Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 18

  • Posted on May 8, 2018 at 8:43 am

By: Cheryl Taggert

When Lexi finally got home after having fun at Becky’s, she lay on her bed thinking until nearly suppertime. She wondered about the life her new friend, Becky, enjoyed. She herself had enjoyed fun with her mom’s little sister, Candace, but she never had sex with her mom. She didn’t know if she would be able to do that, but the idea intrigued her.

She thought about her time with Callie, Becky’s mom. She had sucked the woman’s boobs until the woman was moaning with the need to come. Then she’d moved down her belly, planting little kisses along the way. Lexi’s Aunt Candace loved for her to do that, and she thought maybe Callie would love it, too. She had, but not as much as she’d loved it when Lexi began licking and sucking the woman’s pussy. Callie had enjoyed three orgasms while Lexi licked her pussy and clit. Then the woman had insisted on licking Lexi. She’d told Callie she was sore from the sex she’d had with Callie’s daughters, Tanya and Becky, but she’d still managed to have another orgasm. Callie had made sure she licked her clit softly, which made a difference. When she’d had her orgasm with her new friends’ mother, she opened her eyes to see Tanya and Becky watching them. Tanya had her fingers on her pussy, rubbing herself to another orgasm. Becky had found she liked having her butthole touched and fingered, and she was standing there with one hand reaching around herself and was obviously pushing a finger in and out of her butt.

Lexi was still too sore to do anything more that evening, but she sat at dinner that night with her mom and wondered how often her mom masturbated. She also wondered if her mom had a vibrator. They’d really enjoyed Callie’s. She decided she had to find out and wondered why it had taken this long to see her mother in a sexual way.

The next day when her mom went to work, Lexi sneaked into her bedroom. She had never really explored her mom’s room much, other than playing dress-up when she was younger. At those times, her mom would choose a few items for her to wear. Now, though, she was in search of her mother’s more intimate possessions–if she had any. She hoped so. Her parents were divorced and her mom rarely dated, so she felt her mom should at least have some fun.

She stood in the middle of the room, looking around and wondering where her mom might keep a sex toy, when she remembered that Callie kept hers in a bedside drawer. She stepped over to her mom’s bedside table and tugged at the drawer.

It was locked. Lexi was disappointed because now she wanted to see what was inside that drawer even more than before because she was certain there was something in there her mom used for sex. Why else would she lock her bedside drawer?

She began searching around for a key, hoping it wasn’t on her mother’s key ring. She went to the other side of her mom’s bed and opened the drawer there, which wasn’t locked. No key. She searched her mom’s closet. No key, at least not one she could find. If that’s where the key was, though, it was in a great hiding place because Lexi searched everywhere inside the closet. Finally, she went into her mother’s bathroom, remembering how her mom didn’t like for her to go in there, saying it was her “haven of solitude.” Oddly, she looked at her mother’s Jacuzzi tub and figured out for the first time what her mom liked to do in there. Again, she wondered why it hadn’t occurred to her before. After all, her Aunt Candace enjoyed sex and loved masturbating in the tub. Why wouldn’t Aunt Candace’s older sister?

Opening a bottom drawer of the bathroom vanity, she spotted a key at the back of the drawer. It was small enough to fit the lock on the bedroom table’s drawer. Not only that, but it was on a key ring with a tiny dildo attached to it. She recognized the inch-long replica of a sex toy immediately and realized she must have found the key she longed for.

Walking to her mother’s bedside table, she inserted the small key and turned the lock. Success! Slowly sliding the drawer open, she realized she’d found something amazing.

Lying on top of several DVD cases was an assortment of vibrators and other sex toys. Now, however, what she was really interested in were the DVD’s. What kind were they? Did they have people in them having sex?

She picked one up and walked to the DVD player and small, flat-screen TV on top of a chest of drawers across the room from the bed. Turning both on and inserting the DVD, she went to sit on her mother’s bed.

The screen flickered for a moment as the DVD started playing automatically. She knew these were some kind of homemade or private DVD’s because there were no credits at the start of the movie or any ads for other movies. Plus, commercial DVD’s had images and stuff stamped on one side. These looked like the blank ones people could buy in the electronics section of Walmart or something.

As the movie started,  Lexi gasped. It was a movie with a woman and a little girl, who looked to be maybe five or six years old. The woman was adjusting the girl on a bed. Both of them were naked. The woman was talking to the girl, and the girl was answering her. From the conversation, it was obvious the pair were a mother and daughter.

The mom was a pretty brunette. The girl had long hair the color of dark honey. They had done this many times before because the little girl did not show any surprise at anything her mother did. At one point, the mom asked the little girl, “Do you like it when Mommy licks you here?” and the little girl nodded and said, “Yes.” The woman licked the little girl’s pussy and butt before handing the child a small purple vibrator. The girl pressed the humming toy against her pussy and was obviously enjoying the sensations it brought her.

After watching this scene for several minutes, it suddenly occurred to Lexi that this was her mom’s DVD. She watched this?! The thought that her mom had this and watched it caused Lexi to shiver. Her mom enjoyed watching this woman and her little girl together. That thought kept racing through her mind, leading Lexi to wonder if her mom ever fantasized about doing that stuff to her.

Lexi noticed she was getting very turned on watching this. The little girl licked her mother’s pussy for a while and then they got into a sixty-nine, with the little girl’s pussy and butt facing the camera. Lexi watched as the young girl had an obvious orgasm. Her little hips trembled and shook as the mom licked and touched her most private spot. The child’s squeals of delight were music to Lexi’s ears and quite stimulating for her pussy. Still, she refrained from doing anything right then.

After watching that scene, Lexi took out the other DVD. This one was much like the other one, but the girl was older and had a twin sister. The mom wasn’t as pretty as the one in the other DVD, but she wasn’t ugly either, just more average looking. The twin girls looked to be about her own age, ten, perhaps eleven. They did lots of things to each other while the mom watched. Then they all took turns doing stuff.

When she’d finished watching this scene, Lexi made a decision. Her mom obviously enjoyed the same stuff Lexi’s Aunt Candace, her mom’s youngest sister, enjoyed. Her aunt and a friend had seduced Lexi when she was five. Now, she had discovered her mom had the same kind of sexual fantasies. Lexi’s decision was to seduce her mom. And she didn’t think it would be that hard to do.

She called Aunt Candace at her work and asked her to stop by on her way home. Her aunt could tell there was something sexy Lexi wanted to share and agreed happily to stop by. She would be off work well before her sister, Lexi’s mom, would. That would allow plenty of time for what they liked to call “playtime.”

When Candace got off work, she drove to her niece’s house, wondering what Lexi had to share. She decided to remove her panties once she got in the car so her pussy would be easily accessible for her ten-year-old niece.

Parking in the driveway, she strolled up to the door, her pussy already a soaking mess. But a delicious mess, she reminded herself.

When the door opened, Lexi was standing there, completely naked, grinning like the cat that caught the canary.

“Well, well, little girl,” Candace said, smiling lasciviously at her niece. “What on earth are you doing without any clothes on?”

“Waiting for my sexy aunt to get here.”

“Well, she’s not going to make it, I’m afraid. I guess I’ll have to do.”

Candace stepped inside and Lexi closed the door. Then the child brought two DVD’s out from behind her back. “Guess what these are?” Lexi asked, a wicked smile curving her lips.

“DVD’s?” Candace said, stating the obvious. “Or are they CD’s?”

“They’re DVD’s, but of what?”

As Candace removed her clothes, she said, “Did you make a DVD of yourself? You know your mom could find them.”

“These are Mom’s,” Lexi said, the mischief in her tone unmistakable.

“Your mom has some DVD’s?” Candace asked, a bit shocked since based on Lexi’s manner, the DVD’s obviously were not movies of one of their family holiday dinners.

“Uh-huh. Guess what of.”

“Sex?” Candace asked, suddenly surprised she knew nothing of her sister’s sex life. For some reason, she had always thought of her sister Pauline as rather straight-laced.

“Even better,” Lexi said.

“Nothing’s better than sex,” Candace said.

“How about sex between moms and their daughters?”

Candace’s face took on one of those looks that said Lexi didn’t understand the porn business. “Honey, those are actresses. They’re not really mothers and daughters. There are entire porn series based on it, like “The Mother-Daughter Exchange Club,” or a lot of them featuring an older woman and a college-age girl as a step-mom and step-daughter.”

“No, these are real. They can’t make these kinds of movies in Hollywood or whatever.”

Candace still looked doubtful. “How do you know they’re real?”

“Well, one is of these twin girls, so I know they’re really sisters.”

Candace had to admit that yes, there were plenty of those kinds of videos online. “Okay. But how do you know they’re mothers and daughters for real?”

“Well, the twins look to be about my age and the other one with a mom and daughter has a girl who’s maybe five or six.”

Candace felt her jaw drop open and her eyes widen. “Is this a joke?” she asked.

“Nope. See for yourself,” Lexi said, holding out the plastic DVD cases.

Candace took them and stepped over to the family TV with the DVD player hooked up to it. She saw the player was already on and noticed the TV screen had a dark blue tint, indicating it was on as well but needed something in the DVD player to show anything. She popped in one of the DVD’s and watched in awe as the picture came to life. It was a young, very pretty mother and her equally pretty daughter, who was definitely around age five or six. She stood there, still half-dressed, watching the movie.

She looked at Lexi. “You found these in the house?”



“In Mom’s bedside drawer. It was locked but I found the key.”

“Show me where,” Candace said. As she followed her niece to her sister’s bedroom, she finished stripping off her top, which had been the only garment remaining by then.

They entered the bedroom and Lexi went straight for the bedside table, and Candace followed. Inside the open drawer were a half-dozen sex toys. “You found these DVD’s in here?” Candace asked, despite knowing the answer.

“Uh-huh. They’re Mommy’s. MOMMY’S!” Lexi answered.

“What does this all mean?” Candace wondered aloud.

“It means I’m gonna have sex with Mommy. And so are you!” Lexi said and got down on her knees to start licking her aunt’s soaking wet pussy.

Candace was rather confused about what Lexi had found. Pauline had always seemed so . . . straight-laced. There had never been any hint that she went in for straight porn, much less the kind of ultra-kinky stuff that was found in her bedside table drawer. She was momentarily overwhelmed by the throbbing in her pussy as her little niece licked her there. She and Phyllis had taught her well, or maybe she was just a natural. Either way, Candace forgot about Pauline for a moment and settled on her sister’s bed while Lexi worked to bring her to an orgasm. She would return the favor when Lexi was finished, and then they would talk more about what Lexi had discovered and how to go about seducing Pauline.

She could feel her body climbing the mountain to a wonderful climax. The throbbing intensified until she fell over the cliff into absolute joy. She’d loved orgasms since her first one at age nine, and Lexi could bring on the most intense orgasms she’d ever had. This one was no exception. Pleasure spread out from her center, seeming to bathe each cubic inch of her body with bliss.

Now it was Lexi’s turn. Candace turned the girl onto her back and dove in to lick and suck the girl’s bald pussy. It was much fuller than it had been the first time she and Phyllis had seduced her. Candace could tell Lexi would be starting to grow boobs soon as well as pubic hair. The child would probably want to keep the hair until she realized it could be a nuisance for girls when they licked her. Then Candace would teach her how to shave and wax her most intimate area. Or maybe Pauline would want to teach her. Candace had never thought of that before, but with the evidence of the way Pauline truly felt about children and sex in their possession, she was sure their entire existence would be changed forever now.

As Candace licked her niece’s bald pussy, she thought of the many times she had sneaked a peak at Pauline when Candace was young. She had longed for Pauline to do things to her once Candace had discovered orgasms. She instinctively knew that if she could rub herself there and make it feel so amazing, then someone else could do the same, and she fantasized about it frequently growing up. Of course, she also would imagine rubbing Pauline’s pussy as well. Those thoughts would sometimes be all she thought about when she masturbated as a young girl. When she met Phyllis, she discovered just how great it could be to touch another girl’s pussy and have another girl touch hers. Now, here it was ten years after Candace had discovered the amazing sensations that she could feel in her pussy, and she would finally get to enjoy her older sister, the first target of her lust.

When it occurred to Candace that she was about Lexi’s age when she discovered orgasms, and Pauline had been Candace’s own age now when that had happened, she thought about the DVD’s found hiding in Pauline’s drawer. This made her wonder if Pauline had ever thought of her in that way when she was nineteen and Candace only nine. She hoped so. It would make the imminent seduction easier. Then again, it made her realize all the fun times they had lost because Pauline had probably been too scared to approach her with her desires.

Lexi had an amazing orgasm, shivers and spasms rocking her slender body. When Lexi’s climax ended, Candace took her hand and led the girl into Lexi’s bedroom. “It wouldn’t do for your mom to catch us like this in her bedroom, regardless of what we found,” Candace said.

They and gathered their clothes the DVD’s on the way to Lexi’s room and lay on the bed to talk about how to get Lexi’s mom interested in doing what they both knew would be a fantasy come true.

“I was already thinking about that while waiting for you to get here,” Lexi said.

“What’s your plan?”

“Well, she takes a shower every day when she gets home from work. I thought I’d wait until she was in the shower and get naked and join her. Then I’d just start sucking her boobs and fingering her while telling her I found her DVD’s.”

“Well, that’s one plan,” Candace said, “but it might scare the shit out of her when you got in the shower with her and started having sex without so much as a quick explanation. After all, we’re assuming she would be okay with having sex with you, her own daughter. She might not really feel that way. Besides, she’s taken quite a few measures to make sure nobody ever found out about her secret desires. Doing what is essentially ‘jumping her bones’ would be a shock. She might even faint.”

“Then what do you think we should do?”

“First, are you absolutely sure you want to have sex with your mom?” Candace asked. “Think about it now. It would change everything about your relationship.”

Lexi thought about it, but not for long. She was totally excited about this. She could imagine the feel of her mom’s pussy on her mouth as she sat there thinking. “Absolutely sure. Like a thousand percent,” she finally said.

“Well, I was thinking I would sit down with her while you are in here and tell her what the two of us have been up to since you were little. Then I’d tell her I knew that she enjoyed that kind of stuff because I’d found her DVD’s.”

“But I found them!” Lexi protested.

“Yes, I know you did, but it might be better if I say I found them. Then she can’t be pissed at you for sneaking into her private stuff. I’m an adult, so I can handle it. You’re her daughter. That entire situation changes how she would accept the fact we know about it.”

“So you’re gonna tell her everything, like what happened that first time with Phyllis?”

“Yes. And telling her I know about her secret will help make it easier for her to accept what I tell her. I plan to make her understand that you would LOVE for her to join us.”

“But why can’t I tell her that?” Lexi asked.

“You will, but only after I ease her into the idea. Believe me, it will be a lot better than you stepping into the shower and more or less raping her.”

Lexi sighed. She wanted to do it her way, but she’d learned that Candace usually saw the problems in her ideas, and she’d found out the hard way more than once that Candace was usually right about stuff like that.

“Okay. We’ll do it your way,” Lexi said. “Now, you wanna hear about my new friend and her older sister and her mom?”

Candace looked at Lexi, who obviously had a sexy story to tell. “What?”

“I met this girl at the toy store in the mall the other day, and we got to talking about Barbies, and that led to talking about sex, and that–”

“Wait a second. How did talking about Barbies lead to talking about sex?”

Lexi gave Candace a look that said, ‘come on, think.’ Candace thought about it and asked, “Oh, so you two started talking about the sex stuff you do with Barbies?”

“Yes. Now, don’t interrupt me. We started talking about sex and she invited me to her place to ‘play with her Barbies’ and her meaning was clear. So when we got to her house, we got online and started looking at Pornhub and then she started this lesbian video and that led to us messing around, which of course was what we’d both been planning all along. So then, Becky’s–that’s my new friend–Becky’s sister, who’s like sixteen or so, comes in the room and we all three start doing it together. Well, then Becky’s mom comes in and then she joins in and we all have sex.”

“You met a girl your age who has sex with her older sister and mom?”

“Yep. Cool, huh?”

“I’ll say. Where do they live?”

“It’s over on Poplar Drive. I bet they’d like to meet you. I told them about us, and they really looked interested in getting together.”

“You told them we have sex?”

“Yeah, but then they do too, so there’s no problem. Becky wants to spend the night the next time I get to stay at your place.”

“She wants to have sex with me?” Candace couldn’t believe her luck. It had never occurred to her that her little niece could get more sex partners for them.

“Yeah, and I think Tanya and Callie do, too.”

“Tanya and Callie are Becky’s mom and sister?”

“Yeah. Tanya’s Becky’s sister.”

“I think that would be great. Maybe your mom would want to invite them all over one night for fun. Who knows? It’s worth a try, isn’t it?”

Lexi grinned at her aunt.

They got dressed and kept talking about various things, waiting for Pauline to get home. They had just started kissing again when Lexi’s mom got home. They heard the door open and close, and Pauline’s voice called, “Candace? Lexi? Where are you?”

“We’re in here,” Candace called, then rose from where she was sitting on the bed, but not until she hid the DVD’s under a pillow.

Stepping to the door, Candace opened it and greeted Pauline, who looked suspiciously at Candace and her daughter, as if wondering what might have gone on behind the closed door.

“Hey,” Pauline said, her nervous smile greeting them. “What’s going on in here?”

“We were just talking,” Candace answered. “And that reminds me that there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

“Oh? What?” Pauline said.

“Let’s go in your bedroom. It’s more private.”

As they entered the bedroom, Candace saw that the drawer with the vibrators in it was open. Pauline stopped in her tracks, indicating she saw it too.

Candace looked at her older sister, whose blush displayed both anger and embarrassment.

“What the–? Have you been in my drawer?” She walked to the table and peered inside. Her face registered she could tell what was no longer inside. She glared at Candace.

“You have no right going into my private property!”

“Yes, well,” Candace began, “since I did and I know everything about you and your secret, I think we should talk.”

Pauline stared at her younger sister, a frown creasing her brow and the hot flush of embarrassment coloring her cheeks.

“Here. Let’s sit on the bed,” Candace said, and Pauline sat, allowing her weight to fall onto the bed as if her legs would no longer hold her up.

“Are you going to have me arrested?” Pauline asked.

“Why would I do that?” said Candace, truly confused.

“Because. Possessing movies like that is illegal.”

“Of course I’m not going to have you arrested,” Candace said. “In fact, I think it’s time for confessions to be shared.” Her smile was the first clue to Pauline that perhaps Candace had something much more acceptable than jail in mind for her older sister.

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  1. kim says:

    totally awesome hot, Cheryl!! Sue and I are really enjoying this story and this chapter. Well Okay the last chapter too.All the chapters are great. I’m blathering. It just gets hotter and hotter. thanks. Kim and Sue

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