Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 17

  • Posted on April 7, 2018 at 10:37 am

By Cheryl Taggert

Suddenly, they heard the sound of someone clearing her throat. Becky looked at her bedroom door. Tanya stood there, smiling.

Lexi looked frightened until Becky said, “You mind if my older sister joins in? She’s fun and knows a lot of stuff to do to make you feel good.”

Lexi smiled and looked back and forth between Becky and her sister. Then she made up her mind. “Sure!”

Tanya lay on the bed and said, “You both have to take off my clothes.”

Becky looked over at Lexi and grinned. “This is gonna be so wild!” she said, and reached for the buttons on her sister’s top as Lexi reached for the teenager’s belt.

Yes, this was going to be wild, Lexi thought. 

Becky and Lexi worked at the older girl’s clothing. Lexi worked to undo the belt and unsnapped and unzipped the shorts. Then she began tugging them down impatiently. Becky, meanwhile, had removed Tanya’s top and was unhooking her sister’s bra, which had the clasp between the cups rather than in the back, making it much easier to take off.

Tanya raised her hips to allow Lexi to pull her panties down. As she did, Becky said, “Tanya, this is Lexi. Lexi, Tanya.” The young girl smiled at the teenager before staring at the older girl’s pubes, which were shaved clean.

“Wow, you don’t have any hair!” Lexi said, surprised.

Becky stared as well. Her sister’s dark pussy hair was gone. She was completely bald now. “Gee, what happened to your hair?”

“I shaved it, then waxed. It’s as smooth as yours now.” She spread her legs for her sister and Lexi to see. “Here, feel.”

Becky didn’t need to be asked twice. She crawled over to where she could see and touch the bald pussy better. It felt like her own, just larger. “Wow, cool,” Becky said.

Becky was surprised when Lexi said, “Can I lick it?”

They’d not really discussed any other activities they had done before other than masturbating and watching online porn. The idea that Lexi would be quick to want to lick her big sister suggested she was familiar with that activity as well. She watched as Lexi didn’t wait for an answer and leaned over to place her mouth against Tanya’s wet pussy.

Lexi lifted her face for a moment to speak. “Mmm. Tastes delicious.” Becky continued to watch and noted that Lexi certainly seemed to know what she was doing. She had no hesitation at all and was doing things to Tanya that made Becky know her new friend was quite experienced with licking pussies. She wondered where she got that experience from. Or rather who.

“Suck my boobs,” Tanya said to her sister, and Becky moved to enjoy the teenager’s boobs. She felt her sister reach down and scoot Becky’s hips closer and then begin to play with Becky’s clit and smooth labia, spreading what cream that was leaking from her immature vagina around inside. Then Tanya licked her fingers to increase the lubrication and make the touches even more pleasant.

Becky could tell that Tanya was getting close to her first orgasm. She was sure the idea of having fun with Lexi, a ten-year-old girl she’d never met before, was helping urge Tanya’s excitement over the edge. Both Tanya and Laura had told her that sex was about 90% in your head anyway, and the idea a young girl licking her pussy was a huge turn-on for Tanya. She had even confessed to Becky she had recently begun preferring her to girls her own age because of what she called the “innocence and naturally bald pussy factors.”

Becky could feel her own pussy beginning to respond even more to what was happening. It occurred to her that if Lexi was both experienced and skilled at licking a pussy, she wouldn’t have to talk her into trying it with her, which she thought she might have to do before they had gotten involved with Tanya. She couldn’t wait to feel Lexi’s mouth on her and decided she didn’t want her sister to make her come yet. She wanted Lexi to be the first person to bring her to an orgasm.

Lexi was loving this. She loved licking pussies, ever since her Aunt Candace had taught her how to do it when she was only five. Her aunt had been fourteen at the time, about Tanya’s age, she guessed. Lexi’s mom was ten years older than her younger sister Candace, and she’d used her little sister to babysit her daughter. Candace, who had been enjoying sex for years with friends, had taught Lexi about sex after Candace had invited one of her friends over and the conversation had led to the idea of teaching little Lexi about sex. Candace and her friend had embraced the idea of having a little girl to do things to them sexually, and Lexi had fallen in love with the feelings her aunt and aunt’s friend had given her.

Her pussy was tingling now as she licked Tanya, and she could tell Tanya was about to come. Lexi reached down and petted herself, rubbing her fingers around in her moist slit after gathering some of Tanya’s copious fluids on her fingers to help lube herself. She didn’t want to come yet, though. She knew there would be a lot more fun to be had that afternoon and wanted to hold off for now.

Tanya couldn’t believe her luck. She had come into the house and heard giggles and other sounds that indicated Becky was having some sexy fun with a friend. She didn’t know the girl when she’d peeked into her sister’s bedroom, but the little girl’s slender body and bare pubes had made her pussy spasm. She’d watched the two of them kissing and touching each other until she decided she needed to announce her presence before one of the girls saw her first.

Now, here she was, fingering her little sister and enjoying the rather expert licking of young Lexi. Becky was sucking her nipples, which were one of Tanya’s most sensitive erogenous zones, and she was playing with the bald pussy while looking down at where Lexi was now licking her. She saw Lexi’s hand sneak down to her pussy and rub after gathering juices from Tanya’s soaked pussy, and the vision–not to mention the idea she may be able to get with this heavenly little girl again in the future–had made her take a leap toward her orgasm.

Now, the teenager’s pussy was about to flood over into a marvelous climax. She heard her own grunts and squeals as she worked to push herself over the edge. When she imagined herself licking this little girl’s bald pussy, she felt the image sending her over the edge to crash down into utter bliss.

As her pussy spasmed and trembled, Tanya did her best to keep her body from moving too much to allow the girl’s mouth to remain pressed against her slit. She could feel Lexi’s tongue flicking back and forth on her sensitive clit, sending vibrations throughout her pussy and then out to her body. The girl was amazing. Becky had been able to lick her to an orgasm, but she was tentative, always seeming to wonder if she had been doing it right. That was not true with Lexi. Despite her young age, it was clear she had done this countless times before, and Tanya wondered who had taught her. It wasn’t as if a girl was born knowing how to do the things that brought the most pleasure to another girl’s pussy. Hell, this girl was better than Marcia Daniels, her most frequent female lover. As the orgasm subsided, Tanya thought she might have found a new and better lover.

Lexi looked into Tanya’s glassy eyes when the older girl’s orgasm had passed and licked the juices from her lips. Tanya saw this and said, “Holy fuck, you’re good.”

Lexi giggled and looked at Becky. “Wanna sixty-nine?” Lexi asked her new friend.

“God, Becks, she’s better at it than I am,” said Tanya.

“Where did you learn how to do that?” Becky asked, nearly stealing the words from her sister’s mouth.

Lexi cut her eyes back and forth between the sisters. “You promise not to tell?”

“Of course,” Tanya said. “It’s not like we’re all innocent here. My sister and me fuck each other. That’s incest.”

“Well, so’s what I do,” Lexi said.

“Give,” Becky said, urging her new friend to tell all.

“When I was little my mom got her sister to babysit me. My Aunt Candace was only fourteen back then. She got Phyllis, a friend of hers, to come over and apparently they decided it would be cool to teach me about sex. We all got naked and they taught me how to lick them. They also licked me.”

“How old were you then?” Becky asked.


“Wow,” Tanya said, still trying to catch her breath after the magnificent orgasm she’d just had. “No wonder you’re so good. How old are you now?”

“I just turned ten.”

“Did you like what they did?” Becky asked.

“Fuck yeah. It was great. Still is.”

Tanya asked, “So she’s, like, nineteen now?”

“Yeah. She still watches me sometimes. And whenever she does, we do sex stuff together.”

“Damn,” Becky said. “And I was worried you might freak out if I started suggesting we lick each other.”

The three girls laughed.

“Is she still friends with Phyllisl?” Tanya asked.

Lexi’s expression changed. “No. She died in a car accident.”

“Oh. Sorry,” Tanya said.

“Yeah. She was a lot of fun. She used to lick my butthole too. My aunt wasn’t much into it, so I’ve sorta missed that.”

“Hey,” Tanya said. “I can do that. You two do a sixty-nine with you on top, and I’ll lick your butt while Becky licks your pussy.”

Lexi grinned. “That sounds great!” she said.

The two young girls moved into a sixty-nine and Tanya hovered over them. Lexi and Becky started licking each other, with Becky moving quickly into moans and sighs because Lexi was so good at what she was doing. Tanya leaned down and started licking Lexi’s butthole, flicking her tongue over the tiny, clean rosebud. The action made Lexi wiggle her butt in sudden enjoyment.

Lexi concentrated on what it felt like to have both her butthole and pussy being licked at the same time. She hadn’t experienced that in a couple of years and had nearly forgotten how good that felt. She would sometimes tickle her butthole when Aunt Candace would lick her, but it wasn’t the same as having a wet tongue on it.

Becky was concentrating on her own fun. She had wanted to find a girl her own age to enjoy sex with, and Lexi was more than perfect. She was experienced and a lot more than willing. She now felt that her new friend would be accepting of anything she suggested they do. And Tanya was enjoying her friend too. She loved the feel of Lexi’s naturally bare pussy against her mouth and tongue. This was what she’d wanted to experience, and the feel of the bare lips against her mouth was not disappointing but more than she’d ever thought they would be. The knowledge she was licking a girl her age added to the eroticism of the moment, and she was reminded of Tanya’s and Laura’s words about how sex was 90% in your head. She felt her clit twitching as her orgasm neared.

Not only was the idea of licking a girl her age adding to her enjoyment, but also the fact her friend was licking her so well, seeming to know exactly what to do with her mouth and when to do it, was doubling and tripling the excitement. Tanya had been right. Lexi was very good at this. Of course, it occurred to her that she hadn’t had that many girls lick her, only two actually, but she knew what she liked, and she was loving what Lexi was doing to her.

Lexi felt the climax rush up on her. The sensations coursing through her body from the double licking had pushed her closer and closer, and now coming was imminent. Almost there, almost there, almost . . . THERE!

Waves washed over the girl as she came. Her hips bucked and her body trembled. This day had been one teasing moment after another as she and Becky hinted about sex, from the discussion of what they liked to do with their Barbies to looking at porn. Then the teenager had joined them, and it was like having her aunt and Phyllis having sex with her all over again.

Becky did her best to keep her mouth on Lexi’s pussy while her hips bucked and jerked as she came. She wanted to be as good as Lexi was at licking a girl’s slit. Her own orgasm was put on hold while Lexi climaxed. Her friend had stopped licking Becky, such was the power of the young girl’s orgasm.

When Lexi finished coming, she heaved a huge sigh and went back to licking the bald pussy of her new friend. She wondered if she could get Aunt Candace to let Becky sleep over when she stayed with her aunt on the occasional Saturday night. She bet she could. Aunt Candace loved young pussy, and Becky would probably jump at the chance herself.

Becky thrilled at the feelings Lexi’s lips and tongue were giving her. The pressures and sensations were just right, and soon the child’s orgasm was getting close once again. She stuck out her tongue and flicked Lexi’s clit again and felt the girl’s body jump, as if a live wire had touched her. The idea she could give her friend so much pleasure and the sheer eroticism of the moment pushed Becky over the edge and she was coming. Extreme pleasure coursed through her body, all centered in her tiny clit. Her belly hunched as much as it could given the fact Lexi was lying on top of her. She could feel the trembling in her pussy as the climax continued erupting, and she relished the feel of those waves easing until the orgasm was finished. Her clit was sensitive to the touch now, and a quick flick of Lexi’s tongue elicited the same response Becky’s flick against her friend’s clit had caused, like being touched with a live wire.

Both young girls moved to sit up, their bodies covered with a sheen of perspiration, their hair wet from it.

Tanya looked at the girls and said, “You girls need a shower!”

They giggled, and Becky added, “So do you!”

“Wanna use Mom’s shower?” Tanya asked. The girls’ mother had a large shower with twin spray-heads that were detachable. It was plenty big enough for her and the two pre-pubescent girls.

“Sure!” Becky said. She loved using her mother’s shower, especially since figuring out the wonderful way to use the detachable heads.

The three girls scampered naked to the bathroom off their mother’s bedroom. When they arrived there, Tanya said, “You wanna see something interesting first?”

The young girls were intrigued. “Of course,” Lexi said, answering for both of them.

Tanya walked back into the bedroom and walked over to their mother’s bedside table. Opening the bottom drawer, she pulled out a long, bullet-shaped object that Becky didn’t recognize.

“You know what this is?” Tanya asked.

Lexi cut her eyes to Becky and back to Tanya. “Sure, it’s a vibrator.”

“What’s a vibrator?” Becky asked, and Lexi giggled.

“You don’t know?” Lexi said.

“Nuh-uh,” Becky said. “Is it for sex?”

“Boy, is it!” Tanya answered and switched it on.

“You mean mom has that beside her bed?” Becky said, incredulous.


Becky stared at the sex toy, the first one she’d ever seen. Tanya pressed the humming tool to her pussy and immediately sighed with the pleasure it gave.

“Can I try it?” Lexi asked. Aunt Candace had one, but it was shaped differently. Hers looked like a man’s penis, but this one was smooth.

“Sure,” Tanya said, holding the toy out to the girl, who walked over and took it, pressing it against her clit.

“Mmmm,” Lexi said. “Feels great.”

Becky spoke up. “You mean Mom . . . masturbates?” For some reason she thought adults didn’t do that.

“Of course, silly. Would you give up orgasms if you didn’t have to?”

Becky giggled. “No way! I wouldn’t even give them up if I was told I had to!”

“Me neither,” Lexi said with a happy sigh. The vibrator was still against her pussy.

Soon, Lexi was coming again, the wonderful sensations caused by the vibrator running through her as she now laid on the bed where her friends’ mother slept. Tanya and Becky watched, playing with themselves some while they waited their turn with their mother’s sex toy.

When Lexi had come, Tanya looked at Becky and said, “You wanna go next?”

Becky grinned and took the still-buzzing vibrator from Lexi, who looked like she wanted to melt, she was so sexually satisfied.

Placing the toy against her slit, Becky felt the sensations rushing through her body. Her eyes went wide and her mouth gaped. Where had this toy been all her life? She decided if she had a daughter one day, she would introduce her to this kind of pleasure very early in her life, maybe in her infancy. This was just too good a thing to miss out on.

She continued pressing the vibrator against her clit until she couldn’t stand it anymore. She came for the second time that day and only wanted more as she handed the toy to Tanya for her to use.

Tanya pressed it against her pussy, sliding it up and down her slit and coating the hard plastic with her juices. Then she pushed it inside her, something the younger girls didn’t do, and Lexi and Becky watched the bullet pushing in and out of the older girl’s vagina. Lexi had seen this up close before with her aunt, but for Becky, this was an entirely new experience, and she loved it.

After their shower, the girls dressed and sat around in their living room talking. Finally, Tanya decided since they knew about Lexi’s aunt, they could tell her about their own mother and aunt. When they finished telling about their first time with their mom and aunt, who had enjoyed sex together growing up, Lexi wanted to meet them herself.

“Maybe you’ll get your wish,” Tanya said. “We could arrange for a sleepover.”

“That reminds me,” Lexi said, turning to Becky. “You think you would like to sleep over with me when I stay with my Aunt Candace? I’m sure she’d love to have you!”

“In more ways than one, I bet,” Tanya added, feeling a slight jealousy that her sister would be able to have fun with Lexi’s aunt.

“I’d love to!” Becky said, and the two girls kissed.

Just at that moment, Callie, the girls’ mother, walked through the door, catching the two girls in their embrace. Lexi pulled back quickly, but not before Callie got a good look at what was going on.

“Well, who is this?” Callie asked.

Becky looked at Tanya, wondering how much they should tell. Lexi, on the other hand, had no such qualms. She already knew about the sex this woman had with her daughters and sister, so to her it was no problem.

“Hi, I’m Lexi. Becky and Tanya and I had sex this afternoon, and they told me about you and your sister. Maybe you would like to try sex with me too, one day?”

Callie’s jaw dropped and she looked at her daughters. “You told her about us?”

“It’s okay, Mom,” Tanya said, hoping what she was about to say would ease her mom’s mind. “She’s had sex with her aunt. She won’t tell anyone.”

Lexi stood up and approached Callie, hugging the woman and resting her head on Callie’s boobs. Then the bold girl turned her mouth to the woman’s mounds and started kissing them through her top and bra, gnawing slightly at the hidden nipples with her teeth.

Then looking up at Callie, she said, “I’m sorta sore down there from all the fun we’ve had today, but I’d love to give you an orgasm. Would that be okay?”

Callie looked at her daughters, who were now grinning. The look of surprise on their faces told her this wasn’t planned. The girl named Lexi had turned her attention back to her boobs and was sucking a nipple through all the fabric.

She felt her pubes swelling with desire and looked down at the girl’s face. It was obvious she was enjoying what she was doing, despite the professed tenderness of her pussy from the sex she’d already had with Callie’s daughters. The woman imagined those lips on her pussy and said, “Come on.” The two went back to Callie’s bedroom and removed their clothes.

Callie watched the child expose herself to her gaze as she took off her clothes while trying not to seem in a hurry.

“Like I said,” Lexi told her, “I’m kinda sore, but I figured you’d enjoy seeing me naked.”

Then Lexi pushed the naked woman onto her bed and proceeded to make love to her. In the middle of this, she said, “Do you mind if I spend the night with Becky soon? You could even ask your sister to join us.”

Callie nodded and Lexi went back to sucking and licking her now very creamy pussy. Within seconds, Callie was coming.

Yes, she would make sure Lexi could stay over very soon. Very soon indeed.

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