Monica’s Discovery

  • Posted on April 1, 2021 at 2:52 pm

By Cheryl Taggert

Here it is, friends: Cheryl’s last piece of erotic fiction. Intending to surprise everyone with it, I kept the existence of the story a strict secret, telling no one about it but my site partner Amanda. I was about halfway through editing it — along with the dozen or so other site projects I’m currently juggling — when Lisa emailed me with the awful news.

Under the circumstances, I elected to throw out my own work on the story and post her original as she sent it, with only a few minor corrections of small errors and typos. (Thanks to Naughty Mommy for lending a hand with these.) Guess I’ll always feel a twinge of regret for not having posted this before her passing. My apologies to Cheryl, and to you readers.

Cheryl, wherever you are in whatever comes after, I hope you’re able to see your beautiful story now, appearing for all to see on the site that you helped to build…  as well as the loving thoughts that so many have left for you thus far — and will continue to leave in the years to come. You’ll be missed, dear heart.

Love always, JetBoy


Monica Nelson stood in her parents’ bedroom, staring down at what she’d found in a drawer beside where her father slept. She had decided to snoop in their room after her friend Sarah told her she had found a lot of adult stuff in her own parents’ bedroom.

Now she felt like a treasure hunter who had found the motherlode.

Sarah had only found a few nudie magazines. Monica’s father had some girlie magazines, but he also had some DVD’s. She looked from the drawer to the TV and DVD player in her parents’ room. Did they watch this stuff together? Did her mom really watch porn? It didn’t surprise her that her dad did. He was a man, after all. But her mom?

Summer vacation had started just last week, and at twelve, Monica was allowed to stay at home by herself while her parents worked. It was only ten o’clock in the morning. Her parents wouldn’t be home until after five that afternoon. She had the entire house to herself until then. Her younger sister, Beth, who was only a year younger than Monica—thirteen months to be exact—had gone with her friend Katie to the beach for the week.

She swallowed hard as she considered watching one of the DVD’s. She could lie right here in her parents’ bed and watch. Okay, she’d do more than just watch. She’d discovered orgasms a few months ago, and she loved giving herself that pleasure. She pictured herself lying naked on their bed, watching movies until she had come like a zillion times. The image was too good to resist.

Stripping off her clothes, she first grabbed a few of her father’s magazines. She wondered if he kept them in a certain order, so she laid the stack on the bed without disturbing their sequence. She could look at one, set it face down on the bedside table, and then look at the next one until she grew tired of just pictures, which she knew would happen. The idea of watching a full porn movie would take her imagination, and she would have to watch one of them. After all, she had all day.

Then it suddenly occurred to her. She also had all day tomorrow and the next day and the next until Beth got home. After that, she’d have to be more secretive. Her sister knew nothing of her nighttime ritual as she lay in bed. Monica didn’t come every night, but she would masturbate at least three or four times a week, depending on when she felt she could get away with it. She and Beth shared a room with twin beds, and she had to be sure Beth was asleep before exploring herself like that. It was also hard sometimes to keep quiet, but so far, she’d managed to keep her secret from Beth.

Sarah, on the other hand, knew all about her nighttime fun. They had exchanged stories of their self-discovery and had even done it with each other when they had sleepovers, though they were careful not to touch anything but themselves. Sleepovers were rare, though, because they each had a younger sister they shared their bedrooms with who would have to arrange to sleep at one of their friend’s houses to make room. They couldn’t very well fit two in a twin bed.

Lying back naked in her parents’ bed made her feel sexy. She thought of her mom and dad fucking in this very bed, maybe after watching one of the videos. For some reason, she was excited to think of her mother watching one of the videos and playing with herself. Sarah had said that even grown women who were married masturbated. Monica hadn’t believed it until Sarah showed her an article in one of her mother’s women’s magazines talking about it. The idea of her own mother masturbating had given her an unexpected thrill, a slight tingle deep inside her pussy.

She’d never said anything about that to Sarah. She didn’t want to sound like some kind of weirdo. Still, the image of her mom diddling herself had been one of her favorite fantasies when she played with herself.

She opened the first of her father’s magazines. It was what some of her friends would call “raunchy” because it had a lot of close-ups of women’s pussies and stuff, as well as some of men with hard-ons who were fucking the women or about to.

She enjoyed the pictures of the men and their hard dicks, but what really caught her interest were the pictures of the women. One had a woman with what she knew was called a dildo. It was a series of pictures of the woman fucking herself with the imitation dick. The woman was very pretty and looked like she was really enjoying herself. The last few pictures had her sucking the dildo, licking her pussy juices off of it. The final one had her licking her lips.

Monica had never tasted her fingers after playing with herself. This was the first time it had even occurred to her that she could. If she licked her fingers after getting her pussy juice on them, she could find out how she tasted.

She recalled lying on her own bed with Sarah in the other. They had never so much as touched each other’s boobs.

But that didn’t mean Monica didn’t think about it. She often wondered if Sarah thought about it, too. They certainly liked looking at each other while they “did it.” Was Sarah as curious about this stuff as she was? She wasn’t sure, but one of the best orgasms she’d ever had was one where she thought about rubbing Sarah’s pussy instead of her own. She had pictured each of them touching the other instead, and the amazing orgasm had rushed up on her like a speeding car. Now, she pictured touching Sarah’s pussy and then tasting her fingers. She wondered what Sarah would taste like. Then she realized once again she didn’t even know what she herself tasted like. If she didn’t like the flavor, the fantasy was for nothing.

Reaching down to her pussy and spreading what little hair was down there, she dipped her middle finger inside, hooking it down near her vagina and coming up with a small dollop of her cream. It actually looked a little like cream.

Sticking out her tongue, she touched it to her finger. When she really didn’t taste anything, she realized she would have to do more than touch her finger to get any taste. Closing her eyes, she took her finger into her mouth and wrapped her tongue around it, tasting the juices.

Not bad, she thought. Not bad at all. A little salty, but with a slight tangy flavor. Dipping her finger again, she brought up more cream and plunged her finger instantly into her mouth.

Yes, she liked this. She liked the taste of pussy a lot, in fact. She again pictured herself with her fingers rubbing Sarah’s pussy and plunging her fingers into her mouth. She reached down to herself again, bringing the nectar to her lips, pretending it was Sarah’s pussy juice, not hers.

She felt a delicious shiver run through her pussy, a sort of pre-orgasmic mini-quake. She realized how close she was already and was shocked it had taken such a short time to get there. She’d barely even touched herself. It usually took at least five or ten minutes to come. She’d barely gotten started.

She lay the magazine aside and rose from the bed. She wanted to see porn, not just pictures. Real people fucking each other second by second.

She looked through the stack of DVD’s and saw that several of them were labeled “All Women!” One was titled Where the Boys Aren’t. It had a volume number, so she knew this was probably a series. Since she’d been thinking of her friend, not to mention her own mother, she put this one into the machine and started it up. As the scene began, she thought about her mother again. Did she watch lesbian stuff with her dad? Did she enjoy it, or did her mom just allow her dad to get horny watching it before they fucked? Then she wondered something else. Did her mom ever watch these movies when she was alone? Her dad went on business trips about once a month and would be gone for several days. Would she sometimes plug in one of these movies and masturbate?

It was at that point that her mother’s bedside table drew her interest. If she looked in there, would she find anything that would help her know the answer to those questions?

Ignoring the previews of other movies for a moment, she leaned across the bed and opened the top drawer. There were a few women’s magazines, but nothing really related to sex. Then she opened the bottom drawer.


Inside lay not one but THREE dildos of various types. Wow. Her mother was definitely into masturbation! Monica picked up one of these and saw it had a knob on the base that turned. When she turned it, the dildo began to vibrate. She nearly dropped it in her surprise. Wrapping her palm around the vibrating plastic, Monica had a sudden understanding of what this was and how it was used. This was what was called a vibrator. She’d heard of them, but didn’t know much about them. She intended to find out, and right now.

She lay back with her mom’s sex toy and watched the movie. The first scene after the previews was of three women who did everything to each other. She’d never known about licking someone’s pussy before, but these women seemed to love it, both doing it and getting it done. The scene ended with one of the women sitting astride another woman’s pussy, rubbing her cunt against the other woman’s. The women’s sweaty bodies worked at their approaching orgasms. The third woman leaned back and masturbated for a while until she got up and put her pussy over the mouth of the woman lying back so the other woman could sit over her, rubbing their pussies together. This woman licked the other woman’s pussy as if it was the most amazing thing to do, ever.

Monica realized that perhaps it was the most amazing thing to do, ever. She hoped one day to find out. She pictured her mother lying back and Sarah crouched over her mother’s mouth while she, Monica, rubbed her pussy against her mother’s.

Monica could wait no longer. She placed the vibrator against her pussy and turned it on. Immediately, shivers of pleasure began racing through her pussy, the warmth of the sensations spreading out from her pussy across her belly, up to her budding boobs, and back to her ass, making her asshole quiver.

Within seconds, the orgasm began and became a series of waves of intense joy that spread through her body. Spasms rocked her, spasms that reminded her of that amazing orgasm she’d had when thinking about her and Sarah playing with each other’s pussy. She allowed herself to grunt and moan, knowing nobody would hear. At one point in the climax, she could hear herself grunt in perfect rhythm with the waves of pleasure that began in her pussy and traveled the length of her body. The grunting sounded as though from far off, as if someone else was making the noise.

As the orgasm subsided, she lay back, catching her breath and considering the fantasy that had played in her mind as she came. Part of her was bothered that she found her own mother to be sexy, but part of her didn’t mind at all. She loved her mother, after all. And wasn’t sex the ultimate expression of love? Saying ‘I love you’ in a physical way?

Monica lay in the bed for several hours, watching movies until the horniness took over. She would masturbate again, feeling the joy of orgasms rush through her over and over. She had four orgasms this way, and was exhausted by the time she put everything back in its place, being careful to put the magazines in the same order they were in.

However, being twelve, she made a few errors. First, she didn’t put the movies back in the order they’d been. Second, she didn’t realize the slight scent of her pussy would be left behind on the bedspread she’d lain upon. And third, she did not wash the vibrator she’d used. She hadn’t known her mother always washed her sex toys when finished with them.

After this escapade, Monica called Sarah and told her about her morning, leaving out the fantasies about the two of them—or rather the three of them. Sarah was thrilled that Monica had found her parents’ stash so easily and was secretly thrilled to find out that Mrs. Nelson had sex toys. Perhaps she could sneak over one day and she and Monica could try them out together. Neither of them were allowed to have friends over when no parents were there, but who would know? Besides, Sarah’s fantasies matched Monica’s, but like Monica, she was too scared to voice her desires.

As Sarah hung up her phone, she wondered how many times she had masturbated thinking of her friend, recalling the times they had masturbated together, watching each other as they brought themselves off.

Yes, one day maybe they would do something more together, but she’d have to be a million percent certain first that Monica was okay with the idea. She was too afraid of what could happen if she mentioned doing something to each other and Monica wasn’t interested, or worse, disgusted. It would be all over school that she’d come on to Monica. She’d be labeled a lezzie by everyone and treated like shit.

Still, she wondered if she wasn’t in love with Monica. She knew she wanted to touch her pussy, though. That much was certain.


When Monica’s mother Tori arrived home that day, she stepped into her room to change clothes. Monica had brought the mail in, placing it on their bed as usual, and now Tori opened one of the envelopes, which looked quite plain but was anything but. Inside was the new mail-order catalogue from their favorite supplier of adult toys and videos. She read the beginning of the accompanying letter, “Dear Victoria, please find enclosed the latest we have to offer. Because you are such a valued customer, we are offering a two-for-one special in our video selection!” She read on for a bit, then dove into the 5×8 catalogue. Brad had told her she could make the choices with their next order, and she sat on her bed once she was naked and poured through the material, using a pen to check the items she would consider for narrowing down to two or three.

As she turned onto her tummy and lay face down to look at the brochure, she noticed something. It was a very slight fragrance, one she recognized but which was not really strong enough for her to place. She buried her nose into the fabric and inhaled deeply. Was that—pussy? The bedspread had been washed yesterday, and she would have expected to smell Downy or something. She inhaled again. She wasn’t totally certain, but it certainly smelled like a woman’s scent. If she’d not practically buried her face in the bedspread, she’d never have noticed it.

Was Brad coming home for a noontime hookup with someone? They had an open marriage, so if he’d fucked someone else it would not have been a problem for her, but usually they told the other when that was going to happen. Perhaps he’d just found himself with an opportunity and couldn’t pass it up.

But then she remembered it was summer vacation for the girls. Beth wasn’t around, but Monica would have been home all day. No way would he even attempt to bring a woman home with Monica there. Still, the fragrance was noticeable, though not strong.

Then it hit her. Maybe Monica had been in there. She could have been sitting in the center of their bed, maybe in her panties or something, and had somehow leaked through to the bedspread. That was ridiculous, though. She could sit on the bed with panties on even if she was horny and not leave any odor behind. No, she would have to have been naked.

She looked up at the TV, wondering. Then she went to Brad’s side of the bed and carefully opened the drawer with the DVD’s and magazines. They both knew magazines and movies were kept in alphabetical order. They always stacked them this way because they wanted to know if either of the girls had been snooping in their things.

The moment she looked into the drawer, she knew. Her Where the Boys Aren’t video was on top. W. That one should have been on the bottom. She glanced at her side of the bed, glaring at the drawer there. Would she? Maybe. But she might have thought to wash it off after using it. Then Tori realized that probably would not be the case. First, Monica was twelve and would never have considered the hygienic practice of keeping a toy you put inside yourself clean. Second, Monica rarely cleaned up anything after using it unless specifically told to do so. And Tori had never mentioned that if she used one of her vibrators to make sure she washed it afterwards. She hadn’t exactly hidden them, and it wasn’t until now that she started considering why not. They hadn’t hidden the movies either, knowing the girls might find them.

Did they want their daughters to find them? Had their lack of care come from a secret desire to have them locate their most private items?

Tori stepped over to her bedside table and opened the drawer. While she certainly didn’t place her toys in such a way as to know if they’d been disturbed, the drawer did look different than it had the last time she’d looked in there. Still, any idea the drawer had been disturbed in some way was no certainty. She picked up the vibrator that was on top. The moment she touched it, she was fairly certain it had been used. It was sticky to the touch. She held it to her nose. The faint odor of pussy was there.

Brad had always claimed she had the scent glands of a hound. She did have a very sensitive sense of smell, and now she was smelling what she was certain was her older daughter’s pussy juices. She wondered how she would approach such a discussion. She would definitely have to talk to her about this, not in an effort to shame her but to make her more, well, careful. Using another person’s vibrator was asking for problems with bacteria. Yes, she cleaned her vibrators thoroughly after each use, complete with alcohol wipes, followed by a mild soap and hot water. But if she’d used this vibrator after her daughter had, she could have given herself a urinary tract infection.

As she sat down on the bed and thought about how to proceed, she pictured Monica in here, lying naked on her parents’ bed, using this vibe while watching a porn video. She was shocked to discover the image turned her on. While she and Brad had been open-minded about raising their daughters, she had never thought of either of them in this way. They were twelve and eleven, for Pete’s sake! Could they have discovered sexual gratification so soon? How long could Monica have been…?

Then it hit her. She had discovered masturbation at a very early age, courtesy of her older sister, Jeanine. While Monica had no older sister to instruct her—okay, maybe more than instruct—she did have friends, like that precocious minx Sarah.

Jeanine had shown her VHS videos she found in their own parents’ bedroom. That had led to, well, a lot. She had been only ten at the time, and Jeanine was sixteen then. Too old to be messing around with her ten-year-old sister. But of course, that had stopped neither of them. Jeanine, as it turned out, was lesbian through and through. Tori had been a bit more open-minded as far as partners went. She’d never told anyone about their fun, not even Brad, whom she’d told damn near everything else.

Now, she was sitting here, naked, wanting to get herself off to the images of her daughter that were beginning to become quite graphic.

Suddenly, as if she’d not even considered it—which she hadn’t anyway—the movie her daughter had watched occurred to her. It was an all-girl movie. One-hundred percent lesbian. Was Monica like her aunt Jeanine? A lesbian? Jeanine had once told her she’d known since her pussy had started demanding attention that she preferred girls to boys romantically and sexually. Tori was okay with it if Monica did turn out to prefer women to men. She and Brad had discussed this possibility regarding their children’s lives before they were born. Now, given seven different movies to watch, she’d chosen the only one that featured only women having sex.

She needed to speak with Monica and let her know the jig was up. And she wanted to do it before Brad got home. She didn’t want Monica to feel too embarrassed by the discovery. Besides, she wanted to make sure Monica knew the proper procedure for cleaning a sex toy.

Her own pussy throbbing, she put on a robe and stuck her head out the door. Monica was in the den, watching TV—not a porn, of course, she thought to herself and nearly laughed.

“Monica? Could you come here for a minute?” she called.


Monica was instantly nervous. Had her mother discovered she’d been snooping in their bedroom, despite her efforts to hide the fact? Was she in trouble? Would she be grounded or given a ton of chores to do to make sure she didn’t do it again?

She entered the bedroom, and her mother was standing there in a short robe. Monica wondered if she was naked beneath. Then Monica saw what was on the bed. The DVD, the vibrator, and something else that looked like some kind of color brochure. She instantly blushed.

“Yeah?” she asked, as if she had no idea what this was about.

“You’ve been into our things.”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Don’t lie to me, Monica. It will only make it worse. To be honest, I’m not mad at you. I just want to discuss a few things with you. That’s all. If you lie, though, I will be mad, and your punishment will be a bear.”

Monica began to cry. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to.”

“You didn’t mean to open our drawers and watch a video? Don’t be ridiculous, Monica.”

“I’m sorry! I just don’t know what to say! It’s…embarrassing! You know what I did, and I’m ashamed, that’s all!”

“There’s no reason to be ashamed, if you’re talking about the masturbation part. Looking through your father’s and my personal items, yes, you should be ashamed. I don’t want you to be ashamed of your sexuality, though. That can lead to a lot of problems in your life.”

Monica buried her head in her hands and bawled. “Am I grounded?”

“No, you’re not. I just want to talk to you about some of this. There are things you need to know.”

As the reality dawned on her that she really wasn’t in trouble, her crying began to subside. She looked at her mother with teary eyes. “Like what?”

“Here, have a seat on the bed.”

They both sat down, and Tori put an arm around her daughter. “There are a couple of things you have to know so we aren’t passing around bacteria.”


“Yes, sweetie. While the vaginal area is very adapted to fight off certain bacteria, it’s still possible to get things like urinary tract infections and such from using vibrators, especially vibrators that belong to someone else.”

“You mean it’s okay for me to use your vibrators?”

“Actually, I’d prefer you use your own, so we’ll be buying you one. Or you could just do what I did when I was your age and use your electric toothbrush.”


“Hey, I’m a biological human woman. I have had sexual feelings for about as long as I can remember. And when you’re too young to buy your own toys and your parents won’t buy them for you the way I will, you have a tendency to find your own fun.”

“You actually used your own toothbrush?”

“Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.”

Monica blushed again, not for the last time in their first ever sexual conversation.

“But if I’m going to buy you your own toy, you need to know how to take care of it.”


“First, you have to wash it thoroughly after each use. Use an alcohol wipe, followed by soap and warm water. Dry it thoroughly, and try to keep it private from your sister. That could be difficult, given how you share a bedroom and bath, so on second thought, you might want to show it to her and tell her not to use it. If she wants her own, she should come to me.”

Monica couldn’t believe she and her mother were having this conversation. Just that afternoon, she had fantasized about her mother and had a fantastic orgasm thinking of her. Now, her mother was going to buy her a vibrator for her own use. She wasn’t sure she could show it to Beth, but since they made a noise, she might have to or use it for a paperweight.

“Do you mind if I ask you some questions?” Tori asked.

“Okay.” Monica wasn’t sure she wanted to answer any questions, but it seemed she had no choice.

“What made you decide to come snooping in our bedroom?”

Monica looked down at her lap and then back at her mother. “If I tell you, do you promise not to say anything to anyone else?”

Tori considered the question. She still wasn’t sure she would tell Brad about this. The horny bastard might want to have sex with Monica. She wouldn’t put it past him. Hell, she was sitting there right now, hoping some of the conversation could become fodder for her own imagination later when Monica left the room. She supposed she was a horny bastard as well.

“As long as not telling won’t cause someone to get hurt or anything.”

“No. It’s the opposite, in fact. Someone would get hurt if you did tell.”

“Okay, then. I promise.”

Monica took a deep breath. “Sarah snooped in her parents’ bedroom and found some magazines like what Daddy has in his drawer.”

“And she told you about this?”


“So you and Sarah talk about sex stuff a lot?”

“I don’t know what a lot is, but yeah, we talk about it.”

“Have the two of you ever fooled around together?”

Monica blushed again.

“Tell me the truth. It’s not like I was an angel when I was young.”

Monica looked at her mother again, thinking about how she had discovered sexual stuff when she was young. “Well, sort of,” she answered.

“Sort of? How do you sort of mess around?”

“We’ve, well, we’ve played with ourselves with each other there.”

Tori grinned. “Don’t let it bother you. I did that a lot when I was your age. More even.”

“You did more? Like what?”

“Well, I’m supposed to be the one asking the questions, but I will tell you this much. I first had a sexual encounter with another girl when I was only ten.”

Monica felt her jaw drop open. “You’ve had sex with girls?”

“Plenty of times. Now, back to my questions.”


“What, sweetie?”

“Could we, you know, trade questions? You know, you ask one then I ask one?”

Tori considered this and figured what the hell. In for a penny. “Okay, honey. But it’s my turn to ask a question if we’re playing Truth or Dare.”

Monica giggled. It was the first sign of her enjoying herself in this conversation. Tori asked, “How long were you in here masturbating?”

Monica took a deep breath. “Maybe about three hours.”

“Oh, my God! You masturbated for three hours?”

“Well, not the whole time. I would watch some of the movie and get, well, you know, and then I’d work it up to—“ She stopped suddenly.

“It’s okay, sweetie. You can say orgasm. And you can say horny, too. If we’re going to talk about these things, you can’t be saying ‘you know’ and ‘that thing that happens’ or stuff like that. When we have these talks, you can use the words you and your friends use.”

“Even the F word?”

“Well, again, only when we are talking about sexual things. In public or just sitting with your family in the den? No.”

Monica giggled again. “Okay.”

“So, you’d watch some of the movie, get horny, and masturbate until you came?”


“How many times did you come?”

“It’s my turn.”

“Oh, sorry, but it was sort of connected to the other question and answer.”

“Okay. I lost count. Maybe six times?”

“Lucky you.”

“Okay, now my question. Who was your first?”

“My first? You mean the first person I had sex with?”

“Yeah, but I want to know the first girl, not the first boy.”

“Okay.” Tori considered what she was about to say. “It might shock you because you know this person.”

Monica’s jaw dropped again. “Who?”

“Your Aunt Jeanine.”

“Oh, my God! Really?”

“Yes, really.”

“But she’s, like, a lot older than you are. And your sister!”

“Yes, I know.”

“You were ten?”

“That’s what I said.”

“How old did that make her?”

“Nope. It’s my turn,” Tori said with a laugh.

“Same thing! It’s part of the other question I asked. I answered yours!”

Tori laughed again. “Okay. She was sixteen.”

“Holy—” Monica paused.

“You can say it. Holy shit, right?”

Monica laughed. “Yeah. That’s weird. She had sex with you when she was sixteen and you were only ten? I mean, she woulda had hair down there, and you didn’t. Did she always like young girls?”

“I think the fact we were sisters played into it. There’s a convenience to that. You live in the same house, and you’re available.”

Monica suddenly thought about her own sister Beth. She’d never considered her as a sex partner before. Now, she thought about what her mom was saying. Convenience. They shared a bedroom and a bathroom. How much more convenient could it get?

Tori saw the wheels turning in Monica’s mind and knew what she was thinking. She and Beth were a lot closer in age than she and Jeanine had been. Now that Monica had been given permission to engage in sexual behaviors, it would only be natural for her to consider her sister for sexual fun and games.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Tori said to her daughter, who blushed again.

“What?” Monica asked.

“You’re thinking about initiating Beth into having sex with you.”

“But, I…I—”

“It’s okay, sweetie. As long as she’s open to it, that’s fine. But there are two things you can’t do.”


“Force her to do anything she doesn’t definitely want to do is the first one.”

“And what’s the second?”

“Never let your father catch you together like that.”

“He’d be mad?”

“No, he’d be horny. I don’t want him getting involved with either of you, and I know your father. He might do that.”

“Dad would rape us?”

“I don’t know about that, but he’d mess around with you two.”

“So, it’s okay if I get things going with Beth?”

“Yes, but be careful and remember what I said. No forcing her to do anything she doesn’t definitely want to do. No coercion, in other words.”

“Okay. Whose turn is it to ask a question?” Monica asked.

“Mine. If you manage to get Beth involved, or even Sarah—yes, I know you want to do more than masturbate together. I can see it in your face just as I saw your desire for Beth there. Anyway, if you get them involved in more, will you tell me about it?”

Monica considered this and decided these talks were fun. They might end if Monica didn’t share what she was doing. “Okay.”

Tori had the sudden urge to ask if she could watch, but decided to hold that one for later when they were more familiar with each other and more comfortable talking about these things. Besides, she was one horny lady and needed to get off.

Then an idea occurred to her. If she wanted to watch Monica and either Beth or Sarah together, maybe giving Monica the opportunity to watch her masturbate would grease the wheels, so to speak. It was worth a try, anyway, and she loved being watched.

“Actually, I have one other question.”

“But it’s my turn!”

“Okay, one more question each.”

“How did you know I had been in here masturbating?”

“Well, first, your scent was in the bedspread. I wouldn’t have smelled it, except I was lying on my tummy to read our adult toys and video catalogue and practically put my nose right in where you must have leaked some pussy juice. Then, I looked in the drawer of your father’s bedside table and saw you’d watched a video. Finally, I checked my vibes, and one of them was rather sticky. That’s why I told you to make sure you keep yours clean when you get it. A dirty dildo can cause health problems you don’t want to deal with.”

Monica frowned at her apparent carelessness, especially since she thought she was being so sneaky. “Okay, follow-up question. How did you know I had looked at a movie?”

“Easy. I guess it’s no problem for you to know now since now you know it’s okay to watch them—”

“It is?” Monica interrupted.

“Yes, of course, sweetie. I thought you figured that out. I mean, I’m okay with you and your sister fooling around, so why object to you watching porn?”

“Oh, I guess you’re right.”

“Anyway, to answer your follow-up question, we keep the videos in alphabetical order, just like the magazines. Your viewing choice was Where the Boys Aren’t. That one should have been on the bottom, but it was on the top.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“Now, my last question. Would you like to watch me?”

Monica felt her breathing catch. She thought she knew what her mother meant, but she needed to be sure. “Watch you…what?”

“You know. Masturbate?”

Monica blinked, dumbfounded. Here she’d been just a few hours ago fantasizing about her mom, and now she was being asked if she wanted to watch her mom bring herself to orgasm.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to, but this little conversation has made me hornier than I was when I lay down to look at the brochure. The fact is I absolutely love to be watched. I’ve actually set things up to be watched before.”

“You have?”

“Yes. The first time was when your father and I went on our honeymoon. We were in New Orleans, a sex-crazed city if there ever was one, and we were on Bourbon Street, which has a lot of strip clubs and such. We stopped in a bar and I reached under my skirt to play with myself. There was this other young couple at a table. Your dad and I were sitting at the bar. I made it look like I was being careful not to be seen, but this couple watched while I diddled my pussy. They couldn’t see my pussy or anything, but it was obvious what I was doing. The guy kept trying to get his girlfriend or wife, not sure which, to join me. Finally, she reached into her shorts and started playing with herself, but only for a minute. I smiled at the girl when we left the bar.”

“Did you come?”

“No. That would have probably gotten us arrested, even in New Orleans, because I wouldn’t have been able to keep quiet.” Tori laughed at the memory. Then she looked into her daughter’s eyes. “So, how about it? You want to watch me, or not?”

Monica felt herself swallow but her mouth was dry. “Okay.”

Lying back, Tori removed the scanty robe and spread her legs so Monica could see her wet lips.

Monica stared into her mother’s pussy. She wanted so much to lean over and play with it herself, to maybe plunge a finger inside. Then the image of one of the women in the video she’d watched sprung into her mind. The image of her licking the other woman’s pussy. While a moment ago, her mouth was dry, now she was practically drooling. Still, her mom might have a problem with that. She could actually end all the fun if she gave in to what she really wanted to do.

Instead, she watched as her mother’s hand crept down from pinching a nipple to her pussy. She rubbed it several times, getting her fingers good and wet. Then she brought her hand up to her mouth and tasted herself.

“I love how I taste,” she said. “Have you ever tasted yourself?”

“Yeah, today was the first time, in fact.”

“Do you taste good?”

Monica nodded, mesmerized by the scene before her as her mother took a vibrator that was different from the one she’d used herself earlier. Her mother turned the slender object on, and the sound of the vibrator’s buzzing filled the room.

“I bet you do,” her mother said. “Would you mind reaching into your shorts and getting me a taste on your finger?”

Monica nearly fainted. Her mom was going to taste her pussy juices from her finger? She did as she was asked, sliding a finger inside her shorts and panties and dipping her middle finger into her pussy. She was wet, though still a bit tender from the day’s masturbation, and she pulled her wet finger from her pussy. Her mother stuck out her tongue, and Monica placed her finger where she could lick it. Monica was surprised when her mother not only licked the finger, but began to suck on it.

Finally, she let the finger go and said, “You’re right. You’re delicious.”

Monica had to stop herself from asking if her mother wanted to lick her pussy directly. Instead, she turned her attention to her mother’s pussy. The end of the vibrator was inside her pussy, the buzzing sound muffling each time it entered and growing louder as she withdrew it.

Then her mother took the vibrator out and turned it off. Monica was confused, wondering if her mother had come though it certainly didn’t look like it. Then as her mom raised the vibrator toward her face, Monica understood. She leaned forward, taking the vibrator into her mouth and sucking on it, tasting her mother’s juices.

Her heart rate shot up as she enjoyed the flavor of her mother’s pussy. She couldn’t believe she was doing this! She watched as her mother withdrew the vibrator and returned it to her pussy. Within a minute, her mother started to moan, the sounds of her pleasure growing with each second. Soon after that, she began to buck and heave, her body convulsing rhythmically with the sensations.

“I’m coming!” she said. “I’m coming, baby!” Finishing her orgasm, she lay back, a look of pure satisfaction on her face.

“Come give Mommy a kiss, sweetie,” she said, almost a sigh.

Monica leaned over her mother’s naked body and bent her head to kiss her. When she did, her mother surprised her by turning it into a tongue kiss, though only briefly. “Maybe you better go back to the den before your father gets home. I don’t want him knowing we did this, okay?”


“Or do you have to get yourself off now that you’ve watched me?”

Monica smiled. “Normally, I would, but I’m a bit sore from earlier.”

Tori smiled. “I understand. I’ll be out in a minute, okay?”


Monica rose from the bed. She had told the truth, if she weren’t sore from her session earlier that day, she would have needed to masturbate. She was wet, but the soreness kept her from trying to come. She knew the horniness wouldn’t last long, so she went back to the den and started watching The Big Show Show on Netflix. As she watched, she tried to picture every girl in the show naked, even J.J., the youngest, and lying on a bed masturbating themselves and each other. She saved the fantasy for later when her pussy wasn’t so sore.


The week had passed all too quickly for Beth. Their fun at the beach had been great, but their fun in the bedroom had turned out to be a lot greater. Beth had no idea so much fun could be had with a girlfriend. Katie had learned about sex from her cousin and had, as she put it, finally gotten up the nerve to approach Beth with what she wanted to do for fun.

Katie’s cousin, Diane, had come for a visit over spring break a few months ago with her family. Beth remembered when Katie was busy with having to spend time with her cousin instead of hanging out with her. She’d felt jealous and left out, but she understood. Family was family, and she knew if her own cousins had visited, her parents wouldn’t have allowed her to go spend time with Katie. But still, she’d missed Katie during that week. Now, she was happy Diane had visited. She was thirteen and had taught Katie a lot. Now, Katie had taught her the same things.

And, damn, they were fun!

Beth had known that her pussy was sometimes a source of pleasurable feelings, but nothing like what she’d experienced over the past week. She had heard about orgasms and coming, but she’d always dismissed them. Now, she knew she had dismissed them because she had no idea just how wonderful they could be. In the past week, they had become almost all she’d thought about. After that first night when Katie had talked her into messing around, which had actually been the third night at the beach, Beth had begun looking forward to bedtime more and more.

They had also snuck off into the sand dunes to get themselves off one afternoon. Things had gone fine until a couple of boys came along. They’d managed to pull their bikini bottoms up just in time as the boys, who were teenagers, topped the hill of the dune overlooking their hiding place. The boys had acted as if they knew exactly what had been going on, but she and Katie had ignored them the best they could and ran off.

That had been their one and only attempt at masturbating at the beach. There were just too many people who could come along. If the boys hadn’t been talking to each other, they would have come upon two eleven-year-old girls rubbing away at their pussies.

That had been the day after the first evening when Katie had shown Beth how to masturbate. It had taken a while, but the resulting waves of throbbing pleasure had hooked Beth like cocaine or something. She was instantly addicted to coming. She’d told Katie this, and her friend had giggled and said, “I know, huh?”

On the night after the fiasco on the dunes, Katie had shown her how they could have more fun by humping each other’s thighs and hips. They had rubbed themselves against each other until they both came. Then Katie had shown her about multiple orgasms by lying back after that and masturbating, making herself come again.

Then last night, their final night at the beach, had been the best. Katie confessed to having licked her cousin’s pussy while her cousin licked hers. “It’s called a sixty-nine because it sort of forms those two numbers with each other’s face buried in the other’s pussy,” Katie explained.

Beth had heard of sixty-nines but hadn’t known what they were, only that it had something to do with sex. Of course, she had thought sex could only happen between a boy and a girl, but now she knew better. She still liked boys, but it was nice to know she didn’t have to wait to grow up to have sex. She could have sex with another girl and have all the fun without worrying about getting pregnant.

She and Katie did a sixty-nine, and Beth had been in heaven the entire time. Both the feeling of Katie’s lips and tongue on her pussy and the taste of Katie’s pussy had worked together to create a world Beth knew she could never abandon. Yes, she liked boys, but she would always like sex with girls, too.

As they rode along, Katie turned a mischievous smile toward her. They each had a pillow to lean their heads against if they wanted to nap, and Katie had placed her pillow in her lap. Beth wondered what that smile meant. It was obviously a naughty one, as if she was doing something she didn’t want to get caught doing. So of course, Beth wrinkled her brow at her as if to ask What?

Katie reached out and took her hand and brought it under the pillow. Beth’s eyes went wide when Katie placed her hand against her bare pussy. Beth reached further down and found her panties and shorts around her thighs. She had managed to undo her shorts and pull them down with her panties to expose her pussy. The pillow was the only thing hiding what she was doing.

Katie nodded at Beth’s pillow, indicating she wanted Beth to join her. Beth, however, wasn’t so sure about this. What if her parents stopped for gas or something? They’d have to pull their shorts and panties back up, which if hurried would be obvious to anyone who was watching.

Still, the feeling of her hand against Katie’s pussy was making her own pussy swell and get creamy. Glancing at the front seat area, she saw that Katie’s father was driving and paying attention to the road. Her mom was leaning against her own pillow, taking a nap. Beth cut her eyes at Katie, who grinned and nodded again toward Beth’s pillow.

Sighing, Beth nonchalantly placed the pillow over her hips. Then, reaching underneath it, she casually unbuttoned her shorts and pretended to rearrange herself in the seat to allow her to pull them down, along with her panties. She was careful not to pull them down too much; otherwise, anyone who looked back at them would see her shorts bunched at her knees.

Katie reached over and slipped her hand underneath Beth’s pillow, her hand coming to rest on Beth’s mound. Her fingers began to play with Beth’s clit. She gave Beth one last grin before turning to look out the window at the passing scenery as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

Beth realized she needed to return the favor, so she slid her hand beneath Katie’s pillow and began stroking her pussy.

Neither of them had much in the way of pubic hair. Actually, they both had little more than peach fuzz. Still, Beth could feel the soft down as she played with her friend’s pussy. Though she shouldn’t have been, she was surprised that Katie’s pussy was already very wet. She only hoped the pillow would mask the sounds of her fingers rolling around in the wetness.

Soon, both girls were getting close to orgasms. Beth noticed Katie’s breathing was becoming more ragged as the climax approached. Then she realized her own breathing was more or less matching Katie’s.

The sheer naughtiness of what they were doing helped spur them toward coming. The idea they were masturbating each other within two feet of Katie’s parents made their excitement grow until their orgasms were only seconds away, then the wave crested and they were both in ecstasy.

Beth marveled that they were coming together, something that had not happened in their few times together. They managed to control their shivers and maintain their total silence throughout their orgasms as they each continued to stare out the window, pretending to watch the passing trees and such while actually seeing nothing but their own fantasies. For Beth, that fantasy had begun to revolve around her sister. She had realized days ago that continuing her self-pleasure would be difficult with her sister in the same room. Then it had occurred to her that if Katie and her cousin could have fun together, why couldn’t she and her sister? Maybe she could talk Monica into doing what she and Katie had done.

When they had caught their breath, they managed to pull up their shorts and panties. Just as they were done with this, Katie’s father pulled into a rest area for everyone to use the bathroom. As Katie and Beth walked toward the restroom building, they hung back.

“That was close,” Beth said. “What if we’d still been doing it when he pulled off?”

“Then I’d have set a new world’s record for getting my shorts and panties back up.” They giggled together.

“Don’t you think they’d have noticed?” Beth asked.

“I’d just say I had a bad itch and pretend I was scratching it, which wouldn’t exactly be a lie.” They laughed again, holding on to each other as they walked into the bathroom. They didn’t speak until they left the bathroom, but Beth picked up the conversation from where it left off as they ambled to the car where Katie’s parents waited.

“An itch, huh? Wow, you have a plan for everything.”

“Hey, it’s not the first time I’ve done that in the backseat. It gets boring in the car just riding. A girl’s gotta have some fun, right?”

“Oh my God! You’ve masturbated in the back seat with your parents right there before?”

“Yeah, but only once when we went to visit some of my parents’ friends over Memorial Day weekend. It was a four-hour drive, and it got so boring, I just decided to do it with them sitting right there. I figured out the whole ‘I got an itch’ thing before pulling my clothes down.”

“Wouldn’t it have looked kinda weird if we both had an itch, though?”

Katie burst out laughing. “Shit! I never thought of that!”

The rest of the ride home was uneventful. The girls, having satisfied their craving for another orgasm, talked about normal things while Katie’s parents talked in the front seat. When they arrived at Beth’s to drop her off, Beth’s mom and sister came out to welcome her home. Tori talked to Katie’s parents, asking if Beth had behaved. Of course, they said she had. Beth smiled at this answer, thinking their response might be different if they knew about the sex she and their daughter had enjoyed.

Tori told Beth that her father wouldn’t be home for a few more days since he was on a business trip. “It’s just us girls!” her mother had said. Her mother and Monica had exchanged a look when she’d said that, and Beth was intrigued at its meaning. It was as if they were sharing some kind of private joke. For her part, Beth couldn’t wait to get Monica alone to talk about sex. They’d never talked about it before, but Beth was certain Monica wouldn’t say anything to their mother if she confessed what had happened with a suggestion they might have the same kind of fun. Beth planned to bring up Katie’s cousin with Monica as proof that girls who were related to each other could have that kind of fun.

She and Monica were even closer in age than Katie and her cousin Diane. If Beth had these kinds of feelings in her pussy, maybe Monica had had them, too. She hoped so. It would make talking her into messing around easier.

She planned to use Katie’s tactic of easing into things. She and Katie had begun with just masturbation, moving to masturbating each other, then humping, and finally a sixty-nine. It had taken nearly the entire week to get to that point. Of course, the good news was that she had more than a week to talk her older sister into fooling around and moving into more fun as time went on. Beth had said nothing to Katie about her plans with her sister. First, she didn’t want to have to keep her up-to-date with any progress, and second, she didn’t want to admit failure if Monica wasn’t interested. If that happened, she would just keep it to herself.

As she set her bag on her bed to begin unpacking, Monica asked if she had fun.

Now or never, Beth thought and mentally crossed her fingers.

“More than that! We had a blast!”

“So, what’d you guys do?”

Beth looked at Monica. She was obviously expecting a typical answer, like ‘played on the beach,’ or ‘ate at some cool seafood restaurants’. “If I tell you, you promise you won’t tell Mom or Dad?”

Monica hesitated. “I can’t promise that if you guys did drugs.”

“Then I guess I can’t tell you.”

“Holy shit! You guys did drugs? That’s so not cool, Beth!”

“No, silly. We didn’t do drugs, but at least now what we did won’t sound so bad if you don’t like it.” Beth knew her sister hated the idea of drugs and would have told if she’d confessed to doing any, which of course she never would. Sex was her drug of choice, anyway.

Monica visibly relaxed. “Don’t do that. You scared the shit out of me.”


“So, you gonna tell me what y’all did that’s so secret?”

Monica waited for her sister’s answer. She thought maybe she was going to confess to shoplifting or something or sneaking out at night after everyone was asleep. She felt her eyes widen at what her sister said.

“We had sex.”

“Oh my God! You fucked a boy?!” Monica squealed.

Beth grinned at her sister in disbelief. “Not on your life. We did it with each other.”

Despite all the fantasies she’d been having about her sister this past week since her talk with her mother, Monica had never expected her sister would come home from her trip to the beach and confess to having sex with her friend Katie. Suddenly, all the worry about how she would go about seducing Beth flew out the window.

“Fuck a duck! You’re joking!”

“No. Katie taught me a lot this week.”

“Like what?” Beth stared into her sister’s eyes and could see she was extremely interested in hearing about this. She leaned forward from where she sat on her own bed in anticipation.

“Well, it started with masturbation. Have you ever tried it?”

Monica now had no problem admitting these things to her sister, of course. “Yeah. You have no idea how many nights I had to wait until you went to sleep to do it.”

Beth giggled. “Really?”


“You shoulda woke me up and taught me about it!”

“I didn’t think you’d have taken so well. I figured you might tell Mom.”

“Well, from now on, you don’t have to bother waiting for me to go to sleep. I’ll just join in.”

“So she taught you about masturbation, huh?” Monica asked, grinning.

“And more.”

“Like what?” Again, Monica was leaning forward, impatient to hear the details.

“Well, like masturbating each other and humping each other.”

“Shit! Y’all did that?”


“Did you like it?”

“You see me grinning, don’t you?” Beth said with a laugh.

“Wow. That is so…cool!”

“Do you find it,” she gave a half shrug, “exciting?”

Monica could see where she was taking this and wanted to jump up and down and whoop for joy. “What do you mean by ‘exciting’?”

“Have you ever tried messing around with another girl?” Beth asked.

“Are you suggesting that we mess around like that?” Monica asked, grinning. The smile reminded Beth of Katie’s grin on the car ride home from the beach.

“The idea crossed my mind once or twice this week. Or maybe even more than that.”



“I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do more right now.”

“Is Monica getting hot with all this sexy talk about having sex with her little sister?” Beth asked, teasing her with a little-girl voice.

With that, Monica began to undress. Beth was shocked. This was even bolder than what she and Katie did in the backseat. They could have pulled up their shorts if needed before being caught. If she and Monica were naked and messing around and their mother opened their bedroom door, there was absolutely no way to explain it.

“Wait a minute! Now? Mom could walk in!” Beth protested.

“Well, you know what they say, no time like the present.” By this time, Monica was down to just her panties, the small bud of her nipples standing out in their puffiness.

“Jeez. We have to wait until bedtime. I’m serious. What if Mom walked in on us when we had our fingers in each other’s pussy or something?”

Monica figured it was time to tell Beth the facts about their mom.

“We’ve already watched each other masturbate,” Monica said, recalling the day a few days after she watched her mother masturbate when Monica invited her mom to watch her as a sort of payback. Her mom had joined in, taking off her clothes and lying back on Beth’s bed. They had watched each other come and agreed it wouldn’t be their last time doing that together.

Monica’s statement, however, confused Beth. “Who are you talking about?”


“Wait a second! You and Mom have watched each other masturbate? Are you shitting me?”

“Nope. In fact, just the day before yesterday, she was lying on your bed, naked, masturbating.”

Beth stood there, staring at her sister, trying to determine if she were lying just to see if she’d believe her. Her face, though, suggested that wasn’t the case. Monica appeared to be telling the truth.

“Holy fuck! You’re telling the truth!”

Monica nodded. “She actually asked me to seduce you and tell her all about it.”

“Mom?! Our mother? The woman who’s out there right now somewhere in the house?”

“One and the same.” Monica stepped over to her little sister and began pulling her top over her head, exposing her own breast buds, her left one slightly larger than her right, but still no bigger than a large marble.

After stripping off her panties, Monica reached for Beth’s shorts. Beth just stood there, marveling at the news about their mother. She had never considered her in a sexual way, but now the thought of watching her mother masturbate made her pussy swell and moisten. This reaction was only heightened by what her older sister was doing, which was to push her shorts and panties to the floor to be stepped out of, which Beth did.

They were both naked now. They’d seen each other naked nearly every day since childhood, but now that sight affected each of them in a totally different way. For the first time, they saw each other sexually, like lovers, not sisters. The mere fact they were sisters made the moment even more thrilling, increasing their sexual response. The thought of that word—incest—made their pussies drip. Yes, it was incest, but the beauty of it was that this kind of incest could not get either of them pregnant, even if they were old enough to become so. They could enjoy each other like this every night, and they would be safe.

Not only that, but their mother was encouraging it, so they would never get in trouble for having a sexual relationship.

It was the best of all worlds.

Now, Beth understood her mother’s mischievous look toward Monica when she’d said it was “only us girls.” She was giving Monica a sort of high sign, as if to say, ‘yes, you and Beth can do whatever you please with each other tonight. I’m the only one who will know and you won’t be in any trouble for it.’

Monica leaned in and kissed Beth, her lips feeling like melted butter on her younger sister’s lips. She and Katie had kissed, but it was nothing like this. Monica was a better kisser. She wondered where she’d learned to kiss like this. Was she just a natural at it? With that thought, she wondered if maybe she’d not learned about it this week from someone special. Had there been more than just masturbating going on?

As Monica’s tongue explored the inside of Beth’s mouth and tongue, her hand went to her boobs. She gently caressed the tiny nubs that grew there, first one then the other. She was careful because she knew all too well how painful nipples could be as they grew.

Then she broke the kiss and leaned her head down, taking her little sister’s left nipple into her mouth and sucking gently before licking it and moving to the other nipple, the smaller one. She moved back up and began kissing Beth’s neck, gentle kisses that grew to more insistent and finally sucking the flesh there.

As she did this, her hand moved down her sister’s torso to her pussy. She began toying with it, making the juices flow even more.

Soon, they were on Monica’s bed. Beth decided that waiting to move into other ways of playing with each other was no longer called for. She twisted her body around and soon, the sisters were in a passionate sixty-nine, each one savoring the taste of the other’s pussy. They moaned and grunted with abandon, not caring if their mother heard their cries of pleasure.

For her part, Monica was screaming even louder just for their mother. She wanted her to hear what was happening in their bedroom. She longed for her to open the door and join them, or at least watch and masturbate.

When nobody opened the door, she could stand it no longer. “Mom!” she called, wanting their mother to see this. Wanting her to know exactly what was happening. Hoping she would watch and at least strip down to nothing and masturbate while enjoying the show they could put on for her.

Within seconds, the door opened. The girls stopped what they were doing long enough to look at her. Monica, for one, smiled at the vision that greeted her.

Their mother was naked, one hand pinching a nipple, the other rubbing her clit. The lust in her eyes made them glaze over. She was near her own climax, just as they were.

Monica had told her mother she had never licked a pussy before. Now, her mother knew that wasn’t true. Now, she knew that the first pussy Monica had ever licked was her little sister’s. She hoped it reminded Mom of how her own older sister had seduced her, back when she was younger than Beth was now.

As her daughters began to come, Tori felt her own waves of immense pleasure begin to wash over her. Her hand became a blur. She pinched her nipples, first one then the other, with a fierceness that made them ache beautifully. Her climax washed over her as she listened to her daughters coming as well.

When they had finished and untangled from each other to lie side-by-side, she could hold back no longer. She fell upon the bed with them, her face at their middles. She licked Monica first and then Beth, savoring the delicious flavor of their young juices. Soon, she was licking only Beth as Monica moved to lick her mother, tasting the fluids directly from her pussy for the first time.

Beth came for a second time, the third time that day counting the adventure in the car. When Beth had finished with her climax, Tori moved to Monica. She began licking her older daughter as Beth now moved to lick her mother to leave Monica to enjoy the pleasure of their mother licking her. Soon, Monica came and Tori lay back, motioning her daughters to use her for their pleasure. The sisters moved to their mother’s pussy and licked her in tandem, one at her vaginal opening to drink the fluids rushing out of her, the other at her clit, then switching places, until Tori was screaming out her orgasm.

The girls slept with their mother that night and every night when their father was away on business, which didn’t happen often enough for Monica and Beth. This arrangement, however, gave them the most amazing life as they went through their teen years. The girls shared a dorm room in college beginning with Monica’s sophomore year when Beth was a freshman.

Their father finally figured out they were more than sisters when they moved in together after Beth graduated from college. He had wondered about their relationship when they’d argued against the family moving to a different house where they would have their own bedrooms, instead choosing to get a Queen-size bed to share, replacing the small twin beds. That they now lived in a three-bedroom house alone while sharing the master suite said everything. Not only that, but when Tori wanted to visit them without him, he knew everything.

Being an open-minded man, he was fine with the whole thing. He only wished he’d known about it from the start.

The End


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      As good as it is, I think you’ll really enjoy any story from her legacy.

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    I understand what Lisa Taggert meant when she said her pussy was just kind of asleep for now from grief.

    We could identify with that. After putting it off we began to read Cheryl’s last story. We read it a little at a time. Savoring every line.

    Thanks for getting us off yet again, Cheryl.

    Kim & Sue

  19. sue says:

    Now that some time has passed since we lost Cheryl, we enjoyed this story so much more. So much we could only get half way before we both had come a few times. Saving the rest for another rainy day. Or maybe just later today.

    Kim & Sue

  20. sue says:

    We at last got through the second half. What a wonderful gift to leave us with. Bless you Cheryl.

    Kim & Sue

  21. lofftie50 says:

    re-re read this again love it so much …now feeling a little sore lol

  22. Kate says:

    What a beautiful story, I love a close family. Thank you Cheryl

  23. Paulo says:

    I had to wait a few months to read this latest story by Cheryl Taggert, after the sad news of her death. It was a beautiful farewell, a story written at her level, alongside the best JS authors. I will always be able to re-read her old texts, but at this point, I propose to JB, NM and Amanda Lynn that they join forces, combining their talents to finish Tracy’s Dilemma, and perhaps, Island of Joys. What would Tabitha’s meeting with Tracy and Sandra’s families be like, as mentioned by the author? I would love to read which adventures could still be told. I’m sure your brilliant sensual imagination would end this story in a delightful way, and I imagine Cheryl would love a tribute like that. This is my humble wish to you if Lisa allow it.

    • Paulo says:

      I’ve just read “Adieu from Cheryl” and found out she said that her “stories will remain here at Juicy Secrets, and I hope you enjoy them. I know two were never finished, but perhaps one of my colleagues will decide to tackle them and finish them one day”. I Hope so!

  24. Anna says:

    It’s so sad that this is Cheryl’s last story. I as many others have enjoyed her work and will be sadly missed.??

  25. Dom Inus says:

    Sad to think that I enjoyed the final work of a clearly talented and highly sexual Woman, knowing she is no longer with us. I’m going to enjoy reading her other works for sure.

    Rest peacefully Cheryl,


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