The Gymnast

  • Posted on July 21, 2020 at 3:25 pm

by JT Ozman

{ This story was originally posted at Nifty in November 2005 }

My name is unimportant, but for the purpose of this telling, I’ll call myself Gina. The story I’m about to tell is important, though.

What has happened, what I’ve done, I can no longer keep hidden from myself if not to everyone else. I’m in my low thirties with long, almost platinum blond hair, attractive, female and a lesbian. I’m what most would call a lipstick lesbian. I’m feminine in all ways except for my attraction to women. Young women in general, young girls now in particular.

Usually, I confine my sexual hunting grounds to what would be socially acceptable locations. Nightclubs, bars on occasion, and social gatherings at the homes of friends with like-minded tastes. However, this one time I’m going to tell you about was different… and while the world as a whole might condemn me for it, I can’t lie and say that I wouldn’t do it again. If that means I’ll burn in hell, then bring on the gasoline and matches.

I am a former gymnast of Olympic ability, but on the way to the Olympics, a pulled hamstring right before team qualification sidelined me for good. It was the last chance for me to compete in that world gathering and it passed me by. I was good, very good. Good enough now to train young girl gymnasts in their climb to greatness.

One young girl in particular — and her name is Tanya.

Just the thought of her makes my heart race and my blood flush through my body, especially to my sex. It will be difficult to write this down without masturbating several times throughout the telling.

Tanya showed amazing grace and ability, and the power in her small frame was stupendous. The height that she would attain in the floor exercises was a wonder to behold. Her dismounts from the parallel bars were spectacular and she rarely missed sticking a landing. She was utterly fearless on the balance beam, her routine leaving me breathless. But her gymnastic skills were not the true reason for the quickening of my heartbeat whenever I saw her.

The first time I encountered Tanya, she had just finished her routine on the parallel bars and was walking away to speak with one of the team coaches. She was wearing a black leotard spotted with the white chalk that had rubbed off the bars. It was the chalk that drew my eyes to the mound of her pubis, making it even more pronounced to the view. She glanced down and casually brushed the chalk away… and my body twitched ever so slightly. She turned away from me and I could see that the material of her outfit had crept into the cleft of her bottom, revealing a little more of her that would be normally seen. With a quick, practiced move, she slipped her thumbs into the leg openings and pulled the leotard free. I heard my name spoken and jumped. I had been gawking at this young girl and was oblivious to the world.

“Hey, Gina, where are you?” It was Rachel, the head of the gymnastics club.

I laughed, “Outer Mongolia!” She put an arm around my shoulder and guided me along as we walked.

“Well, get back soon, because I have some star talent that I want you to meet… and share your expertise with, I hope.”

There was no hidden meaning in the phrase. If Rachel had any idea of my sexual orientation, she never let it slip, and I did nothing to hint at it myself. Besides, that was exactly why I was here. To help train young gymnasts.

Rachel clapped her hands smartly as she approached her class. “Girls, I want you to meet Gina.”

Five girls turned as one, proud smiles on their faces as they acknowledged my presence. And there was Tanya. Her eyes were bright with gray irises set inside a heart shaped face. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun. She was the first to extend a hand in greeting and I hoped I didn’t appear too eager in taking it in mine. She was petite, as most of the girls in this sport were, with small, but noticeable breasts, and a beautiful compact body. It was right then, as I held her delicate hand, that I knew I wanted her. I would throw all caution aside to taste this delectable morsel.

I released her and my heart raced as her fingers slid away from mine. I quickly shook hands with all the other girls and introductions were made. Rachel lauded my abilities, warning them that I was an exacting taskmaster and would expect only their best efforts. And she was right. I worked up a sweat from those girls, as I think no other had before. They were eager, they hungered for a spot on an Olympic team and they did everything I asked of them. One of them more so than the others.

Tanya was constantly asking me questions about technique and how a particular move could be done more cleanly or precisely. I was happy to oblige her every request and assisted her in moves that would require placing my hands on her slender body. I was careful though and remained professional the entire time. I lusted for this child, but I am a committed trainer and business was the order of the day when business was required. There would be time, I told myself, and there would be opportunities.

As Mary Poppins said, “There is an element of fun, in every job to be done.” Or something to that effect, and this was no different except that the fun came unplanned and unexpected. I was observing Tanya on the balance beam while she was performing a simple pose, balancing on one foot while her leg extended behind her, the rest of her body forward, arms outstretched to the sides. She slipped and fell towards me. I’m still not sure if this was intentional or not, I never thought to ask, but I reached out to hold her up. She was too far along to stop and fell against me. In my effort to stop her, my hand slid down the inside of her leg to her crotch. It was warm and damp from her perspiration and my index finger pressed into the cleft of her sex.

I quickly pulled away and asked with a decidedly flustered sound in my voice if she was all right. Her face flushed as blood rushed to her cheeks. “Yes, yes I am,” she said breathlessly.

Several girls and coaches gathered around us and the team doctor did a quick examination of Tanya and pronounced her in good health. I breathed a sigh of release; I would have hated to see a young girl’s dream end in front of me. I placed my hands on her shoulders and asked again if she was all right. She said yes and quickly embraced me in a surprisingly strong hug. Her face pressed so firmly into one of my breasts that I thought for sure she could feel my nipple stiffen. Just as quickly she pulled away, smiling sweetly as she looked over her shoulder before entering the girls’ changing room.

The club had put me up in the local Holiday Inn, and as soon as I had locked my door I flopped back on the bed and began masturbating. I hadn’t even taken my running pants off, I was so inflamed! My fingers found the inflamed nubbin of the clitoris and went to work. It was stiff and felt more erect than ever. Who’d have thought a lesbian could be erect!

I saw Tanya and imagined her nude and glistening, her pale, creamy body against mine. As my fingers plunged into my slit, the squishing sounds of masturbation played counterpoint to the gentle creak of the motel bed.

And then I had my orgasm. God, it was beautiful, my body went stiff and then blessedly relaxed. I rolled on to my belly, fingers slowly plumbing my depths and realized I was whispering her name. “Tanya… Tanya… oh, sweet Tanya.”

I had to have her, to hold her, taste her, and have her taste me, have her slide her fingers into my cunt and fuck me silly! In place of her sweet quim I took my honey-coated fingers and without hesitation, slipped them into my mouth and imagined that it was her pussy I tasted. Before long my fevered mind brought my pussy to a boil and once again my hands massaged my sex into a gooey, glorious orgasmic mess before I drifted off to sleep.

The days went by without incident and the time I spent with these young girls would soon pass. I was impressed and proud of what we had accomplished in our short time together. Too short, I was sad to say. Tanya showed special promise that anyone could see, not just to my loving eyes, and we spent many professional moments together during the week.

It was torture for me to be so close to this delectable creature but I maintained my respectability amongst everyone. Oh, it’s not like I didn’t fantasize when she bent over at the waist and that cute little ass availed itself to me, and I could imagine those lovely thighs framing my ears. Or how she would react when I gently tweaked the nipples on her diminutive breasts.

I tried to devise ways for me to be alone with Tanya so I could seduce the child. The shower room offered possibilities but there were always others around. The image of Tanya’s body covered with soapy lather caused a twinge of delight between my legs whenever I pictured it.

It was coming to the end of my stay with the club. I was saddened, knowing I was to leave this wonderful collection of aspiring gymnasts, though I fully expected to see some of them in the upcoming summer Olympics. But of course, I was most saddened by the fact that I may never see my dear Tanya again or share the delights that females could enjoy together.

Then Providence struck.

I was scheduled to leave the day after tomorrow when Rachel asked a favor of me. She was to have given Tanya a private lesson the next day but had to go out of town to prepare for the next gymnastics meet and asked if I could take her place. Calmly, I replied that I wouldn’t mind at all. In my mind, though, I was screaming with delight!

“Are you okay?” Rachel asked, her face showing concern. I then realized that I needed to breathe!

I told Rachel I would be happy to help out. She gave me keys to the gym and explained how the alarm system worked and suggested that we keep the doors locked since we would be the only ones there in the morning. I listened very attentively and had her repeat everything twice. This was my opportunity and I was not about to let anything go wrong!

“Where do I pick her up?” I asked.

“Oh, her mom will bring her.” SHIT! Now, what am I going to do? “I hope you don’t mind watching her until we get back. Her mother is going with me tomorrow and her father won’t be coming home `till late in the day.”

My face flushed and grew heated with excitement. “No, not at all,” I croaked out.

“Are you feeling all right?” Rachel was really concerned now and almost insisted I see a doctor that day. Oh, I definitely would be seeing a doctor after tomorrow. For a sprained tongue and a sore clit, if things went as I wanted!

I arrived at the gym an hour earlier than Tanya was expected, to prepare my tender trap. The club gym had large storefront type windows so that passers-by could see the girls in action and encourage others to explore their possible talents. Fortunately, there were three back rooms for more private instruction so that a girl could practice without any distractions. These suited my purposes perfectly. I placed at least a dozen towels in each room to make cleaning up any sweat and… other secretions easy.

There was a knock on the door and I saw Tanya standing there, hair pulled back in her usual bun, eyes bright and a 10,000-watt smile.

My heart started racing and the blood flushed throughout my body. I was getting wet. I took a deep breath and forced down my feelings. It was like cornering a ferocious lion with a whip and chair that clawed towards the last shred of self-control within me. But I’ve used whips before, and not just the metaphorical type. The lioness would run free soon enough.

Her mother stood beside her, smiling and waving to me. I could see where Tanya inherited her pretty looks. She was gorgeous, about 33 or so with full lips and luscious curves. She was wearing stretch pants that defined her vulva, and a sweater that was filled with promises that would be passed on to her daughter. I quickly went to the door and let them both in.

“Hi, I’m Tanya’s mother, Elaine. It’s so nice to meet you. Tanya here constantly talks about how much you’ve taught her. Now if you could only help her with her school studies!”

“Mom!” cried Tanya, her face flushed with embarrassment.

“Sorry,” She pecked a kiss on the girl’s cheek. “I love you, sweetie.”

“I love you too, Mom,” and Tanya hugged her mother before the woman turned to leave.

“Have fun, you two!” the woman cheerfully cried as she departed. Oh, God, I thought.

I saw Rachel in the car, along with a girl of about ten or so, and waved to her. She waved back, a smile on her face. Shortly after that the car left the parking lot and we were alone.

I turned to Tanya. “Who was that in the car with your mom and Rachel?”

“Oh, that was my little sister Joy. She’s eleven.”

“How old are you, by the way?”

“I’ll be fourteen next month!” she chirped.

“You’ll have to give me your address so I can send you a birthday card. Well, let’s get started, shall we?” I put a friendly arm around her shoulder and I felt her arm wrap around my waist.

We started with the balance beam, Tanya’s weakest event. She quickly removed her warm-up suit and I felt that lioness slash at my resolve. She was wearing an all white leotard and it glowed against her ivory skin.

As she went through her warm-up routine I watched her carefully. Her ass was marvelous, tight twin globes stretching the material of her outfit. I was treated to a tasty view as Tanya began stretching by slightly spreading her legs and touching her forehead to one of her knees. I gazed at the swath of cloth that ran between her legs, concealing the jewel of her sex.

When she finished, she turned and announced she was ready. So much beauty in her small, almost prepubescent body. The seam of her leg openings disappeared into the crease of her thighs and her pubic mound became even more pronounced. I wanted to ravish her right then and there!

As she went through her routine I was no longer appraising her movements in a professional way, but as a woman in heat. Several of her moves were slow and deliberate, such as where she would do a handstand and slowly spread her legs, and I thought I could see the material of her crotch dip into the slit of her sex.

She righted herself up and balanced on one leg as the other stretched out behind her. At that moment she wobbled and I quickly went to her side. It was the same situation as the first time when she fell but now I had a good hold of her with one hand under her chest and the other holding her under the thigh inches from her crotch. I felt her chest expand in a deep breath as did mine and the muscle of her leg tensed.

“Relax,” I said and she nodded. Her eyes closed and she smiled slightly. I released her and stepped back to watch her complete her routine. She dismounted with a twist in the air and stuck the landing, lifting both hands high over her head causing her chest to thrust forward. She wore no bra beneath her outfit, and her nipples were quite visible through the thin material.

Tanya skipped over to me and hugged me tightly, thanking me for my help. We discussed her routine and I made a few suggestions to improve her style before we went to the uneven parallel bars.

The top bar was too high for her to reach, so I lifted her at the waist and she began her routine. She was trying out a new technique and was having difficulty, so she asked me to show her how it was done.

I was wearing jeans and a sweater and said that it was an inappropriate outfit for gymnastics.

“Just do it in your underwear,” she giggled, “no one will see you!”

Who’s trying to seduce who? I thought. But who was I to prevent a young girl’s quest for excellence? I nonchalantly began disrobing until all I had on was a lacy white bra that did little to conceal my nipples and a pair of white string bikini panties.

“I feel a little exposed,” I said and gave a nervous laugh.

Tanya giggled. “It’s just us girls!” But she seemed to be very interested in my outfit, all the same.

I jumped up to reach the bar and began the routine. As I transitioned from the high bar to the low bar I realized that it required me to spread my legs wide and it had to reveal the dark wet spot in my panties. Would she notice? What would she think?

I would find out soon enough because the second time I did it, Tanya had positioned herself right in front of the low bar. I came at her, legs spread wide again as I grabbed the low bar and collided into her, my pussy into her tummy. My legs instinctively wrapped around her as I released the bar and fell backward, pulling her down with me. Tanya shrieked with shock and amusement and clung to me for dear life.

We lay together, laughing hysterically and embracing each other, my legs still crossed behind her back. When we finally stopped and took a breath I asked, “Why were you standing in my path? What were you thinking, Tanya?”

“This,” was all she said and she kissed me on the mouth, then pulled back to see my reaction.

“Tell me again,” I whispered, and she closed her eyes, drawing close to me.

This time our lips were parted, and her tongue slipped into my mouth. I reached up to cup her face as my tongue reciprocated.

This girl was knowledgeable. My hands roamed over the back of her body down to that tight little girl ass. As I fondled her butt, she responded with increased fervor, pressing her mound aggressively into mine. The juices flowed from my pussy, transforming my panties into a sponge. As we kissed I felt a small hand reach between my legs and begin to massage the wet material, forcing it up into my hole.

I had to get this child naked as soon as possible. I had her stand up as I knelt in front of her, and pressed my mouth against her mound.

Heat emanated through the material and I could smell the scent of her pussy. I opened my mouth and tongued her through the cloth. She gasped and placed her hands on my head, gently drawing me into her as she moved her hips forward. I nuzzled her mound, hands moving to fondle her ass while I glued my mouth to her soaked crotch. Tanya ground her vulva into my face, her breathing deep and passionate, sweet moans passing from her lips. I pressed my tongue hard into her, so much that I swear I could feel the tip of her clit.

Suddenly Tanya’s body began to shake and spasm as an orgasm raced through her body. Her legs went slack and she collapsed to the floor breathing hard, mouth agape. I ran a caressing hand over her body, gently touching her budding breasts, lightly stroking her tummy before resting it between her thighs. She looked so beautiful, a vision of innocence and vice laid out before me. But I needed to taste her pussy, to feel my tongue in her vagina.

I straddled her lithe form, grasping the collar of her outfit and began removing it, leaving Tanya in only her gym panties. My hands flowed over her chest teasing the tips of her breasts. Tanya closed her eyes and arched her back, a rapturous expression on her face.

“You like that?” I whispered into her ear and ran my tongue along the ridges before slipping it inside. She moaned and reached for one of my breasts, cupping it in her small hand, kneading the flesh, seeking out the hard nipple. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Parting my lips, I sucked one of her rosy pink nipples into my mouth. She slipped her hands into my hair, running her fingers through it, taking a handful to her face and inhaling deeply. I released the nipple and blew gently on it, seeing it stiffen before I switched to the other one before giving it a little bite. Her eyes flew open in surprise.

“It’s a love bite, honey,” I cooed.

“It hurt!” she laughed.

“Then let me make it feel better,” and I sucked it once again.

But I needed the distinctive taste of her pussy, so I kissed a trail down across her belly to her intoxicatingly wet panties. I licked the glistening wet spot on her belly from where my own soaked panties had rested. She giggled and said it tickled. I grabbed the elastic of her panties and she raised her butt off the mat, legs lifting into the air. I pulled Tanya’s underpants free and held the sodden crotch to my face, breathing deeply of the musky scent.

Finally, I tossed them aside and gazed at my ultimate prize: Tanya’s slit. It had the faint beginnings of pubic hair, bright red and curly, her labia glimmering with a patina of wetness. I knelt down between her legs and placed my hands on her vulva, parting the flesh to reveal the pinkest cunt I’d ever scene. Yes, I said cunt. It’s the best word to describe what I saw. In this context it was a beautiful word and an even more beautiful sight. The pink of her inner flesh was set off by her pale skin.

Heart racing, I lowered my face to her cunt, covering it completely with my mouth. Tanya reacted by lifting her hips, as if trying to fuck my mouth. I slipped my tongue into her as deep as I could go to taste the inside of that virgin vagina, drinking the copious fluids that emanated from her body. Her body writhed on the floor and I put all my talents to work eating her cunt. It wouldn’t be long before she would come again, and I concentrated on her clit, pursing my lips around the cute little nub, sucking intensely while the tip of my tongue flitted against the pink pearl with the speed of a hummingbird’s wing.

Suddenly her body convulsed and her lithe legs squeezed me in orgasmic delight. Her ass lifted up off the mat and she humped my face, coating it with a sticky sheen of vaginal secretions. What wasn’t on my face was quickly slurped up by my sucking mouth. Tanya’s jaw opened wide in a silent scream of ecstasy, her eyes screwed shut so tightly I thought they might never open again. Finally, she collapsed back onto the mat, her body limp as a dishrag.

“Fuck!” She gasped in that little girl voice. “My pussy… oh, God, my pussy…”

I moved my head up to meet hers, turned Tanya’s face to me and kissed her, our tongues swirling against each other. After a long, lovely while I broke away. “What about your pussy?”

She blushed, looked away from me for just a moment, then giggled. “Well, first of all, I can taste it on your lips!”

“And I can still taste you on my lips,” I replied, and to emphasize it I ran my tongue in a languid way over them. “Mmmmm… delicious! Didn’t you think so?”

“I don’t know,” she replied.

“Let me prove it,” and I gently probed her pussy with two fingers, then held them to my nose and sniffed them. “Mmmmm, nice.” She watched intently as I put both fingers in my mouth and sucked them clean. “As I said, delicious.”

She hesitated. “Can I have another taste?”

I stroked her face with my fingertips and gave her a peck on the lips. “Of course,” I whispered. Once again I reached between Tanya’s legs and probed her pussy, but this time I went deeper, gently pumping in and out. By now, her vagina was well lubricated, and my fingers slid easily into her body. I explored the vaginal walls and Tanya churned her hips to my motions, moaning softly. I had two fingers past the second knuckle inside her and opened them up into a V, twisting them inside until a third orgasm rippled through her.

As she recovered, I slid my fingers from her pussy. She shivered as they pulled free, glistening with wetness, and I brought them to her face. “Have a taste.”

She took them into her mouth. Her tongue slithered over every inch of my fingers until she had cleaned them of her own juice.

“It does taste good!” she exulted and buried her face in my shoulder. “I want to lick you now.”

“Anything for you, baby.” She started to get up but I gently pushed her back against the mat. “Let me,” I whispered.

I straddled her face with my blond-haired pussy. I don’t believe in shaving my bush — a neat trim, maybe, but that’s all. My pussy hair is naturally blond and is a beautiful sight, curling enticingly around my labia. I pulled my lips apart to reveal my throbbing clit.

“What do I do?” She asked.

“Anything you want, darling,” and I lowered my cunt to that pretty little face.

She didn’t need much instruction, though her technique was a bit frantic at first. I instructed her to slow down and to concentrate on my clitoris, occasionally slipping her tongue into my vagina.

“That’s good, baby,” I moaned as she found her rhythm. “Just like that.” She was eager to please and a fast learner, eagerly gulping down the flow from my cunt. It wasn’t long before I was thrusting my sex against her face, my essence flowing like a river into my lover’s open mouth.

Her hands reached up to my boobs, caressing and squeezing them, tugging at my stiff nipples. My hips thrust faster and faster until I exploded in a shuddering climax. I fell forward onto my hands, panting for breath. Finally I rolled onto my back, reaching down to cup my gooey vulva.

“Baby, you’re incredible,” I said.

She smiled as she licked my honey from her lips, then her fingers. I closed my eyes, and suddenly she was face down in my crotch, licking me all over again.

I didn’t resist — in fact, I had an idea. “Rub my pussy with your hand.”

“Like this?” she asked, touching me.

“Yeah, but make sure you get your hand really wet.” She rubbed every part of my sex until her hand was coated with my cream. “Now put your whole hand inside me,” I demanded.

Her eyes widened. “Are you sure?”

“Do it now!” I gasped. I was on fire and needed to be filled. Most women’s hands are too big to fist me, but I suspected that this little bear’s paw would be just right.

First, the tips of her fingers entered me, and there was a bit of resistance. Tanya hesitated, but I encouraged her to keep going… and before long she had her hand buried to the wrist in my cunt.

“Now make a fist, sweetie,” Such a wonderful feeling, to have a little girl’s hand inside me! Her fist was a hardball inside my vagina, and I told her to pump me with it, in and out.

Tanya started out slowly, cautiously, but as my passion increased she realized that I wanted her to go faster, harder, deeper.

“Fuck me, Tanya, fuck my pussy. Fuck me hard!”

She complied, her fist pistoning inside me. On the outstroke, her fist would stretch my pussy opening wider than any dildo I’d ever had. Then she would plunge back in until her knuckles touched my cervix. It was utterly magnificent. My climax was rapidly approaching and I had her stay deep inside and twist her hand as fast as possible.

“Oh, FUCK!” I screamed as I came. Tanya only kept going until I begged her to stop. My body was wracked with ecstasy, squeezing my lover’s hand as I quivered for several minutes.

Wet, sucking sounds were heard as Tanya pulled her hand out of my body. Her arm was coated with my wetness, right up to her elbow. Her face had a look of amazement at what had just transpired.

I smiled at her. “Thank you.”

She giggled. “You’re welcome!” She began to lick my juices off her arm, but I stopped her.

“Didn’t your mom teach you to share?” I teased, and we both licked her clean, pausing often to share heated kisses.

For the next several hours we enjoyed each other’s bodies in all kinds of lovely ways. We even found time to work on her routines, in the nude of course, with breaks for more than one session of oral pleasure.

However, all good things must come to an end, and this was no exception. We played a bit in the shower and her soapy body was just as much fun to play with I imagined it would be. As we dressed I held her still-fragrant panties. I wanted a souvenir.

“Can I keep these?” I asked with a sly grin.

“Sure,” she chirped, and I stuffed them in my purse. There would be many a night in the weeks to come when I would masturbate with these panties on my face.

“Can I have yours?” she asked.

I explained that I would love to give them to her, but we had to think about the possible consequences if her mother found them. She pouted, but I had a handkerchief embroidered with my initials that I used to wipe my pussy before handing it to her. She held it to her face and inhaled my scent.

Rachel and Tanya’s mom would be arriving soon, so we exchanged a few hot, hungry kisses while we waited. Finally, they arrived, and I bid my little angel farewell.


As promised, I sent Tanya a birthday card later that year. I didn’t write anything that might be suspicious, but her letters were as smutty and salacious as could be imagined.

One day I received a package and inside was a pair of panties that had obviously been masturbated in. They seemed a bit small for Tanya, but the accompanying letter explained that. She had recently seduced her younger sister Joy and described in explicitly delicious detail their incestuous sex games.

The panties smelled wonderful. I immediately planned to give another seminar in the near future… and Tanya promised that she would bring Joy to that one. I’m still tingling from head to toe, imagining those two exquisite young girls naked in my bed.

The End


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  1. admatt says:

    Not said is that Gina was arrested later that week and charged with indecent acts with a minor. She served twenty years in the state prison. for that crime. Her final words, before being led off to the big house, were, “I regret nothing. Tanya was worth it.”

  2. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Oh YES!..

    Thank you, JetBoy for posting this hot,hot,really hot story!…Author Unknown did a bang-up job writing this one!

    Loved the premise, Gymnastic coaches are about the luckiest people, being around all those sweet young girls…the title words from k.d.Lang’s song: Constant Cravings comes to mind…

    Loved these few sentences:

    “…as soon as I had locked my door I flopped back on the bed and began masturbating. I hadn’t even taken my running pants off, I was so inflamed! My fingers found the inflamed nubbin of the clitoris and went to work. It was stiff and felt more erect than ever. Who’d have thought a lesbian could be erect!”

    I guess with the right stimulation…

    The awesome sex Gina shared with the hungry teen,Tanya was so amazing! well written, and sensuously described.

    My alternate “epilogue” differs from admatt’s in which Gina meets Tanya and her little sis, Joy, just a few years later while they were vacationing in the Bahama’s. Sun, sand & the blue waters, along with those young tanned bodies results in everyone,including Tanya’s Mom and Gina’s friend, Rachel, all having a delirious sex soaked time…

    One can dream,eh?!


  3. Sapphmore says:

    Hey JB, I guess by now you know what’s coming when I respond to your request for finding the original authors of stories from your treasure chest.
    The original is by JT Ozman, and it was posted on NIFTY on his behalf by Susan Kendrick as he was shy according to a preface note. I’ve just sent you the original story.

  4. David says:

    Thanks JetBoy for posting this, it was very erotic. Thanks Unknown Author for writing it. Wish there were other chapters to this story but it gave me a fantastic orgasm. Oh and I prefer E,T&A’s epilogue better.

  5. Nojoke says:

    With the current furore (furr-ore) about abuse of young gymnasts and many other early-pubescent girl athletes …. is this really any longer a suitable story??
    But I did enjoy it.

  6. Captain Midnight says:

    A nice story, though I agree with a commentator about it not being so much fun since the exploitation of gymnasts, sexual and otherwise, has come to light. When I read the description of Elaine, the mom, I thought sh3 might join in the lovemaking sessions and the story might have been better if she had.

  7. Jay Denton says:

    I really enjoyed this story. I had a lesbian gym mistress at my school, she was quite predatory. Not my type tho so I didn’t go there, even tho a few of my friends said she was an awesome lover.
    The only thing that spoilt this story were the whining posts about whether this is a suitable story. I bet you all got off when you were reading it tho didn’t you. Please keep your pontificating to yourselves. Any forcible coercion of a minor is intolerable, but this story had none of that. Both were willing and enthusiastic participants. Every story on juicy secrets could be regarded as unsuitable. If you don’t like it, don’t read them. Rant over.
    Thank you jetboy for all your impressive work. I loved it 💋

    • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

      Just to underscore what Jay Denton has commented,and in defense of all JS authors in general and of Juicy Secrets website in particular,the stories presented here are works of fiction.
      Fiction, Fantasy, Phantasm, remember those words.

      The events that have happened in the real, actual world, are as mentioned, horrible and intolerable, the recent and most infamous,perpetrated by forcible means under the guise of “sports medicine” upon young, female Olympic contestants by a male,so called specialist, are especially egregious.

      These events should not be conflated with stories read here.

      And to reiterate what Jay Denton wrote: “….but this story had none of that. both were willing and enthusiastic participants.” which is one the criterion (as I understand them) that the esteemed administrators of Juicy Secrets have set out for acceptance of any story presented for posting.

      Just my opinion.


  8. Shy Mom says:

    Like so many other works of established writers here, including the co-founders of this site, this is a master-class in erotica. It presses so many buttons so finely and, in the end, fully. I wanted to learn as I read along, but was too aroused to do anything but imbibe every word, imagine every act, and indulge in self-pleasure along the way.

    Wonderful writing. Thank you for the find!

    P.S. Agree with Jay 100%

  9. Captain Midnight says:

    I need to clarify my comment.

    I was thinking about how much pressure to succeed was placed on gymnasts, particularly Olympic hopefuls. We saw how China seemingly (not proven) forces tiny children to pose as girls older than themselves to look like they have no bodies to speak of in Olympic competitions. We have heard horror stories of (say) Bela and Marta Karolyi’s brutal regimens in their traininf camps to push gymnasts to and often beyond their limits.

    I just did not like the idea of a former gymnast pushing her students to the point of injury and sometimes beyond it. That was sadly realistic. The lovemaking was much different and I had no problems with it.

    • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

      Dear Captain Midnight,
      I am not one given to become enmeshed or embroiled in controversy, but after reading this story for a second and third time, I am unable( and I could be mistaken ) to find any inference or passage that depicts any “pushing to the point of injury and sometimes beyond one’s limit” by the gymnast character,Gina, in regards to the character,Tanya. It seems to me, that any slip ups, errors, stumbles, faux pas, intentional or not were of Tanya’s making. As we all know, given the extreme will to succeed and excel, even the most talented young gymnast can make mistakes.

      Would you consider, that perhaps you, with your prior knowledge of the terrible things that have happened to young Olympic hopefuls in the real world, may have sub consciously projected those feelings & concerns onto the aforementioned characters?…Maybe another reading of the story more slowly and more objectively, may persuade you to arrive at a different conclusion?

      Again, I am not judging, just observing.


      • Captain Midnight says:

        I realize now that Tanya’s fall and injury was what sparked the comment. Guess I simply think gymnastics is an inherently cruel and brutal sport.

        Girls and women are speaking out more and more about risking injury, and physical and mental abuse, for the sake of sports. After I posted these comments, the women’s basketball team at my university went to a newspaper to lodge complaints against their head coach (a woman) for abusing them in both ways. Evidently complaints to the athletic director had gone nowhere. The coach was soon terminated.

        Say of me what you will, but I always take these stories very seriously and enjoy the personal lives of the people portrayed as well as things they do with each other outside the bedroom. (This is why I loved Letoria’s work, and why I lavish praise on some stories by other authors.) The more dimension a story has, the more I enjoy it.

  10. Shy Mom says:

    I think we all agree with Captain Midnight that the abuse of gymnasts, physical, emotional, and sexual, in real life has been absolutely horrid. So too the years of cover-up.

    I did make an effort to set that aside as I read this story as fantasy. And what a transporting, arousing fantasy it is.

  11. SJ Bush says:

    Loved loved the story. Looking forward to the next chapter with Gina, Elaine, Joy and Tanya!

  12. Janie says:

    I certainly agree Shy Mom!

  13. theflash says:

    do amyone write about cheerleaders more gymist and flight attendants

  14. Bryan says:

    Holy crap that was hot

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