Teaching the Girls, Chapter 20

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By Naughty Mommy

This was unbelievable, beyond my wildest imaginings. Are you kidding? Things like that just don’t happen to a person like me.

I was fairly shy, not especially popular at school, and had only a few girlfriends. When I talked with them about sex, or when they talked about it, I should say, it was always and only about boys. No one there knew I was a lesbian. I certainly hadn’t come out to anyone and I didn’t have the stereotypical look, as if that means anything.

So when Gina moved away the previous summer, I’d despaired, worrying it could be difficult for me, maybe even impossible, to ever find another sex partner as satisfying as her. For months I moped around, convinced that the best part of my life was already over. I felt utterly alone.

But then my dear mother, bless her heart, introduces me to Kay, proposing I give yoga lessons to her daughter. And now just look where I am: naked on a bed, surrounded by four nude girls — little girls, between the ages of nine and twelve — along with three naked women, the moms of the kids. I’m having delicious, forbidden sex with these underage girls while the women watch us and masturbate. Can you believe this?

What an incredible difference a few weeks can make. My mother will never know (I hope!) just how profoundly my life changed when she took me that day early in January to meet Kay and Addison. Obviously she could see how much happier I’d become but she assumed that was simply because I enjoyed teaching yoga.

Which I did, of course, though not nearly as much as I relished eating the sweet pussies of these lovely young girls, or having them eat mine, or fucking them, tribbing with them, as I’d just finished doing with Heather.

“Can I do it next?” said Addison. “Try it, I mean, with Cherise?”

Well, sure, why not?

I’d suggested before that she might do that — and I’d also told Heather I wanted to see her and Felicity together, the pretty blonde sisters fucking. But was Heather ready for that yet? Had she recovered sufficiently after climaxing a couple of times while I tribbed with her?

Apparently she had. Because when I told Addison to go ahead, Heather reached out and grabbed Felicity’s hand. Soon all four girls were arranged on the bed, Addison on top of Cherise, Heather atop her little sister.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” exclaimed Donna.

The woman was masturbating again, two fingers sliding rapidly in and out of her cunt, slapping against her vulva. I was surprised she could keep doing that over and over so many times without getting sore. Or perhaps she was sore, I realized, but just couldn’t keep from playing with herself as she watched her daughters have sex.

The other moms, Danielle and Kay, crawled onto the bed and began giving advice to their girls, Cherise and Addison, helping them learn to do what the women had demonstrated so memorably for them earlier in the evening.

As for me, I wasn’t quite ready yet for another orgasm at that point and was content to be a spectator, observing all the erotic activities. There certainly was a lot to see!

It turned out that neither Addison nor Cherise reached climax then, after trying for twenty minutes or so, which was fine. They would have plenty of opportunities for practice with one another, or with the other girls, in the months and years to come. Maybe even with their moms, who knows? Anyway, I was certain the pair would get the hang of it, probably sooner rather than later.

Heather, however, showed herself to be an excellent student. She seemed so skilled, in fact, at rubbing herself on Felicity and bringing them both to a high level of arousal that I wondered if they might have done this before. I knew the sisters did a lot of kissing at night in bed with each other. They’d told us about that. And often, it seems, when girls kiss that way, it’s only natural for them to begin pressing other parts of their bodies together. So, perhaps?

Well, guess what — thinking about these pretty girls kissing and possibly tribbing in bed at night, and now seeing them do it right in front of me as well as in front of their mother — it all turned me on so much that now I definitely was masturbating, fondling my clit, and getting very close!

And I wasn’t the only one. Donna was on the edge, no doubt about that. She panted and moaned, talking dirty to her daughters, her face beaded with sweat. I could see her body jerk occasionally as if she was barely able to hold back her orgasm, trying to time it with the girls if she could.

Luckily she didn’t have to wait long, and neither did I.

Felicity was first. We saw the ten-year-old’s body grow rigid, her eyes squeezed shut, face turning red. She appeared to be holding her breath — then suddenly released it in an explosive gasp, which became a shriek as the child went soaring over the top.

At almost the same time, Heather climaxed, the girl coming on her little sister, pussy to pussy.

Seeing this, Donna finally let go, crying out in ecstasy. And then I came too, sharing their spectacular moment of illicit mother-daughter pleasure.


There was to be no more tribbing for us that night, or at least not during the official ‘teaching’ portion of the program. Later on, after we’d put the kids to bed, I got myself fucked several times by the women, which was quite nice. And it’s likely, I suspect, that the girls did some more of that with one another prior to falling asleep. I certainly hope they did.

Before any of that took place, however, Donna wanted to have dessert. She got up from the bed and went to a large oak armoire near the door to one of the bathrooms. Opening the armoire and standing on her tiptoes to reach the top shelf, she took down a glittery red box which she brought over to us, her blue eyes twinkling.

“Sweets for the sweet, okay?” the woman said with a gleeful smile, looking every bit the high school cheerleader.

The big box of chocolates was passed around to everyone, with the moms and I sampling two or three treats apiece and their daughters many more than two or three, especially Addison. That kid loved to eat, yet somehow she wasn’t overweight, just with a pleasing portion of baby fat, making her small body smooth and touchable.

After licking melted chocolate from her fingers, Kay said, “All right, well, what comes next on the curriculum, Britt? Or maybe I should ask, who comes next?”

I laughed at her remark, as did the others, and checked the clock radio beside the bed. It was 8:27.

“There was one more thing I thought we might do tonight,” I began, then addressed the kids, “that is, unless you guys are getting too tired. We could stop now and maybe continue tomorrow or something.”

But the verdict was unanimous. None of the girls were tired yet, and all wanted to go on, learning more. That was fine with me!

So I said to Heather and Felicity, who were seated side by side, their bare thighs touching, “I know you two sometimes will kiss each other at night when you’re in bed. To get some practice, right?”

They both nodded. “Uh-huh.”

“Well, when you’re doing that,” I asked the older girl, “do you ever, you know, rub yourself on Felicity, the way I was teaching you to do just now?”

“Yeah, kind of,” she grinned. “Only it’s, like, um, not exactly how you showed us.”

“That’s all right. However you do it is fine. But my real question is this: when you’re rubbing against your sister that way, have you ever had an orgasm with her? Before tonight, I mean?”

Heather blushed deeply. But then she admitted, “Yeah, I guess I have. Sometimes.”

“A lot,” Felicity said, giggling. “She always does, every night. Usually more than one.”

“Wow,” breathed their mother, Donna, standing close behind me.

“That’s great, I’m glad,” I smiled. “Thank you for telling us. And how about you, Felicity? Do you ever come when Heather kisses you, rubbing her body on you that way?”

After a moment’s hesitation, she nodded. “Yeah… maybe not as much as her. But I do. I mean, I have, lots of times.”

“That’s good to hear,” I said. “It’s very important for young girls to have as many orgasms as they can. You’re learning about your bodies that way, what turns you on and gets you excited, and also what might get your partners excited when you make love with them.”

I asked the women, “Don’t you all agree?”

“Absolutely,” said Kay.

Donna and Danielle voiced their approval as well, with Donna adding, “Orgasms are definitely good, the more the better.”

Turning back to the blonde sisters, I said, “And how about oral sex? Have you two done any of that yet? Pussy licking?”

Heather shook her head. “Nooo…”

“I have!” Addison piped up. “Me and Cherise do that!”

“Yes, I know.” I smiled at the child. “That’s because I already taught you about it. But now I’d like to give that lesson to our newer students.”

“Yummy,” sighed Donna, “can’t wait.”

“I’ll, uh, start with Heather first. And Felicity, I want you to watch everything I do with her. Watch very closely, okay, and you’ll be learning to do it yourself.”

After getting Heather settled in, propped up on pillows against the headboard so she could observe what I was doing, I lay prone between the girl’s outstretched legs with Felicity beside me. The other kids were nearby, leaning in to see, their mothers just behind them.

This might have been a trifle embarrassing for Heather, being the object of so much attention, but I trusted that I could get her to relax soon enough. And anyway, she didn’t appear overly nervous, smiling brightly down at me, eyes wide, cheeks flushed appealingly.

“Are you ready?” I asked her.

“Uh-huh,” she nodded.

I turned to Felicity. On impulse, I gave the girl a kiss on the lips. Then I said, “As with a lot of the other stuff we’ve done, it’s best if you start slowly at first. In fact, before you even begin kissing or licking or anything like that, simply look closely at your partner for a minute, studying her, absorbing what you see. Each girl or woman will be different. They won’t all look the same. So take enough time to really see everything, to know her completely before you begin, all right?”

That’s what Felicity was doing. The little blonde’s gaze was fastened on her sister’s pussy, so much that she almost seemed entranced by it. And this certainly was a captivating sight.

Heather’s dark pink labia were slightly parted and shiny with lubrication. We could see a drop of creamy liquid emerging from within her, poised on the lip of her vagina. It was breathtaking. Mouthwatering.

Speaking for myself, I don’t believe there is anything more beautiful in all the world than the pussy of a young girl, a child on the cusp of puberty — especially when she is sexually excited, as Heather so obviously was.

Felicity let out a soft moan and licked her lips, which gave me an inspiration.

My original plan had been to perform cunnilingus on Heather myself, with the younger girl observing. But I decided to make a change. We would both do it.

“Take a long, deep breath,” I said to her. “Inhale… slowly exhale… now close your eyes, inhale once more, and taste the smell…”

Felicity licked her lips again, swallowing this time.

“That’s right. That’s good, very good… okay, you can open your eyes, and bring your face close to her now, as close as you can get without touching.”

She and I did this together, side by side, our mouths and noses coming very close to Heather’s juicy pussy.

“Jesus,” I heard from somewhere behind me. Donna’s voice.

“Let’s blow on it,” I said quietly, “with our warm, soft breath. Very, very gently… good, and now again…”

Heather groaned and shuddered. We saw her labia enlarge a bit more, while opening wider for us. And all this without even touching. Thank you, Gina, for teaching me.

“Can you see her clit?” I asked Felicity.

She pointed. “Um, is that it there?”

“Yes, that’s it.”

The swollen bud was plainly visible, poking out from its hood.

“Now, sweetie, put your tongue, the very tip of your tongue, on the end of your sister’s clit. Uh-huh, right there. And just, like, flick your tongue over the end of it a couple times.”

“Oh! God!” Heather cried as her body jerked. The juice oozing from her vagina was more than a single drop now. It was almost a stream of milky goo.

“Let me do it too,” I said to Felicity. “Just for a second.”

With my eyes locked on Heather’s, I placed my tongue on her and flicked it up and down a few times, then back and forth.

“Jee…zus…” Heather groaned. Her teeth were clenched, face growing red, her hands balled up in fists clutching the sheets.

“Fuck, that is so hot,” said Donna. I didn’t look back at her, but wondered if the woman was masturbating. Probably she was.

To Felicity I said, “I’m gonna flatten my tongue and lay it over her clit, then sort of slide around a bit. You watch me, and then you’ll do it.”

It is such an unbelievable experience to gaze into a young girl’s eyes while at the same instant you feel her erect clitoris pressing against your tongue. Lucky me, able to do that so many times!

When I finished, Heather was panting heavily. She hadn’t come yet, I didn’t think, but seemed to be getting close.

“All right, you try it,” I told Felicity.

She did, with everyone watching. Except they were not only watching. I took a look around and discovered that all three moms and both little girls, Cherise and Addison, were masturbating, rubbing themselves. Very nice to see.

But back to my job.

“Okay, now we’re going to add a finger, inside her.”

Felicity grinned. “Really?”

“Uh-huh. You’ve done that yourself before, haven’t you? Put your finger inside your pussy?”

“Um, yeah,” she nodded, blushing.

“And have you ever done that with Heather? Put a finger in your sister’s pussy?”

“No, never.”

“Well, now you will.” Then I quickly added, “But if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.”

“No, I do want to.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” said Donna.

“Okay, you watch me first,” I told the girl, “and then you’ll do it.”

I’d already had my finger inside Heather once that day, earlier in the afternoon when we were doing the shared masturbation exercise. That had felt delicious, and I was very much looking forward to repeating it. But I also needed to give Felicity some instruction.

As I placed my fingertip at the entrance to Heather’s gooey vagina, then began slowly slipping it inside, I said, “Depending on how old the girl is, and maybe how much experience she has, you might not be able to push in very far. That’s okay, don’t try to force it, just slide your finger gently in and out. Sometimes it can feel best if you sort of go in circles right around the inside of her opening, like this.”

“Ungh…god…” Heather gurgled, her voice choked with arousal.

“With an older girl, a teenager like me,” I continued, “or with a grown woman, like your mom, you should be able to get your finger all the way inside, really deep. Maybe even two fingers, or three. But let’s see you try just one for now, with your sister.”

“Okay.” Felicity licked her lips, and began easing the tip of her finger into Heather’s cunt, up to the first knuckle.

Behind us, we heard a sudden explosive grunt. Donna was coming as she watched us.

Felicity giggled, then said, “I think I can get it in pretty far.” She was up to the second knuckle.

“Slide in and out a little bit,” I told her. “Make sure your finger is nice and slippery.”


“God, yeah, fuck me,” urged Heather. “It feels so good.”

“Now, while you’re doing that, let’s both lick her together.”

As we brought our mouths to the girl’s clit and began licking, I could hear the sounds of more climaxes taking place around us, though I couldn’t tell for sure who it was. Maybe everyone?

A few moments later, Heather came. It didn’t take long at all. She’d been on the edge for quite a while, I think. And now, with her sister’s finger pressing inside her cunt and with two warm tongues bathing her clit, she burst into a tremendous orgasm, screaming and flailing about.


After giving Heather a short time to recover, I had the girls change position. Felicity was leaning back against the headboard, her legs spread wide apart as Heather and I gazed at her smooth, hairless pussy. I went through my standard routine, teaching Heather what I’d taught Cherise and Addison about a month before and her sister a few minutes earlier.

“Take a long, deep breath… inhale, slowly exhale… good, now close your eyes, inhale again, and taste the smell…”

If anything, Felicity’s reactions to what we did with her were even more dramatic and expressive than Heather’s. Though she was only ten and a half years old, the child seemed highly responsive, her body instinctively attuned to receiving and enjoying physical pleasure. She had a very happy sex life ahead of her, I thought, and was off to an early start!

When we were still just examining her pussy, before we’d ever touched the girl or started gently blowing on her vulva, Felicity was moaning, panting with excitement, her face growing flushed, limbs trembling. Everyone could easily see how wet she was, her tiny pink vagina gleaming with moisture.

“Goddamn, look at that!” I heard Donna say somewhere behind me.

I told Heather to place her tongue on the tip of her sister’s clit, then flick up and down a few times. And, wow, the instant she began doing that, Felicity came! I could hardly believe how fast she climaxed, but I swear that’s what happened. The girl gasped and shook, crying out — “Oh! Oh!! Ohh!!!” — her little butt bouncing on the bed.

We paused briefly, taking in this wonderful spectacle, though of course we didn’t stop for very long. Heather and I took turns licking her, bringing Felicity to two more orgasms, and still we weren’t done. It was time to put our fingers inside her.

When I announced that this was next on the agenda, Donna said, “Yes, yes, fuck my baby girl, I so want to see that!”

Would we be able to make Felicity come yet again, a fourth time? I had my doubts about that. Most likely she was spent. But I had an important job to do, teaching Heather. It was vital that she know how to properly finger-fuck a pussy, something every young girl should learn.

I gave her the same instructions I’d given Felicity, while also showing her what to do.

Tenderly I pushed my finger in, bit by bit, moving it around, hearing the child groan. She was very tight and very hot inside, not to mention extremely wet — and, oh my god, this got me so turned on! It took all my willpower to keep from suddenly shoving my mouth over her pussy, licking and sucking, but I managed to stay in control of myself, barely.

Felicity didn’t come when I fucked her, at least not doing it like that. But as I slowly drew my finger out, then brought it to my mouth, tasting her nectar, another idea dawned on me, a lovely one.

First I let Heather do it, sliding her finger inside, fucking her little sister. Although Felicity didn’t reach climax, both girls seemed to enjoy themselves immensely. I was quite sure they would be practicing this with each other a whole lot in the future, as all sisters should, right?

Then, instead of combining fingering with licking as I’d done when teaching Felicity, I added something new.

“You know what?” I said to Heather. “You can also fuck her another way, not using your finger, but your tongue.”

“Oh, Jesus!” Donna exclaimed.

Heather frowned. “I, um… what do you mean?”

“You can fuck a woman or a girl with your tongue,” I told her. “It’s so amazing to do. It feels great for her and it tastes delicious too. You have to try it, okay?”

“Well, uh, okay.”

“Just put your mouth over her, your whole mouth, and push your tongue up inside her. Go ahead and try, sweetie… that’s right… good. Make your tongue stiff, and shove it all the way in, as far as you can, moving in and out, in and out.”

Heather worked at this for maybe a minute while I watched her and played with myself, rubbing my clit. She didn’t get very much reaction, though. I think it probably was just too new for both kids.

Finally, sorry to say, I lost patience. I simply couldn’t resist any longer. I had to eat Felicity, had to have her little girl pussy.

“Lemme do it,” I said brusquely, elbowing Heather aside. Wrapping my arms around the child’s thin legs, I clamped my mouth over her vagina, sliding my tongue deep inside.

Whether it was because I had more experience and was better at this or perhaps because Heather had already warmed her up for me, I don’t know, but soon I felt Felicity beginning to respond, arching her pelvis to shove her juicy cunt in my face.

We found the perfect rhythm, working together and truly fucking, tongue in pussy. The blonde was huffing and puffing, moving faster and faster — until suddenly she squealed, and I tasted a spurt of honey in my mouth, then another, and another, and another. Mmm, it was heavenly.


That was it. Felicity had nothing left.

After I brought her to that huge climax, tongue-fucking her, she’d practically passed out. Donna gently took the limp child in her arms and carried her across the hall to her bedroom, where she began to set her down. Except then her sister asked if all the girls could sleep in her room that night, like a slumber party.

Heather had a double bed, it turned out, and although it was a tight fit, the four kids managed to squeeze in there together. I didn’t think they would mind sleeping so close, side by side, and anyway it likely would be a while before they actually fell asleep. Felicity had rallied, and the girls all seemed eager to try out some of their new skills with each other. The moms and I gave them hugs and kisses, said goodnight, then left the room, closing the door behind us.

We walked back to Donna’s bedroom — or maybe I should say we rushed back. After watching all that hot sex and not participating much for the last few hours other than playing with themselves, the women were extremely horny and ready for fun. Danielle took my hand, Kay grabbed an arm, Donna pushed from behind, and soon we were naked in bed, laughing and rolling around on each other, kissing, licking, and randomly groping.

It went on that way for an hour or so, a general orgy of rampant lesbian lovemaking, with plenty of fingering, pussy licking, tit sucking, and some tribbing mixed in too. I didn’t attempt to keep track, but I know I came a couple of times and everyone else at least once if not more than that.

Eventually we needed a break, just to catch our breath and cool down a bit. Plus Donna had another surprise for us. She went to a large cabinet on the far wall and opened both doors. It was a wet bar, right in their bedroom, with a miniature refrigerator and everything. Their house had everything!

Opening the fridge, she took out a bottle of champagne. “Who’s up for a little bubbly?”

I’d only drunk champagne once before, on the previous New Year’s Eve when my parents let me have half a glass with them. I wasn’t exactly crazy about it, but it was pleasant enough drinking it now with the ladies.

Then I discovered something. One glass of the stuff made me feel good, but two glasses sent me into outer space! I felt as if I was out of my body, floating around the room, and even more, I was super turned on, needing to come like mad and wanting to make everyone else come too, whether on my face or just anywhere — come all over me, please!

The feeling seemed to be mutual and the second part of our orgy quickly got underway.

There was not as much laughter or game-playing this time, more focus on giving and receiving pleasure. I certainly got my share of pussy, with all three women shoving their cunts in my mouth again and again, while pushing their fingers inside me wherever they could. How long were we at it? I have no idea. Time stood still… or maybe time didn’t exist at all… it felt so weird, like a dream, but the sexiest, wettest dream I’d ever had. Absolutely wonderful.


At some point later on, I woke up, through I couldn’t remember falling asleep. The moms were awake, sitting up around me and chatting.

“Hi, uh…” I rubbed my eyes. They felt gritty. “Did you guys sleep too? Or just me?”

Kay smiled. “Only you, sweetheart.”

“Umm, what time is it?” I asked.

“It’s almost two.”

“In the morning or afternoon?”

Everyone laughed.

“Two in the morning, silly,” said Kay, as she leaned down to kiss my cheek.


“We were just talking about how great this is,” Donna told me, “the things you’ve been doing with us and with the girls. Of course it’s kind of risky, but we all trust each other, and we trust you, and definitely it’s worth it.”

“Totally worth it,” said Danielle.

Kay nodded. “Totally.”

I sat up. “That’s good, I’m glad. It’s been great for me too. Really, really great. But, you know, I do have sort of a question.”

No one said anything in reply. Apparently they were waiting for me to continue. So I did.

“Well, I mean, I’ve asked you before why you guys don’t want to do anything with your kids. Or at least, you’re not actually gonna have sex with them, right?”

“That’s right,” said Kay.

“Okay, but, um, some of the stuff we’ve done, if you think about it… like this afternoon, for example, when you were rubbing their pussies and they were rubbing yours, and you made each other come. You and your daughters made each other come. Isn’t that the same thing as having sex?”

Kay shook her head. “No, that wasn’t sex. It was yoga. We were meditating together with you leading us, remember? It was more of a spiritual thing, you might say.”

“That’s right, it was spiritual. It wasn’t sex,” agreed Donna, with a hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth. “We wouldn’t do anything like that with our girls.”

“But that’s what I don’t understand,” I persisted. “Why wouldn’t you? You’ve done just about everything else with them, so why not go all the way?”

“I’ve told you before, Britt, you’re not going to convince us,” said Kay. “We’ve made our decision and it’s final. We’re not going to do it.”

“All right,” I shrugged, letting out a sigh. “But you can’t blame me for trying. I would just love to see that. Mother-daughter sex makes me so hot.”

“Me too,” Donna grinned.

She was seated cross-legged, massaging her clit with one hand while holding a tit in the other, squeezing the nipple.

I looked at her breasts, licking my lips.

“You want to suck Mommy’s nipple, baby girl?” she cooed.

Then we were into our third round, though this one didn’t last quite as long. Another half hour or so of tangy, juicy sex until finally we turned out the lights and went to sleep.

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