Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves, Chapter 13

  • Posted on January 30, 2018 at 11:04 am

By Cheryl Taggert

Once Corinne and Laura were alone in bed, they lay there chatting until well after one o’clock. Laura told her how she and her sister got involved sexually when they were younger. It excited Corinne, but she was too tired after the mini-orgy to do anything about it.

“When I was maybe nine, I discovered my pussy. It felt so good to touch myself there, and I wondered if I had something nobody else in the world had. This led me to asking Emily if she ever touched herself ‘down there’ and if she liked it. She told me she did sometimes, and it felt nice, but not as good as I described to her. This led to looking some stuff up online. I found a diagram of a girl’s pussy and read about the clit. I shared it with Emily, and she was as fascinated as I was.

“Of course, after that, we had to see if we could find our clits. We’d always shared this bedroom, and this bed, so we got naked one night and got a flashlight we keep in the room in case the electricity goes out. I gave Emily the flashlight and she got between my legs to watch me masturbate. She’d never come, but I had. She said she could see my clit and it was the spot I seemed to like to touch the most. After a few minutes of touching myself, I felt the orgasm coming. I stroked myself and BAM! I was coming.

“When I’d finished, she said she wanted to see if she could find her clit. I took the flashlight and ducked down to watch as she touched her bald pussy. It was all pink inside, and she began touching herself, searching near the top for her clit. Then she found it. She said something like ‘wow’ and kept stroking. Then after a while her hand got tired but she said it felt really good.  I asked her if I could take over, and she said ‘sure.’ So I reached out and began masturbating my little sister for the first time.

“When you’re only seven, you don’t produce much fluids, and she was getting dry. She said it needed something and I decided to get her pussy wet. I licked my fingers, gathering some of the saliva that was so plentiful all of a sudden like I was drooling or something, and put the spit on her clit and started rubbing.

“Well, that did the trick. Soon, she was squirming and everything and said it was feeling real good but kinda tingly. I told her to hang on and let the feelings happen and not to worry about it because that was the special feeling coming up. She lay there twitching her hips while I rubbed her pussy, and then she was coming for the first time.

“I shone the flashlight on her face and she had her eyes wide open, like she’d just had the most amazing feeling in the world, and of course she had. We talked about it until we went to sleep.

“Pretty soon, we were searching on the internet for anything about sex and pussies we could find. I knew what we did was called masturbation, so we did a search for ‘masturbation’ on the internet. That’s how we found videos of guys and girls getting themselves off. After that, we found videos of people having sex, including lesbian sex. We tried it and liked it, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

“You said there’s more earlier and you’d tell me when we were alone,” Corinne said, reminding Laura that she wanted to tell Corinne about Kelli, Kate, and their mother, Tracy.

“Oh, that.” She stared into Corinne’s eyes. “You promise never to tell a soul about what I’m about to tell you?”

“Of course.”


“Swear,” Corinne answered.

“Swear to God with a cherry on top?”

That caused the girls to melt into a giggling fit. “I swear to God with a cherry on top. I won’t say a word to anyone, ever,” Corinne said between the laughter.

“You know Kelli and Kate, from the swim team?”

“Yeah.” Corinne suddenly hoped Laura was about to say what she hoped she would — that the girls were sister-sister lovers as well. She wasn’t disappointed.

“They do it together too,” Laura said.

Corinne wanted to ensure Laura wasn’t just saying this to get her horny — well, hornier. “Are you shitting me?” she asked, looking doubtful.

“Of course not. And what’s more, they do it with their mom, too.”

Corinne stared wide-eyed at her friend. “Now, I know you’re shitting me.”

“I swear to God with a cherry on top!” Laura said, giggling. “I mean it. Those three fuck each other just like my mom and Emily and me do. We’ve done it together, in fact!”

Corinne’s mouth hung open. “Oh my God! You’re not shitting me!”

Laura just smiled her naughtiest smile.

“When did this start?”

“A few weeks ago. It’s kind of a long story and I’m too tired to go into it right now, but my mom sorta caught them masturbating together.”

“Holy fuck!”

“And now we can get you involved in our little fun, too.”

“Are you shitting me?!” Corinne said again. This time, though, it was excitement and not doubt that spurred the response.

“Not at all, but right now I think we should get some sleep, even if this little talk did get us horny,” Laura said.

Corinne was indeed turned on, but it was getting late. They made plans for another sleepover, maybe even camping in the back yard. Who knew who might show up for the fun?


About six o’clock the next morning, Sandra awoke. She’d been having a sex dream. In her dream she was the leader of a group of young girl scouts — Juniors, for grades four and five, or girls aged nine and ten. She had gotten all of the young girls naked and was involved in leading them in getting their badges for “Sexual Gratification.” It was, after all, one of life’s most important skills. The girls were involved in touching a friend’s pussy and bringing them to an orgasm. In her dream, the girls were advanced enough that they had all managed to bring themselves off numerous times, both in meetings and when alone in their bedrooms.

As she gave instructions, her daughters and Corinne had entered the room, naked.

“Can we join in,” Laura had asked.

“Certainly,” Sandra answered in her dream, “as long as I can have Corinne.”

Corinne had come to her and they embraced.

That was when Sandra woke up. Her pussy was warm, wet, and throbbing. She could have reached down and taken care of it herself in less than a minute, but she wanted more.

She wanted Corinne.

Rising from bed, she didn’t even bother putting on a robe. She strode down the hallway to her daughters’ room and quietly entered. She could hear the girls as they breathed rhythmically in their sleep. Her eyes were adjusted to the dark and the room seemed bright with the moonlight spilling through the thin curtains at the window. Stepping to the side of the bed, she looked down at Corinne. She wished she could just climb into bed with her and softly lick her pussy until she woke up, but that wouldn’t be fair to the girl. Sandra doubted Corinne would mind, but it would be best to give her the choice.

Reaching down, she gently shook the sleeping girl, hoping she was a light enough sleeper that she didn’t have to do more to wake her. Laura slept like the dead, but too much jostling could wake her, and she didn’t want to wake her daughter right then. She wanted some alone time with the sexy redhead.

Corinne felt the soft hand shake her, and she opened her eyes, blinking several times to get her bearings.  She remembered where she was and what had happened that night. She was also aware of her wet pussy. Apparently, Laura’s story was still affecting her. She’d been having a sex dream about Laura and Emily when they were little.

“Shhh,” Sandra said when she noticed Corinne was awake.

The girl, realizing someone was standing beside the bed, gasped in surprise.

“Shhh,” Sandra said again, her finger to her lips.

Corinne’s eyesight was still adjusting to the meager glow of the moonlight filling the room. Looking up, she saw Sandra, finger to lips.

Sandra motioned for the sleepy girl to follow her. Corinne noticed the woman was naked, and she rose from the bed, the meaning of this middle-of-the-night visit beginning to dawn on her. Her friend’s mother wanted to have sex with her. Why else would she come into the bedroom naked and wake her up, making sure not to wake Laura?

Corinne followed Sandra, who exited the room and turned down the hallway toward her own bedroom. As they entered, Sandra reached out and took Corinne’s hand, leading her to the queen-size bed. Sitting on the edge, Sandra turned on the bedside lamp, causing both to squint and giggle as the light, dim as it was, still blinded them temporarily. The woman patted the bed beside her.

Turning to Corinne, Sandra said, “Sleep well?”

The teenager began to wonder if maybe Sandra wasn’t going to have sex with her after all. Did she just want to talk? Corinne felt a pang of disappointment that surprised her. Had she really been that excited to have the woman seek her as a sex partner? She became aware of the mild throbbing in her cunt and answered her own question. Yes. Yes, she had.

Still hoping the woman was wanting wild lesbian sex with her, Corinne said, “Yes.”

“You’re a very beautiful girl, you know,” Sandra said.

Corinne blushed. “Thanks.”

“Do you think I’m beautiful?”

Corinne nodded.

“And do you think I’m as sexy as you are?” asked Sandra.

“You think I’m sexy?”

Sandra inhaled deeply and wondered if the aroma of sexual desire was coming from Corinne as well as herself. “Very.” Leaning toward the girl, Sandra brought her lips to Corinne’s. They kissed for the first time. It was a soft kiss, some tongue but not too much. The passion was still rising.

Leaning back from the kiss, Sandra said, “Of course you know you can never speak about what we all do to anyone, right?”

“Of course. You’d end up in jail and all of us, including me, would end up in a reform school or something.”

“Good,” Sandra said. “I just wanted to make sure you understood how important it is to keep this a secret. Lots of girls think, ‘well, I can tell my best friend, she wouldn’t tell,’ but they will, because they have a best friend besides you, and they would think the same thing, and before you knew it, someone who didn’t like what is going on would hear about it, and all hell would break loose.”

“I’d never say a word to anyone,” Corinne assured the woman. Suddenly, she remembered Kelli and Kate, along with their mother. She wondered how Sandra would feel, knowing that she now knew that as well.

“Ms. Bishop?” she said, stopping Sandra from the kiss she was about to give her. “Laura told me a little more than just about you three.”

“What did she tell you?”

“She told me that Kelli, Kate, and their mom also do this with each other . . . and you three.” Suddenly, Corinne wondered if she had said something she shouldn’t.

Sandra wasn’t exactly thrilled Laura had told Corinne this so soon, but it was what it was. She looked at the gorgeous redhead and said, “And you know not to say anything to anyone about that, too, right?”

“Of course. Why would I want to get them in trouble? First, people would wonder how I knew, and then you all would be found out, as well as me.”

Sandra smiled. “I like how you think. You’re not emotional in your logic. You realize the ramifications of your actions. Nobody is getting hurt here. We’re just all having some good, sexy fun. Lots of people would be appalled at what we do, but the only shame in what we’re doing is that if people knew, we would feel ashamed. It’s not until others are aware of our private thoughts, desires and actions that we become embarrassed or ashamed. If society looked at sex differently, nobody would care. We could all have sex right out in the open. We could go right now to the park and have sex when people were going out for a walk or something, and nobody would bat an eye.” Sandra, realizing she was getting too philosophical, laughed and said, “Well, that’s how I look at it anyway.”

Corinne smiled. “Those are my thoughts, exactly. We aren’t ashamed of what we do until people find out. If it was considered normal behavior, which I really think it is, we could masturbate right in the classroom. It’s not like we would be hurting anyone.”

Sandra brought the teenager’s mouth to hers and they kissed. Soon, the kiss grew in passion, turning from pecks and licks to full-blown making out.

As Sandra’s hand moved to Corinne’s breast to tweak the nipple, she nudged the girl over until she was lying on the spacious bed. The woman offered the girl her breast, and Corinne’s mouth latched onto the nipple, sucking and playing with it with her tongue. Sandra moaned. “Oh, yes. That feels so good.”

Corinne stared up into Sandra’s eyes. She dropped the nipple from her mouth and said, “Can I do this for a while?”

“Of course,” Sandra said, wondering why she had to ask. Then Corinne was adjusting Sandra’s position on the bed, making her sit up against the headboard. Corinne lay her body across Sandra’s lap and slipping one hand beneath Sandra’s arm and around to her back while hooking her other arm over the opposite shoulder, Corinne latched onto the nipple once again, suckling it the way a baby would nurse her mother.

It was the most intimate thing Sandra could imagine, and she had a small orgasm as the girl closed her eyes and began to suck, as if she were getting real nourishment from the breast.

Sandra gently closed her arms around the girl, holding her there. It was like having a baby at her breast once again, and the moment made her realize how much she missed this. She watched the fourteen-year-old as she suckled and began cooing at her the way she’d done with her own girls when they were babies.

Then Corinne did something babies at their mother’s breast never do. She reached down and began massaging her open slit, masturbating softly. There was no urgency to her actions. As Sandra watched Corinne touching her pussy, she thought of the mild actions as what she considered ‘keeping it on simmer,’ nothing more.

Corinne was surprised she had suddenly longed to get into the position of a baby nursing her mother. She had never fantasized about that before, but the sudden desire to do it had caused a small jolt in her pussy. Now, she accepted the wild idea as sensual and lovely. Her pussy ached for contact, so she had reached down and started massaging herself there. She didn’t want to come this way, but she enjoyed the intimacy of what she was doing. She suddenly pictured herself at her own mother’s breast, doing exactly what she was doing now. She knew that would be impossible, but the idea stirred her, causing her pussy to get suddenly wetter as she played with it.

The girl had felt Sandra’s trembling shudders as she latched onto the nipple to suckle her and wondered if she had come. It wasn’t a huge orgasm by any means, but it did seem to be at least a small climax. She was happy Sandra had reacted that way, regardless of whether she had actually come. It seemed to increase the intimacy of the moment.

Corinne lay there like that, wrapped in Sandra’s mother arms as her mouth alternated between breasts. She felt safe, loved. The moment would have to end at some point, especially considering the simmer in her pussy was beginning to turn into a soft boil. Finally, she moved from her suckling baby position to kiss Sandra.

“Thank you,” Corinne said. “I didn’t even know I wanted to do that.”

“You can do it anytime we’re alone, sweetie,” Sandra said. “I loved it.”

“I did too,” Corinne said, “but now I want more.” The girl grinned, indicating how naughty she wanted to be.

Sandra scooted down in the bed and the two lay facing each other, kissing. Their tongues dueled to see how much pleasure they could cause and receive while hands began exploring.

Sandra reached for the red down of Corinne’s pussy and began massaging the girl’s slit, rubbing up and down the way she’d noticed the girl doing when she masturbated.

Corinne followed along, running her own hands over the mature pussy, feeling the wetness coat her fingers as she explored. Sandra bucked at the contact.

After much touching and kissing, Sandra asked, “Sixty-nine?”

Corinne grinned her saucy grin once more. “Love to!” she said and quickly moved her face down to Sandra’s pussy while swinging her leg over the woman’s body to allow access to her own burning cunt.

Their mouths glued themselves to the moist slits. Corinne smeared her face with the juices, moving all around and enjoying the slick feel of her lubricated face against the cream-covered lips of Sandra’s opening before pushing her tongue against the clit of her best friend’s mother. She danced her tongue over the nubbin for several minutes until she heard Sandra’s orgasm rise from a tingle to a peak of satisfied desire.

As soon as Sandra’s climax peaked, Corinne felt her own orgasm rumble from the depths of her cunt, exploding with the force of a volcanic eruption. Jolt after jolt of pleasure rocked her as she pressed her mound to the woman’s mouth. She felt as though every cell in her body was shaken from the force of the orgasm as it spread throughout her body like an electric current that did not want to let go of her.

Finally, the two lay still, gathering enough strength to move. When they did, the tumbled together and lay there, panting and doing their best to get enough energy to move again.

When they’d recovered, Corinne said, “I think I should go back to Laura. I don’t mind if she knows what happened, but it would be rude to make her wake up alone in bed and find us together here.”

Sandra loved how the girl was thinking of Laura’s feelings. She smiled at Corinne and said, “Yes, you’re right. I’ll see you at breakfast in about an hour or so.”

“No,” Corinne said, laughing. “I think it might be a bit later than that. I’m still wanting to sleep another two hours at least.”

Sandra smiled back. “Okay, two hours, but that’s all. Can’t sleep the day away, even if I would like to do the same.”

Corinne crept back to Laura and Emily’s bedroom and crawled into bed with her. She thought Laura was asleep and was startled when a voice from the other side of the bed said, “Have fun?”

It was getting light outside and Corinne looked over and saw that Laura was now wide awake and smiling at her.

“Sorry. Your mom came in about an hour ago and got me to come to her room. Are you mad?”

“Of course not. I think it’s kinda cool, actually. This way whenever I ask if you can spend the night, she’ll always say ‘yes.’ Believe me, I know how insatiable my mom is.”

“Good,” Corinne said. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I didn’t get as much sleep as you did.” She turned over and fell asleep almost immediately.

Laura, who had peeked into her mother’s room during their sexual fun, rose from the bed and went to the family room to wake Emily. She needed someone to have sex with herself, and who better than her little sister?

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