Writing Again

  • Posted on January 3, 2019 at 2:30 pm

By Naughty Mommy

It’s good to be back with you, my lovely JS readers. ❤

As you may be aware, during the last year or so my family and I encountered some very difficult challenges we needed to overcome. We actually had to leave the country we were living in, but most of that trouble seems to be behind us now. Things have gradually settled down and I feel able to spend at least some of my time writing again. I’ve got my juices flowing, you might say.

The first of my unfinished stories that brought revitalized inspiration was “Two Moms.” I came up with a few new situations and ideas for the main characters (all four of whom I really like), and as soon as I began putting those thoughts into words, everything took off. I’ve now completed that story and have turned my attention to another one. I’ll tell you more about that in a while, perhaps, after I’ve made satisfactory progress.

The origin of “Two Moms” is kind of interesting.

I have a habit, you see, of writing up little snippets of new stories whenever they occur to me. This might be a few paragraphs of dialogue, a page of narrative, or simply a description of an idea, the basic concept. It doesn’t happen all that often, but over a number of years I’ve accumulated a large backlog of possible ideas for stories.

In fact, I currently have around 40 (!) potential story concepts waiting to be developed. Some of these are fairly long, more than a few pages, but the majority are quite short. Chances are I’ll never do anything at all with most of them since I just don’t have the time — and besides some are simply not good enough, not worth the effort. But there could be a nugget or two in there that someday finds its way to the surface and becomes a new entry for Juicy Secrets. Who knows?

Anyway, that’s what happened here, with “Two Moms.” I actually had two separate pieces I had begun long ago, one about a girl who moves with her mother to a new city and makes a new friend at school, a flirtatious young girl, plus a different piece about a girl whose mother is addicted to masturbation. It occurred to me at some point that I might merge those two stories and when I tried doing that, the rest became easy. It worked really well.

There’s one additional thing I’ll mention to show how my writing process works. After I’d made what felt like a good start, with the first five or six pages of that combined tale underway, I suddenly decided I also should show Nora, the mother of our narrator, Lia, and let readers see things from Nora’s perspective. This wasn’t my plan at the beginning and it led to a somewhat unorthodox style with sections of both first-person and third-person narrative back to back in the same story, but I’m quite pleased with the result.

I never would have attempted something as ambitious as that, however, if it hadn’t already been demonstrated how beautifully it can work by Cheryl Taggert in her masterpiece, I Was the Daughter of a Porn Star. I miss our partner very much, but even in her absence she continues to be a guide, a teacher, and an inspiration for me.


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  1. Sapphmore says:

    Welcome back Naughty Mommy. It’s fabulous to have you back in the fold, not just so we get to read more of your scribbles, but as one of the original founders who inspired me to start writing. I’m sure we all hope your troubles are far behind you and look forward to the fruits of your labours once again.

  2. Cybare says:

    Great to see u back can’t wait for more of both two moms and teaching and may some new stuff centers off of joy and serpendity

  3. sue says:

    thank you, NM. For coming back from your difficulties and letting us know things are going better.

    Thank you for continue to write. We LOVE your stories. And thanks for sharing some of your writing process with us. We agree with what you said about Cheryl also.

    Welcome back home to JS. We missed you and are so happy to have you back.

    Kim & Sue

  4. Pam MacD says:

    Welcome back! Trusting that your troubles are a thing of the past. Keep on smiling and please don’t stop writing. Speaking for myself I’ve always enjoyed your stories, ruined plenty of towels along the way. ?

  5. Nathan Riches says:

    Wow, really hope your troubles are behind you if they made you have to leave the country. Glad to see you back safe and sound, and willing to share more of your wonderful imagination with us.

    I admit, I dont really tend to know much about the authors I read, except what they tell us, so didnt realise you were having difficulties, nor Cheryl. Hope things go smoothly for you for the future and same to Cheryl, wherever she may be.

  6. Dave says:

    Love to have back. I was wondering if you were thinking of finishing the joy of looking I was wondering what would of happened to julie and her family and friends

  7. kacey says:

    Welcome back/home, NM, we’ve missed you! 😀 😡

  8. Aliciamom says:

    Welcome back sweetie! You are so missed!

  9. Naughty Mommy says:

    Thank you, Sapphmore, Cybare, sue, Pam, Nathan, Dave, kacey, and Aliciamom, plus all my other readers! I missed you guys too!!

  10. Keiko says:

    woohoo!!! she’s baaaack!!!

  11. David says:

    Welcome back NM, it is so great to hear things are better with you. Life can be so tough sometimes. I have missed your stories and I am sure “Two Moms” will be another fantastic, sensual and erotic story. Keep your productive juices flowing and your tidbits handy to stir your imagination. Again so glad you are doing well.

  12. Ironic990 says:

    Sooooo great to have you back !! You have been missed! Thanks for sharing your time, care, and your talent , all as manifest in your wonderful writing. It has been a joy in the past and I guarantee you that it will be appreciated in the future!

  13. Jack says:

    Welcome back home, Naughty Mommy! We’ve missed you and are thrilled to hear that things have settled sufficiently to allow your “juices” to flow! ❤

  14. Cheryl says:

    Naughty Mommy,

    Just stopped in to check on how things were going with the site and saw this post. First, I am thrilled you are back, more because it shows your life is back to normal than anything else. I was touched that you mention me as you do. Thank you! You have always inspired me as well. In fact, I doubt I would have tackled a “real” book without your encouragement to finish what I had started of my erotica stories that I’d started over the years. (An equal thank you goes to JetBoy for that as well.)

    To other readers:

    One comment mentions that I am “having difficulties.” Nothing could be further from the truth. I am healthy (YAY!) and Lisa and I are very happy (DOUBLE YAY!!!) For any “newbies” out there, I am working on the publication of my mainstream fiction novel. I have an agent and publisher, so my life is concentrated on that right now.

    The good news is my publisher has asked for two more novels!!! That is keeping me busy as well. I am working on novel #2 right now. I’ve seen the cover art for my first novel and love it, although if I didn’t, it would be “tough shit” as far as the publisher is concerned.

    Note to anyone thinking about publishing in the “real” world of publication: As a first-time author, you will have ZERO clout. Once they accept and you sign the paperwork allowing them to publish your book, they hold all the cards. I am currently working with my editor with rewrites. Fortunately, we have similar views of the story and the edits suggested are mostly minor. There is one exception to that “minor” comment: she is having me add a few things, including a few chapters that increase the spotlight on one character that was mostly peripheral in the original. (And no, I will not be giving any additional details or the title since this is being published under my real name. Sorry. All I would need is someone who is either jealous of my success or doesn’t like me–there is at least one person in the latter category who visits this site–to decide to “out” me after the book comes out, and my mainstream career would be over before it begins.)

    Anyway, just stopped by and am thrilled with the continuation of the website. We all worked awfully hard on this to see it disappear. Glad you found a reliable host.

    Take care everyone!


    • kim says:

      Just so happy to hear from you, and happy for you and Lisa. Big hugs to you. And congratulations on your book.

      Kim and Sue

      • Jws says:

        Hi NM glad your back. So sorry again for having to leave and if im guessing right my country and fact im sure you said before where you were staying (country i mean), because its happened to a lot of U.S or should i say people from ennlish speaking countries who have more right to stay than who they are flooding this place with. But enought of my gripes. Was wondering. Would u accept an idea for a story that can last as long as you want? As its of generations of 1 family? As always love your work and please get back to JOYS now your settled. Lol. Thats it no more moaning. J

  15. Aussierules says:

    I have enjoyed your stories for a long time and wish you great succcess in your new ventures! Thank you for the update, great to hear from you again!

  16. Poppabear says:

    You know I love you, Cheryl, and I know the hassle they are putting you through.
    I used to do it to authors myself at one time.
    You are very special person to me
    Best wishes to both of you
    All the love in the world
    Poppa Bear

  17. Jws says:

    If you left UK (I’m sure you said ages ago that you were here when you 1st said you may have to return to ??? As probs with immigration) then your better off out of here, if U.S your home, you’ll be a lot safer than if here. This used to be a welcoming, beautiful, yes even tolerant, now it’s fucked, and full of murdering psychopaths who won’t live with others, delete if not appropriate. Don’t care

  18. daughterlover says:

    I have been away for far too long (life!), but I am so happy to be back in the moment. As a looooooong time follower of NM’s stories (from multiple venues) I just wanted to say that I’m thrilled (and wet!!) that you’re back 🙂 These are incredibly troubling times, and while there are many negative things I could say about the current state of world affairs, the important thing to remember is that we are stronger together! Best wishes to all, and especially to NM, Cheryl, and Jet Boy 🙂 Long may we endure!

  19. Bad boy/rick says:


    Hi there naughty mom you have been gretly missed by all your family and fantastic erotica readers who love all your very well and beautifully put together hot naughty scripts and stories…Omg’nm I’m sorry to hear about your troubles and thing’s in life that happen to many of us phew… Can we just say that one more time as we relax our body’s and ? sexually perverted beautiful mind’s that the gifts we all have been blessed with in which gives us all access and the ability to so manifest and very well crafted in our work of arts and amog many other talents we progress in but overall nm you’ve always been my#(1) naughty erotic writer and very very passionate about your hottest most sexually perverted thougs that you craft together are very outstanding but may i suggest a few things that will keep horny girl’s cumin for more of naughty mom’s hot naughty sexually perverted fantasy’s i promise nm your going to want to get back with me on this…. Well sorry i took up alot of space on your site lol but my#(1) was terribly missed and needed more lesbian incest naughty horny sexually perverted stories to cum to glad to have you back with us rev those juices up to max speed Mommy and let’s fulfill our hot naughty sexually perverted fantasy’s love ya N.M. YOUR THE GREATEST MOM THERE EVER LIVED JUST ONLY WISH…. WELL IF YOU desire more on that please feel free to email me if allowed or possible thanks and happy cumin girl’s boy’s mommy’s daughter all u naughty girls out there let’s enjoy the naughty pleasure of Mommy YAY????

  20. Jws says:

    Hi NM glad your back. So sorry again for having to leave and if im guessing right my country and fact im sure you said before where you were staying (country i mean), because its happened to a lot of U.S or should i say people from ennlish speaking countries who have more right to stay than who they are flooding this place with. But enought of my gripes. Was wondering. Would u accept an idea for a story that can last as long as you want? As its of generations of 1 family? As always love your work and please get back to JOYS now your settled. Lol. Thats it no more moaning. J

  21. Stacy says:

    I’ve missed reading your work

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