The Halloween Party, Part One

  • Posted on November 16, 2018 at 3:29 pm


by Ebo

The October air was crisp and chilly as Megan opened her bedroom window. The costume she wore left a lot of skin bare, and she shivered as the night air found it. Looking down at the slutty French maid costume, Megan suddenly wished there was more to it. Well, not suddenly- she had always wished there was more to it. A longer skirt and sleeves would be nice since the temperature had fallen into the fifties with nightfall.

Still looking down at her costume, Megan had to shake her head. She was pretty sure the designers of this outfit hadn’t intended for a girl her age to wear it. It was too short and too tight to make an appropriate costume for a middle schooler. In fact, she was pretty sure it wasn’t meant to be worn anywhere but the bedroom.

She shivered, again, but not because of the cold. It was a naughty thrill that worked up her spine at the thought of going out like this. She wasn’t allowed out of the house in anything remotely this revealing. Her stepmother would have a stroke if she saw how much skin she was showing.

What she doesn’t know can’t get me grounded for life, Megan thought, with a mischievous grin.

Frowning, Megan thought about her stepmother sitting her down earlier, forbidding her to go the party she was preparing to sneak out to attend. Megan had thought she had been found out, that her stepmother knew about Megan being invited to the party somehow. There something about the way her stepmother phrased her statements… It was like she didn’t know Megan was invited and was just not letting her go on principle.

How did she even know about it? Megan wondered, as she stepped through the open window and onto the roof. As she turned and eased the window shut, she thought, This party was hush-hush, a secret. No parents are supposed to know about it. I’m not even supposed to know about it. High school kids only.

Her friend Casey was a freshman and had violated the unspoken rule of being in high school — the one about not talking to middle schoolers about high school stuff. Casey then did the unthinkable — she invited Megan to the party. Megan couldn’t believe it, thought Casey was just teasing her at first. It had taken some doing on Casey’s part, but she finally convinced Megan she was serious.

Stunned, Megan had agreed to go to the party. It wasn’t until later that what she had agreed to really sank in. She was going to a party thrown by high school juniors and seniors. If half the rumors that circulated about the annual Halloween party were true, there would be drinking and drugs and a whole lot of sex. She’d be in so far over her head, she wouldn’t be able to see the light above her. She had picked up her phone a half dozen times that night, wanting to chicken out so bad.

The only thing that kept her from calling Casey was the expected boost in her social standing at school if she went to this party. If she could prove she was at the Halloween party, her popularity would reach heights she had heretofore never imagined. She’d be an instant cool kid.

Sighing, she wished she didn’t care about such things, but any thirteen-year-old girl who said she wasn’t at least a little concerned with how her classmates perceived her was probably lying to look cool.

With the pair of high heels she had borrowed — without permission — from her stepmother in one hand and her purse over her shoulder, she walked carefully down the slanted roof. Tossing the shoes first, she lowered herself over the edge, hanging by the gutters. It was only a four-foot drop to the ground and she landed gracefully. She grimaced as the dew on the grass instantly soaked through the nylons she wore. Already cold, she started shivering.

The moon was mostly full and it was a cloudless night. She was able to find the shoes on the grass with relative ease by its silver light. Looking around, she thought it was bright enough that she could navigate the town without pulling her phone out of her purse to use as a flashlight.

As she stepped into the heels, she rubbed her arms and looked back up at her window. Sighing, she said, “I should have brought a coat.”

The shoes were a bit of a challenge for her. The tallest heel she had on a shoe was an inch and these were five. She borrowed them earlier in the week and had been practicing walking in them. She probably wouldn’t be mistaken for a supermodel working the catwalk in them, but she shouldn’t break her neck tonight.

My stepmom might break my neck if she sees me in them, Megan said, glancing at the dark house.

Her stepmother had turned in an hour ago and Megan had waited impatiently for sixty minutes before getting dressed in her costume and sneaking out. No lights had come on, so Megan was hoping she had made it out undetected.

She glanced at the large oak tree growing next to the house, and her shoulders fell. It was her way back into the house. It was a short climb, but one she was dreading. When she was seven, she had fallen out of the tree and broke her arm. She hasn’t been in it since.

“It’ll be okay,” Megan told herself, turning away from the tree. She’d deal with getting back into the house when she returned from the party.

Megan crossed her yard and turned left onto Mahogany Street. As she walked, she glanced down at herself, and her cheeks were hot. Because of her stepmother’s strict standards on how a young lady should dress, she has never been out in public wearing so little. The dress part of the costume was really short, even on her. It didn’t fall anywhere near her knees. It was worn off the shoulder and dipped low in the front. She was showing all the cleavage she could muster. She couldn’t even wear a bra with the costume.

The costume had come with a pair of matching stockings held up by a garter belt, a ruffled white petty coat, a headpiece, and a ribbon choker necklace. In for a penny in for a pound, she was wearing it all. She had added a half mask with cat ears to hide her identity. There might be a couple of kids at the party that knew she shouldn’t be there.

Looking in the mirror earlier, she had been surprised by how well everything fit her, that she didn’t look as ridiculous as she had expected. The costume was form fitting in all the right places and she thought she looked kind of hot. Probably hotter than a thirteen-year-old girl was supposed to look.

Not ridiculous, but probably nowhere near as good as my stepmother would have looked in this, Megan thought, then shook her head. Her cheeks were flushed as she got a mental image of the woman in this outfit.

Oh God, Megan thought, realizing she was fantasizing about her stepmother. A little sheepishly, she thought, Again, you mean.

She pushed that thought out of her mind, not ready to deal with it just yet.

Not for the first time, she wondered what the woman had been doing with this costume in her closet. It wasn’t the only one, either. Megan had had… options to chose from for her costume.

Shaking her head, again, Megan looked down at herself and thought about how she had ended up wearing such a revealing outfit.

At thirteen, she was too old to trick or treat and too young to get invited to some of the older kids’ parties. She was stuck in the middle of the road. She had just planned to stay home and watch scary movies with her stepmother and pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. She hadn’t bothered with a costume this year. Which was why when Casey sprang the party on her, she wasn’t prepared.

Without something to wear tonight, she had gone snooping in her stepmother’s closet. She really didn’t know what she was looking for, just hoping for inspiration. What she had found had made her laugh and re-think her opinion of her stepmother as a straight-laced, boring type.

She had searched the entire room, then turned over her own room in search of something to wear to the party. Finding nothing, she reconsidered the naughty costumes she had found in her stepmother’s closet. Without a lot of options, she had gone back to her stepmother’s room one more time. Looking at the skimpy outfits, her heart had been racing at the thought of wearing one of them to the party. She had picked the French maid costume because it was the least revealing of the bunch. She had told herself she was borrowing it ‘just in case’ she couldn’t find anything else. She had gone back the next day to borrow some shoes for the same reason. Just in case.

Looking down at herself, she said, “Just in case… Right.”

As she walked, she pulled her phone out of her purse, called Casey. The phone rang and rang, then went to voice mail. Megan hung up without leaving a message. She was about to call back when someone grabbed her from behind and said, “Boo.”

Megan jumped and spun around, saw Casey grinning at her. Giving her friend a dirty look, she said, “Not cool.”

Casey looked Megan up and down and started laughing, said, “I know you told me what you were wearing, but… Wow!”

Laughing, Megan said, “I said it was my stepmother’s slutty French maid costume.”

“It’s definitely slutty,” Casey said, grinning, “you’ll get some attention in that getup.”

“I’m trying to blend in, not ‘get attention’,” Megan reminded her.

“Good luck with that,” Casey laughed.

Groaning, Megan knew the girl was right. She was showing too much leg and too much boob to go unnoticed.

“Relax, Meg,” Casey said, putting her arm around Megan’s shoulders, “pull this off, you’ll be the coolest kid in school.”

Megan smiled at her, put her arm around the girl’s waist. This close to the girl, Megan could smell her perfume, and it made her a little dizzy. Not that the perfume was particularly strong. It was just a hint of vanilla, almost completely lost on the breeze. Still, it made Megan want to bury her face in the girl’s neck and breath her in. It was her desire that made her light-headed.

She didn’t do it, though. She was too scared to.

They had been friends since they were five and seven, having been lumped together after their mothers became friends. They had grown up together, were as close as friends could be, in spite of their age difference. Everything was peachy until Casey hit puberty and started to fill out some. Megan found herself having some confusing thoughts about her best friend. About girls, in general.

The girls in her school were talking about boys more and more and Megan didn’t have anything to add to the conversation. She didn’t share her classmates’ fascination with the latest boy band or some hunky movie star. She knew she was different from them and it wasn’t until she found her father’s old issues of Playboy that she figured out what it was. Those gushy feelings the girls talked about when they saw some cute boy, she suddenly understood them.

She had been hiding her feelings about the fairer sex from Casey and her other friends. She was still trying to figure them out herself, wasn’t ready to tell anyone. The one thing she had figured out for sure is that she was attracted to other girls.

Casey included, which was putting some strain on their relationship. Well, not so much for Casey, because she didn’t know. It was Megan who felt uncomfortable around the girl, felt like she had the word lesbian written on her forehead. She kept expecting to give herself away, somehow.

Like now, with her arm around the girl… She couldn’t tell if she was still hugging Casey like she used to. Having a secret was making her paranoid, but she couldn’t help thinking the girl could tell something was different about her embrace.

Megan knew she was a horrible liar and it felt like she had to lie all the time, now. She’d think repetition would make it easier to deceive, but she was just as bad a liar now as when she started to realize she was a lesbian.

She slipped out of Casey’s arm before she could give herself away.

They made their way through the sleeping town. Looking around, Megan thought it managed to look both peaceful and creepy at this time of night. She didn’t think there was anything overt about her town. She figured most towns would be creepy at night, the storefronts and houses cloaked in darkness and the only light provided by street lamps spaced too far apart. The fact that it was Halloween and many of the yards were decorated to celebrate this old pagan holiday only made it creepier. Megan wanted to walk faster, but she kept pace with Casey. She was glad the older girl was here.

As they walked, Megan wondered if her stepmother would check in on her tonight. She had stuffed some old pillows under her covers before leaving the house. It was an old trick, probably wouldn’t fool anyone during even a moderately close inspection — say, from an open bedroom door. Luckily, her stepmother wore contacts and took them out at night. The woman could see well enough to navigate the house without them, but maybe not well enough to distinguish between a sleeping girl shape and a bunch of pillows. She hoped so, anyway.

Thinking about her stepmother made her frown. She really wanted to know how the woman had known about the party. The conversation had been odd enough that it stuck in Megan’s head and she couldn’t quite put her finger on why.

As they turned off the road and into the woods, Megan shrugged it off. It didn’t matter how the woman had found out; Megan had sneaked out anyway. She was on her way to a party thrown by a bunch of high school kids. She had bigger things to worry about then her stepmother’s sleuthing abilities. Namely, not making a complete ass of herself in front of the older kids.

There was enough moonlight that they could navigate the loosely packed trees with relative ease. As they made their way deeper into the woods, Megan started to see the glow of a couple of fires burning and hear music blaring. The closer they got to the party, the faster Megan’s heart beat. She wasn’t completely sure she was ready for this, but it was about to happen anyway.

She took a deep breath as they passed through the outer fringe of the party, looking around. She saw kids drinking out of red plastic cups, smoking cigarettes and something she was pretty sure wasn’t cigarettes. Her eyes widened when she saw boys and girls making out, kissing and pawing at each other.

No wonder my stepmother didn’t want me here, Megan thought, a little shell-shocked.

They walked by a table laden with the same red cups she had seen the other kids drinking out of. Casey snagged two as they passed, giving one of them to Megan. Sipping hers, Megan was surprised to taste fruit juice. It wasn’t until she swallowed and it burned all the way down that she realized it had been spiked pretty heavily.

She must have made a face because Casey laughed at her, said, “Drink it slow.”

“Right,” Megan said, fully intending to nurse this one cup all night. Climbing the tree would be hard enough in the dark, but if she was falling-down drunk…

Casey led her through the throng of people, introducing her to friends. Megan knew Casey was popular, but she was still surprised how many of the older kids not only knew her but acknowledged her as a friend. Only a freshman, but apparently accepted by the juniors and seniors at the party.

Megan had really wanted to just blend in, but her costume got her a lot of attention. She was glad it was night, so the boys and girls who asked her about it couldn’t see her blush. Quite a few boys seemed interested in her and, even though she wasn’t interested back, she couldn’t help but pull her shoulders back and push her chest out. Attention was attention, even if they weren’t exactly the sort she wanted to notice her. She couldn’t stop smiling.

The half mask she wore did its job and no one seemed to notice she was much too young to be at this party. She thought her costume helped, too. What thirteen-year-old girl wore a costume like this? A little sheepishly, she thought, This girl, that’s who.

Casey put her arm around Megan, leaned in and said above the music, “You’ve got the boys tripping over themselves to talk to you in that costume.”

“I noticed,” Megan said, blushing.

“I’m a little jealous,” Casey said, grinning at her.

“Come on,” Megan said, giving her a get real look, “you could smile at any guy here, and he’d follow you around like a puppy.”

“So could you,” Megan said.

“I don’t know about that,” Megan said, embarrassed.

Casey was beautiful and popular and Megan… Well, she figured she was cute, could probably rate pretty on a good day. She knew she couldn’t hold a candle to Casey, figured the only reason the boys were sniffing around her tonight was because her boobs and ass were hanging out. Casey could be wearing a potato sack, and they’d still be drooling on themselves.

“You always sell yourself short,” Casey said, meeting Megan’s eyes, “one of these days you are going to realize how pretty you are.”

“How much have you had to drink?” Megan asked, self-consciously.

“Your lack of confidence is making me sad,” Casey said, taking Megan’s hand. “Dance with me.”

Megan let her friend lead her closer to the fire, where a group of kids was dancing. Careful not to spill her drink, Megan danced with her friend. She felt eyes on her and spotted a group of boys watching them and talking excitedly amongst themselves. One of them smiled at her when he caught her looking and she looked away in a hurry. Her cheeks were hot and she made sure not to make eye contact, again.

“Can I cut in?” Someone asked. Megan glanced to her left, saw one of the boys from the group smiling at them.

“Um, sure,” Megan said, stepping back so he could dance with Casey. She blinked in surprise when he moved in front of her, instead of her friend. She glanced at Casey, raised her eyebrows. Laughing, Casey waved her on. A little embarrassed, Megan started dancing with him. Eye to eye, she realized he was cute. Like boy-band cute.

She noticed a couple of girls watching them dance, saw jealousy in their eyes. Blinking in surprise, she realized she was dancing with someone significant. Someone worth inciting envy in onlookers. Her heart racing, Megan wondered just who had asked her to dance.

“Can I ask you something?” He asked.

Her heart racing, she thought he was going to ask who she was. She scrambled to think up a cover story. She still didn’t have anything, but she couldn’t stall any longer, so she said, “Um, okay.”

“Why the mask?” He asked, smiling at her, “how does it fit with the rest of your costume?”

“Um,” Casey said, surprised by the question. She couldn’t tell him the truth, that she wore it only to hide how young she was. She almost panicked, when something Casey always said came to her. She shrugged, said, “It’s an anime thing.”

Casey liked to say that when she did something that didn’t completely make sense. With all the girl’s quirky habits, she said it a lot.

“Ah,” he said, his smile widening, “are you an anime fan?”

Her cheeks hot, she said, “Not really.”

“Okay,” he said, laughing, “well, I like your costume, anime or not.”

“Um, thanks,” she said, offering him a shy smile.

The song came to an end and Megan stepped back. Her dance partner glanced at his friends, saw them waving him over. He turned back to Megan, offered her a smile, then said, “Um, do you think I can have another dance later?”

“Another dance?” Megan parroted, surprised. Tucking a loose lock of hair behind her ear, she said, “Um… sure.”

“Good,” he said, then inclined his head at his friends, “I need to see what those goofballs want. I’ll find you later for that dance.”

“Okay,” Megan said, watching him walk away. He had an athletic build, walked with confidence. Megan tried to find something about him that drew her eye, but she felt nothing for him.

“Oh my God,” Casey said, hugging her from behind. She sounded excited as she said, “Do you know who that was?”

“No,” Megan said, laughing, “but judging by your excitement and the stink eye I was getting from a couple of girls, I’d say… A football player?”

“Not just any football player,” Casey said, making one of those noises the girls in Megan’s class always made when they talked about a cute boy, “that’s Blake, captain and quarterback of our Fighting Mallards.”

Laughing, Megan said, “Every time I hear that name, I have to laugh. What a horrible name. A mallard is a duck, for God sake.”

“Focus, Megan,” Casey said, grabbing Megan by her shoulders, “you just danced with the most popular boy in school.”

“Oh,” Megan said, then laughed, “I’m horrible at blending in.”

“Yeah, you are,” Casey said, grinning.

“He wants another dance later,” Megan said.

Casey punched her in the shoulder, said, “Oh my God!”

Laughing, Megan said, “Ow. What the hell?”

“Sorry, I got a little excited,” Casey said. She held up her cup, said, “To dancing with high school seniors.”

“High school seniors,” Megan said, clinking her cup to her friends. She took too large of a drink and it burned all the way down.


Sitting next to the fire, Megan watched Casey dancing with some boy. Without thinking about it, she took a drink. She was surprised to find her cup empty. It had still been half full when she sat down.

“So much for nursing this one,” Megan said, tossing her cup in the fire. Judging by how much the fruit punch had burned going down, there had been quite a bit of alcohol in it. The fact that she was feeling a little fuzzy around the edge already seemed to support that theory.

“Need another one?” someone asked.

Looking up, Megan saw a girl holding out a cup to her. Megan started to say no when she noticed the girl’s smile. There was a playful uptick of the corners of her mouth that made Megan’s heart beat a little faster.

The girl’s costume was inspired by the Mexican holiday, Dia de Los Muertos, her face painted with a skull design. It was elaborate and beautiful in its intricacy. Her costume was completed with a short, tight goth-inspired dress, black knee-high boots, and fishnet gloves.

“Um, yeah. Thanks,” Megan said, smiling as she took the cup. As the girl sat down next to her, Megan caught a hint of vanilla and her heart started beating even faster.

“Why are you sitting here all alone?” The girl asked, leaning closer.

“What do you mean?” Megan asked, raising her voice over the music.

“You didn’t wear this costume to sit by yourself, did you?” The girl asked, turning that playful smile of hers on Megan.

The girl had an odd accent, southern maybe. Megan wondered if she was a southern belle under the makeup. It was hard to tell, but Megan thought she’d be pretty without it.

“I… Well…” Megan said, then shrugged. She took a sip of her drink to hide her embarrassment.

“You are a beautiful girl. You should be out there dancing with the boys,” the girl said.

Megan glanced at Casey, thinking if there was anyone she wanted to dance with, it was her. The girl must have followed Megan’s eyes because her smile turned up even more. Megan caught the smile out of the corner of her eye and looked away from Casey in a hurry.

“Now it makes more sense,” the girl said, making Megan look at her, “still, I have to ask — why are you sitting here alone? A beautiful girl like you should be over there dancing with some girl.”

“I-I don’t know what you mean,” Megan stammered.

The girl gave her a look, then said, “Don’t you?”

“No,” Megan said, too quickly.

“It’s too bad you aren’t into that sort of thing,” the girl said, flashing her eyes at Megan, “I really do think you are beautiful.”

“I — um, are you… into that sort of thing?” Megan asked, her heart racing. She found herself holding her breath as she waited for the girl to answer.

“Ah, maybe interested, after all,” the girl said, playfully.

Megan looked at her for a long moment, then laughed and rubbed the back of her neck, asked, “Am I that obvious?”

“To someone who knows the signs,” she said, then offered her hand, “I’m Rachel, by the way.”

Taking the hand, Megan started to tell the girl her real name, then thought better of it. Instead, she smiled and said, “Harley.”

“As in Davidson?” Rachel asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Um, yeah. Same first name, but no relation,” Megan said, amused. She hadn’t been thinking about motorcycles when she picked the name, but a character on a TV show she watched.

“Well, Harley not Davidson, it’s nice to meet you,” Rachel said.

“You, too,” Megan said.

“Do you want to dance?” Rachel asked, inclining her head toward the crowd.

“Um, I don’t know…” Megan said, looking at the people dancing. The song on the radio was a slow one and everyone was dancing close, making lazy circles.

“Afraid everyone will know your secret?” Rachel asked.

“Pretty much,” Megan said, embarrassed.

Nodding, Rachel asked, “Would any of these people know you without your mask on?”

“A couple of them, maybe,” she said.

“How about with it on?” Rachel asked.

“My friend,” Megan said, looking at Casey dancing really close to the boy she had snared with her beautiful eyes.

“I take it she doesn’t know,” Rachel said.

It wasn’t a question, but Megan confirmed it, anyway, “No, she doesn’t know. No one knows… well, except you.”

“Well, if you won’t dance with me,” Rachel said, a playful smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, “want to go somewhere and make out instead?”

Snorting in surprise, Megan laughed and asked, “Just like that, huh?”

“Too forward?” Rachel asked, amused.

“A little bit,” Megan said, rubbing the back of her neck nervously.

“I noticed you didn’t say no,” Rachel said, her eyes flashing at Megan.

“I guess I didn’t,” Megan said, her heart racing. She realized she was flirting. More than that, she was attracted to the girl, and the idea of kissing Rachel appealed to her. She thought if Rachel kept pressing, she might just give in.

“We could find a spot just past the reach of the fire’s light,” Rachel said, leaning closer, “somewhere your friend couldn’t see if I kissed you.”

Megan’s breath caught in her throat and she had to swallow hard to say, “I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“It doesn’t sound like you really think that,” Rachel said, her smile making it hard for Megan to catch her breath, again.

Meeting the girl’s eyes, Megan saw a desire in them, a desire for her. No one had ever looked at her like that. It made her feel all sorts of ways she wasn’t used to. The only thing she knew for sure, she liked the way Rachel was looking at her, didn’t want the girl to stop.

She found herself saying, “I — I don’t know.”

“Come with me,” Rachel said, standing up, “one kiss. If you don’t like it, we’ll come back. No hard feelings.”

“One kiss?” Megan asked, realizing her resistance was crumbling.

“Or two… Three. Depends on how the first one goes,” Rachel said.

Chewing on her lip, Megan considered it. She had been fantasizing about kissing a girl a lot lately, and here was one who wanted to kiss her back. The darkness would offer her anonymity where she could experience her little fantasy of kissing a girl. What would be the harm?

With an inward shake of her head, she thought, I was in trouble the moment she smiled at me.

Getting to her feet, Megan wondered if it was the alcohol or the excitement coursing through her that her legs a little unsteady. Rachel took it as an excuse to put an arm around Megan’s waist. Pulled close to the girl, Megan caught another hint of vanilla perfume, subtle but intoxicating. She didn’t pull away from the girl’s embrace, let Rachel lead her away from the fire and into the darkness. They walked a little ways into the woods until they left the party behind.

Alone, Megan found herself spun into Rachel’s arms, their bodies pressed together. Her heart was racing, and she was a little jittery with excitement and nervousness. Even in the dark, she could feel Rachel smiling at her, which made a pleasant warmth blossom between her thighs.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” Rachel asked.

“No,” Megan admitted.

“I’ll show you how,” Rachel said, gently pressing her lips to Megan’s. It was just a brush of her lips, but it set Megan’s whole body to tingling.

“I’m going to open my mouth — just a little,” Rachel said, her voice low and seductive, “when I do, just lightly touch my tongue with yours.”

Megan’s knees were a little weak as Rachel pressed her lips to Megan’s, again. When Rachel’s lips parted, Megan slipped her tongue into the girl’s mouth. More experienced, Rachel drew Megan into the kiss deeper than she was ready for. Even when she regained some of her senses and realized one kiss had become three and they weren’t stopping, she didn’t want to. The caress of Rachel’s tongue against her own, the taste of fruit punch on her breath… Megan found her kiss to be more intoxicating than the alcohol in her cup.

“Do you want to go back to the fire?” Rachel asked, her playful tone saying she knew Megan didn’t want to.

“No,” Megan husked, her voice thick with excitement. She finished her cup in a gulp, gasping as it burned all the way down. She tossed her cup aside.

“You’re a nice kisser,” Rachel said, finishing her own drink.

“Really?” Megan asked.

“Better than a lot of girls I’ve kissed,” Rachel said, kissing Megan gently on the lips.

“Have you kissed a lot of girls, then?” Megan asked.

Laughing, Rachel said, “A few.”

Megan took a deep breath, then kissed Rachel. Like before, she felt herself drawn in deep, only this time Rachel didn’t pull back. Her nervousness melted away under the heat of her desire and she felt herself responding to the closeness of their bodies, to the caress of Rachel’s tongue. She moaned as Rachel’s hand came up to cup one of her breasts. It took her a couple of heartbeats for her realize what the girl was doing to her. Breaking the kiss, she looked down at the hand on her breasts.

“Is this okay?” Rachel asked, her eyes meeting Megan’s in the moonlight, “I’m not moving too fast, am I?”

With a nervous laugh, Megan said, “I — I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“I’m sorry,” Rachel said, removing her hand, “I thought… I guess I was getting ahead of myself.”

“It’s okay,” Megan said, smiling at her, “I guess I should have known you had more in mind than just kissing when you brought me out here.”

Laughing, Rachel said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to.”

Megan took a deep breath, said, “Just take it slow, okay?”

Favoring Megan with a sexy smile, Rachel said, “I can do slow.”

Oh God, Megan thought, her heart racing, what am I doing? Am I really going to do this?

The girl’s body was pressed against hers and Rachel’s perfume was making her dizzy with desire. She knew what the girl wanted and Megan was starting to want it, too. Her body did, anyway. Megan felt herself getting turned on.

Rachel kissed her while she was still trying to sort out her thoughts. The girl was indeed taking it slow, but Megan sensed she was holding back. There was a barely restrained eagerness behind her kiss, a passion the teenager was struggling to hold in check. Megan’s heart was thumping in her breast as she realized just how much Rachel wanted her. It was a new experience, being desired like that, and she found it both thrilling and frightening.

She really hadn’t expected to be in this situation tonight, or anytime soon. Megan wasn’t sure she was ready for any of this, but she really didn’t want to stop, either. She liked the way Rachel was kissing her and liked the feel of the girl’s body molded against hers. She even liked the feel of Rachel’s hand on her breast, the pleasure it awoke inside of her.

Maybe we don’t have to stop just yet, Megan thought as a moan escaped her.

Pulling back, Rachel smiled at Megan, said, “Let me know if I should stop.”

“Okay,” Megan said, her voice a little thick with excitement.

The corners of Rachel’s mouth turned up even more as she ran her hands up Megan’s arms to the sleeves of the maid costume. Megan met the girl’s eyes and saw what she intended to do. Part of her knew she should probably tell her to stop. Things had probably already gone as far as they should, maybe too far. Still holding Rachel’s gaze, she bit her lip and nodded, which was the exact opposite of what she should have done.

Rachel’s fingers hooked into the arms of the dress and she pulled down. Megan shivered as the cold air found her bare breasts. Pulling her arms out of the dress, she helped Rachel work it off her hips. Gravity finished what the girl started, the costume pooling around her ankles.

With the girl’s eyes hot on her nearly naked body, Megan had second thoughts. She fidgeted under the girl’s attention, had to fight the urge to cover her nudity with her arms. Her face hot, she wondered what she had been thinking.

“Stockings and a garter belt?” Rachel asked, her eyes shining with amusement and more than a little excitement.

Her cheeks even hotter, Megan stammered, “They c-came with the costume.”

“Mm… it’s an incredibly sexy costume,” Rachel said, hooking her fingers in the garters, “but these… these I love. There’s nothing sexier than a pair of long legs in stockings.”

Megan swallowed a couple of times, tried to work up enough saliva to say something. She managed to say, “Oh.”

Using the garters, Rachel pulled her close to kiss her deeply. Megan was a little disappointed when Rachel let go of the garters, stepped back. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw the girl run a zipper down on the side of her dress. She couldn’t look away as Rachel shimmied out of her dress. The darkness was far from perfect, ruined by the almost full moon. There was enough light for Megan to make out Rachel’s lovely body. She was long in the leg and narrow in the waist, flat in the belly and full in the breast. She was perfect.

Rachel was looking at her, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. She said, “You can touch me, if you want.”

Megan thought Rachel looked very touchable standing there in the moonlight. She did want to run her hands over the girl’s soft skin, see if she felt as amazing as she looked. When she hesitated, Rachel moved closer, took Megan’s hand and put it on her hip. Megan looked down at her hand as Rachel moved it higher. The girl was as soft and warm as she looked, her skin like silk under her fingertips. A nervous little laugh escaped her as Rachel moved her hand onto her breast.

“If I move my hand, do you promise not to move yours?” Rachel asked, playfully.

Her voice a little shaky with adrenaline, Megan said, “Okay.”

Rachel moved closer, kissed her deeply, then put her lips to Megan’s ear to whisper, “Tonight is your chance. All of those things you have been thinking about doing to a girl… do them to me.”

Off to Part Two!


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