A Farm Girl Finds Love

  • Posted on February 20, 2019 at 3:29 pm

 Author Unknown

“I’ll be home by the end of the week,” said my father. “You’ll be fine here with Violet, right?”

“We’ll be fine, Dad,” I pecked him lightly on the cheek. “Have a good trip.”

“Take care, Lori,” he drove off.

Violet was my stepmother… she helped my father run the farm. She was only a few years older than I was, and we’d gotten along well from the day I met her. Violet was a good person, if sometimes overly protective of me. Sometimes we would go on a picnic together while my father was in the fields.

Her body was shapely, but strong. Although her hips were generous and womanly, her breasts were small. I remember hoping that my bottom would be as nice as hers when I was of age. At the time, I was sixteen.

On that first evening I cooked us dinner. Violet watched me, her eyes following my every move. I found myself curious as to what was going in her mind.

“Isn’t it nice to have the place to ourselves?” I smiled, trying to coax a word from her. “We could take the truck for a ride when we’re not too busy.”

She didn’t reply, but only gazed at me. I shrugged it off, thinking she simply wasn’t feeling talkative. I trembled for some reason as I placed her mug on the deeply weathered and scratched table. “Is… is something wrong?” I asked her with a hesitant smile.

She replied by placing her palm on one of my hands. I lowered my eyes, looking at it, shivering. The hand felt oddly hot, as if Violet was burning inside. She stood up and slid her hand under my dress. I jerked back, but Violet extended her right hand and encircled my thin wrist in a possessive grip.

I felt myself trembling with a strange desire, a heat that burned inside me. I watched Violet’s hand move higher, caressing my thigh in a circular motion. A moan escaped my lips, and I heard Violet breathing hard.

She then slipped her hand between my thighs. I was stunned to feel my sex become moist; my clit throbbed with sensations I didn’t understand. I should have stopped her and told her that this was wrong, but I couldn’t.

We looked into each other’s eyes, and my stepmother moved her hand higher. She felt the tight entrance of my channel with the tips of her fingers, and I spread my legs widely, leaning back on the table, bracing myself with my hands.

Violet couldn’t seem to stop herself. Her fingers moved slowly about my crotch, finding it moist. She traced my labia, her finger gliding up and down the slit. I whimpered and turned on the table. Finally her palm cupped my wet cunt.

I felt the heat of my juicy channel burning into her hand, and she massaged it tenderly, gently. I whined with delight and began to press my womanhood eagerly against Violet’s fingers.

With one arm around my back, Violet held me. Now Violet was moving more violently, pushing deep into my vagina. I bit down on my lower lip as a flood of sensations gripped my shuddering body.

I thought of nothing except of the joy I felt of her hand touching my cunt. I raised my hips, bringing my vagina closer into her hand, crying softly. I sprawled my legs open on the table, my arms supporting my weight. Violet was towering over my petite frame massaging me now harder.

She cupped my firm ass-cheek hard with her palm. Her mouth tasted my mouth. She lifted me a foot in the air as she held her hand between my spread thighs. She kept fondling without end and before I knew it, my stepmother was leaning over, kissing me like a lover, masturbating me with her fingers. I finally orgasmed, my body trembled, I jerked violently about as I came.

Violet held her fingers buried in my womanhood, sensing my orgasm subside and my body going limp. She gently let me down, and then carefully took her fingers out.

My stepmother lowered my body onto the table and stood back, observing me with a smile as I caught my breath. My legs and cunt were visible and open for her pleasure. I was still weak from my climax. She watched with deep, serious eyes as I lay where I was, legs still spread out. My panties dangled by my ankle, ripped on one side.

Finally I struggled up, sitting on the table. She leaned in to place a gentle kiss upon my lips. “I love you,” she whispered, then left the kitchen without another word.

Later that night I washed my face in the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and saw a confused expression on my features. I knew I should’ve been angry at Violet, but I liked it. I had never allowed anyone to touch me intimately, yet I had willingly let Violet use her fingers to masturbate me. I had found the sensation enjoyable, and I even guided her hand into my cunt – not just willingly, but hungrily.

There was something I felt for Violet that I wasn’t able to understand; it was magnetism I had never felt for a woman in all my life. I wasn’t sorry she had played with my pussy, but it couldn’t happen again. She was my stepmother, for heaven’s sake!

Maybe I was sick and needed help.

I dried my blond hair which flickered in the lamplight. My eyes were blue, but in this shadow they appeared to change to green. I was a girl, I had full, sensual lips, and my neck was long; my skin was clear, milky white the way which some men liked. I pulled back my shoulders and looked critically at my breasts.

There was nothing wrong with me physically, I thought.

The problem was all psychological. My body only responded to a physical stimulation, like pain. If somebody burnt me with a red hot poker was it my fault if I cried out in agony? Of course not!

I went to bed earlier than usual and I tossed and turned, trying to find that comfortable position in which sleep arrives. It was quite late now and I was unable to sleep. My womanhood would keep on itching and longing for that special touch.

Suddenly I saw the outline of my stepmother, standing next to the bed and looking at me.

“I want you,” she breathed.

Violet was naked. Her eyes were packed with burning desire, scanning up and down my petite body, seeing my nipples swell. I could hardly breathe knowing that what I feared the most was about to happen again.

“I need you.” She spoke with the same commanding voice, but this time I found it strangely soothing. My legs turned to straw. How could I resist such a powerful force? I was incapable to defeat this feral creature. Her eyes glittered; her upper lip was lifted in the beginning of a snarl.

She took my wrist, guided it to her naked crotch. My fingers instinctively found her clit, and I stroked it gently. I felt it throbbing; the rigid hardness was aroused with lust; I couldn’t refrain from squeezing it, causing Violet to moan with delight.

Still looking into her face, I moved my fingers into her womanhood just as she had done to me earlier that morning. I moved them slowly at first, and then I began to wriggle her clit faster.

As I held her my fingers in her, Violet brought her hands to my breasts. They felt warm, tender and protective, and I was beginning to feel damp between my own legs. Violet squeezed my breasts, making me moan.

Suddenly, my stepmother twined an arm around my neck and pulled her mouth into mine. She pressed her tongue into my mouth and I sucked it, kissing her strongly. Her hands tightened around my shoulders, removed my robe and ripped my nightgown open. Her hands worked down to my buttocks and squeezed them hard.

“We’d better stop,” I moaned into her mouth. “This isn’t … I can’t–”

She ignored me; her fingers dug into my ass cheeks and ripped another pair of my panties. She pushed her tongue into my mouth, licking and plunging enthusiastically, tasting me; she squirmed her crotch toward mine.

My hands clawed in surprise and astonishment. Heatedly, she laid me down on the floor, her whole weight pinned me, and her lips tracked down my throat, warm and wet, leaving a glossy trail between my breasts. I whimpered and instinctively held onto her for support.

She smiled libidinously and carelessly took one of my nipples between her lips and began to suckle, her teeth grazing impishly on the rubbery peak. Then, I felt a moderate but firm pressure of Violet clamping down on my nipple and drawing it tight. I felt fiery passion building in my belly.

“Hmmm,” she mumbled.

I breathed nervously beneath Violet. Her tongue licked down my flat belly and I instinctively parted my thighs. My heart hammered in my breast in anticipation. Strong hands fondled the surface of my legs, then came Violet’s tongue, soft and teasing, on the smooth, fleshy mound of my inner thighs.

I laid back and accepted her lovemaking quietly. I laid completely still, my arms by my side, my face calm. She kept on sucking my nipples, trying to caress passion into my body by force.

She grabbed hold of my calves with both hands and pushed my legs up and back, pressing down so that I couldn’t move, and I laid there trapped under my own legs.

My knees had pinned down my shoulders so that I couldn’t even get my hands to her head when it fell down into my wide-open cunt and sucked at it for the first time in my life.

I suddenly became desperate, my legs tried to kick her off me, my fingers tried to claw its way out by scratching at any part of her. But she held me down with all her might, and my cunt was exposed to her mouth.

“Shhhh! Calm down,” she sucked hard. “Don’t fight! That’s a good girl!”

Her tongue explored the walls of my cunt, moist in spite of my angry protests. Her mouth rubbed against my hard clitoris, nuzzling and pushing until I gave in a little. To my surprise, I began to relax under the stimulation she gave me.

I was spread-eagle on the floor, holding my thighs open, hips raised while Violet lavished long, ravenous licks on my sex. My cries were sharp and wanton, my feet jerked in the air, calves taut. Violet lapped even faster, like a bitch on heat licking at my sex. Her tongue felt rough and long.

Suddenly, she pressed a thumb at the entrance of my channel. The squeezing muscles of my young and tender cunt spoke the reality. They clamped down on the foreign trespasser.

“No!” I whimpered. “Stop, not yet. I – I – I’m not ready!”

“Like hell.” She sneered. “You can’t tell me you don’t want it. Not when your cunt is this wet!”

With a swift thrust she speared two digits up my cunt while her lips pursed around my clit. It was like being impaled and I jumped a foot. There was nothing I could with her full weight upon me. It hurt to take Violet’s fingers up my cunt, but once it was in I could relax a little. I caught my breath and clenched my fists as she explored up my cunt.

I grunted with delight even if I was telling my brain not to do it. I was still uncomfortable about it, convulsing now and again in an attempt to escape her grasp. But my cunt had a will of its own, it clamped down. All the while she sucked and licked, savouring my cunt.

Violet moved her fingers back and forth in rhythm with her licks. I gasped as I felt desire and tension accumulating in my loins. My sex instinctively tightened even harder around the intrusion.

She seized my hard clit between her lips and began to tweet her tongue against the inflamed little bud, driving me insane with lust. Violet growled in hungry passion and thrust herself forward. The strain in my loins built with each lick.

She ran her tongue around my clitoris, then moved down, once around the brim of her my, then down to my anus, flicking inside, exciting me more than ever, preserving a constant strain on me.

I groaned, leaning back further in surrender. My thighs opened a little more, allowing her flying digits even additional access to my swelling cunt. My hips moved in a pleasant little squirming motion that wriggled around the intruding digit.

My head rolled and rocked from side to side. My lips twisted with the mounting agony of need that overflowed me. My body quivered, groaned and whimpered.

Harder and faster, her digits sliced between the shaking lips of my labia. I felt the rapid fire strokes of the fingers that buried itself in my wide open sex. Involuntarily, my body tensed each time her hand slammed roughly into my naked pubic mound. My breathing increased to difficult heaves of stimulation, following the lustful change that had transformed

Our bodies were slick with sweat and my heart thumped. We rubbed our bodies together as if to merge each other into one.

I moaned and panted in her ear urging her on, begging her to do it harder, faster. Violet was hot and impatient, she slammed me against the hard floor. I begged her to make me come.

She growled into my mouth, her kisses became more avid and demanding. She felt me shudder beneath her, pushing my pelvis onto her fingers. Her thrusts became harder and more savage, thumping into me hard and fast. She pulled her mouth away, looking down at me she howled deafeningly and animalistic.

Violet returned voraciously to my cunt, prolonging the agony for another excruciating minute, slipping her tongue deep into me. She was teasing me by keeping me in limbo. The slightest touch of my clit would probably make me burst, and so she avoided it, teasing me, taking pleasure in my vulnerability.

My stepmother’s smooth muscles clenched and strained, and her face grimaced with hysterical sexual need. She was holding back for me and I realised at that moment how much she loved me. She took her fingers out of my cunt and stuck them into my mouth. I suckled like a little calf on her mother’s teat. I revolved my tongue and licked her fingers clean of my juices.

She devoured my pussy with an colossal passion. She sucked my cunt lips into her mouth, stabbed her tongue deep into the warm, moist channel, and sucked viciously at my clit until my voice disappeared into a high, deep pitched scream.

My quick, sudden orgasm only fueled the flames of her lust. She was consumed with it, shaking, moaning demanding that I give her more. She wanted total surrender of my body.

Finally, she settled atop of me, to hook her leg around my shoulder, so that we laid vagina to vagina, locked in a sexy cunt kiss. The sensation was beyond description. I felt Violet’s soft, moist, sticky folds against my lust aroused sex. My abdomen tensed in expectation as she shifted to possess me like a man.

I clenched my teeth, feeling the huge muscular thigh muscle plough into my gaping cunt. Violet was far more aroused and this time she was going to be much rougher with me. She wasn’t going to hold back, neither for her sake nor mine.

She had one of my thighs clamped into her own wet cunt, and I knew we were both going to come this time as Violet pumped me ferociously, bringing us both to an wild fury of lust. Violet was so physically powerful that she almost squeezed the life out of me. Her hard thigh slammed again and again into my cunt, squashing my clit, grinding it, until I whimpered feverishly. She was insane with lustful exhilaration, tossing her hips madly, fiercely pushing her thigh into my cunt.

Violet was about to come, but she was overwhelmed by a desire to plunder my body. I panted and moaned exhausted, but she hurled herself forward onto me. She wedged her cunt coarsely into me, pumping and fucking me ruthlessly.

Violet growled and thrust her hips forward, massaging her sex long and hard against mine. We fucked that way, pussy pushed against pussy, slick inner lips grinding, thrusting accumulating friction with each movement as she pushed into me. My thighs tensed with each moist thrust.

I gasped, my back tensed under the sudden rush of bliss. It was useless to resist, the friction on the silky folds of my pussy and the rubbing on my clit were overwhelming. She dug her fingers into my breasts as if they were her personal property. Dropping her mouth to my nipple, she sucked it hard while she gyrated her own cunt into me.

She thrust harder once more to tax more juices from my cunt. Then my hands tightened on Violet’s firm hard buttocks as I neared climax, my cries suffocated in a hungry kiss against my lover’s lips.

Her juices dripped from her loins, smearing my sex with her love. My hands frantically clasped her steel buttocks, desperate for just one more electrifying thrust.

I drew a deep, excited breath and surrendered to euphoric wave of relief which was about to radiate from deep in my sex. I rolled my hips, my thighs and abdomen tightening with effort as I came in quick, snarling gasps.

Violet drove the wave of our climax grinding her slopping sex against my cunt. That was the first time that she had made love to me and I would never forget it. She made love to me violently, grunting and roaring like a bitch on heat. The word love had little to do with her actions. To her, it seemed, sex was the end conquest of violence.

Soon she lost all control and was thrusting into me as hard and fast as she could, growling and snarling. I was under her urging her on, begging for more; pounding her clit onto mine. She was thrusting into me so hard that my head was now pressed against the floor. Her hands were on my shoulders pulling me down onto her cunt as she thrust into me. I was shaking all over; her sweat poured off her and onto me.

We were very close to coming. Finally she tweaked my clit and sent me over the edge. My back arched and together we let out a scream as we came together, flooding each other with our juices.

When we let go it was as though we had released a scent that was so potent it drove her wild. She thrust violently into me one more time and I felt her release one more time, flooding me. She threw back her head and let out a howl that shook the walls of the house.

It sounded like a cry of victory!

She came long and hard. When it was over she collapsed on top of me, trying to catch her breath, completely drained. She held me tightly, heaving on my breast. Her mouth found my nipple and she suckled on it absently. I savoured Violet’s leisured post-coital thrusts.

“Oh baby!” She spoke her cheek pressed against my breast. “My sweet Lori.”

I patted her head gently before passing out from exhaustion. I remembered her lightly slapping me awake to suck her clitoris, which I did for a long time before passing out again.

When I awoke at dawn I was on my bed with my head rested on a pillow. My blond hair was sweaty and tangled about my face. Violet must have brought me here when I slept, but she hadn’t stopped making love to me.

Although I was on my back, my nipples seemed to point upward, as if Violet had just finished suckling them. My nipples aimed jutted out over my flat breasts, which normally would have been full if I were sitting up.

As the dawn raised our love making waned. We refused to separate our legs. Violet lay there panting, our cunts perfectly merged together, in a deep arousing union which neither of us were willing to break. I looked at the mirror and saw the union of our bodies.

I lay still as Violet rested her womanly frame over my body. My hands held her steeled buttocks, my fingers slowly stroking her soft skin.

Suddenly Violet awoke. I saw in her eyes that she felt guilty for the feral fucking she had forced on me. I hadn’t been expecting it, but I couldn’t say I didn’t like it, because I loved every moment she possessed my body.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” I heard her saying as she rolled off my ravished body. “I didn’t mean to be so rough. I couldn’t help it. I thought I could control myself.”

“Don’t ever apologise for making a girl come!” I soothed softly.

I wrapped my legs around her waist, nuzzling my semi-moist cunt into Violet’s hard stomach.

“You liked it?” She grinned. “I made you come, didn’t I?”

I replied kissing her and caressing her cheek with very deep tenderness. “I love you.”

I ran my hands all over her body, rejoicing in her flesh. She rolled back on top of me and cupped my breasts with both hands and devoured them hungrily.

“Are you ready for more?”

“Do we have time?”

Violet filled her mouth with one of my bulging, shiny pink nipples. She sucked it passionately, but not too roughly this time, manipulating the firm ball of my breast with her fingers at the same time.

“We’ll have to make this a quickie,” she mumbled through a mouthful of my breast. “I’ve got work to do.”

“I’ll make you a big breakfast,” I giggled childishly.

“Good!” She hoisted me by my ass cheeks and licked her lips. “I’ll start with this!”

She went down on me and fiercely parted my legs. I squealed with delight as she began to lick my cunt with long lean strokes.


Violet left in such a hurry after her shower that I didn’t have time to make her breakfast. I lay down on my bed with my head resting on my raised palms. Faint tingles ran up my insides and I realised how much I’d changed over night.

How was I going to get through the morning, all sexually excited like this?

I stepped into the shower and regulated the water until it made my skin break into goose bumps with the cold. I rubbed the soap over my nipples, spreading the soap suds over the curvature of my breasts. Despite the cold water my womanhood still seemed hot with desire.

My stepmother Violet had given me the most extraordinary sex in all my life. It had been raw, hot, feral fucking not something I’d be forgetting anytime soon. She’d left me overcome with lust and pleasure.

I felt so hot, so moist that my fingers moved surreptitiously to my cunt. It was throbbing with desire; even the cold water wasn’t capable of putting the heat out. In my mind I imagined Violet in the shower naked with me; her strong hand would seize my womanhood and she’d play with it.

My feet started to feel weak so I slid down and sprawled my legs open. I felt the soap suds trickling down my cunt and I masturbated myself to an orgasm. The sensation felt good but not fulfilling because Violet wasn’t there to nurture me.

I sighed and got out.

I put on a halter top and a pair of suggestive shorts which scaled up my buttocks, enclosing the white, lower curves of my ass cheeks exposing my thighs just enough for the imagination to go wild. I was sure that once Violet saw me in it she’d never want to leave the bed.

I went downstairs for a quick cup of coffee and began doing the house chores. All the time I kept on thinking about Violet and our previous lovemaking. I wasn’t sure if it was the weather or my horniness but the heat kept on rising.

Violet told me before she left that she wouldn’t be able to come back until dinner time, but that she had a surprise for me. I wondered what it was.

I carried the laundry to the basement where the washer and dryer were. The bed sheets smelled of sex, potency and musk. I was certain that Violet was going to ravish my body again and I shivered with anticipation.

I was at the stove cooking dinner and I looked over my shoulder as Violet stepped into the kitchen, my eyes went to her face. My eyes became damp with love. I placed the plates on the table.

“Dinner will be ready in five minutes,” I smiled warmly.

I saw the look in her eye but she didn’t answer. I fell in love with her all over again. Her face slapped me with all its beauty, the high muscular cheekbones and the almond-shaped eyes, the freckled skin stretched over her jaw and down her long, lovely neck.

She took my breath away, for that was how much I loved her. I turned around to reveal my naked legs and she stared at me with wanton desire. She charged towards me like a bull in heat and I ran towards her wrapping my legs around her waist.

Her hands moved down between my rounded thighs, her fingers parted my ass cheeks in an effort to locate the hole of my passion. I trembled when we kissed fiercely; I sucked her tongue for all I could. My hands instinctively sought out her muscles, as I felt safe in her grasp.

“I missed you, Mama,” I whispered.

“Mama?” She was surprised… I had never called her that before.

“Yes,” I whispered, reaching out to touch her face. “I love you, Mama.”

“My sweet little girl,” she massaged the lower curves of my ass cheeks. “I like seeing you in these shorts.”

“I knew you would, Mama.” I held myself tightly around her waist. “So what’s this surprise you have for me?”

“I’ll have to show you!” Her finger found my clit and massaged it through the thin fabric of my shorts. “Sweet angel… you are the most desirable creature I’ve ever known.”

Suddenly she hauled me over her shoulder despite my giggling protests.

“Wait! Wait the stove is on!” She turned it off with an annoying flick. “Wait, the chicken …”

“Honey,” she slapped me lightly on my half exposed ass cheek, “I’m not thinking about any chicken right now! That can wait… I can’t!”

She marched to my bedroom and dumped me onto the bed removing her clothes off. I dropped my halter, my breasts bounced free from their prison. Violet gazed at my long pink nipples, the ones she’d tasted the previous night, and nuzzled them.

“Here’s your surprise,” she stood up and I saw to my surprise that she had a strap-on cock fastened about her waist. “Do you like it?”

I gasped. “Oh, wow!”

“You’re ready for the next step,” she murmured. “Do you want to?”

“I … I …” I was speechless. “How does it work?”

“It works pretty much like the real thing, only better,” I could see she was itching to try it out. “It vibrates when I penetrate and it feels real! Here, touch it!”

She grabbed my wrist and I barely wrapped it completely around my hand. It felt like real human flesh.

“It feels funny,” I giggled.

“I know I’m rough but this time I promise to be gentle,” she pulled me back French kissing me.

“Uh-huh!” I cocked an eyebrow already familiar with her `gentleness’.

“I promise,” she reassured me. “I promise! Be my girl!”

Violet climbed on top of me. Her tongue began to whirl about my tits, licking the smooth curvature of my spongy breasts. Then her hot wet mouth closed on my tender nipple, sucking softly as if I were feeding her with milk. I caressed her hair gently, savoring the delight I gave my lover.

Her hands went to my crotch, and suddenly I felt her yank hard.

“Not my panties …” but my last word hung in the air as she’d ripped them off.

“Damn things are always in the way,” she glared at them angrily and flung them away.

“I’m running out of panties,” I laughed.

“You smell and taste good,” Violet leaned over kissing my knee. “I don’t want you wearing those stupid panties.”

She pushed me vigorously onto my back, with my face up and legs spread open. She curved over my body, rubbing her cheek on my pussy but not yet licking me, as she kissed me down below. Violet paused, staring up at me with a wolfish grin and I felt a shiver of desire run through my body.

She ran her tongue from my pussy up to my tits and then my mouth. Our tongues danced together in a passionate tango. Violet’s tongue thrust demandingly into my mouth, massaging her hands under my ass cheeks. She pulled her lips to my erect nipple, sucking at it and flicking her tongue back and forth. She opened my legs apart and got into a kneeling position between them.

I thought she was going to penetrate me at once but I was wrong. A startled moan came from my mouth as I felt the firmness of Violet’s hand unexpectedly grip at the mound of my sex. She squeezed my pubic mound in a way that sent arousing shivers running down my spine. She worked at my swelling clit, grinding her palms and fingers against the lips of my labia.

As I spread my legs widely, with her face buried between them, I tried to grab her cock with frantic fingers, trying to pull her artificial erection into my wanton cunt.

“Hurry!” I hissed. “Put it in!”

“In good time.” She slapped my hand away.

Squeezing her hand tightly down on my lust-aching mound of my sex, she inserted a long finger into the moist lips of my labia, and then energetically penetrated into my vagina. Electrifying shivers jerked through my body as I accepted the impaling digit and contracted my cunt muscles with delight.

Slowly, the entrenched finger began to move, making a small winding movement and then wiggling. I humped back on the finger as she plunged into my cunt. I arched my crotch up and moaned softly begging her for release.

Violet was above me in a missionary position. The thick head of her artificial cock nudged at the entrance of my channel. I felt it vibrating lightly and knew this was going to be an awesome fuck! I felt the warm wetness of my juices coating the member, which felt frightfully real.

I did my best to relax and wondered how Violet was coping with her lust. I shivered at how she was preparing me for a frontal assault of my cunt. Her member was a lot thicker and longer than her finger.

I shuddered as her hands reached out and quietly strayed over the lower curves of my buttocks. She was true to her word, because she was being gentle in her own unique way. Her voice affectionately commanded me to relax and to brace myself for penetration. I eased my legs wider open in reply.

“That’s my girl,” she growled. “Let it happen.”

Her hands slowly and delicately massaged at my mound for a few seconds, again her finger wiggled into my wet entrance. I whimpered in a mix of disappointment and excitement. I felt her large hands grip each of on my ass cheeks and spread them. Her fingers penetrated my anus and I was shocked and horrified at the pleasure I felt by this unexpected intrusion.

She massaged my ass cheeks over and over again, and then put her mouth over my juiced sodden sex. Slowly her mouth slicked the tiny entrance with our natural lubricants. She probed two fingers inside of me, pushing its way up my entrance, preparing me for the member that was coming.

Her fingers slid completely out of my sex, I felt her reach down and grasp her artificial cock with both hands. I heard a faint buzzing noise of the vibrator being turned on and Violet gasped with delight. She was going to share her delight with me.

“Relax,” Violet encouraged me.

I was ready for the next step of our sexual bonding. I felt her move closer with her cock in one hand and the other holding my waist down. Then I felt her enter, slowly penetrating the full length of her cock into my body! I thrust my crotch against her, feeling the member fuck deep into my cunt. I clutched Violet’s ass as the vibration tickled my loins.

“Ahhhh!” Her eyes widened and her teeth clamped in a triumphant roar.

The abrupt impalement was painful, but it still felt good. I suddenly felt my box crammed to its maxim capacity. I realised then why Violet took so much time preparing me. I felt her shove another inch of her rod into my tight tunnel. In an unintentional reflex, my muscles clamped with pressing tension around the pole of her sex which invaded me.

“I love you, Mama!” I clutched the bed sheet with both hands. “I love you so much!”

“Oh, baby,” she nudged further closing her eyes with lust. “Mama loves you, too!”

I heard Violet’s blissfully moans above my own grunts. I pushed and squeezed in an attempt to oust the huge cock that was stuffed in me, but my stepmother held her ground. Her member was buzzing firmly inside of me pushing in some more. It felt so real that for a moment I thought it became attached to Violet.

“Don’t fight it!” She held onto my shoulders for a stronger thrust. “You can take it all!”

She was right! I could take it and the only thing holding me back was my fear. So I commanded my muscles to be compliant to the wonderful, vibrating sexy feeling of her cock, which now brought me closer to an orgasm. For Violet my submission would be her ultimate triumph. She buried her rod to the rim.

My hands dug into her taut back and my fingernails bit her hard flesh making her bleed as she fucked me. She pushed again, this time with an almost manic pleasure, expecting my surrender. It came!

I pulled at her, trying to compel Violet to pound me harder into my pussy. There was no pause or hesitation; it was living for the moment. Her pelvis jerked down, wrenching out her rod from my cunt in a rough manner, and then she heaved in pounding her cock back into me. I grunted as her full weight knocked the wind out of me.

This was the way Violet wanted it and it was the way I had grown to like it, hard and rough! I wanted her to do me even wilder, but Violet held back for my sake, for fear of hurting me.

“Is this all you’ve got?” I hissed and provoked her, punching her arm. “Harder!”

“That’s my girl,” she growled savagely. “That’s how Mama loves it!”

I felt my body being whizzed along the bed from the force of her plummeting cock, my head hit the bed board. She was thrusting so hard into me the bed was banging against the wall, leaving marks. Her hands pressed down on my shoulders and pulled me down onto her rod with every thrust.

I hooked my cunt up and down, fucking her in a passion, my mind blurred and only focused on our fucking. Her rod felt long and thick in me, fucking me with such a frenzy that I thought I’d split in two.

Her hips plunged again and again, grinding into me, as she tunnelled the bulky pole back up into my vagina. I heard her grunting as she buried her face into my shoulder, her hands drawing my legs over her shoulders for deeper penetration. My clit was being stimulated by the vibrator in her artificial cock. My cunt lips stretched about her prick like an elastic band before the invading member.

Her breathing was short and swift, like the sound of an animal rasping for air, as she humped in and out of my wet cunt. The ferocious method of her stabbing only increased our fervent need for one another.

Pressing me against the bed, Violet worked her cock into me, mercilessly sliding her self definitely inside me. I gave sharp scream; Violet’s mouth was on my throat giving me a hickey, her member vibrating wildly inside me and buried deep inside my sopping sex. Trapped against the bed, I had no option but to take in the waves of Violet’s lustful thrusts.

I felt the pounding throb insanely against my sensitive cunt lips, just as the vibrator teased the firm little bud of my clitoris. Violet felt my recurring cries expand into hot pants. My legs fastened tightly around her waist as she continued to plummet me against the bed.

She knew I wouldn’t last long with her hysterical thrusting, but she wouldn’t stop! Nothing on Earth would be able her humping! She snorted like a sex-exasperated bull, her hips flogging her prick in and out of me. Harder and deeper, she stuffed into my blazing opening. She speared, rammed and ploughed into my sex.

Incapable of moving, I only managed to squeeze her waist tightly, but it seemed to stimulate Violet to push harder. My cunt sucked in all that she could give. I strained stiffly at the stimulation of the vibrator and drew my pussy tighter and tighter.

Faster and faster she move; closer and closer we inched to release the monstrous orgasm we’d created. I screamed for her to continue, my hands clawing desperately on her hard buttocks helping her thrust in deeper. I dug, pulled and urged her ass deeper.

She mumbled something I couldn’t understand. Her pelvis slapped into mine, like a machine running on steam. As I escalated nearer to climax I squirmed and thrashed about, incapable of getting enough of that lovely cock into my vagina. I moaned and sobbed with pleading demands of lust.

Violet sweated from the effort but she didn’t stop or diminish her speed. It was now all or nothing. She fucked me with everything she had. She fucked and fucked and fucked! She rammed me as if this was the last time we’d get the chance to do this.

“Mamaaaaaaaaa!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Suddenly I felt a chain of quakes being unleashed as it assembled throughout my body. The vibrator, Violet’s savage thrusting and our wild desire for release took over. She hauled me and pinned me against the wall as she thrashed and twisted into me. I wailed out in ecstasy and my body detonated free. My juices squirted out like a jet fountain. I came harder and stronger than I had ever come before. Every nerve in my body blinked with white light.

In unison, her own juices broke free, spurted out in a loud orgasm shoving the cock into me one final time. She screamed out my name as she orgasmed onto me. She fell back like a colossus onto the bed with a loud thud. The bed broke and we fell onto the floor. I was on top of her with my legs firmly straddled around her waist.

Neither of us moved for several minutes, our bodies still fastened together and the vibrator in the artificial cock still buzzing. Eventually, I slithered my cunt out and I crawled down to unhook the strap-on. I gazed at Violet’s muscular thighs, her stomach heaving up and down, and then at her wet cunt lips.

A smile came over my face, a smile of enjoyment to find his cunt dripping wet from our intense fucking. Just looking at her cunt produced a satisfying sensation between my own thighs.

“Payback time,” I smiled.

The appeal of that luscious pink cunt was strong, and I skidded down, spreading her muscular thighs. I held myself up with my hands on the floor and closed my moist lips over her huge clit, sucking slowly and tenderly. My tongue moved with a light touch, and I felt her move beneath me. With her cunt in my mouth, I looked up to see her slumbering face. I was certain she’d want me to wake her up like this.

I flicked my tongue along the inner surface of Violet’s thigh, feeling the warm, salty taste of her flesh. Violet sighed deeply as I licked about her sleek thighs, kissing and nibbling with my lips. I massaged my hand up and down her thighs, and then grasped beneath to cup the large, hard cheeks of her rounded ass.

“You pervert!” she murmured with a wide grin. “Who taught you to do that?”

“I had a great teacher,” I said as I sucked at the seeping pussy juices with my mouth.

“I must meet this person,” she said, opening her legs even wider. “That’s a wonderful feeling.” She inhaled deeply.

I ran my tongue across her cunt lips and leaned forward. Violet smiled proudly at me as I occupied my mouth on her cunt. I swirled my tongue about, licking her delicious pussy; plunging my tongue back and forth over her throbbing clit.

I kissed her pussy lips and sucked on her clit with such a force that I made her gasp with elation. Closing my hands about her spread ass cheeks I slid my tongue up and down her sizzling crotch. I ran my tongue expertly from her clit down, along the opening of her luscious cunt, and back to her asshole. I opened my mouth widely and pushed my lips against her asshole. My face was almost buried into her soaked cunt.

“That’s it,” she guided my head where she wanted me. “Yes, right there.”

I licked my tongue twist at the tight ass crack. Violet raised her ass higher to grant me better access; I thrust my face into her cunt, sticking my tongue into her tight entrance and then twirled my tongue up to her cunt. I dove my tongue as deeply as I could into her womanhood, fucking it in and out. Violet squealed and began humping my face up and down my face.

“Show Mama how you make love, baby,” Violet whispered. “Hmmm. Move that tongue in deeper!” She buried my head with both her hands into her cunt. “Deeper!”

I did as she asked and I shoved my tongue in her as hard as I could. I felt the heat inside of her slipper, silky cunt as I tongue fucked her. She began to thrash about wildly and gurgling me to carry on.

I wiggled my tongue over and over again, delighted to feel Violet at my mercy for a change. She was still hot from our fucking and I’d just added the heat higher. Violet trembled in a mindless passion attempting to grind her pussy in my face.

I plunged my tongue deeper into her dripping cunt again. I sucked and licked with a hysterical need, the flavour of this soft, tender pussy excited me. Violet’s womanhood was aroused because of my stimulations. I could orgasm simply by eating Violet out.

My mouth was buried deep on her cunt when she finally exploded into a powerful orgasm. I felt her cunt lips enfolding in response about my tongue. I continued to tongue fuck her back and forth with wild joy as Violet came. Her muscular ass lashed violently up and down as the orgasm took its course through her body. Violet held my head against her cunt almost suffocating me. I kept my mouth pressed hard against her convulsing cunt.

Her legs shot up in the air and fell with a tight yank. When Violet finally stopped shuddering, I rested my cheek on her stomach, lying on top of her with my fingers still resting inside her tight cunt; I felt it pulsing with the aftershock.

I rested there contentedly on her broad chest and abdomen momentarily, listening to the rain fall outside. I was so much at peace with the discharge of all our inner sexual tension that I hadn’t even notice that one of her hands had come to rest on my head, embracing me as I if I were her own child. Her long fingers felt relaxing as they combed my hair.

“C’mon, baby,” she whispered. “Let’s take a shower.”

“What will we tell Dad about that?” I pointed my head to the broken bed.

“Tell him you put on weight,” she said, and slapped my buttocks.

“I’m not that big!” I sniggered.

We went to the bathroom and washed our juices off each other. Afterwards we went down to the kitchen naked to eat dinner.

Violet and I spent all our free time making love in so many different positions and in every room in the house. It was the best week of my entire life.

The End


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  1. Euphorsyne,Thalia & Aglia says:

    Whew! can’t hardly type…need to rest after all that sex!!!

    Great story,”Unknown”!…wall to wall, non-stop, lesbian sex of a different kind! (different good, not different weird) Intensely aggressive in it’s lust, and yet, satisfying in the description of it’s love and longing between Mother & Daughter…

    Thanks to the editors for posting this!

  2. David says:

    I agree with ETA, it was very intense and aggressive love making. So hot and well written and detailed. To bad it is the end of the story, I could see this going so many places, but then that is why we have imaginations. To think of our own future adventures between them. Thanks for posting the story Unknown.

  3. zayne says:

    My guess (since werewolves in literature and stories are very commonly described as having nearly burning hot skin, whereas vamps are the opposite and are cold as death) is that Violet is a werewolf or some other hybrid creature/monster. It would make sense by her characterization of animal-like qualities whilst having sex with the mc (the main character) is similar to how she takes and breaks into submission the mc with the strapon, or how she just takes control of her and is described in very detailed and in very animal-like ways. She’s aggressive and as introduced in the beginning when the author said, “if sometimes overly protective of me.” like some animals (wolves) are. If she’s not a werewolf, then maybe she’s just a very domme-type personality and likes that control, get’s off on it even. Either way, I loved this story.

  4. Treachery says:

    I need a cigarette after reading that!
    Well done!

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