Androgyne Reaches Out

  • Posted on October 23, 2019 at 3:33 pm

Hi there to all. For years I’ve written erotic stories under the pen name of “Androgyne” on 3 sites and as “Paladin” on a 4th. My problem is that after the massive crash of Yahoo Email in September my long-time address and account simply vanished and my appeals for help and complaints have just been ignored by Yahoo. I have lost touch obviously with many people, a lot of them readers of my stories, and I’m sure many have mailed to my old address and getting no reply are wondering if I’m still alive or have maybe retired from writing erotica.

The vanished address was [email protected].

My new and recent address is now [email protected].

Perhaps a few of my readers might spot this post here and be able to get back in touch with me at my new Email address. BTW my thanks to the staff here at Juicy Secrets for being so helpful re my problem.



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  1. Les Carr/Androgyne says:

    Oh damn the new address is in fact [email protected] not what’s above. I’ve only had this new address a very short time once I realised that Yahoo was gone for good. Please note the address includes carr which I may have missed when typing my appeal to you all.

    Les Carr

  2. Nathan Riches says:

    Sorry to hear about your issues regarding email, while I am not someone who has contacted you outside of leaving comments on your wonderful stories, it is always gutting to think that a favourite author may have disappeared off the face of the earth (looking at you, Nuit De Loup :S :P)

    Hopefully your new email will help your loyal followers get back in touch and continue to support you in your endeavors.

    • Les Carr/Androgyne says:

      Well having the cooperation [ With huge thanks ] of Juicy Secrets means that there’s at least some chance of some of my former readers/contacts getting back to me at my new Email address now.


    • Catman2k says:

      I too really miss Nuit De Loup and a few others like CaroleAnne. It really does suck losing a good author especially if it was in the middle of a story. I hope all your former readers see this post Androgyne and if anyone knows the whereabouts of writers Nuit De Loup or CaroleAnne please let us know.

      • Les/Androgyne says:

        I don’t think I ever had any Email contact with them and if I did then their addresses would be gone along with my Yahoo account but maybe someone might read your post and get in touch.


  3. Les Carr/Androgyne says:

    My big thanks to the Juicy Secrets team for putting up my new Email address here. I may or may not get my old readers back via Email but I’m already receiving mails from people new to me asking about some of my stories so I’m cheered up by that.


  4. Amelia says:

    Hi Les

    So great to see you pop up on here!

    At the risk of being an embarrassing fangirl, your stories were my absolute favorites on Leslita.

    Was kinda hoping they could be added on here?

    Love, Amelia xxx

    • Les Carr/Androgyne says:

      Well when I asked “JS” for the help to make my new address known one of the team asked me why I hadn’t written anything new for the site. So having made a recovery from a medical problem that had me receiving scans and tests in hospital and being discharged I sat down at my laptop and I’ve begun an Adult/pre-teen lesbian story aimed at “JS” so once it’s done I’ll submit it and sit back to see if it makes the grade. If it does you’ll be able to read it here Amelia.

      • Nathan Riches says:

        Look forward to reading it when finished, and Im sure it will make the grade and then some. Any chance we might see some continuations of older stories like the Pussy Diaries or Perfume?

      • Amelia says:

        Thanks, will look forward to that very much!

        Some of your stories that were my real favorites seem to have disappeared from Leslita and aren’t archived here either 🙁

        Can’t remember the titles (sorry, really bad at that!) but the ones about the swim coach? And the two women & two girls stormbound in a Spanish villa.

        Love, Amelia xxx

        • Les Carr/Androgyne says:

          The swimming instructress stories beginning with “Undine” are all there on the old version of Leslita and I’ve just checked. They were very popular and there was a LOT of sex in them!

          • Amelia says:

            Ah, I couldn’t find them! Thanks, I’ll have another look. Not sure how to get to the old version, I keep landing on the new one.

            Yes, there was, wasn’t there 😉

            Love Amelia xxx

          • Les Carr/Androgyne says:


            This is a link to the old original Leslita so if you go to the alphabetical author’s list and scroll down to Androgyne you’ll find Undine, Pool Party etc waiting for you.

          • Amelia says:


            Thanks so much for that link! Spent a very diverting couple of hours yesterday evening reacquainting myself with your wonderful stories.

            Love, Amelia xxx

    • Nathan Riches says:

      Two of them are available under “Best of Leslita” under “Story Archives” (A Holiday Affair and Streetwise) but I agree that more is always better.

  5. Les Carr/Androgyne says:

    Yet MORE thanks to Juicy Secrets because today the 1st of my missing long time contacts is back in touch with me after spotting my new Email address here on the site. With any luck more will follow!


    • Nathan Riches says:

      Glad to hear that. Have checked out your stories in the old leslita, and would love to see them brought here (have mentioned this to JB)

      Also wondering if you have continuations of a few of them? Extra Time for one, plus the “Swimming Instructress” and “Doctor” series?

      • Les Carr/Androgyne says:

        I wrote “Extra Time” as a “Homage” to a writer who wrote just the one story on Leslita and it was a soccer story that I liked. Back then Leslita allowed the writer’s Email address on each story unlike the way things are now. The feedback for “Extra Time” was poor to non-existent so I assumed that the readers might enjoy lesbian sex but weren’t much interested in soccer so I never bothered with a 2nd chapter. As for the “Doctor” series well I do have a sneaky feeling that I began writing the closing chapter of the story but for some reason never completed it. As I recall it was titled “The Final Prescription” so I’ll check my “Document” section and if it’s not there well no panic as I back up my stories to flash drives so they can’t get lost if anything awful happens to the computer.

        • Nathan Riches says:

          Unfortunately the reality is probably just that we as readers tend to be a lazy bunch and dont realise just how much of an impact our feedback or lack thereof can affect a writer. I for one really enjoyed the potential and have read a long story about lesbian soccer players, albeit a lot more PG, on Wattpad. If you decide to pick it up again, I will be very pleased

          Cool, would be nice to see that pop up sometime in future if you can dig it out.

  6. AndyW says:

    I love your stories. It would be good to have them here.
    Id hate for the old Leslita site to disappear forever….

  7. theflash says:

    do you write about cheerleaders gymnist and flight attandemts

  8. LittleGLoves says:

    Who writes about fisting little girls? I find that so erotic, it kills me!

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