Happy Birthday To Us!

  • Posted on May 12, 2020 at 2:21 pm


by JetBoy

Once again, your Boy Reporter glanced at the calendar and realized with a jolt that yet another year has passed, making it five since Naughty Mommy, Cheryl Taggert and I opened Juicy Secrets for curious eyes. A lot of water has flowed ‘neath the bridge since then, yet our humble site is still chugging along, and we happy few who run it on a day-to-day basis are doing our level best to provide the erotic thrills you crave… and in these times of uncertainty, there’s a hell of a lot to be said for the sweet distraction of dirty stories.

This year wasn’t quite as tempestuous as the previous one; still, there have been changes of note. First, site founder Naughty Mommy elected to retire from writing for Juicy Secrets. Since having to leave her previous homeland, she has been making a new life for herself and her family and wanted to move on to other things. Needless to say, we wish her all the best and then some. If you take any pleasure from visiting this site, please extend your sincerest gratitude to Naughty Mommy — she was the catalyst who made it all happen. By the way, she still visits now and again to reply to comments left for her stories, so be sure to leave them when you read her works. (And if you haven’t read them yet, what are you waiting for!?)

One very unfortunate development was the disappearance of PoppaBear, who we took on a couple of years ago as an editor. We’ve not heard a word from him for over ten months. PoppaBear was an invaluable asset to the site — for his enthusiasm and cheerful spirits as much as the assistance he gave. We miss him and fervently hope that he is doing well.

At the moment, the everyday Juicy Secrets staff consists of two: Amanda Lynn, who runs the joint and keeps it humming merrily along, and yours truly, JetBoy, provider and seeker of content. We also have Sapphmore, our archive story scout, and No One, who lends us invaluable assistance with occasional nuts-and-bolts issues.

So there you have it — another year of Juicy Secrets. Admittedly, we’re not maintaining the pace we once were, but our objective remains the same: to be the best lesbian fiction site out there. I’d like to extend the heartiest of thank-yous to No One, Sapphmore, and especially Amanda Lynn, who does an incredible amount of work behind the scenes to keep JS looking great.

Finally, I want to thank you, readers, for the joy you take from our little site, and the encouragement you give us in your comments. We love you all.

Your friend, JetBoy


32 Comments on Happy Birthday To Us!

  1. Joe says:

    Congratulations on 5 years. Hope you make it another 5.

  2. chef73 says:

    Just keep writing and posting.

  3. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Just to echo, Happy B-day #5, JS!… no where on the ‘Net can one find a site as good as this!

    Keep on, keeping on! 🙂


  4. Anonymous says:

    Congrats! And thank you all for the efforts!

  5. Annie says:

    Happy birthday guys,we love you and enjoy your stories
    Thank you all

  6. hawkbird2 says:

    Been with you for all five years and look forward to reading more of your stories over the coming years, keep up the good work. And yes, we do miss Naughty Mommy!

  7. Sapphmore says:

    Congrats JB, Amanda Lynn, Cheryl and Naughty Mommy and all those who persevered through the difficult times when it seemed our little treasure might never see the light of day again. Logging on to see a new post is a highlight of my evening (don’t know what that says about my life but hey, who’s complaining). The readers and authors are like a very select club, ever grateful that there are very discerning people beavering away in the background to maintain standards to make sure we are presented with only the very best Sapphic stories. Long may JS reign as number one.

    • kim says:

      Well said, we couldn’t agree more. Happy birthday JS and thanks to all, past and present for birthing it and keeping it going.

      Kim & Sue

  8. Jay Denton says:

    Jet boy, you all do an amazing job. Me and my mum think yours is without doubt the best site of its type anywhere. The stories are amazing and the quality of the stories is really good too. It’s our favourite place to go when we want some fun time together, talking and thinking about our fave fantasies. We hope you’re around for the next 5 years too ?

  9. Tracy says:

    Happy Birthday JS! Keep your amazing site going for 5 more years

  10. kacey says:

    A most gracious Thank You to all concerned at this merry little site we frequent; and a more humble Happy Birthday to JS.
    Thank you, JB, Amanda, Sapph and No One for putting, and pulling, it all together. Please do carry on with ALL the good work.

  11. Tim and Litka says:

    We try to leave comments on stories but sometimes don’t quite manage it for whatever reason, but we both really do love this site and in particular the work all you lovely people put in to keep it going!
    So maybe a 5th birthday is an ideal point to say a big heartfelt thank you to you Jetboy, to Amanda, and to Saphmore and NO One for all your hard work, and of course for giving us hour after hour of wonderful erotic pleasure.
    Here’s hoping for another great 5 years ahead – we need it more than ever in this difficult stressful time!

  12. David says:

    I am surprised this was not mentioned a week ago on the 4th. I mentioned it then and the only one that commented back was Amanda. I have been coming on her since shortly after you started and love this site. Is has the best stories and best written stories, thanks to all of you that make sure of the content and the editing. Happy Birthday and thanks for all of you that make this site run. May the 4th be with you always!

  13. Vadim says:

    To date, the best site in this area. Congratulations! I wish you success and prosperity!

  14. Keiko says:

    The happiest place on earth… happy 5th!!!

  15. roy says:

    congrats to all

  16. roy says:

    congratulations to all involved in this site. good job!

  17. Stevie says:

    Not sure how I found this place but I am so thankful I did!! The hours I have spent reading the awesome stories here have filled my otherwise very empty life. I have a hard drive that is almost full of stories and I do some reading every night so that I will hopefully have happy ‘wet dreams’.
    Thank you to all who have contributed to the site and an even bigger thankyou to JetBoy and all the others that have kept this treasure trove up and running. And please, keep it going!!

    Thanks again from a little Lesbian who wishes she had a couple of young daughters to play with.

  18. Jay says:

    Thanks to you all for keeping this site ongoing. It is always a nice place to visit.

    Happy Birthday.

  19. 3FingersNeat says:

    Thank you to everyone; past, present and future, who make this site work. It has been my favorite place to hang out for a very long time.

  20. Milanov says:

    Happy holiday to the whole team of authors and creators of this site!
    I am a rare guest on your site, but I really like your stories!
    Thank you so much for your work! Know that we like all your stories very much and thanks to your stories we are able to realize our fantasies.
    Good luck to your community!

  21. adammatt says:

    Redouble or triple all the kind, complimentary remarks made above, and you have my reaction to your five years in existence. JS is the best.

  22. Jake says:

    Thanks for the great stories, always look forward to reading them.
    I understand and appreciate all the work it takes to keep it all going.

  23. JetBoy says:

    Many thanks and tons of love to you all for the good thoughts… they warm our souls and sustain us when things get tough. May your blessings be many, your tribulations few.

  24. Cheryl Taggert says:

    Wow. I have visited a few times to see how things are progressing. I didn’t know about PoppaBear, and the news about Naughty Mommy is not a surprise. I guess we all must move on eventually. I fear PoppaBear’s disappearance may be sad indeed. He wasn’t a young man, and I sincerely hope he is alright, but I have a deep fear in the pit of my stomach.

    Lisa and I are doing well. My first mainstream novel was published and is making money, though I won’t be getting rich in my own right any time soon. People do read it and have written reviews about it, with all but a handful being very positive. Lisa gets pissed when she sees anything negative about my book, but I remind her of two things: First, we all have different tastes, and second, there are people who would find fault with a rainbow. Anyway, it’s doing well, as am I. No, I’m afraid I still won’t share anything about my mainstream book here because of the privacy I must maintain regarding this alter ego.

    Cheers to everyone who now runs this lovely site. The stories still excite Lisa and me. 😉 And thank you, JetBoy for being the one who remained of the three who started this site in the first place.

    Take care and enjoy whatever fun you have from reading these stories, be it masturbation or reading them with someone you love prior to some lovely sex and orgasms!

    • JetBoy says:

      SO lovely to hear from you, Cheryl, and it’s nice to know that you’re checking in on us every now and then. I miss you lots, along with the constant to and fro that we shared with Naughty Mommy… yes indeed, those were some heady days. Blessings galore to you and Lisa, wherever the journey takes you.

      (Dear readers: You know how fervently I encouraged you up above to read Naughty Mommy’s works for guaranteed erotic thrills? Well, those words apply every bit as much to Cheryl’s stories, too. If you have yet to sample them, a lovely, sexy treat awaits…)

      • Milanov says:

        Oh, you really stayed one of the managers of this site ?? Looks like I don’t know the latest news about Cheryl Taggert and Naughty Mom …

    • Ironic990 says:

      Wow! 5 years! Thanks for hanging in there….I’m missing Naughty Mommy, for sure, and Cheryl, you too! But thank you, Jetboy. Both your writing and willingness to keep on keeping on is wonderful. Thanks again to everyone.

  25. kim says:

    We very much agree with the above. We love Cheryl’s stories, and Cheryl, it was great to get an update from you and know you and Lisa are well and doing good. Thanks.

    Kim and Sue

  26. sue says:

    Wow. Was just looking back through the blogs at all that’s happened over the last five years here at the site. And thinking about all that’s been going on in the real world too in that time.

    Just want to say a very special thanks to JetBoy, for keeping it all going. It must be like that circus act where the guy has all those spinning plates on sticks and runs around keeping them all going at once.

    Great to see new writers and stories in such abundance again, especially when they are all so good and enjoyable. And I know JetBoy doesn’t do it alone, so thanks again to Amanda Lynn, and the others who I can’t think of their names on here at the moment but thank you. And all the writers, and readers and those who take a moment to comment. bless you all for my favorite escape from the world place, that has my favorite special interest content.

  27. Shy Mom says:

    Yes, happy birthday and thanks to all, past and present, who have kept this exquisite site going. As a longtime lurker, I have spent countless hours enjoying the high-quality erotica that its authors and editors have spent many more countless hours producing. No other site has given me as many orgasms–each delicious and powerful thanks to writing that brings to life the stories, characters, and of course sex.

    Just as connecting with others in the LGBTQ community affirmed once isolating desires, so too connecting with this site’s community, including its many readers, has brought affirmation and positivity to another kind of orientation. The beauty of little girls is universal, and these lovely imaginings of sex between them and their mothers, sisters, and other partners extend the depth and breath of their natural allure so pleasurably. Thanks all!

  28. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Morning all!…just have to agree with Kim, Sue and the newly confirmed author here at Juicy Secrets, Shy Mom!

    Such nicer and more thought provoking words have never been written(IMHO).

    Just to reiterate, Sue’s last line,”…bless you all for my favorite escape from the world place, that has my special interest content”, is so apropos for so many of us.

    And also, Shy Mom’s eloquent last line:…”The beauty of little girls is universal, and these lovely imaginings of sex between them and their mothers, sisters, and other partners extend the depth and breath of their natural allure so pleasurably.”



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