Just Being With You

  • Posted on May 5, 2019 at 1:54 pm

by Christene

{ This story was originally posted at Nifty in September 2002 }

For as long as she could remember, Alexis had never seen her mother Olivia with other men. Her father had left before Alexis had been born, and he was rarely mentioned. Her mother had always been secretive about her love life. Alexis suspected that there might be a special reason behind that. She believed that she had never seen her mom involved with a man for the same reason that Alexis felt her pulse race every time she felt Olivia’s gentle hand touch her cheek. Her mother loved women, just as she did. She was certain of it.

Alexis had known of her attraction to the gentler sex ever since she had played kissing games with her best friend at age thirteen. But what Alexis had only realized a year or so ago was that her own mother was the woman that she desired most of all.

However hard she fought it, she found herself drifting again and again into hot, sexy fantasies of her and Mom — naked and entwined in a loving embrace, hands caressing one another’s warm, soft skin, kissing again and again. Finally Alexis had to admit to herself that this was simply the way she was, and that she could not wish this desire for her mother away.

Alexis watched Olivia with keen blue eyes as the gloriously tall woman strode across the room, dressed only in a lacy black bra and panties. For many years, Alexis had wondered if she would ever have such a striking figure. Now, at the age of sixteen, it was becoming quite evident that her mother’s beauty was hers as well.

She tried to memorize the sight of her scantily clad mother as Olivia stood before the mirror. Alexis lovingly took in the way that long blonde hair was gathered in a quick motion and held up from her long, leonine neck.

“What do you think, baby?” Olivia asked, regarding her appearance in the mirror. She turned her head from side to side, trying to decide which look she liked best. “Up or down?”

Alexis all but purred her response. “Mmmm, up, Momma. Wear it up. You have such a gorgeous neck. Show it off!”

Olivia’s green eyes shifted slightly to take in the reflection of the young woman behind her. “Such things you say, little one,” she said, a flirtatious smile gently touching her lips.

The smile caused an all too familiar warmth to slowly rise in Alexis. She was forced to look away, fearing that her blue eyes might reveal too much of what she felt for this beautiful woman.

“So, Mom,” she murmured, “which dress are you wearing tonight?”

Olivia finished pinning her hair up before glancing over at the dresses she had set out. A slip-like black dress, cut dramatically low in the back, and a the red spaghetti-strapped number. Either would easily make her the belle of the ball — and maybe tickle the fancies of a few of the lovely ladies who would be there, she suspected. The only problem was… which one?

Shrugging, Olivia peered over a shoulder at her daughter, who was on her bed, reclining on her side in a seductive pose that seemed to come all too naturally to the lovely teen. A small thrill surged through Olivia, even as she wondered if her daughter realized that she exuded such a sensual presence. “Which dress do you prefer, Lexie?”

Alexis knew precisely which dress she wanted to see her mother wearing, although she feigned thinking in order not to let Olivia know how eager she was. “I think the black one will look the best,” she said. When her mother began to reach for the dress, she hastily added, “You should probably take your bra off first, Mom. It won’t work with that dress.”

Frowning down at the lacy black bra, Olivia nodded. “I suppose it won’t.” She reached around behind her back and unfastened the bra with experienced ease.

A soft moan was stifled deep within her throat as Alexis drank in the vision of her mother’s bare breasts. She allowed her eyes to linger over the dusty rose nipples that were so much lighter than her own, longing to take them into her mouth.

Before Alexis even realized that she had uttered the words, she found herself voicing her lustful wishes out loud, though quietly: “God, I want your body.”

Olivia froze, looking to Alexis with softening green eyes. She immediately went to her daughter and drew her into a loving embrace. “Oh, baby, you have a beautiful body,” she whispered. “Please don’t think that you don’t.”

Wrapping her arms around her mother, Alexis breathed deeply, relieved that her careless slip had gone unnoticed. The act of breathing proved to be dangerous, however, as she inhaled the sweet scent of her mother’s skin.

She gently pulled the older woman closer to her, nuzzling her face into the soft valley between her mother’s curvaceous breasts. She heard a soft gasp come from Olivia’s mouth, which served only to embolden her courage. Her lips gently brushed over her mother’s delicate skin for a sweet moment before she spoke.

“I love the way you smell, Momma.”

Olivia was trembling. She forced herself to pull away from her daughter’s warm embrace, suddenly overcome by a nervous tingling throughout her entire body. “Do you like my lotion, baby?” she started awkwardly, trying to compose herself. Moving to her vanity, heart pounding with excitement, she took the bottle of scented lotion and offered it to her daughter. “Here, Lexie. You can have it. You know, to try… if you want — you know, to, um, see if you like it.” She was blushing now.

Alexis smiled thoughtfully. “Thanks, I think I will.”

And before Olivia could remove the lid to the lotion, her daughter had raised her shirt over her head and sat down, wearing only her white bra. Olivia felt her mouth becoming dry as Alexis unhooked her bra to reveal shapely breasts with proud dark nipples. Looking at her daughter, she was reminded once more that her little girl was no longer so little. God, she was so lovely…

“Well,” Olivia breathed, suddenly feeling a bit overwhelmed by her daughter’s beauty, “aren’t we the exhibitionist?”

Alexis smiled with an warmth that glinted inside her blue eyes. “This is how you wanted me to be. Isn’t it, Momma?” She stood up, before her mother. “You always taught me to be proud of my body.” Alexis looked to her shirt which had been cast carelessly to the ground. “I guess I could put it back on if… “

“No, Lexie. Don’t do that.” Olivia reached out for her daughter, resting her hand under her chin to guide blue eyes to meet her green eyes. “You are perfect, absolutely perfect.”

Alexis blushed. “You are a bit biased, don’t you think? I mean, you have to say that sort of thing to your daughter.”

Olivia shook her head. “I don’t work that way,” she said. She took a bit of lotion into her hands and began to gently massage her daughter’s shoulders. “You know that.”

Nodding, Alexis smiled. She closed her eyes, enjoying her mother’s touch. A soft gasp left her lips at the feel of Olivia’s warm, lotion-anointed fingers on her skin. She trembled at the sound of her mother’s sultry voice as Olivia whispered “Do you like this, baby?”

“Yes, Momma,” Alexis answered. She was overcome by the feeling that her words were so inadequate when it came to saying what she thought. She wished that her mother would caress her breasts with those soft hands.

A warm smile began to curl Olivia’s lips. “Hmmm… you seem a bit, um, worked up,” she said with a knowing gaze. “And I’ll bet I know why that is, too.”

Alexis tensed, suddenly certain that Olivia knew everything. The truth had finally come to light about her feelings for her mother. She swallowed the lump in her throat as well as the fear that threatened to choke her. “W-why, Momma?” she stammered.

“It’s okay, baby,” Olivia offered gently. “We don’t have to have any secrets from each other. After all, we are all that we have. I know how you feel.”

The arms encircling her and pulling her tightly to her mother’s soft chest caused her to softly moan. “Oh, Momma, I wanted to tell you. I’ve wanted to tell you for so long.”

Manicured fingernails lightly brushed over her daughter’s bare back. “You should have, honey.” Olivia kissed her daughter’s temple, holding her trembling body close. “You’re thinking about… someone special. Aren’t you?”

Alexis tried not to concentrate on the breasts pressed gently to hers. She felt strangely sorry that, once again, Olivia had not fully understood what she had meant… wanting to tell her mother once and for all that she, her own daughter, was madly, hopelessly in love with her.

But she didn’t know at all how to say it. “Yes,” she finally whispered.

“Is there anyone in particular that you… that you love?”

Olivia was taken aback by the blue eyes that locked upon hers so intensely when her daughter pulled away to meet her gaze. The desire blazing within Alexis was shining like the sun. The “yes,” barely whispered by Alexis, her eyes growing moist, sent a chill of excitement racing down Olivia’s spine.

The tears which always came at the thought of never being allowed to express her love for this woman, her mother, made themselves known by stinging at the young girl’s eyes. “I love this person so much, Momma… someone who doesn’t even know. I don’t know how to say it, the way I feel.”

Pulling Alexis once more into her arms, Olivia stroked comforting circles over the young girl’s back. “Shh… no tears, little one.” She waited for Alexis to relax into her embrace before she spoke again. “If you truly have feelings for this person, then you should do whatever you have to do to win their love.”

“But what if — what if this person doesn’t feel… or will never feel the way that I do?” A solitary tear rolled slowly down her cheek as Alexis considered that very real possibility. “It would hurt so much, Momma!”

Olivia sighed, then kissed Alexis’ hair, her cheeks and finally her eyelids. “Unfortunately, angel,” she said, cupping her daughter’s face after smoothing away a fresh tear from her cheek, “getting hurt is a reality that we must all face. With love, there is always the chance that will happen.”

“So why risk it?” Alexis nuzzled at her mother’s neck, resting her head against a loving shoulder.

“Oh, that one’s easy.” Olivia smiled down on her daughter. “We risk it because the reward is so great. True love, Lexie, the kind that poets write about… it does exist. And it is the most precious thing in this world.”

“Have you ever known love like that, Momma? The kind of love that you would be willing to risk anything to keep?”

“Yes, I have,” Olivia murmured, her own eyes growing moist. “I’m holding her, right now.” She kissed her daughter’s temple. “I would do anything for you, baby. I hope you know that.”

“And you love me like that?” Alexis found her heart daring to hope…

“Of course, I do. You are the real and true love of my life.”

The smile that filled her being would not be denied. Alexis was aglow with the words still echoing inside her ears. “I am?”

“Yes, my love, you are.” Olivia gently kissed her daughter’s lips. “There is no greater love than that of the love that exists between a mother and her child. Someday, perhaps, you will learn this from your children.”

Alexis wished that she could feel the softness of her mother’s lips against hers just a bit longer. “Will I have to wait that long to know that kind of love?”

“Who can say, Lexie?” Olivia caressed her child’s cheek. “Your true love might be closer than you know.”

Alexis kissed her mother’s palm, then held it close to her cheek. “I think you’re right, Momma. Thank you so much.” She held tightly to the hand resting against her skin.

“Now, about this special person of yours…” Olivia tilted her head to study her beautiful young daughter, marveling at the way that her child’s blue eyes always had a way of reaching where others could not. “Make your true feelings known, before it’s too late.”

Alexis sighed softly against her mother’s hand. “It isn’t that easy.”

Olivia laughed. “Oh, I never said anything about it being easy, but in the end, I am sure that you’ll find it worth the effort it took to be totally open and honest.”

The chiming of the grandfather clock down the hall caused Olivia’s green eyes to widen. “My God! It’s eight already!” She tore herself away from her daughter, rushing to slip into her dress. “I am going to be so late!”

“I love you, Mom.”

Slipping into her black dress, Olivia smiled. “And I love you, baby.”

“No, I mean, I really, really love you!”

Olivia chuckled softly, smiling as she glanced over her shoulder to her beautiful young daughter. “And I really, really love you, little one.”

Alexis crossed her arms, feeling naked in more ways than simply being without a shirt. “Mom, you aren’t listening to me.” She watched her mother rushing into the bathroom to apply the finishing touches to her makeup. “I am in love with you.”

The sound of glass breaking made her jump with start. “Mom?!”

The sixteen-year-old raced into the bathroom. She found her mother leaning against the bathroom counter with the shattered remnants of her perfume bottle lying in the sink. The air was thick with scent. Her mother was staring at her daughter’s reflection in the bathroom mirror with confused green eyes.

Shaking her head, Olivia waved away the thoughts running through her mind. She closed her eyes tightly. “You don’t know what you’re saying,” she whispered.

“Yes, I do, Momma,” Alexis replied softly.

“You’re just a kid! What do you know about being in love? How can you know that this is — that I am what you want…?”

“Who are you trying to convince? Me or yourself?” Alexis asked, quiet but defiant. Her mother had told her to fight for who she loved. She knew that her mom hadn’t realized that she was the lucky lady… but her advice was still sound.

“Y-you really mean that… that you are in love with me?” Olivia said softly. “That you want to — want to… be with me?”

“Yes, Momma,” Alexis quietly replied. “I’ve wanted you for a long time.”

“This is crazy,” Olivia whispered. “I don’t know what… what to say. We aren’t supposed to think this way.” A single tear rolled slowly down her cheek. “I — I’m not supposed to want this.”

Alexis smiled at her mother as though she had already won. She walked to Olivia with a purposefully seductive stride. Wrapping her arms around Olivia’s curvy waist, she lightly kissed her mother’s exposed shoulders. Her nipples brushed against her mom’s warm skin as she pressed herself against Olivia’s back.

“Do you love me…?” she asked softly against her mother’s silky skin, then smiled, knowing the answer already.

Olivia rested her hands along the soft arms gently embracing her. She leaned back, her daughter’s hair touching her face. “You know that I do,” she replied, her voice trembling.

Feeling brave, Alexis curled her fingertips around the straps to her mother’s dress. She slipped the dress down Olivia’s body until it puddled to the floor at their feet. She kissed over the smooth skin of her mother’s shoulders, then moved upward to the woman’s neck, where she knew that Olivia would be most sensitive. Her lips brushed teasingly at her mother’s skin before she brought her mouth to Olivia’s ear and whispered,  “Say that you love me.”

“I… I love you, Alexis,” Olivia managed to say, barely above a whisper.

Reaching around to caress her mother’s breasts, Alexis cupped them in her hands for a long, pleasurable moment, then teased her nipples between finger and thumb. “Tell me that you are mine.”

“Baby, I’m your moth–” Olivia inhaled sharply as her daughter pinched roughly at her nipples. She bit her bottom lip. “I… I’m yours, my love.”

“Forever?” Alexis asked, nuzzling her mother’s neck.

Turning around inside their embrace, Olivia cupped her daughter’s face and gazed deep into those blue eyes, astonished at the hunger she saw there. “Yes, Lexie. Always…” She paused. “But there are some things that you and I need to discuss first. I mean–“

Alexis put an end to her mom’s words by covering Olivia’s mouth with her own, kissing her passionately. She nearly swooned as she tasted her mother’s lips for the first time. The sweetness of Olivia’s mouth was intoxicating.

Her mother’s response was hesitant at first, but Olivia’s long-suppressed desire for her daughter was very real and could not be denied. Soon she was eagerly returning those hungry kisses, her tongue tangling with that of Alexis in a sweet dance of passion. Olivia’s arms entwined her daughter’s bare back and drew her closer, into a fiercely possessive embrace.

Alexis was glowing with pleasure as she and her beautiful mother kissed as lovers for the first time. She couldn’t believe it — her wildest fantasy was coming true. Feeling bolder than ever, she broke the kiss and knelt before Olivia, gazing up into her mother’s face, her eyes shining with love.

Hooking her thumbs in her mother’s lacy black panties, she lowered them over shapely hips and long legs. She leaned in close, kissing her mom’s soft thighs. Alexis let her fingers trace over the fine diamond of dark blonde hair at the apex of her mother’s legs. She savored the soft moan that her touch inspired, her body tingling with anticipation.

Alexis inched forward, her lips parted, tasting the very air, so sweetened by her mother’s excitement.

Olivia’s body was trembling as Alexis buried her nose in her mother’s soft pubes, gently kissing her cunt. The older woman moaned as her daughter’s tongue emerged to tantalizingly lick at her moistened labia.

Alexis was gentle at first, sampling the musky flavor of her mother. But her lust would not be denied… and the young girl’s face was soon burrowed between Olivia’s thighs, eagerly feasting on her mom’s dripping pussy. Then she felt her mother’s hand upon her shoulders, holding her back.

She gazed up at her mother, her blue eyes revealing an intense desire and a sudden, helpless fear that perhaps that desire was not returned. “Momma, please,” she said softly, her lip quivering.

Olivia caressed her daughter’s cheek with only the softest of touches. “Not here, my sweet.” She bent down to taste her new lover’s kiss again. “Let’s go into the bedroom.”

The relieved sigh that left her child did not go unnoticed. Olivia took Alexis by the hand, guiding her to her bed. She slowly finished undressing the young girl, kissing every bit of skin released from its mask of clothing.

When at last her daughter stood before her naked, she allowed her eyes to feast upon the young girl’s perfect body. “My God, you are beautiful,” she breathed, causing Alexis to blush hotly.

Olivia eased her daughter onto her back, marveling at the love shining in her child’s eyes. She gazed lovingly at Alexis’ ecstatic face as her hands continued to explore her lover’s body. She studied her beautiful sex, which was shaven smooth.

“When did you do this?” Olivia asked, smiling curiously.

Alexis smiled while raising herself up on her elbows. “You don’t know everything about me, Momma.”

“I guess not… but I intend to learn.” Olivia leaned forward to kiss her daughter, taking time to savor the softness of her mouth. Her tongue teasing over the girl’s eager lips.

Alexis wrapped her arms around her mother’s back and pulled the older woman’s body on top of hers. The feel of this woman, her mother — the warmth of her, the smell, the weight of her — was more wonderful than she had even dreamed. Reacting on instinct, she spread her thighs wide and pulled her knees toward her chest, causing her hot, wet pussy to rub against her mother’s tummy.

Olivia moaned and brought her mouth to her daughter’s in another hungry kiss. Her tongue slowly licked around her child’s eager mouth, then trailed its way to Alexis’ ear. “I adore you, my beautiful, sexy daughter,” Olivia whispered. “I’m going to make love to every inch of your body.”

Nuzzling her way down Alexis’ neck, then over the soft skin of the young girl’s body, Olivia stopped — first at her left breast, then her right. Olivia’s lips brushed over each nipple tenderly, then her tongue emerged to lick. Then she took her daughter’s nipple into her mouth and suckled lovingly, moving languidly from one breast to the other, granting each one the love and attention that her daughter craved.

Continuing her way downward, Olivia moved between her daughter’s thighs. Her nails lightly raked over the moistened lips of her daughter’s pussy. She smiled softly at the sight of Alexis squirming under her touch.

“Momma, please…” Alexis uttered, in a voice that made her desire clearly known.

Olivia smiled and inched forward. Her tongue flicked lightly at her daughter’s swollen clit, causing Alexis to gasp. “You like me teasing you like this,” Olivia purred. “Don’t you?”

Alexis might have liked to say, “Yes.” She might have wanted to make a verbal response of some kind, to express just how much she loved her mother’s touch — but all cognizant thought was swallowed by the moan that left her lips at the feel of Momma kissing slowly over her inner places. She clutched tightly at the sheets of the bed, feeling as though she might cry from the sheer happiness of this moment. Just as she thought she might surrender to tears, her left hand was captured by the warm and loving touch of her mother. Soon, her fingers were laced together with Olivia’s as her mom continued to pleasure her girl with her mouth.

Olivia parted the young girl’s pussy lips, silky in their moistened excitement. She let her tongue lightly caress the sweet pink folds of her daughter’s most intimate places. When her child opened her hips to grant her more access, she delved deeper into her sweet recesses. She listened to the sound of her lover’s breathing growing harder and faster as her tongue slid up to swirl around her swollen clit. Olivia nursed at her daughter’s button of sensitivity for a leisurely moment before running her fingers along Alexis’ opening to coat them in moisture.

The sensation of her mother nursing at her clit while caressing her pussy sent pleasure coursing through the young sixteen-year-old like nothing she had ever known.

Alexis whispered “Oh… Momma,” as she felt her mother enter her for the first time. She clung to her lover’s reassuring hand, feeling Olivia hasten the pace of the lovemaking, tongue flicking her clitoris, the two fingers that her mother had deep within her matching the labored pace of her breathing.

“Momma, I’m close…” Alexis moaned.

Olivia responded… and the fingers inside Alexis pushed deeper, sending the girl to new heights of pleasure, as her body suddenly tensed with the onset of her climax. She cried out to her mother, her heart swelling with love and utter devotion even as she bucked and rocked in ecstasy. Olivia’s mouth closed on her daughter’s flower, not wanting to waste a drop of the sweet nectar.

Olivia continued to pleasure Alexis, gradually slowing her pace to ease the girl down gently. She waited for the velvety inner muscles contracting around her fingers to relax her before she eased them out of her daughter’s body.

She kissed Alexis’ vagina tenderly, then rested her head against her daughter’s thigh, still wet with the girl’s juices. Her manicured nails then traced along the epicenter of her child’s cunt, caressing Alexis lovingly. A tear rolled down her cheek as she breathed, “I’ve dreamed about this for so long…”

Alexis placed her hands on her mother’s head, stroking her hair. “Again,” she said.

A soft chuckle left Olivia’s lips. “Perhaps you should rest a bit, my love.” She rose up to lie beside her daughter on the bed. Lying down on her side, she faced her child, her new lover. The kiss that welcomed her warmed her heart.

“No,” Alexis whispered, shaking her head. “Say it again.”

Olivia wrapped her arms around Alexis, pulling her close. She felt her daughter’s thigh part hers in order to weave their legs together. “I have dreamed of showing you just how much I wanted you for so long, Lexie. Making love to you has been my fantasy for years,” she murmured. “I have never loved anyone the way that I do you, my darling daughter. You are my entire world.”

Alexis nuzzled her mother’s neck, trailing soft kisses along Olivia’s sweet-smelling skin. Her lips traveled lower, making her mother gasp in pleasure. Her mouth stopped just above a waiting nipple. The warm breath curling around Olivia’s breast was an ecstatic torture. Olivia could feel her daughter’s smile against her skin. “Now who’s being a tease?” she moaned.

A feeling of fiery warmth enveloped her nipple as it was taken lovingly into Alexis’ mouth. Olivia cupped her child’s head, pulling her young lover forward, encouraging her. “Oh, Alexis,” Olivia whimpered, “you do that so well.”

Her daughter’s thigh pressed between her own, causing her to sigh in deepest pleasure. Alexis’ body had long been a source of intense arousal for Olivia, and now her forbidden desire was being realized as she bit her lip, savoring the heavenly sensation of her pussy sliding against her daughter’s leg. She rocked her hips in time with her daughter while Alexis’ mouth moved to her other breast.

Alexis guided a hand around to caress her mother’s flawless ass as she continued to brush Olivia’s burning cunt with her thigh. Meanwhile, her other hand stole between her mom’s legs to play with her clit.

Their soft, sensuous kissing continued, much to Olivia’s delight. She felt breathless and was swooning like a schoolgirl. The sensation of Lexie’s fingers teasing at her clit nearly sent her over the edge, but she resisted the urge to give in so quickly. “Oh, God, baby, that feels so good!”

Heart throbbing with excitement, Alexis slowly kissed her way down her mother’s body. Her tongue swirled in enticing circles around her mom’s belly button. From this vantage, she became aware of the bewitching scent growing stronger as she moved steadily lower. “Oh, Momma,” she sighed, “you smell heavenly.”

Just as she was about to make love to her mother with her mouth, Alexis felt her breast brush against her mother’s clit. She noticed her mother’s moaned reaction and decided to explore this sweet game further. Shifting her weight a bit, she ground a nipple into her mother’s wetness.

“Oh, Lexie, w-what are you doing to me?” Olivia gasped aloud. She felt her body react so strongly to her daughter’s every touch. She could not remember her senses being so stimulated by any of her past lovers. Then again, she told herself, she had never craved anyone as much as she had Alexis. Making love to her precious daughter was an entirely new kind of pleasure, and her body knew it.

Alexis continued to caress Olivia’s glistening pussy with her breast, anointing herself in the essence of her mother. The hips thrusting against her in a slightly faster and more desperate pace told her how close her new lover was.

Olivia parted her thighs wider, opening herself for her daughter. Panting, she angled her hips forward, expecting to feel the softness of her daughter’s silky breast against her cunt once more… but instead felt her clit taken into a warm mouth while two fingers eased into her cunt.  “Oh, GOD!” she cried.

Savoring the taste of her lover, Alexis suckled greedily at her Olivia’s clit. She plunged her fingers in and out of her mother, feeling Olivia open herself to take her daughter further inside. Her mother’s fingers, tangled in her hair, suddenly gripped her frantically, accompanied by a soulful cry which escaped from the older woman’s lips at the moment of orgasm.

Alexis drank deep of her mother’s passion, savoring her sweetness as wave after wave of pleasure battered Olivia helplessly. She continued to suck at her mother’s dripping pussy until Olivia finally collapsed against the pillows… then lightly kissed and caressed her, letting her mother down just as gently as Olivia had done to her.

Looking up at her mother, now resting contentedly, Alexis crawled up to lie with her, twining her arms lovingly around the older woman. She pressed herself close to Olivia, loving the feel of her mother’s back against her breasts. Her lips caressed a smooth shoulder. Lightly, she brushed her mother’s hair away from a soft ear.

“Momma,” she whispered. “Are you asleep?”

Olivia smiled a dreamy smile. “Almost.”

“I just wanted to tell you that…” Her voice trailed away.

The sudden end to her daughter’s words caused Olivia to turn inside their embrace. She stared at her new lover with concerned green eyes. “What, baby?”

A warm hand touching her cheek made Alexis smile. She kissed her mother’s palm, holding the hand and moving it to rest over her heart. “Just being with you, Momma–“

“I know,” Olivia breathed. She kissed her daughter in a way that sent delicious tinglings of new arousal coursing through them both. “It’s everything.”

The End

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  1. kacey says:

    Sweet Odin, Freya and Frika!!That was volcanically HOT!!! 😈🌋

  2. Myka & Sophia says:

    Beautiful, in every way … we loved it ….

  3. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Mmmm! so beautiful! mother & daughter, Alexis and Olivia finally give in to their beautiful desires!
    These few lines are so amazing:

    “However hard she fought it,she found herself drifting again and again, into hot sexy fantasies of her and her Mom–naked and entwined in a loving embrace,hands caressing one another’s,warm, soft skin, kissing again and again. Finally Alexis had to admit to herself that this was simply the way she was,and that she could not wish this desire for her mother away.”

    Mmm! so lovingly expressed!…And then when they just couldn’t stop the burning inevitability, their sensual sex was awesome!

    we so agree with kacey and Myka & Sophia; volcanically hot!, and beautiful in every way!

    Wonderful story, Christene!


  4. David says:

    A beautiful and sensual love story between a mother and daughter.

  5. Litka and Tim says:

    Absolutely a beautiful story of incestual love between a mother and daughter. It was incredibly sensual and erotic . The discovery of their deep desire for each other was so intense . Probably Alexis and Olivia had lust for each other for a while but could no longer stop their desires! Olivia thinks it is wrong to desire her daughter sexually but when she finds the feeling is mutual, a beautiful new world of splendid eroticism begins for them both with no turning back !!
    Awesome story , Christene !

  6. Erin says:

    What a beautiful story. These stories of true honest romantic love within families, especially between mother and daughter, are my favorites. Combine the love with hot erotic passionate mindless sex and episodes of gentle pure love making and they are perfection. Thank you so much.

  7. Jay Denton says:

    Substitute Jay for Alexis and Anna for Olivia and this could be me and my mum

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