Teaching the Girls, Chapter 24

  • Posted on May 11, 2019 at 2:06 pm

By Naughty Mommy

“All right,” I told the group, “we’re finally getting near the end. This is almost the last time you’ll have to hold on without coming.”

We were upstairs in Donna’s bedroom. I’d placed the three women on the king-size bed, lying sideways across it, along with Heather as well. The four were on their backs with another person on top of them. Everyone was nude, of course.

This would be the penultimate step in our challenging hours-long exercise of ‘edging’. It might prove even more difficult to maintain control this time, however, because of the positions we were in.

I had Cherise on top of Kay, Addison on Danielle, Felicity above her sister Heather, and I was over Donna. But the thing is, those on top were reversed, lying head to foot — or to put it more accurately, face to pussy. That’s right, we were in a 69 position, with each of the moms, along with Heather, looking up at a young girl’s or a teenager’s crotch. Those above were face to face with a woman’s vagina, or in Felicity’s case, with her big sister’s.

“We’re going to masturbate again, everyone at the same time,” I instructed. “And just like before, the aim is to get as close as possible without having an orgasm and then to stay near that peak, right on the edge, for as long as you can.”

I’d wondered if any of the moms might object to this latest erotic stratagem of mine, but no one said a word. Surely, I thought to myself, they must realize where we’re going from here, what the next arrangement will be. Even if they did, though, nobody protested. Maybe that meant they were looking forward to it!

Anyway, first things first. We’d have to get through this initial round successfully before moving ahead.

“Is everyone ready?” I asked. “Any questions?”

There were none. Just a lot of heavy breathing.

“Okay, so let’s begin. Start rubbing yourself. You can talk if you want to, but you don’t have to. It’s up to each person.”

For the first few minutes, no one spoke. It was mostly silent except for soft moans and that delicious squishy sound of fingers working inside juicy pussies. The scent of our combined arousal filled the air.

Then we heard a whisper, sort of a quiet but urgent chant. “Sexy little girl, sexy little girl, sexy little girl.”

It came from Kay as she stared at Cherise, watching the child play with herself just inches above her face.

“All you all right, Kay?” I asked. “Make sure you don’t come.”

“Yeah… yeah, I’m good,” she replied. “It’s just so goddamn hot.”

“Jeez, I wish you could come, Britt,” said Donna, beneath me. “I want you to come in my mouth, right now. But will you do that later, after we go to bed? Will you sit on my face and come all over me?”

“God, Mom,” said Heather. She and Felicity were next to us. “That’s so dirty. I love it.”

“Sure, I’ll gladly sit on your face,” I said to Donna, “and come in your mouth. And just like when we did it before, you can pretend I’m your daughter, pretend you’re eating Heather or Felicity while you suck my clit.”


I glanced to the side. Felicity was squealing, her eyes wide, face turning red.

“Wait, Felicity, wait,” I ordered. “Try to slow down. You can’t come yet, not yet.”

“Okay, okay, okay,” the girl panted.

We went on that way for another five or ten minutes, with lots of dirty talk and a few more close calls, though fortunately no one reached climax. I was careful to monitor the action around me, aiming to sense each person’s level of arousal, keep them close to the edge without going over. That wasn’t exactly easy to do, since I was so turned on myself, but I managed. And finally I decided it was time for the next and last stage of this enticing exercise.


The moms stayed where they were while the girls all rearranged.

After I’d moved everyone into position, we had Cherise on top of her mother, Danielle, Heather lying over Donna, and Addison on her mother, Kay. I was on my back now, between Donna and Kay, with Felicity above me. Once again, of course, we were face to pussy, both ways, but with the incest factor amped up to the max.

No one protested. These women were willing, perhaps even eager, to accept what we were doing as a teaching moment or maybe some sort of exotic yoga practice. At any rate, there they were, as close as humanly possible without quite crossing the line and committing that taboo sin.

I took a deep breath, and said, “You guys have done so well today, this afternoon and tonight. I’m really proud of you. I know it’s not easy, and it hasn’t been easy for me either. But now we’re almost there, just about done. Only a little more edging, one last go at it, all right? Except this time, after we’ve all stayed on the edge a few more minutes, we’ll finally get that release, let ourselves go. Does that sound good?”

I heard murmurs of approval all around. They were more than ready to start. And so was I.

My cunt throbbed, pulsated. It felt heavy with moisture, laden with goo, primed to explode. Even during all my years with Gina, I’d never gone on this long before, repeatedly bringing myself so close without coming, doing it over and over and over again for so many hours. I couldn’t wait to finish.

Well, I could wait, because I had to. But I didn’t want to! I wanted to come right away, and I was sure everyone else felt the same way. So we began.

Cherise, the slender, very pretty ten-year-old, played with herself as she watched her mother, Danielle, masturbate.

Above Donna’s face, ripe and luscious Heather, twelve years old, rubbed her clit while watching her mom fuck herself with her fingers.

The youngest of the group, Addison, barely ten, stared into her mother’s gaping cunt and tickled her hairless pussy just above Kay’s mouth.

And on top of me was ten-year-old Felicity, so adorable, so sweet, so fucking hot. I watched her fingers slide through her slit, teasing at the opening of her tiny pink vagina, then rubbing her swollen clit.

With both hands, I spread my own pussy open, giving the lovely blonde a good long look at my juicy sex. Then slowly I pushed a finger inside, groaning at the wonderful feel of it, as my other hand began massaging my clit.

We masturbated together, mothers with their young daughters, and a teen with a child, mouths so very close to slits, above and below, that they were nearly touching.

Could this be the final thrust that would push the moms over the top? Would they at last give in and start sucking those yummy, wet, little girl pussies? How could they possibly resist?

And the kids, when they saw the women come, when all that tasty warm goo was right there in front of their tongues, just waiting for them, would they lick it up like I wanted them to? Would the girls eat their moms?

I didn’t know any of the answers, wasn’t sure what would happen, but soon I would find out. Very soon.

There was almost no talking this time, none until the just before the end. Everyone seemed too wrapped up in the action, entranced by all the erotic sights and sounds and smells, mesmerized by the knowledge of what we were doing.

For me, there was no doubt. This was sex. They were having sex with each other, mothers and daughters. Even if there wasn’t any actual licking or sucking, that didn’t make a difference. When they came, when the orgasms struck and the juices flowed, it would be a sexual act, obviously. The moms could continue deceiving themselves about it if they wanted to. I really didn’t care any more.

Plus, I was so turned on!

I’d seen Felicity’s pussy this close before, of course. I’d even eaten her before. But I never get tired of seeing a little girl, completely hairless, rubbing her sweet clit for me, getting ready to come. It’s one of the most amazing, unforgettable sights a person can ever see.

So I was right on the edge now, and I had been for quite a while, almost since we started. I’d sort of lost track of the time, but figured it had to be at least ten minutes that we’d been going. And that was definitely long enough.

“Are you guys getting close?” I asked. “Everybody? Is there anyone who’s not getting near a climax?”

“I’m ready,” said Donna, beside me. “So fucking ready.”

I heard a throaty giggle from Heather. “Yeah, I’m ready,” she added. “Any time.”

“Me too,” agreed Felicity.

One by one, they chimed in. All the moms and all the girls were there, on the edge, just waiting for me to give the signal.

Before doing that, I slipped an arm out from under Felicity and reached across her small back, placing my hand behind her head. Then I took my other arm out as well, and brought it up to squeeze her bottom.

With everything set, I told them, “All right, you don’t have to wait any longer. Whenever you want, just go ahead and enjoy yourselves. You can all come now.”

Instantly I heard a loud grunt from Donna, a series of grunts. She was climaxing. I couldn’t see her, though, couldn’t see anyone, because my face was smack against Felicity’s crotch, mouth and tongue working between her fingers to taste the girl, to lick her, to make her come in my mouth.

Which she did, within seconds.

And then I was coming too, at the same time, in Felicity’s mouth. With my hand behind her head, I’d pressed down hard, pushing her face into my cunt, my thighs squeezing her head, trapping the child there.

Not that she seemed to mind. I felt her hot little tongue burrowing inside me, and heard her squeal with excitement as her pussy bucked in my mouth.

All around us were cries of ecstasy, women and girls, mothers and daughters, everyone coming together. And this went on — the moans and groans, shuddering bodies, spasming pussies — for what seemed a very long time, though I couldn’t begin to estimate how long it actually was.

After all that buildup, after so many hours of edging, our final release was titanic, stupendous, earthshaking, volcanic… pick any word you want, that’s what it was. Me, I just kept on coming, wave after climactic wave after climactic wave. This might have been the longest single orgasm of my life, one I thought might never end, though eventually it did, of course.

I’ll never know what the others did, while they were coming or just after, whether any of the moms took the plunge, actually went ahead and licked their daughters, or if the girls put their tongues inside their mothers’ cunts. No one ever confessed to me if something like that took place that evening, so all I can do is guess. Perhaps they did do it and perhaps they didn’t. I don’t know.

What I do know is what they looked like when it was all over, when the dust finally cleared, so to speak.

Our movements slowed in time, the moans quieted, and then one by one the girls slid off. I lazily pushed myself up and the women did as well. The whole group, all eight of us, sat on the bed and gazed around at one another, happy, silly grins on our faces.

Except — except on many faces, I was sure I could see more than just a goofy smile. Lips and cheeks and chins appeared to be wet, gleaming with fluids. Was it saliva, maybe just sweat? Or could it possibly be pussy juice? Was this evidence of incest?

I didn’t ask, and no one said. We wiped our mouths, licked our lips, and continued grinning, until someone began to laugh. Everyone else joined in, leading to a naked post-orgasmic giggle fest. Hugs and kisses and congratulations were shared, followed by more kisses and more hugs.

The wonderful session came to an end when Donna said, “Okay, it’s time to hit the sack. Kids, make sure you all brush your teeth.”


Addison and Felicity and Cherise and Heather bounced off the bed and scurried away, out the door and down the hall, chattering and giggling. I was amazed, once again, at how natural for them our incredible erotic activities seemed to be. The girls just treated it so casually, as if it were nothing outside the norm, like a family game night or something, a typical weekend in the suburbs.

Did they know that not all moms and daughters did this sort of thing? Well, of course they had to know that, I said to myself, but did they truly understand how extremely unusual this was, how fortunate they were?

Then I started to wonder… maybe the kids handled it all so naturally, seemingly without effort, because it was natural. Perhaps this sort of affection — sensual, sexual affection between mothers and their little girls — was the way it was always meant to be. Perhaps it was society that had gone wrong, off the track, with all our stupid rules and restrictions. And if that was true, was it also possible that what we were doing was not so unusual? Oh, I don’t mean with the yoga mixed in and all that, but just the physical contact, the lust, desire, and shared arousal leading to sex between mothers and daughters, or between sisters. Maybe this actually happened a lot more than I thought I did. In fact, maybe…

Kay snapped her fingers in front of my face. “Britt, you okay? Earth to Britt.”

I shook my head, coming out of a trance. Sometimes my mind really does run away with itself.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I chuckled. “Just daydreaming, as usual.”

“Oh? About what?”

With a shrug and a smile, I said, “Y’know — lesbian incest.”


A few days later the calendar flipped over to June, the end of our time for naughty fun and games. I’d mistakenly assumed that the moms and the girls and I might be able to enjoy a couple more sexy weekends together, but it turned out there was only one.

As that Saturday drew near, my mother informed me that it would have to be our final yoga lesson (which is what she still believed we were doing), except for those on the upcoming Tuesday and Thursday after school. The moving van was coming to our house on the Saturday after that, and I needed to be there to help out with last-minute packing and everything.

I argued, but to no avail. And anyway, I did feel a little bit guilty about trying to shirk my duties at home just so I could eat some more ten-year-old pussy. Where were my priorities? (Hee-hee.)

Partly because it seemed impossible to do, but also because I was feeling so depressed by then, I didn’t attempt on that concluding weekend to top our spectacular edging session from the previous Saturday. How could I?

When I look back on it now, though, I’m sort of embarrassed that I really didn’t try very hard, that I basically just went through the motions. I suppose I can forgive myself, and besides no one complained. Plus in a way I guess we made up for it on Thursday, our very last time with each other.

But we’ll get to that in a minute.

As I mentioned before, we’d put off telling the kids that my family was moving far away, out of town, out of state, almost halfway across the country! Now, however, we really had to tell them, and we decided to do that on Tuesday.

Because it was hard for me to speak without crying, it was actually Donna who delivered the news before we began the yoga lesson. Addison didn’t seem to understand at first, but when she finally got it, when she realized that we weren’t just talking about a short break like summer vacation, but a permanent end, the little girl burst into tears — and that started the waterfall.

It wasn’t just me sniffling and choked up now, but all six of us at once, the four kids and Donna too. We fell on each other, hugging and bawling. This went on for several minutes, until we’d cried ourselves out. Then we had to blow our noses and clean up our faces so I could get back to the business of teaching the girls. 

That was a really poignant session, and in fact I think we did a whole lot more talking than yoga practice. Which was fine. I’d already taught them so much, and this was a good opportunity to get our feelings out. But when 5:00 o’clock arrived and Kay and Danielle stopped by to pick up their daughters and I got ready to head home for supper, I made a vow to myself that Thursday would be different. If I had to go, I would go out in a blaze of glory.

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  1. Kris says:

    This was so beautiful and SO erotic! Thank you for continually sharing your gifts with us!

  2. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Oh sweet Angels! what an awesome chapter!!!..finally the Mommys & daughters get to
    “go over the edge!” just imagining the scent of all those lovely pussies cumming at nearly the same time is..is…well, AMAZING! beautiful young girls exploring their passions, the mothers finally, perhaps not admitting it, tasting & loving their daughter’s hungry young cunts..oh,paradise!

    These few lines are so noteworthy:

    “We masturbated together, mothers with their young daughters,and a teen with a child,mouths so very close to slits,above and below, that they were nearly touching.
    Could this be the final thrust that push the moms over the top? Would they at least give in and start sucking those yummy,wet, little girl pussies? How could they possibly resist?”

    And after all was said and done(so to speak),these lines are so great:

    “…..except on MANY faces, I was sure I could see more than just a goofy smile. Lips, and cheeks and chins appeared to be wet,gleaming with fluids. Was it saliva, maybe just sweat? Or could it possibly be pussy juice? Was this the evidence of incest?”

    Mmmm! so delicious!

    Naughty Mommy how do you do it?!

    And then the sad reality of Britt having to tell her “group” that she was leaving them, and all the moms & girls tears flowing like a dam that had suddenly burst, was, well, tearful!….But, Britt had something she really wanted to do, her “blaze of glory”, will be epic,no doubt!

    waiting, waiting, waiting and getting ever so closer to that edge!…

    Thank you Naughty Mommy for a great chapter!!!


  3. sue says:

    Yes, just what ET&A and Kris said. The edging chapters so totally hot with this great climax. We want to reread those at some point all at once to try hold on till this chapters end.

    Looking forward to the blaze of glory, but sad that this great story will be ending. Looking forward to what ever you dream up next though Naughty Mommy.

    Sue and Kim

  4. Margaret says:

    Hmmm this seems to be leading up to a wonderful climax for the mothers and the daughters, as well as Britt. She will leave them a wonderful legacy …. to continue their intimate relations for many years to come.

  5. Chris says:

    Thankyou Naughty Mother for Teaching Girls .It is a beautiful story.

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