To Banbury Cross

  • Posted on June 12, 2019 at 1:43 pm

Author Unknown

Note from JetBoy: This one’s a complete mystery. I was certain that it originated at Leslita, but can’t find it at the old site. What appears here is a polished and expanded version of mine that I posted at the forum, the one that us old-timers used to socialize at before The Man shut it down about four years ago. I made quite a few changes, but not enough that I’d feel comfortable posting it as a JetBoy story — so here it is, credited to our extremely prolific Author Unknown. Hope you dig it.


I should give you a bit of background about myself. I am 42, and once was bisexual. Now I’m more or less a lesbian, although I can’t swear that I’ll never say yes to a male ever again. I have always been a sexual being and I have masturbated from as early as I can remember.

My first memory of sex with another person was with a girl who lived across the street. Her name was Wendy Haughton, and we first explored each other under a blanket on a vacant lot one night. I also remember us making out in the presence of her mother, who encouraged us. She was a lesbian, and approved of us preferring girls to boys.

After that I had sex with a couple of boys and oh, half a dozen or so girls, but I never involved myself in a steady thing with anyone until I was seventeen, when I had a lesbian affair with another girl about my age named Bernadette.

While we were an item, she invited me down to her family’s beach house for a week. It was a delightful place, and I had a simply smashing time. Berna and I would go to dances at night and flirt with boys, then come back to her place, slipping into bed and enjoying each other’s naked bodies in the early hours.

After lunch one afternoon we were sitting on the back veranda, being lazy and loving it. Berna and her mother were playing chess, her father and her older brother were watching TV and I was reading when Berna’s younger sister Therese, or ‘Tilly’ as she was called, came in from the beach. She had a large beach towel wrapped around her swimsuit, which she took off and shook, showering us with sand. Berna growled at her to stop being a pest.

Tilly was nearly eleven and was a picture in her white swimsuit… pretty, slim, dark hair and a nice body; her figure was boyish, with no curves to speak of. Of course I’d always liked Tilly and thought her sweet and attractive, but that was as far as it went.

I had my legs crossed, still buried in my book, when Tilly straddled one of my feet and demanded that I “take her to Banbury Cross”.

What she wanted was an old nursery game rhyme where a child sits on an adult’s foot and holds their hands as they are jigged up and down while repeating “Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross, to see a lady upon a white horse.” There are more words than that, but you get the idea.

I remember saying that she was too big for that, but agreed anyway. Tilly sat on my foot and grasped my hands while I jigged her up and down and chanted the rhyme.

No one paid any attention, and largely neither did I — until after a minute or so, I became aware of Tilly’s thighs clamping on my ankle. When I looked up, her face was red and she was emitting short, silent, compressed gasps. I wasn’t alarmed, but I was fascinated.

Suddenly, as the child’s little gasps coincided with the clenching of her thighs, I realized that Tilly was having an orgasm!

I was alarmed that this was happening while Tilly’s whole family was present, although at least they weren’t paying attention. But I wasn’t freaked out about the girl rubbing herself off. After all, I did that myself most nights and had for as long as I could remember, sometimes even after making love with another person!

Suddenly Tilly paused, her eyes squeezed tightly shut, took a long, deep breath, then stopped her rocking. No one seemed to have noticed anything. She smiled at me and removed herself from my foot. I smiled back at her and then, unable to help myself, stole a glance at the crotch of the child’s swimsuit, thrilled to see what appeared to be a damp spot.

I was talked into a game of cards and didn’t play well, because all I could think of was Tilly — her bare legs, her thin body, and that special part of her that had touched my leg. I even rubbed my fingers over my ankle and then furtively sniffed them, but could smell nothing.

That night we didn’t go out, and in the evening when I was sure everyone was in bed I fell on Berna with a passion that seemed to startle her. We made passionate love, and all through it I imagined I was doing it with Tilly.

Later, after Berna had fallen asleep, I had another orgasm by myself; this time with Tilly as the object of my fantasies.

The next day we played tennis, and I enjoyed watching Tilly’s lovely calves and her short skirt whipping around to give me tantalizing glimpses of her upper thighs and her underwear. I must admit I was a little bit surprised by her white panties, which were rather sheer, barely exposing the cleft of her bottom. I tried to get a look at her pussy through the nylon but I couldn’t, or at least I didn’t.

After lunch I declined to go to the beach and announced that I would go for a walk, and was overjoyed when Tilly said she would come with me.

As we walked, I gazed at her in her short little tennis skirt and her white blouse with black stripes and the crocodile logo. By now, after watching her on the court she had become unbearably sexy to me. I don’t know even to this day if I had decided that I wanted to have sex with Tilly. I suppose I did, but while I’d fantasized about it I hadn’t actually planned anything. Not consciously anyway. Just the same I ask myself whether she had made up her mind to seduce me that day.

When a gap appeared at the side of the unpaved road and I suggested we follow it to see where it led, I think in retrospect that sex with this little girl was what I had in mind. I think I wanted to have Tilly away from the view of other people. And that was what I got.

Tilly and I wandered along the bush track and, as if the gods or goddesses had planned it for us, there were two large rocks that had surely been there for thousands of years. I suggested we stop for a rest and sat down. I must confess that I knew my short skirt and the way I was sitting with my legs wide apart left me mostly bare below the waist. I didn’t care; I wanted Tilly to see.

When she asked if she could ride my foot and go to Banbury Cross, I was overjoyed. Thrilled out of my mind would be another way to put it…

I crossed my legs, Tilly sat on my foot, and I began to bounce her and to sing the rhyme. Sure enough, after a minute I could see it was happening again. Tilly was plainly aroused and the pressure of her sex became noticeable against my foot. Then as she held my hands she began to pull herself upwards, her crotch sliding higher up my leg. I let her come, noticing how beautiful and kissable her lips were, until I felt her crotch on my ankle, then my shin, then just below my knee.

By this time, Tilly’s movements were too obvious to ignore any more. She was grinding her slit against me, her lips parted, a dreamy look on her face. Then when our eyes met, I must have flashed a signal to her, because she reached down to pull her skirt away and, exposing the gusset of her panties, tugged it aside to allow flesh on flesh contact between us.

I got a very good look at her smooth vulva, the soft petals of her labia and, I was fairly certain, the inflamed nub of her clitoris. I was on fire for her.

Once again our eyes met, and with a glance I acknowledged what we were doing and that everything before had changed. After looking around to make sure we were not on view, I slipped a hand up my own skirt, raising it to show my own panties. Slipping a hand beneath the elastic waistband, I tucked my fingers between my thighs and began to masturbate. It felt lovely, but was too difficult to do with all my clothes on.

Finally I let my skirt fall back down, gave Tilly a sweet smile and whispered, “Let’s take our panties off.”

I watched the little girl as she removed her skirt and underpants for me, then she watched me do the same for her. So there we stood, bare-bottomed, in our tennis shoes and socks, staring at one another. I reached out for her hand, then drew her to me, taking this exquisite half-naked child into my arms. She gazed up at me with such adoring eyes that I couldn’t help but whisper, “I love you, Tilly.”

She blushed so sweetly that I found myself blinking away tears. “I love you too,” she said, and our mouths just seemed to naturally drift together in a kiss.

I gently undressed her, then she helped me out of what I still had on. Then we made a bed of our clothes in a smooth hollow of one of the big rocks and lay down together, completely naked and sharing juicy kisses.

Tilly was shy at first, but I patiently guided her, and soon my lover’s sweet little sister and I were joyously exploring lesbian pleasures together.

We loved each other in the open air, beneath a beautiful blue sky, and by the time we had finished. I’d taught her all I knew about breast play; the many ways of bringing a woman’s sex to utter rapture with fingers, lips and tongue; the joys to be found between her buttocks. I’d shown her these wonders, then she tried them out on me. Finally we lay together atop our clothes, cuddling and sharing caresses until the afternoon sun began to wane, and we had to get dressed and go back.

I never got the chance to make love to Tilly again. We were only there for another two days, and there was never an opportunity for us to slip away from the others. Then Berna and I ended up breaking things off a couple of weeks later, so I no longer had any plausible reason to be around her baby sister — not that I didn’t rack my brain trying to think of one!

Years later, I wonder whatever became of Tilly, and regret that I never sought her out after she grew into womanhood. Who knows what might have been…

Had Tilly seduced me? Or did I seduce her? I never really knew for certain. All I knew is that we’d wanted sex with each other. So we took the plunge — and nearly a quarter-century later, it’s still my most cherished memory.

The End


9 Comments on To Banbury Cross

  1. Z says:

    Just a fun little thing to think of, but maybe Tilly was already having sex with her own big sister. I mean, maybe they broke up because of differing reasons, but still it sounds kind of weird that just days after they visited the family and then got back home that the main character and her lover broke up.

  2. Erocritique says:

    Nice little story. I liked how the sex between the older and younger girl evolved in a plausible organic manner. Seeing as the narrator described teaching Tilly about lesbian sex , it would suggest that it was the girls first time which lends itself to the special meaning it held in the older girls heart. It also kind of kills the possibility that she had previously been having sex with her sister or mother.

  3. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Really great job of rewriting, JetBoy!….such a sweet story of sexual awakening for darling Tilly and a unexpected delight for the randy story teller, as well as a great pleasure for us readers!
    Three cheers for a young girl’s journey to Banbury Cross!

  4. Pakar says:

    I’m a bigger fan of longer, happy endings. Epilogues and happy ever afters, so this shouldn’t be my cup of tea. But I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you for sharing!

  5. Tim and Litka says:

    Lovely little story, thanks for posting Jetboy. We both enjoyed it greatly, but as Z said, it would be nice to think that Tilly and her older sister knew what they were doing and how they felt about them becoming lovers. Adds to the intrigue and eroticism.
    Thanks Jetboy

  6. kim says:

    Likeable story of a one off moment. I know I’ve been in a situation like that.

  7. David says:

    Nice short story, sensual and erotic. Thanks for posting it JetBoy!

  8. Keiko says:

    Gorgeous story, loved it from beginning to end. Xxx

  9. Gray says:

    Their initial encounter had such energy and tension. I liked how Tilly purposefully got her self off riding on her leg and did it so openly. The public display was perfect. You could really feel the connection throughout and the lovely end.

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