The Gift

  • Posted on February 12, 2020 at 3:59 pm

By Author Unknown

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

No certain recollection of where I found the original of this, though I believe it’s from an erotic fiction pay-site that no longer exists. It’s the final part of a novel, the only part I liked enough to save… which probably means that it’s the only portion of the tale where the sex gets seriously hot. Incomplete though the story is, I felt that this closing scene was well worth sharing with you good people — a climax in every sense of the word! Do enjoy.


A woman, clad in long, flowing robes, sat upon the edge of a bed, gazing down at the tearful face of a girl who knelt before her, head in the woman’s lap.

“It’s too much, Sister Song,” eighteen-year-old Tanya sighed, averting her eyes from the penetrating ones of the High Priestess. “Please, just let me stay here at the castle. Let me live as one of you instead of this endless wandering. Let me surrender this… this thing inside me. I’m not strong enough to use it.”

Song, the High Priestess, stroked Tanya’s hair, holding her, rocking her. “But there is nowhere for you to go, Tanya. All your people are now gone. Except for you, dear child. You have been spared. No… selected. For something greater. You have the power. The Gift of Venus.”

Tanya looked at her, and closed her eyes tightly. “I don’t want this power,” she said, as if needing to explain. “Everything I had in life, all of those I cared about, everything I had to live for, all were taken from me. If I was the only one to be spared, then that only leaves me in utter isolation. It makes me lonely. I don’t want any of it.”

“And yet you have it,” Song said gently. “You cannot escape the power within you, any more than I can. Tanya, you can change this world! Venus has given you the ability to do just that. You can use her power to change the way people feel about each other. One life, one life at a time, you can bring light to us all. Bring Love back into a world from where it was driven away. You can give all of us hope.”

Tanya dabbed her eyes once, still held by Song, and looked the High Priestess in the eye. “If I could bring back my family, my friends, my home, by giving up this gift — I’d do it. Right now. I’d never even look back.”

Song nodded. “You’re not alone,” she said softly. “I wouldn’t be High Priestess if there hadn’t been great suffering and death to contend with. I can only take what I have and do what I must, to ease the pain that has consumed the world.” She tightened her grip. “But you… you can do more than I and all my sister priestesses can ever hope to do. You can stop the suffering. You can change people. Maybe we can go on, then, and live as if there were a tomorrow worth living for.”

Tanya shook her auburn locks. “I don’t know if it is worth living for.”

“Are you sure, Tanya?” Song whispered. “Venus favored you. Gave you a gift… a gift intended for a purpose. Can you say the future is not going to be better because you want it to be? Who else among us can?”

Tanya closed her eyes. She could feel her passion like a stoked and ready fire, there between her thighs, the heat waiting. “I don’t know. Somebody else. Somebody besides me.”

“But it is you, Tanya.” Song said softly. “What are you going to do about that?”

Tanya squeezed her eyes tight shut. The tears swelled out of them anyway. She felt her gift now, heavier than ever — heavier, more present, more insistent, more demanding. “What can I do about it?” she asked Song back. “Would you like to see?”

Song looked into her eyes with surprise. “I — yes. Yes,” she said firmly. “The Goddess has willed it. I am her Priestess. You are her gift. Thy will be done.”

“So be it.” Tanya took Song’s head in both hands and kissed her, hard. She let the energy of the Gift flow into her, full force. Tanya felt Song’s body respond, gradually at first… then the Priestess was embracing her with passion, her tongue a red ribbon in Tanya’s mouth. The Gift was as powerful as ever… and Song was caught in its enchanting spell.

Tanya broke their embrace and left Song sitting dazed, her nipples hardening, her newborn taste for the touch of a girl’s lips clearly written on her face. Tanya went to the open doorway and called out down the corridor. “MONDRA! Where are you? I need you!”

The thirteen-year-old maid hastened to obey, her little feet pattering on the stone floor. Entering the bedchamber, she curtsied quickly.


Tanya indicated Song. “Do you know who she is?”

Mondra’s beautiful blue eyes widened. “Yes,” she nodded. “She is High Priestess Song of the Temple of the Venus Incarnate.”

“Yes, that’s right. Did you know she wants to kiss you? To make love to you?”

“Milady?” the maid gasped.

Song, stunned, turned to look at Tanya… who now slipped out of her robe to stand naked in front of Mondra. The girl’s big blue eyes got bigger as they looked on the pale-skinned woman’s hard pink nipples, the gentle curve of her hips, the swelling of her auburn mound, the lips of her labia swollen and visible. “Have you ever loved a woman before, Mondra?”

Helpless, the maid looked up from Tanya’s body to meet her eyes, looking frightened, anguished. She quickly shook her head no.

“You will,” Tanya promised, and carefully put her arms around the girl, holding her close, touching noses. “You will,” she breathed, and let her moist lips close over Mondra’s.

She kissed the maid gently, but firmly, holding her close, her lips locked to the young girl’s sweet mouth but not forcing her, not tonguing her, not even squeezing her cute bottom. She only kissed the girl, and let the heat from her belly rise through her body, seep through her breasts, her belly, her cunt. Not doing anything but holding her close, and letting the Gift do the seducing for her.

Mondra made a single, dainty sound of surprise, of resistance, and her wide-open eyes looked helplessly into Tanya’s. Her arms slowly, slowly wrapped themselves around Tanya’s waist. It was fuel to the fire, and Tanya let that delicate little acknowledgement of Mondra’s arousal feed her own, build on it, grow it even larger. The urge to squeeze the girl’s ass, to force her tongue into Mondra’s mouth grew stronger. She could hardly keep from trembling to feel her heat rising, passing into the maid. How could she have resisted this for so long?

With a moan of lost caution, her eyes rolling, Mondra gripped Tanya tightly, grinding her hips into the naked woman’s groin, and the young girl’s tongue pushed into Tanya’s mouth with a passion that nearly matched her own. They kissed hotly, sucking and gasping, and Tanya squeezed the maid’s ass under her tight skirt… and yes, it was as pert and round as she’d dreamed. She dug her fingernails in and Mondra did the same to her, crushing her tits into Tanya’s and moaning oh, so deliciously.

She let her go so suddenly that Mondra gasped, sobbed, her hands closing on nothing. Tanya could feel the fire behind her eyes. “Undress,” she told the girl. “I want to see you naked.”

Mondra reached for her blouse and undid the top buttons rapidly, her fingers disappearing in lace. She reached behind her and untied her apron. She pulled her blouse open to reveal her budding breasts, unhindered by a bra. She peeled off the sleeves, scarcely pausing to undo them, unzipped her skirt and struggled to push it down her legs. She sat down heavily and yanked her panties off, hardly bothering to kick away her shoes.

Tanya watched Song taking in the sight of the young girl undressing, and suddenly stood before her. Song turned to look up at her, blue eyes dazed but hungry, and Tanya favored her with a quick tongue kiss and a glide of the palm across the woman’s breasts. Song tried to tongue kiss her back, but Tanya moved away, grinning.

“First, show me how much you want me,” Tanya purred. “Lick my pussy. Pleasure me, High Priestess.”

Song, eager, her hands trembling, slid out of her robe to kneel naked at the young woman’s feet, grasped Tanya’s hips as she leaned in close to gently kiss her pussy… then the High Priestess’ tongue emerged to lick.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, her inexpert but eager tongue tracing Tanya’s labia. She buried her face between the teen’s legs, sucking at the copious flow of thick juices from Tanya’s sex… delicately at first, then hungrily, wanting more.

Song feasted on Tanya as if she would drink her, slipping her tongue deep into her cunt, licking her distended clit, pushing her legs further apart so that she might put her entire mouth on Tanya’s dewy flower. The High Priestess of Venus feasted on her wet pussy and Tanya put her pale hands into her short blonde hair, and caressed her head, moaning.

Behind her Mondra, naked now, pressed her body against Tanya’s, kissing the back of her neck, fondling her breasts. Mondra’s nipples brushed deliciously against her bare skin as the preteen girl licked and kissed her ear, moaning. “Oh God, I want this! I want it so bad!”

Tanya smiled. “Okay.”

And with that she quickly extricated herself from Song’s and Mondra’s embrace, nudging the young maid into the arms of the High Priestess.

Song swung her head toward Tanya, mouth open, staring at her questioningly.

“Go on,” Tanya smiled wickedly. “Kiss her.”

Song turned back to the naked girl in her arms, and she and Mondra stared at each other awkwardly for a brief moment. But the erotic force unleashed by the Gift was too great for them to withstand. The High Priestess leaned into the preteen girl, her mouth seeking Mondra’s. The girl’s lips parted, and soon the older woman was passionately kissing the younger, both moaning into each other’s mouths.

“Oh, God,” Song managed, tearing her lips away from Mondra’s to speak, “oh, God, it’s so good! So good!”

Tanya could feel every sensation they were experiencing, from Song’s bare body to Mondra’s, and she could feel it making her hotter yet, hot enough to feed the fire of both women and then some. She pressed herself into Mondra from behind, reaching down to cup the young girl’s ass as they continued to kiss like lovers.

“Yeah,” she moaned into Mondra’s ear, making her moan back. “Oh, yeah, kiss her. Give her your tongue.” She felt between her own legs, sank two fingers into her own pussy, knowing that they could feel her doing it. “That’s right, Mondra, kiss her. Then I want you to fuck her. Fuck her just like you want to fuck me.”

Mondra whimpered but did as she was told, her tongue plunging in and out of Song’s mouth as she kissed the High Priestess avidly. Tanya believed she had never before been made love to with such hunger as she saw between the woman and the child. Mmmm, so eager!

Song held the maid around the waist and kissed her passionately… then she crawled onto the bed, pulling Mondra’s naked body atop hers, then fell back with a gasp of delight as Mondra covered Song’s mouth with her own and the two women kissed anew.

Tanya moaned, fondling her breasts and fingering her cunt as she watched Mondra squirming so hotly on top of Song, who threw her white legs open as the maid madly forced her hips against the High Priestess’s open cunt. She wanted them to go even further, though her mouth wouldn’t form the words… but as if they had just then read her mind, Mondra pulled free of Song’s kiss to swing around, straddle Song’s head and press her hot wet cunt down into the High Priestess’s face.

Song purred with pleasure, happily nuzzling Mondra’s dripping pussy. Mondra’s eyes closed and she gasped as the High Priestess began to lick… then she lowered her own face between Song’s thighs to lap the blonde pussy waiting for her.

Tanya watched the spontaneous lesbian sixty-nine between Priestess and servant with intense pleasure. She could feel the couple on the bed, feel their passion, felt it coming off herself, and knew it was going through the house. It was probably beginning to affect all the other women as well.

The idea exciting her, she turned away from the passionate scene and padded, naked and barefoot, into the house. It was a big place. She had to concentrate very hard on not losing her way, or going someplace she shouldn’t. She had only a little time.

She stumbled into the master bedroom, where she wasn’t surprised to find Sister Fiola sitting on her own big bed, squeezing her breasts absently, pressing her thighs together under the book she had left open there. She looked up, startled, to see Tanya, stark naked in her doorway.

Tanya knew the sight of her nakedness was making Fiola even hotter. Both of them. She could sense Fiola’s anticipation, wonder, fear… and lust. She held out her hand, and Fiola willingly put hers into Tanya’s and let the woman draw her up and into her arms. She melted into a kiss with Tanya that surprised them both — with its suddenness, it’s unlooked-for sweetness, its delicate tracery of tongues. Their mouths glistened as they looked into each other’s dazed eyes.

“Quickly,” Tanya said softly, “bring your daughter to Song’s room.” She turned and ran to the door, then turned back to look at the dazed Fiola. “Now!”

Tanya made her way back from the bedroom and followed her nose to the kitchen. She wasn’t surprised to find Solan, the temple cook and Mondra’s mother, sitting spread-legged in a chair not far from the chopping block and the unfinished vegetables. Obviously affected by the sex spell that had enveloped the entire temple, she had hiked up her skirt and was happily masturbating, fingers squishing in her cunt. She looked up only when Tanya was close.

“Come with me,” Tanya breathed. She seized Solan’s hand and led her, almost pulling her out of the kitchen, back through the candlelit corridors, heading for Song’s bedroom.

Song was still on the bottom… Mondra, sweat-sheened, was on top of her, both women still deeply engaged in the act of mutual cunnilingus. As they entered the room Tanya saw Song’s body seize up, bucking wildly as she orgasmed into the young maid’s mouth.

Solan pressed both her hands to her mouth and gasped, “Mondra!”

Mondra’s hair flew back in a damp arc as she lifted her wet face from the pink-blonde pussy of the High Priestess, a look of horror on her thirteen-year-old face “Mama!”

Now, Tanya thought, THIS should be interesting…

Solan was too shocked to speak, her mouth open, hands shaking. She mutely turned to Tanya, her eyes wide and pleading for understanding. Rather than answer Mondra’s mother with words, Tanya swiftly pressed herself up against Solan and kissed her.

She struggled at first, but Tanya let the Gift flow, strong and sure, from her own body into Solan’s… letting the older woman feel the heat from her, from her daughter, and from the High Priestess, all flowing into her shapely, cozy-warm mother body. Solan tried to pull away, but then her struggle weakened, her protest turned into sighs, and she simply stopped fighting and let it happen.

Not enough, Tanya thought. Her pussy ached for more, and she felt as if it was an itch she had to scratch. She directed her need, her lust and her wanting all, all into Solan. I want you to want it! she thought. I want you to need it! Need it as badly as I do — I want your cunt to flow like mine, and I want you to want it so much you will want to make love to the High Priestess of Venus… and to your own daughter!

She was strong, Solan was… resisting the pull to lesbian love and desire with such fervor that Tanya was surprised and impressed. And stimulated; she knew now how sexy it was when the woman struggled. Solan stood against Tanya’s torrent of desire and did not yield easily, as her daughter had. A strong core in her resisted the notion of touching another woman, and as for desiring her beautiful, naked daughter, still in a lesbian embrace just ten feet away — never!

Tanya felt her Gift meet Solan’s resistance… and it only made her own lust more powerful. More focused. Oh, sweet, sweet mama, your unwillingness only makes me want to make you want it more. And more. Want it more… want it as much as I do. To kiss, to love another woman… to feel your pussy moistening at the sight, the touch, the feel and smell of my ripe, swelling breasts, my hot, luscious pussy, now open for you, begging for you to touch it. Touch me… there.

Solan sighed into Tanya’s mouth. Her body relaxed, as if she was surrendering to the hot wet kiss the woman was laying on her, but still she did not yield completely. Emboldened, and yet tantalized by her weakening will, Tanya pressed her harder. Kiss me, she almost breathed against Solan’s lips. Kiss me, sweet mother. Let me feel you surrender to your new lust.

Solan’s arms slowly snaked around Tanya’s waist, almost as if they were moving through lava, slow, hot, bringing deeper heat she could feel burning through her arms. Oh, and her tongue tip, her delicate little tongue tip, now brushing Tanya’s lips, oh yes… As if her love came not all at once, like a dam breaking, but slowly, slowly, a reservoir, vast and dark and hot, finally flowing over the top, the waters still rising, luminous now, her tongue seeking entrance, so softly, so tentatively.

Tanya wanted so badly to open her mouth now to Solan, to, let her in… but she resisted, now, letting Solan’s passion build. And build. You want me? Take me!

Solan’s arms tightened around Tanya’s body… hands closed on the globes of the young girl’s ass and squeezed. Hard enough to hurt — but, oh, god, when she squeezed, it made Tanya quiver with lust and need. It was hard to resist her, but she continued to do so… and was rewarded at last with Solan’s tongue forcing its way between her lips. Oh God, the woman’s mouth was so fucking hot

Solan held Tanya forcefully, tighter than a man would, and tongue-fucked her as if she had just discovered how sweet and lovely a woman’s mouth really was. Tanya moaned, unable to resist the tide of sweet fleshly hunger than surged from Solan now, made her kiss Tanya hungrily and — oh, GOD… slide her index finger deep into Tanya’s cunt from behind!

“Oh!” Tanya gasped as her head spun. She clutched Solan’s beautiful breasts and squeezed them, seeking her nipples, feeling how much the woman now wanted to be touched — touched deep inside, and loved, and made to love. Now a seething cauldron of desire for another woman, Solan probed Tanya’s vagina with her exploring finger as their mouths remained locked together, tongues entwining. Finally, gasping for breath, Tanya threw her head back and panted in ecstasy.

Solan’s mouth, unable to surrender contact with her new lover, trailed down to shower wet kisses on her neck, then down further to her breasts, sucking Tanya’s nipple into her hot mouth, making electricity sizzle through every fiber of the teenager’s body.

Tanya looked lovingly down at Solan’s face nursing at her breasts and thought, I want you bubbling over. I’m gonna turn up the heat on you, until you fuck me inside out… I want you to want me, want ANY woman, as much as you’ve ever wanted anything before.

Tanya stroked the cook’s damp curls and heard the deep satisfied purr that came from her. She licked her lips, bringing her mouth to the woman’s ear, flicking the lobe with her tongue, then whispering “Sweet Solan… I want you.”

Solan’s eyes shone. “I… I want you too,” she breathed, and drew Tanya into her arms again, hands on her back, pulling her into another wet, passionate kiss. Completely willing. Eager. Impatient, even.

“I want you naked,” Tanya breathed in her ear, kissing her.

“Yes,” Solan sobbed. “Yes! Oh, yes!” She fumbled for her apron strings.

Solan frantically undressed herself, and Tanya helped, touching and caressing the woman’s bare skin as it was revealed. Every touch and caress brought forth a little more from Solan, more heat, more impatience… more desire. Tanya fed Solan’s growing lust for lesbian sex with the power of the Gift — like blowing on a hot coal to make it burn all the more brightly. It was so much fun to feel her impatience, how eager Solan was to bare herself to Tanya, to her fingers, her knowing lips, her warm, wet tongue… yes, she was already anticipating it! Already she was feeling the hunger of a thousand new sensations a woman’s love could bring her, and she wanted it all!

Solan all but ripped her bra from her shoulders, then pushed down her panties. Her eyes locked on Tanya’s, she reached behind her head and undid her hair. She shook it out — and Tanya was delighted and aroused to see how long it was, how dark, how full. She couldn’t help reaching for it, to touch it — and Solan stepped into her arms, her mouth open and falling on Tanya’s, kissing her with a strength that took her breath away.

Tanya couldn’t stand it. “On the bed,” she gasped. “Oh, Solan, please — please lick me!”

Solan spun her around like a child and Tanya’s knees buckled as she fell on the bed. Solan was already kneeling before Tanya as she parted her thighs, lifting her feet high, exposing herself to Solan’s hungry gaze, lightly caressing her cleft. “I am yours,” Tanya husked. “Take me, any way you want.”

Solan seemed mesmerized by the teenage girl’s open pussy as she stroked Tanya’s lifted legs with her palms, slowly…. from ankle, to knee, over her knees, down her thighs, back up to her knees, down to her feet again, squeezing them, making Tanya thrill at her strength and gentleness. All the time gazing at the young woman’s open cunt… the auburn pubes, the moistened labia, the protruding and aching clitoris. Solan’s hands trailed up her legs again, over her knees — Tanya bit her lip — down, oh, down her soft inner thighs. Slowly lowering her face, she kissed Tanya’s pussy as tenderly as she had her mouth.

Tanya gasped, and Solan looked up at her, smiling, pleased with the reaction she had gotten. She bent down to kiss her younger lover’s sex again. The girl’s hips surged up, trying to capture Solan’s mouth, and the woman grinned, delighted.

Her eyes locked on Tanya’s, Solan parted her lips to place a wet, open-mouthed kiss on the teen girl’s pussy, then took Tanya’s flower in her mouth. Her tongue probed into the girl’s dewy opening, making her whimper. “Oh…”

It was all Tanya could do not to come right then. “Lick my pussy,” she told Solan, her voice dark and low. “Lick it, sweet angel. Oooh, YES, lover!”

And suddenly Solan ate at her cunt voraciously, lustily. Her tongue, oh… her tongue was sliding in and out of her pussy, touching her everywhere, flicking her clit, brushing her labia, dipping so far down inside her that it made her hips rock. Tanya was panting “Oh yes — yes, baby, make me come! Make me COME, sweet lover, OHHHHH!”

Solan’s strong hands stroked Tanya’s open legs, brushed her thighs. Then one hand slipped below to fondle the young girl’s bottom. Tanya inhaled sharply as she felt the cook’s finger toying with the crease of her ass… then cried out loud when Solan took Tanya’s clit between her lips and sucked the throbbing tip. She was shaking now, her breath rasping in her lungs. Suddenly Solan slid her finger deep into Tanya’s ass with a single smooth stroke.

She seized Solan’s head as she exploded in a frenzied orgasm, drawing the woman’s face deeper into her cunt. Solan was more than ready, her teeth nipping at Tanya’s clit. “Oh, GOD!” Tanya wailed, and ground herself on Solan’s face as she felt her climax build, and build, and build, until another orgasm took her, shook her, made her hips convulse, made her, made her, OH!

She screamed, her cunt drenching Solan’s face as she bucked like a wild stallion on the bed. Finally, panting, Tanya reached for Solan, pulled her up between her legs, enfolding her in a passionate embrace. They kissed deep and hard, breasts pressed firmly together. Tanya kissed Solan wildly until they both were gasping, tasting her cunt on the woman’s lips, sharing the flavor of it with her.

Tanya held Solan close, their bodies pleasurably entwined, her lips on the woman’s neck, Solan’s hand resting lightly on her breast… then she looked up to see Fiola, wide-eyed and enthralled, staring at them. She stood next to her daughter Rebekah, a darling girl of eleven whose eyes were big as saucers, her childish mouth open as she stared at Solan lying naked with Tanya… at Mondra kissing the High Priestess while fingering Song’s cunt. Almost unconsciously, the little girl pressed one hand against the budding breasts beneath her gown.

Tanya smiled to see them. As hard as she’d just come, her body and soul still craved more, and she knew that her hunger was feeding theirs. She could feel their shock, and their even deeper arousal, and it made Tanya even hotter than she’d been just minutes ago. “Hi,” she breathed to Fiola and Rebekah, her arms still entwined about Solan, feeling the cook’s kisses on her neck as she stroked the woman’s bare back. “I want you two to see something.”

She turned to Solan and kissed her sweetly, then extricated herself from the woman’s loving embrace. She shifted on the enormous bed, turning her attention to Song and Mondra. The High Priestess lay beneath the preteen girl, both women still kissing hungrily, their fingers working expertly in each other’s hot, wet cunts.

Tanya lowered her face to kiss Song’s breast, and the High Priestess moaned, turning towards her. “Did you enjoy making love to Mondra?” she asked softly. Song nodded, unable to speak.

Then Tanya looked at the flushed face of Mondra. “Do you like to touch the High Priestess’s pussy?” Nuzzling Song’s breasts, the young girl nodded. “Did you enjoy tasting her, making her come?” An even harder nod. Tanya smiled, her lips touching Mondra’s ear as she whispered “Want to take it to the next level…?”

Mondra, eyes suddenly fixed on her, licked her lips and nodded once more.

Tanya smiled. “Then let me show you something.” She turned to Mondra’s mother. “Solan, kneel up here.” She made room for the older woman to get onto the bed facing her daughter, hands pressed between her thighs.

Tanya knelt between naked mother and daughter on the bed, and enjoyed the way they looked at each other — hungry, aroused, uncertain, a little afraid, a little intrigued. Tanya smiled, reached between them, taking one of their breasts in each hand and stroking it. Mondra gasped, Solan sighed. Their nipples were alike, yet unalike… and Tanya loved to touch them both, feel their heat. The heat they had for her.

She turned to Mondra and kissed her, softly. The younger woman whimpered, but eagerly tongue-kissed her, and Tanya tasted Song’s cunt on her face. “You’re so beautiful,” she breathed into her mouth. “I want you so much.”

“I want you,” Mondra moaned back, closing her eyes.

Tanya turned to Solan now, heavy-lidded, moist-lipped. “Your daughter is so lovely,” she breathed to her mother. “I love kissing her. She kisses like you.” She pressed her wet lips to Solan’s. Her little squeak of protest only fed Tanya’s desire.

She licked her lips as she leaned back. “Mmm,” she turned to Mondra, “your mom’s got my pussy all over her face.” She turned her head, came closer. “Taste me…” Tanya kissed the young maid, and heard the same soft squeak from her. She could feel Mondra’s tongue lick her lips, purring with pleasure at Tanya’s flavor.

Tanya turned to look at Fiola, still clothed, clutching the shoulders of her daughter, both of them staring at Mondra and Solan on the bed with Tanya. Rebakah’s little mouth was open, her lips moist. The girl trembled at what she was watching. Trembled with anticipation… and desire.

Tanya turned back to Mondra and Solan, mother and daughter seated on the bed with her, and gave them each a sweet smile. She took one hand from each and placed them on her own breasts. She closed her eyes and arched her back when they both began to knead her large, hard-nippled tits.

They learned quickly. Their hands circled her breasts, not touching the nipples, just barely brushing them, making her sigh. She bit her lip as Mondra and Solan moved closer to her… then the hands of mother and daughter made contact.

She could feel the electricity between them as if it passed through her nipples. They were feeling their own first lesbian desire for her, and now their desire seemed to slowly encompass one another. Tanya felt how powerful their arousal was as she bit her lip harder, fighting the urge to bring the two together to kiss. She had to let events unfold on their own. If she made them go slow, get closer on their own — it would be oh, so much better. So much hotter.

She concentrated on the feeling of mother and daughter touching her breasts. Oh, now Solan used both her hands… and now, so did Mondra. They caressed, and stroked, and their fingers touched, glided over, interlaced, fell away, re-engaged… Tanya moaned to feel four hands fondling her now, mother and daughter stroking her breasts and each other’s hands at the same time. Drawing, slowly, closer. And closer…

Tanya cupped her breasts in her hands. “Lick them,” she breathed.

And Solan, then Mondra bent closer to kiss her pale skin, to lick the soft, warm flesh… then each took a nipple into a warm, wet mouth. “Oh yes,” Tanya moaned, as mother and daughter shared her. “Oh, yes, my sweet lovers. Your lips feel so good on my breasts. Mmmmmm.”

Their heads close together, mother and daughter each sucked one of Tanya’s nipples as she looked down on them. So alike they looked… yet, so different. Mondra so fresh, Solan so earthy and hungry. A delicate young girl and an experienced older woman, their lips on her flesh, her nipples in their hot mouths. She rolled her head back at the sensation of mother and daughter joining together to make love to her.

Tanya then drew Mondra’s face up to hers and kissed her hotly, then whispered in her ear. “Suck your mother’s nipple, now, lover,” she husked to the young girl. “Go on — do to her like you did to me.”

Mondra hesitated, but only for a moment… then lowered her head down to her mother’s hanging breasts, kissing the one closest to her.

Solan, her eyes closed, opened them slightly… then, as her daughter’s lips closed on her nipple and sucked at it, arched her eyebrows, as if to concede that yes, it was her daughter at her breast — it was her daughter sucking her nipple, and God, it felt so good!

Tanya watched them, her chest heaving. “All right,” she said, “Mondra, suck my nipple again. Solan… I want to see you licking your daughter’s nipple at the same time.”

A quick look of shock and mutual trepidation passed between them, and then Mondra had Tanya’s nipple between her lips again. Solan gently touched Mondra’s bare breast for the first time, eyes wide with wonder, then slowly bent and touched her tongue to her daughter’s erect nipple. Mondra sighed, and turned to offer her breast to her mother.

To Tanya’s delight, Solan’s mouth became eager, taking in the pink tip of her daughter’s smaller breast, sucking it strongly, surely… then her free hand took her child’s other breast, and fondled it openly. Palmed it, thumbed her nipple, caressing it, making love to it.

Making love to her, Tanya thought. That’s what I want.

As if she read Tanya’s mind, Mondra reached to her mother’s hanging breast, and began to caress it with loving strokes. She was more comfortable with touching her mother this way, now. More experienced. More desiring.

Mondra sat up straight and, thoughtfully licking her lips, looked down at her mother, still nursing at her breast. Solan, looking up, saw the adoring look on her daughter’s face, and sat up to face her.

Tanya didn’t dare to breathe. She watched as wide-eyed Solan, her lips parted, leaned close to a trembling Mondra. Their lips touched, mother to daughter, and their eyes closed as they gently brushed them together in a little try-it-out kiss. They moved apart, opening their eyes, their beautiful blue eyes, each looking deep into the other’s soul… and the answer there was yes.

They melted back together, mother kissing daughter, and Tanya saw and heard the liquid sound of their tongues engaging, dueling with each other as their kiss grew hot and hungry. And as she put her hands on their backs to feel their desire grow, she felt the deep forbidden thrill of breaking a double taboo — lesbian love, and lesbian incest.

Mondra pulled back first. “I love you,” she gasped. “Oh, Mama, I love you!”

“I love you too,” Solan crooned, cupping her baby’s breasts. “Oh, sweet Mondra, my angel!”

“I’m going to kiss you again, Mama,” Mondra swallowed.

Solan’s breath was ragged. “I want you to, darling.”

Really kiss you, Mama.”

“Oh, baby, please…” Solan breathed, “Make love to me.” She closed her eyes, her moist lips parting for her daughter.

With a whimper of lust and delight and forbidden desire, Mondra claimed her mother’s open mouth with her own, throwing her arms around Solan’s neck as the older woman hugged her waist.

Tanya, wide-eyed, watched mother and daughter kiss like lovers. She couldn’t stop from touching them, caressing the bodies of the incestuous mother and daughter. She hadn’t imagined it would be so hot to watch them, so much alike, now so hungry for each other. She stroked them, nuzzled their ears, their necks… but they only kissed each other, their newly realized desire drawing them together.

Tanya moved away to watch as their hands slipped between each other’s thighs… and she cooed with delight as Solan eased her fingers into her daughter’s glistening pussy, and Mondra began to probe her mother’s wet cunt. Solan moaned and, still feasting on her daughter’s mouth, gently pushed Mondra onto her back. The thirteen-year-old opened her thighs, welcoming the weight of her mother’s mound against her own.

Tanya looked over her shoulder to where Fiola stood, behind the rapt Rebekah… the young girl now touching herself beneath her chiton. Tanya gazed directly into the child’s eyes… and as if in a trance, Rebekah pulled off her chiton to stand naked, her skin pale, her little nipples hard on the soft little rises of her new girlish breasts. She stroked them with her free hand, and in the girl’s eyes was a hunger that sent Tanya’s lust soaring.

Her pussy throbbing as if with a life of its own, Tanya rose onto her knees and stepped off the bed. Fiola and Rebekah stood, enthralled, as the languid girl padded towards them. She reached out, and with one finger she traced the hollow at the top of Fiola’s breastbone. “Take it off,” she whispered.

Fiola, trembling, did as she was bid, drawing her purple chiton off to stand naked in front of Tanya. She rested one hand on her daughter’s bare shoulder. “What — what’s happening to me?” she quavered. “You — you’re somehow– somehow making this happen.”

Tanya was too high to care. “It’s the Gift of Venus,” she said, her voice breathy and tender. “Bringing the gift of love.” She looked back to where Mondra lay on top of her mother, kissing her deeply, her hand half buried in Solan’s pussy. “They feel it. They can love without exception. Without reservation. Without fear or guilt or shame.”

As if to emphasize Tanya’s point, Mondra suddenly swiveled her body around atop Solan’s, straddling her mother’s face. Solan moaned happily at the sight of her child’s dripping pussy, then eagerly extended her tongue to taste Mondra for the first time. Liking what she found, the older woman reached up to grasp her daughter’s hips, drawing the girl’s cunt down to settle on her open mouth.

Mondra cried out, palming her breasts as her mother ate her pussy… then she lowered her face between Solan’s thighs to lick at her mother.

The other four women in the room stared at the erotic spectacle unfolding before them. Song sat in a nearby chair, two fingers buried in her cunt, her mouth slack from pleasure. Fiola’s arms encircled Rebekah, her naked body pressed against that of her daughter. Tanya lightly brushed her own nipples with her fingertips, sighing happily as she watched mother and daughter fuck.

On the bed Solan lay under her daughter, legs spread wide. Her daughter Mondra, hair wild and flowing, lay reversed on top of her mother, her mouth sunk deep into her own mother’s thick pubes, sucking at her wet pussy. Tanya could hear the helpless moans of lust from Solan, the wet sound of the woman’s tongue probing her thirteen-year-old daughter’s vagina. She trembled to feel the incestuous lesbian need coursing through them like a whirlpool. Lust feeding on lust. Mother and daughter, who never before even knew they could want another woman, were now making love with a hunger that seemed to charge the very air of the room.

Fiola, now as naked as her little girl, stood looking on Solan and Mondra making love, her hands now touching her own daughter, stroking the eleven-year-old girl’s budding chest, her smooth stomach, tracing down to within inches of Rebekah’s little-girl vagina. Rebekah herself swayed as if she was intoxicated, her lips parted as she watched Mondra feast on her mother’s pussy.

Tanya came closer, and Fiola and Rebekah turned their expectant faces to her, ready for anything. “I love this,” Tanya said to them. “I love it when two women who never touched each other before find they enjoy sharing their bodies as lovers. And when it’s a mother sharing with her daughter… there’s no sweeter joy in this world.” She placed a hand upon Fiola and Rebekah’s bare shoulders, leaning in close to whisper, “I’d love to see you two kiss.”

It was as if she had given them permission. Fiola leaned forward just as Rebekah turned her head to meet her mother’s mouth with a gulp of delight and girlish pleasure. They kissed, gently at first… then harder, deeper, their tongues coming to life at the same instant. Fiola’s hands found and caressed her daughter’s breasts, teasing her nipples. Rebekah made a tiny sound of surprise and delight, stroking her mother’s arm, covering Fiola’s hands as they cupped her baby breasts.

“Oh, yes,” Tanya whispered. “Oh, you look so beautiful doing that. Keep kissing. Let me see you make love to each other.”

Fiola turned Rebekah to her, brushing the girl’s wayward hair back from her face, and they traded nervous, slightly self-conscious smiles. The air was full of the scent of aroused women and girls… and Tanya knew they could scent their own arousal, and that of the other mother-daughter couple on the bed. They cupped each others’ faces, closed their eyes, and their mouths came together in a tender, sweet, and very passionate kiss.

Tanya licked her lips as mother and daughter finally broke apart, dreamy expressions on their faces. “You love your little girl, don’t you, Fiola? Really love her.”

Fiola turned to her. “Oh, yes. Now I — Now I understand how much I love her.” She turned to her daughter, stroking her face as she smiled. “How much I want to love her. How about you, honey…?”

“I love you, too, Mommy,” the adolescent said, stroking her mother’s face, touching her lips. “You’re so beautiful. I want to touch you so much… ” They gently kissed, then opened their eyes and smiled at each other. “I love kissing you, Mommy. I could just do it… ” She closed her eyes and pressed her lips to her mother’s, and Tanya watched as the little girl licked at Fiola’s mouth, “…forever.” And with that, Rebekah seemed to melt into her mother’s arms, offering herself up to the woman who had given her life.

Fiola and Rebekah clung to each other, kissing passionately, and Tanya felt their lust grow.

“Do you love each other… like that?” she purred, indicating Solan and Mondra, still eating each other’s cunts on the bed.

Fiola and Rebekah, holding and caressing each other, watched mother and daughter make love. Then Fiola turned to her child with a loving smile. “Would you like to do that with me, Rebekah?”

The little girl tossed her hair back. “Yes!” she gasped, her eyes flashing with excitement. “Do you want to?”

“I do,” Fiola nodded, and smiled. “I want to love you like that, baby. So much.”

Rebekah kissed her, hard, tongue quickly flashing into her mother’s mouth for emphasis. “Love me, Mommy. Love me like Mondra loves her mother. I want — I want to be yours.”

“Let’s get closer,” Fiola breathed, her eyes flicking from the other mother-daughter couple to her own little girl, “and see how they’re doing it.”

Tanya eagerly watched as the woman and her child daughter got onto the bed next to Solan and Mondra, the two incestuous lovers still locked in a wet, hot sixty-nine. Fiola’s eyes glowed as brightly as Rebekah’s, and she tenderly cupped her child’s breasts.

Rebekah’s breathing was so ragged, her color so high, Tanya wondered how the girl could keep from leaping on her mother in that instant. “I’ve never seen women make love before,” she breathed.

Fiola stroked the hair from her daughter’s forehead. “Me either. I never… never knew incest could be so… ” She bit her lip. “So good.”

“Is that what this is, Mommy?” and the little girl turned her head to look into her mother’s eyes. “Incest?”

“Lesbian incest,” her mother whispered, bending to kiss her child’s forehead. “Mother… and daughter.”

“Daughter,” and Rebekah offered her mouth up, her eyes closed, “and mother. Love me, Mommy.”

They kissed passionately as Tanya stood over them, two fingers deep in her own pussy as she watched them make out, Rebekah atop her mother next to the sixty-nining Solan and Mondra. Then Rebekah turned her body around to face Fiola’s feet.

Now lying on their sides, Fiola and Rebekah reached for one another’s hips as they parted their thighs… and mother and daughter pressed their hungry mouths to the wet and secret places where their lust was blooming. The happy sigh they both gave as they began to kiss each other’s pussy, then lick, then tongue one another deep inside… the joy of watching Rebekah and Fiola exploring, enjoying their bodies… it made Tanya’s pussy throb.

Side by side, mistresses and servants, two mother-daughter couples — making love to one another for the first time, reveling in their forbidden passions, the pleasures of their wet cunts, their asses, their breasts… and oh, how they loved it!

They loved it! Tanya could almost sob at the beauty of it. These feelings were not perverted, were not deranged or bad — they had been deepened… and Mondra licked her mother’s anus with as much devotion and care as Rebekah showed in her tender nuzzling of her mother’s clitoris.

The deep maternal love Solan had for Mondra was just as much there as before, only now it was with her tongue buried deep inside her beautiful blue-eyed daughter, and was equally as sweet and tender as Fiola’s pressing of her mouth into Rebekah’s entire hairless slit and lapping her, over and over again, from clit to asshole, loving the taste of her daughter, loving the way their daughters pleasured them, their tenderness blending seamlessly into lust, fanning the flames of their need for the women who bore them, the children they bore, now the lovers who sucked their cunts and touched their skin and loved them, loved them as child, as mother, as sweet incestuous lovers.

The feeling they gave off was more than lust, more than mere passion. This new love they had for each other merged seamlessly, blended effortlessly with the old… so it was no longer such a different thing for mother to peck her daughter on the cheek, or to fuck her mouth with a loving tongue. No different to touch her hand, or to hold her naked sweaty body close, teasing her nipples with playful little bites. All the same to hug her and to kiss her with her mouth full of the sweet taste of her pussy, trading her own flavor back, sweet and thick. Love and lust were one and the same, only a small distance apart. A pat on her fanny could be a wet finger deep in her ass. A kiss hello could be the prelude to undressing her, falling to her knees and licking her sugary pudenda.

Tanya felt the room pulsing with the precious love of mother and daughter, for all mothers and daughters, loving each other with little kisses and fingers buried deep in hungry orifices, sharing soul-shattering orgasms — oh yes! Like that one!

As in a dream, Tanya watched the four of them come apart, and then, with smiles and caresses and deep tongue kisses, Mondra kissed and stroked the tits of Fiola, and Solan clasped little Rebekah in her hands, covering the little girl’s mouth with her own.

She watched smiling as a cooing Fiola nestled her face into Mondra’s open crotch as Solan sank her tongue deep into Rebekah’s hairless quim. The daughters ended up side by side as their mothers tongue-fucked them, their hands touching, then they shyly linked fingers. They smiled at each other, almost lost in the deep maternal lust they felt, then they moved together and kissed, softly, like young girls ought to, their little tongues playing together… then locking their lips together in close, sweet passion.

Tanya felt soft arms wind around her body, and turned into Song’s embrace. The High Priestess’ mouth sought hers, and Tanya reached down to cup Song’s ass while they kissed. Their naked bodies pressed together, Song grinding her thigh against Tanya’s throbbing, wet pussy.

Breaking their kiss, Tanya glanced over Song’s shoulder as Mondra eagerly rolled Fiola onto her back, dipping her face between the woman’s legs to eat her cunt, while Rebekah did the same with Solan… and now it was the daughters holding the mothers’ thighs wide, mouths pressed to their pussies, and now it was Fiola who opened her eyes to look down, then at Rebekah licking Solan, then at Solan, smiling at her, reaching for her hand.

They held hands tenderly, looking deep into each other’s eyes. It was Fiola who said, “I love you,” to the other mother, and Solan who replied, “I love you, too!” They moved to kiss, a soft, mother-to-mother kiss that spoke of how fine and good their newfound lust for their daughters was… and now, for one another.

Their desire grew, and grew… and suddenly Fiola had Solan on her back and was kissing her, then trailed her tongue down the cook’s body before settling down to feast on Solan’s pussy.

The two daughters watched, holding hands, then they looked into each other’s eyes. They leaned close to kiss, eyes open, softly, tentatively — then they grinned, and giggled, and kissed hotly, groaning, before their hands stole between one another’s thighs to fondle their adolescent slits. The two young girls lay back together, arranging their bodies so Rebekah was on the bottom, her mouth deep in Mondra’s open cunt, and Mondra feasted on the wet pussy of the thirteen-year-old as avidly as her mother ate out Fiola.

Song, somehow knowing that Tanya needed to see the incest that unfolded before her fevered gaze, knelt behind the teenage girl and began planting soft, sweet kisses on her buttocks. Tanya purred happily, then inhaled sharply as the High Priestess gently parted her cheeks and pressed her tongue into the girl’s ass crack, eagerly rimming her.

Head spinning from Song’s loving attentions, Tanya watched the passionate games that daughters and mothers played before her on the bed. Hands felt for hands, caressed faces pressed between parted thighs, sweat-glazed breasts brushed together, naked women and girls moving and melting into each other. Fiola was eating Rebekah, who was lapping hungrily at Mondra, who was eating her mother, who was licking Fiola. A closed chain of love.

Suddenly all four women shuddered, exploding together in a torrential four-way orgasm… and Tanya gasped to feel how powerful it was, how heavily it shook her, like an ocean wave crashing her into a seawall.

Rebekah moaned, “Oh, Mommy, I’m coming!”

“YES, baby!” Fiola panted, tossing a sweaty strand of hair from her face. “Come for Mommy!”

“Oh — oh — oh, Mommy! Mommy, I love you!”

“I love you, Mama,” Mondra panted, squeezing her mother’s breast.

“Oh, honey,” Solan moaned, “this is heavenly,” nibbling at her daughter’s lips, then claiming Mondra’s mouth in a hungry kiss.

“It’s so wonderful,” Fiola panted, “I just sucked my baby daughter’s sweet little pussy, then she licked me… and — and it still isn’t enough. I want to make love to her again — what about you, baby?” She kissed Rebekah’s little thirteen-year-old mouth, her tongue emerging to lick around the little girl’s pussy-wet lips.

“I want to fuck you again, Mommy,” Rebekah moaned, cuddling her tits. “I love doing this — I love making you come!”

Song rose from her kneeling position at Tanya’s ass, and drew the young redhead into her arms, kissing her hungrily. “It’s… it’s all because of you!” she gasped happily, holding Tanya’s face to her breast. “Sweet, sweet, precious child of Venus! You make us all realize the power of love…”

Dizzy with possibility, hungry from Song’s kisses, fired by the sight of beautiful girls and women making love around her, Tanya could only moan happily.

The End



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  1. Maurizio says:

    My god, the best I ever read!

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    Wow. Without fleshing out the main story etc, this got hot and rocking extremely fast. A non-stop barrage of sex thru the end.
    It definitely has the feel of missing on the main storyline to being the crescendo of a big story. That’s the only issue. But an awesome read anyway.

  3. The Dragon says:

    Wow. If this is what it looks like now after Jetboy reworked it, I wonder, what did it look like before it was reworked? Jetboy, you ever thought about becoming a full-time editor or something? Like getting paid to read and edit other peoples stories and erotic stories for money? I only ask ’cause you’re damn good at it.

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    Amazing!…The Gift that Tanya has is so fucking hot!. The way it radiated throughout the entire household, possessing all the females as Tanya went around gathering them up to join in the “festivities” was magical…as was all the remarkable, delicious, uninhibited incest sex!…Had to read this twice to fully absorb the rich, decadent details!

    Thank You, JetBoy, for posting this and for reworking this portion of the story…I have to go take a shower now, The Gift of Venus has drained my essences.


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