Teaching the Girls, Chapter 19

  • Posted on April 1, 2019 at 2:26 pm

By Naughty Mommy

As I slowly regained my senses and looked around, I saw by the clock radio next to the bed that it was ten minutes before 5:00 on that Saturday afternoon.

I also saw faces turned toward me, sweaty faces, many wearing hooded expressions and with glazed eyes, evidence that they too were recovering from orgasms, as I was. And all seemed to be awaiting my instruction. I had a roomful — a bed full — of naked women and girls, mothers and daughters, ready for anything I might suggest.

We still had more one round to go in our session of shared meditation and masturbation. That was next on my agenda. Following that, it probably would be time for dinner. And then later on in the evening… well, we had plenty of fun ahead of us.

But first things first.

“Okay, shall we try doing this exercise again, just once more? Let’s put Addison and Cherise with your moms this time, and Felicity with your mother, and I’ll be with Heather. All right?”

No one voiced any objections. Hurray!

I led them through the steps but didn’t have to say very much, since by now the sequence was so familiar: look closely, breathe deeply, close your eyes, feel the oneness, begin gently touching…

It was a pleasure caressing Heather’s smooth young body and I loved fucking her with my finger as I’d done with her little sister not long before. Although I didn’t have an orgasm myself (close, but not quite), I’m pretty sure I was the only one who didn’t. Heather certainly did, and I thought I could hear everyone else go over the top as well.

I kept my eyes closed and didn’t take a peek, but tried hard to listen. And, wow, it was electrifying to hear all those sounds — three moms and their little girls climaxing, women rubbing their daughter’s pussies and the girls returning the favor, making each other come — an unforgettable erotic experience.

Then, once everyone was finished and had a few minutes to rest up, we headed downstairs to eat.

Donna had prepared the filling for sloppy joes earlier in the day, so all she had to do was reheat it on the stove. She took a tub of coleslaw from the fridge and also cooked a big batch of french fries in an air fryer. With everything ready we sat down, naked as was our custom, to enjoy a delicious meal.

The food was terrific, a relaxed homestyle supper, and the conversation was great, filled with jokes and laughter. But then something took place which hadn’t happened before.

As Donna was eating her second sloppy joe, licking some of the spilled sauce from her fingers, I noticed she was breathing fast and had an odd look, sort of a half frown. Plus I realized I could see only one of her hands. Where was the other?

Aha! It was between her legs. She was masturbating at the dinner table.

“Mom?” Heather had noticed it too. “Are you…?”

“Uh-huh,” the woman nodded, her face growing red. “I’m gonna, I’m gonna — UNHH!!”

That was certainly different. And guess what, it was contagious!

“Damn, that is so hot,” sighed Kay, as she watched Donna climax. Suddenly she shoved her chair back from the table and began rubbing her clit, then said to her daughter, who was seated next to her, “Addison, baby, will you do it for Mommy?”


And pretty soon we all were doing it. Mothers, daughters, and me too, rubbed ourselves while gazing around at one another. This wasn’t on the curriculum, wasn’t part of my teaching agenda, but I didn’t mind a bit. Nothing goes better with sloppy joes than pussy juice, right?

Over the next fifteen or twenty minutes, everybody came at least once. I think Donna might’ve had three or even four orgasms. She was really turned on. But we all had our share.

Finally, when things started calming down, Kay said, “So, Britt, did you have more stuff you were planning to teach the girls tonight?”

“Yeah,” added Donna with a wry smile, “I’m sorry that I sorta, y’know, got us off track a little bit.”

“That’s fine,” I told her, “it’s not a problem. But, um, to answer the question, yes, there are a couple of new things I’d like to focus on. If the kids want to do more, that is.”

Heather responded instantly — “I do!” — and the other girls chimed in with her, equally enthusiastic. So, after quickly clearing the table and stacking the dirty dishes in the sink, we trooped back up the stairs to the big bedroom.

“Now, um, last Saturday after dinner,” I began as we gathered inside the door, “we did a lot of work on kissing. Part of the time when we were doing that it was on the bed with one person on top of another, right? Remember that?”

Everyone nodded. Obviously they recalled this, but I wanted them to have the picture clearly in their minds.

I turned to Kay. “You asked me then, when Donna was kissing Heather, if you could do the same thing with your daughter when they were done. We didn’t have time for it last week, but would you like to try that now?”

“She already did — she already does!” Addison exclaimed. “Me and Mom kiss that way every night. She gets in my bed with me and kisses me and stuff. It’s nice.”

I was surprised. “Oh, wow… you do?”

“Yes, well,” Kay chuckled, “I figured it might be a good idea.” Then she added with a wink, “You know, just for practice.” 

“It definitely is a good idea,” I agreed. “The more practice all these girls can get, the better.”

I asked Danielle, “Have you been doing the same thing with Cherise?”

“Um, no,” said the woman, blushing. “I, uh, we haven’t. But I guess we could, or should.”

“Would you like to do that with your mom?” I asked the child.

Cherise didn’t say anything in reply, but smiled and nodded eagerly.

“How about you two?” I said to Heather and Felicity. “Have you guys been doing more practice kissing with each other?”

“Yeah, we have,” Heather grinned. “A lot, almost every night.”

With this news, Donna licked her lips as she gazed at her daughters. One hand went to her chest, fondling her breasts and nipples, the other between her legs to massage her pussy.

“All right, so, anyway,” I continued, “we’re going to do something similar now to what we did last week, except the emphasis will not be on kissing — or at least not on your lips and mouths meeting, but on another part of your body. I want to teach you about a pussy to pussy kiss, okay? This is sometimes called ‘tribbing’. Raise your hand if you’ve heard that word before.”

A few hands went up, but only from the grownups. Apparently none of the kids knew the word. It would be my pleasure to show them what it meant.

“Can we, like, demonstrate maybe?” said Danielle. “Kay and I?”

Again I was surprised. “Uh… what?”

“You naughty girl,” said Kay, slapping Danielle’s arm playfully. “Do you really want to do that?”

“Yeah, I do,” nodded the tall brunette. “If we can help them learn, we should. That’s what we’re here for.”

Thus, as it turned out, it wasn’t me showing the girls what tribbing meant, at least not initially, but two of the moms instead.

When I didn’t object to this proposal (and why would I?), the women strode hand in hand to the bed. After pulling back the spread, the slightly younger and much slimmer of the pair, Danielle, lay on her back with one knee raised, her long legs open wide. Kay carefully mounted her, in a scissors position, pressing their labia together.

“Oh my god,” said Heather, as everyone moved in closer to watch. “Are they really gonna do it?”

“It looks like they are,” I replied. Then to Kay and Danielle, I said, “It might help, I think, if you can explain to the girls what you’re doing, okay? Tell them how it works.”

Kay nodded. “Well, I’m not a teacher, but I guess I’ll try.”

She began gently rocking, slowly easing back and forth on top of Danielle, and told us, “It’s, uh, like Britt said before, it’s sort of like kissing… except that it’s not really kissing… more of just rubbing… you know, pussy on… uh… pussy on… pussy… and… and…”

As her movements increased in speed, Kay’s description trailed off. Evidently it was hard for her to speak coherently while she was so focused on the feelings being generated, the intense physical sensations.

For the next two or three minutes, we simply stood and observed. The room was quiet except for panting and occasional moans from the bed, along with that delicious squishy sound of wet pussies sliding together.

Then we heard a voice, but it wasn’t Kay’s.

“Fuck me,” urged Danielle. She was staring at the woman above her, looking straight into her eyes. “Fuck me, Mommy!”

I glanced at Addison. Her eyes were very wide, her mouth hanging open as she watched her mother have sex with her friend’s mom.

“Fuck me, Mommy!” Danielle repeated. “Fuck my little pussy, Mommy, and make me come!”

Could Addison understand what this meant? Did she, or any of the girls, know about role-playing? Did they realize the implications for them? Maybe so, but more likely not.

“Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh,” growled Donna.

None of the kids were masturbating, I saw, but it looked like Donna was almost on the verge of coming. The full-figured oversexed blonde had both hands working fast between her legs. She was fucking herself and rubbing her clit. Her face was flushed and shiny with sweat. “Fuck your little girl, fuck your little girl,” she hissed.

It was plain that Donna knew exactly what was going on. She’d probably acted out this fantasy scenario many times with her lovers, horny women pretending to fuck their daughters.

Now Kay spoke again, her voice husky, choked with arousal. “You want me to fuck you? Want me to come on you? Want Mommy to come on your little pussy?”

“Uh-huh!” cried Danielle. “Fuck me, Mommy!”

Heather was next to me. Taking my hand and squeezing tightly, she said, “Oh my god, I don’t believe this.”

“Mommy’s gonna… Mommy’s gonna… OHHH, FUCK!” Kay groaned, her body jerking as she came on top of Danielle. Seconds later we heard Donna gasping and grunting, and at nearly the same time Danielle exploded into orgasm.

With their daughters watching — a nine-year-old, two ten-year-olds, and a twelve-year-old — all three of the moms reached climax.

Although this wasn’t quite the way I’d planned for our lesson on tribbing to proceed, I wasn’t about to complain. It certainly was educational for the kids, not to mention extremely exciting for everyone there.

As her orgasm came to an end, Kay slid off Danielle and collapsed on her back, breathing heavily. Her legs were spread apart, facing toward us. It was easy to see how wet she was, her pussy gleaming with moisture.

But that was nothing compared to Danielle. Wow! The younger woman’s shaved vulva was covered with goo. Some of it, a lot of it, had dripped down over her ass and onto the bed, staining the sheets. My goodness, what a lovely, sexy mess she’d made.

After maybe half a minute, Kay slowly sat up and then got to her feet, still panting but mostly recovered.

“Sorry I couldn’t teach all that much,” she said, grinning sheepishly. “I just got too carried away.”

“No, it’s fine,” I told her. “I think everyone enjoyed it. I know I did.”

“Yeah, and I sure did,” Donna laughed. “You made me come really hard.”

“Good, I’m glad,” said Kay.

Danielle pushed herself to a sitting position, shaking her head as if to clear it. She looked down for a moment at the sticky puddle between her legs, then chuckled and said, “So what’s next, Britt? I’m sure you can do a better job of actually teaching than we did.”

“Um, well, yeah, I would like to try doing it myself with one of the kids, or maybe more than one, letting them experience it and learning how it’s done.”

“Me first!” said Addison.

“No, me!” said Heather.

It’s not always an easy job being an instructor. There are so many difficult choices that one must make — such as which underage girl to fuck first!

“Let’s start with Addison, since she’s the youngest. Heather, you’ll be next. And then after we do that, maybe you guys can try it on the others, okay?”

With this plan accepted, Addison vaulted onto the bed, landing on her knees and turning to face us. “What should I do? Should I lay down?” she asked breathlessly.

“Yes,” I told the child, “start out that way, on your back with one knee raised, like you saw, uh, Cherise’s mom a minute ago.”

As I was climbing onto Addison, I said to the other kids, “There are many different ways of doing this, of tribbing. I’ll show you some of them and tell you about some others. But the best thing to do is find a partner and experiment. Try using various positions and just see what works best for you and for her.”

After placing my cunt, topped with a red bush, firmly on top of the little girl’s hairless mound, I began to gently move on her as I continued teaching. “The most important thing, though, no matter which way you try it, is to go slowly at first. You have to take time to get each other warmed up, let your pussies get nice and juicy so they mesh together smoothly.”

I’d learned all about tribbing from Gina, of course, as I’d learned everything else. During our four years together, starting when I was eleven and until I was fifteen, we usually had sex at least two or three times a week, after my yoga lesson was over. The woman fucked me in just about every way you can possibly imagine, in every opening, using her fingers, her tongue, or tribbing.

It was truly a wonderful education for a young girl. I was very lucky. And the best thing is that she really taught me what she was doing every step of the way. I can only hope I live up to her example.

When I felt myself becoming wetter, the juices beginning to flow, I lifted Addison’s leg, hugging it against my chest. I moved faster on her now and I could see the effect this was having. She was panting, her eyes half closed, face growing flushed.

“It’s nice doing it this way,” I explained to my students, “with your partner’s leg up high. You can get your pussies really close, almost like they’re kissing.”

“Oh my god, fuck her — fuck my little girl!”

That was Kay, giving encouragement. I glanced over and saw that she was masturbating, as were the other two women, Donna and Danielle. Their daughters weren’t, however. But the kids were observing carefully, crowding around the bed and watching intently, their eyes wide.

“It’s great if you can come at the same time,” I told them, “you and your partner, but that might not happen, at least not usually. And anyhow, it doesn’t matter that much. What counts is the feelings you’re sharing together, the pleasure you’re both enjoying.”

With all my emphasis on instruction, I hadn’t actually expected to reach climax. But when I heard Addison start to squeal, when I saw her fists clutching the sheets, her knuckles turning white — and when I thought about what I was doing, fucking a child right in front of her mom — and then when the girl suddenly bucked beneath me, ramming her little pussy into mine as she came, that did it.

After few more quick thrusts of my clit against hers, a glorious orgasm roared up from my center, spreading through my body, bringing perfect satisfaction. I came very hard.


Ten minutes later, following a short time to recover, I had Heather on the bed waiting for me. And oh my, what a beautiful sight she was. The twelve-year-old was lying on her back with her slim legs spread wide. We could see a small amount of blonde fur surrounding her labia, and her pink pussy was open, gleaming with moisture. Totally irresistible.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to resist. In fact, if for some reason I had shown reluctance, her mom and the other women probably would have been angry with me. They wanted me to fuck her while they watched! Can you imagine?

So, like a good girl, I did what I was supposed to do.

I began in the missionary position, with Heather’s legs apart and mine together. As with Addison, I started out slowly, moving just a little bit at first, describing to my audience what I was doing and how it felt.

“One of the nicest things about doing it this way,” I said, “is that while you’re tribbing, kissing pussies, you can also kiss each other’s lips too pretty easily. Sometimes that can help you to, you know, to stop thinking so much about what you’re doing, and just let yourself be in the moment.”

She and I kissed for several minutes, providing an example… and soon, as our tongues played in one another’s mouths, I was delighted to feel Heather’s breath coming faster, her body trembling. Was she was already getting close? Could I make her come this way?

Yes! She was, and I did!

I continued kissing the girl and tried to match my movements with hers, responding to what she seemed to need. God, it felt so great, sucking on her tongue while rubbing my clit on hers. Although I wasn’t quite ready for another climax yet, I loved the experience of being so close to Heather, feeling her arms around me, pulling me tightly against her.

When she came, she broke our kiss, gasping and groaning and throwing her head from side to side as her body shuddered repeatedly.

I didn’t take my eyes from Heather’s face, wanting to always remember this special moment with her — but I could certainly hear Donna climaxing as she watched us. It’s possible the other moms had orgasms too. I’m not sure, though, because Donna was just so loud.

While Heather gradually calmed down, I pondered what I should do next. She’d come so quickly that I hadn’t yet completed everything I’d intended to demonstrate with her. Should I switch to another girl or maybe have a different pair give it a try?

No, I decided to stay with Heather. She was just so hot, so desirable (not that the other kids weren’t!), and also so wonderfully responsive. I figured I’d stick with her a while longer.

Once she appeared ready to continue, smiling happily, I reached down and grasped her ankles, raising both legs up and pushing them all the way back until they framed her lovely face. Then I mounted the girl, my knees straddling her little butt, my cunt meeting hers.

“Here’s another way you can do it,” I explained. “This position doesn’t work for everyone, but it’s absolutely worth a try.”

I fucked her like that for a few minutes, holding her ankles, rubbing back and forth on her. Because we both were extremely wet, there wasn’t much friction, just a slick and slippery pussy kiss. It was exquisite.

From what I could tell, Heather was enjoying it as much as I was, except I didn’t think either of us would come that way. So I continued doing my job, teaching the girls, and changed to a new position for them.

“For a lot of people, this seems to work the best.”

I lowered Heather’s legs down to the bed and shifted over slightly, lying atop her thigh, with my leg pressing against her crotch.

“It’s not quite pussy to pussy, but you can get a lot of pleasure for both partners doing it like this. And anyway, the word tribbing simply means to rub. In fact, you can rub yourself against her body in all sorts of places… on her leg, her butt, her chest… again, just try experimenting, doing it in all the different ways you can think of to make yourself come on her.”

I wondered, briefly, if it might bother the moms that I kept on urging their kids to have so much sex with each other. But then, why would it? That was what they’d asked for, right? These women wanted their young daughters — pre-teens, most of them barely pubescent, and Addison not at all — to be sexually active. And they wanted me to instruct them, to show them what to do.

Thinking about that always got me very excited. I was really humping Heather’s leg now, and she was moving fast too, rocking her pelvis, her hand gripping my thigh, pulling me against her. The girl’s teeth were clenched, her face in a grimace. Was she getting ready to come?

It appeared as if she was, and I definitely was. Oh my god, I was so turned on, rubbing myself on this pretty sixth-grader. I was almost there, almost there… and then, when she looked at me and our eyes locked, I felt that delicious surge welling up from within. It was going to happen. I was about to reach orgasm.

But first I said, “Heather, I’m fucking you — I’m gonna come on you!”

“Uh-huh, uh-huh…” was all she could say in reply.

“And after this, I want you to do it with your sister, okay? I want you to fuck Felicity!”

“Uh-huh… but I… I… UNHH!!”

She climaxed.

And distantly, somewhere, I could hear the sounds of more climaxes. Donna for sure, maybe other women, and maybe Felicity too. Had the little girls started masturbating? Evidently they had, but I didn’t have much time to think about that because my world went blank as a huge orgasm overtook me.

Right this way to Chapter 20!


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  1. Chef71 says:

    Do you ever find it hard to keep a story going with out repeating something from another previous chapter ?

  2. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Another great chapter! so much incredible sex!..the mommys are certainly having a lot of fun watching and participating in the “lessons”! and the all the daughters are so excited and so eager to learn the new things..Mmm, delicious!!! Britt has got to consider herself the luckiest young lady in the world, getting to physically show these young girls how to effectively enjoy their beautiful cunts and, recently, the intricate “maneuvers” to more fulfilled fucking and orgasms!!!
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    Thanks, Naughty Mommy!


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    Another great chapter! So hot and sexy!

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    Will this become the full blown mommy daughter orgy? Please not just yet. I am still loving each and every chapter too much. Just so damn good.

  7. Purple Les says:

    I wondered, briefly, if it might bother the moms that I kept on urging their kids to have so much sex with each other. But then, why would it? That was what they’d asked for, right? These women wanted their young daughters — pre-teens, most of them barely pubescent, and Addison not at all — to be sexually active. And they wanted me to instruct them, to show them what to do.

    Thinking about that always got me very excited.

    Me too. What a great chapter NM. Looking forward to more. Britt’s demonstrations on tribbing with Addison and Heather were white hot.

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    Just as good as it ever gets, in my opinion! Great chapter and you always leave the reader excited about what comes next! I really don’t want this story to ever end, hope you have many more chapters in store for us! Thank you!

  9. Naughty Mommy says:

    First, thanks to everyone for leaving comments. That’s really what keep me going. Second, let me address some of the specific questions/issues…

    @ Chef71: If you’re asking in general whether I worry about repeating myself when writing a long story, the answer to that is definitely YES. I try very hard to keep things fresh, and I’m always looking back at what I’ve written before so that I can give my readers a genuinely new experience with each additional chapter. I hope I’m succeeding.

    @ kim: No, you’ll have to wait a while longer for that “full blown mommy daughter orgy.” In fact, you’ll have to wait a very very long time, since by the end… well, I don’t want to spoil anything, so let’s just wait and see what happens.

    @ Aussierules: Of course this story will end eventually, but not for at least a few more weeks. I’m working on Chapter 25 now, and I expect there probably will be one or maybe two more chapters after that. As I said above, I don’t want to go on too long and start repeating myself. 🙂

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      That’s fine with me. Keep the chapters, and me, coming.

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      Love your stories on yoga Do you write about young cheerleaders and gymnastic

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        (Sorry to jump in on your thread here Naughty Mommy)

        Hi theflash, if you go to the Readers Forum tab at the top, then scroll down to the Writers Challenge thread, you could leave ideas you’d like to see and if you’re lucky, one contributor may take up your idea and submit a story.

        Have fun

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