Hidden in the Snow, Chapter 4

  • Posted on July 8, 2020 at 2:28 pm

by Funtoppings

Maybe for the first time since she was a little girl, Julie stood naked in front of her mother. Of course, she no longer possessed the body of a child.

She moved towards Debra, who was lying on the bed, reading a novel. The older woman looked up, her eyes widening in shock, the book slipping from her hands to land on the floor with a thud. In the dimly lit room, Julie’s mother appeared to be ten years younger than her actual age.

Debra gaped at her nude daughter as she drew closer. Julie was moving in dreamy slow-paced strides, like a model on a runway. Debra marveled at the young woman’s taut belly, the generous swell of her breasts, the strong slender legs… and between those legs, the neatly-trimmed triangle of her daughter’s pubes. And there was something else, something she spotted in Julie’s hands: a strap-on cock.

Now she saw it all, clear as day. Her daughter, her pride and joy, who was such a level-headed kid, and who had fled the room just an hour ago after Debra had made an ill-advised move on her, was moving naked in her direction, bearing a sex toy.

“Jules?” Debra whispered.

Julie slowly sat sideways on the bed, facing her mother. When their eyes met, it felt as if the rest of the world was moving at a different, much slower pace.

Reaching out, Julie stroked her mother’s cheek. Her touch was light and loving. “I’m sorry I stormed off on you earlier,” she said.

Debra took a deep breath.”No, it’s okay.” Once more, she drank in the sight of her daughter’s body. She might have pinched herself to make sure all of this was real, but Julie’s hand on her cheek provided a warmth that was unmistakably genuine. “But J-Julie, what are you… are you sure about this? l mean, what happened?”

“Bailey happened,” Julie said, smiling.


“Yes. I gather that you told her – or Aunt Krystal – about what happened between you and me earlier.”

“I did,” Debra said, still feeling very shameful. “I told Krystal; told her to leave you alone.” Her eyes flickered between Julie’s face and the strap-on in her daughter’s hand.

“And Krystal told Bailey the same thing. But it so happens,” Julie continued, raising her feet up on the bed, now completely facing her mother, “that Bailey doesn’t like to do a lot of listening. So she came down to the living room where I was, and then…” She playfully arched an eyebrow.

“And then?”

“Bailey and I — well, she helped me realize something.”


Julie replied by moving in, pressing her lips to her mother’s. It was a brief kiss, but one that spoke volumes.

They stared into each other’s eyes as the kiss still burned on their lips, knowing that their next step would change things between them forever. But the temptation, so great and powerful, proved too much to resist.

They kissed again. Later, Debra would wonder if she’d ever shared such a heart-turning, passionate kiss with her late husband as she had with Julie on that night. She knew that she never had. Julie wrapped both arms around her mother’s waist; the strap-on fell from her grasp, momentarily forgotten.

Finally, they separated, each taking a deep breath. Faded moonlight fell across their faces, spilling through the frigid window to create shadows that resembled broken glass. The silence in the room screamed to be broken, but neither could find words to break it with.

Debra’s eyes wandered over her daughter’s bare body. It was every but as lovely as she’d envisioned in her dreams (and fantasies) for so very long. The young nipples stood pink and proud, begging to be kissed.

“You look gorgeous,” Debra said in a small voice.

Julie replied by slowly guiding her mother’s body downward, until they were lying side by side, gazing at one another. Debra wore a smile of genuine joy.

Without breaking their eye contact, Julie seized her mother’s right hand and placed it on the growing heat between her legs.

“Now, where were we? I believe you were like this and… ohhhh…” A moan escaped her lips as Debra immediately began to caress her. “Oh, yes. And you were doing that…” Julie’s eyes closed, a bright smile appearing on her face.

Debra fondled her daughter’s pussy with the same intensity she used on herself when she’d masturbated to Julie’s model snapshots. She felt the young woman’s clit blossom under the ball of her middle finger. It felt like stroking a wet pearl.

“Oh, God!” Julie cried and buried her face in the pillow. Waves of pleasure rippled through her body as she came.

Debra rubbed her daughter’s slit until it was positively flowing with nectar. Julie moaned, lost in a frenzy as pleasure surged through her, contorting on the bed until her body was curled into a fetus position.

Drawing her hand back, Debra watched her pride and joy recover from the relentless orgasm she’d just given her. She licked her fingers, tasting her daughter for the first time; it was a flavor like no other.

Debra slid off the straps of her nightgown, letting it fall around her waist. She quickly wriggled out of the crimson garment. Sitting on her knees, with only a black-colored, sexy lace bra and a matching lace-waist pair of hip-huggers, she faced her young daughter who was looking up at her with big wonderful eyes. Debra thought at that moment that Julie’s face looked so innocent and young – like that of a child. She recalled seeing the same expression on her daughter’s face on the day she taught her how to tie her own shoes. The bunny goes over the hill, down the slope, and through the hole… 

Julie caressed her mother’s knee, hand still shaking from her orgasm.

“I always thought you were beautiful, Mom. I just wanted you to know that.”

Debra put a hand over her beating heart. “Telling you how beautiful you are… that’s hardly ground-breaking news.” She lightly shook her head and smiled. “People always complimented me on your beauty. But what I want you to know is what a wonderful person you are, and how proud you’ve always made me.”

Debra unclasped her bra and it fell by her knees, like a feather in a dream.

Julie placed both hands on her mother’s breasts. “May I?” she asked; her face was timid and precious as she spoke the words.

“Of course. Of course, you can, love.”

Debra drew closer to her daughter until she eventually mounted her; her open thighs tightly wrapped around Julie’s waist like a belt. Their crotches pushed against each other in perfect alignment. She leaned forward until one of her nipples was quickly stolen by Julie’s mouth. She wrapped a hand around her daughter’s head and allowed her to feed; just as when she had fed and nursed her as a child. And Julie was indeed nursing; she sucked hard at the nipple like a starving child.

Debra sighed with pleasure as the nipple grew rigid in the warmth of Julie’s mouth. Infused with pleasure, she leaned forward and kissed the top of her daughter’s head, breathing in the fragrance from her hair.

“Your nipples,” Julie beckoned and reviewed her work. “They grow hard and big, just like mine.”

“Your mother has very sensitive nipples. And by the looks of it, my daughter does too,” Debra said, and leaned forward, this time seeking a kiss.

Julie’s arms jerked to the sides as her tongue became once more a prisoner in her mother’s mouth. The right hand landed by the nightstand, almost knocking off her mother’s pair of reading glasses. Her left hand fumbled on the mattress until it gripped something long and hard. It was the strap-on.

“Mom…” Julie breathed, displaying the sex toy. “Can I use this on you? I mean… is it something you think you’ll like?” She put the strap-on between her breasts. The cock’s head suggestively pointed at her chin.

Debra looked at the toy, then looked at Julie. Her daughter’s eyes were big and innocent and young, very young. Then she looked again at the latex cock, and all that she could think of was: The bunny goes over the hill, down the slope, and through the hole. And that made her giggle.

A smile broke on Julie’s face as well. “What?” she puzzled.

“Oh, nothing, dear. You can use it on me, yes. I’d love it.”

Debra rolled off her daughter’s body and helped her with fastening the dildo harness. It was fairly easy; all she had to do was tuck on both sides of the leather strap, and it tightened around Julie’s waist. Unlike her daughter, this wasn’t the first time had Debra handled a strap-on, but it had been a very long while.

“Where’d you get this?” Debra asked while making final adjustments with the harness.

“From Bailey’s room.”

“Oh, I see… Krystal brought her bag of tricks.”

Julie laughed.”Yes, bag of tricks. That’s what I was thinking.”

Once the strap-on was securely fixed, Debra crawled back and sank down on the bed. She quickly got rid of her panties; a pair of hip-huggers she’d bought a week ago at a Victoria’s Secret store on her way back from the hair-salon. Back then, she frowned at the steep price when she saw it. Now, those panties were thrown to the other side of the room like some cheap rag.

Julie’s eyes devoured the glorious sight before her. She eagerly stroked the cock with her hand, as if she expected it to become alive under her fingers.

“Would you mind if…”


“Would you mind if I kissed you down there first?” Julie said shyly as she placed her left palm on top of her mother’s soft pubes.

Debra shivered at the touch. “I insist that you do,” she replied with a loving smile.

At that point, Julie slowly lowered her face until it reached a most peculiar position, one that few people get to experience twice in a lifetime. She was facing her mother’s open thighs, looking at the very opening through which she’d emerged into the world.

Her mind buzzed with thoughts and impressions. She was sound enough to realize that the sin she was about to commit was nothing short of madness, but she wanted it more than anything. Just the sight of her mother’s pussy open and wet, waiting to accept her mouth, caused a rising heat to sizzle in her own nether regions.

Julie inched closer. Mom’s cunt seemed to pulsate like a heart at the nearing shadow of her face. Soft curls of golden hair decorated the older woman’s sex. Now Julie was close enough to be captured by the rich aroma that wafted towards her face. Pressing forward, she rewarded Debra with a big wet kiss between her legs, the kind that was almost too embarrassing for a girl to give her mother on the cheek.

Debra’s legs wriggled and her pelvis shifted as the young woman’s mouth pressed into the warm, wet flesh.  Julie wrapped both hands firmly around her mother’s quivering thighs, trying to hold the woman steady. Of course, she knew that these movements equaled pleasure — and whatever she was doing to her mother, she was doing it right.

“Oh, God, baby…”

Julie trailed her tongue along the opening if her mother’s engorged sex. Her lips disappeared inside the open flaps of the labia, where juices percolated, sweet and steamy, flowing like medicine into her mouth.

Her mother responded with incoherent cries of joy and unrestrained shudders. These only intensified once Julie took the woman’s clit between her lips; flicking it with her tongue, she felt it swell to the size of a small pebble.

Debra trembled, lost in pleasure, fondling her naked body with both hands. She clutched the swell of her breasts, scissoring the nipples between her fingers.

“Oh yesss… just like that, my baby girl… lick my pussy,” Debra pleaded.

With a tongue rolling inside the dewy cleft of her mother, Julie felt the heat build between her own legs again.

“Okay, Julie. Okay, baby,” Debra whimpered with a voice that sounded new in Julie’s ears. “Now you can go into me… oh, God yes… fuck your mother!”

Julie sat up, buttocks resting on her heels, purring with delight as she licked the honey from her lips. At her crotch, the rubbery cock seemed both unyielding and cunning; its bulbous head pointed at her mother’s moist opening.

Debra lay prone on the mattress; her sunny hair plastered to her cheeks. Hot sweat covered every portion of her body and made her skin glisten in the muted light.

Clutching the cock in one hand, Julie slowly pushed several inches into the tight depths of her mother.

“Oh, yes. Ease it in to me, babe… there you go…” Again, Julie heard the voice of a woman who sounded very different from the mother she knew. It sounded more like the voice of a sex-starved lover. Her lover.

Debra whimpered as the cock slipped deeper into her vagina. An intense heat rapidly coursed through her veins and into the rest of her body; reaching hot and tingly all the way to the fingers and toes.

Julie’s cerulean eyes widened as she watched the cock disappear inside her mother; the dildo entered with exceptional ease, thanks to Debra’s wetness. As she thrust forward, a rhyme about a bunny hopped into her head. In her state of delirium all she could remember was: down the slope, and through the hole.

Debra’s heart raced at the sight of Julie penetrating her, the swollen labia parting as the shaft pushed deeper still. “Oh, yes, baby. Oh, yes, keep going.” Her eyes rolled in ecstasy, her body trembling from head to toe.

Julie rocked her pelvis, grabbing on to her mother’s thighs for leverage for that first stroke — and then, just as she’d visualized earlier in Bailey’s room; she was fucking her mother.

At first, her rhythm was slow; working the cock inside until it got swallowed and gone. Then she moved backwards and the dildo slid out, gleaming with a fresh coat of cream. After a few slow in-and-outs, her pace grew quicker and more rapid; as if thrusting in time with the drumming of her mother’s heart.

Debra cried out loud, giving full voice to her desire. Julie was fucking her with every little bit of youthful vigor she had. Her vagina seemed to feel every ridge and contour of the rubber shaft. The walls of her pussy canal were tightening, the muscles contracting. She bit her bottom lip hard as the cock head pressed against her g-spot, like a finger relentlessly tapping on a button.

“You’re about to come, Mommy?” Julie panted. Just like with her mother, she heard some unfamiliar new quality in her voice; she sounded lewd, even smutty. She said once more: “You gonna come, Mommy? You gonna come all over my cock?” Her pelvis bounced faster and harder.

Debra screamed as the thick rod drilled hard into her secrets. Raising her face, she caught a blurry glimpse of Julie, the young woman’s breasts heaving as her body continued to pump, driving that lovely cock in and out, in and out. The daughter she had once known had morphed into the sexual mistress that Debra had secretly longed for her to be.

When Julie raised her eyes to meet hers, it was all that Debra needed to drive her over the edge. Taking a deep breath, she felt a tidal wave wash over her body, and surrendered to it.

Knowing that her mother was coming, Julie kept fucking her, hard and deep as she could, until she sensed that the woman could take no more. Exhausted, Julie collapsed on top of her mother; the dildo buried up to the hilt inside the tight warmth of the older woman. Underneath, Debra was shivering through the aftershocks of her unremitting.

The young law student lay motionless, head pillowed on her mother’s breasts. She stared through the far window at the cold sliver of the moon as Debra slowly wrapped two still trembling arms around her. Julie hugged her mother back, and they fell into a relaxed embrace.

“Mom?” Julie finally spoke, her voice small.

Debra kissed the top of her lover’s head. “Yes, honey,” she breathed back. Her voice sounded far away; almost unreachable. She was still floating on the cloud of her orgasm.

“Will you do this for me? You know… fuck me like I did you?”

There was a moment of silence before Debra replied. “Honey, I don’t know. I’m afraid it’s too big for you. I don’t feel right about it. Not now at least.”

Julie pulled back a little from the comfort of Debra’s body and caught her mother’s gaze. “It’s not too big for Bailey,” she said, pouting a bit.

Debra smiled. Taking the young woman in her arms, she guided Julie back to the softness of her breasts.

“Believe me, sweetie, I’m going to do some amazing things to you.” She once again kissed the warmth of Julie’s head. “Just let me hold you like this for a little while so I can get my breath back. Then, I promise, I’m going to take good care of my little girl.”

Julie relaxed, a gentle smile appearing on her face. She snuggled deeper into her mother’s warmth, planting a soft kiss on the cleft between the older woman’s breasts. The leather harness was still fastened around her waist, and the rubber cock attached to it was still nestled inside her mother’s pussy.

For the first time in a long while, mother and daughter basked in perfect peace.


“Do you have any idea how many nights I’ve spent, dreaming of this moment?” Debra murmured, then planted a soft kiss on Julie’s tender labia.

Julie instantly gasped at the touch. “Really? You have?” She breathed in response.

“Yes. I hope it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. I mean… I’ve been having these thoughts about you for a while now.”

“No, it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. It makes me feel special.” Julie gave her mother’s hand a squeeze. “I should have never stormed out on you like I did. It was so mean of me.”

“You weren’t mean, honey. I was the one who was out of line. You have no idea how I cursed myself after you left the room. But looking at where it got us now…” Debra’s gaze dropped to her daughter’s pussy. “I’m glad I did what I did.”

“Me too,” Julie said. “Now start taking care of me like you promised!”

Drawing nearer, Debra buried her lips in Julie’s pubes, kissing her daughter’s sex for the first time. But not the last, she thought with a smile. She began to suck at the moist opening, nurturing herself on the essence of youth. The flow of warm juices was like a fantasy in her mouth.

Julie moaned without shame at her mother’s touch. Her cries rose into the ceiling and filled the room in a symphony of lust. She sensed herself becoming weaker and her sex growing wetter with each stroke of the woman’s tongue.

Debra pulled away from Julie’s warm cunt. “You taste delicious, sweetheart.” Her chin and lips gleamed with her daughter’s juices as she spoke.

Julie, the heat building up inside her like a shuddering volcano, barely acknowledged her mother’s flattery. Instead, she wriggled her pelvis towards her mother’s face, motioning for her to continue.

Debra used two fingers to expose Julie’s engorged clitoris. She gave the pink button one gentle flick with the tip of her tongue, then blew a warm puff of air over it, as if trying to ignite a small flame.

Julie melted into the mattress. She tried to reach for her clit – it was almost torture for it to remain untouched at that point – but Debra gently pushed her hands away.

“It’s my time,” she said. “Remember?”

“Y-yes, Mom,” Julie panted. Her consciousness was as fragile as the feeling in her knees. Strands of her long raven hair were plastered to her cheeks and across her eyes, nose and lips. Her entire body was filmed with sweat.

Debra inched closer to her daughter’s delicious cunt and captured the clit between her lips. She sucked hard on the inflamed nub, her nose resting against Julie’s pubic bone, her left hand traveling north on Julie’s body until she caught a nipple between thumb and index finger, twisting it into firmness.

Julie’s head tossed on the pillow, her clenched fists beating on the mattress, the back of her heels scraping against the bottom of the bed. She was losing herself in ecstasy; allowing unrestrained madness to wash over her, even if just for a short period of time.

Suddenly Debra pushed her index finger into her daughter’s tight opening. It caught Julie by surprise, and her muscles instantly tensed as if by reflex. Thankfully, she was well lubricated, and her mother’s finger easily slid all the way into the narrow passage of her vagina.

“God!” Julie cried, as there was a definite feeling of experiencing something divine. She felt the pressure of sweet release thunder inside her body, hot blood pumping through her veins. She could smell and taste her own orgasm, which was a few ticking seconds from exploding inside her.

Her mother’s fingers – yes, now there were two of them inside her – were moving at a faster, more aggressive pace. They stretched the walls of the vagina, delved inside as deep as they could possibly go, triggering all the right buttons in the process.

Julie’s moans mounted and increased until they reached an almost maniacal volume, undoubtedly heard all throughout the lodge. And as her mother was dining on her clit and fucking her into sweet oblivion, Julie felt the uplifting sensation of orgasm envelope every inch of her body. Time stood still in the room like the air in her lungs. Her head lifted from the pillow. Her hands clenched into white-knuckled fists.

She let out a guttural cry, howling her mother’s name as her cunt clenched like a hot fist, riding the most intense climax of her young life — then went limp as a discarded marionette, collapsing into the sodden sheets.

Alarmed, Debra drew back, as if she was trying to avoid being caught in the mouth of a fire. In front of her, Julie trembled in ecstasy’s aftermath.


No answer, just quivers.

The winter coldness, which had slipped out of the room sometime during the women’s first kiss, crept back inside just for a mere second and feathered it with its nightly chill. And then it was gone. Outside, the moon, looking like a half-eaten silver pie, shone over the mountains of Vermont with its familiar serenity and charm.

Inside the room, on a queen size bed that was crawling with passion, a woman’s hand caressed a silken young thigh.

“Julie? Sweetheart?”

“Yeah, Mom,” Julie finally said in a fragile, exhausted voice.

“I — that was… wow. It was intense.”

Julie drew in a long, deep breath. Her heart was slowly returning to its normal pace. She blinked twice, as if awakening from an elongated dream, gradually returning to a semblance of reality. “It was, yeah,” she replied. A minute later, she wouldn’t even remember speaking.

Debra moved to spoon her daughter from behind, wrapping warm, loving hands around the girl’s slender waist. Their burning bodies pressed snugly together.

The feeling of comfort and peace was so all-encompassing that mother and daughter soon found themselves slowly drifting into slumber. Debra was very close to surrendering to it when she heard Julie speak.


“Yes, love.”

“I hope this isn’t the last time I get to sleep next to you.”

Debra gave her daughter a gentle squeeze. “As long as I’m your mother, you can sleep next to me anytime.”

With that, the two lovers succumbed to the night.


Downstairs, Bailey had fallen asleep naked on the couch. The television was still showing a stream of old films when Krystal finally turned it off.

She knew that Bailey had gone on a mission of seduction earlier that night. Bailey didn’t come out and say it specifically, but once she found out that her cousin Julie had spied on them while they were having sex and their secret was out, there was a mischievous glint in her eyes that Krystal instantly recognized.

Krystal now knew that Bailey’s mission had been a successful one. Not only was her daughter completely nude and sleeping blissfully, but there were unmistakable sounds coming from her older sister’s room.

Wandering upstairs, Krystal picked up Bailey’s blanket, then came back down to cover her naked child. She planted a soft kiss on the top of the sleeping girl’s head.

Somehow, this kid hit a home run tonight, Krystal thought.

Krystal, who had never felt more aroused, ached for Bailey to be awake at that moment. Her entire body was hankering for sex. But not wanting to disturb her daughter, she chose to let the girl sleep.

Tomorrow, though, was a brave new day. And Krystal joyfully went upstairs – it felt more like floating, actually – and crawled into bed with a huge smile on her face. She’d come to vacation with one special lover… now she was about to conclude it by adding two more.

That thought alone was almost enough to make her come.

On to Part Five!


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  1. sue says:

    I don’t know why but we thought this was the last chapter, but are thrilled there is another on the way.

    We are hoping for a 4 some in chapter 5, but we’re moving too fast.

    This chapter was beautiful Funtoppings. Great pacing and lovely atmosphere and descriptions. So loving and warm, and hot. And loving the winter setting on this hot muggy day.

    Kim & Sue

    • JetBoy says:

      It was supposed to be four chapters, but the last one proved to be so lengthy that I made the editorial decision to break it into two halves.

      When posting the original back in 2014, Funtoppings did the entire story in two parts… and Part Two appeared a year and a half after Part One.

  2. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Wow! Just as Kim commented, this chapter was beautiful! The final realization of Julie’s feelings and desires for her mother, culminating in a torrid sex romp were amazing!
    And the descriptions, as Kim alluded to, were so deliciously good, as these few choice lines can attest:

    …Debra sighed with pleasure as the nipple grew rigid in the warmth of Julie’s mouth. Infused with pleasure, she leaned forward and kissed the top of her daughter’s head, breathing the fragrance of her hair.

    “Your nipples,” Julie beckoned and reviewed her work. “They grow hard and big, just like mine.”

    “Your mother has very sensitive nipples. And by the looks of it, my daughter does too,” Debra said, and leaned forward, this time seeking a kiss.

    [Mmm! so good!,..and then a moment or two later:]

    …Julie inched closer. Mom’s cunt seemed to pulsate like a heart at the nearing shadow of her face. Soft curls of golden hair decorated the older woman’s sex. Now Julie was close enough to be captured by the rich aroma that wafted towards her face. Pressing forward, she rewarded Debra with a big wet kiss between her legs, the kind that was almost too embarrassing for a girl to give her mother on the cheek.

    [Oh,YES!…intensely delectable!]

    Debra’s longing & fantasies for a greater intimacy with her daughter finally bore fruit, as it were, and she confesses that to Julie, who is over joyed to hear it…

    So well written, Funtoppings! it’s amazing that JetBoy has re-designed the story’s format to give us readers a pause, in which to recoup our salacious cravings and gird ourselves for the up-coming [pun intended] finale…


  3. David says:

    So hot JetBoy, I loved this chapter and glad you broke it up. It makes it more exciting to wait with anticipation of up and cumming events! I look forward to part 4 and a very happy ending! Thanks for reposting this, I can’t wait to see what happens.

  4. Purple Les says:

    You had me right here,

    Maybe for the first time since she was a little girl, Julie stood naked in front of her mother.

    And then so much more to come. Great chapter Funtoppings, JetBoy. It was a good idea I agree to split up the chapters.

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