Hidden in the Snow, Chapter 2

  • Posted on June 7, 2020 at 3:12 pm

by Funtoppings

(Previously in “Hidden in the Snow”: Julie is on a skiing vacation with her mother Debra, her aunt Krystal and cousin Bailey. They settle in for the evening, but when Julie gets up in the middle of the night, she is horrified to discover that Aunt Krystal and Bailey are having hot mother-daughter lesbian sex.)


After a minute, which felt like an eternity, of standing in front of her mother’s bedroom, contemplating and thinking about what she was going to say, Julie finally took a deep breath and tapped on the door.

“Mom, are you awake?”

“Yeah, honey. Come on in,” a voice uttered on the other end of the door.

It was early morning, quarter to eight the last time Julie checked the clock. She wasn’t sure how much she had slept, but it wasn’t a lot. She kept turning in bed most of the night, replaying those deplorable sights that she saw in Bailey’s room, chewing over how she should approach her mother about this.

Julie walked into her mother’s sunlit room. The window inside was wide open and a cool mountain breeze traveled inside, welcoming Julie with a cold kiss. A strong fragrance of lavender escaped from the shower, where Debra had just taken her morning bath.

Debra was sitting on the bed combing her wet hair. She was wearing her red cardigan sweater and a casual white skirt that ended just a few inches above her knees. The sunlight beamed beautifully off her clean golden hair. Once again, Julie found herself impressed by her mother’s well kept beauty. But it was a thought she would rather not have at that moment. It felt wrong.

“Jules, what are you doing up already? I thought you’ll be snoozing for at least another hour.”

“Yeah, well… I see you’re up early, too.”

“Oh, you know me, honey. I’m always the early-bird, already showered and everything. How was the night, you sleep okay?”

Julie opened her mouth to answer, then closed it immediately. She had an expression on her face as if her mother had asked her a trick math question, and she was trying to figure out the right answer in her head.

“You don’t look like you slept too well,” Debra jumped in before Julie could answer.

“No, I guess I didn’t,” Julie said wearily.

“You probably drank too much. Who am I kidding, I think I drank too much as well. You know your mother, kiddo, not much of a drinker.”

“Yeah… no, it’s not that.”

Debra put her comb aside and gave Julie a concerned look. She stood up looking wide eyed at her daughter. “What, what is it?”

Julie turned her head aside; she couldn’t say it and looked her mother straight in the eyes. She suddenly thought of how in a normal world, the next thing she was going to say to her mother was ‘I’m pregnant’ or ‘I’m getting married’, or even ‘Mom, I dropped out of school and joined a cult’. Anything was better than this. Of course this was not a normal world, not anymore. She woke up last night at 3:05 A.M to a new decadent and debauched world. The kind you read about in the papers. She knew it was time to share her insanity with the one person she trusted the most.

“I woke up in the middle of the night. I was thirsty as hell, had to go down to the kitchen to get some water.”

Debra listened carefully to her daughter. She was looking at her intently with squinted eyes, almost as if she was trying to decipher the image on a Magic Eye poster.

“Well, when I went into the hall, I heard noises coming out of Bailey’s room,” Julie continued. “I thought something was wrong and… I peeked into her room through the small window ouside.”

“What noises? What did you see?”

Julie took a deep breath and looked high above at the ceiling. Her mouth felt desert-dry. Warm tears were sizzling in her eyes.

“I saw Bailey… and I saw Aunt Krystal. And I swear to God I’m not lying, Mom, or telling a joke. But I saw Aunt Krystal and Bailey… on the bed… and they… they… they were naked. They were having sex.”


Sex, they were having sex,” Julie said again, chocked up. Tears crawled down her cheeks.

Debra sat stiffly on the bed, her eyes wide with shock, her jaw unlocked. Both her hands, drawn closely to her lap, were playing nervously with each other. Looking over at Julie, she saw the tears flow from her daughter’s eyes. She got up and went over to embrace her; gave her a hug, so cozy and warm with a mother’s love.

“Okay, don’t worry, Jules. I’ll talk to Krystal. I’ll see what’s going on,” She whispered softly in her daughter’s ear. “Just don’t you worry. I want you to go to your room, and try to get some sleep. I… I really don’t know what else to say… not until I speak with Krystal.”

“It’s just so fucked up, Mom. I don’t think I can ever look them in the eyes again. Not ever.”

“I understand, sweetheart,” Debra kissed her daughter on the cheek. She looked deep into Julie’s sapphire blue eyes. “Go to your room. Close the door. And try to get some sleep. I’ll check up on you later.”

“Okay,” Julie said softly. “I love you, Mom.”

“I love you too, honey. I love you too.”

Debra gave Julie a warm hug again. A dark shadow settled across her face as soon she rested her head on the teen’s shoulder. Julie quietly left the room, and Debra stared blankly at the door, left stunned by what her daughter had said.

But in a way, she was not completely surprised.

In fact, she was hardly surprised at all.


Thirty minutes after Julie had told of her shocking experience, Debra was still seated in her room, staring at the walls. She watched her own reflection on the big mirror and for some reason, rather inappropriately for that moment, wondered how desirable she still was.

She remembered a year ago, when Julie had come home with her boyfriend, Jason. It was the first time she met the young man. He was a tall, broad-shouldered, chiseled-chin type of a fellow. At one point, she served them cold drinks; both Julie and Jason were sitting on the white leather couches in the living room. As Debra brought down the tray of cold lemonades on the table, she could easily notice Jason glancing at her cleavage with hungry eyes.

Of course, she would never tell this to Julie. But still, it felt nice to be ogled, to be viewed as sexy. And she was sexy, at least according to her friends, her jogging buddies and the women at her hair salon. They were all very complimentary to her. Yet you never really know who’s telling the truth and who’s being nice to the poor bereaved woman, whose kids had already left her to potter about in an almost empty house.

Eventually, she stepped out of her room. She looked down the corridor at the small shadow peeking underneath Krystal’s door. She suddenly felt like one of those sheriffs in the old Westerns she used to watch as a child, just before they were about to enter a saloon full of dirty desperadoes.

This will either end nicely or in a shootout, she thought.

The air in the corridor was thick with morning stillness. Bailey was fast asleep in her room; her night, which was packed with a wild succession of orgasms, had induced a session of unthinkable and vivid dreams. Julie was also asleep. She’d found it much easier to drift off, once the burden of her secret had been shared with Mom.

Debra walked over to Krystal’s room and knocked on her door.

“Krystal, are you up?” No answer.

Debra paused, and then knocked again. “Kryst—”

The door opened. Krystal was wearing a bathrobe, one hand holding on the door knob, the other holding on the white towel wrapped around her hair. Beads of water glistened on her neck and above the hollow of her breasts.

“Good morning, good morning. I see you’re already up,” Krystal smiled wearily and gestured for Debra to come inside.

“Yeah, well you know me, always the—”

“Always the early bird,” Krystal smirked. “Yes, yes, I know.”

Krystal opened the curtains of her window, sweeping the room with great beams of sunlight. “Wow, beautiful day out,” she said and unwrapped the towel from her hair. “I guess we can enjoy it while it lasts, I heard we may be getting some snowstorms today.”

“Yeah, I heard it too,” Debra said.

Krystal swiftly walked to her closet, where she kept her unpacked vacation clothes. She studied each sweater and  pair of pants that she took out of the shelves, and then tossed them carelessly on top of her bed, creating a heap of clothes.

“Ugh. First thing I’m doing back home is buying an all new wardrobe for winter.” She then turned to Debra. “How you doing, hon? You had coffee already? If not, then wait for me. I’ll make us a fresh pot.”

Debra paused before she answered. She didn’t need a cup of coffee to get an adrenaline rush in her veins. Not this morning.

“No. Not yet.”

Krystal turned to Debra, she noticed some stiffness in her sister’s voice. “What’s up with you? You’re okay?”

Debra quietly walked over to the window at the far side of the room. There was a white wooden desk-chair bathing in the morning sunlight, and she sat in it. She looked outside the window at the silvery blue skies, searching far away into the heavens.

“Helloooo, Debra? Everything’s all right?”

“I don’t know. You tell me,” Debra replied solemnly, without taking her eyes off the window.

Krystal dropped the red sweater she was holding in her hands, and turned to her sister; a grave look on her face. “What? What do you mean?”

Debra, sitting with her back to Krystal, watched white clouds slowly drifting in the skies, mesmerized. She hesitated for just a second, but when she did finally speak, the words came out of her mouth like heavy bricks.

“My daughter told me that she woke up in the middle of the night. And she heard noises coming out of Bailey’s room.”

Krystal froze. Her eyes closed tightly.

“She saw you and Bailey inside,” there was a long pause before she continued. “She saw what you were doing.”


“How?” Debra said abruptly. “Really, Krystal? That’s the question? How?”

Krystal hung her head and said, “No. No, of course not. Oh God…”

After a brief moment of silence, Krystal walked over to Debra. She placed her hands on her sister’s shoulders, which became warm from sunlight, and gave them a light squeeze. Debra reacted with listless apathy to Krystal’s touch; she simply stared outside the window with bright eyes, looking far away into the distance.

“I didn’t mean for her to see it… I didn’t mean to—”

“So you have sex with your daughter?” Debra asked, her words cutting like a sharp knife.

Krystal’s grip tightened around her sister’s shoulders. “Yes,” she replied, her answer both honest and awful.

“How long have you been doing this?”

Krystal took a deep breath. Water began to drip from her soaked hair. There was such a bitter silence in the room she could actually hear each drop as it crashed on the hardwood floor.

“For a few months now,” she answered.

“I… I didn’t know you did that… with her…”

“Come on, sister. You know what type of family we came from. You know the deal. It shouldn’t come to you as that much of a surprise.”

Debra didn’t answer, but rather kept looking deep into the sunny blue skies, but it wasn’t the clouds she was looking at, not even the tremendous silhouette of Mount Mansfield peering up ahead in the distance. She was looking at her past — a few decades into her past.

While society always looked at inter-family relations as taboo and immoral, Krystal and Debra grew up in a house where such things were commonplace. Of course, they were also smart enough to know not to talk about it outside the confines of their home; it was the family secret.

It was their mother who suggested to both Debra and Krystal that they have sex for the first time. It was their mother who taught them that as long as they are mature enough to understand the implications of their doings, then there is no shame in sharing love with a close member of the family.

In her later years, Debra would look at her past with a small measure of regret of how she was brought up, but not with complete disdain. As far as she could tell, she and her sister were brought up in a loving home environment with gentle parents who were adored by both children and adults alike. Most important, though, was the fact that their parents never forced anything upon them, but only presented them with an option. They explained to them the ways of the family and would have gladly accepted whichever path the sisters chose to take. If they wanted to, Debra and Krystal could have refused. They could have easily been taken out of this close intimate circle. But they didn’t.

Krystal and Debra grew up in the same room, where they shared everything from clothes to personal secrets. They always had a loving relationship, but once they discovered the pleasures of sex with one another, their love flowered into something much greater.

“Come on, Deb. It’s been so long for me. I didn’t have any serious relationship with a man for over sixteen years.” Krystal said. Her hands were softly kneading Debra’s shoulders.

“You dated lots of men, Krystal. It was your decision not to remarry. It was only your decision. God knows you had options.”

“True. I’m not denying it. But I couldn’t remarry because I didn’t want to live in a lie. I didn’t want to wake up in bed every morning to a person that I knew… that I knew I could never love—”

“Don’t say it, Krystal.”

“—as much as I loved you.”

Suddenly, the vivid colors washed out of Debra’s world and grew sepia-toned. It was as if someone knocked her out of her seat and kicked her thirty years into the past. She could literally smell the fragrance of the freshly cut grass on the lawn outside the house she grew up in.

She remembered all the love that had been shared between her and Krystal. How they would have the most amazing sex; the type she was never able to duplicate — not with her husband, not with anyone. It was the perfect mixture of curious young love and the explosive nature of their raging hormones.

“And now I have my new love. Now I have Bailey,” Krystal said softly, still massaging Debra’s shoulders and neck. “Now that she’s old enough, she understands. She understands after all these years, why her mother was alone, and where her mother’s passion really lies. And the beautiful thing is — she wants to partake in all of this. She wants to.”

“Don’t you want Bailey to grow up — I don’t know — normal? Have a conventional life. Date boys. Marry a man?” Debra said, and briefly thought of Julie, holding her acceptance letter from Columbia, beaming with joy.

“Normal… we grew up normal, Debra. We both dated boys; we both got engaged; we both got married and had babies, and that was wonderful, I wouldn’t change anything about it. I offer my child the same options as we were offered. She is an adult. If and when the day comes that she wants to move out on her own and bring men to the house for me to meet, then I’ll support her all the way.”

“And if she’ll bring a woman?”

Debra couldn’t see it, but a mild smile broke on Krystal’s face.

“If she wants to bring a woman, then I’ll support it as well. In a way, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bailey turned out to be a lesbian…”

Debra understood. She had considered herself to be straight for the second half of her life, but her fondest sexual memories were with a woman; with Krystal.

“Does Bailey like it? Does she enjoy it, you know, like we did?”

There was a silvery glow in Krystal’s eyes. She slowly leaned closer to her sister; her naked breasts swaying under the fabric of her bathrobe.

“Oh, yes. She enjoys it,” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “We have the most amazing sex, Deb.”

Debra closed her eyes, and a series of images floated beneath the underside of her eyelids. All of the images were of her sister and young niece: naked; kissing; touching. Except from one image, that floated above all the rest like a drifting cloud in the sky. It was an image of Julie holding that acceptance letter; her eyes radiating.

“And your Julie… you can’t tell me you don’t fantasize about being with her, now can you?”

Debra shifted in her seat. “No… no, I don’t.” Her voice wavered with uncertainty.

“Come on, now…”  Krystal grinned. Her hands traveled from the base of Debra’s neck and slyly slithered down to the top of her cleavage line. “Don’t lie, sweetie. The thought of doing it with Julie has to have crossed your mind.”

Debra’s throat was arid; the breath stood frozen in her chest. At that moment she was thinking about Julie; her young, beautiful Julie.

“I bet it was never easy for you playing the role of The Mom when you have a child that is a living, breathing wet-dream; especially for someone with such a keen taste for women as you. Last night while we were watching the movie, it really dawned on me how amazingly beautiful your Julie is. Those mesmerizing blue eyes…”  Krystal’s words trailed off as she planted a wet kiss on Debra’s left cheek.

Suddenly Debra thought of eyes; almond shaped slanted eyes, almost catlike. She thought of eyes that were blue and deep as the summer skies, and that sparkled like bright midnight stars. And when those eyes stared at her, she could feel her spirit soar.

“And her beautiful soft lips; you had to dream about those lips…”  Krystal continued and kissed Debra again, this time on the groove of her neck.

In her mind, Debra imagined the kiss coming from a much younger mouth, glistering with moisture and innocence.

“And her breasts: so beautiful and mouthwatering. I imagine she has the pinkest nipples. Just wrapping your mouth around one of them, mmmm…” She nuzzled Debra’s neck.

Her hands slid down the cleavage of Debra’s cardigan and slipped underneath the bra. She cupped her sister’s breasts in her hands and squeezed them with such unrestrained passion that it caused her own nipples to stiffen from excitement.

It felt good to Debra as well. She closed her eyes, bathing in the sunlight and savoring the moment. Her heart was beating vigorously. Her nipples throbbed as her sister’s thumbs gently rubbed them. Her hands were clenched over her knees as shivers of desire raced through her frame.

“Her gorgeous, mouth watering, slender body…”  Krystal laid another wet kiss on the bottom of Debra’s chin.

“That round, firm ass…”

And another kiss fell on the corner of the mouth.

“Her creamy, delicate, moist pussy …”

This time, Krystal found her sister’s lips. They shared a long and sensuous kiss, like two lovers that were thrown into each other’s arms after years of separation… which in a way, they were.

Their tongues rolled against each other, both drenched and slippery with anticipation. Debra remembered when she was younger, kissing her sister for the very first time, how it had felt so innocent yet exhilarating, and today, thirty years later, the kiss still felt every bit as wonderful.

Krystal eventually broke the kiss, but gave Debra a coquettish smile, full of wicked intent, and Debra immediately knew where this was headed. And as her sister led her to the bed, Debra realized that she hadn’t felt so excited and happy for a long time.

“God, Deb, I’ve wanted this so much,” Krystal said as they both embraced and kissed on the bed. Underneath them were a crumpled sheet and a pile of clothes that didn’t matter to anyone.”I wanted to have you back in my arms for so long. My tongue never forgot the way you tasted.”

Krystal reached down, sliding a hand under Debra’s skirt and into her panties. She laced her fingers through a patch of curly hair until she found her older sister’s hidden treasure. Debra immediately retaliated with a moan and a sudden quiver of her hips.

“Oh, yes!” Krystal bubbled. “You’re practically dripping down there!”

Debra, who spent countless lonely nights fantasizing of fingers other than her own, strumming her clit and awarding her with orgasmic relief, shuddered at her sister’s touch. Her head was swimming as Krystal stroked between her legs.

Krystal finally took the hand away from her sister’s pussy. The fingers gleamed with a fresh coat of nectar. She guided them to Debra’s lips.

“Come on,” Krystal whispered.”Taste yourself.”

Debra, without much hesitation, snaked out her tongue and licked the fluids off her sister’s fingers. Not one to hold back on her own burning desires, Krystal pushed her tongue out as well and cleaned the remaining streaks of juice from her own fingers. Eventually, their tongues met and they exchanged a sloppy kiss.

“You taste amazing, sis,” Krystal whispered in her ear.

Debra looked at her sister with big eyes that burned with passion. Her pussy ached to be reintroduced — after so many years — to Krystal’s mouth. Her eyes grew even wider and hungrier once Krystal disrobed, revealing her clean, naked body.

Debra gazed at her sister, now completely exposed, and the most impure thoughts danced in her head. She hadn’t seen that body, in all its glory, for over twenty-five years. It was no longer the body of the nineteen-year-old she remembered, but that of a beautiful woman who had aged very well. Her tits were perfectly round and naturally big, only sagging a bit. She’d always felt a little jealous of how Krystal’s chest had blossomed so nicely, and while her own chest was hardly considered small, she still believed her sister had struck lucky in that department. Looking down, she saw a lush tuft of dark pubic hair, casually trimmed into a fuzzy triangle. She swallowed hard and licked her lips, craving for the feeling of that curly hair tickling her nose while she suckled on her sister’s moist labia.

“You look gorgeous, Krystal.”

Krystal smiled as she presented her breasts to her sister’s awaiting mouth. Debra enthusiastically played with the nipples, which grew like fresh berries as she sucked them.

Krystal rubbed feverishly between her legs; the stiffening sensation of her sensitive nipples had clicked a switch in her pussy. Now it felt wilder and more alive than ever. As Debra sucked on her nipples, Krystal thought she might orgasm from that stimulation alone. She almost surrendered to the pleasure, but her lips started to tingle and the need to finally taste her sister grew stronger.

“God, I want you!” Krystal cried. She unbuttoned Debra’s cardigan to expose her white lace bra, which quickly found itself tossed on the floor. Krystal latched onto her sister’s left nipple, sucking on it with the intensity of a wild animal, then switched to the other. The nerves in Debra’s breasts became a network of stimulation, rapidly sending signals of pleasure down to her vagina.

“Oh, Krystal… lick me down there. Please.”

Krystal grabbed the hem of Debra’s skirt and raised it above the waist area, exposing a pair of white lace panties, now accented by the forming of a large wet spot. She pressed her nose against her sister’s crotch and took a giant whiff.

“Mmmm… you smell terrific. Maybe I’ll just sit here all day and just smell you.” Krystal said teasingly, and buried her nose yet again at Debra’s crotch, pressing it hard against her clit.

“N-No… p-please… go down on me. I’m begging you!” Debra squirmed.

“Well, all right,” Krystal grinned slyly. She hooked her thumbs under the elastic waistband and rolled her sister’s panties down and off. Looking at the engorged lips of Debra’s pussy made her mouth water.

She thrust her head between her older sister’s legs, welcoming Debra back to a world of Sapphic thrills.

Debra shivered with ecstasy. Her uncontrollable moans grew louder and louder and gradually turned into guttural cries of insatiable pleasure. With the final thread of sanity in her head, it struck her that she might be overheard, so she crushed a pillow into her face, then released a stream of stifled cries.

Krystal, fired by her sister’s muffled moans, felt her own pussy dribbling warm fluids. She quickly began to finger herself.

Debra sensed her climax approaching as the walls of her pussy contracted over her sister’s tongue. She could feel sweet release pulsating in the veins in her neck and at the bottom of her feet. Her left toe vibrated uncontrollably, like a plucked guitar string. She tightened her grip on the pillow and burrowed her face even deeper against it,  bellowing at the top of her lungs.

In this deep reservoir of ecstasy, Debra envisioned her lover making love to her. She looked downwards and saw her lover nestled between her outspread thighs, resting a hand on her belly; licking her, nibbling her clit, nose pressing against her pubic bone. Everything around her lover became vividly whiter and brighter and heavenly. In her vision, she covered her lover’s hand with her own, and their fingers laced together. In the real world, she laced her fingers through empty air.

Then her lover’s face rose from between her legs to smile at her with perky lips that gleamed with her juices, a glowing nimbus surrounding her head. She saw her lover’s face; beautiful, angelic, silky, youthful.

It was Julie’s face. She saw her daughter, Julie. Her lover.

“Mmmmm… g-god, J-Julieeeee… ahhhh!” 

A jolt of electricity traveled down Debra’s body; ran from the core of her pussy all the way down to her toes. Krystal sat up and stared, warm fluids covering her mouth and chin as she watched her sister violently convulse in an unrelenting orgasm.

“Oh, God!” Debra shuddered, her entire body steamed like hot, wet velvet. This felt like the greatest orgasm she’d ever had in her life. Thrusting her arms out, she reached for Krystal, desperate for her embrace. Krystal smiled and crawled on top of her sister, feeling Debra’s slick, sweaty body vibrating under hers.


“Yesss…”  Debra whispered, waves of pleasure still coursing through her body.

“Did you just… ? Did you call out Julie’s name?”

Debra’s breasts heaved as she slowly regained her breath. Her thoughts were still cloudy and adrenaline still pumped chaotically in her veins. What is Krystal talking about? she wondered. Julie? I called out for Julie? Surely she’s mistaken.

“What? No. No, of course not.”

Krystal laughed as she held tighter against her sister and planted a wet kiss on her right cheek.  “Yes, you did,” she said, giggling. “You said Julie’s name. You thought of her when you came, didn’t you?”

Debra stared intently at the wooden planked ceiling and realized her sister was right; she was visualizing Julie in her head as a part of her fantasy; as her lover.

“Yes… yes, I guess I did,”  she said. Suddenly she realized that she had climaxed to the image of her daughter. And deep inside, she also knew that it wasn’t the first time she did so either. There were other times. “I’ve wanted her so badly…” she whispered.  “I can’t lie about it anymore. Not to myself, not to you.”

There had been many other times, in fact.

“You really want her?”

“I’ve pictured making love to her so many times.” Debra playfully caressed the length of her sister’s neck. She wondered what Julie’s skin would feel like.

Krystal rolled off her sister’s body and over to her side of the bed. The confession from her sister had instigated a tingling in her pussy that was rife with untamed excitement. Her left hand automatically traveled south.

“God, sometimes during the night,” Debra continued speaking, still engulfed in her memories, “when I’m all alone in the house. I’ll look at some of her photos — especially those sexy eight-by-tens she did when she modeled — and I would masturbate to them.”

“G-G-God, yesss…”  Krystal’s voice wavered. She closed her eyes and allowed Debra’s story to take shape in her head.

Debra suddenly grew aware of her sister’s self pleasure.  “Krystal?”

“Just keep talking to me, baby.” Her voice was shaky. “What do you want to do to your daughter?”

Realizing she was now playing the catalyst to her sister’s orgasm, Debra curled beside Krystal, drew close to her ear and whispered, “I want to fuck her.”

“Ahhhh… mmmm… Oh, Jesus…”

“I want. To fuck. My daughter.” She repeated it again, slower this time. It was strange how that string of words didn’t sound all that preposterous to her. It actually tuned in her ears quite nicely.

“Ohhhhhh…” Krystal whimpered. For a moment, Debra was sure she was also crying as a forceful orgasm swept her body from head to toe. Fluids seeped from her cunt, leaking onto the sheets.

Debra climbed on top of her sister in a sixty-nine, and each woman buried her face in a juicy pussy.

“Oh fuck, sis. I’m gonna come in your mouth!” Krystal growled.

Debra felt her body becoming useless as ecstasy suddenly swamped her all over again. “Me too, baby. Me t-too,” she gasped.

They climaxed in unison. Their bodies, tangled and entwined in a ball of limbs and sweat, quivered as the orgasm spun inside them like a hot tornado. They collapsed, each to their own side of the bed, both trying to regain a sense of placement. Then Debra cuddled next to her sister, and they both floated silently back to the here and now. For a long time, their breathing did the only talking.

Morning sunlight streamed through the windows and flooded every corner of the room. Debra stared blankly at the window, unable to remember the last time she’d felt so peaceful and satisfied.

“So… have you figured out what you’re gonna say to Julie?” Krystal broke the silence.

Debra kissed her sister on the shoulder and buried her cheek against that very same spot. “No, not really. I’m not really sure I’m going to say anything. At least not the full extent of it.”

“But, Deb—”

No, Krystal. I know what you have with Bailey is amazing and… and I envy you, I really mean it. But I don’t know if I’m ready at this stage to cross that border with Julie. I’m not sure how she’ll react at this point. I just… I just don’t know.”

Krystal wrapped a warm arm around Debra’s nude body and hugged her tightly.

“I understand, sweetie. I just wish… with all four of us here on vacation, far away from anyone we know, We could have so much fun…”

Debra knew that her sister was right.


“Okay, so the files should be waiting for you in your inbox, so just tell me if… h-hello? Hello?”

“I’m here. I can hear you just fine, Audra,” Julie told her roommate. But she still removed the cell phone from her ear and surveyed the screen. There was a weak signal.

“Oh, okay. Cause I’m hearing you totally shitty, Jule. Where the heck did you say this lodge is again? Like up in the fucking woods or something?”

“Something like that. This entire area is kind of secluded,” Julie said and stretched her feet on the bed.”I’m actually surprised I’m getting any phone signal at all.”

“So, how you been doin’ over there anyway? Did any skiing?”

“No. No skiing,” Julie told her roommate with a sigh.

“Oh… ? Why not? For God’s sakes, Jule, you’re on a skiing trip…”

“Yeah, I know. I skied yesterday. As for today, well…”

Julie’s voice trailed off into silence. She looked up at the silver moon, shining through her bedroom window. She searched for answers in its glow.

“Well… well, what?” Audra asked.

“Nah, it’s nothing serious. I kind of had a little… argument with my family.”

“What about?”

Julie wiped a light film of sweat from her forehead. The toes of her bare feet curled like talons. “It’s nothing, Audra. I — I really don’t wanna get into this. It’s really not that big a deal.” She closed her eyes, hoping Audra wouldn’t poke harder on this matter.

“Okay, babe, if you say so.” There was a silent pause, which Julie initially thought resulted from a bad connection, but eventually Audra’s voice emerged from the other side of the phone. “So, what did you do all day, then?”

After five minutes of talking the connection became unbearable and Julie had to end the conversation. She gave a long sigh as she placed the cell phone on the nightstand. It was good to talk to Audra. Granted, it wasn’t the smoothest conversation they’d ever had, but it was still nice to talk to a sane voice from back home. God knows, there weren’t a lot of sane voices at the lodge.

That thing that she saw the night before still haunted her memory; the images and sounds looped in the back of her mind like a never-ending motion picture. The lewd words coming out of her aunt’s mouth jingled in her ears throughout the day. Lick my pussy, baby… lick Momma’s pussy. Julie shuddered.

She approached the window in her room and looked outside at the shadowy coldness with a wan expression on her face. It was nearing midnight, winter snow was pouring down on Stowe, coming hard and heavy. The weather, which had started pleasantly warm and sunny, quickly deteriorated around midday to a maelstrom of whirling whiteness. At first, the skies became overcast with menacing silver clouds, followed by an unrelenting onslaught of pouring snow. Then the blizzards came, screaming and swirling, and taking on the snow with a mad flurry.

Julie remembered how earlier in the day, while she was eating a late lunch at a local café, she got a text message from her mom, telling her that she should probably return back to the lodge before the weather worsened. When she had taken a cab back home, the cab-driver, whose rough facial features looked as if they were carved by stone, was kind enough to give her his two cents on the matter.

“Yep, it looks like one heckuva shit-storm is heading our way. Pardon my French, Miss,” the driver had grumbled. Julie sat in the back seat and stared at the frozen road outside her window, grimacing.

She leaned forward, so he could hear her voice over the car engine.”Really, you think so?”

“You betcha. My boss — may he die a thousand deaths — called me off the graveyard shift I was s’posed to work tonight. Called off almost everyone from the station who was supposed to work tonight. And that sonovabitch don’t call off anyone — unless it’s somethin’ really bad, like this weather here. Again, pardon my French.”

Julie graciously smiled at him and leaned back in her seat.

Now, looking out through the window in her bedroom, she understood what he was talking about.

God, let this weather calm down by tomorrow, she prayed silently. I won’t be able to stay sequestered in this place for the whole day with Bailey and Aunt Krystal. I just won’t be. 

Then she heard a faint knock on the door.

Julie cautiously walked towards the door, moving barefooted over pinewood flooring. She paused for a moment, a wreath of air caught in her lungs.

“Who is it?” she asked tentatively.

“It’s me, honey,” her mother’s voice.

A sense of relief rushed through her body as she opened the door for her mom.

Debra walked in, wearing a beautiful crimson-colored stretch nightgown that ended a few inches above her knees and with a cleavage that left very little to the imagination. Her golden hair, showered and combed, fell neatly over her shoulders. She quickly entered and sat on the edge of Julie’s bed, softly tapping a nervous right fist against a sweaty left palm.

“So, Jules… we didn’t get to speak much today,” Debra said, looking down at her polished toenails.

“Yeah, I know. I guess I just had to get outta the house for a while. You know…”

Debra nodded, her lips tightening.

“So, Mom,” Julie took a step closer to her mother. “Did you talk to Aunt Krystal? You know, about last night?”

Debra nodded again, still peering down at her toes. “I did. I did, and…”  she raised her head to look at Julie, but froze when she met her eyes.

Dressed in a sexy white camisole and a low-cut pair of bright pink shorts, the twenty-two-year-old looked like she had just stepped out of one of Debra’s most salacious dreams. Her white top, cropped at the midriff, exposed her flat, taut tummy. Pink shorts covered the smallest amount of her shapely ass, revealing just a little skin from the bottom curves of her buttocks.

Debra followed the inseam of Julie’s shorts with her eyes; she studied the line, which curved around her daughter’s sleek thigh, and then stopped at the crotch, where the subtle protrusion of Julie’s nether lips seemed to be visible through the fabric.

Her beauty was almost mythical in the way it turned its appreciators into thoughtless, motionless statues. Like me, Debra thought.

“Mom?” Julie’s voice roused Debra from her reverie.

Debra’s dark eyes jumped at Julie. “Sweetie?”

“You were saying something?”

“Yes,” She cleared her throat. “Krystal — I did speak with her.”

Debra slid backwards on Julie’s bed, dragging her bum across the mattress, until she felt a large pillow cushioning her back. The lower hem of her dress got pulled up a bit, exposing a hint of her beautifully tanned thighs.

“Come, lie next to me. I want to talk to you,” she said, lightly patting a vacant spot beside her.

Julie stared at her mother, a storm of bewilderment settling across her face. Her lower lip was jutted out in a pout, its pink flesh glistering.

Debra saw that lip and wanted it. She longed to trace it with her tongue, then suck it into her mouth. She wanted to guide Julie’s pretty mouth down between her legs, and make it —

She blinked her eyes twice, and the lewd images vanished from her head. This is no time to get lost in such fantasies, she realized.

“Come on, sit,” Debra asked again. Julie slid next to her mother on the bed.

Debra inched closer to Julie and slowly began to run her fingers through her child’s dark raven hair.

“Listen, before I speak about your Aunt Krystal, there’s something I want to tell you about our family,” Debra paused and then added: “My family.”

Julie listened, a frown line delved between her eyebrows.

“My side of the family has always been more — oh, how do I put it — open towards the idea of inter-family relations.” She was lying so close to Julie that she could feel her daughter’s skin rippling with fresh goosebumps. She squeezed tighter against her and continued.

“Basically what this means is, we were doing things in our house, that were… Well, let’s say they weren’t things we were supposed to talk about, if you know what I mean.”

Julie’s face turned ivory white. “Things like, what I saw last night?” she asked faintly, surprised that her throat was able to make a sound.

Debra nodded. “It’s really hard to understand this — not unless you lived through it, and I’m actually not going to try to explain, but I just need you to know that for us, back then, it was perfectly normal.” She wrapped a warm arm around Julie’s shoulders. “Just like for you, growing up in a big wonderful house, having your own room, watching game shows every night as a family. That was your life. My life… it was different. Definitely different.” She paused, then added, “Sweetheart, I know how strange it sounds…”

Julie lay on the bed, her body feeling useless. Her mother was hugging her with one hand and stroking her hair with the other. A slew of emotions raged through her body, harder and faster than the snowstorm that raged outside.

“It sounds wrong, that’s what it sounds like, Mom,” Julie said through tears that were burning the back of her throat. “I know it’s not your fault, Mom, and that you were young, but there are laws against such things. I mean, it sounds like Gramma and Grampa totally took advantage of–”

“Shhh,” Debra said. “Your grandparents are long gone, and I don’t want you speaking badly of them.”

Debra moved even closer to Julie; she pressed her cheek against her daughter’s and felt tears lingering between them. “Regardless of right or wrong, there is no one at fault here. Not Gramma, not Grampa, not Krystal, not me. When we did what we did, both your aunt and I were old enough to make decisions on our own. We chose to… to walk a certain path.”

The more she heard, the more Julie felt like her body was sinking into the bed, like a bad dream where you’re trapped in quicksand. She wanted to hate her mother, yet found herself unable to do so. In a way, she admired her for coming forward with such a dark secret, which had been buried in her past for so long.

“And now, your aunt Krystal — and I swear to God I didn’t know it until today, when you told me — apparently, she had chosen to walk this very same path… only this time, with her daughter.”

Julie thought of Bailey. She was close to her, and knew her so well — or at least she thought so. Was Bailey just acting this all time? she wondered. Talking about boys; displaying acts of rebelliousness against her mother like every child. Is this all an act? 

The thoughts were jumbled in Julie’s head; they jumped from Bailey to Krystal to her mother and then back to Bailey. There was a deep silence in the room, and for a while the only noises that were heard were the faint groans coming from the lodge’s old foundations.

Debra let her hand rest on top of Julie’s exposed flat belly, and pressed her lips against the side of her child’s head, right above the ear, giving her a warm, motherly kiss.

Julie edged closer to her mother. Somewhere in this sea of emotions and feeling of being lost, she welcomed the warmness. She enjoyed her mother’s kiss; it felt like something ordinary and familiar in a moment that was fraught with unfamiliarity. And when her mother started to brush her hand across her tummy in warm, friendly circles, she was soothed even more.

“What are you thinking about, sweetie?” Debra breathed in Julie’s ear.

“Oh, I dunno. Nothing. Everything. I just don’t know what to think,” she said, soothed by the movements of Mom’s hand over her belly.

She noticed the lines across the fingers of her mother’s hand, and realized that the years take their toll on anyone or anything. Her mother — maybe once, a long time ago — was like Krystal. And even then, it was simply the result of her upbringing. But while Krystal had taken the lessons of her childhood and morphed them into a twisted sexual fantasy, using her daughter as a toy in her game, her mother had bravely decided to shake the shadows of her past, to walk a different, better path. And that path was why Julie had grown up like a normal girl, with the fondest childhood memories a person could ever ask for. She had her mother to thank for that.

“I love you, Mom,” Julie whispered.

“Now, that’s twice in one day that you said that,” Debra told her, smiling. “I’m going to start thinking that you really mean it.”

Julie giggled and wrapped her long legs around her mother’s. “I mean it. I love you. And that’s three times.”

Debra kissed her on the cheek. It was a big wet kiss that left a moist imprint on Julie’s rosy skin. “I love you too, honey.”

They both lay on the bed, nestled together. Julie’s legs were tangled with her mother’s, their cheekbones touching, their bodies exchanging pleasant and affectionate heat.

Debra brushed her left hand across her daughter’s smooth belly, then let it drift upward; sometimes sneaking a few fingers under the lower hem of the camisole, just beneath the valley of Julie’s breasts. And then sometimes it moved south; grazing over the belly button, then sweeping even lower.

The right hand toyed with Julie’s hair. The fingers grazed each lock of hair with a wealth of compassion, sending tiny waves of pleasure all the way down to her scalp.

“Mmmm…” Julie purred. Her eyes closed as she allowed the soothing sensations to take over her body.

She received another kiss from her mother — right above the lips, then yet another, an inch to the right.

The mature woman shifted her body even closer to her daughter.

Julie felt her mother’s breasts pressing against her arm, and she noticed how the nipples grew erect under the fabric of the woman’s gown, to the point they were poking her skin.

Their noses were almost touching. They inhaled and exhaled each other’s breath, creating a warm circulation of air between their bodies.

Debra’s left hand, feeling overly playful, traveled lower than ever before and now it was moving just a hint above the waistband of Julie’s pink shorts.

The twenty-two-year-old, who was known for her sharp mind and quick thinking among her school colleagues, was so beguiled by the feeling of comfort and delight that she didn’t even notice at first when her mother slipped a hand beneath the elastic of her shorts.

With a hand pressed against the soft fabric of Julie’s panties, right above her delicate mound, Debra lowered her lips to her daughter’s and hovered above them for a few precious moments.

Then Julie felt it.

The realization of it slowly trickled into her consciousness, like water from a wounded bucket. Her knees were the first to show signs of weakness but then it quickly transitioned to her entire legs, and arms, and neck, and before she sunk into that fragile point-of-no-return she realized that her mother was masturbating her. Then the woman, who had once fed her by the spoon, and taught her how to tie her tiny shoes, pressed her lips against Julie’s mouth and gave her a kiss.

Julie was close to surrendering to her mother’s touch. Her thighs squeezed together, and her pussy began to throb.

Why fight it? She wondered. Who would know? Who would tell? Is it so awful? It’s not. It’s wonderful. 

Her lips parted as a low moan escaped from her mouth, and it gave her mother a chance to deepen the kiss, her tongue easing between Julie’s lips.

But soon enough, a millisecond in real world time, a switch clicked in Julie’s head. For the first time, it struck her, exactly what was happening.

“What are you doing?” Julie gasped, and pushed her mother’s face away.

Frightened, Debra withdrew the hand away from her daughter’s shorts and clutched it tightly to her chest. The expression on her face was of shame and terror.

They both stared at each other, stunned and speechless. Julie’s eyes were wide and angry, her cheeks a feverish red. Debra watched her, frozen. Her high, rich color was gone. She tried to say she was sorry, she tried to apologize and explain, but Julie waved her off and headed straight to the door.

She clutched the doorknob and held the cold brass for a few seconds, contemplating. She looked back over her shoulder; a cold shadow crossing her face as she spoke.

“I’m going down to the living room,” she said coldly. “Don’t come after me. Don’t any of you come after me. I just… I don’t want to see you.”

“Julie, wait—”

But it was too late. Julie had already stormed out of the room.

Outside, snow flurries were still raging all over Stowe. Main streets were blocked and the forests were heavily powdered. It was very clear that the snow was there to stay.

And that means, for the next twenty four hours, your room is a sanctuary. So you’d better make the most of it.

On to Chapter Three!


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