Teaching the Girls, Chapter 17

  • Posted on March 18, 2019 at 2:22 pm

By Naughty Mommy

How should I start? Where to begin? There were so many possibilities…

I was standing in a bedroom with two naked girls on the bed, a nine-year-old and a ten-year-old, waiting for me to “play” with them, a code word meaning sex. Meanwhile, seated close by, ready to watch everything and masturbate, were the kids’ mothers. In fact, both women were doing it already, eagerly rubbing themselves as they ogled their daughters’ sweet young bodies.

So, should I just dive in and start licking the little girls? Should I sit on their faces, come in their mouths? Maybe trib with them, fucking them pussy to pussy? I’d done all this and more with them before, and certainly I could do it again.

And also, which child should I make love with first, Cherise or Addison? How could I make a choice between them?

As I pondered these difficult questions, something else suddenly occurred to me, a brand new idea.

I turned and sat down on the edge of the bed, facing the moms, and motioned for the kids to come sit next to me. They did, one on each side.

“Mmm, they look delicious, don’t they?” I said to the girls, nodding toward the women’s juicy pussies.

“Uh-huh,” replied Addison, licking her lips. Cherise nodded in agreement.

I saw in Kay’s eyes, and in Danielle’s too, a hint of concern.

From the beginning and all along, they had maintained that they would allow no real sexual contact between mothers and daughters. This was a big part of our deal, something they insisted upon. Of course we’d already skirted that line many times, but in their minds, I suppose, they still had not committed incest.

Now, however, it might seem that I was finally proposing to smash that taboo. But that wasn’t it, not exactly. I did want to push the envelope, but in a different way.

Kay was frowning at me and I could tell she was about to raise an objection. So I quickly said to the kids, “Yeah, they do look yummy, but your little pussies are just as tasty. And I promise, I’m gonna lick both of you pretty soon. First, though, because this is all about teaching, I think we should do another lesson. I’ll start by licking your mom, Cherise, while you watch me, and then, Addison, I’ll lick your mom while you watch. Okay?”

As I spoke these words, I slid off the bed and knelt in front of Danielle. The reaction I got from her, and from Kay as well, was rather comical. They obviously wanted to say something but didn’t know what, and their mouths simply hung open.

“It’s only fair, right?” I grinned. “You guys have watched me lick your daughters, so why can’t we do it the other way? Plus, of course, it’s for teaching, just like all the other stuff we’ve done.”

They could hardly argue with this reasoning since it was the same justification I had used — and that they had accepted — in every step we’d taken right from the start.

Without waiting for any further response, and with Cherise looking over one shoulder and Addison peering over the other, I placed my hands on Danielle’s thighs, brought my face in close, and began licking her.

I’d had the pleasure of eating both Kay and Danielle a week earlier when the three of us spent the night in Kay’s bed, and that was great. I just love pussy, whether it’s a woman’s, a teenager’s, or a very young girl’s. But it was different this time, obviously, since Danielle’s daughter, Cherise, was watching. I think that might have made Danielle a little nervous, at least at first, but pretty soon she got going.

And I didn’t actually begin licking her right away. Instead I just looked at her beautiful shaved pussy and took a few deep breaths, inhaling her scent, tasting the smell. As I did this, I spoke softly to the kids, describing what I was doing. I blew very tenderly on Danielle’s vulva, following the same sequence I’d taught the girls when they licked me for the first time.

Cherise and Addison and I saw the moist labia gradually open and spread, and together we looked inside the woman’s vagina. I pointed out her clitoris to them, which wasn’t really hard to see because already it was erect and protruding. When I flicked my tongue over the tip of the swollen bud, we heard Danielle groan. I felt her body trembling with arousal.

After licking her clit for a minute or so, I drew back and we looked at her vagina again. We saw it pulsating. The wet pink opening expanded and contracted in front of our eyes.

“That means she wants to be fucked,” I told the kids, “and she wants you to watch.”

“Oh, Jesus, yes…” Danielle sighed.

So I fucked the woman, sliding a finger inside her hot cunt with her daughter watching me, and I licked and sucked her clit. It didn’t take long at all after that. Maybe half a minute later she gasped, “I’m gonna — I’m gonna — I — unnhhh!!”

No more words came out, but plenty of goo flowed from Danielle’s pussy as she climaxed, dripping down over her asshole and onto the chair.

“Omigod!” exclaimed Cherise, her eyes wide.

I’d wondered whether she or Addison or perhaps Kay might masturbate while I was eating Danielle, but none of them did. Apparently they were all simply too entranced with watching.

What happened next was amusing. As soon as it appeared that Danielle’s orgasm was coming to an end, Kay urged, “Now me, Britt. Now me. Do me with them watching!”

So much for any objections she might have had earlier. The woman certainly wasn’t frowning now. She spread her legs wide, using the fingers of both hands to open her labia for us. “Eat me and fuck me while they watch! Make me come, Britt!”

How could I refuse?

I shifted in front her with the kids closely following, and this time I didn’t take things as slowly as before. I didn’t bother teaching very much either, just right dove in, licking and tasting and sucking and fucking until Kay grabbed my head and pulled me against her, coming very hard.

And when she came, Addison came too. Apparently the child had begun playing with herself, although I hadn’t noticed. At any rate, I heard her squealing behind me and felt her small warm body jerking against my back. Mmm, yes, what a lovely way to spend a Saturday evening.

I took my finger out and put my mouth over Kay’s cunt, sucking and swallowing her juices. Soon, though, she pushed me away, bringing her legs together. The sensations were just too strong, and she needed to recover.

That was fine, because it was my turn now.

After helping Addison onto the bed, hugging the girl and kissing her mouth, letting her taste her mother’s pussy on my lips, I said to Cherise, “Okay, sweetie, it’s time for more practice. I want you to try licking me like you saw me lick your mom, all right?”

“Okay, sure!” she nodded happily.

I lay on my back on the bed, closing my eyes and placing my hands over my breasts, gently massaging them, toying with the nipples. It was so wonderful to relax and simply be in that moment, having a young girl worshipfully attend to my sexual needs.

Before long, I discovered, it was two little girls. I didn’t open my eyes, but felt more hands and fingers, another mouth, and heard the kids giggling as they eagerly licked me.

They were enthusiastic, as always, but not very accomplished at cunnilingus. Of course it had been only two weeks since their first lesson, so you couldn’t expect that much yet. It was a learning process, and they needed a lot of practice.

After a while, I began providing some direction, telling Cherise and Addison what I needed. I heard other voices too, giving advice, and looked up for a moment to find that Danielle and Kay had joined us on the bed. I smiled and put my head down again.

A few minutes later, it finally happened, the proper combination of finger-fucking and clit-licking that brought me to a peak.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I whispered, “I… AAHHH!!”


By then, nearly an hour had passed. We’d used up most of our allotted playtime, except there was one more promise I had to keep.

With my body still aflame, shimmering in the afterglow of a delicious orgasm, I sat up and laid Cherise on her back, spreading the child’s long perfect legs wide apart. I didn’t say a thing, just gave her a soft kiss on the lips and then kissed her nipples before kissing her sweet, sweet pussy.

Kay and Danielle both masturbated as they watched me lick the girl, though neither of them climaxed. They were probably trying to reserve at least some of their sexual energy for later on when I would be in bed with them.

Cherise came pretty quickly, and just like her mom, she was very juicy. I enjoyed the thrill of several spurts in my mouth from her tiny vagina. Yummy!

And finally Addison, the darling nine-year-old who’d basically begun seducing me that first time when we were alone in her bedroom together. I smiled at her and she returned the grin, then flopped down onto her back, pulling her knees up with her hands, offering herself to me. She giggled as I lowered my mouth over her puffy pussy lips, but those giggles soon changed to sighs and then moans.

A few minutes later when I had a finger inside her and was sucking her clit, Addison was huffing and puffing, getting very close, her face turning red. The child cried out when she came — and beside me I heard Kay hiss, “Goddamn, fuck, yeah!”

Glancing over, I saw that the woman was fucking herself, two fingers plunging in and out of her juicy cunt as she watched her daughter climax.

We put them to bed, turning out the light and closing the door. Kay and Danielle and I walked across the hall to the master bedroom where we brushed our teeth, used the toilet, and started sliding naked under the sheets together. But then, without warning, Kay pushed me onto my back and straddled my chest.

“You are so fucking bad, eating my pussy in front of Addison!” Although she pretended to be angry, she was smiling. “Did you like doing that? Huh? Making me come, with my little girl watching?”

Kay was masturbating again, frantically rubbing her clit with one hand while holding her vagina open with the other hand, right over my mouth. I was pretty sure she hadn’t climaxed when Addison did, but it looked as if it wouldn’t take long now. Her pussy was extremely wet, warm drops spattering my face.

“That is so wrong, so dirty. You’re a very bad girl, Britt!”

Suddenly she grabbed me, taking my head in both hands and ramming her cunt in my mouth. “So fucking bad! So fucking bad!” she cried, and almost instantly she came. Only a few quick thrusts, then I felt Kay shudder and heard her groan. Hot juices flooded from her, spilling over my cheeks and chin.

Oh my gosh, so nice — having sex with a child and a few minutes later sex with her mom — have I mentioned before what a lucky person I am?

After Kay finished, we took things easy for a while, lying in bed side by side and chatting, going over everything that had happened during the last couple of weeks, reliving our favorite moments. There was so much to talk about. Sometimes we laughed and sometimes we sighed with arousal, but mostly I think we were just in awe. It was all so incredible, so amazing.


“Can I suck your nipples, Mommy?” Danielle asked in a little girl voice, looking into Kay’s eyes and then down at her chest.

“You want to suck Mommy’s nipples, baby girl?” Kay purred seductively.

She was in the middle, between Danielle and me. I knew they enjoyed these kinds of games, role-playing, and it was fun watching them.

The tall brunette licked her lips. “Yeah, I do. I really, really do. I love your nipples, Mommy.”

As Danielle began licking and sucking her tits, Kay rubbed herself. I played with my clit too, but neither of us came then.

Danielle did, though. She had a hand working between her own legs, stroking her clit as she sucked. And it seemed like she was almost in a trance. Occasionally she would lift her mouth from Kay’s breast, gazing at the wet nipple with glazed eyes and murmuring to herself, “Mommy’s nipple, Mommy’s nipple,” then close her eyes and resume sucking.

“That’s my girl. That’s my good little girl,” whispered Kay, petting the woman’s hair.

When Danielle reached orgasm, she wasn’t loud at all and it didn’t appear especially strong, but it did go on for a long time. She sort of rode the wave, cresting again and again, grunting and shaking, sometimes opening her eyes for a brief look at Kay’s tits. She would lick her lips, start to speak, and then another spasm would strike.

It was great to watch the women play this game, thrilling and exciting to see, but it also made me curious. Could there be something more behind it?

In fact, it turned out there was. After Danielle returned to her senses, she lay on her back and told me the story.

“My mother was a dancer, an exotic dancer in one of those so-called gentlemen’s clubs. She was so beautiful. Tall, like me, but with nicer boobs than mine and with gorgeous legs. She didn’t have much education, though, because she dropped out of school when she was only fourteen and ran away from home. After that she did whatever she could to survive, I guess. I don’t know everything, because she never told me, but some of it probably wasn’t very pretty.

“When she was sixteen she got pregnant, and then had me. Luckily she got her figure back, good enough at least that she could show off her body to men in those clubs and make a living that way. And she was smart about it too. She tried her best to save some money. You know, put it in the bank and not just spend it all.

“I loved my mother so much. Because she worked at night, she was almost always home with me during the day. She exercised a lot to stay in shape, and I would do that along with her. Sometimes she would practice her dance moves while I watched, even stripping for me, rubbing her hands over her body and everything as she looked into my eyes. She never actually said, but looking back now I think it probably turned her on, having me watch her that way. I’ll bet it did, in fact. And as I got a little older it turned me on too.

“Anyway, we had a really happy life. We lived in a nice apartment and had nice clothes and things ‘cause she was making pretty good money. And we were always so close, very affectionate, hugging and kissing all the time. I just adored her. But… then she got sick when I was thirteen. I found out later it was pancreatic cancer. And it was only a year until she died.”

Danielle paused, shaking her head sadly. “My beautiful, sexy mom, gone at thirty-one… it’s just not fair.”

She took a deep breath, then went on. “Luckily, she’d saved some money, like I said before, and she also had life insurance. She’d bought this policy a few years earlier, which was smart. Then, um, I went to live with relatives after that. But before she died, Mommy told me, and she told them, that I had to go to college. That’s what the money was for. And I did. I got a degree, and even though I don’t really make a whole lot now, at least it’s enough for me and Cherise to have a nice little house of our own in a good neighborhood.”

She shrugged, giving us a smile. “Kind of a happy ending, right?”

Kay was in tears. She kissed and hugged Danielle, saying through her sniffles, “You darling girl. I love you and you know I’d do anything for you.”

I leaned across Kay and gave Danielle a big hug too, kissing her cheek. “I’m glad you told me that. It’s really sad, but, um, I guess it’s good you had a mom who loved you so much and everything.”

“You’re right, it is good,” she agreed. With a chuckle, she added, “And now you know where my kinkiness comes from, that thing about sucking Mommy’s nipple. I never did it in real life, not since I was a baby, I mean, but, you know, sometimes I wish I could have.”

“Did you… um, well, maybe I shouldn’t ask this…”

“No, it’s okay, go ahead. You can ask me anything.”

“All right. Well, did you ever, you know, when you were younger and before your mom got sick, did you ever think about stuff like that? I mean, did you masturbate thinking about her?”

“Yeah, I did,” she nodded, “starting when I was maybe ten or eleven. I did it a lot, playing with myself while I thought about my mom, about her naked body. But of course I never told anybody about that. Not until Kay, and now you.”

“Wow. Well, thanks for telling me.”

“What about you, Britt?” asked Kay, smiling as she dried her eyes. “Do you ever fantasize about maybe doing things with your own mother?”

“No, but, um…”

Kay had asked me this before, whether I felt any physical attraction toward my mom. I’d told her I didn’t, which was true. But now, with all the new experiences I’d had, and in this warm atmosphere of sharing and sexual intimacy, I looked at it a little differently.

What would it be like, I wondered, to be in bed with my mother, sucking on her nipples while I played with myself? Or — ooh, what if she was touching me, rubbing my pussy while I sucked her tit?

That might be very, very nice. I licked my lips, actually getting turned on for the first time as I thought about my mom and me together.

“Come here, little girl.”

Kay pulled me to her breast. “Suck Mommy’s nipple. Close your eyes, baby girl, and suck your mother’s nipple.”

So I did.

I surrendered to the fantasy, imagining that it wasn’t Kay’s tit I was sucking, but my mom’s. When I rubbed myself, I pretended it was my mother’s hand down there, her fingers tenderly caressing, probing, penetrating, sliding inside. Soon a spectacular orgasm overtook me — and it wasn’t the last one I enjoyed that night.

The three of us played for another couple of hours, licking and sucking and fucking and talking dirty, until finally we were all exhausted. We fell asleep in a gooey embrace, two women and a teenage girl, dreaming of lesbian incest.

Let’s go to Chapter 18!


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  1. sue says:

    What a fantastic chapter. So hot from start to end. We wonder where will it go. Will Kay and Danielle get closer and closer to their daughters in the lessons till they cross the line? Will Britt approach her own mother?

    We look forward to the next chapter. And hope that Donna Felicity and Heather join in for more fun.

    would love to see the Mom’s all have sex while the daughters watch and or vice versa.

    big hugs to you Naughty Mommy for this great story. Sue & Kim

  2. Aussierules says:

    I can’t add much to what Sue has already said above – great chapter, loved it from start to finish!! Can’t wait to see where it goes in the next chapter, really hope this story isn’t going to end anytime soon! Thank you!!

  3. Laura H. says:

    Really loved it. I wonder was it Danielle’s initiative to dress in ‘girlish’ things like bralettes , and to keep herself bare? Or did Kay request it, or was it ‘instinctive’?

    Also wonder how Britt intends to seduce her mom… 🙂

  4. Steve says:

    Each chapter in this series is a simple, perfect little vignette. Each one is like a sampling of some fantastic food. Just enough to savor the delicate flavors but not so much that you get full. I read all these stories lightly rubbing and pinching my nipples, letting the subtle nuances of the stories create images in my head. It is really wonderful to have such a delicious escape.
    Thank you.

  5. Milanov says:

    It really claims to be my favorite story! I remember a long time ago I read the first story, after which I realized: the connection between mother and daughter is the best and the hottest, something that I really like. It was the story of “Viva Las Vegas!” Has anyone read this story?
    Thanks NM for the new chapter! Tonight I have something to do))

  6. Tim and Litka says:

    Another wonderful story,especially with the hint of moving towards a mother daughter relationship developing soon, and of course Britt raising the possibility of sex with her own mother, their fantasies only adding to the eroticism.
    We both loved this so much NM, it is so good for us to share the joy, arousal and erotic pleasure we each get from your wonderful tales.
    Thank you Naughty Mommy, from us both!!!

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