual sex?”

Corinne blushed and said, “Actual sex.”

Gayle suddenly realized a lot of things that she felt stupid for not realizing already. Corinne had talked to Sandra about sex, particularly masturbation, when she’d stayed the night with Laura. Gayle knew that Laura masturbated since Sandra had all but told her she did when the woman confessed to talking about such things with her daughters since they were little girls. Gayle herself had enjoyed some mutual masturbation with a few girlfriends herself when she was Corinne’s age. It was what had started her down the path to her bisexuality. Obviously, Corinne and Laura had engaged in the same activity, perhaps even more.

For the first time, Gayle began considering Laura in a sexual manner. The young girl was striking in her appearance, and like her mother, she oozed sexuality. She’d noticed it before without really thinking about it. Now, she felt shame as she thought about it to the point of picturing Laura naked in bed with her hands at her pussy. Then the picture shifted, and she saw Laura and Corinne in the bed masturbating together.

Again, she felt her pussy spasm in need as the sudden image caused her to once again feel the almost screaming desire in her cunt. She was going to have to get herself alone when they got home to take care of this.

“Well, sweetheart,” she began, considering that, as with the story of Peaches, telling the complete truth would lead Corinne to tell her the complete truth about what had happened the night before. “When I was about your age, I had a friend sleep over at my house. We started talking about sex and eventually admitted to each other that we loved masturbation and orgasms. One thing led to another, and we ended up masturbating together.”

“That’s just masturbation,” Corinne said. “I said ‘actual sex.'”

“I was getting to that,” Gayle said, suddenly surprised at her candor, even though she had confessed already to a form of bestiality. “She and I eventually started masturbating each other, which led to humping each other’s leg, and, well, other things.”

“You mean you’re bi?” Corinne asked, and as Gayle looked at her daughter she could see the relief in that knowledge.

“Yes, dear. Your mother is bisexual. That was my first encounter with another girl, and I still have them on occasion, but you can’t tell your father about that. It is a special secret just between you and me. Understood?”


“So, I still haven’t heard your story,” Gayle prompted.

“Okay. I started touching myself a long time ago. I guess I was like you. I just knew it felt nice. Then I realized the longer I touched myself there, the better it felt. Finally, one night in bed I just kept going and going to see how good I could make it feel, and this great feeling just, well, happened. It was my first orgasm.

“I guess I was like you. I did it a lot for a while after that, like I was afraid the feelings would stop happening or something. I decided to read up on it at the library in town, and that’s where I found out I was having orgasms, and I also found out they would never stop happening, which made me happy. I’ve been doing it ever since.”

“How often do you masturbate?”

“About five times a week, I guess, though sometimes I do it more than once in a day, so it’s not like five days a week.”

“When was the last time you masturbated?” Gayle asked. She felt she knew the answer but was wanting to move on to that topic with Corinne.

“You won’t be mad?” Corinne asked.

“Of course I won’t.”

Corinne looked down and back up at her mom. She wanted to see her reaction to this news. “Last night at Laura’s.” She decided not to tell her about that morning at breakfast in front of Laura, Emily, and their mother because of what she knew she couldn’t tell her mother.

Gayle swallowed. “Was Laura in the room?”

Corinne nodded.

“Was she awake?”

The teenager nodded again.

“Did she masturbate with you?” Gayle asked.

Tears welled in Corinne’s eyes as she nodded.

“Be honest with me about this, Corinne. I won’t be angry at all. I just want to know. Did the two of you do anything else together?”

A tear spilled over Corinne’s eyelid as she nodded.

Gayle felt her pussy spasm again at this news. She was shocked at her reaction, and even more shocked at the thought that crossed her mind. She wondered if this might lead to her and her daughter actually masturbating together. They wouldn’t do anything else, of course, but the image of the two of them snaking their hands inside their shorts and panties here in the car was overwhelming.

“Go ahead, honey. Confess. I won’t be mad and I won’t judge you.”

Corinne knew this was where the conversation was headed when she’d gotten the answer from her mother about sex with someone else. Still, it was not an easy confession to make. “Are you going to make me stop seeing Laura and Emily?”

Emily? Gayle thought, sitting back. She’d said nothing about including Emily in this masturbation session that up to that moment Gayle thought only included Laura. The woman calmed herself to hide her shock before saying, “Emily? Emily was there, too?”

Oops, Corinne thought. She hadn’t meant to mention Emily, but it had just spilled out, her embarrassment causing her to forget herself for a moment. She began openly crying now. “Yes,” she said through her tears.

For some reason, this excited Gayle even more. The two sisters, those sexy little darlings, masturbated together? Maybe even did more together?!

“So the three of you messed around together?” Gayle asked before adding, “I won’t be mad, and I won’t tell a soul, not even Sandra.”

Corinne thought that telling Sandra wouldn’t be a problem but thankfully kept her mouth shut about that.

“Yes,” Corinne said, doing her best to get control of her crying. “It’s not a bad thing, really, Mom. They love each other, and it’s not like they can get each other pregnant or anything.”

“It’s okay, sweetheart. I understand. I’m not as sheltered as you think, you know. I’m aware that incest takes place, probably far more than most people realize, especially as it regards siblings.”

Gayle waited for Corinne to get control of herself before saying, “I’m fine with what you’re doing, honey. It would be far worse, to me, if Laura’s brother was involved.” She paused before saying, “He isn’t, is he?” She felt her heart pounding as she waited for the answer.

“Ooh, no!” Corinne answered, and her vehemence and look of disgust made Gayle relax again. It was obviously not a lie.

“Then, I’m fine with it. Just try not to get caught, though. Sandra is a very liberal person, but I don’t know if she’d be okay with her daughters engaging in lesbian incest.”

Corinne kept her mouth shut. As she sat there, she thought of something alarming. Her pussy was soaking wet. She realized this talk had made her unbelievably horny. Her breathing was ragged, deep passionate breaths seemed to echo in the confines of the car. She looked at her mom, who reached out to touch her knee. Her entire being focused on her mom’s hand and the feeling it provided as it lay there against the soft skin. It felt like a live wire–a wire that seemed to connect directly to her pussy. She again felt the liquid mess tucked inside her and her throbbing clit aching to be touched. Suddenly, she realized she wanted what Laura and Emily had with their mother. She wanted her mother to touch her, finger her, flick her clit to an amazing orgasm. . . . Lick her.

The image was too much. The wave of the first spontaneous orgasm of her life began to wash over her before she could even try to prevent it, although she knew the attempt would have been fruitless. She trembled and her eyes closed, her breath washing out of her lungs in gasps as the orgasm seized her. She moved her hips forward involuntarily, seeking the hand that was on her knee. She was coming and her world turned into something blurry and indistinct.

She managed to glance at her mother, and it was obvious she knew what was going on. Her attempt to slump down in her car seat, where she was still trying to move her pussy closer to her mother’s hand, said volumes.

Then suddenly, the hand was there, touching her pussy through the cotton shorts, rubbing against the wet slit beneath the thin material of the shorts and cotton panties. Corinne bucked against her mother’s hand and fingers, urging the orgasm to continue, not caring about any consequences in case her mother became upset about this. All there was in the world was her orgasm and her mother’s hand, urging it on to greater heights.

Then the hand was gone, and Corinne looked at her mother, her eyes glassy with the lust she was a near slave to. In a hazy mist, Corinne saw her mother unbuttoning her own shorts and pushing them down to mid-thigh. Her mother’s pubes, bare and soft, came into view. The thought that her mother shaved or waxed flitted through Corinne’s mind as she watched her mother begin masturbating, rubbing her fingers over the engorged clit, smearing the juices around and filling the car’s cab with wet sounds that made Corinne’s mouth water.

Corinne put her thumbs beneath the elastic waistband of her short shorts and panties and pushed them down, baring her own pussy for her mother to see. She waited until her mother noticed she was now exposed before putting fingers there and rubbing, doing her best to reach a second orgasm. She stared at her mother’s fingers as they worked her own flesh, her mouth watering once again.

She couldn’t help it. She had to taste her mother. She realized the first thought of doing that had flitted across her mind when her mom had mentioned how much she loved the taste of her own juices. Deciding that they would deal with any repercussions or guilt later–guilt she knew she would not suffer though she didn’t know about her mother–Corinne moved to squat on her knees and leaned forward.

Placing her face just above her mother’s pussy, she inhaled and thought about Peaches. If the damn dog had enjoyed this, it was only right for her mother’s daughter to enjoy it as well. She moved her face down and began licking her mother’s fingers and the hard clit beneath them.

Grunts of pleasure echoed throughout the car as Gayle removed her fingers to let her daughter lick her most secret place. Her first thought wasn’t how wrong this was. Rather it was that apparently Laura and Emily were excellent teachers, for Corinne was extremely good at licking pussy. Her rhythms and movements urged the most pleasure from the teenager’s mother. Gayle thought again about Peaches and decided that this time she wouldn’t stop this from ever happening again unless Corinne wanted it to end. But if Corinne was okay with this, Gayle knew it would happen again and again and again. She even chastised herself for waiting so long to talk to her daughter. Would she have been this good at age ten? Eight? Younger, even? Gayle rarely had sex with her husband, and that had been going on for some time now. She wondered if she’d been missing this joy that could have easily taken his place.

The orgasm that slammed into Gayle was one of the best she’d ever experienced. She shuddered and shook and trembled throughout the pleasure that enveloped her. Grunts and even screams were enhanced by the small enclosure of the car.

Then she was feeling Corinne coming once again. She’d experienced an involuntary orgasm that had set Gayle’s blood boiling. Now, she was having another one, this time induced by her child’s own fingers.

When Gayle was once more able to think clearly, she sat up and shot looks all around the car, praying nobody had noticed her and her fourteen-year-old daughter having sex inside. Thankfully, nobody was nearby. No one had noticed at all, despite the screams and possibly even the rocking of the car.

She looked down at Corinne, who was still positioned between her mother’s legs, her cheek resting against Gayle’s thigh.

“Sweetheart,” Gayle said. “I have one question, and I desperately need you to tell me the truth. Did you want to do that?”

“Yes,” Corinne mumbled, reaching out to softly stroke her mother’s inner labia.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Did you?”

“I asked you first, and it’s important you answer first.”


“Do you want to do it again sometime, or was this just a one-time thing? I don’t care which answer you give.”

“I’d like to, but only if you do.”

Gayle smiled down at her new lover. “You took the words right out of my mouth.”

With that, Corinne crawled up her mother’s body and kissed her, not like she always had, the way a daughter might kiss her mother. She kissed her like a lover, her tongue exploring the inside of her mother’s mouth, her mother’s tongue doing the same with hers.

When they broke the kiss, Gayle said, “We better get ourselves fully dressed again. Maybe we could go home and do this in a more comfortable spot, like a real bed.”

Corinne giggled in response. “We may have to wait an hour or so and get something to eat.” Then laughing more, she added, “Other than each other.”

Gayle looked at her daughter as she pulled her panties and shorts up, snapping and buckling things together again. “I can’t wait to taste you.”

“Me either,” Corinne said, and wondered how in the world she had ever thought her mom might be angry if she had caught her masturbating.

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Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 15

  • Posted on March 17, 2018 at 11:44 am

By Cheryl Taggert

That afternoon at swim practice, Sandra sought Corinne’s mother, Gayle, who was a redhead like her daughter. She had promised to discuss Corinne’s burgeoning sexuality with her to help Corinne become more at ease and less worried that her mom would have a fit if she knew Corinne was discovering sexual desire.

Sandra and Gayle were members of a local garden club, with Gayle the newest member, and the two women had served on a committee together, where they had gotten to know each other better. They had talked several times about their lives, and Sandra had learned about the existence of Corinne even before the girl had joined the same swim club her family belonged to.

She knew Gayle had almost certainly thought about the fact her daughter was growing up, and subsequently would have at least masturbated, even though that rather personal subject had never been broached by either of them before. However, Sandra’s offer to speak to Gayle hid other motives. Frankly, she would love to see if Gayle was a little bit interested in a liaison herself. She found the redhead extremely attractive. The woman’s eyes were the color of jade. She kept her hair cut short in a pixie cut, making her look more like a teenager than the mother of one. Her lightly freckled skin was otherwise flawless, if you could call freckles a flaw. She had a slender, almost boyish figure–slim hips and boobs that would barely fill a B-cup that seemed perfect for her 5′ 2″ frame.

She noticed Gayle coming out of the swim club’s ladies’ dressing area and managed to get her attention and signal her over.

“Sandra, how are you?” Gayle asked, leaning down to where Sandra was sitting to plant a peck on the woman’s cheek.

“Doing fine. I just thought that since your daughter spent the night last night at my place, we could have a little talk.”

Gayle frowned at Sandra, wondering if Corinne had done something rude. It would be unlike her daughter to do that, but she could think of no other reason Sandra would want to talk about Corinne.

Sandra saw the look and said, “Oh, there’s nothing wrong. I just, well, noticed some things and wanted to have a mom-to-mom talk, if you know what I mean.”

Relief flooded Gayle and she relaxed, although the confusion about what Sandra meant by “mom-to-mom” remained. “Sure,” she said, allowing Sandra to broach whatever topic was on her mind.

“I assume you’ve noticed your little girl is growing up,” Sandra began, eliciting a confused nod from Gayle. “Well, she came to me and wanted to talk about something, and when I suggested she talk to you about it, she was, to say the least, reluctant.”

Gayle’s look of confusion once again shifted to one of mild worry. “What was she able to talk to you about that she wasn’t able to talk to me about?”

“Well, to put it bluntly, sex.”

Gayle sat back. She was both surprised and understanding. Lots of girls had an easier time discussing things like that with someone other than their mother, but a small pang of jealousy still landed on her heart. She had always hoped her daughter would feel okay discussing anything with her, but apparently, she couldn’t.

“What, exactly, did she say?” Gayle asked.

“Well, she is, um, having certain feelings,” Sandra answered. When she got no response from Gayle other than that same confused look, she said, “She gets horny.”

Gayle made a face that said ‘of course, how could I be so dense?’ She said, “She told you this?”

Sandra didn’t want to make it seem Corinne had become too familiar with her words, so she answered, “Well, not in those exact words, but she said she worries she is doing things you would not want her to do, and it makes her feel guilty.”

Gayle squinted, still unsure what they were talking about. “Is she seeing some boy?”

Sandra could see she would have to be more blunt. “No, nothing like that. She’s . . . well . . . she’s masturbating.”

Gayle burst out with a laugh. She was embarrassed she had not seen the bush Sandra had been beating around. For her part, Sandra had not expected Gayle’s response would be a laugh.

“I’m sorry, but I am so embarrassed, and embarrassment leads me to burst out in nervous laughter.” When Sandra looked at her with an odd expression, she added, “I’m not embarrassed about the subject. I’m embarrassed I didn’t catch what you meant.”

Sandra’s own demeanor relaxed as well. Gayle continued laughing. “I’m just glad she’s not out screwing some guy!” After this, Gayle glanced around to make sure nobody had heard that statement. There was nobody within twenty feet of them, and they were all focused on the swim lessons their children were engaged in.

Sandra smiled. “I figured you would not be as upset as Corinne thought you would be. I told her you would understand. After all, we’re not all a bunch of sexless grown-ups like they think we are.” Now it was Sandra’s turn to laugh.

As the two women sat laughing for a moment, Gayle reached over and placed a hand on Sandra’s. Sandra didn’t fail to notice this, both hands were now sitting mid-thigh on Sandra’s leg. The idea that this sexy woman’s hand was mere inches from her pussy caused a brief shiver inside her.

The laughter subsided and Gayle, her hand still on Sandra’s, said, “She thinks I’ll hit the roof if I find out, right?”

“That about sums it up,” Sandra said.

“Oh, my God,” Gayle said, wiping the laughter tears from her eyes, “I should have known. I used to be scared shitless my parents would catch me. For some reason, I never considered having a talk with her about that. I mean, it’s so embarrassing talking to your kids about things like that.”

“She feels the same way about talking to her parents about it, but I think you should, don’t you? I mean the girl is going around feeling guilty over something we all do.”

“Yes, thank you. I will. On the way home, in fact.” Gayle sat back and cut a glance at Sandra. “Hell, if she’s anything like her mom, she’s at it at least four or five times a week.”

“Well, she never mentioned frequency, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I know I did it at least that often when I was her age.” Sandra looked at Gayle before adding, “If I weren’t so busy as an adult, I’d probably be doing it that often now.”

This brought on another round of laughter, this time more relaxed than the first. “Damn, that’s the truth,” Gayle said. “I swear, I think my husband is either having an affair or discovered he’s gay or something. I get fucked maybe once a month if I’m lucky.”

“Oh, you poor thing!” Sandra said. “You must be so frustrated. I mean, I don’t get it as often as I’d like from my husband, considering he’s out of town so often on business, but it’s more than that.”

Gayle grinned at her. “It’s okay. I get to it when I can. And anyway, there’s more than one way to satisfaction in that department.”

“Why, Gayle! Are you having an affair?”

Gayle just shrugged.

“Come on, who is it? I won’t tell. After all, who am I to talk?” Sandra said.

Gayle stared at Sandra, her mouth agape. “You mean that YOU’RE having an affair?”

“Weellll, of a sort.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I’ll tell you if you tell me,” Sandra said.

“Oh. Oh, my. I can’t. It would be too embarrassing.”

“What?! Is it your dog or something? Come on. I won’t care. Hell, I wouldn’t care if it was your dog.”

This sent the ladies into another round of laughter. Others around them had started to notice them, and Sandra said, “Let’s go somewhere more private, like my car.”

Gayle glanced around and said, “You’re right.” The two women got up and started to leave when Gayle said, “Maybe we should tell our daughters where we are.” With that, they walked to where the three girls were standing together with Kate and Kelli. Gayle knew who they were and that they lived next door to Sandra and her daughters.

Sandra said, “Girls, we’re going to be out in my car. Just find us when you’re through.”

Laura looked at her mom, wondering if they were going to do something like make out. Why else would she want to be alone with the sexy redhead? She pulled her mom aside and said, “Mom, what are you going to be doing out there?”

“Nothing, baby. We just want to be able to talk away from prying ears and eyes. Don’t worry. I’m not planning on going down on her in my car. Anyway, there’s not enough room for that.”

“MO-OM!” the teenager said, making it two syllables.

Sandra chuckled at her daughter’s distress. “It’s fine, honey. We’ll just be talking. Not even kissing. Promise.” She stepped back to the group and said to Gayle, “Okay, I have my daughter’s permission to go sit in the car.” The girls, other than Laura, laughed, and the ladies made their way out to the car.

Sandra started it and cranked up the air conditioner to dispel the heat.

Gayle turned in the passenger seat to face Sandra. “Okay, I can at least tell you it’s not my dog.”

“Well, shit! I thought maybe I’d met a real kinky person. What fun are you?” Sandra said, laughing.

Gayle got a shocked look and said, “You mean you’re having an affair with YOUR dog?”

“Oh, heavens no. Besides, our dog’s a female.”

“I had a female chihuahua when I was about twelve. I’d let her lick me,” Gayle suddenly said, then put her hand to her gaping mouth as if she’d shocked herself. “Oh shit! I don’t believe I told you that!”

“Well, then, maybe I have met a real kinky person!” Sandra answered.

“I only did it, like, twice. It made me feel too weird to be letting my dog perform cunnilingus on me.”

“Oh, shit. Let’s move on to a different subject!” said Sandra, waving her hands before her face to fan herself.

“I agree. And don’t tell my daughter I did that! Teenagers always seem to think their mom’s are lifelong virgins or something!”

“Well, I’ve always been up front with my girls,” Sandra said. “I talked to them about masturbation early in their lives. Admitted I did it when I was young and still do.”

“How young?” Gayle asked.

“I had my first orgasm when I was ten.”

“Really? I think I was eleven.”

The women sat back in their seats, remembering. “God, that was a great time. I remember when that first orgasm crashed into me. I felt like I’d discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” Sandra said.

“No shit. I think I masturbated every night for two weeks after I had my first one. I actually thought nobody had ever experienced them before. Like it was something special only I had found.”

Sandra looked over at Gayle. “Is all this sex talk making you horny?”

Gayle looked back at Sandra and said, “No.” When Sandra’s face held that “don’t kid a kidder” look, Gayle grinned and said, “Well, maybe.”

Sandra said, “You ever do it with another girl?”

Gayle squinted at Sandra. “Do what with a girl?”

“Well, anything really. But I was talking mostly about masturbation. You know, that thing your daughter loves to do but thinks you’d shit if you knew she did it.”

Gayle looked into her lap. “Yeah. You?”

“Oh, yeah. Lots of times.”

Gayle looked at Sandra then looked around the parking lot. It was empty. Then she said, “Lots of times?” Sandra nodded. “So when was the last time?” Gayle wasn’t sure where this conversation was headed, but she liked the general direction. She had first thought about Sandra in this way the moment they’d met. The woman seemed to ooze sexuality. She wondered if Sandra would be okay with the fact that the person she herself had had an affair with was another woman. She had even begun to suspect that lesbian desires were what Sandra was holding back as well.

Sandra wanted to tell Gayle the last time had been last night with their daughters, but of course, she couldn’t, so she went back to the last time she’d done that with someone other than Laura, Emily, and Corinne.

“Do you know Kelli and Kate’s mom, Tracy?”

“Holy fuck! Really?” Gayle was flabbergasted. Tracy? She seemed so, well, conservative.

“You can never tell her I told you that!” Sandra said, laughing. “But, yes, really. She’s not as proper as you’d think.”

“Apparently not.” Gayle tried to imagine the two women masturbating together. “Did you two confine your activities to just masturbating?”

“Okay, I’m going to tell you what I wouldn’t inside,” Sandra said, deciding to take the plunge. She had figured out that Gayle was anything but conservative when it came to sex. Hell, she’d confessed to letting her dog lick her when she was young. “The affairs I have are with women. That way, if my birth control pills don’t work, I’m certain the child is my husband’s.”

Gayle stared at Sandra, her gaze hopping down every few seconds to look at the woman’s sensuous lips. “Holy shit. That’s what I didn’t want to tell you.”

Seconds later, Sandra broke her promise to Laura. The two women were making out like a couple of horny teenagers. Their lips seemed to melt into each other, their tongues swabbing the other’s lips, tongue, teeth, and mouth. Sandra’s pussy burned for release, despite all the sex she’d enjoyed the night before, not to mention getting herself off after Corinne’s performance in the kitchen that morning.

Gayle, who had taken advantage of the night away from her daughter, had masturbated to several orgasms the night before. Her husband was in the den watching TV, or rather passed out in front of it. She had lain in bed using all of her toys, fucking herself, rubbing her clit, inserting the butt plug and pressing the vibrator against her clit until wave after wave of orgasms washed over her. The fact she was so turned on right now made her wonder if she was turning into some sort of slut. In the middle of making out with Sandra, she decided fuck it. If she were turning into some kind of slut, it would only be admitting what she’d been for many years now. Who besides a slut would have let her dog get her off when she was twelve?

When Gayle felt Sandra’s hand at her crotch, rubbing her there and adding to the heat her pussy was generating as if in competition with the heat inside the sun-baked car, she realized they would have to stop. Otherwise, someone would catch them, probably their own daughters.

“Wait! Wait!”

“Huh?” Sandra said.

“We can’t do this right now. The girls–the girls will catch us.”

Reluctantly, Sandra realized she was right. Although she knew that would not be a problem in the least, Gayle knew no such thing, and Sandra was certainly not ready to tell her.

“When can we get together?” Sandra asked.

“Hmm. Let me think. Are you doing anything tomorrow afternoon?”

“Just fucking you,” Sandra said, and they laughed.

They sat back and got control of themselves. Gayle was thinking about the fun waiting for her the next day. Sandra was wondering how she could get Gayle involved with the young girls and her own daughter. For that matter, Corinne had said nothing about being attracted to her mom. Would she be able to convince the girl that sex with her own mother would be great?


Becky and Lexi arrived at Becky’s house after the bus ride back to Becky’s neighborhood. After checking to see that Becky’s sister, Tanya, was gone, they immediately took the new Barbie car to Becky’s bedroom and pulled out the Barbies. Lexi noticed one thing about Becky’s Barbies right away. They were all naked.

“Wow, you do love to let your Barbies have sex together, don’t you?” Lexi asked.

“If I didn’t have to go outside sometimes, I’d be naked all the time myself,” Becky added with a laugh.

Looking through the pile of dolls, Lexi noticed only one Ken doll, though. “I bet your Ken gets a lot of sex, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah,” Becky said, “but mostly he watches the girls doing each other.”

Lexi gave Becky a sly smile. “So you do that with your Barbies too?”

“Of course. A girl’s gotta have her fun!” The two girls laughed together and Becky picked up her Skipper doll and one of her many Barbies. “Skipper wants to lick Barbie,” she said. She lay Barbie on her back and positioned Skipper so that her face was mashed between Barbie’s legs.

The two girls played sex games with the Barbies for another fifteen minutes until Lexi got an idea. “Hey, Becky,” she said, watching as her new friend maneuvered more dolls and made sounds for the pretend girls having sex. “Have you ever watched any porn?”

Becky looked at Lexi and grinned. “Have you?” she asked.

“I asked you first.”

“So you did.” Becky hesitated, drawing out the drama of the moment. “Well, what if I have?”

“I was gonna suggest we get on your computer and find some.”

“You sure?” Becky asked. She didn’t want to get in the middle of some really good porn and have Lexi chicken out.

“Sure, I’m sure. I watch it in my bedroom all the time.”

“All the time? When do you sleep?”

Lexi laughed. “Between porn videos!”

The two girls giggled loudly before getting up from the Barbie orgy and moving to Becky’s laptop. Becky booted up and opened her browser. Typing in ‘,’ she waited for her favorite free internet porn site to open. When it did, a number of thumbnail pictures came up. The girls looked at them, trying to decide which one to watch first.

“Do this one!” Lexi said, pointing at one where a girl had a man’s penis in her mouth.

“Okay,” Becky said, wondering how she could get Lexi to be okay with watching a video with two or more girls only.

They watched, and Becky did her best to concentrate on the girl, who would reach down and play with herself while sucking the guy off. After the man came, Becky said, “Do you ever do this?” and clicked on one where a girl was masturbating. The video opened and they watched for a moment.

“Why do you think I watch the porn all the time?” Lexi said.

Becky laughed. “For the same reason I do!”

They continued watching the girl playing with herself until Becky said, “So, are we just gonna sit here just watching the videos all afternoon, or are we gonna do something about it?”

Lexi gave Becky a smirk. “Like what?”

“You know.”

“I do? I’m not sure I know at all,” Lexi teased. “What are you suggesting we do? Get naked and play with ourselves like the girl in the video?”

“Well, we could just sit here and get horny and then get all frustrated if you’d rather do that.”

“Are you sure you want to?” Lexi said.

“Don’t you?”

“Well, yeah, but I wasn’t sure you wanted to.”

“Why you think I invited you over to play with the naked Barbies?” Becky said.

“You mean you thought about us doing it together when you asked me over?”

“Well, yeah. Didn’t you?”

“Well, um, yeah.”

Becky grinned. “Then what are we waiting for?” And she stood and pushed her shorts and panties to her ankles.

Lexi stared at her new friend’s pussy. It was bald, like hers, and puffy like hers, too. When she didn’t pull her own shorts and panties down, Becky said, “Well? You just gonna stare at mine and not let me get a look at yours?”

Lexi pushed her shorts and panties down past her knees and they fell to the floor around her ankles. Becky stared the the girl’s pussy. Her mouth started watering, but she reminded herself to go slowly. She didn’t want to scare her new, sexy friend off. She was afraid that if she went too far too fast, Lexi would freak out and leave. She definitely didn’t want that to happen.

The girls removed their shirts and stood naked except for socks in front of each other. Giggling, they turned their attention back to the girl on the screen. She had a dildo and was fucking herself with it.

Becky reached down and started rubbing herself. Lexi, seeing this, followed Becky’s lead. Soon the two girls began whimpering and moaning from the pleasurable feelings their fingers produced.

“Scoot over a bit so I can sit in the chair with you,” Lexi said, and Becky complied, excited to feel the girl’s hip touching her own.

Finally, Becky could stand it no longer. She at least had to touch Lexi’s pussy if the girl would let her. Reaching over, she pushed her fingers into Lexi’s slit as if she did it every day.

Lexi gasped at the contact. She’d hoped Becky would try something like that, and now she put her own hand on Becky’s pussy, rubbing the slit and enjoying the feel of her friend’s slit.

Now, the two girls were rubbing each other with abandon, working to bring each other to orgasm. Neither said anything about the change from masturbating themselves to masturbating each other. They just did it.

Becky felt her climax approaching and said, “Don’t stop!”

“I won’t as long as you don’t!” Lexi answered.

Within seconds, both girls started coming. Their fingers mashed the other girl’s clitoris, urging the other’s climax on.

When they’d finished, Lexi said, “You ever do it more than once?”

“All the time,” Becky said.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Lexi said, giggling.

Becky decided after what they’d done that some lesbian videos were in order and was no longer afraid to suggest it. “Let’s watch one of my favorites,” she said, and entered the title of one of her favorite clips in the search box.

When the video came up, Lexi said, “Your favorite is a lesbian one?”

“Yeah. Is that okay?”

“Sure!” Lexi said. “They’re some of my favorites too!”

When the girls in the video started kissing, Becky looked over at Lexi, who returned the look. It was obvious in their eyes. They wanted to make out.

Soon, the girls were on Becky’s bed and making out, the videos all but forgotten.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of someone clearing her throat. Becky looked at her bedroom door. Tanya stood there, smiling.

Lexi looked frightened until Becky said, “You mind if my older sister joins in? She’s fun and knows a lot of stuff to do to make you feel good.”

Lexi smiled and looked back and forth between Becky and her sister. Then she made up her mind. “Sure!”

Tanya lay on the bed and said, “You both have to take off my clothes.”

Becky looked over at Lexi and grinned. “This is gonna be so wild!” she said, and reached for the buttons on her sister’s top as Lexi reached for the teenager’s belt.

Yes, this was going to be wild, Lexi thought.

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Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 14

  • Posted on February 10, 2018 at 7:54 am

By Cheryl Taggert

When Corinne woke up in the empty bed only a half hour later, she got up and stumbled out into the family room. There, she found Laura and Emily busily licking each other in a very erotic sixty-nine. She thought of joining them, but realized her pussy was rather sore from all the sex the night before. She’d been well-satisfied and didn’t really need to come again, although the idea was intriguing. She heard some noises in the kitchen and followed the sounds to find Sandra there, fully dressed and starting some bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Sandra turned to the young girl and grinned. She had gotten up, showered and dressed, and had found her daughters engaged in sex upon coming out of her room and into the family room. She, too, had considered joining them, but like Corinne, she’d been satisfied from the fun the night before and that morning. She looked at the younger girl, who was still naked. “Hey, sweetie! Hungry?”

“Yeah,” Corinne said, trying to stifle a yawn without success.

“I know sex always makes me famished,” Sandra said. “I imagine those two on the sofa will be joining us soon.” As if on cue, Corinne heard the moans from the family room growing louder as one of the girls — it sounded like Emily — approached an orgasm.

“Can I ask a question?” Corinne asked.

“Sure,” Sandra said, standing over the bacon.

“What made you decide to let Laura and Emily enjoy sex together?”

Sandra looked at her. “Well, to be honest, it was selfishness on my part. I wanted to have sex with them.”

“Oh. When did that happen? I mean, when did you realize you wanted to have sex with them?”

“It’s been practically forever. You see, I love girls and I love sex. I’ve been having sex — all kinds and with lots of people — since I was young. My brother took my virginity, and my younger sister was my first girl-girl sex, followed by my older sister. Then threesomes with them or one of them and my brother, or foursomes. Mmmm. life was so much fun.” She looked at Corinne with a sly grin. “It still is. So, I guess you could say incest was just a part of my growing up. I never considered it taboo or ugly or anything like that. I always loved it.”

“How long have the three of you been having sex together?”

“Which three?” Sandra asked.

“You and your daughters.”

“Oh, not that long really. I would fantasize about them from the time they were little things, thinking of all the lovely things I could teach them, but I guess that whole ‘moms don’t do that with their daughters’ silliness got in my way. We started just a few weeks ago, actually. They started doing it together some time ago, apparently.” She thought about it for a second and laughed. “Like mother, like daughters, I suppose.”

“And it doesn’t bother you that you three have sex?”

“Why should it? We love each other, and we can’t get each other pregnant, which is the biggest reason for outlawing incest. After all, birth defects can easily result if a brother and sister or father and daughter have a baby together. The chance decreases the more distant the biological connection, but we don’t have to worry about that. For us, it’s just all about the fun.”

“My mom would shit if she knew what I did last night, and she’d call the police if she knew you were having sex with your daughters.”

“Then we have to make sure she never finds out, right?”

Corinne laughed. “Of course. I didn’t mean to suggest I would ever tell anyone. I know what would happen if I did, and it’s not like I am all innocent in this either. I wanted what happened to happen.”

“Even the sex with me?” Sandra asked.

“Yeah. I was kinda envious of Laura and Emily that they could not only have sex with each other, but also with you. I kinda wish–” She stopped there, realizing she was about to spill her secret.

“Wish what?” Sandra said, not allowing the girl to escape.

“Well, I wish I had a sister and that my mom was more like you. It’d be kinda cool being able to have sex whenever we wanted to.”

“Yeah, I guess it is kind of cool,” Sandra said. “Are you sure your mom would shit about that?”

“Oh, yeah. She doesn’t even know I masturbate.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that. She’s a woman, after all. She’s been your age, and it’s not like she’s a virgin. If she likes sex at all, and we’ve spoken and I can assure you she does, she masturbated and still does.”

“How do you know my mom likes sex?”

“Well, it’s not like she just came out and said, ‘By the way, I love sex,’ but she is a very, well, liberal person in a lot of ways, and she exudes sex appeal.”

Corinne giggled. “Are you saying you find my mom attractive?”

“Of course. Don’t you?”

Corinne blushed. “Well . . . ”

The sound of Laura reaching an orgasm in the next room caught their attention as Sandra removed the bacon from the pan and started cracking eggs to scramble them.

Sandra spoke while she cracked eggs. “I think if you approached your mom and wanted to talk about your sexual desires, she would be more open to discussing them than you think.”

“Oh, I could never do that.”

Sandra looked at Corinne, her eyebrows raised in question. “Would you like for me to talk to her?”

“About what?”

“You, silly. And feel her out on her opinion of how far along you are, sexually speaking.”

“Oh, my God, No!” Corinne said, her hands flying to hide her blushing cheeks. “I don’t want her to know what I’ve done here!”

“Oh, no, honey. I don’t mean tell her you had sex with my daughters, and especially not that you had sex with me. You’re right about that. She might have me arrested. No, I mean feel her out about things like masturbation. We’re both moms and I could approach her about what she’s doing to handle the fact you are growing up . . . and out.”

“Do you think that would be a good idea?”

“It would certainly put your mind at ease. I mean, wouldn’t it be nice if you could at least masturbate at home without worrying about what might happen if she caught you?”


“Okay, I’ll talk to her at swim practice this afternoon.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”


Corinne walked into the family room and found the sisters on the carpeted floor. They lay back on the carpeting and were catching their breath while doing their best to cool down. Noticing the smeared fluids on each girl’s face, she squatted down and took turns kissing each of them, relishing the flavor.

“Whew!” Laura said, as she waved her hands over her body in an attempt to fan herself. “I need a shower.”

“So do I,” Emily echoed and looked at Corinne. “Why didn’t you join us?”

Laura answered her. “Mom got her up early this morning and tongue-fucked her into oblivion.”

Emily giggled. “Yeah, I know how that is,” she said. “Mom’s insatiable. She once licked me to so many orgasms I lost count. It must have gone on for like an hour.”

“Actually, your mom sent me to get you two to come eat breakfast. She’s fixing bacon and eggs.”

“And hashbrowns!” they heard from the kitchen.

Laura looked unsure. “You think you can handle the odor from us not getting showers?”

“Hey, I’m smelling you now, and it doesn’t bother me. Mostly, you smell like pussy.”

Emily looked at her sister and said, “Then she definitely doesn’t care.” The three girls started laughing at Emily’s comment, and Corinne stood up, helping both girls to their feet. Each of the sisters stood on wobbly legs and followed Corinne into the kitchen.

“Smells great!” Laura said. The girls sat around the kitchen table and ate their breakfast naked. Then after they’d finished, Corinne got an idea. Pushing her seat back from the table, she spread her legs and reached down to her pussy. She was sore, but she figured one more orgasm wouldn’t hurt. She could rest her clit later.

As the sisters and their mother watched, she began toying with her labia, spreading the soft flesh to reveal the treasure beneath. Then she explored the inner lips, spreading and rubbing them to get her juices flowing. Dipping a finger into her vagina, she coated it with her nectar and brought it to her lips, sucking the digit clean before delving back into her crotch for more of her honey. She watched and nearly laughed when she saw Emily licking her lips subconsciously. Laura started to move to the floor to feast on the pussy, but Corinne stopped her. “No, just watch, okay?”

Laura sat back in her chair reluctantly. It wasn’t that she needed more sex, but she wanted to do this favor for her friend. Still, if Corinne preferred her own fingers right then, she would do as the girl wanted and watch.

Corinne’s fingers moved up the crevice between her inner labia to her clit, rubbing some of the copious fluids on the sensitive pearl. She could feel her body shiver slightly and began a rhythmic dance between her fingers and her clit. She would rub her button for a few seconds before reaching down to her vagina, where she would insert a finger, draw out some honey, and smear it around, finally returning to her small, protruding clit. As she did this, the journey quickened over time until she was spending more and more time on the center of her desire, that small nub of flesh that could make her squirm with just a touch.

Soon, she concentrated on her clit and nothing else, rubbing it and flicking it with her finger. As the need for her orgasm rose, she became more frantic to achieve it. Finally, she was there, and her body began shivering as the flesh-quake embraced her. Spasms rocked her as the thought skirted through her mind that this may be the best self-induced orgasm she’d ever experienced. Seeing the two girls and their mother watching her with an intensity only passion could create had made her become hornier than she thought she would when she’d begun pleasuring herself for their entertainment.

Grunts of “UH! UH! UH!” burst from her as the climax seized her until she curled herself into a fetal position, enjoying the aftershocks of the orgasm.

She looked over at her audience and said, “Now I need a shower, too!” They all laughed and the girls got up to get cleaned up for the day. As they left the kitchen, Corinne looked back at the girls’ mother. She was pulling her pants and panties down to her knees to repeat the performance she had just witnessed. Corinne beamed, knowing this would be only the start of a life of sexual gratification with this family. All she needed now was to be invited over more often. She hoped her mother would allow her to stay over. Frequently.


Becky was bored. Ever since she and her older sister, Tanya, had enjoyed sex with their mom and aunt, life had been great. It was summer, so they had enjoyed sex any night they wanted, but Becky wanted someone her own age to play with. That way they could play with dolls and stuff once they’d enjoyed several orgasms together. The trouble was she didn’t know of any girls her age who did stuff like that. She wasn’t sure how she could go about getting a friend interested in sex play. Playing with dolls was easy since every girl her age loved doing that. But playing with pussies was different.

Or was it?

She began to wonder how many of her friends had tried touching themselves ‘down there’ and enjoyed it. Was it possible that nearly every girl her age had discovered those juicy secrets, which was what she had started calling the wonderful pleasures she had been enjoying ever since Tanya had introduced her to that website? They were, after all, both juicy and a secret.

But she’d begun wondering why they had to be so secret, especially among her friends and herself. What was the big deal? She had just found that she enjoyed touching herself and her sister and mom, not to mention her aunt and that older girl, Kelli. She’d also discovered how wonderful the honey in older girls’ and women’s pussies tasted. Why was it so bad that she loved it? Why did society want to keep her from that fun and enjoyment? She realized if she felt this way, and if she had discovered the delightful pleasures her mound held for her, then certainly other girls her age had.

She sat there in her bedroom and made a decision. She would find out. There were ways to discover those things about other girls, conversations that could take place, games that could be played to satisfy the feelings she was having in her pussy. She didn’t know what an addiction was, really, beyond what she’d heard about drugs and stuff. If she had known more about it, she would have realized she was becoming addicted to orgasms.

And she wouldn’t have cared one bit.

She changed into another outfit, leaving her panties in her drawer. She wore shorts that came to just above mid-thigh, and a t-shirt that said, ‘Future Heartbreaker’ on the front. Putting on her sneakers, she walked out the door, hollering to Tanya that she’d be back later without specifying where she was going or when ‘later’ would be. Then she walked the quarter-mile to the bus stop. The bus that would take her to the mall arrived ten minutes later, and she got on, using her bus pass she had brought with her.

When she got to the mall, she went inside and headed straight for the toy store there, going inside to the area where dolls and other girls’ toys lined the shelves.

Then she waited for a girl her age to come along without a parent. This proved to take a while. Most of the girls her age were always accompanied by someone older, if not a parent an older brother or sister. She was just about to give up, deciding she might be the only girl her age with the courage to venture to the mall alone, when a brunette girl about her age came into the store and made her way to the girls’ toys.

Becky continued pretending to search for a toy, as she’d been doing for at least a half-hour while some of the employees kept stopping by to ask if they could help her. She’d politely refused any help, insisting she didn’t really know what she was looking for but would know when she found it. One salesgirl whose name badge read Tabitha had hovered over Becky so long she’d begun to feel uncomfortable, as if the girl thought she was going to steal something. Tabitha had finally gone to help another customer, leaving Becky alone in her search for a toy the store most certainly didn’t sell: another girl’s pussy.

Now, Becky watched the brunette girl as she looked over the merchandise. After a couple of minutes went by without an adult following the girl, Becky stepped forward.

“Hi, I’m Becky.”

The brunette girl glanced over her shoulder at Becky and smiled. “I’m Lexi.”

“That’s a neat name,” Becky said. “I’ve never met a Lexi before.”

Lexi shrugged. “It’s okay, I guess.”

Lexi was looking at the Barbie collection, which was rather extensive, of course.

“You like to play with Barbies too?” Becky asked.

“Yeah. I’ve got a lot of them and a lot of accessories and stuff. My mom gave me ten dollars and told me I could come to the mall and buy myself something for my birthday, and I thought I’d check this out to see if there was something I might want.”

“Oh, it’s your birthday?” Becky asked.

Lexi laughed. “No. Actually it was a couple of days ago, but one thing I asked for was to be able to spend the day at the mall by myself since my sister got to when she turned ten.”

“Cool,” Becky said. “So many girls our age aren’t allowed to be alone, like we might actually get in a car with some old man who wants to fuck us or something.”

Lexi was taken aback slightly at Becky’s words, especially the F-bomb, but it didn’t bother her. Mostly, she liked Becky all the more because of her boldness at using the word after only knowing Lexi for a few minutes. She grinned at Becky, her white teeth gleaming behind her tan.

Then she laughed. “I know. It’s like ‘Mom, I know about the pedos. I promise I won’t let one touch me or trick me into going with him to see his puppy or something.'”

The girls giggled. Becky was happy the subject of sex had begun so easily between them. “Really!” she said. “It’s not like we don’t know about that stuff. If my mom knew what I liked to do with my Barbies, she’d shit!”

Of course, this was a lie, but she couldn’t exactly admit it to Lexi. In the days since she’d begun enjoying sex with her mom, she had openly played at getting Barbie and her girlfriends naked and humping each other, even licking each other. Her mom had looked at her and said, “That’s exactly what your aunt and I used to do with them!”

Lexi cut her eyes at Becky. “What do you like to do with your Barbies that would make your mom shit?”

Becky said, “Probably the same thing you like to do with them when you’re alone.”

Lexi’s mouth dropped open in a huge grin, “Nuh-uh!” she said, but Becky could tell she had done the same things with her Barbies. She wondered how many girls played sex games with their Barbies and figured probably all of them.

“It’s okay if you do. I think we all do the same thing with them.”

Lexi glanced around as if to see if they were being watched or eavesdropped on. Then turning to Becky, she said, “Wow. You must have, like, sex on the brain.”

Becky, who long ago had figured if her little experiment failed, she wouldn’t see the girl again and didn’t have to worry, said, “Hey, as my sister says, ‘if it feels good, do it.'”

Lexi asked, “How old is your sister?”


“Damn! Does she fuck guys?”

“I don’t know if she fucks guys, but she has no problem fucking her girlfriend,” Becky said, knowing she couldn’t tell Lexi everything Tanya liked to do. “And I’ve caught her playing with herself before, too.”

“Wow. Cool. Does she know you saw her?”

Becky looked at Lexi and made a decision. She could lie and say ‘no,’ or she could tell the truth and see where it led. “Yeah. She even let me watch her.”

“Wow. That’s so great. Did you?”

“Of course! A girl’s gotta learn somewhere!” The two girls giggled again. Tabitha stepped into the aisle again, and Becky said, “Shh! The Gestapo is watching!”

This sent the girls into more rounds of giggles. They turned to the Barbies once again and tried to ignore Tabitha, who had walked over and stood behind them. Finally, Becky turned to Tabitha and said, “Did you like to play with Barbies when you were our age?”

Tabitha, who was surprised the little girl had addressed the question to her, blushed at the memories of being alone in her room, playing very naughty games with her Barbies. She was eighteen now and didn’t play with Barbies anymore, but she’d never forgotten the fun she’d had with them.

“Yeah,” Tabitha said, sending the two little girls into more gales of laughter. Tabitha realized the girls knew the score, so to speak, and had probably been discussing that same pastime when she’d approached, but she wanted to be sure. Tabitha had taken an interest in the little girl who’d been there first because of how she’d reminded her of her niece, who was about the same age, and with whom she had enjoyed many hours of naughty fun.

“Why is it so funny I played with Barbies at your age?” Tabitha asked.

The girls exchanged what could only be termed a naughty look and giggled some more.

“Nothing,” Becky said. Then she turned to Lexi. “You gonna buy another Barbie?”

Lexi said, “I think I’ll buy her a car.” She had noticed earlier that the price was right for one of the Barbie cars and wanted one.

Becky turned to Tabitha. “She’s gonna buy one of the cars.” Turning to Lexi again, she said, “You wanna bring it to my house and we can play with my Barbies?”

Lexi noticed the extra gleam in Becky’s eyes. It was a gleam of mischief–of doing some forbidden things with Becky’s Barbies. Lexi didn’t have to be home for at least another five hours if she didn’t want to. She had her phone in case her mom called, and she could always say she was still at the mall, just hanging out. She could even say she’d met a friend there and was hanging out with the friend, whose parents were somewhere in the mall as well. That would make her mom feel better about things in case she did call to check on her.

Lexi said, “Sure. We can have a lot of fun.” She paused before adding, “Playing with Barbies” with a little, suggestive smile.

Becky looked back up at Tabitha and knew immediately the teenager knew precisely what they were talking about. The salesgirl’s smirk was an unmistakable declaration of I know exactly what you two are planning to do with the Barbies. Becky wondered if she was just being paranoid, a word she’d learned from Tanya recently,  because of the plans and the naughty talk she and Lexi had been enjoying before Tabitha showed up, but she doubted it. Then when they were checking out and Tabitha was ringing up the purchase, the older girl said something that left no doubt that she knew what the girls were planning.

Tabitha placed the Barbie car into a shopping bag and handed over it to Lexi. Then she smiled knowingly and said, “Don’t let your moms catch you playing with your Barbies like that. Mine spanked me when she caught me.”

The younger girls both blushed as they left the register. Becky turned back to Tabitha to see if she was watching them. Of course, she was. Becky watched as the older girl winked at her.

As the two new friends left the mall, Becky decided she would have to come back to Toys-R-Us again soon. Getting Tabitha interested in some sex play looked to be a cinch.

What she didn’t know was that Lexi was thinking the same thing.

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Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 13

  • Posted on January 30, 2018 at 11:04 am

By Cheryl Taggert

Once Corinne and Laura were alone in bed, they lay there chatting until well after one o’clock. Laura told her how she and her sister got involved sexually when they were younger. It excited Corinne, but she was too tired after the mini-orgy to do anything about it.

“When I was maybe nine, I discovered my pussy. It felt so good to touch myself there, and I wondered if I had something nobody else in the world had. This led me to asking Emily if she ever touched herself ‘down there’ and if she liked it. She told me she did sometimes, and it felt nice, but not as good as I described to her. This led to looking some stuff up online. I found a diagram of a girl’s pussy and read about the clit. I shared it with Emily, and she was as fascinated as I was.

“Of course, after that, we had to see if we could find our clits. We’d always shared this bedroom, and this bed, so we got naked one night and got a flashlight we keep in the room in case the electricity goes out. I gave Emily the flashlight and she got between my legs to watch me masturbate. She’d never come, but I had. She said she could see my clit and it was the spot I seemed to like to touch the most. After a few minutes of touching myself, I felt the orgasm coming. I stroked myself and BAM! I was coming.

“When I’d finished, she said she wanted to see if she could find her clit. I took the flashlight and ducked down to watch as she touched her bald pussy. It was all pink inside, and she began touching herself, searching near the top for her clit. Then she found it. She said something like ‘wow’ and kept stroking. Then after a while her hand got tired but she said it felt really good.  I asked her if I could take over, and she said ‘sure.’ So I reached out and began masturbating my little sister for the first time.

“When you’re only seven, you don’t produce much fluids, and she was getting dry. She said it needed something and I decided to get her pussy wet. I licked my fingers, gathering some of the saliva that was so plentiful all of a sudden like I was drooling or something, and put the spit on her clit and started rubbing.

“Well, that did the trick. Soon, she was squirming and everything and said it was feeling real good but kinda tingly. I told her to hang on and let the feelings happen and not to worry about it because that was the special feeling coming up. She lay there twitching her hips while I rubbed her pussy, and then she was coming for the first time.

“I shone the flashlight on her face and she had her eyes wide open, like she’d just had the most amazing feeling in the world, and of course she had. We talked about it until we went to sleep.

“Pretty soon, we were searching on the internet for anything about sex and pussies we could find. I knew what we did was called masturbation, so we did a search for ‘masturbation’ on the internet. That’s how we found videos of guys and girls getting themselves off. After that, we found videos of people having sex, including lesbian sex. We tried it and liked it, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

“You said there’s more earlier and you’d tell me when we were alone,” Corinne said, reminding Laura that she wanted to tell Corinne about Kelli, Kate, and their mother, Tracy.

“Oh, that.” She stared into Corinne’s eyes. “You promise never to tell a soul about what I’m about to tell you?”

“Of course.”


“Swear,” Corinne answered.

“Swear to God with a cherry on top?”

That caused the girls to melt into a giggling fit. “I swear to God with a cherry on top. I won’t say a word to anyone, ever,” Corinne said between the laughter.

“You know Kelli and Kate, from the swim team?”

“Yeah.” Corinne suddenly hoped Laura was about to say what she hoped she would — that the girls were sister-sister lovers as well. She wasn’t disappointed.

“They do it together too,” Laura said.

Corinne wanted to ensure Laura wasn’t just saying this to get her horny — well, hornier. “Are you shitting me?” she asked, looking doubtful.

“Of course not. And what’s more, they do it with their mom, too.”

Corinne stared wide-eyed at her friend. “Now, I know you’re shitting me.”

“I swear to God with a cherry on top!” Laura said, giggling. “I mean it. Those three fuck each other just like my mom and Emily and me do. We’ve done it together, in fact!”

Corinne’s mouth hung open. “Oh my God! You’re not shitting me!”

Laura just smiled her naughtiest smile.

“When did this start?”

“A few weeks ago. It’s kind of a long story and I’m too tired to go into it right now, but my mom sorta caught them masturbating together.”

“Holy fuck!”

“And now we can get you involved in our little fun, too.”

“Are you shitting me?!” Corinne said again. This time, though, it was excitement and not doubt that spurred the response.

“Not at all, but right now I think we should get some sleep, even if this little talk did get us horny,” Laura said.

Corinne was indeed turned on, but it was getting late. They made plans for another sleepover, maybe even camping in the back yard. Who knew who might show up for the fun?


About six o’clock the next morning, Sandra awoke. She’d been having a sex dream. In her dream she was the leader of a group of young girl scouts — Juniors, for grades four and five, or girls aged nine and ten. She had gotten all of the young girls naked and was involved in leading them in getting their badges for “Sexual Gratification.” It was, after all, one of life’s most important skills. The girls were involved in touching a friend’s pussy and bringing them to an orgasm. In her dream, the girls were advanced enough that they had all managed to bring themselves off numerous times, both in meetings and when alone in their bedrooms.

As she gave instructions, her daughters and Corinne had entered the room, naked.

“Can we join in,” Laura had asked.

“Certainly,” Sandra answered in her dream, “as long as I can have Corinne.”

Corinne had come to her and they embraced.

That was when Sandra woke up. Her pussy was warm, wet, and throbbing. She could have reached down and taken care of it herself in less than a minute, but she wanted more.

She wanted Corinne.

Rising from bed, she didn’t even bother putting on a robe. She strode down the hallway to her daughters’ room and quietly entered. She could hear the girls as they breathed rhythmically in their sleep. Her eyes were adjusted to the dark and the room seemed bright with the moonlight spilling through the thin curtains at the window. Stepping to the side of the bed, she looked down at Corinne. She wished she could just climb into bed with her and softly lick her pussy until she woke up, but that wouldn’t be fair to the girl. Sandra doubted Corinne would mind, but it would be best to give her the choice.

Reaching down, she gently shook the sleeping girl, hoping she was a light enough sleeper that she didn’t have to do more to wake her. Laura slept like the dead, but too much jostling could wake her, and she didn’t want to wake her daughter right then. She wanted some alone time with the sexy redhead.

Corinne felt the soft hand shake her, and she opened her eyes, blinking several times to get her bearings.  She remembered where she was and what had happened that night. She was also aware of her wet pussy. Apparently, Laura’s story was still affecting her. She’d been having a sex dream about Laura and Emily when they were little.

“Shhh,” Sandra said when she noticed Corinne was awake.

The girl, realizing someone was standing beside the bed, gasped in surprise.

“Shhh,” Sandra said again, her finger to her lips.

Corinne’s eyesight was still adjusting to the meager glow of the moonlight filling the room. Looking up, she saw Sandra, finger to lips.

Sandra motioned for the sleepy girl to follow her. Corinne noticed the woman was naked, and she rose from the bed, the meaning of this middle-of-the-night visit beginning to dawn on her. Her friend’s mother wanted to have sex with her. Why else would she come into the bedroom naked and wake her up, making sure not to wake Laura?

Corinne followed Sandra, who exited the room and turned down the hallway toward her own bedroom. As they entered, Sandra reached out and took Corinne’s hand, leading her to the queen-size bed. Sitting on the edge, Sandra turned on the bedside lamp, causing both to squint and giggle as the light, dim as it was, still blinded them temporarily. The woman patted the bed beside her.

Turning to Corinne, Sandra said, “Sleep well?”

The teenager began to wonder if maybe Sandra wasn’t going to have sex with her after all. Did she just want to talk? Corinne felt a pang of disappointment that surprised her. Had she really been that excited to have the woman seek her as a sex partner? She became aware of the mild throbbing in her cunt and answered her own question. Yes. Yes, she had.

Still hoping the woman was wanting wild lesbian sex with her, Corinne said, “Yes.”

“You’re a very beautiful girl, you know,” Sandra said.

Corinne blushed. “Thanks.”

“Do you think I’m beautiful?”

Corinne nodded.

“And do you think I’m as sexy as you are?” asked Sandra.

“You think I’m sexy?”

Sandra inhaled deeply and wondered if the aroma of sexual desire was coming from Corinne as well as herself. “Very.” Leaning toward the girl, Sandra brought her lips to Corinne’s. They kissed for the first time. It was a soft kiss, some tongue but not too much. The passion was still rising.

Leaning back from the kiss, Sandra said, “Of course you know you can never speak about what we all do to anyone, right?”

“Of course. You’d end up in jail and all of us, including me, would end up in a reform school or something.”

“Good,” Sandra said. “I just wanted to make sure you understood how important it is to keep this a secret. Lots of girls think, ‘well, I can tell my best friend, she wouldn’t tell,’ but they will, because they have a best friend besides you, and they would think the same thing, and before you knew it, someone who didn’t like what is going on would hear about it, and all hell would break loose.”

“I’d never say a word to anyone,” Corinne assured the woman. Suddenly, she remembered Kelli and Kate, along with their mother. She wondered how Sandra would feel, knowing that she now knew that as well.

“Ms. Bishop?” she said, stopping Sandra from the kiss she was about to give her. “Laura told me a little more than just about you three.”

“What did she tell you?”

“She told me that Kelli, Kate, and their mom also do this with each other . . . and you three.” Suddenly, Corinne wondered if she had said something she shouldn’t.

Sandra wasn’t exactly thrilled Laura had told Corinne this so soon, but it was what it was. She looked at the gorgeous redhead and said, “And you know not to say anything to anyone about that, too, right?”

“Of course. Why would I want to get them in trouble? First, people would wonder how I knew, and then you all would be found out, as well as me.”

Sandra smiled. “I like how you think. You’re not emotional in your logic. You realize the ramifications of your actions. Nobody is getting hurt here. We’re just all having some good, sexy fun. Lots of people would be appalled at what we do, but the only shame in what we’re doing is that if people knew, we would feel ashamed. It’s not until others are aware of our private thoughts, desires and actions that we become embarrassed or ashamed. If society looked at sex differently, nobody would care. We could all have sex right out in the open. We could go right now to the park and have sex when people were going out for a walk or something, and nobody would bat an eye.” Sandra, realizing she was getting too philosophical, laughed and said, “Well, that’s how I look at it anyway.”

Corinne smiled. “Those are my thoughts, exactly. We aren’t ashamed of what we do until people find out. If it was considered normal behavior, which I really think it is, we could masturbate right in the classroom. It’s not like we would be hurting anyone.”

Sandra brought the teenager’s mouth to hers and they kissed. Soon, the kiss grew in passion, turning from pecks and licks to full-blown making out.

As Sandra’s hand moved to Corinne’s breast to tweak the nipple, she nudged the girl over until she was lying on the spacious bed. The woman offered the girl her breast, and Corinne’s mouth latched onto the nipple, sucking and playing with it with her tongue. Sandra moaned. “Oh, yes. That feels so good.”

Corinne stared up into Sandra’s eyes. She dropped the nipple from her mouth and said, “Can I do this for a while?”

“Of course,” Sandra said, wondering why she had to ask. Then Corinne was adjusting Sandra’s position on the bed, making her sit up against the headboard. Corinne lay her body across Sandra’s lap and slipping one hand beneath Sandra’s arm and around to her back while hooking her other arm over the opposite shoulder, Corinne latched onto the nipple once again, suckling it the way a baby would nurse her mother.

It was the most intimate thing Sandra could imagine, and she had a small orgasm as the girl closed her eyes and began to suck, as if she were getting real nourishment from the breast.

Sandra gently closed her arms around the girl, holding her there. It was like having a baby at her breast once again, and the moment made her realize how much she missed this. She watched the fourteen-year-old as she suckled and began cooing at her the way she’d done with her own girls when they were babies.

Then Corinne did something babies at their mother’s breast never do. She reached down and began massaging her open slit, masturbating softly. There was no urgency to her actions. As Sandra watched Corinne touching her pussy, she thought of the mild actions as what she considered ‘keeping it on simmer,’ nothing more.

Corinne was surprised she had suddenly longed to get into the position of a baby nursing her mother. She had never fantasized about that before, but the sudden desire to do it had caused a small jolt in her pussy. Now, she accepted the wild idea as sensual and lovely. Her pussy ached for contact, so she had reached down and started massaging herself there. She didn’t want to come this way, but she enjoyed the intimacy of what she was doing. She suddenly pictured herself at her own mother’s breast, doing exactly what she was doing now. She knew that would be impossible, but the idea stirred her, causing her pussy to get suddenly wetter as she played with it.

The girl had felt Sandra’s trembling shudders as she latched onto the nipple to suckle her and wondered if she had come. It wasn’t a huge orgasm by any means, but it did seem to be at least a small climax. She was happy Sandra had reacted that way, regardless of whether she had actually come. It seemed to increase the intimacy of the moment.

Corinne lay there like that, wrapped in Sandra’s mother arms as her mouth alternated between breasts. She felt safe, loved. The moment would have to end at some point, especially considering the simmer in her pussy was beginning to turn into a soft boil. Finally, she moved from her suckling baby position to kiss Sandra.

“Thank you,” Corinne said. “I didn’t even know I wanted to do that.”

“You can do it anytime we’re alone, sweetie,” Sandra said. “I loved it.”

“I did too,” Corinne said, “but now I want more.” The girl grinned, indicating how naughty she wanted to be.

Sandra scooted down in the bed and the two lay facing each other, kissing. Their tongues dueled to see how much pleasure they could cause and receive while hands began exploring.

Sandra reached for the red down of Corinne’s pussy and began massaging the girl’s slit, rubbing up and down the way she’d noticed the girl doing when she masturbated.

Corinne followed along, running her own hands over the mature pussy, feeling the wetness coat her fingers as she explored. Sandra bucked at the contact.

After much touching and kissing, Sandra asked, “Sixty-nine?”

Corinne grinned her saucy grin once more. “Love to!” she said and quickly moved her face down to Sandra’s pussy while swinging her leg over the woman’s body to allow access to her own burning cunt.

Their mouths glued themselves to the moist slits. Corinne smeared her face with the juices, moving all around and enjoying the slick feel of her lubricated face against the cream-covered lips of Sandra’s opening before pushing her tongue against the clit of her best friend’s mother. She danced her tongue over the nubbin for several minutes until she heard Sandra’s orgasm rise from a tingle to a peak of satisfied desire.

As soon as Sandra’s climax peaked, Corinne felt her own orgasm rumble from the depths of her cunt, exploding with the force of a volcanic eruption. Jolt after jolt of pleasure rocked her as she pressed her mound to the woman’s mouth. She felt as though every cell in her body was shaken from the force of the orgasm as it spread throughout her body like an electric current that did not want to let go of her.

Finally, the two lay still, gathering enough strength to move. When they did, the tumbled together and lay there, panting and doing their best to get enough energy to move again.

When they’d recovered, Corinne said, “I think I should go back to Laura. I don’t mind if she knows what happened, but it would be rude to make her wake up alone in bed and find us together here.”

Sandra loved how the girl was thinking of Laura’s feelings. She smiled at Corinne and said, “Yes, you’re right. I’ll see you at breakfast in about an hour or so.”

“No,” Corinne said, laughing. “I think it might be a bit later than that. I’m still wanting to sleep another two hours at least.”

Sandra smiled back. “Okay, two hours, but that’s all. Can’t sleep the day away, even if I would like to do the same.”

Corinne crept back to Laura and Emily’s bedroom and crawled into bed with her. She thought Laura was asleep and was startled when a voice from the other side of the bed said, “Have fun?”

It was getting light outside and Corinne looked over and saw that Laura was now wide awake and smiling at her.

“Sorry. Your mom came in about an hour ago and got me to come to her room. Are you mad?”

“Of course not. I think it’s kinda cool, actually. This way whenever I ask if you can spend the night, she’ll always say ‘yes.’ Believe me, I know how insatiable my mom is.”

“Good,” Corinne said. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I didn’t get as much sleep as you did.” She turned over and fell asleep almost immediately.

Laura, who had peeked into her mother’s room during their sexual fun, rose from the bed and went to the family room to wake Emily. She needed someone to have sex with herself, and who better than her little sister?

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