Hidden in the Snow, Chapter 1

  • Posted on May 23, 2020 at 3:41 pm

by funtoppings

{ This story was originally posted at Literotica in April 2014 }

“Hey, honey, did you girls fall asleep back there?”

Julie’s brain was clicking on and off, constantly switching between the darkness of sleep and the vivid lights of reality. She heard her mother’s voice reaching out to her in the background, but it sounded far away and faint, like the sleepy sound of waves breaking on the beach. Last thing she remembered was pulling out of the airport, her head resting against the car window, watching incoming and outgoing flights. And then her eyes just closed. She always enjoyed the soothing sensation that came with sleeping inside a moving vehicle: the icy glass squeezing against her cheek; the light vibrations absorbed through her temple; the way her teeth and car engine chattered in unison. It was almost orgasmic in a way.

How long have we been driving? Julie wondered dreamily. Ten minutes? An hour? Time and place were still a blur as she slowly detached from the realms of her dreams. When she opened her eyes, she was greeted with the sight of pale blue skies above the faded color of green. They were the colors of winter in Vermont.

“What… did you say something, Mom?” Julie asked with sleep still thick in her voice.

“I asked if you girls were asleep back there,” Debra replied, already knowing the answer was yes, by the sound of her daughter’s weary voice.

Julie slowly tilted her head to the left, her neck giving a soft popping sound as she turned. She saw Bailey, with her knitted ski hat pulled down all the way to the tip of her nose, sleeping next to her. Julie balled her hand into a fist and lightly punched Bailey on the shoulder. It was a soft whack; the kind that would only disrupt the lightest of sleepers. Bailey shrugged her shoulder, but otherwise kept on snoozing.

“Bailey’s asleep,” Julie said dully.

Krystal, the woman sitting at the driver’s seat, looked at the rearview mirror and smiled at the sight of her daughter Bailey, curled up in the back. Well, she was hardly a little girl anymore. After all, they had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday last May. Still, grown-up or not, Bailey was still her Little Hellraiser. Maybe now more than ever.

“How long ’till we get there?” Julie asked impatiently, wriggling her slender pelvis on the car seat while trying to shake that immense feeling of tiresomeness.

“About twenty more minutes or so,” her mom answered. “If we’re lucky.”

“If we’re lucky,” Krystal repeated. It was winter, and even worse, it was tourist season. It was a pretty calm day, weather-wise, so they weren’t expecting any closed roads, but both Debra and Krystal knew that once they reached Stowe the main roads would be clogged with out-of-towners.

Julie shifted her head back to the window. The snow was piling up at the shoulders of the road. The forest was draped with a thick blanket of white, looking like the polished cover of a Christmas poetry book. Birch trees stood erect along the route, frosty and naked of leaves. The skies above, gradually turning silver blue as the morning bled into the early noon hours.

Soon enough we’ll be at the lodge, Julie thought drowsily. No school, no papers, no exams, nothing except complete and utter relaxation. And with her eyes hypnotically mesmerized by the view, she began to sink into another deep sleep.

Making the trip up to Vermont has been a yearly tradition in Julie’s family for over a decade. Her father, back when he was alive, bought a beautiful timeshare unit at Stowe, and every year, usually a couple of weeks before Christmas, they would pack their bags and leave their home in Long Island in favor of the family trip.

Julie still remembers how every year without fail, Dad used to take down his old pair of skis from the attic. He would look at her with that big smile of his, standing tall and proud, telling her how much fun it would be at the slopes, though eventually, he would spend most of his time watching football back at the lodge or going to whatever husband-wife activities her mom signed them into.

Aunt Krystal, her mother’s younger sister, would usually join them on the trip. Krystal was the first of the two sisters to bury her husband. She was only married for three years, and her daughter Bailey was at the precious age of two when her husband was involved in a horrible car accident. Sixteen years had passed and Krystal never remarried.

Five years ago, Debra suffered the same terrible loss, as her own husband, Julie’s dad, suffered a deadly heart attack at the office. Much like her younger sister, Debra also remained a widow.

Julie was twenty-two years old; she recently began her second year at Columbia Law School.

“You’ll be one heck of a lawyer one day, Jules, I just know it,” Debra had told her the day she got the acceptance letter from Columbia. She softly caressed her daughter’s long raven hair, pride beaming out of her eyes. “And then maybe you could help your mom deal with some of these clients better than the brain-dead lawyers I have,” she told her, giggling.

“Don’t think you can afford me, Ma,” Julie fired back with a grin.

Debra pressed her hand over her chest and gasped for hair, acting as if she was hurt, only to burst out with a gale of laughter a second later. She was indeed very proud of her Little Jules, always had been.

The group of four women took an early morning flight from New York to Burlington International Airport in Vermont and from there they rented a Ford SUV, (“The big red one,” as Bailey childishly insisted) to drive it up to the family’s winter lodge in Stowe.

For the most part, it was a casual drive down Interstate 89. Krystal was behind the wheel and Debra was at the passenger seat beside her. The two sisters were mostly talking shop. Krystal was the owner of a large bookstore in Long Island and had recently launched an online version with much success. Debra has inherited her late husband’s real estate agency, where she once served as a founding partner and a secretary. Business-wise, the past five years, with Debra at the helm of the agency, had been some of the most thriving years the agency had ever known.

Every once in awhile Krystal and Debra would cut each other’s sentences and say: “We really shouldn’t talk about work while on vacation,” but that’s what the conversation always seemed to sway back to. In the backseat, the cousins, Julie and Bailey, were both napping, having snow-covered dreams. The girls grew up as close as sisters… and even though the age difference kept them apart a bit as they grew older, there was still a strong and undeniable bond between them.

Once they got up on Route 100, the narrow road began to overflow with cars. Vacationers of all sorts: families, young couples, students. They were all trying to beat the traffic and reach their designated vacation spot. By that point, all four were awake inside the vehicle; it was impossible to sleep with all the people honking at each other.

“Sweet Child O’ Mine,” by Guns N’ Roses blared out of the car radio with its soaring guitar riff intro.

“Oh, I love this song! Volume up, Ma!” Bailey cried out with excitement.

“Here you go,” Krystal inched the volume up a tick. “Sweet Child of Mine, to my sweet child.”

“Ugh. Lame, Mom. Really lame,” Bailey grimaced, then giggled.

Julie looked outside her window and cautiously observed the swarm of cars, trying to picture the life stories of its travelers, a hobby she had picked up from her adolescent years when going on long car-rides such as this.

On the right lane: a blue Sedan, with a family of five. The Man, supporting a thick mustache, maybe twenty-five-years out of date, was stone-faced, even though his three kids at the backseat seemed to be raising all kinds of hell. His wife sat motionless in her seat, fiddling lifelessly with her iPhone, paying no attention to the rambunctious pack at the rear. Julie unpleasantly smiled at the sight. I could see this becoming a great condom commercial, she thought humorously.

Next to them she saw a white Ford Fiesta, with a young couple in it. The young lady rested her head on her boyfriend’s shoulder while the two were waiting for the traffic to die down.

Probably a weekend of hot unadulterated sex waiting for those two, Julie thought. I bet once they reach their lodge they’ll be unzipping each other’s pants, even before the car engine cools off. I sure can’t blame them… 

She thought of Jason, her ex-boyfriend. It had been four months since they separated, and she hadn’t dated anyone since. Schoolwork was keeping her busy enough, so there was never any time to dwell on the fact that she lacked a partner in her life. But it always came down to moments like this, when she saw another young couple and the feeling of envy and deep longing crept up from the bottom of her throat to the side of her jaw.

She missed all the endearing aspects of having a boyfriend, but the thing she missed most of all was the sex, which was quite a surprise for her. She’d never been much of a sex fiend, not like most of the girls she knew at college; she discovered sex later than her friends, and when she did finally do it, it was never exquisitely unique or special. Just the basic stuff. But even that she missed — the basic. It was a feeling of emptiness that crawled from between her thighs and pulsed between her legs; a deep yearning for something hard and stiff, digging inside her and filling that tingling void.

Julie squirmed in her seat just from thinking about it. She pressed her thighs tightly together, ground her teeth and tried to mentally dump a cold bucket of water over her head.

In the background, Axel Rose was still singing about his sweet love, with his screeching, high-pitched voice.

Julie gave the young couple in the white Ford one last, somewhat resentful look.

Enjoy all your wonderful sex and titillating orgasms. That’s one thing I don’t need to be thinking about this weekend. 


“So Jules, how’s school going?” Bailey asked with an inquisitive look in her eyes.

The foursome had reached the lodge at 12:15 P.M. Both Bailey and Julie had each grabbed a random suitcase from the trunk of the car, carried it inside the lodge and dropped it on the hardwood floor almost as soon as they entered. And instead of helping their mothers with the rest of the luggage, they decided that crashing on the living room sofa was a much more welcoming choice. Both girls had their feet up on the couch and their arms tossed lifelessly to the sides, looking as exhausted as coal-miners after a long day of laboring in a stifling pit.

“School’s hard work,” Julie said. Her long legs stretched up on the couch. Her eyes were blank, looking at the wood-paneled ceiling. “It’s no cakewalk. But so far I manage.”

Bailey opened her mouth to reply, but then closed it immediately. Her eyes were thoughtful.

In those few moments of silence, Julie was able to survey the lodge. She had a lot of great memories there, enough to fill a few photo albums. She was about eleven years old when she had first come to the lodge. Since then she had been there every winter of her teen years, up until the moment her father passed away. They returned to make use of the place last winter, after a three year hiatus.

What Julie liked most was the peacefulness of the location. The house was buried deep within the secluded, forested area of Mt. Mansfield. By evening they were literally in the shadow of the mountains. The only way of getting to the lodge is by driving down a narrow dirt road lined with dense foliage and surrounded with wild shrubbery. With no other lodges or timeshares in the area, no one used the road except for them. As a child, Julie thought of it as a fairytale house. As an adult, she simply saw it as the perfect escape.

Once you passed the front door to enter the house, the feeling of tranquility and coziness immediately settled in. The interior of the lodge was designed carefully with Old World charm, giving the impression that you were not only miles away from home, but also years away. The floors were aged wood; the walls were honey-colored maple paneling, complete with a rustic finish. The living room was remarkably cozy, with a wood-burning fireplace at its focal point. The four double bedrooms were located on a second deck, easily reached by a small flight of stairs from the main living room.

“Well, you’re smart. I’m sure you’ll do just fine,” Bailey finally said. “Plus, you’re in college, how can you even concentrate with all these good lookin’ boys all over the place?”

Julie smirked and nodded lightly. “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” she told Bailey, not really buying into her own answer.

While there was a plethora of handsome and ambitious young men to choose from at Columbia, Julie also knew that Bailey’s mind depicted a much more optimistic picture of the dating scene. Moreover, since the separation from Jason, Julie had made the conscious decision of putting studying as her main priority. Most of her social life was on hold and her dating life was nonexistent. A lot of people looked at Julie as someone who was a little standoffish. It wasn’t because she was the only girl to skip parties, but she was perhaps the most noticeable one.

Prior to Columbia, Julie had a successful yet short-lived modeling career. One of the photographers described Julie’s looks as mysterious and enchanting, and he was utterly disappointed to find out that Julie decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a lawyer instead of a model. And unlike the rest of her peers, Julie had devoted the bulk of her time in university in actual studying.

“After all, that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?” she had once told her roommate and best friend, Audra, after declining to go to yet another student-party.

“No, we’re here to snag some boys,” Audra told her with a steady voice. “Besides I’m sick of guys coming up to me, asking: ‘Hey, you’re roommates with that blue-eyed chick, right?'” She said in her best stoner voice. “‘How come we never see her at parties, duuude?'” and then took a drag from an imaginary doobie.

Julie burst out laughing. “These are the boys I’m missing? Potheads?”

“Hey! Today’s potheads are tomorrow’s leaders,” Audra snapped back, sounding almost serious before her laughter gusted out.

A gentle smile played on Julie’s face; not the one in Columbia but the one who was sitting with her cousin in the beautiful and picturesque town of Stowe. As hard as she studied, she still had some fond memories from school.

“How ’bout you, Bai, got any hot boys in your life?” Julie asked her cousin out of genuine interest. It had been much too long since they talked about such matters.

Bailey sat up straight on the couch. Her eyes were wide and very thoughtful.

“There was this boy… we dated for a while, but — you know, nothing too serious. It’s over by now, so… nothing that exciting on my front, I guess.”

Bailey still possessed a childlike quality in her voice, Julie realized. It was almost adorable in a way.

“Well don’t worry, Bai, you’re a beautiful kid. You’ll have no problem finding Mr. Right,” Julie said and shifted upwards on the couch, leaning on her elbows. Then she smirked and added, “Just give the boys a little flash of your tits, and they’ll come flocking in,” She said with a grin, gesturing with her head at the ample swell of Bailey’s breasts.

It was rather noticeable that Bailey had really developed in the last couple of years. Even under her thick turtleneck sweater, Julie could tell. In all honesty, Julie thought, there should be no problem for Bailey to snag a boy, as Audra would put it. Bailey had a cute round face with a pink button nose. Her hair, hazel brown, was long and straight all the way down to the small of her back. Even the way her ass and legs were featured so prominently in those tight jeans was enough proof that her young cousin had matured into an astonishing looking woman, one who would steal more than a few glances from men, if she wasn’t already.

“Screw you,” Bailey retaliated with half a grin and flipped Julie the bird. “You think it’s fun, walking around with these two fuckers?” She cupped her breasts, lifting them up almost to chin-level. When she moved her hands away they fell in a mesmerizing tumble under the thick fabric of her sweater, until eventually settling into the normal position. Julie was wide-eyed; she couldn’t shy away from noticing even if she tried.

“Probably mess up my game at the slopes, too…”  Bailey said in a low voice and looked down accusingly at her chest.

“Puh-leeze… don’t blame your suckiness at skiing on your boobs. Even without them, you got no game.”

“Oh!” Bailey’s mouth hung open in a shocked and rather comical expression. “You’ll eat your words, bitch.”

Debra and Krystal entered the lodge almost on cue. The cousins traded glances with one another in an awkward moment of silence, and then burst out with laughter. Their mothers, each carrying a few heavy bags at each hand, looked at each other perplexed, not sure what joke they’d just missed.

“Well I’m glad to see that at least your laughing muscles are working… and oh-please, don’t get off your sweet little asses and help your dear old moms with the luggage. We can handle it just fine,” Krystal told the girls as she made her way inside.

“We know, that’s why we stayed here,” Bailey drawled, slouching on the couch and throwing an amused look at Julie.

“You see these girls we have,” Krystal looked at her sister Debra, with half a smile, and dropped the heavy bags she was holding on the hardwood floor. “No respect for the parents.”

Debra nodded, but she was smiling.

Julie watched her mom as she stood at the doorway; her body was draped with sunlight, reflecting off the snow that was piled at the threshold of the cabin. Julie thought that her mom looked like a shiny angel at that moment. Debra wore a deep blue sweater-dress over a tight pair of jeans. Her golden hair was twisted into a bun, showcasing her swan-like neck. Julie wondered what she herself would look like in twenty-five years, hoping it would be at least half as good as her mother.

“Hey, honey, open a window or something so we can air out this place, would you?” Debra said, tugging on the neck of her sweater.

“Why? It’s fucking freezing in here, Aunt Deb.”

“Hey, language!” Krystal snapped at Bailey. “Plus, it’s not that cold. We could all use some mountain breeze.”

As Julie got up from the couch she noticed the bags they brought, tossed at the center of the room in a pile. One of them was her Swiss-Gear backpack, casually packed with warm clothes and necessities. She knew her mom brought two more suitcases, yet there were at least five more, so she figured her aunt and cousin brought the others.

“Sure you two brought enough luggage?” she mumbled humorously.

“Yeah, that’s because Mom brought a whole case full of booze,” Bailey said dryly.

A case full? Julie thought.

“You brought a case of liquor?” Her mom spoke out loud, as if she was reading the script in her mind.

Krystal laughed, a little uncomfortably. “Oh, Bailey exaggerates,” she said, flushed. “It’s just a wine bottle or two and a few champagnes for us girls. After all, we are on vacation.”

“You see, Mom? Why can’t you be cool like Aunt Krystal?” Julie said, teasingly.

And Krystal was indeed cool. Her mom would never think about bringing booze to the family trip. Hell, Julie could hardly remember the last time she saw her mother drink. Aunt Krystal bringing alcohol, on the other hand, came as no surprise. She had a much more brazen personality than her mother did, and that had definitely rubbed off on her daughter, who was as cheeky as they come.

Julie watched her aunt as the little guilty smile she wore over her face quickly faded, while she turned her head down and looked a little bit nervously at the pile of bags. It was strange, but for a fragment of a moment, Julie had a notion in her head that her aunt was hiding something more secretive in there. However, she quickly dismissed this idea. After all, it’s just Aunt Krystal, what on earth could she be hiding? 

“All right, all right, we’ll have a toast later on today,” Debra said, “but first let’s put the bags in the rooms, drinks in the freezer, food in the fridge. Come on let’s settle quickly, I want us to reach the slopes before sundown. Oh, and Jules, would you please crack a window before we all suffocate in here?”

An hour and a half later, they were skiing.


The cool night fell peacefully over Stowe.

An infinite number of stars stretched all over the dark skies like cold bits of diamonds.

Soft winter breeze whispered silently through tree crowns.

In the distance, the snow was creeping down the mountainsides in bright white stripes.

Inside Julie’s family lodge, the fireplace was burning, making a sequence of crisp crackling sounds. The voices emanating from the living room’s television were only secondary to the delirious laughter and babble of the four vacationers. Half-empty boxes of chocolate were tossed heedlessly all over the floor. Perched on the coffee-table were two open bottles; one of Merlot, the other of champagne.

It was movie night at the lodge. For the last hour the girls were watching a dopey comedy film, which Bailey brought on DVD, even though they all lost interest in actually watching the movie somewhere around the second round of drinks.

Julie looked into her champagne flute, watching the way the bubbles crawled up the side of the glass. She felt the heat from the fireplace tickling the tip of her nose. It seemed to her that no one in the room was particularly drunk, but everyone was in good spirits. Even her mother was on her second, going on a third glass of wine.

Krystal walked back from the fireplace, where she had just tossed a fresh log, and picked up her wine glass from the oval-shaped coffee table. Her dark hair was hanging wild and loose around her face and neck. Bright red lipstick accentuated her rounded lips. She was standing in front of the television, clad in jeans and a powder blue sweater, blocking the screen from everybody’s view. But it was well established that no one was watching the movie anyway. They were all too busy having what the women in Debra’s hair salon fondly called “Girls Talk.”

“So, Julie,” Krystal said, and took a sip from her wine. “What happened eventually with this Jason guy?”

A glass of wine was all it took for Debra to dish out all the juicy dirt on her daughter’s love life. She told Krystal and Bailey about Jason, whom Julie had dated for a period of six months before they broke up.

“I mean, it just didn’t work out, you know,” Julie replied, staring down at the drink in her hand. “We just butted heads way too often. I think when it was time to break up, we both kind of knew it.”

Krystal circled the table and walked over to the bark brown couch, where Julie was sitting. She took a seat right next to her; close enough so their thighs squeezed up against each other. She gave her an affectionate smile and tenderly stroked her hand over her niece’s lap.

“Well, that happens sometimes, sugar. Believe me when I tell you, you’re such a beautiful kid, you’ll find someone in no time. And a good one this time.”

Julie lightly nodded her head. The sweet fragrance from her aunt’s perfume was pleasantly engulfing her.

Bailey, who was sprawled on the couch beside Julie, brought a glass of champagne to her lips, paused, and then emptied it in one draught. She was looking at the TV, trying without success to flow the movie’s baffling plotline.

Krystal removed her hand from Julie’s thigh and placed it on top of her young niece’s head. She softly ran her hand down the length of the long raven hair. She pushed a strand of dark hair from Julie’s forehead and uncovered her brilliant blue eyes. They were almond-shaped slanted eyes, almost catlike. There were plenty of things people liked about Julie’s well-toned and athletic body, but it was always the eyes that people fell in love with.

“You really are beautiful, kid,” Krystal said again in a voice that sounded a lot like a whisper.

Julie, with her vision fixed on a pair of bubbles in her champagne glass, could tell that her aunt was looking intently into her eyes. She tried to avoid reciprocating her with a look in return. She wasn’t sure why, but it felt a little awkward to her. And why is that? she wondered. She certainly had no reason to feel this way.

Debra, sitting on the small mini-sofa next to them, observed them with solicitous eyes. She swirled the wine in her glass, and finished her drink with one big swig.

Julie closed her eyes and took a sip from her near empty glass of champagne. The close presence of her aunt felt strangely intimidating. When she finally spoke her voice gave a low croak.

“I know, Aunt Krystal. I’m none too worried. With all the school work I have to deal with these days, I really don’t concern myself too much about –”

Suddenly there was a weird tiny sound in the background.

“Ohh, fuckin’ shit!” Bailey cried, and cupped a hand over her nose and mouth.

“What was that?” Krystal turned alarmed to Bailey.

There was a hushed moment of silence, before Bailey suddenly laughed herself into hysterics, all the while squeezing and rubbing her nose with both hands.

Julie, Debra and Krystal all looked at each other with a dumb expression on their faces.

“I’m s-sorry I just… I snee-he-he… sneezed and…”  Bailey wiped tears with the heels of her hands as she laughed uncontrollably. “Bubbles… the bubbles… they crawled up m-ma-my nose!” she managed, her face turning red.

“Bubbles up your nose…”  Krystal said with a sigh of relief. “Jesus, Bailey, and I thought -”

Then Julie started laughing. It started as a small school-girl giggle but quickly turned into a full-fledged howl. She clutched her stomach with both hands, as she went off into gales of laughter.

Debra looked at the girls, both at the point of tears, and started chuckling herself. It was a little silly, she thought. Yet, it was impossible to resist. She buried her face under the palm of her hand as she felt her cheeks turning rosy-red, and her laughter getting stronger.

“Oh, you’re laughing too, Deb?” Krystal said, and a smile broke on her face as her laughing muscles began to loosen up.

“Ss-sorry,” Debra covered her mouth and tried to stifle her laughs, but it was a losing battle.

And then Krystal released a hearty chuckle, as if the laughing virus that spread all through the lodge finally reached up to her as well and bit her straight in the funny bone.

Ten minutes later, all four of them were still suffering from a severe case of the giggles.

Above them on the wall, the clock struck midnight, signaling the end of a long and tiresome day that seemed to stretch on forever.

When the movie’s end credits started rolling, it was a good enough sign for Julie to call it a night.

“Well, I’m beat.” She got up from the couch and stretched her arms far above her head, inducing a few crackling sounds from her bones. “I think I’ll turn in.”

“Yeah, I think we all are, honey,” Her mother said, also looking like a person in a dire need for a good night sleep.

Krystal was cleaning up the little mess they’d made, picking up chocolate boxes and candy foils from the floor. She seemed tired as well.

Julie looked at Bailey, already snoozing on the sofa. There was a tiny piece of chocolate crumb on the edge of her lip. They were all scarfing down chocolate bonbons while watching the movie, but Bailey, who was always the sugar junkie, was definitely eating more than the rest.

Julie noticed that Bailey’s cell phone, which Bailey fiddled around with earlier in the night, was placed precariously on top of her heaving breasts; going up and down with each breath she took. Even in her weary state, Julie was still impressed by how large her young cousin’s breasts had become.

I guess that’s the second thing she took from her mother, Julie thought. If the first thing was her brazen personality, then the second thing must be that enormous rack. Her mother also has that one. Her mother… my aunt… who told me how beautiful I was earlier tonight. And why, then, did I find it so strange; after all, she was only trying to make me feel better; that’s what family does. 

Julie shook her head as a large yawn forced itself out of her mouth, making her jaw click. She was done for the night.

“Good night, everybody,” she threw a heavy hand up in the air, and crawled her way up the stairs, and into her bedroom.

Outside, the night was quiet and uneventful; it was the complete antithesis of things to come.


When she first opened her eyes, Julie had the type of puzzlement that is typically common when waking in a foreign bedroom.

Then it all came to her an instant — she was in Vermont.

Spit traveled down her dry throat like sawdust. Two tiny hammers were beating on the sides of her temples. It was the fallout of the little drinking binge the girls had before she went to bed.

Although the room was very dark, enough starlight came in through the westward-facing window for Julie to see the foot of the bed, where her backpack was thrown on a small plastic chair. She remembered she kept a water bottle in there, yet when she reached for it she discovered it was empty.

“Oh, shoot,” she muttered in the darkness.

She grabbed her cell phone from the nightstand. It read: 3:05

Oh, wonderful. I barely had two fucking hours of sleep. 

She put her phone back on the nightstand, feeling more parched than ever. It was obvious to her that she needed to get some water before going back to sleep. Feeling heavy, she tossed her thick blanket aside, and replaced the warmness of her bed with the chill of night. She was wearing a black tank top that stretched across her chest and her skimpy pair of shorts. Immediately she felt a cold rush run through her body.

Cautiously she closed the bedroom door behind her.

The light in the hallway was turned on, draping the dark corridor with a dim orange glow.

Debra’s room was the one closest to her. Krystal’s and Bailey’s room were at the far end side of the corridor.

She quietly walked over to the stairwell, hoping not to wake up anybody, when she suddenly came to a halt.

There were audible noises coming out of one of the rooms on the far side. Moving a little closer, she was now positive there were sounds coming out of Bailey’s room.

But listening closely, she realized, they weren’t any sounds. When she did recognize the sounds she was hearing, her heart began to rattle in her chest. It sounded like cries of pleasure, it sounded like the meeting of flesh. It sounded like sex!

Julie frighteningly looked over her shoulder, much like a thief in the night, and made sure no one was watching her. The door of her mother’s bedroom was closed. She then looked further down the hall, to Krystal’s bedroom. Door also closed.

What in the hell? Who in hell she got in there? Her thoughts were frantic. She’s got a boy in her room? Who? She doesn’t know anyone here, does she? 

Julie carefully pressed her right ear against Bailey’s door, trying to get a better read of things. Maybe she was wrong, maybe she wasn’t hearing right. Maybe-

But those were moans she was hearing. Those were Bailey’s moans; the type of moans Julie used to make when she had sex with Jason. Secret moans of pleasure that no one was supposed to hear, except for you and the person you shared that private moment with. And that thought forced her to take a step back from the door.

I should go, I should leave. Go back inside my room, close the door, count my stupid sheep, and go to sleep. I’m not even thirsty anymore. I don’t want to hear it.

She took another step backwards, followed by another two.

She was very close to actually walking away, when she noticed something that sparked a flame inside her head.

The window… 

Between the second and third room (Julie’s room and Bailey’s) there was a small intersection that was about seven feet deep and four feet wide. A small, round, rustic table was placed between the walls to fill in the void. What did grab Julie’s attention was the fact that there seemed to be a small window high above, almost near the ceiling, looking into Bailey’s room.

Most likely the window looking into the adjoining shower-room, she thought.

If there was ever a risky thought, then it was the one crossing through Julie’s mind at that moment.

What if I… looked inside…? 

Spying on her cousin having sex; just the thought of it sounded grotesque in her head. She wasn’t really willing to see it.

The room is probably so dark I won’t see a thing even if I try… 

She looked at the small window again. Then she looked backwards over her shoulder, and then over each side, and then back to the window.

She pulled nervously on the edge of her shirt and contemplated her next move. There was some unexplained eagerness pinching her at the bottom of her toes, drawing her to that narrow alley in the corridor, under that fabled window.

A look. Just a quick look. I’ll see if she is okay, and then I’ll turn away. God, What if she met some stranger at the slopes today? What if it’s someone dangerous? 

As things began to rationalize in her head, Julie quickly found herself standing underneath that small window. It was high, too high to reach from a standing position. Thankfully, that old rustic table was there, and if it’s steady enough, it could give her a nice boost. Julie gave the table a little shake-test; it was old, and dusty, but it looked strong enough to hold her.

She climbed on top of it.

Julie grabbed the small curvy handle, which slides open the window-glass.

The window is looking into Bailey’s shower room. The only way I could look inside the bedroom was if she left the shower-room door open. The chances are too slim. I won’t see anything… 

With a shaky hand, Julie slid open the window. Her face was white and stiff like ivory.

The shower-room door was in fact open, and Julie got a clear view of the inside of the bedroom. There was no darkness to struggle with as a tiny night lamp provided a dim light all over the room. When she finally realized what she was seeing, all the color drained from her body.

It wasn’t a strange man she saw with Bailey, nor was it any other man.

Inside the room, on top of the twin-sized bed; she saw her aunt Krystal on her knees, her body naked and shiny of sweat, with a tight leather harness wrapped around her waist, and a blushing pink dildo attached at the crotch. Her child, Bailey, was under her, on her own hands and knees; her eyes shut, her mouth open. Krystal was rocking her hips and the phallic toy attached to her waist disappeared inside her daughter.

Julie watched the inconceivable act with total disbelief. Her heart hammered inside her chest, her eyes like hot marbles, her legs numb. She closed her eyes shut and turned her head away as if she saw an eclipse. Her wobbly legs almost lost balance on the table, and she had to spread both arms across the side of the walls to keep from falling. Cold sweat poured from her body.

It’s not real… I didn’t see that… no, no, no. it’s impossible. 

Her hand was pressed against the left wall of her chest, trying to keep her heart from bursting out. She took a deep breath, feeling uncontrollable shakes in her body as she inhaled, and turned to the window again.

If this was a dream, then it was a nightmare, and one that wouldn’t end, because inside the room the unfathomable act was still going on.

Krystal had her young and only daughter on her knees, like an animal, as she continually thrust her pelvis back and forth, shoving a big looking rubber cock in and out of her pussy. From time to time Krystal leaned forward and kissed the sweaty back of the young teen; her ample breasts falling on the small of Bailey’s back, her nipples, pink and raw, poking at her daughter’s tight skin.

Bailey balled her hands into two blood-red fists, grinding across her bedsheets. Her teeth nibbling at her pillowcase ferociously, spit foaming up at both sides of her lips. Her face was glowing with pleasure and intensity.

Astonished, Julie watched them with wide eyes. Her breath caught in her lungs, and her trembles grew stronger. She could feel her spine gradually morphing into slick rubber. It was a shocking sight. Obscene. But there were more feelings than just shock washing over her. Oh yes, much more. There was a growing appetite in her crotch that drooled at the sight, even if her brain forbade it from doing so. Some uncontrollable eagerness that swelled in her belly like a hot balloon, which made Julie feel that familiar pleasurable twinge in her pussy. That tingling void.

This is wrong, so wrong. This is… this is… the word was trapped in the deepest folders of her mind, almost refusing to get out. She felt repulsed, even thinking of that criminal word.

Inside the room, Bailey knelt in front of her mother’s spread thighs, giving oral pleasure to the pretend cock. Her mother, much like the most perverted male at a dimly lit brothel, raised her pelvis up and down; making sure her child’s throat accepted every inch of her member. Once the fellatio had ended, Bailey brought her lips to her mother’s and they exchanged a juicy kiss.

Seeing them kiss that way broke Julie’s spirit more than anything. It was the most lascivious act of love she could ever imagine seeing, and it came from the most disturbingly unlikely pair.

Bailey kissed her mother on the neck, licked her way down to her chest, and then settled her mouth on one of her breasts, sucking it. Krystal was moaning, it was clear, and Julie could hear her aunt’s heavy moans in a much more lucid way than she expected or wanted.

“Oh, yes… suck on it, baby… you’re wonderful…”  Krystal cooed.

You shouldn’t be looking at this, Julie. Damn it, walk away! Julie’s mind was at turmoil. She tried to fight it before the mental bruise in her head got any deeper.

“Lick my pussy, baby. You’re killing me here… lick Momma’s pussy!” Krystal cried with lust.

Julie, without notice, was slowly thrusting her hips against the wall. It was that tingle in her pussy that grew the more she saw. She had to relieve it.

Bailey stuffed her face between her mother’s legs. From her angle, Julie couldn’t see every lick and every nibble that Bailey gave her mother. But the story was well-written on Krystal’s face; her cheeks gleaming with lust, her eyes glazed with pleasure.

Bailey’s head bobbed up and down between her mother’s legs, her long hazel hair danced in the air with complete ecstasy.

Julie’s right hand, moving with a will of its own, snuck underneath her dainty panties, and started rubbing on the tender mound of her pussy. She felt her juices creaming over her fingers in an instant and filling the air with a biting fragrance of sex.

Bailey shifted her body and climbed over her mother’s face, sitting on it, riding it, grinding her pussy against the open mouth. Her back arched like a kitten in heat, her head tossed backwards. She was panting with pleasure. Both her gloriously large globes rose up; her erect nipples pointing at the ceiling.

Julie’s hand, tucked under her panties and sandwiched between the wall and her pussy, kept massaging her clit, more vigorously than before. Her eyes were wide, watching her cousin’s incredible bare breasts, which were inexplicably on her mind since day one of the trip.

Keep away from this, Julie! You are watching your aunt… and your cousin! For God’s sake, it’s Bailey! Bailey with her mother… you know what this is… they have a word for it… incest! This is incest!

The word repulsed her. Getting excited from watching it repulsed her. Too many things were happening way too fast. Incest is illegal, Julie; you know that better than anybody and you defiantly don’t need to be in your second year of Law School to know that. 

The women fondled and wrapped around each other, exchanging sweat and fluids. On the bed there was a plethora of different colored toys, only now becoming visible to Julie: Strap-ons, dildos, colorful rubber plugs, some already used, others waiting.

The girls obviously came prepared for a night — maybe nights — of sex.

The luggage! A light bulb clicked in Julie’s head. I knew there were too many bags, too many for such a short vacation. That’s the expression I read on Krystal’s face, she brought a bag full of… full of their toys… her filthy toys… to use on her own daughter.

It was too much for Julie, her eyes have drank too much of this freakish insanity. Unwillingly she detached her hand from her panties; sweet aroma ascending from her fingers. She slid the window shut with a shaky hand, and climbed off the table. Touching the floor, her legs felt wobbly and weak. Her head was spinning, the corridor became tapered and the walls seemed to be melting around here. She went quickly into her bedroom, closed the door behind her and dove under the covers.

Julie stared at the empty darkness of the room with a pallid face and crystal-glazed eyes. Her breath stood frozen in her throat.

“This is insane,” she muttered into the darkness.

The feeling of being unfulfilled still pinched between her slender legs. The raw images of Krystal fucking Bailey still lingered in her head. She was stunned at their act, yet she also envied their pleasure. It was way too long since she has been with a man and felt that type of orgasmic thrill. So busy and wrapped up with her studies, where even a night like this, lying on the bed and tending to her needs became a rarity.

And she was tending to her needs. Her hands, both of them, were eagerly rubbing at her clit. Her breath became heavier as she was reaching the point of orgasm. Inside her head she saw glowing images of her former boyfriend, Jason, his bulging penis working its way inside her.

“Oh, yes,” she bit her bottom lip.

Three fingers inside her now, and the image in her head began to shift. It was not a fleshy veiny cock she felt protruding her pussy, but a pink rubber one, impressive with size. And it was not Jason grunting above her, but the image of her aunt, with her large bouncing breasts, and her cold silvery sweat, circling around her puffy nipples.

Julie quivered, her slender pelvis rotating on the mattress, as she climaxed in the darkness, climaxed to the vision of her aunt doing ungodly acts to her pussy.

Her hands were still rubbing her clit as her body convulsed with post-orgasm aftershocks. The only sound in the room was of her heavy breathing.

She looked outside the window. The stars, glistening high above in the black skies, looked down at Julie. They appeared mean and accusing.

She pressed her head tight against the pillow and hoped to magically fall asleep and somehow wake up with a blank memory.

And in case she’d still remember by morning, she would have to tell. She would have to come forward to her mother with what she had seen. There’s no other way around it, she must approach her mother.

Even thinking of her mother felt strange. That word, mother, it became deformed, its value had changed. Krystal’s vile words echoed in her head. Lick my pussy, baby. Lick Momma’s pussy. That line played in her head over and over again, until Krystal’s voice eventually altered into Debra’s voice. It was a sick transition but an inevitable one as well. The word “momma” just sounded more natural coming from the mouth of her own mother.

What if it was my mother…? she wondered. What if instead of Bailey it would have been me? What if… 

For the next little while she tried to block this idea from her head, fighting this twisted notion as she would fight a rabid wolf trying to sink its diseased teeth into the fabrics of her imagination. Eventually, mental exhaustion put her to sleep.

Tomorrow morning was going to be an awful day for her. She planned to tell her mother everything she had seen, as unrealistic and lewd it may sound. Together they would figure out what was to be done with that repulsive duo — who she once considered her family, but never again.

From now on, her mother was her only family in Stowe.

 On to Chapter Two!


9 Comments on Hidden in the Snow, Chapter 1

  1. sue says:

    An interesting start. Like the real set up and characters, but my favorite part is the voyeurism. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

    Kim & Sue

  2. David says:

    I agree with Kim & Sue, it was a nice build up and very well written with detail. I do love voyeurism and thought that was really erotic. I hope Julie will find it in her heart to forgive her aunt and cousin and eventually join them! Mother/daughter love has always excited me and I look forward to Chapter 2.

  3. Jay Dentin says:

    Such a shame Julie is condemning her aunt and cousin without knowing how they got to this point in their relationship. I know from my own experience how wonderful mother/daughter love can be. I’m sure Julie will learn just how wonderful it can be in future chapters.
    Great start, I loved the voyeurism too.

  4. Sally Drewett says:

    Have a feeling this is going to be a hot story….looking forward to the next chapter

  5. Tim says:

    Took an awful long time to get there, but once it did it showed potential. Hope Julie’s mum shows her daughter just how wonderful sex between mom and daughter really can be!

  6. Euphorsyne,Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Agree with Sue and others, great beginning and the detailed voyeur scene was classic!…like a deer caught in the headlights, spellbound, enthralled to the point of mesmerization, only able to feel the those sexual urges….



  7. Captain Midnight says:

    Do you think some homophobia arises from self-loathing, as it seems to be doing here?

    • JetBoy says:

      Welllll… I’d say that Julie’s issue is with the incest, not the lesbianism. Surely she’d be just as offended if Bailey had been Aunt Krystal’s son, rather than her daughter.

      That said, I very much agree that a great deal of homophobia comes from tightly closeted people. Whenever I hear or read some God-botherer bloviating about the “eee-vul homa-sex-shuls,” I automatically assume one of two things:

      1) Closet case.

      2) Had a gay experience in his or her younger days, still feels guilty, and is determined to make queers pay the price for it.

      Part of the pleasure of encountering these blowdried shits (besides getting the chance to laugh at them) is guessing which of these two truths applies.

      • Captain Midnight says:

        JetBoy, you know this but I will discuss it for others who haven’t read Letoria’s novel.

        At the very beginning, Amy, the daughter of one of the leading characters Karen), vows to leave her mother and move clear across the country to be with her father–because Karen has come out as lesbian. It is the ultimate act of hurt, from both their points of view. The daughter, talking to her best friend Laci (the other leading character) gives a couple of explanations that don’t hold a drop of water. Laci whose own mother has thrown her life away to drug addiction and is fanatically jealous of her daughter to where she hates the child, is appalled.

        Lee and I discussed the “Amy conundrum,” based on the first daughter, extensively. At first Amy seemed like a plot device to allow Karen and Laci to live together. Lee being Lee and such a skilled character creator, there was much more to Amy than that. Either she vehemently denied being lesbian herself, although she did have urges, or she was furious at Karen, her mom, for breaking up her parents’ “ideal” marriage which gave her (Amy) the stability she craved and was delighted to share with Laci and other friends. Karen’s act was seen by Amy as a repudiation of her.

        This was never resolved. Karen said to herself (with horror) that she loved Laci as a daughter even more than Amy. The bond, especially when Karen saved Laci’s life, was stronger even than blood ties.

        I think that here Julie simply cannot believe what is going on. It seems absolutely monstrous to her, exploitative and cruel. That her mother could condone and even participate in such actions seems to be a dreadful slap in Julie’s face. It would be like any of us being listed after by a relative, particularly a same-sex relative–something utterly unimaginable in that person’s experience and terrifying.


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