Pint-Sized Picasso

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by Ebo

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Pint-sized Picasso.

That was how Miranda had come to think of the little girl she was babysitting. It wasn’t exactly accurate, the girl’s style of art light years from old Pablo’s. Still, she liked the alliteration, so it stuck.

Her real name was Tanya and she was eleven going on forty. Miranda loved babysitting her because she was more than capable of taking care of herself. She liked to joke that Tanya was an old lady trapped in a girl’s body. It always drew a sheepish grin from the girl.

It was an easy gig that paid well. She could do her college homework and not have to worry about Tanya burning down the house. She’d babysat a few kids who she couldn’t say the same about.

Her artwork had been unsettling at first, but Miranda could deal with that little eccentricity. The last kid she babysat was a monster. It was a horrible thing to think about a child but this girl had been a sociopath, had scared the hell out of Miranda the three months she had watched her. She still had the occasional nightmare about her.

Tanya was a sweetie, funny and smart. Miranda was having a blast watching her, actually looked forward to seeing her. She was fond of her, had grown attached to her in just a few months.

So, when she discovered the sketches of her naked in the girl’s artbook, she hadn’t freaked out like the last three babysitters.

Well, she had freaked out a little, she had to admit.

Grinning, she remembered that day, when she made the discovery…

She’d made dinner for Tanya and her, called for the girl. When she didn’t answer, Miranda had gone in search of her. She’d found the girl propped up against her headboard, her knees drawn up and her sketch pad resting on her thighs. Humming along with whatever she was listening to on her MP3 player, she was oblivious to her babysitter entering the room.

Her mother had said the girl liked to draw, then looked like she wished she hadn’t brought it up. Miranda had found it odd then, but hadn’t asked about it. With the girl distracted, she thought she might catch a glimpse of her latest project.

Tanya became aware of her before she got close enough to see what she was drawing, quickly closed the book. She looked like the cat who still had feathers in its teeth, couldn’t look more guilty if she tried.

“What are you drawing? Can I see?”

“Mom says I’m not supposed to show anyone my drawings,” she said, looking down at her sketchbook on her thighs, “Especially not my babysitter.”

“Why on earth not?”

“She said the last three quit because of my drawings,” Tanya said, her lip trembling like she might cry, “I didn’t mean to make them quit.”

“Honey,” Miranda said, sitting on the bed beside her, stroked her shoulder reassuringly, “I seriously doubted you made them quit.”


“Of course not,” Miranda said, smiling, “So let me see. I can’t imagine anything you could have drawn that would make me stop babysitting you.”

The girl was unsure, looked down at the pad. Miranda took a hold of it and the girl relinquished it after a gentle game of tug of war. She smiled at the girl, gave her shoulder one more squeeze to comfort her, then opened the book.

She was stunned by the half finished sketch, several thoughts scrambling for purchase in her spinning head. First was the fact the drawing was incredibly detailed, so realistic it was like looking at a black and white photograph. The second was that it was a sketch of her sitting naked at the kitchen table downstairs. The girl had captured her likeness so clearly that she thought for a moment she had actually sat at the table naked.

This was ridiculous, of course; she’d never do such a thing.

The girl was looking at her, her big brown eyes like windows to her soul. Miranda could see her vulnerability, her fear in them. She forced her own uneasiness aside, managed a smile for the girl. The smile the girl offered in return was a hesitant one.

“It is beautiful, sweetie,” she said, which was true enough. The drawing was incredibly detailed, wonderfully rendered. She had skills at shading that would make most artists weep with joy to have.

“You like it,” the girl asked, her tone hopeful.

Again, Miranda felt a soft spot for her.

“You are very talented,” she said, which really wasn’t an answer. She wasn’t sure how she felt about the drawing. Hopefully the girl wouldn’t push for a better answer.

“Thanks,” Tanya said, grinning brightly.

“Tanya, honey,” Miranda said, faltered as she searched for the right way to ask what she needed to know, “Can you tell me about the picture?”

“What do you want to know?”

“Why am I naked, sweetie?”

“Are you upset,” she said, tears in her eyes when she looked at Miranda, “Please don’t be mad at me!”

“I’m not mad,” Miranda said, hugging the girl, “I’m… Confused. Can you tell me why you wanted to draw me naked?”

“It is something I like to do,” she said, looking away, “Draw naked people.”

“Does your mom know about your drawings?”

She nodded, still wouldn’t look at Miranda, “She says I should try to draw something else. Says it isn’t proper for a girl my age to draw the things I do. I tried… I really did. I drew birds… and puppies… and flowers, but this is what I really like to draw.”

“Did you draw your other babysitters?”

Tanya looked away, which was answer enough. Miranda was beginning to understand what had happened, why the others quit. Tanya had drawn them and they had found out, maybe saw the drawings. It was a little disconcerting, seeing herself naked as rendered by an eleven year old’s hand. She could see why they would want to leave.

“Honey,” Miranda said, surprised at her own calmness, “You can’t draw people like this without their permission. It isn’t nice.”

“I know,” she said, still not looking at Miranda, “Are you going to leave like the others?”

“Do you promise not to draw any more pictures of me or anyone else without their permission?”

She nodded, didn’t meet Miranda’s eyes.

“That isn’t going to get it done, kiddo,” she said, putting her hand on the girl’s chin and turning her head so she had to look at her, “I want you to promise me.”

“I promise,” she said, tears streaming down her cheeks, “Please don’t quit.”

“I’m going to hold you to that promise,” she said, then grinned, “I’m going to be around to make sure you keep it.”

The girl exploded into her arms, her sketchbook sent flying. Tanya hugged her fiercely, cried against her neck. Miranda hugged her back, stroked her hair affectionately.


The next time she babysat for Tanya, her mother had pulled her aside, “Tanya told me you saw her drawing. I’m so sorry. I-“

“It’s fine,” Miranda said, cutting her off with a smile, “It was a little embarrassing but I’m fine. Compared to the last girl I babysat, this is nothing.”

“I assure you, this won’t happen, again.”

“Tanya made me a promise, no more sketches without my permission. I think she is good for it.”

Her mother had given her a surprised smile, shook her head in wonder, “You are truly a godsend, Miranda.”

Miranda went looking for the girl after her mother left, found her in her room. It was a replay of when she had discovered her drawing habits. She was leaning against her headboard, her knees drawn up with her drawing tablet on her knees. The only difference was she wasn’t drawing. She was just staring at the book, lost in thought.

“Hey, kiddo,” she said, stepping into the room, “Whatcha drawing?”

“I don’t know what to draw,” she said, looked frustrated, “I tried a few things but couldn’t get interested in any of them.”

Miranda felt a twinge of guilt. She knew what the girl wanted to draw but she had forbade it. Tanya was trying to keep her promise and was miserable for it. Still, she didn’t feel guilty enough to let the girl draw naked pictures of her.

“I know it isn’t easy, sweetie,” she said, sitting on the bed, “Doing the right thing rarely is.”

With a sigh, the girl closed her book, set it aside.



She looked up from her homework, saw the girl standing across the table from her. Smiling, she marked her place, closed the book, said, “What’s up, buttercup?”

The smile the line drew wasn’t the megawatt grin she used to have. The girl seemed diminished, just a wisp of her former self. In the three weeks since making her promise, she was quieter, didn’t smile as much.

Not for the first time since then, Miranda felt a twist in her heart. She’d taken something from the girl, something she loved and it had left a huge hole in her spirit. It broke her own heart to see her like this.

“Um, I was wondering,” the girl said, shuffling nervously, “You said I couldn’t draw anyone without their permission. I was…”

“Are you asking my permission?”

Tanya nodded, looked down at her feet.

The twist, again, like a knife in her chest. She hated seeing her like this, couldn’t stand it anymore.

“It’s an important part of you, isn’t it, kiddo,” she said, her voice full of sympathy, “these pictures of yours?”

She looked up, her limpid eyes once again saying more than her words ever could. Miranda saw her answer.

“Alright,” she said, folding like wet cardboard, “this one time.”

The girl perked up, her eyes hopeful. Miranda had to laugh at her enthusiasm but held up a hand, “Emphasis on this ONE time.”

Faster than Miranda would have thought possible, the girl rounded the table and she found herself being hugged, again. The girl gave her a kiss on the cheek, said, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

“Alright, now scat,” she said, laughing, “I have homework to finish.”

“Okay,” the girl said, breathless with excitement.

“And Tanya,” Miranda said, grinning, “if you feel like taking a few pounds off my hips and butt, I’d be okay with that.”

The girl giggled as she ran out of the room. Miranda watched her go, wondered if she’d made the right decision. Right or not, it lifted her spirits to see the brilliant smile back on the girl’s face.


“I found this in Tanya’s room,” Tanya’s mother said, passing a piece of thick paper to Miranda.

She laughed self consciously when she saw her naked body on the page, lovingly rendered with each swipe of the pencil. Again, she was struck at how realistic the picture was, like a photograph. She had to touch it in one corner to make sure the lead smudged under her fingertips.

The girl didn’t take off the freshman fifteen, like I had asked, Miranda thought with a mental grin.

“She says you gave her permission.”

She looked at the woman, then cringed, “I’m sorry. I should have asked you first. It’s just… It broke my heart, seeing her so listless. She seems lost without her art. I don’t know… I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

Her mother looked at her for a long moment, then a sad smile spread on her face, “I know what you mean. It’s been killing me, this last couple of weeks. I missed my little girl. She seems like herself for the first time in awhile. Thanks to you.”

“It isn’t really a big deal,” she said, looking down at the picture.

“It is a big deal. You have a big heart, Miranda. I think my daughter has found a place in it.”

“She is a sweet kid.”

“She is fond of you, too,” her mother said, smiling, “which is why I need to run something by you.”


“Are you all settled in,” Tanya asked, poking her head in the door.

“Almost,” Miranda said, waving her in, “Come in. You can help me finish unpacking.”

Tanya’s mother had offered her a lot of money to act as a sort of live in babysitter, offering her the basement space as a bonus. This was going to be a rental space, so it was completely furnished and ready for a tenant. It was Miranda’s good fortune that she got it instead. She had her own bedroom and bathroom, a small kitchenette. The money she’d save on rent alone would have made it worth it, but the pay hike was nice, too. In return, she’d be a second pair of hands around the house, something any single mom could use.

“I finished the drawing,” the girl said, helping her by removing things from the boxes and setting them on the bed, then flattening the boxes.

Miranda had to shake her head and laugh. She’d given in, again. Twice now, she’d given her permission. This time, it was easier to say yes, which worried her. Didn’t want the Pint-sized Picasso to think she was a pushover.

“Why don’t you go grab it,”


“Yeah. Let me see it,” she said, hanging some of her clothes on a hanger in the closet.

She was largely finished putting things away when the girl got back with her sketch pad under her arm. Miranda sat on the bed and the girl pushed in beside her. She opened the book to the page, gave it to Miranda.

Blinking in surprise, she blushed at the very suggestive pose the girl had chosen for her. She was facing away, half turned backwards so one breast was visible. Her chestnut hair cascaded down her back nearly to her bare buttocks. The smile on her face was a coy one and it was reflected in her eyes. The girl had made her incredibly sexy, erotic, much more sensual than she felt most days.

“Wow, kid,” she laughed, self-consciously running her hand through her hair, “What can I say about this?”

“Too ‘romance novel’?”

Miranda laughed, “It is definitely too something. Your mother see this one?”

“No,” she said, shyly, “This one is just for you.”

“Why this one?”

“So you can see how pretty you are.”

“I think you’ve romanticized me a little,” she laughed, a little uncomfortable.

“It is how I see you,” the girl said, tearing the picture out of the book and giving it to her.


Miranda felt kind of foolish, her face on fire but it was something she had to do. The girl’s words were still in her head, rattling around so she couldn’t concentrate on her homework. She’d finally given in.

She stood in front of the full length mirror on the closet door, looking at her naked body. In her right hand was the picture the little girl had drawn. She tried to see what Tanya had seen, but all she saw was the extra tonnage she’d put on since high school. Sitting on her butt all day in class, stressing over her grades, and eating on the fly hadn’t done nice things to her figure.

Striking the pose from the drawing, she had to laugh. Her butt was bigger than the drawing, her thighs thicker. Not exactly fat, she had some padding on her that the girl had left off. Still, she thought she looked okay. Better than she had expected. Maybe there was hope for her social life, after all.

Looking at the picture once more, she groaned, “It’s time to start working out again.”


“What do you think,” Tanya said, looking expectantly at Miranda.

Miranda managed a smile for the girl, her face hot with embarrassment, “It is very…”

“You don’t like it,” the girl asked, her face falling.

“I didn’t say that. It is just a little shocking,” Miranda said, laughing, “It is a very provocative picture, Tanya. Where on earth did you get an idea like this?”

The girl shrugged, “I just draw what’s in my head.”

Miranda looked at the picture again, thinking, this shouldn’t be in an eleven year old girl’s head. It’d be more at home in Hugh Hefner’s.

In the picture, she was lying on her back, her body twisted in an erotic pose that revealed all of her naughty bits. It was a sensual, sexy picture. It was understated, artistic, but still very sexual.

Feeling like she was in a mine field wearing snow shoes, Miranda tried to find a delicate way of asking the burning questions in her mind. This was the second very suggestive picture the girl had drawn of her. Did the girl think about her like this? Was the girl attracted to her?

Suddenly, Miranda didn’t want to ask her, anymore. She wasn’t sure what she’d do if she said yes. Ignorance is truly bliss. She could ignore it, go on working and living here like she hadn’t noticed it. Right?

Sighing, she said, “Honey, I have to ask you a question. It might be a little embarrassing but be honest with me. Do you like girls… like that?”

The girl blushed, looked away. The way she fidgeted was her answer. The girl was attracted to other girls. Moreover, judging by the last two pictures she drawn, she was attracted to Miranda.

“It is okay if you do, sweetie,” she said, pulling the girl into a hug, “It is perfectly okay.”

“Really,” the girl asked, squeezing Miranda tightly.

“Yeah,” Miranda said, reassuringly.

“You aren’t going to tell Mom, are you? She doesn’t know I like girls,” Tanya said, pulling back to arms length. Her brown eyes looked panicked at the thought of her mother finding out.

“No, I’m not going to tell her,” Miranda said, smiling, “Although, I think she would be okay with it. She seems like a pretty accepting lady.”

This was true. Tanya’s mother had taken her daughter’s peculiar drawing habits in stride. Miranda doubted she’d have any problems accepting her daughter as a budding lesbian.

“I’m… I’m not ready to talk about it, yet.”

“Well, if you want to,” Miranda said, smiling at her, “you can talk to me about it. Anytime, kiddo.”

“Okay,” the girl said, clearly uncomfortable with the conversation they were having. Miranda let it go. She looked at the picture again, shaking her head. The girl was looking at her, her eyes questioning. She didn’t have the heart to tell the girl the picture made her uncomfortable. Instead she said, “You forgot my tattoo.”

The girl’s eyes widened and she said, “You have a tattoo?’

“A little butterfly on my hip,” she said.

“Could I see it?”

Pulling her shorts down on one side, she showed the girl the tiny butterfly. She’d been sixteen, gotten it on a dare from her friends. It made her smile when she saw it, reminded her of them.

“And I have a scar from having my appendix out,” she said, showing the girl.

“I didn’t know about the scar and tattoo,” she said, looking at Miranda.

“Now you do,” she said, smiling.

“Any other details I missed,” the girl asked.


“I see. You could model for me-“

“Not going to happen, kiddo,” Miranda laughed, shaking her head at the kid’s audacity, “you are just going to have to use your imagination.”

Tanya giggled, ran out of the room…


Miranda shook her head, now. How wrong she had been.

“Why are you smiling,” Tanya asked.

“I was thinking I must look like Kate Winslet in Titanic,” Miranda said, with a nervous laugh. She was stretched out on the living room couch, her arm behind her head. The girl sat in the armchair that faced the couch, her legs drawn up so she could rest her sketch pad on her knees. She was busy drawing Miranda.

She tried not to shiver as the cool air found her naked body.

“Does that make me Leonardo DiCaprio?”

“Have you seen the movie?” Miranda asked, blushing.

“Yeah, but Mom covered my eyes during that part,” she said, then grinned at Miranda, “Doesn’t mean I don’t know what happened at the end of the scene.”

“I wouldn’t hold your breath for the same ending here,” Miranda laughed, rolling her eyes, “I still can’t believe you talked me into this.”

“It was the puppy dog eyes, right?”

Miranda laughed, shook her head, “If that was all it took, boys would be walking around with a quivering lower lip all the time.”

The girl grinned, went back to her drawing.

Miranda took a deep breath, tried to relax. This was so bad. She was actually posing naked for a little girl. She should be ashamed of herself and there was a little of that, but mostly she was kind of excited. Not exactly a prude but not very adventurous, either, this was the craziest thing she’d ever done.

Although, she’d never admit it out loud, let alone to someone else, she kind of liked the way the girl drew her. It made her feel desirable, something that has been desperately missed in her life lately. The girl made her feel sexy, attractive.

How sad is my life, that I crave the attention of an eleven year old girl? she thought, miserably.

With college and taking care of Tanya, she didn’t have a lot of time for a social life. Not that she had a lot of luck with dating when she had had the time. Her longest relationship had lasted four months, ended when he slept with her friend.

“What’s wrong?”

Miranda blinked, saw the girl had stopped drawing. She was looking at her with a frown on her face. She’d been lost in her own miseries, had forgotten about the girl. She must have seen something on Miranda’s face.

“Nothing, sweetie,” she said, forcing a smile, “Almost done?”

“Just about,” the girl said, not returning to her work. Her big brown eyes bore into Miranda as she said, “Why are you sad?”

“I’m just lonely, I guess,” Miranda said.

The girl looked at her a moment longer, then went back do drawing. Miranda was glad she didn’t push the subject. She was depressed enough without explaining to an eleven year old why her life sucked.

Her thoughts had sucked some of the fun out of being naked and it wasn’t exciting anymore. Feeling self-conscious, she just wanted it to be over.

The girl sat her pencil down, said, “I’m done.”

Miranda sat up, pulled on her long t-shirt. Her modesty restored, she said, “Can I see?”

The girl came over, but rather than give the picture to her, she slipped her arms around Miranda’s neck, gave her a fierce squeeze. She whispered in her ear, “You aren’t alone. So, don’t be lonely.”

Touched, Miranda hugged her back. After a moment, they broke the embrace and the girl sat on her lap. Her skinny arm was around Miranda’s neck, her body warm as its flank pressed against her stomach. After being naked and chilly, her warmth was welcomed.

“I don’t know if I should show you,” the girl said, looking down at the page of stiff paper in her hand, “you might be upset.”

“What,” Miranda laughed, given her a playful scowl, “Did you start making my thighs fat, again?”

The girl giggled, said, “No. They aren’t fat, anyway. You have nice legs.”

“You always draw me with nice legs, but I don’t have nice legs,” she said, then took the picture, “Let’s see what what you’ve done.”

She blinked in surprise at the image on the paper. As always, it was painstakingly realized, beautiful in its richness of detail. Strangely, the first thought that popped into her head was that it didn’t look anything like the pose she had struck. She was a little embarrassed by the inane thought, considering the startling composition of the drawing.

In the picture, she was laying on her side, facing the artist. She was naked and sexy, as only the girl seemed to see her. In this, it wasn’t much different than any other drawing the girl had done of her. The big difference was she wasn’t alone. Tanya had drawn herself stretched out in front of her, her skinny body as naked as Miranda’s. Miranda’s arm was draped across her stomach in a lazy embrace.

While both of them were naked, it didn’t seem like a sexual pose. While intimate, it was more sweet than sensual. There was love in the girl’s face, an adoration for Miranda in her eyes.

“Tanya,” she said, her voice thick with emotion, “This is…”


“Probably,” she said, laughing, “I was going to say beautiful.”

“I love you, Miranda,” she said, quietly.

“I know, kiddo,” she said, squeezing the girl tight, “I love you, too.”

The girl hugged her back.

“This,” Miranda said, pulling back and holding up the picture, “We can’t do this.”

The girl’s sigh was a heavy one and she nodded. Her shoulders fell and it broke Miranda’s heart. She hugged the girl, kissed the top of her head.


Miranda hesitated, put her head on the door to Tanya’s room. She tried to talk herself out of what she was thinking about doing. She hadn’t done anything, yet; her only transgressions the ones between her ears. Her thoughts had been running in circles like a dog chasing its own tail all day. If she wanted to be honest with herself, they’d been at it for weeks.

The only difference was she was finding it harder and harder to shame herself into stopping the endless spiral.

She knew it was wrong but she kept posing nude for Tanya, even though the pictures the girl drew rarely had anything to do with her pose. She liked the way her pictures made her feel, needed the attention.

Tanya’s drawings were becoming more and more graphic. They depicted all manners of sapphic coupling between Miranda and her. Sensual and erotic, they began to slip into her thoughts, then her dreams. She would go to the girl in these dreams and they’d finally give into the tensions between them. She began to wonder if Tanya was as cute naked as she was in the drawings. More than once, she’d caught herself staring at the girl, trying to think away her clothes.

Her morality has been eroded to the point that she stood outside the girl’s door, ready to give into the urges that plagued her. Her last ditch attempts at derailing her imminent fall have failed. She’d go to the girl, do whatever she wanted.

Before she could knock, the door opened. A grinning, naked Tanya looked up at her, offered her hand. She took it.

“I had hoped it would be tonight,” the girl said, leading her to the bed, “I’ve waited so long for you to come.”

“I shouldn’t be here,” Miranda said, sitting on the bed. She looked at the girl, saw she was as sweet as she had drawn herself. Skinny legs, cute belly, just puffy nipples. Her eyes went to the soft folds of her girlhood, smooth and pink without a hair to be found.

“But you are,” the girl said, crawling onto her lap, “and I’m glad. I want you here.”

“I want to be here, too,” she said, feeling a weight lifted now that she’d admitted it. She smiled at the girl, said, “I want to be with you.”

Her smile was bright and her hug fierce. Miranda hugged her back, let her hand roam up and down her bare back. Her skin was so soft and smooth, tantalizing. Had her skin been so perfect when she was Tanya’s age?

When the girl’s lips touched hers, she felt a tingle of excitement work through her. She parted her lips a little, felt the girl’s tongue touch hers hesitantly. Teasing her into a deeper kiss, Miranda put her hand on the back of her head to hold her there.

“That was nice,” she said, pulling back. Her smile was infectious and Miranda had to return it. She nodded, kissed the girl, again.

“Was that your first kiss,” Miranda asked, when their lips parted. The girl nodded. Caressing her cheek, she said, “It was my first time kissing a girl, too.”

The girl’s lips met hers and their tongues twined. She felt her desire stir to life, her body responding to the girl’s weight in her lap and her caressing tongue. A pleasant heat spread between her thighs and her nipples grew turgid with blood.

“Take off your clothes,” the girl said, crawling off her lap and flopping very unladylike on her back on

the bed. She watched as Miranda pulled her sleep shirt over her head, letting it fall to the floor. Her panties joined it as she stepped out of them. Naked, she joined the girl on the bed.

Her heart was racing in her breast. She was really doing it, sleeping with an eleven year old girl. She knew she should be ashamed but all she could feel was a rush of excitement. No more denying she wanted this. It was time to embrace it.

“You are shaking,” the girl said, her body molding to hers, “Are you cold?”

“No,” Miranda said, caressing her back and shoulders, “I’m just nervous, I guess.”

The girl nodded, smiled reassuringly at her. She put her hand on Miranda’s stomach. It traced lazy circles, making her skin tingle. Then it moved higher and the girl cupped one of her breasts. Miranda couldn’t help the nervous laugh that escaped her, looking down at the girl’s small hand on her breast. Tanya glanced at her and she gave the girl a smile, nodded her permission. She teased her nipple until Miranda’s back arched off the bed and she groaned.

Miranda couldn’t breath as the girl’s hand left her breast and moved lower. She thought she knew where it was headed, prepared herself. It didn’t do any good- she still gasped when the her fingers found her sex. Squirming, she giggled as Tanya mashed her labia under her fingertips. Actually giggled, something she hadn’t done since she was fourteen or so.

The girl looked at her again and she blushed, “It feels nice, kiddo. I’m just a mess.”

Smiling, Tanya said, “It’s alright.”

She moved between Miranda’s thighs, spread them wide. Miranda felt the girl’s eyes on her body, felt very vulnerable. The urge to squeeze her thighs shut was strong but Tanya wouldn’t let her, her hands holding her legs open as she continued to drink her in with those limpid brown eyes. There was desire in her gaze, a heat that the babysitter could feel on her skin. It built her own spark of passion into a raging fire.

Then the girl touched her, her fingers finding her tender bud. She didn’t giggle this time, sighing instead. Little shivers of pleasure worked through her body. It was a sweet torture, the lazy circles those fingers made.

Tanya ran a finger around the opening of her vagina, looked up at her for permission. Nodding, Miranda sighed as she eased two fingers into her ready sex. In and out, she thrust her fingers, turning Miranda’s sighs to moans, then to little wordless cries of excitement. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling, let her body strain toward release.

Her eyes popped open when she felt the girl’s tongue slip between the folds of her sex to caress her clitoris. Propping up on her elbows, she stared wide eyed at the little girl who was greedily licking her bud. It was kind of disturbing but also incredibly erotic. The second reaction should have shamed her but it didn’t. She was too far down the rabbit hole to care anymore.

Reaching down, she stroked the girl’s hair, put the hand on the back of her head to keep her there. Tanya didn’t seem to mind, rolled her eyes up and smiled as she continued her assault on Miranda’s clit with her tongue.

She is pretty good at this, Miranda thought, moaning thickly. Then she frowned, wondering about that. Why was an eleven year old girl good at this?

“How’d you learn to do this, sweetie,” she asked, around a moan.

“I read about it,” she said, grinning.

Her fingers found the secret spot deep inside Miranda and her body went crazy. Back arching and her hips undulating in counter-rhythm to the girl’s thrusting fingers, she had to grab at the sheets to keep from floating away.

“Oh fuck, that feels good,” Miranda said. She blushed when the girl giggled at her foul language. She grinned sheepishly, said, “Sorry. It does- oh, God- it does though. Where on earth did you read how to do this?”

“One of my dad’s fitness magazines,” she said.

“Well, God bless them,” she moaned, making the girl laugh.

She felt tension enter her body and an orgasm stirred to life inside of her. Stiffening, she cried out as it took her in its jaws and shook her like a rag doll. It finally released her and she collapsed to her back on the bed, as limp as a wet rag. She smiled dazedly, as the endorphins flooded her blood stream.

The girl grinned at her, her hair mussed and her face wet from Miranda’s pussy. She was a mess and adorable. Miranda sat up, pulled her into a lingering kiss. Pulling back, she smiled at the kid, said, “That was amazing, Tanya. Simply amazing.”

It had been the most intense orgasm she’d ever had, all the others paling in comparison. The girl had driven her body crazy, pushed her to heights of ecstasy she hadn’t known existed.

She maneuvered the girl onto her back, smiled down at her. Their lips met but only briefly, then Miranda began kissing her way down the girl’s supine body. Tanya had worked up a slight sweat in her efforts and Miranda could taste the salt on her skin. The girl sighed and giggled as she moved lower.

When she came to the junction of thighs, Miranda realized she had no idea what she was doing. She grinned when she realized the eleven year old was better equipped for this coupling than she. Still, she laid on her belly between the girl’s spread thighs, ready to figure out how to make the girl cum as hard as she had.

Her fingers massaged the soft folds of Tanya’s girlhood, making the girl sigh. She listened for the change in her breathing, an indicator that she liked what Miranda was doing. Smiling, she lowered her mouth to the girl, tasted her bud with her tongue. The taste was intoxicating and she felt dizzy with excitement. She was going down on a little girl, couldn’t believe it was really happening.

Tanya’s slight hips began to undulate against her mouth as she became excited. Her little breathy moans were music to Miranda’s ears. She grasped her thighs, holding her body to her mouth. She had been worried her inexperience would be a hinderance but she must be doing something right. The girl’s moans became animal sounds of excitement, her body writhing under the assault of Miranda’s tongue.

Her jaw began to ache and her face was wet from the girl’s body’s thrashings. It was getting harder to keep her tongue to the girl’s pussy. She used her fingers for a moment, gave her mouth a break. God bless the boys- and one little girl- who’d done this to her. It was a lot of work.

She set back to it. She noticed the girl hips start bucking wildly, then her stomach clenching and unclenching. The girl’s body was writhing, her head tossing on her pillow. Miranda’s eyes widened as she realized the girl might orgasm. She didn’t know if it was possible for an eleven year old to climax but it sure looked like she was about to. Miranda pushed her closer to that ultimate release, doubling her efforts.

Then the girl cried out, her young body arching off the bed. Her orgasm shook her to pieces and she collapsed in a giggling mess on the bed. She grinned at Miranda, a sated look on her adorable face.

“That was awesome,” the girl said, stretching like a cat in a sunny spot, “My toes are tingling.”

Miranda had to laugh, “I’ll be damned. You had an orgasm.”

“A good one, too,” the girl said, smiling.

“You’ve had others?”

“A couple. Nothing like that though.”

“I didn’t even know a girl your age could have one,” she said, thinking she’d never would have left her bedroom as a kid if she had.

She shrugged, grinning.

Miranda crawled up her body, gave her a quick kiss, then flopped onto her back beside her. The girl pressed against her flank, her lithe little body molding to her like a second skin. Miranda smiled, put an arm around her shoulder.

“This isn’t going to be a one time thing, is it,” the girl asked, looking at Miranda.

“Do you want it to be?”


“Then, my Pint-sized Picasso, I think we better keep this as our little secret.”

The End


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  1. David says:

    WOW! What an erotic story Ebo. So well written and descriptive. Thanks for submitting it here. I will definitely check out your sight.

  2. Kelli Lake says:

    David.. you’re right, well written and descriptive. But just wait until you read the others on Ebo’s site. Everyone one of them are super.

    • JetBoy says:

      Honestly, I was shocked to see how few of Ebo’s stories we showcase at Juicy Secrets. Rest assured, it’s an oversight that we fully intend to correct in the weeks to come…

  3. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Hey Ebo!

    AWESOME story!…beautifully written with great explicit descriptions!
    lots of exciting build up to the climatic conclusion(pun intended)

    Miranda was so lucky to have gotten that babysitting job!
    and Tanya finally experienced the true joys of lesbian passion & sex!

    I just love this passage:
    “Miranda crawled up her body,gave her a quick kiss, then flopped onto
    her back beside her. The girl pressed against her flank,her lithe little body molding to her like a second skin.Miranda smiled, put an arm around her shoulder…” Mmmm! so delicious!

  4. Amanda says:

    Unglaublich schönes gesichte 🖤

    Google Translate: Incredibly beautiful face

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