Like a Dream

  • Posted on June 28, 2019 at 2:31 pm

by Serret

{ This story was originally posted at Literotica in August 2010 }

The heat woke Ada slowly; she slipped from a dream into waking so easily she could distinguish no boundary between. The fan oscillated ineffectually, barely stirring the humid air that lay like a wet blanket over everything. Beyond the fan’s feeble whirring she could hear the surf crashing on the beach. Restlessly, she turned over onto her side.

The last of a tiny tea-candle provided just enough light to see the shape of her sister lying next to her. She had no trouble sleeping. Katrina never did. Moments after her head hit the pillow she was dead to the world. This wasn’t the first time Ada and her sister had shared a double bed on this trip and she had yet to see anything short of a parade disturb Katrina’s rest.

Ada rolled onto her back again with a sigh. Bleary with exhaustion and — let’s be honest — no small amount of tequila, her mind meandered over scenes of the party that evening. It would be the last before the rest of the guests left the villa, leaving her and her sister alone for two weeks.

We always over-estimate how long this place stays entertaining, Ada mused wryly. The party had been good. Plenty of young men from the village nearby, willing to dance all night. Ada didn’t speak Spanish but it hadn’t proved a barrier; they were eager to convey their meaning any number of ways. She’d danced, but nothing more. Affectionate drunk she might be, but she had a boyfriend back in the States who was too good to lose.

God, it had been a long time, though. These summer trips were always rather meditative in their monk-like celibacy. She liked the sensation — it sharpened her eyes, made the quiet ache in her a fever by the time their three weeks were up. The result always stunned her man speechless. And it inspired some unbeatable fantasies.

Running one hand over her bare belly Ada thought of the fellow she’d danced with the most that evening. Tall, long-haired, with eloquent eyes that spoke volumes. He spoke too, not seeming to mind that she understood not a word: all evening while they moved together he whispered in her ear, soft sibilant syllables she could never have hoped to translate. It didn’t matter — the brush of his breath against her neck had the same effect. She pressed her hips against his, let the heavy beat move her in slow spirals that never broke their contact. She felt him hard behind his zipper; he saw her nipples erect through her shirt.

Oh, she wanted him. She knew better, but sometimes that didn’t help. That was why Katrina stayed nearby. They watched each other’s backs on these trips, kept one another from doing anything stupid. When the last song ended Katrina grabbed her arm and steered her toward the door, laughing over her protests.

Thank god for that, Ada thought. But it sure didn’t help her sleep afterward. Frustrated, she glanced over to see that Katrina was still sleeping soundly, then let the hand on her own belly slip down to rub her mound softly through her nightshirt.

Bad idea. Tonight her hunger wouldn’t be silenced so easily; the light touch only made it worse. Careful not to shift her weight and shake the bed, Ada pulled her nightshirt up past her tummy.

She brushed her fingers across her panties, biting her lip to contain her moans. She traced the outline of her slit through the thin fabric, then traced her clit. A harsh breath escaped her. Her wetness was beginning to soak through.

Finally she gave in. Pushing the gusset aside she drew one finger from the base of her vulva to the tip of her clit. Her hips jerked involuntarily — she looked frantically at her sister. No sign of waking. She did it again.

Images of that young man danced in her head. Dancing with her, grinding against her, his cock aching for her. She imagined him thinking of her, stroking his cock, coming with her face behind his eyes… but no name to cry out. Like a dream.

She brought in her left hand to tease her clit, freeing up the other to slide a finger inside her. She was soaking wet, desperate to orgasm. Her teeth hurt her lip, holding it still, keeping it silent as the urge to moan aloud became hard to bear.

Her eyes were closed. She didn’t see her sister’s hand until it covered her mouth. Then her eyes flew open and locked on Katrina’s. Ada’s busy fingers froze and she lay motionless, shocked, staring at her sister.

For a moment neither of them moved. Hot humiliation began to spread through Ada’s body. She couldn’t see much but her sister’s wide, white eyes, the faint glimmers of the candlelight on her arm… she couldn’t see her expression. Ada held still. She didn’t know what to do. Then she felt Katrina’s finger move on her lip.

Her sister traced her lip with the tip of one finger, traced the fixed expression of shock and embarrassment that silenced her. It tickled. Ada wanted to squirm but she was too bewildered. The alcohol still in her system made it hard to focus, hard to understand. Katrina’s finger slipped into her mouth and touched her tongue.

Automatically she pressed back against the invading digit, moving her tongue up to meet it — and then realized what that seemed like and fell still again. What was going on?

Katrina withdrew her finger. Her eyes never left Ada’s as she brought her hand back to her side of the bed. It glistened with saliva. Slowly, deliberately, Katrina took her finger into her own mouth, sucking away the taste of Ada’s.

Ada moaned then, helplessly, almost frightened. “Katrina…” she whispered.

“Shhh,” her sister answered. She edged closer on the bed, traced Ada’s jawline with her wet finger, provoking a shiver.

“Katrina, you’re drunk,” Ada said, trying to sound firm. “We can’t…”

Her sister’s lips on hers cut her off. She made a strangled sound of protest, but her pussy, robbed of the stimulation it so desperately needed, clenched with pleasure. Katrina kissed her deeply as she struggled with conflicting feelings. Her sister’s tongue teased hers, encouraging it, drawing it out.

Ada closed her eyes, but she couldn’t shut out the lust rising in her. I’m dreaming, she thought. If I think hard enough, I can turn her back into that guy. I’ll pretend it’s him and when I open my eyes, it will be. But Katrina’s hair fell around their faces and the smell of her shampoo was unmistakable. Ada’s bond with her sister, so reliable, one of the only solid things in her life, battled inside her with instinctive revulsion. And both were slowly drowning in a rising tide of pleasure as Katrina’s tongue danced against hers.

It’s a dream. I’m asleep, and this isn’t real, she thought over and over. It doesn’t matter what happens… it’s just a dream. And indeed, dreamlike, she felt her body moving without her conscious will, her hand reaching up to curl around the back of Katrina’s neck, to pull her closer. How could this be her? How could her emphatically straight sister be doing this?

Ada’s hips lifted off the bed as her sister’s hand stroked her belly. Finally their kiss was broken, and Katrina looked down at her with unreadable eyes. Ada was transfixed by the wanton shape of her sister’s mouth, the glitter of saliva on her lip, the way the hair fell around her face and made her mysterious, intangible. Ada sighed, mesmerized by those dark eyes. A face one could hardly help falling in love with.

Katrina cupped her sister’s breast in one hand, startling another weak protest from her. It was silenced by no more than a lifted eyebrow and a gentle squeeze. Then Katrina lowered her head and licked the soft mound through Ada’s nightshirt. She nipped lightly, closed her mouth over the nipple, tongued it until the fabric was soaked through. Ada shifted eagerly, entangling her hands in her sister’s hair. She could no longer contain her quiet moans.

Katrina pushed the wet fabric out of the way, trying to pull Ada’s nightshirt off. Ada chose this moment to mount one last resistance, clinging to the shirt and sitting up against the headboard, her arms crossed over her chest. Katrina looked at her reprovingly.

“Katrina, this is wrong. I don’t know what’s gotten into you but I’m… I’m not a lesbian. And you’re my sister! You have to — ”

Katrina listened impatiently. When it seemed unlikely that her sister would stop, she calmly reached down and sunk one finger knuckle-deep into Ada’s streaming pussy.

Ada bucked and cried out, “Ohhh! OH!” Her hands flew apart, grabbing the headboard behind her as her pussy spasmed around her sister’s finger. When Katrina withdrew her hand she fell still with a soft sound of loss. She no longer tried to stop her sister removing her nightshirt. Katrina had made her point.

Shivering faintly, Ada still covered her breasts as the nightshirt fell off the bed. She looked at Katrina submissively, now almost afraid to provoke her. Katrina crouched over her and began teasing her nipple with her tongue. Ada groaned in surrender as her nipple stiffened until it hurt, aching to be touched. Her sister suckled her hungrily, first one nipple, then the other, leaving them gleaming in the low light.

Katrina straightened up on her knees and shifted closer to her sister. Ada pressed against the headboard, unsure what was to come. Katrina gently took hold of her chin and lifted it, teasing her mouth open with her thumb. Very deliberately her sister guided her nipple into Ada’s mouth and held her head there.

Ada could hardly help at least brushing Katrina’s nipple with her tongue. The instant she did, her sister moaned and forced her head closer, thrusting out her chest. Ada licked her slowly, but the tequila and the untended heat between her legs was cluttering her head, filling her with unreliable impulses. She sucked at the nipple, flicking it with her tongue, relishing its small, hard texture and the sounds Katrina made when she caught it between her teeth.

Her sister was straddling her now, guiding her back and forth between her nipples and rocking her hips steadily against Ada’s. Each bump of their hips together sent a ripple of pleasure through Ada’s body. She could feel her sister’s panties rubbing over her skin. They were as drenched as Ada’s own.

Katrina tore Ada’s head from her breasts, jerking her chin up, forcing Ada to meet her eyes. She leaned down and whispered against Ada’s lips, her breath making her sister shiver: “Still want me to stop?”

Ada took hold of Katrina’s hips, pulling them against hers, grinding her pussy against her sister’s through the two layers of soaking wet fabric between them. “No,” she whispered fervently. “Please don’t stop. I want… I want you.”

As that phrase escaped her lips, it seemed to take with it the last of Ada’s reservations. She bucked hard against her sister’s rolling hips, and taking one another in their arms, they humped each other faster and faster. Ada moaned continuously, every breath carrying the sounds of her ecstasy. Katrina breathed against her sister’s neck, felt their panties slip over their dripping pussies, felt the labia beneath shift and squish together. She felt the soft lump of her sister’s clit and aligned her own with it, and when she jerked her hips forward the crash of pleasure nearly overwhelmed her.

Katrina raised her head to lock lips with Ada, their tongues dueling ferociously now, uninhibited, wanton. Ada’s moans died in her mouth and she felt her long-awaited orgasm beginning to rise. No, no, no, chanted one small, nearly strangled part of her. The rest of her screamed Yes, yes, please yes, forever yes… It was too late now. Nothing would stop her from… oh god… from coming against her sister’s pussy.

Thinking the words, the terrible, unthinkable words, sent her over. With each muscular clench of her pussy she whispered it again: My sister… my sister’s pussy… my sister coming… and so am I…!

Katrina rammed her hips into Ada’s and held her still as her pussy convulsed. She threw back her head and cried out, not caring who heard her. They came hard, a rush of juices from each soaking the other, the spasms moving them in three short, sharp jerks.

For a moment Ada lay still, relishing the momentary relief from the need that had been plaguing her for the past week. Then her sister shifted her weight and it returned, blazing, irresistible. God, that had barely dulled it at all! Before the aftershocks stopped she could feel her body begging for more, and could no longer resist.

She ran her hands over Katrina’s back, reaching her panties and drawing them down over her ass. Katrina chuckled softly and rolled off her sister, adjusting her position to allow Ada to remove her clothing. For a moment Ada just stared as Katrina leaned back on her hands. Her sister’s pussy was beautiful, the soft hair dark and sparkling with her wetness. Ada moaned wordlessly and reached out.

Seeing that she would have to help, Katrina scooted closer, wrapping her open legs around Ada’s. She leaned forward and kissed her sister, reassuring her with her tongue. Ada’s fingers found Katrina’s cleft and danced over it, introducing themselves.

She found the round jewel at the top and rubbed its hood softly, and Katrina shuddered with pleasure. She found the delicate lips that concealed her depths and traced them, parting them with two fingers and slipping one finger deeper to tease the tight entrance. Katrina clung to her shoulders and whispered sharply, “Do it. Finger me, little sister.”

Unable to disobey, Ada thrust a finger into her sister’s soaking cunt. She felt the wet, resilient walls contract around her and groaned. She thrust again, and again, desperate to feel those sharp little clamps, to hear the short breaths in her ear. Katrina rolled Ada’s nipples between her fingers and gasped each time her sister’s hand struck her clit. Finally she could take no more. She shoved Ada back onto the bed and crawled up to fling one leg over her. She straddled her sister’s face.

“Now tongue me, little sister. Lick my clit and stick your tongue up inside my pussy. Make me come on your face.”

Ada’s moans vibrated the warm, wet flesh above her. She had no idea what to do but the lust sweeping through her offered no alternative: she sunk her tongue into her sister’s sodden pussy, kissing her lips, fondling her clit frantically. Katrina humped helplessly against the amazing sensation, forcing herself again and again into Ada’s mouth.

With her tongue Ada teased Katrina’s clit out from under its hood, then locked her lips around it, suckling it like a nipple. Katrina cried out. Before she could take a breath, Ada thrust two fingers into her pussy and her sister abruptly jerked away, panting.

“No. No, baby, I don’t want to come yet.” She smiled wickedly. Ada looked bewildered.

“Soon. I promise. I just want you to be there with me.” Her smile was real now, and Ada’s heart melted. This is dangerous, she thought. I can’t fall in love with my sister. But when she looks like that… god, I can’t say no.

Katrina turned to straddle her the other way, and without warning covered Ada’s pussy with her mouth. Ada gasped and reared up to continue her ministrations, communicating her cries of bliss as vibrations on her sister’s clit. Closing their legs around one another they formed a moaning, twitching unit, each one’s lust causing the other to tongue her faster in a rising spiral of pleasure.

Ada licked away the trails of wetness brought out by her thrusting fingers and sucked hard at her sister’s lips, hoping for more. Katrina stretched her tongue to its considerable limit and sunk it between those swollen lips, into the sweet, hot interior. She felt her sister spasming. She felt the orgasm begin.

Katrina’s pussy expelled a rush of juices into Ada’s mouth, and Ada swallowed a scream as she came all over her sister’s face. They shook and convulsed, clinging to one another. “Oh GOD!” Ada cried as the waves of pleasure made her body go slack. “Ada,” murmured her sister, loving whispers nearly muffled by the wet thighs locked around her head. “Ada, Ada, Ada…”

For a moment Ada felt as if she might fall asleep. The fever inside her was still. She had never felt so peaceful. Then Katrina rolled aside and turned around to take her in her arms.

“I love you,” her sister whispered, fixing her with those dark eyes, those irresistible eyes that had always kept her safe and taken care of her. “I know what it must seem like, but… I love you. I have for a long time. Sorry it took me so long to tell you.”

Ada gasped “I love you too!” as she blinked back a film of tears. Then she laughed. “Oh, God, I’m going to have to break up with Matthew now. I can’t imagine what I’ll say!”

Katrina smiled, brushing sweaty hair back from her sister’s brow. “Don’t worry about that now. Think you can sleep?”

Ada nodded. “You wore me out, dearest…” She settled her head against her sister’s shoulder, comfortable despite the heat, and drifted back into her dream.

The End


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  1. Jay Denton says:

    Omg, I loved this, it was vaguely reminiscent of his my sister seduced me when I was a horny mid teen girl, she was nearly 30. It was one of the most amazing times of my life. Unfortunately we live 10,000 miles apart now, so only get to play together online.
    Thanx Serret, I’ll share this story with Gemma next time we speak, I know she’ll love it.

  2. Erocritique says:

    Well that’s one way to get a good nights sleep…..
    Not much set up or character development, but I’m guessing the author wasn’t too concerned about that. Though I do prefer a richer, more detailed story ( like the ones the fine writers at JS regularly spoil us with ), I still enjoyed this cute and sexy little piece.

    • JetBoy says:

      Agreed: the longer, deeper stories with richly developed characters tend to be the best… Nonetheless, sometimes you need something short and sweet to get off to.

  3. collie says:

    Sexy and atmospheric. Thanks for sharing.

  4. David says:

    Very sexy story, enjoyed it even though it was short but sweet! The the thought of sisterly or brother and sister love have always been hot to me. Was there any follow ups to this story Serret?

  5. Chris says:

    Even though it is short, I loved it. Like JetBoy said, sometime you just need a short to get the juices pumping.

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