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Teaching the Girls, Chapter 25

  • Posted on May 19, 2019 at 1:42 pm

By Naughty Mommy

It certainly was a bad break that this relocation for my father’s job had to occur so soon after I’d happened into such an unbelievable opportunity, all that wonderful sex with four young girls and their moms. Really crummy timing.

On the other hand, we did get at least a tiny bit of good luck during our last week together, which was that Donna’s husband was out of town again, traveling on business. That meant I could stay for dinner after our yoga lesson on Thursday night and everyone else would be there with us too, Danielle and Kay and their kids.

I’d already cleared it with my mom. She wasn’t expecting me home until around 9:00 or so. And I was certain that our group would take full advantage of the precious final few hours we’d have together.

Plus, guess what, I didn’t wait until after dinner to start in on the sexual shenanigans. Nope, I decided this time to break the rule we’d always had about keeping that stuff separate from my legitimate yoga instruction.

Addison had asked about this several weeks earlier, wondering why we couldn’t also include some ‘play’ on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Although it was very tempting for me to give in and do that, I’d tried to explain to her and to the other girls about mindfulness, about the spiritual need I felt to segregate the two activities. They may not have fully understood it, but they accepted what I said. I was the teacher, after all.

Now, however, the teacher had other ideas. I would likely never have another opportunity with them, might never even see these kids or their mothers again for the rest of my life. So, right away I began indulging myself, placing the girls in positions that would best display their luscious young bodies to me, straining against the tight, revealing leotards they wore.

We started with the puppy dog pose, one of our favorites. After a little more stretching, we did the firefly pose, then happy baby. From there, I shifted them to the butterfly pose, then into a straddle split… and that’s when I crossed the line, taking a step over from yoga to sex.

“Keeping your legs spread, move your hands slowly behind you until you’re on your back, hands stretched out over your head.”

With the four girls lying on the floor mats, their legs wide apart, crotches fully exposed, barely covered by the thin material, I said, “Okay, we’re going to do something different now.”

I’d told Donna in advance what I was planning so she wouldn’t be surprised by it. Normally she would watch only part of our exercises, checking in from time to time, but on this special Thursday she’d settled into a nearby chair and wasn’t going anywhere. In fact, she was already rubbing herself, a hand between her legs, stroking her pussy through her slacks as she stared at her daughters and the other kids.

“Put your hands on your tummies,” I told the girls. “Palms down. Gently massage, moving in little circles. Keep doing that. And now move down, slowly, just a little bit lower… lower, inch by inch… that’s right.”

I heard a few giggles. They knew where this was going, and they were happy about it.

“Keep massaging. Find the spot that feels best, that gets you the most excited. Rub yourself there, keep rubbing yourself through your leotard until you feel the moisture coming through, meaning your pussy is nice and wet.”

“Oh my god,” said Donna. “Britt, is it all right if I come?”

“Sure, it’s fine,” I nodded, without looking at her. My eyes were intently focused on the kids, watching them masturbate — which I was doing too, naturally.

In my peripheral vision, I noticed Donna stand up for just a moment and heard a zipper sliding down. Then she was seated again, slacks around her ankles.

“This time, you guys, it’s different,” I said to the girls. “Because this is our last session together, we’re gonna change things up. You can come if you want to, while you’re rubbing yourself, though of course you don’t have to. It’s up to you. But you don’t need to hold back. Let yourself feel everything, and go with it. Go where the feelings take you.”

Even though I’d already done so much more with these kids, licking and fingering and tribbing with them, I found it extremely arousing that afternoon just to watch them play with theirselves. I suppose that was because this was so unusual, a break from our normal routine. Anyway, it didn’t take long until I was right on the edge, feeling that wonderful, jiggly, swirling sensation inside that told me an orgasm was on its way.

By then I’d sat up so I could easily see the little girls, watch everything they were doing. Both hands were between my legs, fingers slippery with pussy goo that had soaked though the thin fabric of my leotard. And I wasn’t the only one who was getting wet. On Cherise’s yellow leotard I noticed a dark spot in the center of the crotch. The same was true with Heather, though her leo was metallic blue. It was all so delicious to see.

To my left, slightly behind me, I heard a loud grunt, and then a series of throaty groans. Donna was climaxing.

“Ooh, yeah, yeah,” Heather whispered. She’d pushed herself to a sitting position and was supporting her weight with one arm, the other hand moving fast between her legs as she watched her mom come.

And that was all I needed. The idea of a twelve-year-old girl seeing her mother masturbate to orgasm was unbelievably erotic. I gasped, clamping both hands over my cunt as the spasms struck. Although my eyes were squeezed shut, I was certain I could hear Heather coming too.


For the next half hour we kept at it, rubbing ourselves, watching each other. Everyone came at least once. I enjoyed a second orgasm, as did Heather, and I think Addison came twice as well. Meanwhile, Donna brought herself to climax two or three more times. The woman totally loved playing with her pussy, especially in front of her daughters.

Around 4:30, Danielle showed up, and Kay a few minutes after her. Apparently they’d left work early on this special day. Both moms found seats and almost immediately began masturbating. And that’s when I decided to try something new.

“You guys, let’s do some tribbing, okay?” I said to the kids. “But with your leotards on. I really want to see you do it that way.”

“Mmm, good idea, Britt, so hot,” said Kay.

I got Addison on top of Cherise, and Heather on her sister, Felicity. The women and I watched the girls kiss, rubbing their lovely little bodies against each other. Donna came right away, not surprisingly, but for a while after that no one else did. Then finally Heather started panting, “Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh,” moving faster and faster on Felicity, and a moment later she climaxed.

That pushed me over the edge too. A young girl fucking her sister pussy to pussy until she comes? Yeah, baby. I could watch that all day long.

By then I’d pulled the crotch of my leotard aside and had one finger shoved deep inside my cunt. I could feel the contractions, could feel my hot wet vagina clamping down around my finger. God, I love masturbating. I love orgasms. I love sex!

Even as I was coming, I managed to keep my eyes open enough to see that Addison was groping at Cherise, tugging the girl’s leotard from her shoulders and down her arms. Then she stood up for just a second and quickly stripped her own leo off. When Cherise finished removing hers, the ten-year-olds were both naked.

Addison got back on top and went vigorously to work, rubbing her hairless pussy against the other child’s. Their moms, half-undressed, had left their chairs and were beside the kids on the floor, encouraging them.

“Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck the little girl!” cried Kay.

“Yeah, yeah, do it,” said Danielle. “Do it! Make her come!”

The women were masturbating as they watched, of course, and even though I had just finished coming, I hadn’t stopped rubbing myself. It felt so great, my fat clit gooey beneath my fingers, swollen and throbbing. I never wanted this to end.

Then I saw something else. Felicity had turned her big sister Heather onto her back and was on top now. Heather’s legs were wrapped around her butt, pulling their pussies together. Their mother, Donna, knelt next to them, close to their faces. The woman was nude from the waist down. As I watched, she spread her labia with her fingers, fully exposing her wet vagina to her daughters.

“Look at my fucking cunt,” she urged. “Look at Mommy’s cunt! I’m gonna come for you, come right in front of you!”

As I heard and saw this, another huge climax suddenly surged up from inside. I fell back onto the carpet, overcome with lust. Both hands were between my legs, my thighs squeezed together. Spasms exploded from my center, one after another, so strong and so powerful they literally took my breath away, and finally I blacked out.


When I came back to my senses, it was all over. For a while at any rate. The three moms were cuddling with their girls, talking softly, gently caressing, kissing their hair. It seemed more affectionate than sexual — unless you count the fact that everyone was naked, or at least mostly so, and the women’s fingers gleamed with pussy juice as they tenderly stroked their daughters’ cheeks.

“Can we have dinner? I’m hungry,” said Addison.

Kay chuckled, rolling her eyes, and Donna said, “Sure, we can do that. How about hot dogs and potato salad, does that sound good?”

“Yeah!” Addison bounced to her feet, clapping. That kid was always ready to eat.

Before heading for the kitchen, those still wearing any clothes removed them so we could continue our tradition of dining nude. We chatted pleasantly as Donna prepared the simple meal with some help from Kay. Danielle got out the beverages, Cokes for the kids, beer for their mothers. Since I didn’t like beer, I had a Coke too.

While we ate, I fielded questions about the upcoming move. Had I been to Chicago before? I had. What was it like there? A nice enough city, much bigger than Baltimore, but reasonably pretty. It seemed okay. Would I come back to visit? Yes, I certainly hoped I would.

Then Kay asked, as we finished eating, “So what do you have planned for us tonight, Britt? Anything special?”

“No, I, um… I really haven’t thought much about it.”

I felt myself getting choked up. This was our very last time together! But I didn’t want to cry and spoil the mood, so I smiled gamely and said, “I just figured that we’d, you know, sort of play it by ear. See what happens.”

“All right,” Kay nodded.

Donna got up from her chair, one hand holding a large boob, squeezing it and pinching the nipple. “How about if we go upstairs to the bedroom, and see what happens there?”

“Can we help you clean up the kitchen first?” I asked.

“Nah, leave the fucking dishes,” Donna grinned. “I’ll do ‘em whenever.”

Everyone laughed.


Two minutes later we were in the master bedroom, and we didn’t waste any time getting started. Kay grabbed Danielle’s hand and dragged her onto the king-size bed, lying on top of her in a 69 position. This would be something new, I realized, the moms actually having full-blown sex right in front of their daughters.

As that was taking place, Donna pushed me onto the bed, on my back, and then quickly climbed over me until she was straddling my face. Holding my head with both hands, the woman shoved her wet, fragrant cunt in my mouth. She rocked back and forth, basically fucking my face, while I did my best to lick her clit or fuck her with my tongue.

Then I felt someone between my legs, licking my pussy. I couldn’t tell who it was at first — my face being completely covered by Donna’s cunt — except I knew it had to be one of the girls. Which one, though, I wasn’t sure. But before long, Donna climaxed, her gooey fluids flooding my mouth and dripping down my cheeks. When she finished coming, she slid off to the side, lying on her back, panting heavily, hands holding her breasts and squeezing the nipples.

At that point I found that it was Heather, the lovely twelve-year-old, between my legs, licking my clit and fucking me with her finger. I also saw Felicity and Cherise beside us, near the foot of the bed, arms and legs entwined, kissing wetly as they rubbed their slender bodies together.

Just on the other side of me, but turned away, Addison was on her knees, watching her mother lick Danielle’s pussy. The little girl’s hand appeared to be moving rapidly, so I assumed she was masturbating, tickling her clit. That idea got me very excited, not to mention the fact that I had another young girl eagerly eating and fucking me. Within moments I came, grabbing Heather’s head and pulling her pretty face tightly against my cunt.

I sort of lost track then of what was going on for a minute or two as I enjoyed a wonderful climax, but when I returned to my senses, I saw that Heather had moved on to join with Cherise and Felicity in a daisy chain, Felicity licking her big sister Heather, with Heather eating Cherise, and Cherise eating Felicity. They were on my right, and on my left, I found that Donna had crawled under Kay and was eating her cunt. Plus, even better, Addison was lying on her back now, happily nursing at her mother’s breast while Kay fondled the child’s hairless pussy.

Before I had much time to enjoy this scene, another woman landed on top of me. It was Danielle. She was in heat, it seemed, consumed with feverish lust, her face dripping with sweat. The beautiful brunette shoved her tongue in my mouth, practically down my throat, while bucking her shaved mound against my bed bush. 

It was an orgy, a wild out-of control lesbian orgy, including the special added attraction of underage girls and incest. Not a bad way for us to spend our final evening together.

With Danielle humping me so insanely, I wasn’t able to reach orgasm right away, but she certainly was. In fact, the woman climaxed twice, not stopping after the first one but continuing to fuck my cunt until she came on me a second time.

I’m not sure which, if any, of the girls in the daisy chain beside us had orgasms. I heard plenty of squealing from them, so there may have been some, but who it was and how many they had I couldn’t tell. On the other hand, there was no doubt about Addison. The darling ten-year-old came at least once with her mother fingering her and as she sucked Kay’s nipple.

Danielle had broken off kissing me by then, putting all her concentration into grinding her way to yet another climax, a third one. As a result, I was able to turn my head and get a good close look at Kay’s fingers, shiny and slippery with her daughter’s juices, stroking the child’s pink clit and sliding inside her tiny vagina. Addison groaned and shuddered over and over again. I don’t how many times her mom made her come, but it sure seemed like a lot. And when Danielle started coming again, I did too finally.

Things get a little hazy in my memory after that, with so many naked bodies on that big bed, shifting all around, moving quickly from position to position, licking and sucking and fucking. Unlike our Saturday adventures, which had mostly been choreographed, this was a free-for-all, everyone doing whatever they felt like doing with whomever they felt like doing it.

I can remember Donna reclining on pillows against the headboard, with her daughters, Heather and Felicity, on either side of their mom, one girl on each tit, hungrily sucking. Donna was rubbing her clit, while Danielle had two fingers inside Donna’s cunt, pumping in and out. At the same time, Kay was eating Danielle while Cherise sucked Danielle’s nipples.

As all that was happening, I was tribbing with Addison, and like Danielle had been earlier, I was in a frenzy. I had zero ability to slow down or do it the right way. The only thing I wanted was to make myself come on the little girl, pussy to pussy. Which I soon did.

And even more perverted than that, the moment I finished with Addison, I realized I needed to fuck her mom. I absolutely had to have them back to back, mother and daughter.

Kay was still licking Danielle, but I didn’t care. I pulled the woman off, turning her roughly onto her back, then mounted her, lifting one leg up, scissoring with her. And I spoke, taking dirty.

“You know what I just did, Kay? I fucked your little girl. I fucked Addison. I fucked her pussy to pussy and came all over her!”

Kay laughed out loud. “Nice! You fucked her, now you’re fucking me. It’s perfect, I love it!”

“Mommy’s gonna come, Mommy’s gonna come!” Donna cried, and then she did, with her daughters at her breasts and Danielle’s fingers deep inside her.

Although I’d taken Kay away from Danielle, the woman had found something else to replace that tongue between her legs. With her free hand, she’d guided Cherise’s fingers down to her crotch and pressed them inside her juicy pussy. Now the little girl was not only sucking her mom’s nipple, but fucking her cunt as well. 

“That’s right, baby,” urged Danielle. “Fuck Mommy, fuck Mommy, make Mommy come!”

“Britt, keep fucking me! Fuck me hard, I’m so close!” That was Kay, her hands gripping my butt, pulling me tightly against her. “Fuck me, Britt! Fuck me!”

So I did.

I fucked Kay, Cherise finger-fucked her mom, and Danielle finger-fucked Donna, who’d already come once and was quickly nearing a second orgasm. Just then, Kay and I both climaxed at almost the same time, tribbing, and then I heard Danielle cry out, coming hard with her little girl’s fingers inside her cunt.


We needed a short break after that, to catch our breath. And when I say short, I mean really short, no more than a minute or two. Because the moms were quite eager to keep going, or at least Donna was.

The curvaceous blonde got to her knees and said, “You know, this might be our last chance, so while we’ve got her here, let’s everyone fuck Britt, okay?”

And that was how we spent our final hour, at Donna’s direction. All along, through our months together, I’d been the one planning and organizing things, the teacher who instructed everyone else what to do. But now, I was the subject. There would be no more teaching from me. That was all over, here in Baltimore anyway.

They laid me out naked on the bed, and then one by one took their turns on me, first Donna, then Danielle, then Kay. And I got the full treatment. They each began by licking my clit and finger-fucking me until I came, and then they tribbed with me, fucking me with their pussies until I climaxed again and they came too. But they still weren’t finished. After the tribbing was done, each woman slid forward until she was sitting on my face. I licked and sucked them, loving every second of it, tasting their delicious juices and making them come in my mouth.

With the moms finally sated, it was the girls’ turn next. They followed the same pattern, licking and fingering my pussy, then tribbing with me, and ending up by sitting on my face, pushing their hairless or nearly hairless pussies in my mouth. It was Heather first, then her sister Felicity, then Cherise, and last Addison. Each of them licked me, fucked me, and let me lick them.


There’s no way I could possibly count how many orgasms I had that evening, though I’m certain it was far more than in any other day or night of my life, before or since. I know I was totally exhausted when it was all over, fully spent and definitely sore. But as I gazed at all those luscious naked bodies around me, gleaming with perspiration and other fluids, anointed with the intoxicating aroma of feminine sex, I enjoyed a sense of deep fulfillment, of complete satisfaction.

My eyelids felt very heavy. It sure would have been nice to simply fall asleep then, but I couldn’t. I had to get home, and so did the kids. Tomorrow, Friday, would be the last day of school.

Without words, we slid off the bed and went slowly downstairs. But then, as those of us who had to leave began to get dressed, Donna asked with a wink, nodding toward her lovely daughters, “Would anyone like to eat a blondie?”

More sex? Well, yeah, I guess so.

But that wasn’t what she meant. It turns out she had baked two big pans of chocolate chip blondies earlier that day, so before I left, and before Addison and Cherise and their moms left, we enjoyed a yummy treat for dessert.

Then there were hugs and kisses and promises to stay in touch, along with lots of crying. Finally I got in the car, my old Toyota, and headed off, waving to Donna and her kids one last time as I drove away.

All the way home I sobbed, wiping away tears, trying my best to see the road. It truly felt as if my life was over, all the best of everything now in the past, forever gone.

And then, suddenly, something struck me. A lightbulb went on.

When Gina had moved away the previous summer, she’d told me she would be residing with her new lover in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Which, I belatedly recalled, is a suburb of…… wait for it…… Chicago!

Although she and I had been in touch only intermittently since she left, exchanging a few emails, I hoped that perhaps if I was living close enough, we might be able to see each other once again.

And after that, who knows?



Teaching the Girls, Chapter 24

  • Posted on May 11, 2019 at 2:06 pm

By Naughty Mommy

“All right,” I told the group, “we’re finally getting near the end. This is almost the last time you’ll have to hold on without coming.”

We were upstairs in Donna’s bedroom. I’d placed the three women on the king-size bed, lying sideways across it, along with Heather as well. The four were on their backs with another person on top of them. Everyone was nude, of course.

This would be the penultimate step in our challenging hours-long exercise of ‘edging’. It might prove even more difficult to maintain control this time, however, because of the positions we were in.

I had Cherise on top of Kay, Addison on Danielle, Felicity above her sister Heather, and I was over Donna. But the thing is, those on top were reversed, lying head to foot — or to put it more accurately, face to pussy. That’s right, we were in a 69 position, with each of the moms, along with Heather, looking up at a young girl’s or a teenager’s crotch. Those above were face to face with a woman’s vagina, or in Felicity’s case, with her big sister’s.

“We’re going to masturbate again, everyone at the same time,” I instructed. “And just like before, the aim is to get as close as possible without having an orgasm and then to stay near that peak, right on the edge, for as long as you can.”

I’d wondered if any of the moms might object to this latest erotic stratagem of mine, but no one said a word. Surely, I thought to myself, they must realize where we’re going from here, what the next arrangement will be. Even if they did, though, nobody protested. Maybe that meant they were looking forward to it!

Anyway, first things first. We’d have to get through this initial round successfully before moving ahead.

“Is everyone ready?” I asked. “Any questions?”

There were none. Just a lot of heavy breathing.

“Okay, so let’s begin. Start rubbing yourself. You can talk if you want to, but you don’t have to. It’s up to each person.”

For the first few minutes, no one spoke. It was mostly silent except for soft moans and that delicious squishy sound of fingers working inside juicy pussies. The scent of our combined arousal filled the air.

Then we heard a whisper, sort of a quiet but urgent chant. “Sexy little girl, sexy little girl, sexy little girl.”

It came from Kay as she stared at Cherise, watching the child play with herself just inches above her face.

“All you all right, Kay?” I asked. “Make sure you don’t come.”

“Yeah… yeah, I’m good,” she replied. “It’s just so goddamn hot.”

“Jeez, I wish you could come, Britt,” said Donna, beneath me. “I want you to come in my mouth, right now. But will you do that later, after we go to bed? Will you sit on my face and come all over me?”

“God, Mom,” said Heather. She and Felicity were next to us. “That’s so dirty. I love it.”

“Sure, I’ll gladly sit on your face,” I said to Donna, “and come in your mouth. And just like when we did it before, you can pretend I’m your daughter, pretend you’re eating Heather or Felicity while you suck my clit.”


I glanced to the side. Felicity was squealing, her eyes wide, face turning red.

“Wait, Felicity, wait,” I ordered. “Try to slow down. You can’t come yet, not yet.”

“Okay, okay, okay,” the girl panted.

We went on that way for another five or ten minutes, with lots of dirty talk and a few more close calls, though fortunately no one reached climax. I was careful to monitor the action around me, aiming to sense each person’s level of arousal, keep them close to the edge without going over. That wasn’t exactly easy to do, since I was so turned on myself, but I managed. And finally I decided it was time for the next and last stage of this enticing exercise.


The moms stayed where they were while the girls all rearranged.

After I’d moved everyone into position, we had Cherise on top of her mother, Danielle, Heather lying over Donna, and Addison on her mother, Kay. I was on my back now, between Donna and Kay, with Felicity above me. Once again, of course, we were face to pussy, both ways, but with the incest factor amped up to the max.

No one protested. These women were willing, perhaps even eager, to accept what we were doing as a teaching moment or maybe some sort of exotic yoga practice. At any rate, there they were, as close as humanly possible without quite crossing the line and committing that taboo sin.

I took a deep breath, and said, “You guys have done so well today, this afternoon and tonight. I’m really proud of you. I know it’s not easy, and it hasn’t been easy for me either. But now we’re almost there, just about done. Only a little more edging, one last go at it, all right? Except this time, after we’ve all stayed on the edge a few more minutes, we’ll finally get that release, let ourselves go. Does that sound good?”

I heard murmurs of approval all around. They were more than ready to start. And so was I.

My cunt throbbed, pulsated. It felt heavy with moisture, laden with goo, primed to explode. Even during all my years with Gina, I’d never gone on this long before, repeatedly bringing myself so close without coming, doing it over and over and over again for so many hours. I couldn’t wait to finish.

Well, I could wait, because I had to. But I didn’t want to! I wanted to come right away, and I was sure everyone else felt the same way. So we began.

Cherise, the slender, very pretty ten-year-old, played with herself as she watched her mother, Danielle, masturbate.

Above Donna’s face, ripe and luscious Heather, twelve years old, rubbed her clit while watching her mom fuck herself with her fingers.

The youngest of the group, Addison, barely ten, stared into her mother’s gaping cunt and tickled her hairless pussy just above Kay’s mouth.

And on top of me was ten-year-old Felicity, so adorable, so sweet, so fucking hot. I watched her fingers slide through her slit, teasing at the opening of her tiny pink vagina, then rubbing her swollen clit.

With both hands, I spread my own pussy open, giving the lovely blonde a good long look at my juicy sex. Then slowly I pushed a finger inside, groaning at the wonderful feel of it, as my other hand began massaging my clit.

We masturbated together, mothers with their young daughters, and a teen with a child, mouths so very close to slits, above and below, that they were nearly touching.

Could this be the final thrust that would push the moms over the top? Would they at last give in and start sucking those yummy, wet, little girl pussies? How could they possibly resist?

And the kids, when they saw the women come, when all that tasty warm goo was right there in front of their tongues, just waiting for them, would they lick it up like I wanted them to? Would the girls eat their moms?

I didn’t know any of the answers, wasn’t sure what would happen, but soon I would find out. Very soon.

There was almost no talking this time, none until the just before the end. Everyone seemed too wrapped up in the action, entranced by all the erotic sights and sounds and smells, mesmerized by the knowledge of what we were doing.

For me, there was no doubt. This was sex. They were having sex with each other, mothers and daughters. Even if there wasn’t any actual licking or sucking, that didn’t make a difference. When they came, when the orgasms struck and the juices flowed, it would be a sexual act, obviously. The moms could continue deceiving themselves about it if they wanted to. I really didn’t care any more.

Plus, I was so turned on!

I’d seen Felicity’s pussy this close before, of course. I’d even eaten her before. But I never get tired of seeing a little girl, completely hairless, rubbing her sweet clit for me, getting ready to come. It’s one of the most amazing, unforgettable sights a person can ever see.

So I was right on the edge now, and I had been for quite a while, almost since we started. I’d sort of lost track of the time, but figured it had to be at least ten minutes that we’d been going. And that was definitely long enough.

“Are you guys getting close?” I asked. “Everybody? Is there anyone who’s not getting near a climax?”

“I’m ready,” said Donna, beside me. “So fucking ready.”

I heard a throaty giggle from Heather. “Yeah, I’m ready,” she added. “Any time.”

“Me too,” agreed Felicity.

One by one, they chimed in. All the moms and all the girls were there, on the edge, just waiting for me to give the signal.

Before doing that, I slipped an arm out from under Felicity and reached across her small back, placing my hand behind her head. Then I took my other arm out as well, and brought it up to squeeze her bottom.

With everything set, I told them, “All right, you don’t have to wait any longer. Whenever you want, just go ahead and enjoy yourselves. You can all come now.”

Instantly I heard a loud grunt from Donna, a series of grunts. She was climaxing. I couldn’t see her, though, couldn’t see anyone, because my face was smack against Felicity’s crotch, mouth and tongue working between her fingers to taste the girl, to lick her, to make her come in my mouth.

Which she did, within seconds.

And then I was coming too, at the same time, in Felicity’s mouth. With my hand behind her head, I’d pressed down hard, pushing her face into my cunt, my thighs squeezing her head, trapping the child there.

Not that she seemed to mind. I felt her hot little tongue burrowing inside me, and heard her squeal with excitement as her pussy bucked in my mouth.

All around us were cries of ecstasy, women and girls, mothers and daughters, everyone coming together. And this went on — the moans and groans, shuddering bodies, spasming pussies — for what seemed a very long time, though I couldn’t begin to estimate how long it actually was.

After all that buildup, after so many hours of edging, our final release was titanic, stupendous, earthshaking, volcanic… pick any word you want, that’s what it was. Me, I just kept on coming, wave after climactic wave after climactic wave. This might have been the longest single orgasm of my life, one I thought might never end, though eventually it did, of course.

I’ll never know what the others did, while they were coming or just after, whether any of the moms took the plunge, actually went ahead and licked their daughters, or if the girls put their tongues inside their mothers’ cunts. No one ever confessed to me if something like that took place that evening, so all I can do is guess. Perhaps they did do it and perhaps they didn’t. I don’t know.

What I do know is what they looked like when it was all over, when the dust finally cleared, so to speak.

Our movements slowed in time, the moans quieted, and then one by one the girls slid off. I lazily pushed myself up and the women did as well. The whole group, all eight of us, sat on the bed and gazed around at one another, happy, silly grins on our faces.

Except — except on many faces, I was sure I could see more than just a goofy smile. Lips and cheeks and chins appeared to be wet, gleaming with fluids. Was it saliva, maybe just sweat? Or could it possibly be pussy juice? Was this evidence of incest?

I didn’t ask, and no one said. We wiped our mouths, licked our lips, and continued grinning, until someone began to laugh. Everyone else joined in, leading to a naked post-orgasmic giggle fest. Hugs and kisses and congratulations were shared, followed by more kisses and more hugs.

The wonderful session came to an end when Donna said, “Okay, it’s time to hit the sack. Kids, make sure you all brush your teeth.”


Addison and Felicity and Cherise and Heather bounced off the bed and scurried away, out the door and down the hall, chattering and giggling. I was amazed, once again, at how natural for them our incredible erotic activities seemed to be. The girls just treated it so casually, as if it were nothing outside the norm, like a family game night or something, a typical weekend in the suburbs.

Did they know that not all moms and daughters did this sort of thing? Well, of course they had to know that, I said to myself, but did they truly understand how extremely unusual this was, how fortunate they were?

Then I started to wonder… maybe the kids handled it all so naturally, seemingly without effort, because it was natural. Perhaps this sort of affection — sensual, sexual affection between mothers and their little girls — was the way it was always meant to be. Perhaps it was society that had gone wrong, off the track, with all our stupid rules and restrictions. And if that was true, was it also possible that what we were doing was not so unusual? Oh, I don’t mean with the yoga mixed in and all that, but just the physical contact, the lust, desire, and shared arousal leading to sex between mothers and daughters, or between sisters. Maybe this actually happened a lot more than I thought I did. In fact, maybe…

Kay snapped her fingers in front of my face. “Britt, you okay? Earth to Britt.”

I shook my head, coming out of a trance. Sometimes my mind really does run away with itself.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I chuckled. “Just daydreaming, as usual.”

“Oh? About what?”

With a shrug and a smile, I said, “Y’know — lesbian incest.”


A few days later the calendar flipped over to June, the end of our time for naughty fun and games. I’d mistakenly assumed that the moms and the girls and I might be able to enjoy a couple more sexy weekends together, but it turned out there was only one.

As that Saturday drew near, my mother informed me that it would have to be our final yoga lesson (which is what she still believed we were doing), except for those on the upcoming Tuesday and Thursday after school. The moving van was coming to our house on the Saturday after that, and I needed to be there to help out with last-minute packing and everything.

I argued, but to no avail. And anyway, I did feel a little bit guilty about trying to shirk my duties at home just so I could eat some more ten-year-old pussy. Where were my priorities? (Hee-hee.)

Partly because it seemed impossible to do, but also because I was feeling so depressed by then, I didn’t attempt on that concluding weekend to top our spectacular edging session from the previous Saturday. How could I?

When I look back on it now, though, I’m sort of embarrassed that I really didn’t try very hard, that I basically just went through the motions. I suppose I can forgive myself, and besides no one complained. Plus in a way I guess we made up for it on Thursday, our very last time with each other.

But we’ll get to that in a minute.

As I mentioned before, we’d put off telling the kids that my family was moving far away, out of town, out of state, almost halfway across the country! Now, however, we really had to tell them, and we decided to do that on Tuesday.

Because it was hard for me to speak without crying, it was actually Donna who delivered the news before we began the yoga lesson. Addison didn’t seem to understand at first, but when she finally got it, when she realized that we weren’t just talking about a short break like summer vacation, but a permanent end, the little girl burst into tears — and that started the waterfall.

It wasn’t just me sniffling and choked up now, but all six of us at once, the four kids and Donna too. We fell on each other, hugging and bawling. This went on for several minutes, until we’d cried ourselves out. Then we had to blow our noses and clean up our faces so I could get back to the business of teaching the girls. 

That was a really poignant session, and in fact I think we did a whole lot more talking than yoga practice. Which was fine. I’d already taught them so much, and this was a good opportunity to get our feelings out. But when 5:00 o’clock arrived and Kay and Danielle stopped by to pick up their daughters and I got ready to head home for supper, I made a vow to myself that Thursday would be different. If I had to go, I would go out in a blaze of glory.

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Teaching the Girls, Chapter 23

  • Posted on May 3, 2019 at 1:41 pm

By Naughty Mommy

Our last matchup for this opening session of paired masturbation would be Kay and Donna. They stood in front of the group, pausing a moment before beginning to strip. I was still in the loveseat, but cuddling with Addison now. Danielle and Cherise sat in one of the chairs, Heather and Felicity in the other. Everyone was naked except the two who faced us.

Kay was in a knee-length silk dress, black with a faint silver design running through the material. On her feet were black pumps. Donna wore a short royal blue skirt and a sleeveless white blouse, unbuttoned halfway down to reveal plenty of cleavage, along with low-heeled leather sandals. Neither woman was wearing nylons. Their legs were bare and tan.

“Come on, sexy lady, let’s get these clothes off you,” said Donna to Kay with a grin. She turned her sideways and unzipped the black dress down the back, drawing it down her legs and letting Kay step out of it. Now Kay wore only the pumps, plus her black panties and black bra. Extremely hot, even if she was a thirty-something suburban mom.

Donna said what I was thinking. “Mmm, so nice, totally hot, totally fuckable.” The kids giggled.

“Thank you,” Kay smiled. She struck a provocative pose for us, one hand on her hip. Everyone clapped.

“Take off my blouse next,” said Donna, thrusting out her ample chest.

“All right.”

Kay undid the remaining buttons, which weren’t many, and Donna shrugged the blouse off, letting it drop to the floor. Her flesh-colored underwire bra was transparent. We could plainly see her nipples. As if to emphasize this point, Donna played with her boobs through the fabric, tweaking the nipples, making them grow hard. The woman looked at her daughters, Felicity and Heather, while she massaged her breasts, licking her lips.

Then she turned her back to Kay, nodding to her. Kay opened the clasp of the bra and Donna let it fall away, joining her blouse on the floor. The buxom blonde took her boobs in her hands, squeezing them together, pointing the erect nipples at her children.

“God, Mom,” breathed Heather. Felicity just stared at her mother, wide-eyed, slack-jawed.

Donna chuckled, then turned toward Kay once more, reaching behind her back to unhook the black bra and slowly pull it away. Kay’s nipples soon came into view. They were pink, not brown like Donna’s, and her plump breasts were pale while Donna’s boobs were tanned.

“Ooh, yummy,” said Donna, licking her lips again as she stepped back and tossed the bra aside. “Wish I could suck those pretty nipples.” Then she looked at me. “Except it’s not time for that now, right?”

I shook my head. “Nope. Just get naked and masturbate. And remember, don’t come.”

“I know, I know.” Donna sat on the rattan sofa and held her legs out. “Take off my sandals.”

“Yes, mistress,” Kay replied, kneeling at her feet.

This was the second time I’d heard Kay use that phrase. It made me wonder if these women sometimes would play sub/dom games with each other, though I’d never seen any of that when I was with them. But they certainly were kinky enough to do it.

Anyway, Kay removed the sandals and submissively kissed Donna’s feet, briefly sucking on the toes. Hearing a gasp from Heather, I glanced over at the girl. Her eyes were wide too now, her mouth hanging open.

There was still so much that they had to learn, all four of these kids, so much more I could teach them. It was a shame that our time together was running out. But maybe, possibly, their mothers would continue their sexual tutoring after I moved away. I hoped they would.

When Kay stood, Donna leaned over and took off the woman’s high heels, gently massaging her feet. Kay’s back was to us. Without getting up from the sofa, Donna slowly peeled the black panties down over her bottom, down her legs and off. Then she grabbed Kay’s butt and said to her, “Move your feet apart.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Now bend at the waist.”

“Yes, mistress.”

With Kay in this vulnerable position, Donna spread her cheeks wide open, fingers digging in deeply. This exposed everything to us — the puckered anus, her juicy cunt, vagina gaping. It was an incredibly obscene thing to do, especially in front of the children, and it was also intensely erotic. Next to me, Addison shivered as she stared at her mother’s asshole and pussy.

Donna held her this way for several seconds, letting everyone get a good look, then finally released Kay from her grip. She stood and told the auburn-haired woman, “Take off my skirt and panties.”

Kay nodded, but before doing so, took her own breasts in her hands, kneading them briefly and squeezing the nipples. I could see that she was extremely aroused, breathing hard, her cheeks flushed. Apparently this sort of thing, this ‘forced’ exhibitionism, really turned her on.

As Kay pulled the zipper down on the back of the tight skirt, Donna wriggled out of it. Now she wore only those light blue panties. Kay tugged them down and we saw the woman’s trimmed bush, her dark hair damp, matted with strands of pussy goo.

“Look at my panties,” Donna said to Kay. “Show everyone how wet they are.”

Kay turned the undies inside out and held them up for display, letting us all see the gleaming mess at the center.

“Lick them, bitch. Rub those dirty fucking panties all over your face,” Donna demanded.

“Yes, mistress,” replied Kay once more, though this time she couldn’t suppress a giggle. But she did as ordered, licking up the slime, then rubbing the wet fabric over her cheeks, her nose, her eyes, her lips.

This was quite a bit more than I’d expected or planned for, a diversion from the intended program, but I didn’t mind. It was educational for the girls, not to mention highly entertaining.

And at last the pair settled down onto the sofa cushions for what they were really supposed to do, masturbate without reaching climax. Of course, following such a sexy prelude, it took them almost no time — only a minute or so of rubbing — until both women were on the verge of coming, gasping and shuddering.

“That’s great,” I said to them. “Now, can you stay that way for at least ten minutes? Maybe fifteen?”

“Uh-huh,” Kay nodded. “I think so.”

“I, I’ll try,” Donna panted, “but it’s… fucking hard.”

“Yeah, I know it is, believe me,” I commiserated. “But you can do it. Everyone else did, even the little girls.”

“All right…”

They both succeeded, although Donna had to pause a few times, taking her hands away from her gooey cunt. Kay was able to rub herself continually, without stopping.

As all this was going on, Addison crawled onto my lap. I hugged her close, nuzzling her hair, and — I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself — I slid a hand between her legs and played with the child’s smooth, soft pussy.

In the chair on my right, Heather and Felicity both were masturbating while they watched their mom and Addison’s mom. And on my left, guess what: I wasn’t the only one. Cherise was sprawled on her mother’s lap, legs wide apart. The girl had a dreamy, faraway look on her face as Danielle caressed her labia with one hand, the other fondling her pointed nipples.

Was that sex? Was Danielle having sex with her daughter, committing incest? I’m sure she would have denied that, claiming it was simply part of the exercise, or affection, or yoga or some such thing. And if the self-deception made her happy, made both of them happy, who was I to complain?

At any rate, the minutes went by, though I wasn’t actually timing them or anything. But when it seemed the women had been on the edge long enough, I said, “All right, we can stop for now. Is anyone but me getting hungry?”


I was totally famished by the time we concluded that long round of dual masturbation, and it seemed everyone else was too. No wonder, because when we reached the kitchen I saw that it was almost 6:00 o’clock.

Donna told us she’d prepared homemade pizza in advance, several pies, so all she needed to do was stick them in her big double oven for about fifteen minutes. While the pizzas were baking, filling the air with their mouthwatering aroma, we snacked on raw veggies and yogurt dip, which she put out on the butcher block island. The kids drank Cokes, and Donna opened a couple of bottles of Chianti for the moms and me. We stood around naked, chatting and sipping, eating and laughing.

At one point, I told the little girls, “You know, you can do that, getting right on the edge, I mean, not only when you’re by yourself but with a partner too. If you’re licking her or fingering her, you can try to keep her right there, just short of a climax. It’s not easy to do and it takes a lot of practice, but I really hope you guys will be practicing all this stuff a lot with each other.”

They assured me they would.

The pizzas soon came out, and they were wonderful. I’d never had homemade pizza before. It was amazingly good, way better than store-bought or even delivery. Donna had made different varieties, including one she called supreme, with everything on it, and another that was vegetarian, so we all had our choice. And let me tell you, those pies didn’t last long. We gobbled them up. All that stimulation without an orgasm made us ravenous!

Cleanup was easy this time, since we’d used paper plates. Donna just put our glasses in the dishwasher along with the plate and bowl for the veggies and dip, and then she said, “Later we can have ice cream for dessert, Ben and Jerry’s, but right now — god, I really have to come! Please, Britt, please, can I?”

Everyone giggled at the woman’s impatient lust, though I’m pretty sure we all felt the same way. But I said to her, “Well, no, not quite yet. If you want to do this exercise right, we still have a couple of more stages to complete. By the end, though, I promise the payoff will be worth it.”

Danielle spoke up. “We’ll do whatever you say, Britt. You’re the teacher. You just tell us what to do and we’ll do it.”

“That’s right,” agreed Kay, and there were plenty of nods all around. This seemed to be the consensus, that the group would do as I instructed. Donna was frowning but didn’t argue any further.

I led them back into the family room, where I placed Danielle and Cherise on the rattan sofa facing one another, legs spread wide. The rest of us sat down, Kay and Addison in one of the chairs, Donna and her two girls on the loveseat, me in the remaining chair. Then, as before, the pair on the sofa masturbated, watching each other.

This was the first time that Saturday I’d matched a mom with her daughter — though it wouldn’t be the last time, naturally — and it made for interesting viewing. I noticed that Danielle smiled a lot, often licking her lips as she watched her little girl play with herself. Meanwhile, Cherise’s gaze seemed to flit back and forth between her mother’s pussy and her breasts, eying those long brown nipples, only glancing up occasionally at Danielle’s face.

Seeing them together totally turned me on, so I rubbed my clit, bringing myself quickly to the edge. And when Cherise and Danielle both were near a peak, close to reaching climax, I challenged them to stay there for as long as they could, right at that point. God, it was so exciting, so erotic. Like Donna, I was desperately eager for an orgasm but I managed to stay in control, barely, and not come.

Finally, after maybe ten minutes of exquisite torture, I told the pair it was enough and congratulated them on a job well done. Then I stood, reaching out my hand. “Heather, let’s you and me do it next, okay?”

We switched around, Danielle and her daughter taking my place in the chair while Heather and I settled onto the sofa. Now I enjoyed the pleasure of watching a luscious, ripe, twelve-year-old child sliding her fingers through her juicy slit. I spread my legs far apart, opening my cunt for her, and spoke.

“Does this make you hot, looking at me? You like pussy, don’t you, Heather?”

“Uh-huh,” she nodded, her eyes growing wide.

“You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you, a dirty girl who plays with herself all the time, a girl who loves sex, who loves pussy, and who fucks her little sister every night…”

“Yeah,” she agreed, rubbing herself faster, “I am a dirty girl. I love it, I love sex, I love pussy.”

“You’re just so bad, so dirty, fucking a ten-year-old girl, a fourth grader, your own sister…”

“Uh-huh, uh-huh!” Heather’s fingers were flying over her clit. She was panting, her cheeks flushed.

“Be careful, don’t come,” I cautioned. “You can’t come. Not yet, not till later.”

“Um, okay, all right.” She slowed down a bit, taking a deep breath.

“But you’re such a bad girl, eating your little sister, sticking your finger inside her pussy, making her come.”

“Yeah, I’m bad! So bad!”

“And it’s not only that. Not just your sister. You also want fuck your mom, don’t you? You want to lick your mother’s pussy, and —”

“Britt! Britt!!” Donna suddenly shouted.

I turned to look at the woman. She was furiously fucking herself, two fingers ramming in and out of her cunt.

“Stop!” I told her. “Stop right now. Take your hands away. It’s not time yet.”

“Oh fuck,” Donna groaned, “fuck, fuck fuck.”

But she complied, reluctantly, body gleaming with sweat and trembling all over as she laid her head back, hands resting on her thighs, large chest rising and falling.

“That’s good,” I said. “I know it’s hard, but that’s how we learn. It’s how the girls will learn and that’s what we’re here for.”

Beside Donna in the loveseat, Felicity stared, her mouth agape. She appeared to be stunned.

Was she just now getting it? Could this be the first time she’d realized how much desire her sister and her mother had for each other? And, by extension, how badly her mom wanted her too? That was possible, I supposed, although it seemed to me that by then, after all we’d done and all she’d seen, the girl should have understood.

“Are you okay?” I asked Felicity.

Quickly she nodded, grinning at me. “Yeah, it’s fun!”

I didn’t have to worry about her, evidently. She seemed fine, so I returned my attention to Heather.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it?” I said to her as I resumed rubbing myself. “You want to fuck your mom. You’re such a bad girl. You want to lick her pussy, stick your finger inside her, and you want her to lick you too. You want to come in your mother’s mouth, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do,” she whispered. “That’s what I want. I want to fuck my mom. I want to lick her pussy and have her lick mine…”

We went on that way for another several minutes, masturbating together and talking dirty, edging as we openly discussed all these forbidden incestuous longings. And we weren’t the only ones getting close. Donna was, obviously, but Felicity was playing with herself too now, as were Kay and Addison. Although Danielle and Cherise weren’t masturbating, they were kissing rather passionately, the child’s hands fondling her mother’s breasts. The room crackled with sexual energy.

When Heather and I completed the exercise, I told Kay that she and Addison were next up. They took our places on the sofa. Heather went back to her mom and her sister, and I sat in the vacant chair.

I wondered if Kay might choose to follow my lead, saying naughty things to Addison as they rubbed themselves, but that didn’t happen. She simply smiled at her daughter while Addison mostly looked down at her own hairless pink pussy, at her fingers tickling her clit.

They both reached the edge very quickly, though of course they’d been masturbating before, watching me and Heather. I let them go on for about ten minutes as I played with myself too, staying warm and juicy. In the loveseat, Donna cuddled with her daughters, while Danielle and Cherise continued kissing and fondling, plainly enjoying themselves.

There was a brief moment of alarm near the end, when Addison started huffing and puffing as Kay urged, “Yes, yes, yes!” But then the woman caught herself, saying, “No, honey, no — slow down, not yet.”

“Okay,” Addison giggled. “Sorry.”

Soon after that we turned to our last couple for this round, Donna and Felicity. They made a striking pair, two lovely blondes with blue eyes, though Donna was somewhat plump, one might even say chubby, while ten-year-old Felicity was quite slim and nearly flat-chested. Still, it was easy to see the resemblance between them, the child a younger version of her pretty mom.

And unlike Kay, Donna immediately started talking dirty, addressing Felicity. “You heard what your sister said, right, that she wants to fuck me? Did you like hearing her say that? Did it turn you on? It sure turns me on.”

“Well, yeah, I like it,” said the girl, softly.

“We can’t actually do that, of course,” Donna continued, “but we can talk about it. We can tell each other what we want. There’s nothing wrong with getting excited, with fantasizing, no matter what it is that turns you on, okay?”

“Um, okay.”

“So if you feel the same way she does, you can tell me about it, it’s fine. And if you don’t, that’s fine too.”

“Uh-huh,” Felicity nodded.

“But, god, I love your little pussy,” said her mother. “It makes me so hot looking at you. I wish I could suck on it. I want to stick my tongue inside you, baby girl, make you come in Mommy’s mouth. Would you like that?”

Felicity swallowed, then said, “Um, y-yeah, I would.”

“And I wanna sit on your face, your pretty face, rub my fucking cunt all over you, and —”

“Mom! God, Mom!” Heather cried. Sitting next to Kay and Addison in the loveseat, she was rubbing her clit very fast. Her face was flushed, shiny with sweat.

“Heather, stop!” I ordered. “Take your hand away. You can’t come yet, not yet.”

“Okay, okay,” said the girl. Shivering with lust, breathing heavily, she leaned back, looking toward the ceiling, hands massaging her thighs. This was a pose, I noticed, very like Donna’s from earlier in the day when she’d come so close to the edge, on the verge of a premature orgasm.

Then I glanced across, at the other chair, where I found that Danielle was cradling her daughter, Cherise, holding her like an oversized baby, while the child busily sucked her mother’s nipple, eyes closed in perfect satisfaction.

“Is this all right?” Danielle asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Yes, it’s fine,” I smiled. “Just make sure you don’t come.”

“Okay, I won’t,” she nodded. “We won’t.”

“Ooh, yeah, that’s a good idea. Let’s do that too,” said Kay, as she pulled her daughter Addison onto her lap and offered her nipple to the little girl, who happily latched on. 

“Tell me what you want,” I heard Donna say to Felicity. “Tell me your fantasies. I want to know what turns you on.”

The young blonde grinned. “Well, um, okay. So… I think I want to see you and Heather together, you know, doing it, having sex. I want to watch you, and then, um, and then I want you to do it with me.”

“Do what?” Donna asked. “Tell me, honey, tell me everything.”

“Well, you know, like, I want you to lick me. I want you to lick my pussy, Mom, and… and put your tongue inside me and make me come. I wanna come in your mouth.”

“Nice, so nice,” said Donna. “Go on, tell me more.”

“And then I want to… I mean, I want you to do like Heather does with me. Get on top of me and fuck me, fuck me with your pussy.”

“Mmmm,” Donna groaned, two fingers slamming in and out of her cunt. Turning to me, she demanded, “Britt, how much longer do I have to wait? This is driving me crazy!”

“I know,” I replied. “It’s driving me crazy too. And I promise it won’t be that much longer. But, um, maybe we should stop for now. I think we could all use a break. And didn’t you say something earlier about Ben & Jerry’s for dessert?”

“Uh-huh, I did,” the woman nodded, smiling.

It was past 8:00 by that time, finally getting dark outside. Licking her fingers,  tasting her own pussy, Donna got up from the sofa and pulled the curtains. Then we went to the kitchen where she served up big helpings of delicious gourmet ice cream for everyone.

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Teaching the Girls, Chapter 22

  • Posted on April 25, 2019 at 2:08 pm

By Naughty Mommy

We managed to slow down without anyone coming, then sat back and took several deep breaths, focusing on a deeply conscious awareness of our physical sensations. Everyone in our group, three suburban moms and four young girls along with myself, a teenager, was still completely dressed — and we were all extremely turned on.

“Breathe,” I instructed, mixing in some meditation with masturbation, as I often enjoyed doing. “Breathe in, breathe out, and know that you are breathing. Taste the air as it fills your lungs. Close your eyes and feel your heart beating… that’s good, and now press in just a bit on your pussy. Can you feel your pulse there too? Feel the energy?”

I’d told them they should keep a hand between their legs, but on the outside of their panties. And I hadn’t closed my own eyes, so I watched as they all pressed their fingers in. My own panties were quite damp, I could feel that, yet it was nothing compared to how wet some of the others were, especially Donna and Danielle. Both women had been fucking themselves while we did our first edging exercise and their fingers were covered with goo, their underwear soaked.

“For the next round,” I said, “I want to try doing it two by two. Except we’ll be naked this time. Let’s start with Addison and Cherise. You girls stand up and take off each other’s clothes while we watch, okay?”

The fourth-graders giggled and grinned, but got to their feet and did a little show for us, slowly stripping off shoes and socks, tops and skirts, and finally undies, until they were nude. I saw Cherise glance toward the floor to ceiling windows, looking outside. I’d made no move yet to close the curtains and she may have been a bit shy, worried that the neighbors could see in. Addison, however, didn’t seem to care about that.

“Very nice,” I nodded. “You girls are both just lovely, so beautiful. You should be proud of how you look.”

The women agreed with me, offering murmurs of approval.

Cherise was tall for her age, and slim, with a slight trace of dark hair beginning to sprout on her mound. Although the child was still mostly flat, her nipples were swollen, forming little peaks on her chest. So perfect, so tempting. I felt my pussy tingling with illicit desire for her.

Addison, by contrast, had the appearance of a little girl — which she was in fact, barely ten years old. She was the shortest of the kids and had some baby fat, giving her a smooth, softly rounded shape. Her chest was totally undeveloped, nipples just small pink discs. I was aware, however, as we all were, that even though she looked so young and innocent, Addison certainly could experience sexual arousal and reach orgasm. We’d seen that plenty of times. And she was an utterly seductive child too, with an inborn talent for flirting, as I had experienced with her right from the beginning. How very fortunate I was, I thought to myself, to have met Kay and her daughter, along with all the others. Then suddenly I realized was daydreaming, letting my thoughts run away with me while everyone waited.

I cleared my throat. “Um, Heather, why don’t you go sit with your mom, and Felicity, you can sit with me, okay? Right here, on my lap,” I suggested, patting my thighs.

The sisters got up, leaving the sofa free. Felicity came to me, blushing. I knew she had sort of a crush on me, and the feeling was mutual. I gave her a squeeze as she sat down, cuddling close. Heather went to her mother and perched on her lap. They kissed one another on the lips.

“All right, Cherise and Addison, you can start now. Sit down and face toward each other. I want you to masturbate, play with yourselves. Try to get as turned on as you can, get as close as possible to coming, but without having an orgasm. Let’s see how long you can both stay on the edge.”

I hadn’t given any guidance to the spectators, said whether or not we were allowed to masturbate. That wouldn’t have been easy to do, of course, for me or for Donna, with the kids on our laps. But for Kay and Danielle, it was no problem. And as they watched their daughters massage their little pussies, both women put their hands inside their panties, rubbing their clits.

“Just make sure you don’t come,” I quietly cautioned them.

“We won’t,” said Kay.

“We’ll stay right on the edge,” added Danielle, with a wink. “Like we’re supposed to.”

It seemed to take the young girls, Addison and Cherise, several minutes to become fully aroused. Perhaps they were nervous, being on display, as if on stage. As time went by, however, they gradually relaxed and let the feelings take over. Soon enough they were breathing quickly, cheeks growing flushed, fingers moving fast between their legs.

“Are you getting close?” I asked them.

“I think so,” said Addison.

Cherise licked her lips. “I am, for sure.”

“Okay, that’s great. Now, if you can, try to stay there for as long as you can, maybe going faster or slowing down to make sure you’re on the edge but not quite coming. Can you do that?”

Neither girl said anything but both nodded in reply as they watched each other masturbate. I wasn’t wearing a watch, so I couldn’t really time them, but I let the kids continue that way for what I thought was around ten minutes or so. Then I said, “All right, you guys, that’s great. Fantastic. You have really learned a lot. You can stop now and we’ll give someone else a chance.”

Addison took her hand away immediately and turned to face me, sporting a big grin. She was always very adaptable. Cherise, though, seemed to have a slightly harder time with it. She kept rubbing a few seconds longer, frowning as she muttered, “I really wish I could, um… get to the end.”

“I know, sweetheart,” I told her. “I understand. And I promise, you’ll be able to do that later. Just not yet.”

I patted Felicity’s leg then got up from my chair, scooting the girl off my lap, and went to Cherise, giving her a warm hug and kissing her cheek. “You did such a good job, showing the rest of us how to do it. But now you can watch while me and your mom see if we can do as well as you and Addison did.”

With this I reached out to Danielle, beckoning her to join me. When she stood, Addison trotted over to take her place on the love seat, snuggling in with her mom, while Felicity went to her mother and sister.

Cherise, still wearing a frown, sat down grumpily in the chair I had vacated. I thought it was good that the child felt such a strong need for an orgasm, even if the delay was frustrating to her. That was sort of the point of what we were doing.

Anyway, Danielle and I stood together in front of the sofa, holding hands. She was wearing a short pleated tartan skirt that day, like a schoolgirl, along with a white blouse with cap sleeves. On her feet were little white ankle socks and cute Mary Janes. She looked adorable.

I was in a skirt as well, also pleated, but mine was dark green. I liked the way the color set off my pale, lightly freckled legs. On top I wore a sleeveless pullover shirt in a green and purple pattern with a scoop neck. My black shoes were flats, and I had no socks on.

“Let me take your clothes off first, okay?” I said to Danielle. “And then you take mine off.”

“All right.”

When I began unbuttoning the woman’s blouse, I saw that she had a white bralette underneath in the same eyelet pattern as her panties. Yummy. After setting the blouse aside and removing her skirt, I stepped back for a moment to take in the sight of her beautiful slender body in those girlish undergarments. My clit throbbed as I gazed at her. Then I knelt at her feet and unbuckled her shoes, taking them off, and pulled off her socks. Next was the panties. I tugged them slowly down, admiring her completely bare, smoothly waxed pussy, the inner lips glistening with moisture.

Last came the bralette. I knew Danielle was shy about her boobs, though she had no need to be, in my opinion. But she was. As I lifted the flimsy bralette over her head and off, I said, “God, you are so hot. I just love your little titties.”

“Thanks,” she smiled.

And she was hot. Even though her breasts were small and sagged a bit, her dark brown nipples were long and firm, deliciously tempting. I licked my lips ostentatiously while staring at them, then said, “Okay, your turn.”

She took the hem of my shirt and raised it up, revealing to everyone that I wasn’t wearing a bra — though that might have been obvious anyway, considering how stiff my nipples were.

“Ooh, nice,” said Danielle, ogling my breasts.

She pulled the shirt over my head, then removed my shoes and my skirt. Finally she peeled my panties down my legs, and when I stepped out of them, we both were naked. This brought a round of applause from our audience, which surprised and pleased me, actually making me blush.

Danielle and I took our seats on the sofa, facing one another. I glanced over at Kay, who was wearing a watch, and said, “Once we both get, like, close, could you time us? Check to see that we stay on the edge for at least ten minutes?”

“Sure, no problem.”

Then we began.

Danielle, of course, had been masturbating the whole time as she watched her daughter and Addison play with themselves, so she was already primed, nice and warm and wet. It took me a few minutes to catch up with her, but pretty soon I felt that wonderful jiggly feeling inside, the nervous, breathtaking energy of an impending climax.

“Okay, I’m… I’m there,” I said in a quavering voice. “You can start timing us now… um, if, if you’re ready, Danielle.”

“Well, yeah, I am,” she nodded. “I’ve been ready a while now.”

That made me smile. Impulsively I leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the mouth, then sat back again. “I love watching you,” I told her. “It totally turns me on.”

“I know, me too,” she replied, looking down at my red bush. “You are so sexy, Britt.”


Kay timed us as we rubbed ourselves and watched each other. Danielle was very good at this. I could see that with only a slight change in the pace and intensity of her movements, she was able to remain right on the edge of the precipice, barely short of tipping over.

For me it was more difficult. I had to actually take my hand from my pussy a couple of times so as not to lose control. That would have been embarrassing if the teacher couldn’t do what she teaching. But my god, it felt so amazing. Each time I resumed rubbing my clit, the sensations were magnified. By the end, it seemed my whole body was on fire, overheated with lust, ready to explode.

“Okay, it’s been fifteen minutes,” said Kay.

“Jesus,” I gasped, trembling. “I don’t wanna stop.”

But I did. I pulled my dripping fingers away and looked at Cherise. “You’re right, honey, this is really hard.”

She grinned and nodded. “I know.”

I took a few deep breaths, wiping sweat from my forehead with the back of my wrist, then got up from the sofa. “Let’s have Heather and Felicity go next, all right? And after them, Donna and Kay.”

The sisters got up from the cushioned chair where they’d been seated side by side on their mother’s lap, their arms around her neck. When they left, Donna immediately pulled up her short skirt and spread her legs, rubbing herself through her powder blue panties, eyes bright with lust and excitement.

Felicity was in a denim mini and a pink Barbie tee, while Heather wore a cute little sundress, pure white with yellow daisies. Both girls had white sneakers on with no socks.

“We strip first, right?” Heather said to me, with a mischievous smile. “Strip each other?”

“That’s right,” I nodded, stroking my pussy in anticipation.

I was in the loveseat now, sitting beside Kay who had Addison on her lap. The little girl and I were nude, with Kay still fully clothed. It made a nice contrast. Danielle was in the other chair, Cherise snuggling on her lap, mother and daughter both naked.

Heather started with Felicity, kneeling to remove her sneakers, then undoing the denim miniskirt and sliding it down her sister’s legs. Standing, she lifted the Barbie t-shirt up and off. It was always such a thrill to see Felicity’s chest, those enticing breast buds capped with pink nipples. They made my mouth water.

Kneeling again, Heather hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of Felicity’s pink cotton undies. Slowly, very slowly, she began peeling the panties down, gradually revealing more and more of the child’s smooth, hairless mound. This was obviously a deliberate move — Heather seemed to have a sense of what turned us on, what the moms and I wanted to see, and perhaps it aroused her too, doing it like that. I rubbed my clit faster as I stared at the naked ten-year-old.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Donna hissed, “so fucking hot!”

She had her legs spread wide, both hands working inside her panties. The woman made no effort to hide her lust for daughters, even if she consistently refused to go all the way with them. Maybe someday, I kept hoping.

Now it was Felicity’s turn to strip Heather. She started with the sneakers, taking them off and setting them aside. Then, as she got to her feet, she drew her hands up the back of her sister’s pretty legs, raising the hem of the sundress until it reached Heather’s waist, letting us see her yellow and white striped undies. She couldn’t remove the dress that way, however. It would have to be unzipped first, the halter top opened.

As she reached behind Heather’s neck, Felicity glanced over at her mother. She smiled as she watched Donna masturbate, then turned back to Heather and brought their lips together, kissing her wetly.

“Goddamn, yes!” urged Donna, before asking me, “Are you sure I can’t come?”

I shook my head. “No, you can’t, not yet. And neither can I, no matter how hot this is.”

Felicity undid the halter top, then pulled the zipper and let the dress fall to the floor, all in one motion. She stepped to one side and Heather stood before us, an utterly beautiful twelve-year old wearing nothing but a tiny pair of panties, bikini panties at that.

I had to stop for a few seconds, taking my hands from my cunt, or I would have climaxed as I stared at the girl.

Then Felicity did something surprising. She sat on the sofa behind Heather and slowly began tugging her sister’s undies down. It was another enticing and forbidden show for us perverts. As the fabric slipped away, we saw a bit of hair come into view, not much, just some blonde fur around the girl’s labia.

“Oh my god,” someone grunted. It was Donna. She was slumped in the chair now, looking up at the ceiling, breathing heavily. Her hands gripped her thighs, massaging them.

“Did you come?” I asked.

She shook her head, licking her lips, then finally said, “No, not… almost… but not quite.”

“Okay, that’s good,” I told her. “Thank you for working so hard at this.”

“You’re welcome, I guess,” she grinned.

Felicity and Heather had taken their places on the sofa, facing one another, slim legs spread wide open. Without saying anything, but knowing what the plan was, they began rubbing themselves.

It was so hot watching the sisters. I never tired of seeing them together, and it seemed to turn everyone else on just as much. Looking around, I found it was not only me and Donna masturbating, but the others as well, Danielle and Cherise, Kay and Addison. For the next fifteen minutes or so, we all played with ourselves, creating a roomful of gooey, fragrant pussies, our sighs and moans filling the air. Luckily no one climaxed.

I called a halt when I saw Felicity repeatedly holding her breath with her face turning red, then letting it out in a sudden gasp. I remembered that this was her pattern and likely would soon lead to an orgasm. Since we didn’t want that, not yet, and since both girls had seemingly been on or close to the edge for several minutes already, I announced, “Okay, that’s good. Great job, you two.”

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Teaching the Girls, Chapter 21

  • Posted on April 17, 2019 at 2:24 pm

By Naughty Mommy

That was, without question, the most thrilling and rewarding period of my life, at least so far. An outwardly typical high school sophomore, I was privileged to enjoy hour after hour of spectacular, if secret, erotic fun and games nearly every weekend. How could a girl be any luckier?

If you’d seen me that spring, you might have wondered what kind of pep pills I was on, looking so happy and bubbly and full of energy all the time. It wasn’t drugs that did it for me, however, outside of a little alcohol on occasion. Nope, it was sex: hot raunchy sex with three attractive women along with incredibly exciting sex with their underage daughters, and as much of that as I could ever want. Wow! Plus there was always plenty of steamy incestuous interaction between the kids and their moms.

Even if they never quite went all the way (no matter how hard I schemed), I received huge satisfaction from seeing the mothers and daughters masturbate together, sometimes kissing and touching, bringing one another pleasure, and often reaching orgasm at the same time. So yummy to watch. 

After that first sensational group session involving all three moms and all four girls, we enjoyed repeat performances each Saturday afternoon and evening through March and into April. I continued refining and expanding the things I’d already taught the kids, giving them a comprehensive education in lesbian lovemaking.

Along the way we also celebrated two birthdays. Danielle turned thirty-one in March, and then in April, little Addison had her tenth birthday. The festive parties and decorated cakes made those sexy weekends we spent together even more enjoyable.

We had to miss out only once, at Easter when my parents took me for an overnight visit with an aunt and uncle and some cousins on my dad’s side. Other than that, we met without fail, usually at Kay’s, but a couple of times at Donna’s when her husband was out of town.

I would always spend the night, sleeping with the women. Although they stuck with their vow of not actually having sex with their daughters — while constantly skirting the line, coming very, very close — it seemed a release for them later to have their way with me. They fucked me hard in every hole, sitting on my face, tonguing, fingering, using filthy language all the while and making me come over and over again. Even with Gina, I’d never enjoyed so many wonderful orgasms, first with the little girls and then with their moms. Have I mentioned how lucky I was?


Alas… all good things must come to an end. I’d heard that saying before, plenty of times, but I never knew how strongly it would someday apply to me.

It was after dinner one Monday night late in April. As we were eating dessert, my mother and father informed me that as soon as school was done for the year, in about six weeks, we would be relocating because of my dad’s job, moving from Baltimore to Chicago. Oh no!

They were all smiles and tried to make this seem like a good thing. My dad was being transferred to company headquarters and getting a big promotion, so there’d be a lot more money for us. We would live in a larger house, have nicer clothes and everything like that. I would be able to choose whatever college I wanted to go to without settling for second or third best. We wouldn’t have to scrimp and save the way we did now.

All that would be great, and I was happy for my dad, obviously. But — would I be able to find a group of young girls there in need of yoga lessons, little girls whose moms wanted me to have sex with their kids while they watched? What were the chances of that ever happening again? Practically zero.


I broke the news to Kay and Danielle and Donna the next day following our usual after-school teaching session. The women were as devastated as I was, it appeared, probably wondering how they could ever find another yoga instructor like me!

They shed tears, and I did too, as we exchanged heartfelt hugs all around. Of course I wasn’t going anywhere yet, not for a few more weeks, but still it seemed like this was the end, knowing our idyllic weekend frolics were numbered and soon would be gone forever.

We decided not to tell the kids, at least not right away, figuring it was better to let them enjoy our remaining time together without that dark cloud hanging over everything.

One small benefit this provided me, however, in spite of the sadness I felt, or maybe because of it, was a greater sense of urgency. I was determined make the absolute most of every moment I had left with these girls and their mothers, to experience all the illicit pleasure and debauchery with them that I possibly could.

With that aim in mind, I did my best to think of new ways I might bring them even closer, upping the incest factor. I’m not sure why, but that idea turned me on more than anything else then (and it still does). Since it seemed unlikely I would ever have a daughter of my own, being a lesbian, and since I wasn’t especially attracted to my own mom — who probably wasn’t available anyway, even if I had been — I had to get my kicks vicariously, setting up dangerously dirty situations with these mothers and daughters and seeing how it would play out.


It wasn’t easy to surpass all the amazing things we’d done already, but I kept trying. My most memorable success took place on what would turn out to be our next to last Saturday together, when I had them work on an ‘edging’ exercise.

In preparation for this, I’d made a request in advance that everyone should wear skirts or dresses for this session — no shorts or slacks or jeans — along with panties, which you couldn’t always count on with the members of our group, me included. Anyway, there we were, just after 3:00 PM on a sunny day in late May, standing in the large family room at Donna’s house (her husband Trevor away again on business). Because it was so warm outside, plenty of skin was showing… very short skirts, tank tops, sleeveless dresses, all quite tantalizing.

I looked slowly around at my friends, the women and the girls, experiencing a strange combination of feelings, my lust and desire rising while at the same time I had to fight back tears. Clearing my throat, I smiled at them, and said, “So, today I thought we might do some work on masturbating, on giving ourselves sexual pleasure.”

That announcement brought smiles from them as well.

“I know we’ve done a lot of that already, and I also know you guys have been practicing on your own, haven’t you?”

Everyone nodded, with Donna adding, “Yes, of course, all the time!” Now we had plenty of giggles to go with the grins.

“That’s great,” I continued, “but there’s one thing we haven’t really worked on yet, which is edging. Does anyone know what that is?”

“Sure,” said Danielle. “It’s when you get as close as you can but then hold back just before you come. Sorta try and see how long you can make it last.”

“Exactly. And in fact this is a very good exercise to go along with the yoga training I’ve done with the girls. You know, how we focus on control and discipline, on learning to master our body and our physical sensations. We can do that with masturbation too, making it both spiritual and sensual all at once. Let’s give it a try, all right?”

No one objected, but of course I didn’t expect them to. By now I was able to suggest almost anything and they would gladly follow. The only limit I had to observe was avoiding explicit sex between the moms and daughters — though I pushed that boundary as far and as often as I could. Today I would take it even further.

“To start, let’s talk for a minute about masturbating. And why don’t we sit down and get comfortable first, with the girls on the sofa, the rest of us here.”

I’d told Donna how to arrange the room beforehand. Facing the long rattan sofa about five feet away was a matching loveseat and on either side of the loveseat were cushioned chairs, all forming a loose circle. Kay and Danielle were in the loveseat, while I sat in one of the chairs and Donna took the other. The four girls squeezed in side by side on the sofa, with Heather on one end, Felicity on the other, Cherise and Addison in the middle.

The curtains on the floor to ceiling windows were wide open, offering a view of the patio and swimming pool. Although the yard was fenced, the neighboring houses all had two stories, so it was at least conceivable that after we got naked and started playing with ourselves someone might see in and discover what we were doing. I liked the feeling of risk this added.

“Okay, so, when was your last orgasm?” I inquired once we’d settled in. “For me, it was last night, about 11:30, I think, just before I fell asleep. How about the rest of you? Let’s go around the room. Kay, do you remember when yours was?”

“Yeah, it was this morning in the shower. I had two, using that wand with the pulsating jet spraying right on my clit. It was great.”

Addison, Kay’s daughter, giggled and squirmed with excitement. Although we’d grown accustomed to frank talk about sex and body parts, the girls invariably seemed to enjoy hearing their moms discuss such intimate topics.

Danielle was next in line. “Um, it was last night for me too. In bed, while I was watching, you know, porn on my phone.”

“Lesbian porn?” I asked.

“Well, yeah, duh. That’s all I ever watch.”

Everyone laughed at that, and then Donna said, “It was this morning for me — no, wait, actually I think the last one was a little after 12:00 so it wasn’t still morning. Anyway, I’ve had three so far today. With more to come, I hope.”

“More to come, ha-ha,” Kay quipped.

“Heather, what about you?” I asked.

The pretty twelve-year-old blushed. “Um, this morning in bed. I do that, like, every morning, as soon as I wake up.”

“I do that a lot too,” I told her. “It’s a great way to start the day.”

“Yeah, it is,” said Heather. “It really is.”

“Okay, Cherise, you’re next,” I said. “Do you remember when your last orgasm was?”

“Well, um… last night. You know, in bed before I went to sleep.”

“Uh-huh. Do you that every night? Or just sometimes?”

“Almost every night. Sometimes I don’t. But almost every night.”

“And do you always come? Have an orgasm?”

“Yeah,” the ten-year-old brunette grinned. “I always do.”

“Good, very good. Okay, Addison, how about you? When was your last one?”

“Uh, this morning. After I had breakfast and when I was getting dressed, when I started thinking about what we would do today.”

“All right. So how long ago was that?”

She frowned, wrinkling her nose. “I don’t know. A while ago.”

“Okay, no problem. So, Felicity, when was your last orgasm?”

The little blonde blushed even more deeply than her sister had. “Well, it was last night… except it wasn’t from masturbating.”

“It wasn’t? Were you with Heather?” I asked.

“Uh-huh,” she nodded.

“Can you tell us about it?”

“Well, it was, you know, with her on top of me, doing that grinding thing. What’s it called…? Tripling?”

“Tribbing,” Heather corrected her.

“That’s right, tribbing,” I said, “from the word ‘tribadism’. Doesn’t matter what it’s called, though. The really important thing is that guys are doing it a lot, and that’s great.”

“Yeah, it is great,” said their mother, Donna, licking her lips.

“Anyway, so today I think we should do a little testing, explore just how good we all are at maintaining control when we masturbate. I’d like to challenge everyone, both the girls and the moms, to get as close as possible without having an orgasm, and then to stay at that level, right on the edge, for as long as you can.”

Heather slowly raised her hand, and I smiled at the girl. “Yes?”

“Why would you want to do that?” she asked. “I mean, like, aren’t orgasms good?”

“Sure, of course they are. They’re great. But orgasms aren’t the only point of having sex, whether with yourself or with others. It’s as much about the process or the journey, the pleasure of arousal, enjoying all the things you can do to make yourself feel good or your partner feel good. Plus, sometimes the anticipation of getting a thing is just as nice as when you finally get it, you know?”

She cocked her head, frowning, not appearing to understand.

“You’ve done this, haven’t you? Edging?” I said, turning to Danielle. When she nodded, I asked her, “So can you tell us what that’s like for you? Maybe you can explain it better than I can.”

“Well, yeah, I actually do it a lot. Last night that’s what I did, in fact, when I was looking at porn. I kept on the edge for like, I don’t know, twenty minutes or something. Maybe longer. I really love how it feels to have that sort of peak, to be almost there, almost there, over and over again. That feels nearly as good as when I finally let myself come. So I do it a lot,” she finished with a shrug and a smile.

“Are you willing to give it a try?” I asked Heather.

“Sure, of course,” she replied, then added with a giggle, “I’ll try anything, almost.”

I didn’t ask her what ‘almost’ might be, though I was curious. Instead, I said, “First let’s just look at each other for a minute. Girls, scoot forward on the sofa and pull up your dress or your little skirt so we can see your undies, okay?”

They did this and I heard approving murmurs and sighs from the women as they gazed at their daughters’ panty-covered crotches.

“Now, moms, you do the same,” I requested, “and I will too.”

The four of us pulled up the hems of our skirts or dresses and spread our legs. This made quite a lovely sight, a big group of girls and women flashing one another.

“Mmm, so nice,” I said. “Look at the different kinds of panties.”

The kids all wore brightly colored cotton undies, some with cartoon images. Addison’s showed Tweety Bird, for example. For me and for most of the women, the choice was satin rather than cotton: mine were purple and Kay’s were black, while Donna’s were powder blue (with a big wet spot plainly showing). Danielle was the exception among us. Her panties were white cotton, in a dainty eyelet pattern.

“Okay, so start rubbing yourselves now,” I told them, “but do it on the outside, through your panties to begin with. And while we’re doing it, let’s talk some more… uh, here’s a question. When you masturbate, how long does it usually take until you come, until you have an orgasm?”

“I’m kinda quick,” said Donna. “Two or three minutes at most. Sometimes even faster.”

“That’s good,” I grinned. “But remember, our aim today is not to come right away. Instead, let’s see how long we can go, getting close but not quite there.”

She chuckled, “All right, I’ll try. But no guarantees.”

“And how about the rest of you?” I asked. “How long does it normally take until you come?”

Kay shrugged. “About five or ten minutes, I guess. Sometimes less, sometimes more. Depends on how turned on I am.”

“I can come pretty fast if I want to,” said Danielle. “But like I said earlier, I do a lot of edging, making it last a long time, stretching it out.”

I smiled at her. “Perfect. You’ll be a good example for the girls, then.”

“I’m fast too,” said Heather. “And I do it a lot, like three or four times a day. I don’t know how long it actually takes ‘cause I never timed it, but I know it’s pretty quick.”

“How about you, Felicity?” I said. “Are you as fast as your sister?”

She shook her head. “No, it takes me longer. Usually she comes like maybe twice before I come even once — when we’re watching each other, I mean.”

“And that’s just fine,” I told the girl. “Orgasms are great, but they’re not the only goal, as I was saying before. The thing we’re working on now, with this edging exercise, is to truly feel and experience all the sensations of bodily arousal without the distraction of having a climax. Okay?”

The little blonde nodded, “Okay,” and kept rubbing herself.

“Oh jeez — shit shit shit — you really want me to stop?!” Donna was panting, fingers moving fast between her legs, face turning red.

“Yes,” I ordered. “Take your hand away now. Back off just a little bit, then start again.”

Reluctantly she obeyed. The wet spot on her panties was even larger now, shiny and gooey. “All right,” she sighed, “but… god, this is hard.”

“I know it is, and that’s the point. We’re learning the practice of discipline, of self-control.”

“Yeah,” injected Danielle, “and once you do finally let yourself go, after putting it off for a long time, the orgasm is incredible.”

“Mine are always incredible,” Donna chuckled, “no matter what.”

I rolled my eyes in exasperation. I’d thought the main difficulty might be in getting the kids to follow instructions, but here it was an adult giving me trouble. Oh well.

“How about you guys, Addison? Cherise?” I went on. “How long does it normally take you to reach climax when you masturbate?”

Cherise said, “I think it sorta takes a while, but I don’t how long exactly. Like ten or fifteen minutes, I guess. I don’t really know.”

Addison didn’t offer any reply, just shrugged and shook her head. The child evidently had no idea how long it took. For her, I gathered, masturbation was not something she gave very much thought to. She just did it automatically, like a reflex.

“All right,” I said, “let’s see if we can get everyone in the group close to coming now, just like Donna was a minute ago, but without going over the top. If you want to, if it helps, feel free to put your hand inside your panties. Just make sure you don’t come yet.”

That’s what we did for the next half hour or so. We sat and played with ourselves, sometimes gazing around the room, watching the others masturbate, and sometimes with eyes closed. It was up to each individual. I cautioned them, however, not to lose focus, to remain consciously attuned to the physical sensations they were experiencing, to truly feel how their body responded to their growing arousal.

We talked about it from time to time, doing our best to describe what we felt going on inside. That would be useful, I thought, in helping everyone stay in control. It seemed to work, though the words and phrases they chose were often quite erotic — “boiling hot” “steamy” “juicy” “dripping wet” “jumpy” “jittery” “like a volcano” “ready to explode” — and this contributed to the rising intensity of sexual excitement.

Donna, of course, had to stop and start numerous times. But I gave her credit. The woman really was trying, and she was succeeding. And she wasn’t the only one who sometimes needed to slow down. I certainly did, and it appeared that most of the others did as well.

Anyway, we did it. No one came, not quite, but by the end of this first exercise we were all right near the edge, our faces flushed, breathing fast, most of us visibly sweating.

“Are you almost there?” I asked, in a shaky voice.

“Uh-huh… uh-huh…” came various murmurs and nods.

“That’s good, that’s great. Now let’s ease off, taper down, and just relax for a few minutes before we go on to the next step.”

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Teaching the Girls, Chapter 20

  • Posted on April 9, 2019 at 2:28 pm

By Naughty Mommy

This was unbelievable, beyond my wildest imaginings. Are you kidding? Things like that just don’t happen to a person like me.

I was fairly shy, not especially popular at school, and had only a few girlfriends. When I talked with them about sex, or when they talked about it, I should say, it was always and only about boys. No one there knew I was a lesbian. I certainly hadn’t come out to anyone and I didn’t have the stereotypical look, as if that means anything.

So when Gina moved away the previous summer, I’d despaired, worrying it could be difficult for me, maybe even impossible, to ever find another sex partner as satisfying as her. For months I moped around, convinced that the best part of my life was already over. I felt utterly alone.

But then my dear mother, bless her heart, introduces me to Kay, proposing I give yoga lessons to her daughter. And now just look where I am: naked on a bed, surrounded by four nude girls — little girls, between the ages of nine and twelve — along with three naked women, the moms of the kids. I’m having delicious, forbidden sex with these underage girls while the women watch us and masturbate. Can you believe this?

What an incredible difference a few weeks can make. My mother will never know (I hope!) just how profoundly my life changed when she took me that day early in January to meet Kay and Addison. Obviously she could see how much happier I’d become but she assumed that was simply because I enjoyed teaching yoga.

Which I did, of course, though not nearly as much as I relished eating the sweet pussies of these lovely young girls, or having them eat mine, or fucking them, tribbing with them, as I’d just finished doing with Heather.

“Can I do it next?” said Addison. “Try it, I mean, with Cherise?”

Well, sure, why not?

I’d suggested before that she might do that — and I’d also told Heather I wanted to see her and Felicity together, the pretty blonde sisters fucking. But was Heather ready for that yet? Had she recovered sufficiently after climaxing a couple of times while I tribbed with her?

Apparently she had. Because when I told Addison to go ahead, Heather reached out and grabbed Felicity’s hand. Soon all four girls were arranged on the bed, Addison on top of Cherise, Heather atop her little sister.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” exclaimed Donna.

The woman was masturbating again, two fingers sliding rapidly in and out of her cunt, slapping against her vulva. I was surprised she could keep doing that over and over so many times without getting sore. Or perhaps she was sore, I realized, but just couldn’t keep from playing with herself as she watched her daughters have sex.

The other moms, Danielle and Kay, crawled onto the bed and began giving advice to their girls, Cherise and Addison, helping them learn to do what the women had demonstrated so memorably for them earlier in the evening.

As for me, I wasn’t quite ready yet for another orgasm at that point and was content to be a spectator, observing all the erotic activities. There certainly was a lot to see!

It turned out that neither Addison nor Cherise reached climax then, after trying for twenty minutes or so, which was fine. They would have plenty of opportunities for practice with one another, or with the other girls, in the months and years to come. Maybe even with their moms, who knows? Anyway, I was certain the pair would get the hang of it, probably sooner rather than later.

Heather, however, showed herself to be an excellent student. She seemed so skilled, in fact, at rubbing herself on Felicity and bringing them both to a high level of arousal that I wondered if they might have done this before. I knew the sisters did a lot of kissing at night in bed with each other. They’d told us about that. And often, it seems, when girls kiss that way, it’s only natural for them to begin pressing other parts of their bodies together. So, perhaps?

Well, guess what — thinking about these pretty girls kissing and possibly tribbing in bed at night, and now seeing them do it right in front of me as well as in front of their mother — it all turned me on so much that now I definitely was masturbating, fondling my clit, and getting very close!

And I wasn’t the only one. Donna was on the edge, no doubt about that. She panted and moaned, talking dirty to her daughters, her face beaded with sweat. I could see her body jerk occasionally as if she was barely able to hold back her orgasm, trying to time it with the girls if she could.

Luckily she didn’t have to wait long, and neither did I.

Felicity was first. We saw the ten-year-old’s body grow rigid, her eyes squeezed shut, face turning red. She appeared to be holding her breath — then suddenly released it in an explosive gasp, which became a shriek as the child went soaring over the top.

At almost the same time, Heather climaxed, the girl coming on her little sister, pussy to pussy.

Seeing this, Donna finally let go, crying out in ecstasy. And then I came too, sharing their spectacular moment of illicit mother-daughter pleasure.


There was to be no more tribbing for us that night, or at least not during the official ‘teaching’ portion of the program. Later on, after we’d put the kids to bed, I got myself fucked several times by the women, which was quite nice. And it’s likely, I suspect, that the girls did some more of that with one another prior to falling asleep. I certainly hope they did.

Before any of that took place, however, Donna wanted to have dessert. She got up from the bed and went to a large oak armoire near the door to one of the bathrooms. Opening the armoire and standing on her tiptoes to reach the top shelf, she took down a glittery red box which she brought over to us, her blue eyes twinkling.

“Sweets for the sweet, okay?” the woman said with a gleeful smile, looking every bit the high school cheerleader.

The big box of chocolates was passed around to everyone, with the moms and I sampling two or three treats apiece and their daughters many more than two or three, especially Addison. That kid loved to eat, yet somehow she wasn’t overweight, just with a pleasing portion of baby fat, making her small body smooth and touchable.

After licking melted chocolate from her fingers, Kay said, “All right, well, what comes next on the curriculum, Britt? Or maybe I should ask, who comes next?”

I laughed at her remark, as did the others, and checked the clock radio beside the bed. It was 8:27.

“There was one more thing I thought we might do tonight,” I began, then addressed the kids, “that is, unless you guys are getting too tired. We could stop now and maybe continue tomorrow or something.”

But the verdict was unanimous. None of the girls were tired yet, and all wanted to go on, learning more. That was fine with me!

So I said to Heather and Felicity, who were seated side by side, their bare thighs touching, “I know you two sometimes will kiss each other at night when you’re in bed. To get some practice, right?”

They both nodded. “Uh-huh.”

“Well, when you’re doing that,” I asked the older girl, “do you ever, you know, rub yourself on Felicity, the way I was teaching you to do just now?”

“Yeah, kind of,” she grinned. “Only it’s, like, um, not exactly how you showed us.”

“That’s all right. However you do it is fine. But my real question is this: when you’re rubbing against your sister that way, have you ever had an orgasm with her? Before tonight, I mean?”

Heather blushed deeply. But then she admitted, “Yeah, I guess I have. Sometimes.”

“A lot,” Felicity said, giggling. “She always does, every night. Usually more than one.”

“Wow,” breathed their mother, Donna, standing close behind me.

“That’s great, I’m glad,” I smiled. “Thank you for telling us. And how about you, Felicity? Do you ever come when Heather kisses you, rubbing her body on you that way?”

After a moment’s hesitation, she nodded. “Yeah… maybe not as much as her. But I do. I mean, I have, lots of times.”

“That’s good to hear,” I said. “It’s very important for young girls to have as many orgasms as they can. You’re learning about your bodies that way, what turns you on and gets you excited, and also what might get your partners excited when you make love with them.”

I asked the women, “Don’t you all agree?”

“Absolutely,” said Kay.

Donna and Danielle voiced their approval as well, with Donna adding, “Orgasms are definitely good, the more the better.”

Turning back to the blonde sisters, I said, “And how about oral sex? Have you two done any of that yet? Pussy licking?”

Heather shook her head. “Nooo…”

“I have!” Addison piped up. “Me and Cherise do that!”

“Yes, I know.” I smiled at the child. “That’s because I already taught you about it. But now I’d like to give that lesson to our newer students.”

“Yummy,” sighed Donna, “can’t wait.”

“I’ll, uh, start with Heather first. And Felicity, I want you to watch everything I do with her. Watch very closely, okay, and you’ll be learning to do it yourself.”

After getting Heather settled in, propped up on pillows against the headboard so she could observe what I was doing, I lay prone between the girl’s outstretched legs with Felicity beside me. The other kids were nearby, leaning in to see, their mothers just behind them.

This might have been a trifle embarrassing for Heather, being the object of so much attention, but I trusted that I could get her to relax soon enough. And anyway, she didn’t appear overly nervous, smiling brightly down at me, eyes wide, cheeks flushed appealingly.

“Are you ready?” I asked her.

“Uh-huh,” she nodded.

I turned to Felicity. On impulse, I gave the girl a kiss on the lips. Then I said, “As with a lot of the other stuff we’ve done, it’s best if you start slowly at first. In fact, before you even begin kissing or licking or anything like that, simply look closely at your partner for a minute, studying her, absorbing what you see. Each girl or woman will be different. They won’t all look the same. So take enough time to really see everything, to know her completely before you begin, all right?”

That’s what Felicity was doing. The little blonde’s gaze was fastened on her sister’s pussy, so much that she almost seemed entranced by it. And this certainly was a captivating sight.

Heather’s dark pink labia were slightly parted and shiny with lubrication. We could see a drop of creamy liquid emerging from within her, poised on the lip of her vagina. It was breathtaking. Mouthwatering.

Speaking for myself, I don’t believe there is anything more beautiful in all the world than the pussy of a young girl, a child on the cusp of puberty — especially when she is sexually excited, as Heather so obviously was.

Felicity let out a soft moan and licked her lips, which gave me an inspiration.

My original plan had been to perform cunnilingus on Heather myself, with the younger girl observing. But I decided to make a change. We would both do it.

“Take a long, deep breath,” I said to her. “Inhale… slowly exhale… now close your eyes, inhale once more, and taste the smell…”

Felicity licked her lips again, swallowing this time.

“That’s right. That’s good, very good… okay, you can open your eyes, and bring your face close to her now, as close as you can get without touching.”

She and I did this together, side by side, our mouths and noses coming very close to Heather’s juicy pussy.

“Jesus,” I heard from somewhere behind me. Donna’s voice.

“Let’s blow on it,” I said quietly, “with our warm, soft breath. Very, very gently… good, and now again…”

Heather groaned and shuddered. We saw her labia enlarge a bit more, while opening wider for us. And all this without even touching. Thank you, Gina, for teaching me.

“Can you see her clit?” I asked Felicity.

She pointed. “Um, is that it there?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

The swollen bud was plainly visible, poking out from its hood.

“Now, sweetie, put your tongue, the very tip of your tongue, on the end of your sister’s clit. Uh-huh, right there. And just, like, flick your tongue over the end of it a couple times.”

“Oh! God!” Heather cried as her body jerked. The juice oozing from her vagina was more than a single drop now. It was almost a stream of milky goo.

“Let me do it too,” I said to Felicity. “Just for a second.”

With my eyes locked on Heather’s, I placed my tongue on her and flicked it up and down a few times, then back and forth.

“Jee…zus…” Heather groaned. Her teeth were clenched, face growing red, her hands balled up in fists clutching the sheets.

“Fuck, that is so hot,” said Donna. I didn’t look back at her, but wondered if the woman was masturbating. Probably she was.

To Felicity I said, “I’m gonna flatten my tongue and lay it over her clit, then sort of slide around a bit. You watch me, and then you’ll do it.”

It is such an unbelievable experience to gaze into a young girl’s eyes while at the same instant you feel her erect clitoris pressing against your tongue. Lucky me, able to do that so many times!

When I finished, Heather was panting heavily. She hadn’t come yet, I didn’t think, but seemed to be getting close.

“All right, you try it,” I told Felicity.

She did, with everyone watching. Except they were not only watching. I took a look around and discovered that all three moms and both little girls, Cherise and Addison, were masturbating, rubbing themselves. Very nice to see.

But back to my job.

“Okay, now we’re going to add a finger, inside her.”

Felicity grinned. “Really?”

“Uh-huh. You’ve done that yourself before, haven’t you? Put your finger inside your pussy?”

“Um, yeah,” she nodded, blushing.

“And have you ever done that with Heather? Put a finger in your sister’s pussy?”

“No, never.”

“Well, now you will.” Then I quickly added, “But if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.”

“No, I do want to.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” said Donna.

“Okay, you watch me first,” I told the girl, “and then you’ll do it.”

I’d already had my finger inside Heather once that day, earlier in the afternoon when we were doing the shared masturbation exercise. That had felt delicious, and I was very much looking forward to repeating it. But I also needed to give Felicity some instruction.

As I placed my fingertip at the entrance to Heather’s gooey vagina, then began slowly slipping it inside, I said, “Depending on how old the girl is, and maybe how much experience she has, you might not be able to push in very far. That’s okay, don’t try to force it, just slide your finger gently in and out. Sometimes it can feel best if you sort of go in circles right around the inside of her opening, like this.”

“Ungh…god…” Heather gurgled, her voice choked with arousal.

“With an older girl, a teenager like me,” I continued, “or with a grown woman, like your mom, you should be able to get your finger all the way inside, really deep. Maybe even two fingers, or three. But let’s see you try just one for now, with your sister.”

“Okay.” Felicity licked her lips, and began easing the tip of her finger into Heather’s cunt, up to the first knuckle.

Behind us, we heard a sudden explosive grunt. Donna was coming as she watched us.

Felicity giggled, then said, “I think I can get it in pretty far.” She was up to the second knuckle.

“Slide in and out a little bit,” I told her. “Make sure your finger is nice and slippery.”


“God, yeah, fuck me,” urged Heather. “It feels so good.”

“Now, while you’re doing that, let’s both lick her together.”

As we brought our mouths to the girl’s clit and began licking, I could hear the sounds of more climaxes taking place around us, though I couldn’t tell for sure who it was. Maybe everyone?

A few moments later, Heather came. It didn’t take long at all. She’d been on the edge for quite a while, I think. And now, with her sister’s finger pressing inside her cunt and with two warm tongues bathing her clit, she burst into a tremendous orgasm, screaming and flailing about.


After giving Heather a short time to recover, I had the girls change position. Felicity was leaning back against the headboard, her legs spread wide apart as Heather and I gazed at her smooth, hairless pussy. I went through my standard routine, teaching Heather what I’d taught Cherise and Addison about a month before and her sister a few minutes earlier.

“Take a long, deep breath… inhale, slowly exhale… good, now close your eyes, inhale again, and taste the smell…”

If anything, Felicity’s reactions to what we did with her were even more dramatic and expressive than Heather’s. Though she was only ten and a half years old, the child seemed highly responsive, her body instinctively attuned to receiving and enjoying physical pleasure. She had a very happy sex life ahead of her, I thought, and was off to an early start!

When we were still just examining her pussy, before we’d ever touched the girl or started gently blowing on her vulva, Felicity was moaning, panting with excitement, her face growing flushed, limbs trembling. Everyone could easily see how wet she was, her tiny pink vagina gleaming with moisture.

“Goddamn, look at that!” I heard Donna say somewhere behind me.

I told Heather to place her tongue on the tip of her sister’s clit, then flick up and down a few times. And, wow, the instant she began doing that, Felicity came! I could hardly believe how fast she climaxed, but I swear that’s what happened. The girl gasped and shook, crying out — “Oh! Oh!! Ohh!!!” — her little butt bouncing on the bed.

We paused briefly, taking in this wonderful spectacle, though of course we didn’t stop for very long. Heather and I took turns licking her, bringing Felicity to two more orgasms, and still we weren’t done. It was time to put our fingers inside her.

When I announced that this was next on the agenda, Donna said, “Yes, yes, fuck my baby girl, I so want to see that!”

Would we be able to make Felicity come yet again, a fourth time? I had my doubts about that. Most likely she was spent. But I had an important job to do, teaching Heather. It was vital that she know how to properly finger-fuck a pussy, something every young girl should learn.

I gave her the same instructions I’d given Felicity, while also showing her what to do.

Tenderly I pushed my finger in, bit by bit, moving it around, hearing the child groan. She was very tight and very hot inside, not to mention extremely wet — and, oh my god, this got me so turned on! It took all my willpower to keep from suddenly shoving my mouth over her pussy, licking and sucking, but I managed to stay in control of myself, barely.

Felicity didn’t come when I fucked her, at least not doing it like that. But as I slowly drew my finger out, then brought it to my mouth, tasting her nectar, another idea dawned on me, a lovely one.

First I let Heather do it, sliding her finger inside, fucking her little sister. Although Felicity didn’t reach climax, both girls seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. I was quite sure they would be practicing this with each other a whole lot in the future, as all sisters should, right?

Then, instead of combining fingering with licking as I’d done when teaching Felicity, I added something new.

“You know what?” I said to Heather. “You can also fuck her another way, not using your finger, but your tongue.”

“Oh, Jesus!” Donna exclaimed.

Heather frowned. “I, um… what do you mean?”

“You can fuck a woman or a girl with your tongue,” I told her. “It’s so amazing to do. It feels great for her and it tastes delicious too. You have to try it, okay?”

“Well, uh, okay.”

“Just put your mouth over her, your whole mouth, and push your tongue up inside her. Go ahead and try, sweetie… that’s right… good. Make your tongue stiff, and shove it all the way in, as far as you can, moving in and out, in and out.”

Heather worked at this for maybe a minute while I watched her and played with myself, rubbing my clit. She didn’t get very much reaction, though. I think it probably was just too new for both kids.

Finally, sorry to say, I lost patience. I simply couldn’t resist any longer. I had to eat Felicity, had to have her little girl pussy.

“Lemme do it,” I said brusquely, elbowing Heather aside. Wrapping my arms around the child’s thin legs, I clamped my mouth over her vagina, sliding my tongue deep inside.

Whether it was because I had more experience and was better at this or perhaps because Heather had already warmed her up for me, I don’t know, but soon I felt Felicity beginning to respond, arching her pelvis to shove her juicy cunt in my face.

We found the perfect rhythm, working together and truly fucking, tongue in pussy. The blonde was huffing and puffing, moving faster and faster — until suddenly she squealed, and I tasted a spurt of honey in my mouth, then another, and another, and another. Mmm, it was heavenly.


That was it. Felicity had nothing left.

After I brought her to that huge climax, tongue-fucking her, she’d practically passed out. Donna gently took the limp child in her arms and carried her across the hall to her bedroom, where she began to set her down. Except then her sister asked if all the girls could sleep in her room that night, like a slumber party.

Heather had a double bed, it turned out, and although it was a tight fit, the four kids managed to squeeze in there together. I didn’t think they would mind sleeping so close, side by side, and anyway it likely would be a while before they actually fell asleep. Felicity had rallied, and the girls all seemed eager to try out some of their new skills with each other. The moms and I gave them hugs and kisses, said goodnight, then left the room, closing the door behind us.

We walked back to Donna’s bedroom — or maybe I should say we rushed back. After watching all that hot sex and not participating much for the last few hours other than playing with themselves, the women were extremely horny and ready for fun. Danielle took my hand, Kay grabbed an arm, Donna pushed from behind, and soon we were naked in bed, laughing and rolling around on each other, kissing, licking, and randomly groping.

It went on that way for an hour or so, a general orgy of rampant lesbian lovemaking, with plenty of fingering, pussy licking, tit sucking, and some tribbing mixed in too. I didn’t attempt to keep track, but I know I came a couple of times and everyone else at least once if not more than that.

Eventually we needed a break, just to catch our breath and cool down a bit. Plus Donna had another surprise for us. She went to a large cabinet on the far wall and opened both doors. It was a wet bar, right in their bedroom, with a miniature refrigerator and everything. Their house had everything!

Opening the fridge, she took out a bottle of champagne. “Who’s up for a little bubbly?”

I’d only drunk champagne once before, on the previous New Year’s Eve when my parents let me have half a glass with them. I wasn’t exactly crazy about it, but it was pleasant enough drinking it now with the ladies.

Then I discovered something. One glass of the stuff made me feel good, but two glasses sent me into outer space! I felt as if I was out of my body, floating around the room, and even more, I was super turned on, needing to come like mad and wanting to make everyone else come too, whether on my face or just anywhere — come all over me, please!

The feeling seemed to be mutual and the second part of our orgy quickly got underway.

There was not as much laughter or game-playing this time, more focus on giving and receiving pleasure. I certainly got my share of pussy, with all three women shoving their cunts in my mouth again and again, while pushing their fingers inside me wherever they could. How long were we at it? I have no idea. Time stood still… or maybe time didn’t exist at all… it felt so weird, like a dream, but the sexiest, wettest dream I’d ever had. Absolutely wonderful.


At some point later on, I woke up, through I couldn’t remember falling asleep. The moms were awake, sitting up around me and chatting.

“Hi, uh…” I rubbed my eyes. They felt gritty. “Did you guys sleep too? Or just me?”

Kay smiled. “Only you, sweetheart.”

“Umm, what time is it?” I asked.

“It’s almost two.”

“In the morning or afternoon?”

Everyone laughed.

“Two in the morning, silly,” said Kay, as she leaned down to kiss my cheek.


“We were just talking about how great this is,” Donna told me, “the things you’ve been doing with us and with the girls. Of course it’s kind of risky, but we all trust each other, and we trust you, and definitely it’s worth it.”

“Totally worth it,” said Danielle.

Kay nodded. “Totally.”

I sat up. “That’s good, I’m glad. It’s been great for me too. Really, really great. But, you know, I do have sort of a question.”

No one said anything in reply. Apparently they were waiting for me to continue. So I did.

“Well, I mean, I’ve asked you before why you guys don’t want to do anything with your kids. Or at least, you’re not actually gonna have sex with them, right?”

“That’s right,” said Kay.

“Okay, but, um, some of the stuff we’ve done, if you think about it… like this afternoon, for example, when you were rubbing their pussies and they were rubbing yours, and you made each other come. You and your daughters made each other come. Isn’t that the same thing as having sex?”

Kay shook her head. “No, that wasn’t sex. It was yoga. We were meditating together with you leading us, remember? It was more of a spiritual thing, you might say.”

“That’s right, it was spiritual. It wasn’t sex,” agreed Donna, with a hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth. “We wouldn’t do anything like that with our girls.”

“But that’s what I don’t understand,” I persisted. “Why wouldn’t you? You’ve done just about everything else with them, so why not go all the way?”

“I’ve told you before, Britt, you’re not going to convince us,” said Kay. “We’ve made our decision and it’s final. We’re not going to do it.”

“All right,” I shrugged, letting out a sigh. “But you can’t blame me for trying. I would just love to see that. Mother-daughter sex makes me so hot.”

“Me too,” Donna grinned.

She was seated cross-legged, massaging her clit with one hand while holding a tit in the other, squeezing the nipple.

I looked at her breasts, licking my lips.

“You want to suck Mommy’s nipple, baby girl?” she cooed.

Then we were into our third round, though this one didn’t last quite as long. Another half hour or so of tangy, juicy sex until finally we turned out the lights and went to sleep.

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Teaching the Girls, Chapter 19

  • Posted on April 1, 2019 at 2:26 pm

By Naughty Mommy

As I slowly regained my senses and looked around, I saw by the clock radio next to the bed that it was ten minutes before 5:00 on that Saturday afternoon.

I also saw faces turned toward me, sweaty faces, many wearing hooded expressions and with glazed eyes, evidence that they too were recovering from orgasms, as I was. And all seemed to be awaiting my instruction. I had a roomful — a bed full — of naked women and girls, mothers and daughters, ready for anything I might suggest.

We still had more one round to go in our session of shared meditation and masturbation. That was next on my agenda. Following that, it probably would be time for dinner. And then later on in the evening… well, we had plenty of fun ahead of us.

But first things first.

“Okay, shall we try doing this exercise again, just once more? Let’s put Addison and Cherise with your moms this time, and Felicity with your mother, and I’ll be with Heather. All right?”

No one voiced any objections. Hurray!

I led them through the steps but didn’t have to say very much, since by now the sequence was so familiar: look closely, breathe deeply, close your eyes, feel the oneness, begin gently touching…

It was a pleasure caressing Heather’s smooth young body and I loved fucking her with my finger as I’d done with her little sister not long before. Although I didn’t have an orgasm myself (close, but not quite), I’m pretty sure I was the only one who didn’t. Heather certainly did, and I thought I could hear everyone else go over the top as well.

I kept my eyes closed and didn’t take a peek, but tried hard to listen. And, wow, it was electrifying to hear all those sounds — three moms and their little girls climaxing, women rubbing their daughter’s pussies and the girls returning the favor, making each other come — an unforgettable erotic experience.

Then, once everyone was finished and had a few minutes to rest up, we headed downstairs to eat.

Donna had prepared the filling for sloppy joes earlier in the day, so all she had to do was reheat it on the stove. She took a tub of coleslaw from the fridge and also cooked a big batch of french fries in an air fryer. With everything ready we sat down, naked as was our custom, to enjoy a delicious meal.

The food was terrific, a relaxed homestyle supper, and the conversation was great, filled with jokes and laughter. But then something took place which hadn’t happened before.

As Donna was eating her second sloppy joe, licking some of the spilled sauce from her fingers, I noticed she was breathing fast and had an odd look, sort of a half frown. Plus I realized I could see only one of her hands. Where was the other?

Aha! It was between her legs. She was masturbating at the dinner table.

“Mom?” Heather had noticed it too. “Are you…?”

“Uh-huh,” the woman nodded, her face growing red. “I’m gonna, I’m gonna — UNHH!!”

That was certainly different. And guess what, it was contagious!

“Damn, that is so hot,” sighed Kay, as she watched Donna climax. Suddenly she shoved her chair back from the table and began rubbing her clit, then said to her daughter, who was seated next to her, “Addison, baby, will you do it for Mommy?”


And pretty soon we all were doing it. Mothers, daughters, and me too, rubbed ourselves while gazing around at one another. This wasn’t on the curriculum, wasn’t part of my teaching agenda, but I didn’t mind a bit. Nothing goes better with sloppy joes than pussy juice, right?

Over the next fifteen or twenty minutes, everybody came at least once. I think Donna might’ve had three or even four orgasms. She was really turned on. But we all had our share.

Finally, when things started calming down, Kay said, “So, Britt, did you have more stuff you were planning to teach the girls tonight?”

“Yeah,” added Donna with a wry smile, “I’m sorry that I sorta, y’know, got us off track a little bit.”

“That’s fine,” I told her, “it’s not a problem. But, um, to answer the question, yes, there are a couple of new things I’d like to focus on. If the kids want to do more, that is.”

Heather responded instantly — “I do!” — and the other girls chimed in with her, equally enthusiastic. So, after quickly clearing the table and stacking the dirty dishes in the sink, we trooped back up the stairs to the big bedroom.

“Now, um, last Saturday after dinner,” I began as we gathered inside the door, “we did a lot of work on kissing. Part of the time when we were doing that it was on the bed with one person on top of another, right? Remember that?”

Everyone nodded. Obviously they recalled this, but I wanted them to have the picture clearly in their minds.

I turned to Kay. “You asked me then, when Donna was kissing Heather, if you could do the same thing with your daughter when they were done. We didn’t have time for it last week, but would you like to try that now?”

“She already did — she already does!” Addison exclaimed. “Me and Mom kiss that way every night. She gets in my bed with me and kisses me and stuff. It’s nice.”

I was surprised. “Oh, wow… you do?”

“Yes, well,” Kay chuckled, “I figured it might be a good idea.” Then she added with a wink, “You know, just for practice.” 

“It definitely is a good idea,” I agreed. “The more practice all these girls can get, the better.”

I asked Danielle, “Have you been doing the same thing with Cherise?”

“Um, no,” said the woman, blushing. “I, uh, we haven’t. But I guess we could, or should.”

“Would you like to do that with your mom?” I asked the child.

Cherise didn’t say anything in reply, but smiled and nodded eagerly.

“How about you two?” I said to Heather and Felicity. “Have you guys been doing more practice kissing with each other?”

“Yeah, we have,” Heather grinned. “A lot, almost every night.”

With this news, Donna licked her lips as she gazed at her daughters. One hand went to her chest, fondling her breasts and nipples, the other between her legs to massage her pussy.

“All right, so, anyway,” I continued, “we’re going to do something similar now to what we did last week, except the emphasis will not be on kissing — or at least not on your lips and mouths meeting, but on another part of your body. I want to teach you about a pussy to pussy kiss, okay? This is sometimes called ‘tribbing’. Raise your hand if you’ve heard that word before.”

A few hands went up, but only from the grownups. Apparently none of the kids knew the word. It would be my pleasure to show them what it meant.

“Can we, like, demonstrate maybe?” said Danielle. “Kay and I?”

Again I was surprised. “Uh… what?”

“You naughty girl,” said Kay, slapping Danielle’s arm playfully. “Do you really want to do that?”

“Yeah, I do,” nodded the tall brunette. “If we can help them learn, we should. That’s what we’re here for.”

Thus, as it turned out, it wasn’t me showing the girls what tribbing meant, at least not initially, but two of the moms instead.

When I didn’t object to this proposal (and why would I?), the women strode hand in hand to the bed. After pulling back the spread, the slightly younger and much slimmer of the pair, Danielle, lay on her back with one knee raised, her long legs open wide. Kay carefully mounted her, in a scissors position, pressing their labia together.

“Oh my god,” said Heather, as everyone moved in closer to watch. “Are they really gonna do it?”

“It looks like they are,” I replied. Then to Kay and Danielle, I said, “It might help, I think, if you can explain to the girls what you’re doing, okay? Tell them how it works.”

Kay nodded. “Well, I’m not a teacher, but I guess I’ll try.”

She began gently rocking, slowly easing back and forth on top of Danielle, and told us, “It’s, uh, like Britt said before, it’s sort of like kissing… except that it’s not really kissing… more of just rubbing… you know, pussy on… uh… pussy on… pussy… and… and…”

As her movements increased in speed, Kay’s description trailed off. Evidently it was hard for her to speak coherently while she was so focused on the feelings being generated, the intense physical sensations.

For the next two or three minutes, we simply stood and observed. The room was quiet except for panting and occasional moans from the bed, along with that delicious squishy sound of wet pussies sliding together.

Then we heard a voice, but it wasn’t Kay’s.

“Fuck me,” urged Danielle. She was staring at the woman above her, looking straight into her eyes. “Fuck me, Mommy!”

I glanced at Addison. Her eyes were very wide, her mouth hanging open as she watched her mother have sex with her friend’s mom.

“Fuck me, Mommy!” Danielle repeated. “Fuck my little pussy, Mommy, and make me come!”

Could Addison understand what this meant? Did she, or any of the girls, know about role-playing? Did they realize the implications for them? Maybe so, but more likely not.

“Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh,” growled Donna.

None of the kids were masturbating, I saw, but it looked like Donna was almost on the verge of coming. The full-figured oversexed blonde had both hands working fast between her legs. She was fucking herself and rubbing her clit. Her face was flushed and shiny with sweat. “Fuck your little girl, fuck your little girl,” she hissed.

It was plain that Donna knew exactly what was going on. She’d probably acted out this fantasy scenario many times with her lovers, horny women pretending to fuck their daughters.

Now Kay spoke again, her voice husky, choked with arousal. “You want me to fuck you? Want me to come on you? Want Mommy to come on your little pussy?”

“Uh-huh!” cried Danielle. “Fuck me, Mommy!”

Heather was next to me. Taking my hand and squeezing tightly, she said, “Oh my god, I don’t believe this.”

“Mommy’s gonna… Mommy’s gonna… OHHH, FUCK!” Kay groaned, her body jerking as she came on top of Danielle. Seconds later we heard Donna gasping and grunting, and at nearly the same time Danielle exploded into orgasm.

With their daughters watching — a nine-year-old, two ten-year-olds, and a twelve-year-old — all three of the moms reached climax.

Although this wasn’t quite the way I’d planned for our lesson on tribbing to proceed, I wasn’t about to complain. It certainly was educational for the kids, not to mention extremely exciting for everyone there.

As her orgasm came to an end, Kay slid off Danielle and collapsed on her back, breathing heavily. Her legs were spread apart, facing toward us. It was easy to see how wet she was, her pussy gleaming with moisture.

But that was nothing compared to Danielle. Wow! The younger woman’s shaved vulva was covered with goo. Some of it, a lot of it, had dripped down over her ass and onto the bed, staining the sheets. My goodness, what a lovely, sexy mess she’d made.

After maybe half a minute, Kay slowly sat up and then got to her feet, still panting but mostly recovered.

“Sorry I couldn’t teach all that much,” she said, grinning sheepishly. “I just got too carried away.”

“No, it’s fine,” I told her. “I think everyone enjoyed it. I know I did.”

“Yeah, and I sure did,” Donna laughed. “You made me come really hard.”

“Good, I’m glad,” said Kay.

Danielle pushed herself to a sitting position, shaking her head as if to clear it. She looked down for a moment at the sticky puddle between her legs, then chuckled and said, “So what’s next, Britt? I’m sure you can do a better job of actually teaching than we did.”

“Um, well, yeah, I would like to try doing it myself with one of the kids, or maybe more than one, letting them experience it and learning how it’s done.”

“Me first!” said Addison.

“No, me!” said Heather.

It’s not always an easy job being an instructor. There are so many difficult choices that one must make — such as which underage girl to fuck first!

“Let’s start with Addison, since she’s the youngest. Heather, you’ll be next. And then after we do that, maybe you guys can try it on the others, okay?”

With this plan accepted, Addison vaulted onto the bed, landing on her knees and turning to face us. “What should I do? Should I lay down?” she asked breathlessly.

“Yes,” I told the child, “start out that way, on your back with one knee raised, like you saw, uh, Cherise’s mom a minute ago.”

As I was climbing onto Addison, I said to the other kids, “There are many different ways of doing this, of tribbing. I’ll show you some of them and tell you about some others. But the best thing to do is find a partner and experiment. Try using various positions and just see what works best for you and for her.”

After placing my cunt, topped with a red bush, firmly on top of the little girl’s hairless mound, I began to gently move on her as I continued teaching. “The most important thing, though, no matter which way you try it, is to go slowly at first. You have to take time to get each other warmed up, let your pussies get nice and juicy so they mesh together smoothly.”

I’d learned all about tribbing from Gina, of course, as I’d learned everything else. During our four years together, starting when I was eleven and until I was fifteen, we usually had sex at least two or three times a week, after my yoga lesson was over. The woman fucked me in just about every way you can possibly imagine, in every opening, using her fingers, her tongue, or tribbing.

It was truly a wonderful education for a young girl. I was very lucky. And the best thing is that she really taught me what she was doing every step of the way. I can only hope I live up to her example.

When I felt myself becoming wetter, the juices beginning to flow, I lifted Addison’s leg, hugging it against my chest. I moved faster on her now and I could see the effect this was having. She was panting, her eyes half closed, face growing flushed.

“It’s nice doing it this way,” I explained to my students, “with your partner’s leg up high. You can get your pussies really close, almost like they’re kissing.”

“Oh my god, fuck her — fuck my little girl!”

That was Kay, giving encouragement. I glanced over and saw that she was masturbating, as were the other two women, Donna and Danielle. Their daughters weren’t, however. But the kids were observing carefully, crowding around the bed and watching intently, their eyes wide.

“It’s great if you can come at the same time,” I told them, “you and your partner, but that might not happen, at least not usually. And anyhow, it doesn’t matter that much. What counts is the feelings you’re sharing together, the pleasure you’re both enjoying.”

With all my emphasis on instruction, I hadn’t actually expected to reach climax. But when I heard Addison start to squeal, when I saw her fists clutching the sheets, her knuckles turning white — and when I thought about what I was doing, fucking a child right in front of her mom — and then when the girl suddenly bucked beneath me, ramming her little pussy into mine as she came, that did it.

After few more quick thrusts of my clit against hers, a glorious orgasm roared up from my center, spreading through my body, bringing perfect satisfaction. I came very hard.


Ten minutes later, following a short time to recover, I had Heather on the bed waiting for me. And oh my, what a beautiful sight she was. The twelve-year-old was lying on her back with her slim legs spread wide. We could see a small amount of blonde fur surrounding her labia, and her pink pussy was open, gleaming with moisture. Totally irresistible.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to resist. In fact, if for some reason I had shown reluctance, her mom and the other women probably would have been angry with me. They wanted me to fuck her while they watched! Can you imagine?

So, like a good girl, I did what I was supposed to do.

I began in the missionary position, with Heather’s legs apart and mine together. As with Addison, I started out slowly, moving just a little bit at first, describing to my audience what I was doing and how it felt.

“One of the nicest things about doing it this way,” I said, “is that while you’re tribbing, kissing pussies, you can also kiss each other’s lips too pretty easily. Sometimes that can help you to, you know, to stop thinking so much about what you’re doing, and just let yourself be in the moment.”

She and I kissed for several minutes, providing an example… and soon, as our tongues played in one another’s mouths, I was delighted to feel Heather’s breath coming faster, her body trembling. Was she was already getting close? Could I make her come this way?

Yes! She was, and I did!

I continued kissing the girl and tried to match my movements with hers, responding to what she seemed to need. God, it felt so great, sucking on her tongue while rubbing my clit on hers. Although I wasn’t quite ready for another climax yet, I loved the experience of being so close to Heather, feeling her arms around me, pulling me tightly against her.

When she came, she broke our kiss, gasping and groaning and throwing her head from side to side as her body shuddered repeatedly.

I didn’t take my eyes from Heather’s face, wanting to always remember this special moment with her — but I could certainly hear Donna climaxing as she watched us. It’s possible the other moms had orgasms too. I’m not sure, though, because Donna was just so loud.

While Heather gradually calmed down, I pondered what I should do next. She’d come so quickly that I hadn’t yet completed everything I’d intended to demonstrate with her. Should I switch to another girl or maybe have a different pair give it a try?

No, I decided to stay with Heather. She was just so hot, so desirable (not that the other kids weren’t!), and also so wonderfully responsive. I figured I’d stick with her a while longer.

Once she appeared ready to continue, smiling happily, I reached down and grasped her ankles, raising both legs up and pushing them all the way back until they framed her lovely face. Then I mounted the girl, my knees straddling her little butt, my cunt meeting hers.

“Here’s another way you can do it,” I explained. “This position doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s absolutely worth a try.”

I fucked her like that for a few minutes, holding her ankles, rubbing back and forth on her. Because we both were extremely wet, there wasn’t much friction, just a slick and slippery pussy kiss. It was exquisite.

From what I could tell, Heather was enjoying it as much as I was, except I didn’t think either of us would come that way. So I continued doing my job, teaching the girls, and changed to a new position for them.

“For a lot of people, this seems to work the best.”

I lowered Heather’s legs down to the bed and shifted over slightly, lying atop her thigh, with my leg pressing against her crotch.

“It’s not quite pussy to pussy, but you can get a lot of pleasure for both partners doing it like this. And anyway, the word tribbing simply means to rub. In fact, you can rub yourself against her body in all sorts of places… on her leg, her butt, her chest… again, just try experimenting, doing it in all the different ways you can think of to make yourself come on her.”

I wondered, briefly, if it might bother the moms that I kept on urging their kids to have so much sex with each other. But then, why would it? That was what they’d asked for, right? These women wanted their young daughters — pre-teens, most of them barely pubescent, and Addison not at all — to be sexually active. And they wanted me to instruct them, to show them what to do.

Thinking about that always got me very excited. I was really humping Heather’s leg now, and she was moving fast too, rocking her pelvis, her hand gripping my thigh, pulling me against her. The girl’s teeth were clenched, her face in a grimace. Was she getting ready to come?

It appeared as if she was, and I definitely was. Oh my god, I was so turned on, rubbing myself on this pretty sixth-grader. I was almost there, almost there… and then, when she looked at me and our eyes locked, I felt that delicious surge welling up from within. It was going to happen. I was about to reach orgasm.

But first I said, “Heather, I’m fucking you — I’m gonna come on you!”

“Uh-huh, uh-huh…” was all she could say in reply.

“And after this, I want you to do it with your sister, okay? I want you to fuck Felicity!”

“Uh-huh… but I… I… UNHH!!”

She climaxed.

And distantly, somewhere, I could hear the sounds of more climaxes. Donna for sure, maybe other women, and maybe Felicity too. Had the little girls started masturbating? Evidently they had, but I didn’t have much time to think about that because my world went blank as a huge orgasm overtook me.

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Teaching the Girls, Chapter 18

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By Naughty Mommy

Oh darn!

Shortly after I got home the next morning, my mom delivered the bad news. She informed me that on the following Saturday I wouldn’t be able to have another yoga lesson with the girls (which is what she thought we were doing, ha-ha), because we’d be driving to Altoona, Pennsylvania, that weekend for an overnight visit with my grandparents on my mother’s side.

I really shouldn’t call it bad news, of course. I mean, I loved my grandma and grandpa and it would be nice seeing them, but darn! I wanted more sex with those kids!

Anyway, I called Kay later that day and told her what was up. She said it was just fine, no problem. I think she probably was disappointed, like I was, but if so she didn’t say it.

On Tuesday and Thursday we had our regular sessions after school, practicing yoga. I was tempted to do more than that with the girls then, but managed to restrain myself. A time and a place for everything, Britt.

Speaking of time, that two-week gap gave me ample opportunity to think about everything I’d done so far with the mothers and daughters, and to plan what I wanted to do next with them. I masturbated a lot with all these delicious erotic visions swirling around in my head. And somewhere along the way, I came up with a wonderful new idea.


“Guess what!”

It was Donna, calling my cell phone the Monday evening after my parents and I got back from Altoona.


“You’ll never guess what Trevor just told me!” Trevor was her husband.

“What did he tell you?” I asked.

“He said he’s going on a fishing trip with his buddies this weekend. They’ll be gone Saturday night! I already called Kay and told her and you know what?”


“I said we should have our next lesson — the next Saturday lesson, I mean, here, at my house. You guys can all stay over, okay?” She sounded ecstatic, like a kid in a candy store.

“Sure, that’ll be great.”

“I’ll make, um, I’ll make dinner and I’ll bake cookies. We’ll have so much fun!”

“Yeah, I’m sure we will.”

“Oops, sorry, I gotta go. Trevor’s calling me. We can talk about it more when I see you tomorrow afternoon.”

“All right, see you then. Bye.”



It wasn’t easy but I managed to keep myself from masturbating on both Thursday and Friday night that week. I really wanted to make sure I was completely ready for all the exciting things we would do when the weekend came.

After lunch on Saturday, I took a long shower and shaved my legs, then carefully trimmed my red bush. I did my makeup and got out what I thought was my prettiest, sexiest dress. Daringly I decided not only to go braless, which wasn’t too unusual for me, but not to wear any panties either! I’d never done that before!

Before leaving my room I put on a long coat and buttoned it up. Although it was March and the weather was getting warmer, I didn’t want my mom to see the nice dress I was wearing (for a yoga lesson?) and ask me about it. Luckily I was able to say goodbye and quickly slip out the door without a problem.

When I pulled up in front of Donna’s house a few minutes before 3:00, I saw that Kay’s and Danielle’s cars were already parked in the driveway. Apparently I was the last to arrive.

And as soon as I stepped onto the porch, the front door suddenly flew open. “It’s Britt! It’s Britt!” All four girls rushed out to greet me, grabbing and squealing.

That was sort of funny because I’d seen them just two days earlier yet they were treating me as if I’d been away for weeks. I didn’t mind it a bit, of course. It made me feel loved and happy. And anyway, who wouldn’t want to have four cute young girls hanging on her?

Once we got inside, Donna took my coat and the moms all gushed about how pretty my dress was and how beautiful I looked. Then Donna said, “You want some cookies before we start? Fresh baked chocolate chips?”

“Yeah!” Addison was jumping up and down. “Cookies, cookies!”

Kay grinned, shaking her head in amusement. “They’ve been begging and begging, but we told ‘em they’d have to wait for the cookies until you got here.”

“Um, okay,” I shrugged. “Sure, we can do that first.”

I wasn’t feeling especially hungry, but I was especially horny, eager to try out that new idea I’d had. On the other hand, I knew how delicious Donna’s cookies were. And then something else occurred to me.

“And, could we also maybe have,” I began, “what was it called, um… a slippery nipple?”

Donna laughed out loud. “You mean a buttery nipple?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, blushing.

“Sure we can. A slippery nipple’s a different drink. It’s really good too, except I don’t have any Sambuca. But we can have buttery nipples.”

So we did. Our little group paraded into the kitchen where Kay prepared the drinks while Donna served the cookies. The kids started in munching right away, of course. Kay handed filled shot glasses to the other two moms and to me, then Donna proposed a toast.

“Here’s to nipples!” But she didn’t take a drink. Instead, to my surprise she reached inside the slinky wrap dress she was wearing and pulled out a tit!

I’d noticed earlier when I came in that Donna wasn’t wearing a bra. That was completely obvious with her large breasts swaying and her nipples poking through the thin fabric. In fact, the only one of us who had a bra on that day was Danielle, and she actually needed one the least.

Anyway, Donna pulled out her boob, then dipped a finger into her drink and rubbed some of the liquid onto her erect nipple.

“Felicity, honey,” she cooed, “you wanna lick Mommy’s buttery nipple?”

The little blonde nodded eagerly. “Uh-huh!”

As we watched the ten-year-old lick and suck her mother’s nipple, Heather said, “Me too, Mom? Please?”

“Of course, baby girl.”

I wondered for a moment if things might spin out of control then, exploding into a full-fledged lesbian orgy. Not that I would have complained, not at all! But that didn’t happen.

Donna went around to each of the girls, dipping a finger into her shot glass and coating her nipple with the creamy liquid, then letting them lick it off. When she was done, she tucked her boob back inside her dress. Her face was flushed and she was breathing hard, but pretty soon she settled down. We ate our cookies and finished the drinks, and then it was time for the real fun to begin.

“So, do you want to go upstairs to one of the bedrooms?” Donna asked me. “Or should we stay down here, maybe in the family room?”

“Well, I think upstairs is probably better. Um, do you have a big bed in your room?” I hadn’t seen Donna’s bedroom yet.

“Yeah, I do,” she nodded, grinning. “It’s king-size, like Kay’s. I’ll bet we can all fit on it, if we squeeze in nice and close.”

“Okay, that sounds good. Let’s go.”

Donna led the way and we followed her. Three women, four young girls, and a teenager trotted up the stairs, the kids giggling with anticipation. Although everyone was still dressed at this point, we soon would remedy that.

The master suite was even bigger than I expected it to be. Not only was there a large bedroom with a separate dressing and vanity area, but it had two adjoining bathrooms. These were ‘his’ and ‘hers’, apparently. And while I saw several framed photos of Heather and Felicity, along with a few of Donna as well, I noticed there were no pictures of Trevor, her husband. That was sort of interesting but I wasn’t going to spend too much time then thinking about what it meant.

“All right, first we’ll get in a circle,” I directed, “like we did last week at Kay’s. But instead of going by age, let’s have the moms and their girls together, side by side, okay? Now, everyone hold hands and let’s just look at each other for a minute.”

Our eyes went around the circle, taking in all the different sizes, ages, hair and eye color, body types…  

“Mom, turn toward your daughter. I want you to begin this exercise by slowly taking off her clothes, one piece at a time, looking very closely at her body as it is revealed.”

Donna had two kids, of course, so I’d positioned myself next to Felicity. I would remove her clothing while Donna did the same with Heather.

“Ladies, think about this… your child is growing up, her body is changing… in a year, or even in just a few months, she will look different than she does now. So take in her appearance. Study her closely so that you can always remember her as a little girl.”

“Mm, nice,” said Kay. “This is a good idea, Britt.”

“Once you have her top off,” I continued, “look at her chest. Does she have any breast buds yet? Little boobies? Look very carefully at them, and at her nipples…”

I was following my own instructions with Felicity, delighting in my examination of the child’s lovely chest. Ooh, yes, those tiny half-walnut buds I’d ogled so many times through her tight leotard during our yoga lessons, so tempting.

“And then, when you get down to her panties, peel them off as slowly as you can, studying every inch of skin as it comes into view. How much hair does she have? What color is it? Has your daughter’s labia begun to develop yet?”

I had no doubt this would excite the women. It certainly excited me! And I expected the girls would find it pleasurable as well. That was good. My aim was to heighten the level of arousal, making everyone’s pussies warm and juicy for what would come next.

Before that, however, we had to attend to the moms.

“Okay, kids, it’s your turn. Start taking off your mother’s clothing, but do it gradually, a bit at a time. Look at her womanly body… compare it to your own… notice the similarities, and the differences. Study her breasts and her nipples, and realize that as you grow up, as your body matures, you probably will look a lot like her.”

As I was giving direction, saying these words, Felicity was removing my clothes. Except I wasn’t wearing much: only a pair of low heels and that little dress I’d chosen. I had no bra and no panties, so I became naked rather quickly. Not that I minded. I loved having this pretty ten-year-old stare at my breasts and then examine my pubic hair and my labia. Which is what I was telling the other girls to do.

“When you take off your mother’s panties, if she’s wearing any, look very closely at her pussy. It’s quite a bit different from yours now, isn’t it? But someday you may end up looking a lot like her. When you think about it, it’s almost as though you are seeing yourself in the future. In fact, you and your mom are really not that different. In many ways, you are one person, united, blended.”

This also was leading toward the next step I had in mind. And now, with everyone nude, hopefully aroused in addition to feeling a sense of unity, it was time to move ahead.

“Let’s get up on the bed. We’ll be in pairs, on your knees, facing toward each other. Um, let’s put Addison with Heather, and Cherise with Felicity… that’s right, then Donna with Danielle, and I’ll be with Kay. Okay, is everybody set?”

I received nods all around. Their eyes were bright, their faces open, eager, willing to accept whatever I might tell them to do.

“We talked a minute ago about oneness,” I said, “and that’s what I want us to work on today. It’s a special meditation, a shared meditation where you join with the other person.”

During my years with Gina, she’d taught me something similar to this, so I wasn’t entirely making it up as I went along. I did have to adapt it for the group, though. Plus there was the extra challenge (a bonus!) of having family members involved. Simply delicious.

“Look into your partner’s eyes. Look very deeply. See her, become her, become one. Take a deep breath, slowly inhale… yes… then exhale. And again. Now close your eyes. Place your hands gently on her face. Feel her eyelids, her nose, her cheeks, her lips… feel her fingers on your face, and know that you are one… her fingers are your fingers, and your fingers are hers… you are not separate, but joined…”

I’d been worried some of this might come across as funny, especially to the little kids, prompting laughter or silly jokes. Fortunately, none of that happened. The room was quiet and still, but for the occasional sigh.

“Let your hands ease down, onto the shoulders, and then lower, onto the chest… feel her as she feels you, and know that you are one… her hands are yours, yours are hers… feel the nipples, touch them, play with them…”

I began to hear heavy breathing, moans of arousal. People were getting turned on, just like I was as I fondled Kay’s tits, squeezing her hard nipples, enjoying the touch of her warm hands on my breasts.

“Keep your eyes closed… and take one of your partner’s hands in yours. Join your fingers, letting two hands become one… while the other hand slides down a bit lower… onto the tummy, and then lower still, moving down, between the legs…”

It was difficult keeping my voice calm, steady, and under control as Kay’s fingers contacted my labia, but I managed.

“Touch her, caress her, gently massage… feel her doing the same with you, and know that you are not two, but one person… her body is yours, and your body is hers… feel the closeness, the oneness… now, finally, as you continue touching, caressing, sharing pleasure, let your mouths join together and make your bodies one.”

Kay kissed me, shoving her tongue in my mouth, and I couldn’t say anything else. But I didn’t need to, or want to. I was ready to surrender, giving in to all the wonderful sensations. After nearly three days of refraining from masturbation, going without an orgasm, I was on the edge right away.

I tried to hold off as long as I could, though, long enough to get Kay there too. And it worked. We kissed deeply and then — at the very moment when I knew I was gone, when I couldn’t possibly stop the climax from overtaking me — Kay groaned heavily, her body shuddering. And I came too, with her.


A few minutes later, we switched partners.

I wasn’t sure how many of the girls and women had reached orgasm when Kay and I did. Probably not everyone, or perhaps they all had. Either way, it didn’t really matter. It was the process that counted, the mutual touching and sharing of arousal. Climaxes were nice, certainly, but they weren’t the main goal.

For the second round, I placed kids with kids again and adults with adults (or a teen), swapping the pairs. This put Cherise with Addison, and Felicity with her big sister, Heather. Yummy! I had Donna now, while Kay was with Danielle.

We followed the same procedure as before, though I didn’t need to talk quite as much since everyone already knew what to do. And I didn’t come this time. It was a little too soon for me since the last one. But that was good, because I really wanted to listen as well as I could, trying to hear what might happen between the sisters. Would one or both of them have an orgasm, mutually masturbating?

It turned out I couldn’t tell. The room got too noisy. Donna, for one, climaxed loudly almost the instant that I touched her pussy. Danielle and Kay were really going at it too, and Addison was practically shrieking. It was obvious that she came, but I didn’t know about Heather or Felicity, or Cherise for that matter. I was tempted to open my eyes and take a quick peek, but decided not to. Remember, Britt, I told myself, it’s the process that’s important, the journey, not the destination.

After everyone had finished and I did open my eyes again, I saw that all four girls were red in the face, their foreheads and cheeks shiny with perspiration, lips gleaming with each other’s saliva. Quite a lovely sight.

And now for the next step, a big one.

“This has been really good so far,” I said. “You’re doing great. But as with everything else, the more practice you can get, the better. So let’s change partners again. Move around, and, um, we’ll have Kay with Cherise, and Danielle with Addison, all right? I’ll be with Felicity this time, and Donna, you’ll be with Heather.”

This was the moment of truth.

If Donna didn’t object to masturbating her daughter and having her daughter masturbate her, then it seemed likely that both Kay and Danielle would go along in the next round, the final round, when I planned to pair them with their own kids. And if the moms would do that, maybe I could get them to do even more. Probably not, but I figured it was worth a try anyway. I hadn’t given up hope.

Happily, Donna showed not a smidgen of resistance or reluctance. She parked herself in front of Heather, looking at me expectantly, awaiting permission to start. The woman was breathing hard, large chest rising and falling, nipples erect. As for Heather, her eyes were wide and filled with excitement, slender body quivering as she glanced back and forth between me and her mom.

The other women and girls appeared ready to go as well. I saw Kay actually lick her lips at the prospect of touching little Cherise. And I was just as eager to begin, since I was paired with Felicity!

We got under way, with me providing only a few words of guidance at each stage. I tried my best to take things a fairly even pace, though that was hard to maintain. The group seemed impatient with the early parts, touching the face and so on. They wanted to get to the good stuff.

Caressing Felicity’s tiny breast buds was a joy, but the biggest thrill for me came when I dropped my hand down between her legs, probing her hairless slit. The child was extremely wet, slick and slippery. My fingertip found the opening to her vagina, and I pressed it inside, slowly, tenderly, hearing her moan with pleasure.

There was no hymen. At some point in the past two weeks she must have broken it, probably when playing with herself. Or maybe doing things with some of the other girls, possibly even her sister?

As I thought about that — and as my finger slid deeper within her tight, hot vagina, and I felt Felicity’s fingers rubbing my swollen clit — an impending climax welled up from my center. I was going to come, very soon. But could I make Felicity come too, at the same time?

Yes!! In fact, she reached orgasm before I did. We were kissing when suddenly she screamed into my mouth, her body jerked, and I felt her little girl cunt clamp down on my penetrating finger.

That was it for me. I came hard, gasping and groaning.

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Teaching the Girls, Chapter 17

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By Naughty Mommy

How should I start? Where to begin? There were so many possibilities…

I was standing in a bedroom with two naked girls on the bed, a nine-year-old and a ten-year-old, waiting for me to “play” with them, a code word meaning sex. Meanwhile, seated close by, ready to watch everything and masturbate, were the kids’ mothers. In fact, both women were doing it already, eagerly rubbing themselves as they ogled their daughters’ sweet young bodies.

So, should I just dive in and start licking the little girls? Should I sit on their faces, come in their mouths? Maybe trib with them, fucking them pussy to pussy? I’d done all this and more with them before, and certainly I could do it again.

And also, which child should I make love with first, Cherise or Addison? How could I make a choice between them?

As I pondered these difficult questions, something else suddenly occurred to me, a brand new idea.

I turned and sat down on the edge of the bed, facing the moms, and motioned for the kids to come sit next to me. They did, one on each side.

“Mmm, they look delicious, don’t they?” I said to the girls, nodding toward the women’s juicy pussies.

“Uh-huh,” replied Addison, licking her lips. Cherise nodded in agreement.

I saw in Kay’s eyes, and in Danielle’s too, a hint of concern.

From the beginning and all along, they had maintained that they would allow no real sexual contact between mothers and daughters. This was a big part of our deal, something they insisted upon. Of course we’d already skirted that line many times, but in their minds, I suppose, they still had not committed incest.

Now, however, it might seem that I was finally proposing to smash that taboo. But that wasn’t it, not exactly. I did want to push the envelope, but in a different way.

Kay was frowning at me and I could tell she was about to raise an objection. So I quickly said to the kids, “Yeah, they do look yummy, but your little pussies are just as tasty. And I promise, I’m gonna lick both of you pretty soon. First, though, because this is all about teaching, I think we should do another lesson. I’ll start by licking your mom, Cherise, while you watch me, and then, Addison, I’ll lick your mom while you watch. Okay?”

As I spoke these words, I slid off the bed and knelt in front of Danielle. The reaction I got from her, and from Kay as well, was rather comical. They obviously wanted to say something but didn’t know what, and their mouths simply hung open.

“It’s only fair, right?” I grinned. “You guys have watched me lick your daughters, so why can’t we do it the other way? Plus, of course, it’s for teaching, just like all the other stuff we’ve done.”

They could hardly argue with this reasoning since it was the same justification I had used — and that they had accepted — in every step we’d taken right from the start.

Without waiting for any further response, and with Cherise looking over one shoulder and Addison peering over the other, I placed my hands on Danielle’s thighs, brought my face in close, and began licking her.

I’d had the pleasure of eating both Kay and Danielle a week earlier when the three of us spent the night in Kay’s bed, and that was great. I just love pussy, whether it’s a woman’s, a teenager’s, or a very young girl’s. But it was different this time, obviously, since Danielle’s daughter, Cherise, was watching. I think that might have made Danielle a little nervous, at least at first, but pretty soon she got going.

And I didn’t actually begin licking her right away. Instead I just looked at her beautiful shaved pussy and took a few deep breaths, inhaling her scent, tasting the smell. As I did this, I spoke softly to the kids, describing what I was doing. I blew very tenderly on Danielle’s vulva, following the same sequence I’d taught the girls when they licked me for the first time.

Cherise and Addison and I saw the moist labia gradually open and spread, and together we looked inside the woman’s vagina. I pointed out her clitoris to them, which wasn’t really hard to see because already it was erect and protruding. When I flicked my tongue over the tip of the swollen bud, we heard Danielle groan. I felt her body trembling with arousal.

After licking her clit for a minute or so, I drew back and we looked at her vagina again. We saw it pulsating. The wet pink opening expanded and contracted in front of our eyes.

“That means she wants to be fucked,” I told the kids, “and she wants you to watch.”

“Oh, Jesus, yes…” Danielle sighed.

So I fucked the woman, sliding a finger inside her hot cunt with her daughter watching me, and I licked and sucked her clit. It didn’t take long at all after that. Maybe half a minute later she gasped, “I’m gonna — I’m gonna — I — unnhhh!!”

No more words came out, but plenty of goo flowed from Danielle’s pussy as she climaxed, dripping down over her asshole and onto the chair.

“Omigod!” exclaimed Cherise, her eyes wide.

I’d wondered whether she or Addison or perhaps Kay might masturbate while I was eating Danielle, but none of them did. Apparently they were all simply too entranced with watching.

What happened next was amusing. As soon as it appeared that Danielle’s orgasm was coming to an end, Kay urged, “Now me, Britt. Now me. Do me with them watching!”

So much for any objections she might have had earlier. The woman certainly wasn’t frowning now. She spread her legs wide, using the fingers of both hands to open her labia for us. “Eat me and fuck me while they watch! Make me come, Britt!”

How could I refuse?

I shifted in front her with the kids closely following, and this time I didn’t take things as slowly as before. I didn’t bother teaching very much either, just right dove in, licking and tasting and sucking and fucking until Kay grabbed my head and pulled me against her, coming very hard.

And when she came, Addison came too. Apparently the child had begun playing with herself, although I hadn’t noticed. At any rate, I heard her squealing behind me and felt her small warm body jerking against my back. Mmm, yes, what a lovely way to spend a Saturday evening.

I took my finger out and put my mouth over Kay’s cunt, sucking and swallowing her juices. Soon, though, she pushed me away, bringing her legs together. The sensations were just too strong, and she needed to recover.

That was fine, because it was my turn now.

After helping Addison onto the bed, hugging the girl and kissing her mouth, letting her taste her mother’s pussy on my lips, I said to Cherise, “Okay, sweetie, it’s time for more practice. I want you to try licking me like you saw me lick your mom, all right?”

“Okay, sure!” she nodded happily.

I lay on my back on the bed, closing my eyes and placing my hands over my breasts, gently massaging them, toying with the nipples. It was so wonderful to relax and simply be in that moment, having a young girl worshipfully attend to my sexual needs.

Before long, I discovered, it was two little girls. I didn’t open my eyes, but felt more hands and fingers, another mouth, and heard the kids giggling as they eagerly licked me.

They were enthusiastic, as always, but not very accomplished at cunnilingus. Of course it had been only two weeks since their first lesson, so you couldn’t expect that much yet. It was a learning process, and they needed a lot of practice.

After a while, I began providing some direction, telling Cherise and Addison what I needed. I heard other voices too, giving advice, and looked up for a moment to find that Danielle and Kay had joined us on the bed. I smiled and put my head down again.

A few minutes later, it finally happened, the proper combination of finger-fucking and clit-licking that brought me to a peak.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I whispered, “I… AAHHH!!”


By then, nearly an hour had passed. We’d used up most of our allotted playtime, except there was one more promise I had to keep.

With my body still aflame, shimmering in the afterglow of a delicious orgasm, I sat up and laid Cherise on her back, spreading the child’s long perfect legs wide apart. I didn’t say a thing, just gave her a soft kiss on the lips and then kissed her nipples before kissing her sweet, sweet pussy.

Kay and Danielle both masturbated as they watched me lick the girl, though neither of them climaxed. They were probably trying to reserve at least some of their sexual energy for later on when I would be in bed with them.

Cherise came pretty quickly, and just like her mom, she was very juicy. I enjoyed the thrill of several spurts in my mouth from her tiny vagina. Yummy!

And finally Addison, the darling nine-year-old who’d basically begun seducing me that first time when we were alone in her bedroom together. I smiled at her and she returned the grin, then flopped down onto her back, pulling her knees up with her hands, offering herself to me. She giggled as I lowered my mouth over her puffy pussy lips, but those giggles soon changed to sighs and then moans.

A few minutes later when I had a finger inside her and was sucking her clit, Addison was huffing and puffing, getting very close, her face turning red. The child cried out when she came — and beside me I heard Kay hiss, “Goddamn, fuck, yeah!”

Glancing over, I saw that the woman was fucking herself, two fingers plunging in and out of her juicy cunt as she watched her daughter climax.

We put them to bed, turning out the light and closing the door. Kay and Danielle and I walked across the hall to the master bedroom where we brushed our teeth, used the toilet, and started sliding naked under the sheets together. But then, without warning, Kay pushed me onto my back and straddled my chest.

“You are so fucking bad, eating my pussy in front of Addison!” Although she pretended to be angry, she was smiling. “Did you like doing that? Huh? Making me come, with my little girl watching?”

Kay was masturbating again, frantically rubbing her clit with one hand while holding her vagina open with the other hand, right over my mouth. I was pretty sure she hadn’t climaxed when Addison did, but it looked as if it wouldn’t take long now. Her pussy was extremely wet, warm drops spattering my face.

“That is so wrong, so dirty. You’re a very bad girl, Britt!”

Suddenly she grabbed me, taking my head in both hands and ramming her cunt in my mouth. “So fucking bad! So fucking bad!” she cried, and almost instantly she came. Only a few quick thrusts, then I felt Kay shudder and heard her groan. Hot juices flooded from her, spilling over my cheeks and chin.

Oh my gosh, so nice — having sex with a child and a few minutes later sex with her mom — have I mentioned before what a lucky person I am?

After Kay finished, we took things easy for a while, lying in bed side by side and chatting, going over everything that had happened during the last couple of weeks, reliving our favorite moments. There was so much to talk about. Sometimes we laughed and sometimes we sighed with arousal, but mostly I think we were just in awe. It was all so incredible, so amazing.


“Can I suck your nipples, Mommy?” Danielle asked in a little girl voice, looking into Kay’s eyes and then down at her chest.

“You want to suck Mommy’s nipples, baby girl?” Kay purred seductively.

She was in the middle, between Danielle and me. I knew they enjoyed these kinds of games, role-playing, and it was fun watching them.

The tall brunette licked her lips. “Yeah, I do. I really, really do. I love your nipples, Mommy.”

As Danielle began licking and sucking her tits, Kay rubbed herself. I played with my clit too, but neither of us came then.

Danielle did, though. She had a hand working between her own legs, stroking her clit as she sucked. And it seemed like she was almost in a trance. Occasionally she would lift her mouth from Kay’s breast, gazing at the wet nipple with glazed eyes and murmuring to herself, “Mommy’s nipple, Mommy’s nipple,” then close her eyes and resume sucking.

“That’s my girl. That’s my good little girl,” whispered Kay, petting the woman’s hair.

When Danielle reached orgasm, she wasn’t loud at all and it didn’t appear especially strong, but it did go on for a long time. She sort of rode the wave, cresting again and again, grunting and shaking, sometimes opening her eyes for a brief look at Kay’s tits. She would lick her lips, start to speak, and then another spasm would strike.

It was great to watch the women play this game, thrilling and exciting to see, but it also made me curious. Could there be something more behind it?

In fact, it turned out there was. After Danielle returned to her senses, she lay on her back and told me the story.

“My mother was a dancer, an exotic dancer in one of those so-called gentlemen’s clubs. She was so beautiful. Tall, like me, but with nicer boobs than mine and with gorgeous legs. She didn’t have much education, though, because she dropped out of school when she was only fourteen and ran away from home. After that she did whatever she could to survive, I guess. I don’t know everything, because she never told me, but some of it probably wasn’t very pretty.

“When she was sixteen she got pregnant, and then had me. Luckily she got her figure back, good enough at least that she could show off her body to men in those clubs and make a living that way. And she was smart about it too. She tried her best to save some money. You know, put it in the bank and not just spend it all.

“I loved my mother so much. Because she worked at night, she was almost always home with me during the day. She exercised a lot to stay in shape, and I would do that along with her. Sometimes she would practice her dance moves while I watched, even stripping for me, rubbing her hands over her body and everything as she looked into my eyes. She never actually said, but looking back now I think it probably turned her on, having me watch her that way. I’ll bet it did, in fact. And as I got a little older it turned me on too.

“Anyway, we had a really happy life. We lived in a nice apartment and had nice clothes and things ‘cause she was making pretty good money. And we were always so close, very affectionate, hugging and kissing all the time. I just adored her. But… then she got sick when I was thirteen. I found out later it was pancreatic cancer. And it was only a year until she died.”

Danielle paused, shaking her head sadly. “My beautiful, sexy mom, gone at thirty-one… it’s just not fair.”

She took a deep breath, then went on. “Luckily, she’d saved some money, like I said before, and she also had life insurance. She’d bought this policy a few years earlier, which was smart. Then, um, I went to live with relatives after that. But before she died, Mommy told me, and she told them, that I had to go to college. That’s what the money was for. And I did. I got a degree, and even though I don’t really make a whole lot now, at least it’s enough for me and Cherise to have a nice little house of our own in a good neighborhood.”

She shrugged, giving us a smile. “Kind of a happy ending, right?”

Kay was in tears. She kissed and hugged Danielle, saying through her sniffles, “You darling girl. I love you and you know I’d do anything for you.”

I leaned across Kay and gave Danielle a big hug too, kissing her cheek. “I’m glad you told me that. It’s really sad, but, um, I guess it’s good you had a mom who loved you so much and everything.”

“You’re right, it is good,” she agreed. With a chuckle, she added, “And now you know where my kinkiness comes from, that thing about sucking Mommy’s nipple. I never did it in real life, not since I was a baby, I mean, but, you know, sometimes I wish I could have.”

“Did you… um, well, maybe I shouldn’t ask this…”

“No, it’s okay, go ahead. You can ask me anything.”

“All right. Well, did you ever, you know, when you were younger and before your mom got sick, did you ever think about stuff like that? I mean, did you masturbate thinking about her?”

“Yeah, I did,” she nodded, “starting when I was maybe ten or eleven. I did it a lot, playing with myself while I thought about my mom, about her naked body. But of course I never told anybody about that. Not until Kay, and now you.”

“Wow. Well, thanks for telling me.”

“What about you, Britt?” asked Kay, smiling as she dried her eyes. “Do you ever fantasize about maybe doing things with your own mother?”

“No, but, um…”

Kay had asked me this before, whether I felt any physical attraction toward my mom. I’d told her I didn’t, which was true. But now, with all the new experiences I’d had, and in this warm atmosphere of sharing and sexual intimacy, I looked at it a little differently.

What would it be like, I wondered, to be in bed with my mother, sucking on her nipples while I played with myself? Or — ooh, what if she was touching me, rubbing my pussy while I sucked her tit?

That might be very, very nice. I licked my lips, actually getting turned on for the first time as I thought about my mom and me together.

“Come here, little girl.”

Kay pulled me to her breast. “Suck Mommy’s nipple. Close your eyes, baby girl, and suck your mother’s nipple.”

So I did.

I surrendered to the fantasy, imagining that it wasn’t Kay’s tit I was sucking, but my mom’s. When I rubbed myself, I pretended it was my mother’s hand down there, her fingers tenderly caressing, probing, penetrating, sliding inside. Soon a spectacular orgasm overtook me — and it wasn’t the last one I enjoyed that night.

The three of us played for another couple of hours, licking and sucking and fucking and talking dirty, until finally we were all exhausted. We fell asleep in a gooey embrace, two women and a teenage girl, dreaming of lesbian incest.

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Teaching the Girls, Chapter 16

  • Posted on March 10, 2019 at 2:41 pm

By Naughty Mommy

The clock on the bedside table said it was almost 7:30. That gave us about an hour, I supposed, perhaps a little more, until Donna and her kids would have to get dressed and go home. It should be enough time for what I wanted to do next.

We were all seated on the big bed. The sisters had finished with their kissing and Donna and I were both recovering from powerful climaxes.

After wiping sweat from my face and sniffing my fingers, smiling at the yummy scent of my own pussy, I took a deep breath, getting focused, feeling ready.

“Okay, you guys did really well on kissing. Great job, really great. Now we’re gonna do a lesson I did, um, last Saturday with Cherise and Addison. It’s about these.”

I took my small boobs in my hands, plumping them up just a bit, as I gazed at Felicity and Heather. “I want to teach you how to properly treat a woman’s or a girl’s breasts, how you can make love to them. Would you like to learn that?”

“Yeah!” Heather exclaimed, her eyes darting from my tits to her mother’s, then back to mine. Felicity nodded, blushing and grinning.

“See, it’s not just about this part.” I pointed to my crotch, which made the kids giggle. “You have to love the whole body, the whole person. That’s why we started this afternoon with looking at each other, really seeing everything there is to see, and then we did kissing. Now we’re gonna work on the breasts and the nipples.”

I got up off the bed and stood next to it, facing them. “Addison and Cherise, you guys come here, in front of me on your knees, okay? And, uh, you other girls gather around close so you can see what they do.”

With everyone in place, I asked my earlier students if they remembered all the instructions I had given them. Both nodded, assuring me they did.

“All right, so what’s first? How do you start?”

Cherise replied immediately, “Use just your fingertips, going around the sides and stuff.”

I smiled at her. Cherise was an excellent student, a very bright child, not to mention exceptionally beautiful with her big brown eyes, high cheekbones, and that lithe, barely pubescent figure. Best of all, she was only one of four lovely girls between the ages of nine and twelve I was allowed to have sex with, encouraged by their moms! How could anyone be so lucky??

Come on, Britt, I chided myself. Stay in the moment, you’ve got a job to do!

“Yes,” I nodded to Cherise, “that’s exactly right.”

“I remember too,” said Addison.

“Okay, good, I’m sure you do. So what I want you to do now is demonstrate for Heather and Felicity. Show them what you’ve learned, and while you’re doing it, tell them about each step.”

They began, one on each tit. Cherise provided most of the narration, describing in detail what they were doing, often using precisely the same words I’d used in teaching them the week before. I marveled at her memory. Although Addison would chime in occasionally, she seemed content to let her friend take the verbal part while she concentrated on handling my breast.

And can you imagine how wonderful that felt? Having a pair of cute young girls caress and fondle your boobs, teasing the nipples? I had to struggle to keep my wits, to make sure that they were doing essentially what I’d taught them, and that the other two were learning.

The women were watching everything too, of course, and I noticed that all three were playing with their own breasts. They were following along, imitating, whether consciously or not, what the kids were doing to me. The room crackled with electricity, with lesbian lust. What a thing this was! Sex lessons for moms and their little girls, taught by me!

It wasn’t easy, but somehow I managed to stay tuned in, even when Addison and Cherise put their mouths over my nipples and started sucking. I deliberately kept my hands away from my pussy because what I wanted more than anything then was to rub my clit and make myself come while they sucked my tits. But I couldn’t afford to get distracted. I didn’t want the time to get away from us. There was more on my agenda that night, much more.

So, after letting the girls continue for about a minute, I told them it was enough and backed away. I took a deep breath and slowly let it out, trying to calm my raging libido, then said to the sisters, “Okay, let’s see if you two were paying attention.”

Cherise and Addison moved to either side, making room for Heather and Felicity on the bed in front of me. I stepped forward again, asking the pair to replicate what they had just seen, not only taking the actions but telling me at each point what they were doing and why. This was genuine teaching — and it was also genuinely arousing!

Once more I had to work to restrain myself, holding my arms firmly at my side and clenching my fists as I watched these pretty blondes, a twelve-year-old and a ten-year-old, touch me ever so gently, lick my nipples, and then start sucking. Oh my god, so nice! I swear I almost came simply standing there and squeezing my legs together. It was incredibly hot, and I wasn’t the only one getting turned on. All three moms were playing themselves by then, rubbing their pussies, but before anyone reached climax I told the girls they’d done very well and that we were finished with that part of the lesson.

Now we would move on to a greater taboo, something even more forbidden than these naked games, a teenager fooling around with kids… it was time to get the women directly involved with their daughters.

I wasn’t sure whether Donna was aware of everything that had happened the previous week. No one had informed me, but I figured she probably knew that I’d had Cherise and Addison “practice” on their moms’ boobs, touching and caressing and finally sucking. It was all “just for teaching” of course, not really sex (ha-ha), even though both women had masturbated to orgasm while their daughters sucked their nipples.

Would Donna object to doing that with her own girls? I didn’t think so. Otherwise she likely wouldn’t be there with us at all. But I wouldn’t know for certain whether or not she would really go that far until the moment arrived.

I also had to assume that Felicity and Heather knew what was coming. You couldn’t expect girls their age to keep tantalizing secrets like that from each other. I was almost sure Addison and Cherise had told them everything we’d done. But again, it was one thing to hear about it from someone else and another thing to actually perform such acts with your own mom. Would they be willing, perhaps eager, or would they resist? There was only one way to find out.

All these thoughts flashed through my mind in just a few seconds. Then I smiled and said, “Okay, girls, the best way to get really good at something is to practice it a lot. We’ve got three women here, and they’ve got very nice boobs, so let’s do some practicing, all right? Donna, maybe you should sit up against the headboard with some pillows, and Kay and Danielle, you guys get cozy and comfy somewhere…”

The trick, I’d decided, was to act as if everyone would automatically go along, doing whatever I told them to do. And it appeared to work. The women got themselves settled and then without even asking the girls joined their mothers.

As I’d suggested, Donna took her a place at the head of the bed, flanked by Felicity and Heather, her arms wrapped around them. There was enough room, however, on the king-size bed for Kay and Addison to squeeze in there too, leaning against the headboard. Danielle, meanwhile, was lying on her side across the foot of the bed with those gorgeous long legs stretched out, cuddling Cherise close to her.

Any concerns I might have had about Donna went away when I saw how she looked. Talk about a woman in heat! Her face was flushed and she was breathing very fast, almost panting. Her daughters hadn’t even touched her breasts yet, but she already seemed to be on the verge of an orgasm.

Heather was grinning at me, more than ready to get started, as were Cherise and Addison along with both their moms. The only one who showed a hint of nervousness, who looked a bit uncertain, was Felicity.

So, looking straight at her, I said, “Now, if any of you feel, um, uncomfortable, if there’s something you’d rather not do, then, I mean, you definitely don’t have to do it. In fact, here are a couple of rules to remember: First, you are in charge of your own body, no one else. And second, you should never do anything with anyone unless you want to do it.”

“You’re right,” said Kay. “ That’s good stuff, Britt. Excellent advice.” Danielle nodded her approval.

I’d learned these rules from Gina, of course. She’d drummed them into my head, making me repeat them over and over again. And although I really didn’t want to disrupt the momentum we had going, I knew what mattered most at that point was for Felicity and the other girls to receive this vitally important lesson. Once that had been accomplished, we could proceed with the incestuous sex.

“I wanna do it. I really do,” Felicity said to me, with a happy smile. Turning to her mother, she asked, “You want me to do it, Mom?”

“Yes, oh my god, yes!!  Um… but… like Britt said, only if you want to.”

“I do want to.”

“So do I,” added Heather.

“All right, good,” I said, crawling onto the middle of the bed, choosing a spot where I could see all the illicit action. “I guess everyone is ready, so you can start, you know, practicing anytime you want.”

I began masturbating right away. Merely the idea of four young girls playing with their mothers’ boobs, caressing them, fondling and sucking the nipples, was incredibly exciting — but to actually see it happen was enough to drive me insane. Before the kids had even progressed very far through the sequence I’d taught them, still only touching and not yet licking, I was already getting close, just seconds away from coming. But I tried my best to hold on, to keep edging and not reach climax, so I wouldn’t miss anything.

And I wasn’t the only one masturbating. All three women were rubbing their pussies and breathing hard. With their free hands, Kay and Danielle were petting their daughters’ hair, murmuring softly to the girls. Donna, however, had both hands working between her legs, fucking herself with two fingers while vigorously stroking her clit. She wasn’t saying anything, just licking her lips and looking back and forth from Heather to Felicity. I thought I could detect in her eyes a feeling of disbelief, a sense of astonishment that this was really taking place, that her own daughters soon would be sucking her tits.

Suddenly someone grunted heavily.

I’d expected Donna might have the first orgasm, but it wasn’t her. Instead it was Danielle. The instant Cherise put her mouth over her mother’s nipple, that apparently was all it took. The brunette groaned as she climaxed, eyes shut tight, face in a grimace, her lean body shuddering in ecstasy. One hand was clamped between her legs, the other clutching her daughter’s head, pulling the child to her breast.

“Jesus… so hot…” sighed Donna. She watched Danielle momentarily before returning her gaze to Felicity and Heather. The girls were licking her erect nipples, and as I watched, they flicked their tongues over the tips. Donna swooned, eyes rolling back in her head, but also fucked herself even faster.

I heard Kay urging her daughter, “Suck Mommy’s nipple, little girl. Suck Mommy’s nipple. Make Mommy come!”

And Danielle, it seemed, was still coming. Cherise had never stopped sucking while her mother continued to groan and shake, spasms rippling through her slender frame over and over again.

Seeing that made me want to come, but Kay beat me to it.

“Make Mommy — make Mommy — YES!!” The woman cried out, throwing her head back. Addison giggled audibly, but then, like her friend, quickly resumed sucking.

Then I saw something that startled me. Addison not only had her mouth on her mom’s tit, but a hand between her own legs. The little girl was masturbating! I shot a glance over at Cherise and found that she was doing it as well, small fingers rubbing her clit.

It hadn’t happened this way the previous Saturday evening when Addison and Cherise “practiced” on their moms. The women had played with themselves then, but not the kids. Events were moving quickly, catching me off guard, getting hotter and hotter.

Now I was really ready. Closing my eyes, I slid a finger into my vagina, so warm and soft and wet, as my other hand circled around my clit, teasing the sensitive bud. Almost there, almost there…

The mattress bounced beneath me. It was Donna. The chunky blonde was raising her big butt off the bed then dropping it down while using both hands to ram her fingers deep inside her cunt. Her daughters, Heather and Felicity, were wide-eyed at this ferocious display of carnal lust, but somehow managed to keep their mouths where they needed to be, licking and sucking their mom’s nipples. And, oh my god, look at that! Both girls were eagerly masturbating too, tickling their pussies.

I heard a squeal from Addison. She’d let go of the nipple and was climaxing.

Cherise was next. She was still sucking, but her pretty face was bright red, her eyes squeezed shut, fingers flying in a blur over her clit. Suddenly the child went rigid, her lovely body quivering — and then she came.

“UNHH!! FUCK!!!” Donna screamed. And as the woman exploded into climax, this pushed her daughters over the top at the same time.

Addison and Kay were coming, Cherise and Danielle were coming, Felicity and Heather and Donna were coming — and finally, Britt was coming too!

I fell onto my side, overwhelmed by the power of a stupendous orgasm, nearly blacking out.


By the time we’d all regained our senses, it was, unfortunately, almost 9:00 o’clock.

“God, I wish we didn’t have to go, but I’m afraid we do,” said Donna, as she crawled to the edge of the bed and got to her feet. “Come on now, kids, grab your clothes and get dressed. We need to get home before your father does.”

I almost asked why her girls, at least, couldn’t stay over, having a slumber party. But then I figured it really was none of my business. Donna had to do whatever she thought was necessary to keep her marriage out of trouble. As she’d told me on the phone more than once, that was very important to her.

So, after Heather and Felicity quickly put their clothes back on, everyone went downstairs to the living room where Donna gathered up all her things and got dressed. We had a nice round of hugs and kisses goodbye, with Donna thanking me effusively and saying what a good teacher I was.

As soon as the front door closed and they were gone, Addison, bouncing on her toes, asked, “Can Britt sleep in my room tonight, Mom?”

Cherise was jumping up and down too. “Yeah! Britt sleep with us! Britt sleep with us!”

This was an adorable and stimulating sight, a pair of naked fourth grade girls begging for me to sleep with them. I’d hit the jackpot!

But Kay shook her head. “Well, I’ll tell you, I’m going to be a bit selfish. Danielle and I really want to keep Britt to ourselves tonight, sleeping in my bed. Possibly some other weekend she can sleep in your room if she wants to. We’ll see.”

Addison pouted, clearly disappointed, and Cherise stopped jumping.

Then Kay added, “But here’s a compromise. How about if we give you an hour, from now until ten, to play with Britt in your room — if she wants to, that is, and with one other condition — that you let us come in and watch while you play. Would that be all right?”

“Yay!” Both girls cheered and clapped, hugging each other. “We get to play with Britt!”

I was clapping and grinning too, as pleased as the kids were with this arrangement. Because while I was certainly happy to receive all that praise when Donna complimented me on my teaching abilities, inside I harbored a private regret that I’d taken things so slowly that night with Felicity and Heather, been so methodical about things. I never gave myself a chance to lick those two and make them come in my mouth! Of course I knew it likely would happen with them soon, presumably the next weekend, but that thought hadn’t slaked my immediate thirst for little girl pussy.

Now the only question was: When we went up to Addison’s bedroom to “play” for an hour, would Cherise and Addison want to do what I so badly wanted to do? Or would they perhaps prefer Barbies or Legos or CandyLand, something like that?

I got the answer right away and it was exactly what I’d hoped. As we headed for the stairs, Addison took my hand in hers, asking breathlessly, “Will you lick me first, Britt?”

Cherise grabbed my other arm, jumping again, “No, me first! Me first!”

Ah, the difficult choices one must make in life. I smiled at both of them. “Let’s just see what happens, okay?”

Before we got started, Kay told the kids to brush their teeth, though this took them way less time than it probably should have. While they were doing that, the women brought in chairs from Kay’s room, arranging them just as they had for our first sex lesson two weeks earlier.

Then we were ready. The nude girls were on the bed, beaming at me. The nude moms were in the chairs, legs spread wide, already rubbing their pussies. In quiet astonishment I shook my head, wondering if this whole thing was a crazy dream. But it wasn’t. It really was happening. Wow!

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