Comforting Polly, Part Two

  • Posted on May 1, 2015 at 9:54 am

By JetBoy

Suddenly Polly pulled away, peering up at the older girl. “Hey, Beth,” she chirped, “can we do some more sex things now? I want to play with your butt!”

“My butt?” Beth replied, startled.

“Well… yeah!” Polly answered, now blushing. “I… I think that ladies’ b-bottoms are the beautifullest things in the whole world! An’ I bet yours is ‘specially beautiful.” She gazed pleadingly at the teen, biting her lower lip. “Please, Beth, can I? Pretty please?”

Beth smiled, touching her young lover’s cheek. “Of course you can, sweetheart,” she crooned. “but first, I just have to do this.” She claimed Polly’s mouth in a tender kiss, teasing the girl’s lips with the tip of her tongue.

With a tiny but impassioned moan Polly immediately responded, her own tongue meeting and mingling with Beth’s. They kissed for a long while, savoring the soft liquid sounds their mouths made.

Finally Beth broke away, transfixing little Polly with a smoldering glance. “Okay then, Pollybelle…” she murmured, raising herself to a sitting position, then sliding onto her tummy, making her movements as sultry and sensual as she could. “Here’s my butt, all warm and ready for you.” Thrusting her ass up, she gave her hips a slow grind, thrilled at the awed look on Polly’s face.

All but hypnotized by the sight of those firm, shapely globes, the child absently moistened her lips. “Wow,” she whispered.

“Like what you see, lover?” Beth purred, spreading her thighs further apart, wanting Polly to get a good look.

“Gosh, yes…” the girl breathed, hesitantly reaching out to touch the pale rump. “It’s so pretty.”

“Mmmmmm, that feels nice,” sighed Beth.

“C-can I kiss your bottom, Beth?” Polly shyly inquired, her hand resting on the older girl’s buttock.

Beth’s eyes flashed eagerly. “Oooh yeah, babe… I’d love you to!”

Polly slowly approached, nervously moistening her lips before placing a gentle kiss upon Beth’s left cheek.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” the teen moaned. “Keep doing that, Polly… don’t stop!”

Emboldened, little Polly drew even closer — grasping Beth’s hips, pressing her face into the smooth flesh as she gave her babysitter’s bottom one kiss after another, deepening those kisses as her excitement grew.

“Fuck!” Beth gasped, heartbeat thundering in her ears, overwhelmed by the eight-year-old’s instinct for sex play. Polly was practically making love to her ass, showering it with open-mouthed kisses.

Then she felt two little hands spreading her cheeks apart, sensed Polly’s warm breath caressing the crack of her ass. She tensed, her mouth hanging open. No fucking way, Beth told herself. She wouldn’t do that, not yet.

Polly stared hungrily at the treasures nestled between Beth’s parted legs. The pussy she already knew, and seeing how wet it was made the sight even more thrilling. Then there was another opening, the tight pink cleft just above Beth’s sex. That’s her butthole, Polly realized. She breathed deeply, taking in the thick, musky perfume of her older lover’s anus.

The impulse was there to kiss that puckered hole — maybe even lick it a little bit. Bet that’s something only bad girls do, she thought. Then again, she’d licked Beth’s pussy, and that had been the best!

Besides, Polly was coming to realize how much she liked being bad…

Unable to resist, the child pried Beth’s bottom open, even further than before, and plunged her face between the pale globes, pressing her lips firmly against the tender rosebud.

“Oh, jeez, Polly!” Beth cried, her breath coming in excited gasps.

Polly drew back to lick her lips, brow furrowed in concentration as she weighed the taste of the older girl’s bottom, deciding it was pretty good — not gross at all! The flavor was mostly like Beth’s pussy, but also sort of different.

Wanting another taste, the little girl bent to take an experimental lick, trailing her tongue through the teen’s butt crack, delighted to see how that made Beth shiver.

“God, Polly,” Beth moaned. “You… have… no idea how g-great that feels.”

Eager to bring pleasure to her new girlfriend, Polly pried Beth’s cheeks even further apart, burrowing between them to lick deeper, harder.

Beth pressed her face into the pillow’s squashy softness, her head reeling. For all the wild lesbian fantasies she’d indulged in since deciding her sexuality, this moment easily topped them all — getting her asshole licked by a beautiful little girl of eight.

That sweet fire was stoked and glowing between her legs once more, and Beth hastened to feed the blaze, thrusting a hand beneath her belly to masturbate. Polly’s enthused sucking had left the teen’s clitoris incredibly tender, so Beth just lightly teased it with the tip of a finger — gentle, barely-there touches that had her seeing stars.

Polly was really getting into rimming her babysitter, adorning Beth’s anus with passionate tongue kisses as if her butthole was a sexy mouth. It was a cooler game than any she’d ever played before.

Gosh, Polly thought, she really loves getting her bottom licked. Wonder if she’d do that to me?

Meanwhile, Beth’s brow was furrowed in concentration as she grasped for her pleasure, summoned it forth, felt it build — the throbbing of her sex made stronger by the backdoor oral action she was getting from Polly. The little girl was trailing her wet, warm tongue up and down Beth’s crack, and it felt utterly divine.

“Oh, yeah!” Beth blurted, feeling sweet release drawing nearer. “Oh, fuck — fuck!” It was close now, very close; all but breathing down the teen’s neck…

Then Beth’s body jerked violently, head rearing back as a hard jolt of an orgasm shook her slender frame. “Ohhhhhggggod Polly YES!” she screamed, pushing her ass back into the child’s face. “Don’tstopdon’tstopdon’tSTOP!”

Hanging on as best she could, Polly kept her face buried between Beth’s buttocks, determined to do all she could to make her new girlfriend feel wonderful.

Now Beth was beyond words. Great waves of pleasure crashed through the girl as if her body was a gong being hammered, stroke after exquisite stroke. The universe was reduced to fingers and clit; tongue and anus.

Hand busy between her legs, Beth drove herself further and higher until there was a sudden breaking through, leaving her floating in a gauzy void of glowing warmth. Her limp upper half collapsed onto the bed, face hitting the cool pillow with a smack.

Undaunted, Polly continued to rim the older girl, licking her hole until Beth pulled away. Rolling onto her back, the older girl extended her arms, gasping, “C’mere, babe.”

Polly crawled into the teen’s arms, where Beth rewarded her with a deep, hungry kiss. Tilting her head, the child met and matched her lover’s passion, meeting Beth’s thrusting tongue with her own. Finally, their lust sated, they gently broke apart.

“Oh, Pollybelle,” Beth whispered, reaching to brush the little girl’s bangs from her damp forehead, “that was incredible. I had no idea you were going to — to lick my bottom like that.”

“I… I didn’t know I was gonna do it!” a dazed Polly replied. “It just s-sorta happened.”

“Well, I’m glad it did. You made me feel great, sweetie… fantastic!” Beth cradled the child, nuzzling her face. “I adore you, Polly…”

“Um, so… can we maybe do this again sometime?”

Beth grinned wickedly. “Ohhhhh, yeah. You’re my girlfriend now, remember?” She left a line of soft kisses along Polly’s jawline, then licked around the edge of her ear, making Polly whimper. “I’m gonna do everything with you, my sexy little cutie… I’ll show you all the ways that two girls can fuck.”

“You used that word before!” gasped Polly, amused. “That’s a bad thing to say, too — isn’t it?”

Beth gave the girl a wry grin. “Yeah, it is, Pollybelle… but it’s also what we just did, you and me. We fucked.” Dipping her head, she traced the child’s lips with her tongue, then met her eyes again. “Say it for me, babe… tell me how you love to fuck me.”

Blushing furiously, Polly whispered the words Beth wanted to hear. “I love to f-fuck you, Beth…” then burst into gleeful giggles, thrilled by her boldness. “I do, I really, really do!” She cuddled into her babysitter. “Okay, say it to me some more!”

Beth drew away, transfixing her young lover with a smoldering stare. “Polly, I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than fuck you. I’d lick that sweet pussy of yours until you almost faint, it feels so good. Then I’d lick your ass, the same way you did to me.” As she spoke, Beth’s hand slid down Polly’s tummy to curl around her smooth pubis.

“Know what, sweetie?” she cooed. “I can’t wait. I’m gonna fuck you again — right now!”

Polly relaxed completely in Beth’s embrace, her head lolling on the teen’s shoulder as she gazed, dreamy-eyed, at the ceiling. “Oh. Ooooh, Beth… that’s soooooo nice!” she gasped, a sweet shudder coursing through her willowy frame as nimble fingers grazed her clitoris.

Beth’s lust had renewed itself as if by magic. With her right hand she masturbated the eight-year-old, while the left caressed Polly’s flat chest, brushing her tiny nipples to stiffness, whispering a litany of lust and desire into the child’s ear while pleasuring her. “My sexy little lover… God, it gets me so fucking hot to touch you like this, Pollybelle. I just wanna kiss you, taste you… make love to every inch of your beautiful, beautiful body. Oh, Polly, I love your pussy — so warm and wet and slippery.” She paused to nip playfully at Polly’s earlobe, and the girl mewed with delight. “Y’know what I’d like to do now, babe? Put my finger inside you… Would you let me do that, Polly? Can I slip my finger into that juicy little pussy of yours? I promise I’ll be gentle — and you’ll love how it feels. Can I, Polly? Pretty please?”

“Uh… uh-huh!” and a quick nod was all Polly could manage, out of breath as she was.

With that, Beth began to trace the little girl’s vaginal cleft with a finger, allowing the tip to slowly work its way inside. Polly’s slit was moist enough to allow for smooth penetration, and the child’s blue eyes widened in mixed pleasure and astonishment as the probing digit entered her, a millimeter at a time.

“Does this feel good?” Beth cooed, cradling the nude nymph.

“Y-y-yes!” gasped a shivering Polly.

Beth’s finger was now touching the thin membrane of her lover’s hymen. She dared not permit herself to take the child’s virginity, not just yet — but there were other ways to give her pleasure. Beth began to move her finger about in tiny circles, stimulating the walls of Polly’s vagina, then commenced to work it in and out, in and out.

“Oh, Beth… oh my gosh, Beth!”

Grinning wickedly, the teen allowed her other hand to glide down the little girl’s baby-soft tummy to between her thighs, seeking out the nubbin of Polly’s clitoris. Locating the tiny bump, Beth lightly tweaked it between two fingers.

A hoarse cry erupted from Polly’s throat, her thin frame seizing up as she exploded into orgasm. Beth held on tightly to the twitching girl, concentrating on pumping her finger in and out of Polly’s cunt without breaking the hymen.

The child’s rapture quickly mounted to an unimaginable height, punctuated by a tiny shriek. Beth continued to masturbate her until Polly lay limp and trembling in her older lover’s embrace.

Beth cradled the flushed girl, showering her with soft kisses and whispering, “Sweet little girl… my precious baby, I love you…”

Sighing contentedly, Polly curled up like a kitten, letting Beth cuddle her. “Love you, too,” she whispered.

They lay together for a long while; finally, Beth roused herself. “C’mon, Pollybelle… we’ve got to get ourselves cleaned up before your mom gets home.”

Yawning, Polly slowly sat up. “Mmmmm… okay.” Then she grinned. “Wanna take a bath with me?”

Beth tousled the child’s now mussed hair. “I like the way you think, cutie-pie. Let’s go!”

Minutes later Polly and Beth were in the tub, happily washing one another. It took far longer to get clean than it ordinarily might have because the girls were having such a lovely time at it, pausing again and again to exchange kisses.

Finally they emerged from their bath, bodies gleaming wetly. Grabbing a towel, Beth began to rub down the giggling girl — then she stopped herself as an idea made itself felt.

“Hey, Polly?” she murmured, “I wanna try something. Put your hands on the edge of the bathtub and bend over.”

“Okay,” piped Polly, who happily obliged. Beth feasted her eyes once more on her new lover’s bare bottom, now glistening from their bath. Kneeling behind the child, she moved in to place a tender kiss upon the left buttock, then the right.

A tiny squeak of delight escaped Polly’s lips when Beth pressed her face into the softness of the little girl’s rump, adorning the warm, still damp flesh with open-mouthed kisses.

“Oh, gosh,” moaned Polly. “Ooooooohh… oh, Beth!”

The teen’s heart thumped crazily as she made love to the eight-year-old’s pert little ass. Then she carefully pried the smooth globes apart, absently moistening her lips as she stared at her ultimate prize — the jewel of Polly’s anus.

Closing her eyes, Beth ran her tongue through the dark pink cleft, licking lustily at the child’s rosebud.

Polly responded with a giggle that trailed off into a blissful sigh… then as Beth’s tongue traced circles around the anal pucker, the little girl began to whimper with delight. “Oh, wow… that, that f-feels wonderful…”

Almost absently, Polly placed a hand upon her mound and began to touch herself.

Beth’s very soul was aglow with happiness. To be on her knees before this beautiful child and licking at her butthole seemed like a glimpse of heaven. No matter what happens, she thought, even if we get caught, I swear it’s worth it for this.

Then she realized with a start that Polly was masturbating.

Jesus, the teen marveled. Can she actually come a third time? Beth had no idea if such a thing was even possible — but she quickly realized that the child was doing her level best to make it happen!

What the hell, Beth decided. Let’s go for the gold.

She began to fondle Polly, exploring as much of the eight-year-old’s body as she could reach while continuing to rim her. Pressing even deeper into Polly’s crack, she gave the young girl’s anus a wet French kiss, her lips sucking and slurping at the tiny opening.

Polly was quivering now, her breath coming in quick bursts as if she were running. Beth’s hot mouth was doing wonderful things to her butthole — and there were lovely hands gliding everywhere, touching her legs, tummy, arms, bottom. She rubbed eagerly at her slit, very much wanting to make those big, wonderful feelings happen again. By this time she was thrusting her ass back into Beth’s face, eager for more of her teenage lover’s oral attention.

As Beth gave the child what she wanted, her hands were busy caressing Polly’s flat chest. Finding a tiny nipple, she teased it, then took the bud between finger and thumb to give it a pinch.

That was enough to send Polly into orgasm, her choked cry ringing out in the humid bathroom.

Beth clutched the little girl as she came, her tongue still busy between those pert cheeks. Finally, the teen raised her head as she felt Polly sway. Taking hold of the eight-year-old’s waist, she carefully lowered the child to the floor, resting her against the bathtub in a seated position.

Reaching up to touch the flushed girl’s cheek, Beth grinned. “You okay, kiddo?”

Bangs plastered wetly to her forehead, her chest rising and falling with every deep breath, Polly slowly nodded. “Okay… yeah, I’m okay.” She gave Beth a dazed smile. “Oh, Beth… y-you’re so good to me. I love you.” Seizing the older girl’s hand, she clumsily kissed it once, twice, three times.

Beth drew nearer to the girl, straddling her outstretched legs. “I love you too, Pollybelle.” Tilting her head, she claimed Polly’s mouth in a tender kiss. The child responded immediately, her tongue darting between Beth’s parted lips.

As they kissed passionately, Beth’s head swam. My God, it’s true. I’m in love for the first time in my life, and it’s with a girl who’s still in second grade. What a crazy situation!

Gently breaking away, Beth sighed happily. “Well, come on, babe… we need to get dried off and into some clothes.” She stood, then extended a hand to Polly, helping the little girl to her feet. “Actually, I guess it’s time for you to put on your pajamas, huh?”

“Yeah,” replied Polly, raising both arms as Beth resumed the task of drying her.

Minutes later, the girls were back in Polly’s room, getting dressed.

“Listen, sweetheart,” Beth began, slipping into her jeans, “I feel really great that you’re my girlfriend and all, but you know we have to keep this a secret, right?”

“Mmmm. Yeah, I guess so,” murmured Polly, wriggling her arms through the sleeves of a flowery pajama top.

Beth knelt before the child, placing both hands on her shoulders. “Seriously, Pollybelle. You can’t tell anyone about us. Not even your best friend, and definitely not your mom. If people find out, we’ll never be able to make love again, not ever. Understand?”

Struck by the sober expression on Beth’s face, Polly whispered, “I won’t tell, Beth. I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.”

“Good,” the teen nodded, her smile returned. “Now go brush your teeth, and let’s get you into bed. I’ll read you a nice story.”

“Okay,” chirped Polly, padding into the bathroom. “But… can we maybe kiss some more, too?”

Beth laughed. “Oh, we’ll kiss, all right. Just try to keep me away from those yummy lips, cutie!”

Soon, Polly was tucked snugly into bed with Beth stretched out next to her, holding an open storybook and reading. “After the feast, the Laziest Man fell into his bed like a log. But a strange thing happened to him. Though his eyes closed, he did not really sleep.”

Polly poked Beth’s shoulder. “Another kiss, please…” she giggled.

Marking her place with a finger, Beth closed the book, then leaned into the happy child. Their mouths met, and the two lovers shared a soft, sweet and very romantic kiss, tongues playfully engaging.

After a moment, Beth broke away with a smile for her childish lover, found her place, and took up the thread of the story once more. “Though his eyes closed, he did not really sleep. In his mind he kept hearing peals of silvery laughter. Limply — for he never moved fast — he pulled the blanket over his head, but the laughter continued in his brain. And for the first time in his lazy life, he became awake.”

“Another kiss,” Polly sighed dreamily, again nudging her babysitter.

“You forgot to say ‘please’,” retorted Beth as she dipped down to swap another sensuous French kiss with Polly. This time when they parted, the little girl found herself yawning hugely.

“Hey!” Beth mock-pouted. “Are my kisses boring you? Maybe I shouldn’t give you any more!”

“Noooooo!” protested Polly. “M’sorry, Beth… I don’t wanna be sleepy, but — I kinda am anyhow.” She yawned again. “Ooooh… damn it!”

Beth laughed. “Don’t cuss like that around your mom! She’ll think I taught you how.” She tousled the child’s hair. “It’s okay, sweet stuff. You’ve been through a lot tonight. Getting in trouble, getting spanked… learning how to make love, then a nice hot bath… you came three times, y’know! That’s a lot for a little girl.”

Puzzled, the drowsy child peered at Beth. “I… came?”

“You did,” Beth cooed, drawing Polly into her arms. “Remember that great big intense feeling you got when we were doing sex stuff? They call that ‘coming’. It’s also called an orgasm. Ever hear that word before?”

Polly shook her head. “Uh-uh. So if you’re coming… where are you coming from?”

“It doesn’t work that way,” Beth chuckled. “You just come. That’s all.” Polly yawned again. “Oh, my… I know a little girl who need to get some rest.”

“Guess so,” mumbled Polly. “Can you kiss me one more time, then keep reading ’till I’m asleep? I like to hear you talk.”

“Sure thing, babe.” Her lips found Polly’s, and the girls kissed lovingly, tongues mingling. Parting, Beth whispered. “I love you, sweet Pollybelle. Sweet dreams.”

“Love you, Beth,” Polly breathed. “G’night.”

Opening her book, Beth again resumed the story. “And for the first time in his lazy life, he became awake. As the hours passed, he became more and more awake. In fact, the Laziest Man did not sleep a wink that night.”

She read on for a few more paragraphs, then paused to glance down at Polly, smiling when she saw that the child, unlike the Laziest Man in the World, was fast asleep.

Carefully rising from the bed, Beth bent to touch her lips to Polly’s forehead. She studied the peaceful face of the little girl, then turned off the bedside lamp before quietly exiting the room, turning back for one last glance. The child’s face was positively angelic, lit by the faint illumination from her night light.


About two hours later, Judy Ryan entered the silent house, keys in hand. She peered into the living room. Beth, seated on the sofa, glanced up from her history textbook.

“Hi, Mrs. Ryan,” the teen murmured, putting down her pencil and stretching. “Did you enjoy the show?”

“Oh, it was wonderful!” Judy replied. “We really felt the spirit. How’s Polly? She behaved herself, I hope.”

“Like an angel. I put her to bed a couple of hours ago. Last time I checked, she was fast asleep.”

“Good,” Judy nodded, setting her purse down on the coffee table. “Listen, Beth. I wanted to apologize for what I said earlier tonight… you know, that you didn’t understand about morals. I wasn’t saying that you were a bad person — you’re just young, and haven’t seen what a… destructive place the world can be.” She paused. “I was pretty upset about Polly, what I caught her doing. I’m sorry if I took it out on you.”

“Oh, that’s all right,” Beth mildly replied. “My feelings weren’t hurt.”

Judy seated herself in the easy chair. “It’s so hard, raising a child in this day and age. Especially a little girl.” She sighed. “So many wicked influences, everywhere you look. It’s the biggest trial of being a parent, you see — protecting your young one from corruption.” She gave a weary smile. “I’m luckier than most, I guess. Lord knows Polly makes mistakes, but she’s still a good girl at heart.”

“She’s a great kid, Mrs. Ryan,” Beth nodded. “Of all the children I babysit, she’s my favorite.”

“Well… that’s really sweet of you to say,” Judy replied.

Beth leaned forward. “Say, Mrs. Ryan… I know you have to work late all through the week, so Polly has to be alone for awhile after school–”

Judy’s gaze hardened slightly. “There’s nothing I can do about that. It’s my shift; there’s no way for me to get home any earlier.” She folded her arms, frowning at the teenage girl. “Why do you mention it?”

“Well… since Polly and I get out at the same time, and Green Springs Elementary is only a couple of blocks away from the high school, I thought that I could maybe, y’know, meet her after school and bring her home, maybe even stay with her for a little while.”

Judy’s mouth opened, then closed. Finally, she spoke, narrowing her eyes slightly. “I don’t understand. Are you looking for more babysitting work? Do you need to earn extra cash for something?”

Beth shook her head. “No, no… you don’t have to pay me, Mrs. Ryan.” Careful, now. Don’t make her suspicious. “It’s just that… I pass Polly’s school on my way home, and you live so close by anyhow…” She pointed at her history textbook. “If it’s okay with you, I’d just study in here until you get home. To be honest, your house is way quieter than mine. My brothers…” She rolled her eyes. “They’re always kicking up a huge racket. I’d get a lot more of my schoolwork done here.”

Absently stroking her chin, Judy considered the teen’s proposal, finally nodding. “That does sound good. I’ve never liked Polly having to be at home by herself.” She leaned forward. “You have to let me give you something for your trouble, though. How about ten dollars a week?”

“Well… I could use the money,” Beth admitted, trying to conceal her growing excitement. “Okay, Mrs. Ryan. It’s a deal.”

“So — you’ll be here this Monday, then.”

“Sure,” Beth replied, gathering her things and rising. “I really should get going. It’s past my bedtime.”

“All right,” murmured Judy, reaching for her purse and fishing inside for her wallet. She extracted a few bills, paused, added another, then handed the money to Beth. “Thanks again for staying so late — and for everything else.”

The teen gave Judy a sunny smile. “My pleasure, Mrs. Ryan.” They moved toward the front door. “Oh, and if it’s okay with you, don’t tell Polly yet about me coming home with her. I’d like to surprise her on Monday.” A ripple of sexual heat wafted through Beth as she pictured the child’s ecstatic response to the news.

“I won’t,” Judy nodded as she opened the door. “I’m sure she’ll be happy about it. Polly thinks the world of you.”

“Oh, the feeling’s mutual. Like I said — she’s my favorite. Good night!” With a brief wave, Beth set off for home.

Judy gazed thoughtfully at the lithe, attractive teen as she vanished into the night. Well, well, she reflected, how about that? I found myself someone to look after Polly in the afternoons — and for a heck of a lot less than I’d usually have to pay.

She nodded, pleased with herself. She’s a decent enough girl, I guess… bet she’s not a virgin, though. Young women these days — they just don’t believe in purity anymore.

She wandered back inside, closing the door behind her. Hope she attends a decent church, at least. I’ll have to find some way to bring the subject up.


Beth sauntered down the street toward her home, its porch light visible in the distance. Her eyes were dancing with thrilled delight, a wicked smile on her lips.

My, my, my, she told herself. Isn’t that something? Goody-two-shoes Judy Ryan, paying me ten bucks a week to fuck her little girl.

The End


This story is an adaptation and major expansion of “Comforting Molly,” a very brief vignette by Leslita writer Tom. I loved this story, immediately feeling an urge to play with it. Originally, it was going to be a short piece I expected to have finished in two weeks tops; instead it grew and grew into what you see here. My sincere thanks to Tom — first, for inspiring me to create with his words; second, for generously permitting me to share the result with you.


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  1. Kelly Ann says:

    Dear Jetboy,

    Having done my fair share of babysitting I found “Comforting Polly” to be an absolute delight! I was totally aborbed in the character of Beth. This is one I’ll be reading over and over!

    I’ve long been a fan of yours! In fact I’m hoping you might post a story from Loliwood Studios… “Close Up: Images of Desire”. Being a fan of photography I’ve had many fantasies about being a photographer of cute girls and that story just fanned those flames!

    And also I wanted to thank you for allowing my story to post on the new site. I’m very flattered to be linked in a small way to such great talent as yourself and Cheryl and of course, The Naughty Mommy! So please keep sharing your talent, I really look forward to more great work!

  2. JetBoy says:

    Bless your bones, Kelly Ann. (That’s what my kinfolk say to kind people.) Your praise is tastier than a hot fudge sundae.

    I do plan to post “Close ups” here sometime, but want to polish it up a bit first. Bear with me, dear heart.

  3. Rita says:

    Terrific story. I liked how you show the narrow mindedness of the Mom and the sweet budding relationship between Beth & Polly. Both tender and highly erotic

  4. JetBoy says:

    Blessings upon you, Rita. Your praise is as a cold beverage to a parched throat.

  5. kimberly says:

    OK I made it 3 times just like Polly, I hope at some point another chapter, but if not, this was more than satisfying

  6. How I love that our little site is bringing so many orgasms to so many good people. Just thinking of it makes Mommy juicy!! 😀

  7. hludens says:

    Mom is the real challenge. I’d like to see you find a way to get her drawn into the web of unleashed desire. She’s simmering, simmering simmering…Jetboy brings her to a boil….

  8. kimberly says:

    every one loves a juicy Mommy , especially a Naughty Mommy, love your stories too. and Cheryl

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    Thank you, Kimberly!

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    Im generally not too crazy about the underage stories wen its not incest. Not that i dislike them. But the incest ones are just SO full of love. You can just always tell how much they love eachother, it makes the stories sooo sweet. Anyways i do really like this one tho cuz of the charming hurt/comfort plot. Not to mention the visual of a little sweetie pie shoving a toothbrush up her pooper is insanely hot lmao

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    She said she came to pee and fingered herself upon hearing me. I was so happy I just wish we could have been in the same room seeing each other instead.

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    Infinite thanks to you lovely folks for the praise… and for giving yourselves orgasms to my stories! That’s the best tribute of all.

  13. Manu says:

    An excellent story JetBoy! It’s definitely one of my favorites on this site that I’ve read so far! The story of a cute little 8 year old with no sexual knowledge save for her own discoveries, and not even knowing they’re sexual, who awakens to the bliss of lesbian sex by her teen babysitter, it’s a real turn on. Her mother would’ve never thought the punishment she gave to her daughter would be the starting point for the teen’s seduction of the little girl, which makes it a bit more twisted. I always like to think of an aftermath to everything, here being that they were happily lovers until Beth went to college, and when she finished and little Polly grew up she came back for her to go live with her away from her mother and her hometown and happily ever after.

    Eithey way, amazing story which gave me up to 5 orgasms, and more to come (pun intended) the next time I read it. Keep it up!

  14. Bobbiepanties says:

    Just read this story for the first time and I must say it got me rock solid after the first few paragraphs.Had a lovely cum after I finished reading it.Super hot.

  15. Bryan says:

    Hot hot story

  16. VerityVioletViola says:

    Ah yes, I remember stumbling upon the vignette this was based upon on Leslita back in the day. I wasn’t terribly fond of that original version, honestly–it struck me as being too “glib”, shallow, and Beth’s motivations came across (intentionally or not) as essentially “predatory” and mainly malicious (towards the ultra-religious mother, delighting in undermining her as a primary motive alongside basic lust) more than “organic” and affectionately benevolent towards the little girl. The reason I remembered it is because comfort sex is one of my absolute favorite kinds, probably my very favorite context in which such desires and explorations might unfold, so I felt the premise had potential that, disappointingly for me, wasn’t sufficiently fleshed-out (pun not intended!) the way I would’ve liked. But I have to hand it to you, JetBoy, as this version is definitely better, since it considerably “softens” what I found offputting in the original, and lets the reader get a better feel for the characters with the extended length–plus it focuses a bit more upon the gentle comfort aspect I prize so highly in erotic fiction.

    (Side note: Bizarrely, I remember the original differently from how it currently appears on the Leslita archive as linked here–the story that appears when I click the link lacks certain lines, for instance, that I would’ve sworn I remembered in the vignette I read years ago. Such as “Goody-two-shoes Judy Ryan, paying me ten bucks a week to fuck her little girl.” I’m positive that that sentence or something very close to it appeared in the original vignette that I found back then (I only remember it as it was a major part of what left a sour taste about this story, for me), but now it isn’t in “Comforting Molly” as linked here? And so forth…hmm, quite the mystery. Perhaps I read an even earlier version of “Comforting Molly” that appeared on Leslita before all the turmoil and site changes starting in 2015ish, or I’m conflating another story (by the same author?) with it in my mind. Either that, or I’m just misremembering, but I really don’t think so. Strange.)

    As a final aside and a teensy tidbit of constructive criticism (admittedly also based a little on personal preference, but…), I loathe the word “cooed”, haha. (Just makes my skin crawl for some reason, like how many people supposedly dislike and have a similar aversion to the word “moist”.) It is one of a handful of silly words (“ministrations” is another example) that one almost exclusively encounters in erotica, and that I contend ought to be permanently banished from the genre henceforth and evermore. ;-P In all seriousness, it is severely overused where other more varied terms would preferably suffice (and it can take the reader out of the prose, being a word that one doesn’t hear or read much in any other context in the normal course of things–“exotic erotic” words are okay, but using one in such a perfunctory function/role as a stand-in for “said” sticks out like a sore thumb, which is what interrupts the flow, as it reminds one that “hey, you’re reading erotica!” and in that sense breaks the immersion…if that makes any sense?), as I think many erotica readers could admit even if they don’t dislike the word in itself. I dunno–“whispered”, “moaned”, “uttered”, “uttered sweetly (or other adverb of choice)”, or simply “said”, any of those and plenty of other words would work much better, function more effectively than “cooed” just about anywhere the latter is used. I know it appears many times in the original vignette by a different author, but I mention this here as, while his writing in our treasured niche is otherwise undoubtedly top-notch (and contributions and efforts in establishing/maintaining/running this site are absolutely appreciated, of course!), JetBoy is one of the worst offenders in this regard overall. ;-P A minor gripe, perhaps, admittedly maybe a little nitpicky, and one I’m able to overlook, but still something to consider.

    • JetBoy says:

      This comes up a lot more often than one might think… readers who are irked by certain words. I recall complaints about “knickers,” “glistening,” the use of “bud” to describe the clitoris, “slit” (too much like a knife wound, one reader protested), and more. And yeah, I’ve heard gripes about “moist,” too.

      My own prejudice is the use of the word “cum” to describe an orgasm, especially a woman’s orgasm. Far as I’m concerned, there is only one definition of cum, and that’s the substance otherwise known as male ejaculate. Therefore, that word should seldom, if ever, be seen at this particular site.

      While I do respect the creative difference of others, I’m reluctant to eliminate a word from my lexicon unless it’s literally incorrect in that context. Furthermore, I’ll have to completely disagree that the word “cooed,” is only used in erotica… not true, folks.

      Oh, and finally… the line about Goody-two-shoes Judy Ryan was definitely my own creation. I fleshed her intolerance of all things sexual out quite a bit for the purpose of this story. I remember women very much like her when I still lived in the Deep South, every one a total killjoy.

      • VerityVioletViola says:

        Hm, I didn’t realize that readers’ distaste for certain words was so common and varied as to even include all of those you mentioned, but I suppose I’m not surprised, especially with regard to terms for sexual organs and their various functions and responses, undergarments and so forth. Going down that list for a moment (just for the purpose of idle discussion) and injecting my (unsolicited) two cents:

        I don’t really have any major problem with “knickers” (as I understand it, it’s simply the UK- and possibly Commonwealth-wide equivalent of “panties”) in itself, though as an American it does indeed register as “foreign” to me. It does however pettily vex me a bit when sets of essentially equivalent British/Commonwealth and American English terms are used inconsistently within a story, such as when both alternately appear with no discernible underlying rhyme or reason, or when a piece set in the US features exclusively American characters and/or an otherwise distinctly American POV/narratrix voice who, strangely, happen to (for instance) all wear “knickers” instead of “panties” and refer to their “Mummies” (or vice versa, though as many may imagine, that situation does–hypocritically I admit–bother me rather less). I just finished reading a novel-length story the other day in which, inexplicably, “Mommy/Mom” suddenly switches to “Mummy/Mum” for a single chapter/installment; I can only assume that a temporary editor and some hasty or nonexistent last-minute proofreading before posting might be responsible for that. That instance especially got my persnickety little hackles up, haha, as it was a concurrent example of both aforementioned inconsistencies!

        Personally I’ve no problem whatsoever with “glistening”, and the only valid objection I can presently think of to “bud” for clitoris is that the longer “rosebud” is not infrequently used to refer to the anus (potentially, that could get confusing, though the literally and figuratively florid term for “externally-visible anal sphincter” is almost never shortened to just “bud”, so perhaps not). I do see that reader’s point about “slit”, although I wouldn’t go quite so far as to draw that conclusion myself–“slit” here and there is more-or-less okay by me, if a little crudely reductive. I can’t say I necessarily share your perspective on “cum” (though it does make sense), but while I don’t object to it in stories I read per se (irrespective of whether it functions as a noun or a verb), I’m disinclined to use the three-letter spelling often in any context in my own writing, simply because I’ve always found it a tad too much on the (overly) raunchy/crass side for my tastes (I realize, however, why that spelling I disfavor–markedly sexual at a glance without any split-second confusion of polysemous ambiguity–is more popular).

        In any case, I do certainly understand your larger point and feel about as silly as I anticipated I might in raising that bit of criticism–as after all, with that many gripes and groans, if you were to “eliminate” every word someone confessed or may confess a personal aversion to from it, you might be left with a much sparser functional lexicon indeed! I stand by my contention that “cooed” is nonetheless markedly overused in this niche, regardless. And that while it isn’t exclusively used in erotica, literally speaking, I’ve encountered it far more frequently there than in any other genre, flavor of prose or sort of writing, in which I very occasionally, but almost never come across it. A more pronounced example among similar lines is the word “ministrations”, which appears in decidedly non-erotic usage in antiquarian texts/works, but lives on exclusively (for all intents and purposes) in erotica–one would be very hard-pressed to find many (if any) instances of its usage in non-erotic(a) contexts in the present day (i.e., past several decades), unless the intent of the author is to emulate or evoke that older style. Which, in turn, is reminiscent of the still more extreme example of the archaic “intercourse” in its broader original definition being used to refer to, say, trade or reciprocal human interaction generally–unremarkable at one point, but would only provoke giggles and guffaws now, at least since the “sexual revolution” and likely even long before.

        I’ll take your word for it, of course, about the “Goody-two-shoes Judy Ryan” line–then I must be experiencing something like the so-called “Mandela effect” there, or conflating it in my memory with a similar line in a different story. Just to clarify, I completely get the fleshing-out of that character’s prudish intolerance aspect, it’s just that the very concept of any kind of “ulterior motive” behind an older character’s desire/inclination/motivation to pursue a sexual relationship with a younger character (such as to spite another person/caregiver, or whatever) makes me uncomfortable, as a trope. (It isn’t a very common trope, but I’ve seen it here and there.) In this case, though, I read it as Beth more amused at the irony than actually having a crystallized “ulterior motive” per se.

        Anyway, to end on a more positive and directly pertinent note, I really did like this version of the story, as there are some lovely tender moments. My favorite line is:

        “Beth cradled the flushed girl, showering her with soft kisses and whispering, ‘Sweet little girl… my precious baby, I love you…'”

  17. Mike says:

    Fantastic Story, wish that Pollys mum would lighten up, those religious holier then thou people are the worst, it would be great if the mother could be seduced by the babysitter though I suspect it would take a small miracle.
    Such a brilliant & erotic story love your work Jetboy

  18. Jacob says:

    Lovely story. I would love to read a part three in which Beth happens to witness one of Polly’s spankings, and of course helps her with her arousal afterwards. Anyways, just a suggestion:)

  19. SnuggleBunny says:

    Wonderful story! Had my panties wet before they even started doing anything. I have a weird kink about bottomless little girls, and just thinking about little Polly standing there against the wall like that, then still laying on her bed sans panties when Beth walks in had me going! It reminded me of a time where I got out of my car and witnessed a mother and her two daughters in their front yard. The younger girl, who was about 4, was standing there in just a t-shirt with her pretty little kitty and bum proudly on display. Needless to say, after I left, I had to find a secluded place to park and take care of some “business”.

    Thank you for sharing this.


  20. Joe Dornish says:

    I was drawn here by the most recent comment but I found the earlier conversation about the use of certain words very interesting.
    I actually like the word moist, but rarely use it because I know so many folks don’t like it. As a Brit, most of my stories are set in the UK so I use the word knickers frequently and in general I’m very cautious to use British English vocabulary in my stories, not just because it’s correct given the settings I use and is my mother tongue, but because it helps to bring the readers mind into the UK.

    However, the UK is heavily influenced by US culture, especially so the younger generations. For example, I’ve heard the word panties used fairly often. If I were to be completely realistic I’d slip the odd US English word in some dialogue occasionally. But that just wouldn’t work, I feel the inconsistency would be distracting and confusing. It’s an odd scenario where not being completely accurate with dialogue leads to a more believable character.

    To switch between US and British English can be difficult. I think Jetboy and I had one or two very interesting conversations about which word was correct given the context and the readership when he edited my story.

    But such challenges are one of the reasons I enjoy writing so much.

    And finally, this was a great story, I enjoyed it very much indeed.

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