Mom’s Madness

  • Posted on March 20, 2019 at 2:12 pm

Author Unknown

Everyone knew that my mother was cut from a different cloth. To be honest, she was simply odd, floating through life with a dreamy, childlike look in her eyes, often losing track of conversations, then breaking in with a non sequitur that left other people puzzled. She was a true old-fashioned blond beauty who looked as if she’d just walked in off the set of a vintage Technicolor movie.

My mother exuded a warmth that often confused strangers, as she’d start talking to them as if they were old friends. There was a kind of sweet madness to her, a craving for affection and attention that could be trying to me sometimes, even when I was a little girl. I learned at an early age to indulge her, enjoying the attention she lavished on me even if she sometimes acted more like a needful child than a proper mother. She was infinitely lovable, though, which made her eccentricities easy to tolerate.

Mother often walked around the house nude, or in a thin wrap. She and I lived in a grand two-story house in a wealthy suburb, with a large yard and high fences and shrubbery that provided our privacy from the prying eyes of neighbors. Mother would often stroll in the garden naked and encourage me to skinny dip with her in our pool. We didn’t socialize much with the country-club types that lived near us and mainly kept to ourselves. Mother thought they were uptight… and they found her dreamy exuberance to be, well, unseemly.

Mother had few notions of personal boundaries or privacy and seemed to crave my attention. Sometimes I’d be in my room, reading or doing my homework, and she’d call me down to join her as she sat before the fire.

I really didn’t mind. I can remember the warmth of her body as she draped an arm around my shoulders. It was so natural; we didn’t think anything of it. The two of us would just be cuddled close together on the couch, watching an old movie until we fell asleep.

As a little girl, she bathed with me regularly. My mother would soap me up, lovingly washing my body. I can remember watching her kneel in front of me, a blissful expression on her face as her soapy hands moved over every inch of my skin.

I slept in my mother’s bed often. Not every night, of course, but often. I can remember, as a child, how warm and safe I felt with my warm, soft mother cuddling me close, crooning songs into my ear to lull me asleep.

As I grew into puberty, Mom became even more of a free spirit. She hardly ever dressed when at home, and even then it was only in flimsy robes or a long t-shirt. She insisted that I share her bed now and then, the two of us snuggling together beneath a cozy quilt. Though she was always physically affectionate, her hugs, kisses, and caresses became more frequent, warm and prolonged. I didn’t really think anything of it — but then one day, when I was fifteen, the love my mother and I shared became something more.

That day, when I came home from school, my mother greeted me at the front door in her short silk kimono. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close as we stood in the foyer. I felt her large, soft breasts press against my cheeks as she squeezed me tight. It was as if she hadn’t seen me in weeks.

“Wow, Mom, what’s this for… did something happen?” I asked.

She laughed, kissed my cheek, and then planted a firm kiss on my lips. I smelled her sweet jasmine perfume, and she looked into my eyes, holding my face in her hands. “I just needed to touch someone,” she laughed, a bit abashed. “I was filled to the brim with love, and it felt like I was going to explode if I didn’t let that love out!”

We laughed at that, and she pulled me inside. “Come on, honey,” she murmured, “Let’s take a bath together. It’s been ages since we’ve done that.”

“Um… I was going to read, Mom,” I said. “Maybe later…?”

But she brushed this aside. “C’mon, spend some time with your mother,” she cooed. “I’ve been lonely in the house all day without you around.” She had a playful, pouting expression that made me laugh. It was like I was the parent and she was the kid demanding attention. So, like all that felt the force of her desire, I relented with a smile.

She led me to her grand bathroom, with its whirlpool tub in which she and I had so often shared baths. She quickly dropped her robe, revealing her nude body without hesitation. Her breasts seemed so full and round to me as they swayed slightly. She was giggling and practically dancing with excitement.

Mom began to undress me. We laughed as we talked about my day. I didn’t think anything of it, at the time, but now I realize that something did seem different as she pulled my sweater over my head and unbuttoned my blouse. She let her hands spread across my bare chest, over the bra, caressing me lovingly.

“Mmm, darling, your skin is so soft,” she purred. She unhooked and removed my bra, then pulled my skirt down, and, just as quickly, my panties. She studied my naked body, letting her hands glide up and down my legs. “And your legs are absolutely flawless,” she said approvingly, stroking my thighs. “You’ve grown into such a lovely, lovely young woman.”

She stood and faced me, both of us naked now. She gazed at me for a moment with adoring eyes, then drew me close for another hug. This time our naked bodies pressed hotly against each other, making me tingle deliciously. I felt her hands slip down my back to cup my ass. I giggled, since it tickled. I reached around to playfully pinch her bottom and she laughed, slapping my hand away.

Hand in hand, we climbed into the hot water of the tub and relaxed as she asked me about my day. As we made small talk, she moved next to me and took the bar of soap in her hands, beginning to wash my body. Since she’d done that since I was a baby, I thought nothing of it at first. But today she seemed to take more time as she washed me, allowing her hands to linger on my wet flesh, often brushing her cheek or lips across my skin after rinsing it clean.

After awhile, I could tell she was no longer paying attention to what I was talking about, so I just relaxed and let her wash me. I felt safe and warm, basking in the glow of my mother’s love… but as her touches and kisses gradually grew more and more sensual, I realized that I was turned on, too.

Then my mother guided me onto my feet, having me stand so she could properly wash my lower half. She moved to my front first and knelt before me, looking up at me with her wide, dewy blue eyes. She smiled so warmly, so tenderly. It felt good to know that washing me this way made her feel so happy, and I didn’t want to do anything to take away from her mood. So, I let her guide the soap and sponge along my shoulders, down over my small, pointed breasts — her fingers lightly brushing my nipples — and across my flat belly. I looked down as the soap suds slid down my firm, young body, watching her fondle my thighs as she washed down each one.

The expression on her face as she bathed me was blissful, but there was a hunger in Mom’s eyes that I’d not seen before. My pulse began to quicken as I observed her. She seemed almost intoxicated, but somehow I knew that she was not. Or perhaps she was drunk on something other than liquor… desire, perhaps?

Mom dipped the sponge in the bath and squeezed it, letting rivulets of water travel down my body, taking the soap residue with them. By then, my nipples were rock hard, which she surely felt as her hands lightly brushed the soapy water from my breasts. I felt lightheaded from my mother’s loving caresses.

Once my upper half had been rinsed clean, Mom gently kissed my belly, just inches above my pussy, making me shiver. She glanced up, graced me with the most affectionate smile, then turned me around to face away from her, reaching once more for the soap. I was feeling all quivery and light-headed… what was Mom doing?

As with my front, Mom began at my shoulders and soaped my body downwards, lathering me all over. She let her fingers creep down my spine, between my cheeks, caressing the soft globes of my bottom. I felt my breath grow shallow, even as she was crooning loving words to me. My heart was throbbing. Her fingers glided down the crack of my ass, over my rosebud. My head lolled back, a whimper escaping my lips. Almost without thinking, I brought a hand up to fondle my breasts.

I felt my mother press her face against my ass, her hands resting on my hips as she kissed inside. I was nervous and excited, trembling from head to toe. My pussy was throbbing as her fingers crept between my thighs to touch me there. I panted as she began to slide her fingers back and forth, stroking my cunt. I felt my knees shake.

“Oh darling, my lovely baby, sweet, sweet Nora,” my mother breathed. “Let me make you feel good.”

Oh… oh, Mom,” I whispered, unable to comprehend what was happening. My mother, my own mother, was making love to me! I was still a virgin, had never gone very far with any boy, now Mom was pleasuring me as if she were my lover!

She was rubbing my clit in rapid circles now, any pretense of washing me now gone. I was nearly out of breath, leaning against the wall for support. Mom’s face was pressed against my ass, her breath hot on my skin as the soap and hot water sluiced down my thighs. I felt myself losing control as she continued to fondle my pussy, sliding a free finger along my labia. Then I felt her other hand parting my buttocks.

My body tensed slightly in the midst of my pleasure… then — oh my God — I moaned in disbelief as Mom pressed her face between my cheeks, her tongue emerging to lick at the crack of my ass.

I had never conceived of such a thing, never knew that lovers shared such pleasures with one another. A hoarse cry issued from my throat that echoed off the bathroom walls as my body seized up in a wondrous climax far beyond anything my childish fumblings with masturbation had ever produced.

I came convulsively, succumbing to my mother’s dexterous fingers… and, ultimately, to her madness.

I slowly slid down the tiled wall, finally sitting in the lovely hot water of my bath, feeling my mother’s soft arms entwine my body. I was dazed, flushed, at peace with the world.

My mother and I lounged in the tub, relaxing in the afterglow of my pleasure. We sat next to each other, cuddling. We hadn’t spoken since my orgasm, not wanting to break the spell that had ensnared us both. I felt both awkward and, oddly, at ease. She lightly caressed me, and I shyly reciprocated.

I nestled in my mother’s arms for awhile, lulled almost to sleep by the warmth of the tub and my mother’s soothing caresses on my hair and face…and then I felt her stiff nipple brushing my cheek. I opened my eyes to see the firm pink tip of my mother’s breast, now inches from my face.

A reckless impulse seized me, one that I was powerless to resist. My lips parted, and I leaned in closer to take Mom’s nipple into my mouth. She moaned gently, and I began to softly suckle her breast.

“Ah, yes, there, baby, let Mommy feed you again,” she said dreamily. I shifted myself so that I straddled my mother’s left thigh, with one hand against the side of the tub to support myself. My mother put her head back and cooed with pleasure as I tasted her hard nipple, my free hand savoring the creamy softness of her breast. I pressed my cunt against Mom’s leg, loving the feeling of her skin against my clitoris.

It was there, in warm water of the bathtub, in the dimly lit coziness of the room, that I fully gave in to my mother’s madness. As a child, I hadn’t understood it. I had even been frightened by it at times, or just endured it with affection. But as I suckled her breasts in the tub, I embraced her strangeness, worshiping at the altar of her beautiful body.

I felt Mom’s hands reach around to my ass, pulling me closer to her. My arousal growing sharp, I let my hand trail down her body and into the water to touch the cleft between her spread legs. Her eyes fluttered as my hand grew bolder, my fingers exploring the contours and folds of my mother’s cunt.

I gave in completely to this wild new desire… this lust I’d never felt before for any woman or girl. I began to grind my pussy against my mother’s firm thigh, which she raised to me, giving me what I needed to get off.

I wanted more. Slowly, carefully, I let two fingers slip into the heat of her pussy. Heart throbbing relentlessly, I played with her, fucked her, loved her; my fingers frolicking in her tangled pubes. She moaned with delight, holding me close.

She raised my face from her breasts to meet her gaze, her eyes warm with adoration. “Oh. baby,” she whispered, “I love you so much…”

I licked my lips, slowly leaning closer — then my mouth was on hers, and Mother and I were kissing like lovers. Her tongue pushed its way into my mouth, and I sucked at it eagerly.

Mom’s hand slid down my back to caress my ass as I worked my cunt against her thigh. I kept fingering her pussy, finding her clit with my thumb and lightly teasing it, as I’d done so many times to myself. Pressed close together, our mouths locked in a passionate kiss, we paid no heed to the water sloshing out of the tub as we moved rhythmically against each other.

I felt Mom’s fingers creep into the crevice of my ass, stroking my anal cleft, which gradually opened to her gentle probing. With a single smooth, she slid a finger into my rectum with a single steady stroke.

I cried out, breaking our kiss — and Mother squealed in delight at my response to her touch. Upping the ante, I pushed a third finger into her juicy cunt and felt her body jerk violently in response.

“Yes! Yes! Oh yes!” she cried, throwing her head back. I too began to shake uncontrollably as my mother’s finger continued to probe my anus. Mother continued to heave and pant as I fucked her. I was coming nonstop now, almost breaking into sobs, grinding my pussy hard against Mom’s thigh until I collapsed against her breasts.

Mother slowly came down from her own orgasm and we both withdrew our fingers from each other’s bodies. The two of us slowly relaxed, just panting, snuggling close in the cooling bathwater.

“Oh,  my sweet baby,” Mom cooed, stroking my hair, kissing my cheek and lips. “Mommy loves you so!”

I collapsed into my mother’s wet warmth, our moist skins pressed together, our breathing heavy.  “I love you too, Mom,” I whispered. “Oh, God, how I love you!”

We relaxed together, at peace in our mutual madness. I let her stroke my skin and whisper sweet words of love into my ear, the two of us occasionally sharing passionate kisses.

Then Mom pulled away to gaze at me with loving eyes. “Let’s go to bed, honey,” she cooed. “There are so many things I want to show you… so many pleasures for us to share.”

I smiled at her. “I’d love to, Mom.”

We rose from the bath and stepped out onto the mat. Mom seized a large towel, and we took turns drying one another, pausing often for long, loving kisses.

Mom sighed happily. “I’ve dreamed about this for a long time, honey… about us becoming more than just mother and daughter.” She caressed my ass with gentle fingers. “There’s nothing like the love between women, Nora. I want to show you how beautiful it is.”

I was kissing her soft neck. “Teach me, Mom,” I whispered in between kisses.

Dropping the towel carelessly to the bathroom tiles, Mom took my hand and led me down the hallway and into her bedroom, both of us still gloriously naked. I admired the loveliness of her bare body, seeing my mother in a way I never had before… as my lover.

The End


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  1. David says:

    Very erotic story, thanks to the Unknown author! The love between a child and her mother is so erotic and you captured it perfectly. Well written and detailed.

  2. katejn90 says:

    Oh wow Nora certainly has reason to celebrate her mums sweet madness, thank you for sharing

  3. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Wow!…excellent story! just have to agree with the previous two commenters:
    sweet madness to the nth degree! mother and daughter finally realizing their mutual desires for each other..Mmm! so beautiful…so delicious!!! author unknown where ever you are, this is an awesome story!!!..please write more!

  4. Tim says:

    Another great story of mother and daughter love. Beautifully written – thanks for posting!

  5. Misty Meadow says:

    Oh, if we all had Mums who were mad in this wonderful way!

  6. Keiko says:

    very very lovely story… if only mad mommy had followed her desire earlier in her daughters life… on the other hand, now they have to make up for lost time… xxx

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