Closing the Deal

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Author Unknown

“So, how are things at work?” Stacy asked her mother.

Cheryl sighed.”Stressful right now, honey. I’m putting together a proposal for a big client. It would be the biggest deal I’ve ever pulled off.”

The forty-one-year-old marketing executive rarely divulged specifics about her job to her daughter. But Cheryl had confidence that at nineteen, her daughter was old enough to handle the facts of an adult working life. And Stacy had reason to believe that Cheryl wasn’t above using her model-like body to ‘seal’ certain deals. She wondered if this was one of those occasions.

“Who is it?” Stacy asked before taking another bite of her bagel.

Cheryl’s eyes lit up.”Gina Adams. You wouldn’t know her, but she’s the publisher of a whole bunch of magazines. If we can get preferred advertising space in those magazines, and a few positive stories, it would make my company the clear leader in the industry. We absolutely have to close this deal.”

Stacy could see her mother’s excitement clear across the kitchen. She understood how important it was to her mom, but wondered why people put themselves through such stress. Anyway, she wanted to be supportive.

“Wow. I hope you get it. What’s your plan?” Stacy asked.

“Actually, hon, that was something I wanted to talk to you about.”

Stacy looked surprised. “Really?”

Cheryl walked over to the table and sat down. “Yeah. But if you don’t want to do this, I completely understand.”

When it was clear Cheryl wasn’t going to go on, Stacy asked, “Do what?”

Cheryl played with a fork on the table. “Well, I thought… if you agreed to do it… that maybe you could go with me on Monday night when I meet with Gina again.”

Stacy thought about what her Mom had said. “Go with you? And do what?”

Cheryl twirled the fork one time.” Just be there. Gina… well, she happens to be a lesbian. And she enjoys — she likes being around young, attractive women.”

Stacy stared at her Mom. “You want me to have sex with her?”

The sound of the fork dropping onto the table echoed throughout the kitchen. “No! Just go with me. Wear something nice. Look pretty.”

Stacy wasn’t sure if she was relieved or disappointed. But she was intrigued by the offer. “And what will you do?”

“Wear something nice. Look pretty. Get her to sign a contract,” Cheryl said with a nervous grin. She could see her daughter contemplating the idea, and decided to sweeten the deal. “I’ll make it worth your time. I’ll buy you anything you want.”

Stacy smiled. “You couldn’t afford it.”

Cheryl laughed and said, “Within reason.”

“All I have to do is be there?” Stacy asked again.

“Smile and be yourself. I’ll do the rest and reward you later.”

“What’s this woman look like?” Stacy said with a mouth full of bagel.

“Mid-thirties, maybe a little younger. Actually, she’s very good looking. You won’t be disappointed,” Cheryl said.

“Sounds interesting,” Stacy said, an image of lesbian sex flashing vividly in her mind.

“Good. You’ll do it?”



Stacy didn’t have to spend much time deciding what to wear on Monday. She had one, and only one, formal dress. It was black, sleek, and short. Stacy’s blonde hair and fair skin contrasted beautifully with it. Her curvaceous body transformed the otherwise simple dress into a symphony of flowing curls and bends that ended abruptly midway down her luscious thighs.

Stacy was lucky. She’d inherited near-perfect breasts, a slim waistline and tight ass. She was a nineteen-year-old version of her mother.

Cheryl, for her part, went with a slightly longer dress that highlighted her breasts with a receding neckline. She would not have to lean much in any direction to give her potential client a substantial view. She’d worn the dress on many occasions for other clients… with great success.

“You look great,” Stacy said as the two women got into Cheryl’s car for the short drive to the hotel.

“Thanks,” Cheryl replied. “But she’ll never look at me with you there.” Her eyes were aimed directly at the bottom of Stacy’s dress, which barely covered her pussy as she sat.

“It’s all I’ve got,” Stacy said in her own defense.

“If I get this deal, I’ll buy you another one,” Cheryl offered.

“If you get this deal, you won’t want me in anything else next time,” Stacy said.

“I don’t expect there to be a next time.”

Cheryl stared down the road, her nervousness rising in intensity the closer they got. By the time they pulled into the valet parking area, her palms were damp. She grabbed her briefcase and she and Stacy got out of the car.

Both of the valet assistants who opened the car doors stared shamelessly at the gorgeous women. Cheryl handed over the keys, got her receipt and tipped the guy she was dealing with. As the women walked into the hotel, several pairs of eyes followed them until they were out of sight.

Once outside Gina Adams’ room, Cheryl smiled at Stacy, took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

Stacy stood off to the side so that, when the door finally opened, Cheryl and Gina could properly greet each other. she invited them in and Cheryl introduced her daughter once Gina had closed the door.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Gina said, unable to keep her eyes from scanning the young woman’s body.

Stacy might have been offended at any other time, but Gina Adams was a very, very attractive woman who appeared younger than her mother had guessed her age to be. She was dressed in a plain white shirt, open at the collar, and a dark blue skirt. Gina was incredibly sexy, and Stacy was immediately captivated by her.

“You, too. I’m a big fan of some of your magazines. When Mom asked if I wanted to meet you, of course I said yes,” Stacy said, only half lying.

Gina led them into the sitting area of her suite. “That’s kind of you to say. I’m glad Cheryl invited you. Please sit down.”

Stacy and Cheryl sat on opposite ends of a couch, Stacy in particular crossing her legs out of sheer necessity.

“What can I get you to drink?” Gina asked.”Wine? Beer? Soda?”

“Wine for me,” Cheryl said.

“Nothing, thank you,” Stacy added.

“Are you sure?” Gina asked her.

“Yep. I’m fine.”

She continued to chat while pouring drinks. Stacy allowed Cheryl to carry most of the conversation, but Gina made sure she was included as well.

It struck Stacy that this sexy woman was used to being in charge. She was confident and assertive. Not that Stacy had been around that many executives before, male or female… but she was growing to like Gina Adams more and more.

During the middle of a discussion about her magazines and how they would help Cheryl’s company, Gina unexpectedly turned to Stacy and said, “We’re always looking for new models. Stacy, have you ever modeled?”

Stacy’s eyes widened at the unforeseen question. “Me? Are you kidding? I think Mom is a more likely candidate than me.”

Gina smiled. “You’re certainly both likely candidates. But I’m serious, Stacy. I’ve seen far less beautiful women in our magazines than you.”

“Thank you,” Stacy said shyly, fidgeting with the hem of her dress.

“Stand up, please,” Gina said.

Stacy knew better than to make a fuss over it, so she obeyed. The look on her face was one of serious attention as she unconsciously pulled down on the hem of her dress once she was standing.

“Take off your shoes, so I can see how tall you are without heels,” Gina said.

Stacy didn’t even attempt to lift her leg up so she could reach her foot. Instead, she used one foot behind the other to remove the shoes. As Gina expected, she was still slightly taller than average in bare feet.

“Turn around for me, Stacy.”

As she began to turn, Stacy glanced over at her mother. Cheryl had a slender grin of approval, suspecting more and more that it was a good idea to bring her daughter along. When Stacy’s back was facing Gina, she delayed for just a few seconds, and then continued around until they were looking at each other again.

“Yes. I think you have a future if you ever wanted to pursue it,” the publisher said.

Stacy may have only been nineteen, but she wasn’t stupid. She saw an opening and was going to take advantage of it. Whether she or her mother would ultimately benefit the most would be determined later.

Stacy walked straight towards Gina, attempting to move as erotically as she could in bare feet. She stopped when she reached her knees and said, “Ms. Adams, I’d be grateful to you for the rest of my life if you could make that happen.”

Gina’s legs were separated just enough for Stacy to be able to step between them. As she did, she pulled them apart another few inches. Stacy turned and softly sat on the top of her right leg.

“So it looks like maybe we can help each other,” Stacy said. “If you sign Mom’s contract and let me try modeling, I’d do anything for you.”

The comment didn’t need explanation and Gina’s smirk indicated her recognition of the possibilities.

“I do have a question, though.” Stacy said.

“What’s that?”

“Is it hard?” Stacy asked.

This time it was Gina with the surprised look on her face. “Is what hard?”

“Modeling,” Stacy answered, but her eyes were squarely on Gina’s crotch.

“Very hard,” she said. “But I’m sure you can handle it.”

“I’d love to try. I’d love to model bikinis, or lingerie. I think that would be sexy, don’t you? Getting almost naked in front of the photographer and her assistants. Do you ever watch the photo shoots, Gina?”

“Yes. I especially like it when we have two women posing at the same time,” she said, finally putting her hand on Stacy’s leg.

“Really?” Stacy asked sincerely. “Does that turn you on?”

“Absolutely. Maybe you and your mother could pose together.”

Stacy thought she might have heard a sound coming from the couch, but she was afraid to look. Besides, Gina’s hand was working its way up her thigh and she didn’t want to move.

“I think that would be cool,” Stacy said. “I’m sure we could talk her into it if you were a client.”

Gina hesitated when her fingers began to slide under Stacy’s dress, just inches from her pussy. “Maybe an audition is in order.”

At last, Stacy had the nerve to look at her Mom. By now, Cheryl could taste Gina’s signature on her contract. It was time to go in for the kill. She nodded faintly at Stacy.

Stacy looked back at Gina. “Lingerie?”

Gina acknowledged with a bob of her head.

Stacy stood up and moved slowly over to the couch. She reached out her hand and pulled her mother to her feet. Cheryl removed her shoes and followed Stacy into the middle of the room, just a few feet in front of Gina.

Stacy moved behind her mom and timidly put her hand at the top of the zipper in the back of Cheryl’s dress. With her heart pounding a thousand beats a minute, Stacy tugged the zipper down. Then she began to pull the shoulder straps down Cheryl’s arms.

Gina stared directly at Cheryl’s ample breasts as they came into full view. she had come in contact with many women over the years who paid lots of money to have “perfect” breasts. Yes, they ended up with huge, unshapely breasts. Cheryl, she decided, had perfect, natural breasts.

Stacy halted for a second, then lowered the dress beyond her mother’s waist and, finally, down her long legs. She allowed Cheryl to step out, and then Stacy laid the dress on the couch. Cheryl stood is just a pair of simple panties that were barely larger than a thong.

“Very nice,” Gina said with all honesty.

Stacy stepped around her mom and stood in front of her, the intent clear to everyone in the room. Cheryl chose to lift Stacy’s dress over her daughter’s head. The effect was the same as Stacy undressing Cheryl, only this time Stacy was left standing in a bra and panties. Without much indecision, Cheryl unhooked the bra and pulled it off.

“Cover material, both of you,” Gina said, her eyes wandering all over both women.

Stacy walked back over to Gina and she once again spread her legs. This time, however, Stacy pushed them together and straddled them, sitting on top of both legs, facing her.

“That wasn’t hard at all,” Stacy said, a hand resting on her mound. Even through the pants the woman wore, she could tell that Gina was very wet.

“It’s as if you’ve had experience,” Gina said.

“Not really. But I’m willing to learn… from an expert.” Stacy was stroking the length of Gina’s slit. She was prepared for, and even craving, the older woman’s mouth on her breasts.

“The girls that model for my magazines do some amazing things,” Gina said.

“I’m sure Mom and I would love to amaze you.”

Gina smiled at her. “I’m glad you said that. Because what I would like, in order to finalize this contract, involves both of you.”

Both women alternated between pure lust and apprehension. Threesomes were not in either of their sexual histories, but the thought of it with Gina Adams was rather inviting.

Stacy said, “Which of us would you like first?”

“Oh, I don’t think you understand,” Gina said, squirming in her seat. “I’m more into being the voyeur. What I love most of all is to watch my models have sex… with each other.”

Stacy was so stunned by her statement that she stopped with the zipper half open.

“Each other?! You want me and Mom to…”

“Have sex,” Gina finished for her.

“Here? Now? While you watch?” The astonishment in Stacy’s voice was unmistakable.

“Simple as that,” Gina said nonchalantly.

Cheryl took a long drink of wine. She’d done many things to close a deal. This was a first. Stacy had enjoyed playing the game with Gina and was ready for anything… except this.

For once, Cheryl was the first to speak. “Do we have a deal… if we do this?”

Gina nodded. “My only stipulation is that at least one of you has to come, and I have to come.”

The women looked at each other, waited a second or two, and then mutually acknowledged their agreement.

Stacy rose from her lap and moved towards her mother. Cheryl met her halfway. Gina had seen this act played out before and she was always fascinated by the awkwardness shown by two females who most likely had never made love to another woman before.

Neither woman asked for directions. They would have to wing it and let things happen naturally. Uncomfortably, but naturally.

They slowly brought their bodies together, the sensation causing them to pause the moment their breasts touched. Cheryl put her arms around her daughter and this seemed to relax Stacy a bit. They came closer together.

It was Cheryl who made the first move to begin a soft kiss. She touched Stacy’s lips with hers. Stacy instinctively wanted to intensify the kiss, seemingly forgetting it was a woman — her mother, no less — that she was holding. Their lips separated and the kiss became more passionate.

Gina smiled to herself, gently stroking her clit as the women stood in front of her. she watched their heads move into position, slightly tilted to allow their tongues to interact. When she saw their hands begin to explore each other’s body, Gina knew she was in for one amazing show.

Stacy moved her hands down Cheryl’s back until reaching the top of her panties, then brought them back up to her waist. Still embraced in a tight kiss, Stacy managed to move her hands between them and begin to seek out her mother’s breasts. The first contact caused the kiss to end, but Stacy looked down and calmly moved her palms over Cheryl’s nipples.

Cheryl also looked down, somewhat afraid to make eye contact with her daughter as Stacy played with her tits. But the slow, steady hardening of Cheryl’s nipples told the story. She was aroused, just as if it was Gina herself fondling her breasts.

The more Stacy played with the nipples and the harder she squeezed them, the more difficult Cheryl found it to breathe normally. Her little gasps were plainly heard by Stacy, if not Gina. That only encouraged Stacy to continue massaging and kneading her mother’s tender skin.

Cheryl’s hands gradually disappeared inside the back of Stacy’s panties. As small as the panties were, that meant Cheryl was gripping Stacy by the ass. She squeezed the smooth skin and pulled Stacy closer. They kissed again.

A moment later, Cheryl took the inevitable next step and began pulling down Stacy’s panties. Gina watched intently as Stacy’s luscious ass came into view as Cheryl knelt to remove the tiny garment, then stood back up. Seconds later, Cheryl too was naked… and now, mother and daughter faced one another, hearts pounding.

With two fingers now probing her throbbing vagina, Gina could have easily come just then. Two of the most beautiful women she knew were naked and standing before her, facing each other… prepared to make love for her. The fact they were mother and daughter only added to her excitement.

But she knew the best was yet to come.

Cheryl sensed a growing anxiety in Stacy now that they were both naked. She decided to take control by leaning her head next to Stacy’s ear and saying, “It’s alright, hon. Let me take over. Just relax.”

Cheryl leaned down until her mouth was just in front of Stacy’s breasts. She kissed all around one breast before finally closing in on the nipple. Stacy closed her eyes at the same time her mother wrapped her lips around it.

The sudden feeling of the tight lips and wet tongue hitting the nipple caused Stacy’s entire body to stiffen. Deep inside she felt a tingling that she thought only a man could produce. But, as Cheryl began to take more of Stacy’s breast into her mouth, the tingling grew stronger.

Cheryl held both tits with her hands while she switched from one to the other. Soon, the moisture from Cheryl’s mouth glistened on the hardened nipples of Stacy’s breasts. Gina was masturbating, coming closer and closer to an orgasm as she watched the mother suck her daughter.

Cheryl pulled away from Stacy for a second and said, “Lie down, hon. On this table.”

They were standing next to a long, wooden coffee table that was almost the same length as the couch. Stacy cautiously sat on the edge of the table, then swung her legs over and stretched out. it was clear she was going to be able to get to Stacy’s pussy and give Gina a good look.

Cheryl got on her knees at Stacy’s feet, then pulled her daughter’s body closer to her, leaned between her daughter’s legs, and approached Stacy’s pussy with her face. Stacy clung to the sides of the table and spread her legs, filled with emotions she couldn’t describe. She was horny and wanted to please Gina, but it was her mother about to make her come. She had never wanted anything this indecent in her life.

Gina had her choice of marvelous sights: Stacy’s breasts rising from her chest; the young woman’s athletic body and long legs; Cheryl’s beautiful tits hanging down as she rested on her knees; Cheryl’s ass sticking out as she moved ever-closer to Stacy’s pussy.

Cheryl kissed the inside of Stacy’s thigh, mainly to warn her daughter that she was close. Stacy closed her eyes, clung a little tighter to the table, and awaited the unavoidable contact between her pussy and Cheryl’s mouth.
Cheryl placed her hands lightly along the outside of Stacy’s ass. She kissed all around the neatly shaven pussy in front of her, then barely touched her lips onto the pink spear Stacy’s clit. Cheryl extended her tongue just far enough to taste the sweet fluid beginning to accumulate in her daughter’s pussy, then trailed the tip up to Stacy’s clit.

“Ohhhhh,” Stacy sighed audibly. “Oh, God.”

Cheryl felt her daughter’s body wiggle each time her tongue swept across the clit. The constant moans it elicited from Stacy convinced Cheryl that this is where she would concentrate in order to make her come. But the stimulation Cheryl was receiving from feeling and hearing her daughter’s reaction caused her to want to prolong it a little.

Soon Cheryl was inserting her tongue deep inside Stacy’s cunt for the first time, and Stacy was squirming even more than before. Stacy arched her back and lifted her ass off the table, allowing Cheryl to put her hands squarely on the tight cheeks.

A moment later when Cheryl returned to Stacy’s clit, the end was near.

“Ohhh, Mom. Yes! Right there!”

Cheryl covered Stacy’s clit with her mouth and pressed harder with her tongue. She began to suck and lick the clit with more passion than she thought possible. This was no longer a case of doing something to close a deal. Cheryl was making love to her daughter and was desperate to make her come hard.

“Oh fuck. Fuck! Yesss!” Stacy cried out.

Cheryl was pretty good at telling when a man was about to come. But she did not have a long history of getting women off. In fact, she had no history. So, Stacy’s build-up to a climax was something new to her. All Cheryl knew to do was keep licking and sucking on Stacy’s clit. It seemed to be working.

Stacy put her hands on the back of her mom’s head and held her in place in the seconds leading up to the orgasm. One last massage of her clit by Cheryl’s tongue was all it took to put Stacy over the edge.

Stacy groaned loudly and felt her body begin a series of uncontrollable eruptions. She pressed her pussy against her mother’s face. Cheryl licked harder. Stacy raised and lowered her hips, overwhelmed by the touch of Cheryl’s mouth.

Gina could not hold out any longer… she began to finger her clit, moaning at the delicious sight of lesbian incest… a lewd pageant that unwound before her eyes,

Stacy was finishing her last orgasm — but before Cheryl could pull back, Gina cried out loud, a rapturous orgasm battering her body. Each new groan was accompanied by a new stream of come. Soon, a pool was building in the depression just above Cheryl’s ass.

When she was done, Gina allowed her eyes to slowly drift open.

“Where do I sign?” she gasped.


The ride home was a quiet one. Cheryl repeatedly thanked Stacy for helping get the contract signed and apologized for what had happened. But neither of them discussed it in detail. Their private thoughts would remain just that, for now.

But after getting home and spending an hour or so alone, Stacy decided to seek out her mother again. Cheryl was sitting by herself in the kitchen, dressed in a short robe and drinking coffee. Stacy sat down beside her.

“You don’t have to apologize for what we did tonight, Mom,” Stacy said.

“But it was wrong. No contract is worth that much.”

“Was it really wrong?” Stacy asked.

Cheryl looked at her with surprise.”Yes!”

“Did you think of it as just sex, then?”

“Well, kind of,” Cheryl said, adjusting the front of her robe. “I mean, I love you, Stacy, but what we did was… it was…”

Stacy shook her head. “It was wonderful. You were so gentle and sweet, Mom. You were really making love to me.”

Cheryl shivered at her daughter’s words. She was about to answer when Stacy stood up and moved behind her. She felt the girl’s hands on her shoulders first, then they slid inside the front of her robe.

“The way you touched me was so nice,” Stacy said, her hands resting on top of her mother’s breasts. “Everything you did made me so hot. I was on fire.”

Stacy was pulling gently on Cheryl’s nipples. Then she massaged the full breasts in her hands and squeezed them against Cheryl’s chest. Cheryl leaned her head back on Stacy’s body and allowed herself to relax for just a second. But only for a second.

“Stacy, don’t. Your father might see us.”

“I’m not worried about him. I’m worried about you,” Stacy replied. “I feel bad that you didn’t get to come tonight. I want you to feel how good it is.”

“I don’t think…” Cheryl started to say.

“Let’s go somewhere,” Stacy said anxiously. “C’mon. We can use the extra bedroom.”

Stacy yanked her hands out of her mother’s robe and started to walk out of the kitchen, looking back to make sure Cheryl was getting up to follow. She was.

The women walked quickly, but quietly, into the guest bedroom and silently closed the door. Cheryl flashed way back to when she used to steal away with her boyfriends and make out. The circumstances were remarkably different, but the feeling was similar — excitement.

Stacy walked up to her mom and untied the belt that loosely held Cheryl’s robe together. When it fell open Stacy was surprised, but pleased, to see her mother naked underneath. Stacy smiled and slipped the robe off Cheryl’s shoulders and arms.

“Kiss me again, Mom… just like you did for Gina,” Stacy said.

The women embraced and their kiss far exceeded the fervor reached in the hotel room. Stacy’s hands were all over her mother’s body, searching out all the same places Cheryl had found on Stacy a few hours earlier. Cheryl clutched at Stacy’s clothes, seemingly intent on ripping them off.

But this was all about Cheryl, Stacy decided. She leaned on her Mom and half pushed her down onto the bed. They fell together and giggled, eventually continuing their kiss with Stacy slightly on top. One of Stacy’s hands moved to Cheryl’s breast, where it worked on the nipple. Cheryl moaned even while kissing her daughter when Stacy pinched the nipple roughly.

Then Stacy moved her hand between Cheryl’s legs, which quickly parted at the touch of Stacy’s fingers. At the same time that Stacy was probing the dampness of her mother’s pussy, she moved her head down until it rested on Cheryl’s breast. She kissed the soft skin before putting the sensitive nipple between her teeth. At the same time, Stacy’s middle finger dove inside Cheryl’s cunt.

“Ohhhh, Stacy,” Cheryl moaned.

Stacy only sucked harder on the tit and fucked Cheryl harder with her finger. When the moans increased, so did her actions. Soon, Stacy’s head was pushing down on nearly the entirety of her mother’s breast while two fingers prodded her wet hole.

Cheryl’s body reacted with involuntary movements that simulated ‘normal’ sex… with a man. But what was happening to her was far from normal and involved her gorgeous daughter. The impact of that fact was lost amid the pleasure flowing through her body. Stacy was bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Stacy lifted her head from the tit she was sucking and said, “Now it’s time for you to feel what I felt. Enjoy it, Mom.”

Cheryl watched her daughter’s head sink between her legs. Behind Stacy’s blonde hair she saw the young woman’s eyes focus in on her pussy. She saw Stacy’s tongue slide slowly across her lips in preparation for what was about to happen. Then Stacy’s eyes were all Cheryl could see—right before the tongue hit her clit.

Cheryl’s head thumped down onto the pillow when Stacy’s mouth first engulfed her clit. When the tongue began rubbing her harder, Cheryl closed her eyes and she grabbed hold of the covers with her fists. Stacy was pulling her closer, applying more and more pressure. Then the tongue was diving inside Cheryl’s cunt to seemingly impossible depths.

Cheryl’s ass rose from the bed as her orgasm approached.

“Oh God, Stacy. Yes! There!”

Stacy returned her mouth to Cheryl’s clit and felt her mother climax. Cheryl tried desperately to stifle her loud moans, but the tongue on her throbbing clit made her cry out. Wave after wave of orgasm released the sexual tension Cheryl had felt all evening. Her mind was filled with visions of Gina’s rock hard cock and Stacy’s incredible body. She thought of the feeling of Gina’s warm come landing on her back. She came some more.

Then Cheryl had to push Stacy’s head away. She couldn’t come any more and Stacy seemed determined never to stop. Finally, Stacy crawled on top of her mother and kissed her, letting Cheryl taste her own sweet juices.

“God, Stacy. That was incredible,” Cheryl managed to say.

“I thought you’d like it. So, if your next client is another beautiful woman, can I come along?” Stacy said, playing with a nipple.

“Only if you share.”

Cheryl and Stacy entered into a kiss that was destined to lead them to new discoveries.

The End


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