A Eulogy for Letoria

  • Posted on September 27, 2019 at 2:45 pm

by Captain Midnight

Letoria, the creator of The World of Letoria website, passed away on August 19, 2019.

Lee is survived by her wife of 17 years. She is also survived by her son from a previous marriage, his wife, and her granddaughter.

Lee got into writing, at her wife’s urging, in the early 2010s. She specialized in love stories between grown women and adolescent girls.

Her magnum opus was a novel in which a woman opens her heart to a teenager who had been her daughter’s best friend. After the woman rescues the girl from a horrible home life that almost gets them both killed, they move in together. Not only are they lovers, but become foster mother and daughter as well. Each helps the other deal with old fears and terrors and heartaches, and each encourages the other to build on her hidden talents.

Along with the novel (which is unfinished), Lee wrote several erotic stories and non-erotic essays. She also had great skill as a blogger and letter writer.

She was my best friend.
Captain Midnight


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  1. sue says:

    We are very sorry to read this sad news. Thank you for letting everyone know, Captain Midnight. Our condolences.

    Kim & Sue

  2. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    I would like to echo Sue & Kim’s sentiments also.
    So sorry to hear of Letoria’s passing.
    Great writers leave this life,but their words are their legacy and live on in so many hearts & minds…


  3. Captain Midnight says:

    Lee showed me how a woman could love another woman, and how many ways they could share their love. In “Karen and Laci,” the novel, it started out as a short stroke-story novella. In the third chapter, I could see how it had turned to so much more. It became a girl’s wish for a “real” mother and a woman’s quest for a daughter, after both had lost their original ones. Furthermore, apparently unlike many mothers and daughters, they became best friends. The sex scenes were terrific, but just as welcome were the scenes where Karen regained her lost youth (how she lost it was eventually explained), and Laci learned that she could carry responsibility like a grown-up without giving up being a kid. Both also learned new ways of appreciating nature and art. Danger and fear were still embodied in another character, but she was no longer a constant threat.

    I knew Lee from March 2013, when I read one of her other stories and wrote her to praise it. Very quickly, we found lots of things in common, and enjoyed telling one another about things we each had gotten to know.

    Lee was only 51. She had had health issues starting in 2017, but I was completely taken unawares when her daughter-in-law wrote me the news on September 19.

    All I can say now is: I hope she makes lots of friends in Heaven.

  4. N13wolf says:

    This site doesn’t want to open today

  5. Nathan Riches says:

    Oh My God, I am so sad to hear this. I loved that story, and to know that the author of such a beautifully written work is no longer with us makes this world just that little less light,

    My condolences to all who knew her personally, as well as those, like me, who enjoyed her work.

  6. Tim says:

    How very sad. My sympathies and condolences to you Captain Midnight and to every one else who was close to her.

  7. Obsessive Imaginings says:

    Oh how terrible. I loved the story of Karen and Laci. I consider it deeply unfortunate that it won’t be finished and that the author who clearly and obviously put so much work into that story is stilled. May she RIP

  8. Robt66 says:

    RIP Lee. I am so devastated I can’t even begin to put into words how much I love Karen and Laci. Perhaps Jetboy can finish the tale.

  9. collie says:

    This is very sad news. My condolences to those who knew her personally. I’m sorry for your loss. I only knew her from her excellent writing, which is a legacy that can live on long after the author is gone from this world.

  10. Julie Van says:

    Thanks for passing this along to the rest of us.
    She will certainly be missed by all who knew her.

    Julie Van

  11. David says:

    So sorry to hear, my condolences to her family.

  12. Captain Midnight says:

    Regarding a poster’s wish that JetBoy complete K&L:

    I don’t think anyone can, or should, write any more of that story. Those of you who followed the book knew it took Lee a full year to get out each of the last several chapters. She had several editors who really knew their stuff, but in the end she had to work over the material until it was just what she set out to do, then go to her wife and ask her to read it. She told me that inspiration hit her once in a while, in the non-erotic sections, but everything else had to come from deep in the heart.

    Lee told me she had an idea for another chapter. But everything she wrote is now in her wife’s hands. I don’t think anyone should ask the wife to let it go; I certainly won’t.

    I strongly recommend you see Lee’s other work, her essays and blog entries. They show her as she teaches herself to write and let’s herself become expressive. My favorites are an essay about her father and another about her son. Read them and you’ll get a much better idea of how she defined love.

    Lee gave out a tremendous amount of love. To be fair, she got a lot back. Her family was and is that good. I think a number of people outside her family wound up loving her because it was the right thing to do. See if you can see why.

  13. JetBoy says:

    I knew Letoria well, having edited several chapters of “Karen and Laci.” She liked the work I did, but time was tight in those days, it took me too long to complete each chapter, and in the end, she decided to dispense with my services — in the nicest way, of course. I understood completely, and we remained friends.

    Lee, you were a true gem, and will be profoundly missed. Wherever your spirit travels, may it be a realm of joy.

  14. Samantha says:

    I am beyond distraught at hearing this tragic and unexpected news.

    Lee and I corresponded for many years, and we bonded over our shared experiences in the nursing profession. She was, without doubt, the most caring, kind and empathetic soul I’ve ever had the joy to nurture a friendship with. I rarely form enduring relationships, but Lee was the kind of person who valued people for what they were, even if scarred inside, and treated them with respect and compassion.

    I knew of her medical challenges, but this is all so unexpected. I am in shock. My condolences go out to her beautiful wife K. and family. I know she will be looking over her beloved grandaughter.

    A note of thanks to Captain Midnight for sharing this news accompanied by such lovely words.

    Lee, in Chapter 8 of Karen and Laci you said I was truly one of the world’s Angels. That isn’t true. It was you all along.

    I am going to miss you so much. Thank you for being my Guardian Angel and bringing so much joy to a troubled soul. Rest in peace, and may the muse visit often, and let you write to your heart’s content.

    Love, Sammie.

    • Cynthia says:

      That is so beautiful Samantha ! I’ve corresponded with her on more the. A few occasions and she was always helpful and loving

    • Captain Midnight says:


      Isn’t it appropriate that Lee would dedicate a chapter to you when it introduces a woman who dearly loves Karen, far more than either of them know at first?

      Gail, a family-law attorney who was Karen’s previous lover, is so taken by Karen and also Laci that, after much soul-searching, she determines to make them mother and daughter just for their mutual good.
      Gail simply gives up lusting for Karen and starts loving her–and Laci–with all her heart as Karen’s best friend and Laci’s protector and advocate.

      This is when the series shifts into high gear, and Lee dedicated it to you. You must be someone special in her eyes.

      The series ended with the tantalizing likelihood that Gail would both mentor a new attorney who admired her, and become her lover as well.

      Lee’s family is moving on as best they can. It you believe in praying for good people, please wish them blessings.

  15. keiko says:

    this very sad news made me re-visit Karen and Laci from the beginning and I have just finished… it is most definitely one of my all-time favorite stories… if not THE most favorite…

    the way she wrote some of the love-making dialogue is truly amazing… the words she gave Karen to express her love and her desire for and with Laci was exactly what i deeply desire to hear from my older lover-of-the-future… those same words… those same desires… and the nursing… well, that just “does it” every time (blush blush)

    i, too, was fortunate enough to correspond with her back and forth about her writings, my attempts at being half as good at it as she, and our shared desires and fantasies…

    fare well Lee… I will never ever forget your kindness, your humor and above all your art…

  16. Lakeisha says:

    I only recently discovered “The World of Letoria” in December of 2019 after searching on sapphic erotica and fell in love with Lee’s writings. Karen and Laci the Novel is a beautiful piece. As I read Karen and Laci the Novel, I couldn’t help but feel that Lee wrote the novel from the heart.

    To quote Nathan Riches, Lee’s passing “makes this world just that little less light.”

    RIP Lee.

    My heart felt condolences to Lee’s family and friends.


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