Hidden in the Snow, Chapter 3

  • Posted on June 20, 2020 at 4:02 pm

by Funtoppings

Only once, Julie recalled, had they experienced a snowstorm as horrible as this one. It was the Christmas family vacation circa ’04. Julie’s dad told her at the time that the two greatest comforts on a stormy night were central heating, and a TV with good reception. Tonight, Julie was enjoying both. Sure, the pictures on the screen were a little grainy and sometimes they faded out to snow and then snapped back even more muddled than before, but it was still watchable — even in Julie’s half-fuddled state.

“This one’s for you, Newmie,” Julie raised her champagne flute and toasted Paul Newman, who had one of his classics playing on the TCM channel.

On top of the coffee table was one of the champagne bottles Krystal had brought; it was nearly empty. Beside it was a wine bottle, taken out of the fridge with the cork-sealing foil still intact, now half drained. After an hour of solid drinking, Julie wasn’t feeling much sorrow anymore. It had been drowned by a sea of bubbles and the rich flavor of ripe Muscat grapes. The heat coming from the fireplace only added to her buzz.

She downed another glass and threw her head back on the couch. A weird drunken smile dawned on her face. Her eyelids were heavy, yet the rest of her body was so light it seemed to float. She didn’t even notice Bailey coming down the stairs.

The young eighteen-year-old wore black spandex shorts and a two-sizes-too-big high school jersey, which would have easily hidden any sign of a chest if it wasn’t for Bailey’s ample figure.

“Jules?” Bailey tentatively approached her cousin.

“Bailey!” Julie threw her hands up, excitement in her voice. “What up, cuz? Come on, sit, pour yourself a glass, don’t be shy now.”

Bailey sat next to her cousin. A line of concern delved between her eyebrows; it looked out of place on her young features.

“Hey, are you okay, Jules? You look kinda wasted.”

“Wasted?” Julie tucked her chin and snickered. “No, no, no, I’m pretty cool. I’m really cool, in fact.”

Bailey stared at her cousin, then glanced at the half-empty bottles on the table. She didn’t think Julie looked terribly sloshed, but it certainly sounded like sje was in good spirits, and Bailey was sure the alcohol had something to do with that. After all, how else could she explain Julie’s apparent eagerness to see her, after all that had happened in the past twenty-four hours?

Earlier in the day, around four o’clock in the afternoon, while Julie was looking for a nice quiet place to catch lunch, and Debra was pacing about and mulling over what had transpired in her sister’s bedroom, Krystal walked into Bailey’s room with one of her midday cravings, ready to be loved.

Bailey was used to it, and most of the times her mother didn’t even have to say explicitly that she wanted sex; it was plainly written in the glimmer of her eyes and wanting smile.

“The Black King?” Baileys had asked her mother, who stood at her doorstep in bra and panties, holding the black strap-on between her fingers.

“The Black King it is,” Krystal agreed with a grin.

“I’ll bring the lube.”

The Black King, otherwise known as the Anal-Only Dildo, was one of Krystal’s favorite toys in the pack. It was a large one, and Krystal never used it on her daughter. She felt Bailey was too young and inexperienced to experiment with anal penetration, especially from a device as big and unyielding as the Black King. She, however, absolutely loved it.

“I got something to tell you, Bai,” Krystal told her daughter as she crashed on the bed and removed her undergarments.”Your aunt Debra stopped by my room this morning. And, boy, did we have quite the talk…”

That was when Krystal told Bailey about Julie spying on them while they had sex, and how she’d gone on to tell her mother about it. Krystal also told her about the sexual encounter she’d shared with Debra.

And later on in the night, minutes after the date had changed on the calendar, Krystal brought to Bailey’s attention the fresh news of all that had just occurred between Julie and her mother. How in a moment of weakness — though Krystal could hardly blame her — Debra had tried to seduce Julie, which, unfortunately, had backfired in a big way. She then politely asked Bailey to spend the night in her room and refrain from going downstairs to talk to Julie, as per Debra’s request.

Bailey had only offered her mother a tight-lipped smile of agreement. Of course, she had no intention of leaving Julie on her own, letting her cousin stew in anger all night. Now they were sitting side by side.

“Hey, you know who else is cool?” Julie asked as she swayed in her seat.

Bailey paused, drew a nervous breath, and said “What? I mean, who?”

For a moment there, Bailey was positive that her cousin wasn’t going to answer her. Worse, she was sure that Julie was going to smack her instead. She wasn’t sure why she felt like that, but there was a slightly uneasy shift in Julie’s demeanor; it was like her sparkling sapphire eyes suddenly turned into ice pebbles.

“Why, Cool Hand Luke, of course!” Julie finally said, and burst into hysterical laughter.

Bailey politely smiled at her cousin like she would to a person going mad before her eyes. “Cool Hand… who?”

“Cool Hand Luke!” Julie pointed at the television. “Paul Newman? C’mon, it’s one of my all-time favorite movies!”

Glancing at the TV screen, Bailey was even more perplexed than before. She wasn’t sure who this Paul Newman fellow was, but she nodded, pretending to understand.

“Oh, you don’t even know good movies, Bai,” Julie waved her off. “All you watch is those ditzy comedy flicks. Unless, of course, you have your head tucked between your mother’s legs, in that case you probably can’t watch squat…”

And there it was — the underlying truth, coming from Julie’s mouth like a screaming bullet. A truth that poked such an enormous hole in the girl that something had to spill out.

Bailey quietly nodded. She’d felt a little timid before, but now that the bullet had been fired at her, she was perfectly fine, because she could live with the truth. And she’d come downstairs for a reason, so there was no holding back, not now.

“That’s right,” she said, “Mom and I have sex. I know you saw us. I’m not ashamed of it.”

“Fine with me,” Julie snorted as she picked up an empty glass. She studied its curves with her eyes. “I don’t care,” she added bleakly.

Bailey inched closer to Julie. “I know I’m just eighteen, and maybe not that experienced… but Christ, Jules, sex with a woman, especially an older woman? It’s… fucking incredible!” Her hand dropped on the bare portion of Julie’s thigh.

The twenty-two-year-old pretended not to notice, still staring vacantly at her empty glass. Inside, her heart was thumping wildly. Sweat had formed on her brow and hands. Even the alcohol buzz she had was slowly drifting away.

“I know what people think — mother and daughter being lovers, how wrong it is and how it’s… I don’t know, totally perverted. But you know what? Screw those people.” Bailey’s chestnut eyes blazed with excitement. “I have sex that is unimaginable to most people. I have friends who have sex; I read about it everywhere and no one… nothing that I’ve heard or read even comes close to what I feel when I have it with Mom. I have sex that is nothing short of a fantasy. I mean… it’s fucking out of this world, Jules!”

“Yeah… I bet,” Julie muttered into her glass.

Bailey leaned closer to her cousin. Her large breasts swayed under the loose shirt and grazed Julie’s arm. The young law student could tell that her cousin wasn’t wearing a bra underneath.

“Don’t you wanna know how it feels?” Bailey murmured, her breath warming Julie’s neck. “Forget what other people might think, forget everything. There’s nobody here but us girls. We are literally snowed in and hidden from society; it’s the perfect time and place for experiments. No one needs to know.”

Julie didn’t reply. She didn’t say anything, just kept staring through her glass. Her cousin’s hand was still on her thigh, only now it was moving back and forth. The sweet fragrance of coconut and honey emanated from the young girl’s long hazel hair and it enveloped Julie like the heat from the fireplace. She suddenly felt very sober and very immobile, as if trapped by Bailey’s words.

“Mom told me that your mom just made a move on you, and you totally blew her off. Now why on earth would you do that? Aunt Deb is so hot, so sexy. I’ll be honest, sometimes I masturbate while fantasizing about your mother. Hell, I fantasize about you, sweet cousin. I dream about us lying naked together, kissing each other — on the lips, and down there. I even dream of maybe fucking you with one of those big rubber toys that Mom brought. And then you could use it on me. Listen, Julie — I may be young, but I’m awesome in bed. No guy can give you an orgasm like I can. I promise you, after me, you’ll be swearing off men for life. Just give me one chance. What do you say, college girl? Feel like getting wild with me?”

Julie said nothing. She didn’t blow her cousin off, though, instead allowing Bailey‘s words to trickle into her consciousness and linger. And she was surprised to find herself honestly weighing the thought of giving in, of letting Bailey have her.

Bailey took the glass from Julie and put it aside on the table. She was no longer just rubbing Julie’s thigh, but massaging it in a very intimate and inviting manner. She’d come down for a reason, and that reason was about to unfold.

She drew closer, and even though Julie knew that a kiss was coming, she made no attempt to recoil — nor could she. Something in her had gone frozen, as if she’d been rendered motionless by a spell. Then Bailey’s lips were pressing against hers.

For the first few seconds, though it seemed much longer, the kiss was passionless and cold. Julie was stiff as a statue, her lips unwilling to cooperate. But then it changed — suddenly, Bailey’s tongue slipped between a cautious pair of lips, claiming Julie’s mouth as her own. Unable to stop herself, Julie inched her own tongue forward, suddenly wanting just a taste of her cousin’s mouth. A few seconds later, their mouths melted together and their wet tongues mingled with the type of passion that is reserved for first-time lovers. And this was Julie’s first time; her first truly romantic kiss with a female.

At that moment, she felt her heart growing larger with each noticeable thud. It felt like being reborn.

What am I doing? Julie thought. This is Bailey, my cousin. Hell, she’s always been more like my little sister! She questioned her sobriety; maybe she was drunker than she thought. But a calm voice in her head told her: You’re not drunk at all. And slowly she began to realize that the kiss felt wonderful, and that Bailey felt good in her mouth, just like she had imagined.

And she had imagined it; there was no point in denying it any longer. She had imagined kissing all of them since last night: Bailey, Krystal, but most of all, her mom. She spent the entire day trying to shake those thoughts, pretending she was appalled by them. But every time, her knees grew a little weaker, her heart pumped a little faster, and even her pussy became wetter.

“Mmmmm…” Bailey unlocked her lips from her cousin’s, and swept her tongue over her moist lower lip. “You taste like sweet wine, my child,” she said, giggling. Then she grabbed the lower hem of her jersey and took off her shirt, revealing that, sure enough, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

The sight would forever be treasured in Julie’s memory. Her cousin’s breasts were magnificent. Julie suspected that they were the kinds of things that men dream about at night. She was certainly no man, but felt aroused by the sight just the same.

“You like?” Bailey asked with a devilish smile, which made her look a little bit like her mother. She leaned forward and arched her back like a cat, those luscious breasts projecting proudly from her small, delicate frame.

The young law student was completely flustered. She wanted to do something to them, but was afraid to make a move.

Bailey read the hesitation on Julie’s face. “It’s okay, you can touch.” She seized Julie by the wrist, guiding the young woman’s hand to the swell of her bosom.

Julie’s excitement magnified at first touch. She marveled at the size of Bailey’s chest as her hands moved around the curvature of the breasts, caressing them with the lightness of a feather. Once again, she found herself amazed at how her cousin’s tiny body could support such a prodigious bust.

“It’s okay, Jules, you can suck them. I know you want to. Don’t think, just do it.” As if her words of encouragement weren’t enough, Bailey placed a hand on the back of Julie’s head, slowly drawing her close.

It only took a gentle graze of the nipple against Julie’s lip to make her suckle on Bailey’s breasts. Her tongue, suddenly feeling very invigorated, twirled around the already stiffening nipple in a clockwise direction. Bailey hummed in approval as Julie nursed like a hungry child drinking from her mother. Then the thought of doing the same thing to her mother crossed her mind; a thought which, an hour ago, would have completely unnerved her.

“God, you’re good at this,” Bailey said, then dipped down to plant a wet one on Julie’s lips. “Now let’s get you outta those clothes, cuz. I’m betting your pussy is, like, on fire right about now.”

Embarrassed, Julie felt her cheeks get warm. Bailey was right; her pussy was dripping by that point.

Bailey stripped Julie of her white camisole, then slipped off her pink shorts, leaving the young woman’s body in only a bright lacy bra and a snow-white pair of panties.

They were nearing the moment of truth and Julie recognized it, still feeling anxious. The air roared in her lungs, her muscles drew taut, anticipation sang in her veins. When Bailey grabbed at the waistband of the panties, Julie clutched both shaking hands around her cousin’s wrists in a final moment of indecision.

“C’mon, Jules, relax. I can see the wet spot in your panties from here. I can also see it in your eyes, how much you want it. Let me do this for you. And for me…”

“What if… what if someone comes downstairs?”

“Not gonna happen. Your mother still thinks you’re upset and she specifically asked me and Mom to stay upstairs tonight and let you be. Honestly.”

“Oh… so what exactly are you doing down here, then?”

Bailey grinned slyly. “You know me. I never listen.”

Julie smiled at that answer, then nodded in agreement. She released her cousin’s wrists, submitting to her forbidden desires.

Bailey swiftly stripped the panties from Julie’s body, unveiling her cousin’s cunt to her voracious gaze. She swallowed hard, her eyes widening at the glorious sight.

“Your pussy…” Bailey whispered, bending to administer a kiss fraught with lust and awe to the rosy flesh, as if it was the most coveted prize in the world. “It’s beautiful!” she said, and burrowed her face between Julie’s ivory thighs.

Julie writhed with pleasure on the couch. Bailey’s tongue swept through the cleft of her pussy, driving her into new realms of bliss. Once the tongue delved further inside, it wandered freely, blushing the narrow walls of Julie’s vagina.

Julie’s legs jerked until they eventually grew useless, just like the rest of her body. The shock of having her most lustful needs taken care of by her own cousin only added fire to the excitement she felt.

Bailey hummed happily as she worked her skilled tongue around inside Julie, who was moaning heartily by that point.

Briefly lifting her face, Bailey exclaimed, “God, Jules, you taste so freaking awesome!”

Julie couldn’t muster enough strength to reply. It was like a dream that is so fantastically amazing that you simply want to scream with joy, but your jaws are locked, your voice muted.

Then Bailey stopped licking her again. “Sorry, cuz,” she said, “but I’m not ready to make you come, not yet.” She crawled on top of Julie, until their faces were nearly touching.

Their young bodies, filmed with sweat, pressed against each other. They shared a look, one that was long and absorbing; Bailey through her large chestnut eyes and Julie through her bright sapphires. They studied each other’s faces as they were suddenly swept by memories of childhood: birthdays, holidays, playing with dolls, doing homework, going to the mall. And somehow it all came down to this moment, the two of them naked and vulnerable in each other’s arms.

Electric energy surged through their bodies as they studied one another. Bailey lowered her head and pressed her lips to Julie’s. This time they shared a much more drawn out and sultry kiss, and they only detached once they became breathless.

“You like the way you taste?” Bailey whispered.

Julie nodded. She had sampled the creamy new texture on Bailey’s tongue, and for the first time in her life was able to give a flavor to sex. She never imagined how sweet and wonderful her fluids tasted. Hopefully,  soon she would be able to taste Bailey as well. Just the thought of it made her mouth water.

Bailey continued kissing Julie — on the lips, on the chin, on her neck, going lower each time. Once she reached Julie’s chest, she kissed the black lace that covered her cousin’s shapely breasts. Then she bit the front clasp of the bra, tugged it with her seething teeth and growled.

“Are you mad?” Julie laughed heartily, a vibrating and infectious sound.

“A little bit,” Bailey smiled mischievously. She then unhooked the bra in a more reserved manner.

There was as much excitement in Bailey staring at her cousin’s bare breasts as there had been in Julie looking at hers. She’d always found Julie to have a perfectly sculpted body, and being able to see it unveiled for the first time in years was a gift she treasured.

Julie moaned with delight as her nipples hardened, changing to a much darker hue from the touch of her cousin’s warm mouth. It was a brand new territory of pleasure, one that she had never experienced. She hugged her cousin closely, realizing that she’d accepted this whole new reality of sex with a family member much more quickly than she would ever have imagined.

Bailey fondled Julie’s ivory cheek; there was love in her touch. “I want to taste your pussy again. Is it okay? Can I do it?”

Julie kissed her cousin’s loving hand. “Only if you’ll allow me to do the same for you.”

“Mmmm… I think we can arrange that,” Bailey said, still grinning that devious smile of hers. She stepped off the couch and rapidly removed her shorts and panties. Her pussy was smoothly shaven; the pink nether lips glistening even in the half-darkness of the dimly lit room.

Julie stared at her cousin’s nude figure, her eyes blazing, head reeling.  “I never…” She paused, struggling to finish her sentence.

“You never what?”

“I… I never imagined how… turned on I can get from seeing… you know, your p-pussy,” stuttered on the last word, which hadn’t been part of her regular vernacular before. Of course this wasn’t the same Julie as before. This was the new Julie.

Bailey ran a hand between her legs. “I know what you mean, sweet cousin. I still get turned on every time I see my mother’s pussy… and I feel the same way, looking at yours. ”

My mother’s pussy, Julie thought, as a sudden image of her mother popped inside her head. Her mother. Naked. The picture in her head was vividly sexy and exquisitely detailed. She could trace every curve and contour of the woman’s forty-eight-year-old body. Spot any fold or wrinkle on the skin. She could see Mom’s nipples, standing out prominently on her ripe breasts, begging to be licked and kissed. Her smoothly tanned tummy, gracefully pouched out a little at the waist. Below was her glorious mound, covered by a wealth of fine golden curls, each wisp of hair drenched with a powerful aroma of sex. Her rosy cunt lips peeking out from the golden patch, swollen and wet, ready to be caressed by Julie’s tongue. And as crazy, even downright perverted, it may have seemed in the past, she now saw herself going down on her own mother.

My God… I want her, Julie told herself. I really do.

“Make a little room for me,” Bailey’s voice echoed above Julie. She climbed on top of her cousin, arranging herself until each girl’s head was parallel with the other’s pussy.

Julie, momentarily lost in her fantasy world, snapped back into reality — as much as you can call this lustful new venture a reality. She peeked up and looked directly into her cousin’s pink ravine, its clit swollen and ready at the apex.

Her brain was reeling; so many things were happening so quickly. Her desires and wants swiftly transitioned into action, and she closed her eyes, parting her lips.

Then they began to lick each other.

Julie grabbed her cousin’s ass, squeezing each tight cheek between her fingers, trying to still the squirming pelvis above her face. The sweet scent of teen lust seemed to descend from the dampness and filter straight into her lungs. Before she could take it all in, she felt Bailey’s magical tongue once again sweeping over her pussy, then lips closing over her bulging clit.

The quivers started in her knees but quickly transitioned to her thighs and waist and torso. Her nipples ached with pleasure. She felt the orgasm building up inside like a whirlwind; that well-known feeling of impending release, only magnified into something much greater and much more overwhelming. The heat of sexual rapture conquered every fiber of her body.

In her moment of pleasure and self indulgence, the old Julie was able to shriek one final thought: It’s your cousin, Julie. Your cousin! It’s depraved. It’s wrong. It’s incest! But that cry was drowned by the growing voices of her lust. It was overpowered by the newer, bolder Julie, the Julie who only wanted to satisfy her own voracious appetite.

“Oh!” Bailey jerked as her own pussy was ravished by her cousin’s virgin mouth.

Julie vibrated with excitement as her tongue delved further into uncharted waters. The feeling was so powerful that she could only mourn the fact that she hadn’t been exposed to her mother’s lifestyle before, yet rejoice over the fact that it had finally caught up with her.

“Oh, fuck, Mommy! Fuck yes!” Bailey moaned excitedly as Julie’s mouth attacked her pussy. She wasn’t even aware that she’d cried out for her mother. It was a force of habit. But no one noticed and no one cared.

The long couch at the heart of the living room creaked as memories of sex were embedded within its frame. The fireplace hissed and crackled with aged oak, its glow shining beautifully over the two wet bodies.

“Ohhmmm… yeah… right there, baby! Right there!” Bailey frantically cried.

“Oh yes, yes… oh, fuck me…” Julie moaned as her clit throbbed in Bailey’s mouth.

Their orgasms came crashing down like a tidal wave, claiming both girls simultaneously. She shook and moaned, and finally lay still.

Julie smiled, knowing that she had truly found peace. She had made a choice — much like her mother and aunt had years ago — to walk a path. And it was a damn good path.

Bailey rolled off of Julie, trying to stand, but instead dropping onto the carpeted floor. Her lips glistened with her cousin’s juices. Her breathing grew shallow as her ecstasy slowly ebbed away.

Her body feeling like it had been poked with a thousand warm needles Julie peered down from the couch and saw her cousin collapsed on the floor, that devilish smile still on her lips. She wanted to say something, but her physical resources were exhausted. So she just laid there, gently stroking her pussy, drifting along the waves of her subsiding climax.

“Listen, Jules,” Bailey said in a low and husky voice. “How about me and you go upstairs and get ourselves more comfy? Let’s go up to my room, snuggle up in that big bed.”

Julie rolled on her side and tilted her head down. Her face hovered over Bailey’s.

“I would love to, sweetheart, but… I think I need to make a different visit first.”


Julie cocked her eyebrow at Bailey and tilted her head towards the upstairs landing.

Now Bailey got it. “Oh! You mean… your mother.”

Julie, her face pillowed over her folded arm, stared down at her nude cousin. “Seriously, how fucked up is that?”

“It’s not,” Bailey answered. “I told you; don’t get caught up in what other people think. Get caught up in what you think. And right now you’re thinking: Man, there’s a woman upstairs and I wanna get naked with her, and kiss her and taste her. You wanna fuck her! And y’know what; she’s upstairs thinking the exact same about you. And at the end of the day, you two and Mom and me will be the only ones to know about it. The only ones that really matter.”

Such simple truths she speaks, Julie thought. Simple and easy. Maybe it was time to look at the world, not through the eyes of a soon-to-be-lawyer, but through the eyes of someone who saw what she wanted and went for it. Bailey was a creature of impulse, with a heart that outweighed her brain. Maybe it was time to take a page from her book.

“You’re right.” Julie said, suddenly sitting up. Her mind was lucid, her decision had been made.

“Of course I am,” Bailey murmured with a smile.

Julie rose from the couch. Her legs felt wobbly, like the night before, when she caught her cousin and her aunt having sex. Now that memory felt like it happened to an older version of her, in a different universe.

She walked towards the stairwell, giving Bailey a good look atf her nude figure walking away. Her long sleek legs moved seductively across the hardwood. The dim light reflected beautifully off her taut skin. The well defined muscles on her peachy ass flexed and relaxed with each step she took.

“Hey, Jules.”

Her hand on the staircase’s steel handrail, Julie glanced over her shoulder. She saw Bailey’s bad-girl smile, peeking at her from behind the long couch.

“I dunno if you’re up for it, but in case you are — go to my bedroom and look under the covers before you pay your mom a visit.”

Julie’s lips parted; she was about to ask a question, but changed her mind. She glanced down at her body, realizing she was still nude. She realized the absurdity of sauntering around naked in the very house she had vacationed in ever since she was a child. Now she was about to walk into her mother’s room and do something that would very likely shatter any memory she had in this place to tiny bits and pieces. But she had already made peace with it. And as for the rest of society, as Bailey had put it so eloquently: screw those people. Screw them. And without even noticing, she was already standing at the top of the stairs.

The last time Julie saw her mother was in her bedroom, lying on the bed, wearing a very revealing crimson nightgown. Since then, more than an hour had passed. So much has happened in those sixty minutes, Julie thought.

She peeked inside her room and found it dark and empty. Her mother had clearly gone back to her own room. It’s long after midnight, Julie thought. She might have already gone to sleep. But somehow, she suspected otherwise. Somehow she knew her mother was awake.

Julie went into Bailey’s room first. She looked around, instantly noticing how the door to the adjoining shower-room was wide open. Sitting naked on Bailey’s bed, she could see the small window above the shower-room mirror that had started all of this. What she saw from that window still danced lucidly in her head: mother and daughter, playing into each other’s fantasies and dirty secrets. She remembered how watching them at first was like staring at two outsiders invading her own delicate reality. But very quickly, she’d begun to feel like the outsider who was looking in. And she remembered jealousy burning in her heart. Of course, she couldn’t forget that increasing feeling of arousal.

Maybe it was wrong to feel that way — or so least that voice in her head had insisted — but she had to be truthful with herself. And the truth was that watching Krystal and Bailey had gotten her hot, and she’d been thrilled when Mom had touched her. It was time to share her excitement with the others. What she had just done with Bailey was amazing; now she was ready for the next step — the ultimate step.

Look under the covers, Bailey had told her. She lifted the heavy blanket from the bed. Now what have you got under here, Bai? 

It didn’t take her long to notice. She drew closer to it, fixed on it with wide open eyes, felt her heart thumping. She looked at it; the first one she had ever seen in person. Its figure was harsh and unyielding. It looked like a medieval torture device, but she knew that it was anything but. In fact, just by studying its crude and purposeful shape, it breathed new and thrilling sensations into Julie’s pussy; a warm twinge between her legs like a deep, hollow void seeking fulfillment.

Julie picked up the impressively sized strap-on with both hands. She recognized the black leather harness, then glanced again at the small window in the shower-room. It was the same sex toy she’d seen Krystal using on Bailey. For no reason she could understand, Julie drew the rubber cock close to her nose and took a hearty whiff from it. There was a smell that she recognized, and liked.

She stood with the rubbery phallus in her hands, then positioned the toy over her pubic bone as if she was a man holding an erection. She licked her lips and slowly began to thrust her pelvis back and forth in a fucking motion.

I wonder if Mom would let me use this on her. She swept her tongue over her lips again. I wonder if she would use it on me. Her knees swayed forward, burying the cock in an imaginary cunt. Can I even take this thing inside me? It’s so damn… big! Then she began to imagine a voice, whispering in her ear. The sound came from her head, but it sounded a lot like her mother. Oh yes, you like that? I know you do. Then there was a climax and even Julie, who was only playing a pretending game, shuddered with excitement.

Julie knew then that she was completely committed to what she was about to do. And she had no doubt that it would be incredible.

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  1. Jay Denton says:

    I really enjoyed this chapter, even tho it did kinda suspend belief. How Julie went from hating the thought of both lesbian sex and more particularly incest, to fucking her cousin and planning on fucking her mum was hard to believe, even with the alcoholic influence. Hey ho, I still enjoyed it. 5 💕

    • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

      Hey Jay Denton!
      I think Julie was influenced and open to it all along, and kept denying it, hence, the abrupt reaction to her Mum,Debra and the following effort to suppress her feelings with some heavy drinking and also these few sentences are kinda revealing

      “…And slowly she began to realize that the kiss felt wonderful, and that Bailey felt good in her mouth,just like she had imagined.”

      “And she HAD imagined it; there was no point in denying it any longer. She had imagined kissing all of them since last night: Bailey, Krystal, but most of all, her mom. She spent the entire day trying to shake those thoughts, pretending she was appalled by them. but every time, her knees grew a little weaker, her heart pumped a little faster, and even her pussy became wetter.”

      I think she was coming to grips with her inner self, albeit with some not so subtle efforts on the part of her impish cousin!

      All in all this is an AWESOME chapter! the ensuing sex between the aggressively horny Bailey and Julie was so hot!

      Funtoppings really has her finger on the puss, er, pulse of this exciting family of sexy females, and here’s hoping the next chapter will be just as great as this!


    • JetBoy says:

      Very often, when someone rails and rages against some form of sex (or sex in general) in a big way, it’s because they’re grappling with similar feelings themselves and can’t handle it. See: Ted Haggard, or Jimmy Swaggart.

      • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

        Hey JetBoy!
        I agree with you. those two guys are two good examples of two face-ism, pr big time “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” propaganda…and we should all say “Amen!” that they no longer hold that much sway anymore.
        Just my opinion, on a lazy, hot Sunday…


  2. Morris says:

    the story would also be interesting if it were not for every two by three the names of the characters change. first he is a person then he is another .. in the end he is confused in following his story. should be taken up and corrected.

  3. kim says:

    As we sit here on the first full day of summer, hot and muggy,a true delight to read about being stuck all cozy in a snowstorm. I agree that Julie liked the idea all along, but couldn’t get past the stigma of it.

    Great job, Funtoppings. We thought it pretty realistic, and even if sex toys aren’t really our thing, we appreciate the fine writing and well done loving story. Looking forward to the next chapter.

    our only criticism is one tiny typo here

    She didn’t think Julie looked terribly sloshed, but it certainly sounded like sje was in good spirits, and Bailey was sure the alcohol had something to do with that

    sounded like sje was Sure we know it’s ‘she’ and sorry to knit pick.

    If I were straight and could go back in time, I’d be happy to do Paul Newman.

    Looking forward to the next chapter, but will be sorry to see it end.

    Kim & Sue

    • Euphorsyne,Thalia & Aglaia says:

      Hey Kim!, Hey Sue!

      yep, it’s Summer alright, a bit too muggy for my liking, but just comfortable enough to walk around “in the all-together” in the house, or outdoors if one were so inclined.
      I am guilty of the same kind of typo in my comment to JetBoy, where I typed ‘pr’ instead of ‘or’, the keys on the keyboard must be a bit sticky from the humidity( at least that’s a better excuse than some extraneous fluid spilt on same 🙂 …)

      And I loved what you commented about Paul Newman! If I were gay, I would be crushing on him big time!…
      Cool Hand Luke: “I can eat 50 eggs!”
      Fixer: “No man can eat 50 eggs!”
      Dragline: if my boy says he can 50 eggs, HE CAN eat 50 eggs!”

      And that great little ditty he sang after hearing about his mom passing was just so cool!

      Have a great evening Kim & Sue…keep the iced tea & lemonade handy!


      • kim says:

        Hi, yes walking around naked, is a nice summer pleasure. We could do with out the muggy too, but that’s just part of summer fun, finding nice ways to cool off.

        Speaking of cool, Paul was so cool in all his films, The Hustler, Hombre, Hud,Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and all the others, and cool in real life too with all his charities.

        Two quotes from him, The embarrassing thing is that my salad dressing is out-grossing my films.

        I’m a supporter of gay rights. And not a closet supporter, either. From the time I was a kid, I have never been able to understand attacks upon the gay community. There are so many qualities that make up a human being… by the time I get through with all the things that I really admire about people, what they do with their private parts is probably so low on the list that it is irrelevant.

        (sigh) and those eyes.

        Kim & Sue

        • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

          Hey Kim, Hey Sue!

          Just a quickie[reply]

          Loved those movies you referenced, they’re some of my favs, and I’d like to add one more of his movie: Road to Perdition (2002), where he co-starred with Tom Hanks, really great flick.

          Also, loved the two quotes you cited, they both are awesome!

          Paul Newman, the man, the actor, the human rights activist, the entrepreneur, the racing enthusiast, married to the wonderful Joanne Woodward whom he met on the set of the film: “The Long, Hot Summer” will forever be missed by millions…including us all.


  4. David says:

    I loved how Bailey came onto Julie, knowing she couldn’t resist her if she approached her slowly. What an erotic seen I pictured and she fondled her thigh and kissed her neck. I agree with the others that Julie had thought about lesbian sex before but society’s view made her think it was bad. Now her eyes are open to the pleasures and willing to go farther. Can’t wait to read about her and her mom and possibly all 4 of them in bed together in the end. Great job Funtoppings !

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