Caryn, Part One

  • Posted on May 17, 2019 at 2:12 pm

by Randi Patterson

{ This story was originally posted at Nifty in August 1998 }

“Mmmmm. Oh, Terry! Ahhhhh….” Kris shuddered with pleasure as Terry slipped her fingers into Kris’ panties and tenderly stroked the girl’s mons. Terry brought her other hand quickly to Kris’ mouth to muffle the girl’s gasps and groans as her fingers gently caressed the sensitive skin of the girl’s labia and the fleshy folds of her vulva.

Terry never ceased to be amazed at how sensitive and responsive her young friend was to her touch. Even here, in the middle of Tucson’s busiest mall, surrounded by hundreds of busy people, Kris was focused completely on the gentle ministrations of Terry’s fingers as they stroked and caressed her genitalia.

If the shoppers in the mall had slowed long enough to notice the woman and girl sitting close together on the bench, they would have seen nothing too unusual. The woman looked to be in her early thirties, with dark hair cut in a wedge style. She was wearing a stylish short business skirt and an expensive leather jacket. She was an attractive woman, with bright, wide-set eyes, full lips, and a pleasantly oval face.

The girl, perhaps thirteen or fourteen, seemed to be too old to be the woman’s daughter. She had blonde hair tied into two tresses that cascaded past her shoulders, and had a beauty that radiated outwards from her on all frequencies. She was beautiful as only a young girl can be, when she is at that indeterminate, post-pubescent, pre-adolescent age. As Bob Seger would say, she had the looks that could open doors with just a smile. It was more difficult to see the short denim miniskirt that she was wearing, because of the large Macy’s advertising circular that was spread out on her lap.

Perhaps she was the woman’s kid sister, or her niece. The two were obviously close friends, if not actually related, judging by the way they huddled together on the bench, the woman with an arm across the girl’s shoulders, their heads close together as they gazed at the circular on the girl’s lap.

“Shh, sweetheart. I know the chance of discovery makes it all the more exciting, but let’s not press our luck, okay?” Terry took her hand from Kris’ mouth and let it fall onto the girl’s chest. She cupped the girl’s breast briefly, squeezing it gently before bringing her hand back up to the girl’s shoulder. “Now, spread your legs a little, Kris, so I can get my hand all the way into your panties. I think you’re wet enough now. Mmm, that’s it, baby.”

Terry, feeling Kris’ lubrication beginning to flow, slipped her hand deeper into the girl’s panties. Gently, she eased her middle finger past the teen’s labia and penetrated her vagina, inserting her finger as deeply as she could. She felt Kris shudder, the vaginal muscles instinctively clamping around her finger. Terry flexed her wrist slightly, bringing her finger up against the ventral surface of the girl’s vaginal cleft. She found Kris’ clitoris and slowly rubbed it with her finger, sliding the length of her finger back and forth over it.

Kris came almost immediately, a series of small orgasms that would crescendo to a mind-bending climax if Terry continued the stimulation.

But Terry knew there was a finite limit to her friend’s self-control. And the middle of the mall was not a good place to test that limit. As Kris began to fidget, and then to writhe her hips in a steadily increasing rhythm, Terry withdrew her finger from the girl’s vagina and gently tugged the panties back into place, giving her mons a reluctant final caress.

She brought her hand to her face, and inhaled the heady aroma of Kris’ little girl muskiness. Licking Kris’ fluids from her finger, she then turned to regard the young girl.

Kris gazed steadily at her, and said, “Ahh, Terry, this is incredible. All those people, and they didn’t even know. I was frightened and aroused at the same time. Weird, but not unpleasant. And you were right, about the way the sensation, the pleasure, seems to intensify.” She paused for a moment, lost in thought. “I feel so, so…” She stopped, shivered and smiled up at Terry. “I think I finally understand what my brother meant about all the sexually repressed half-humans around us, and why he warned me against doing stuff like this.”

Terry arched an eyebrow.

“It was something my brother told me once. When I was trying to figure out how to tell you how much I wanted you to caress me again. He told me that if I had sex with you, I’d probably want to show it off somehow in public. He was more worried about the legal ramifications than the social ones, though. He told me to be careful, but I think we’re being careful enough.” Kris moved the circular off her lap, onto Terry’s. She smoothed down the hem of her mini, and decorously crossed her legs. Still smiling, she said, “Mmm, now it’s your turn. Ready?”

“I hope you never understand anything that even remotely includes the concept of sexual repression, Kris. You are all innocence and curiosity. I hope you hang on to your innocence forever, sweetheart. And no, I’m not ready yet.”

As much as she wanted to be on the receiving end, Terry thought it best to wait. This was the first time she’d had public sex with Kris, but not the first time she’d ever done it with a female. Her previous lover Lisa had convinced her to give it a try. She’d been a little shocked at the suggestion, but Lisa had been very persistent. When she finally acquiesced, Terry had been very apprehensive, but that just seemed to make her orgasm that much more intense when it happened. Kris, on the other hand, was enthusiastic from the start.

Terry shook her head and said, “Let’s get that present for Caryn instead, and you can owe me one when we get home. The fact is, sweetheart, I want to taste you. and I can’t do that here — I almost want to drag you out to the parking lot and go down on you in the Pathfinder. Just remember that the patient are always rewarded. I can wait till we get home. Can you?”

Kris nodded happily. Then, with a speculative look, she said, “What’s wrong with the Pathfinder? It has a big cargo area, and we can pull the curtains…”

“Tease. C’mon, let’s get to the store while I can still think straight. Do you know exactly what you want to get for Caryn?”

“Yep. It’s really erotic. Too erotic for a fourteen-year-old to buy for another fourteen-year-old, that’s for sure. Thanks for helping me with this subterfuge.”

Terry laughed. “Hey, I told you I’d help you out in any way possible if you wanted to become intimate with your friend Caryn. I think she’s a very pretty girl, with a very sharp mind… almost as sharp as yours, my little scholar. I think she just pretends to be shallow and vacant, so she won’t scare the boys away.”

“I know, and thanks again. I think I love Caryn. As a friend. And I want it to be more. I want it to be like what we have.” She took Terry by the hand and looked steadily at her. “I want her to feel the same way I feel when you are touching and caressing me. I want her to feel the same pleasure that we share.”

“Oh my, Kris,” Terry sighed. “I think I just came. When was the last time I told you that I love you, very, very, much?”

“Oh, about ten seconds ago, when you told me you wanted to drag me out to the parking lot and do me in your Pathfinder.”

Terry laughed. “I think that was more lust than love… and pure, unadulterated lust at that. There is a difference, you know.”

“I know. And I know the difference. Just like I know that you love me, and not just because of the sex. I can feel it in the way you touch me, and I can still feel it when you’re a hundred miles away.”

I think she would know it, too, Terry thought. What a treasure you are, Kris. Leaning down, she brushed her lips against the girl’s cheek. “Just wait till I get you home. Now, before I really do drag you out to the parking lot and ravish you, let’s go.”

Hand in hand, Terry and Kris strolled through the mall, making their way steadily towards the Victoria’s Secret outlet. Once at the store, Terry asked for a catalog and browsed through it. Kris stood outside the store near one of the display cases and watched her through the glass. Terry stood with the catalog held up and out, as if trying to get more light. Kris could see each page. Terry browsed through it, keeping an eye on Kris.

Kris waited until she saw what she wanted and quickly nodded. Terry slid her finger down the page until she saw Kris nod again. Terry gave out a low whistle. Hmmm, I like it, she thought.

It was a very brief, very erotic bit of lingerie. The model seemed to be clad in a close-fitting cloud of pink fog. The top hung from her shoulders on two thin straps, and was secured across her breasts with a single tie. The panties were a brief triangular wisp clinging intimately to her mound.

As any sexually aware woman would understand, Terry knew that the most erotic lingerie always leaves something to the imagination. It should conceal as enticingly as it reveals. Terry tried to imagine what Kris’ friend Caryn would look like in it, and felt her knees get weak. Oh, I wish I could wear something like that, she thought. But you really have to be anorexic to look good in something like that. Or fourteen years old.

Terry took the catalog over to the clerk. For some reason, Terry found herself somewhat embarrassed as she showed the picture to the clerk. The clerk pretended not to notice her customer’s momentary discomfiture, and asked Terry what her size was.

Terry said, “Thank you for that vote of confidence, but I can’t wear this, though I wish I could. It’s for my friend, who’s much more petite than I am.”

The clerk nodded, saying, “Oh, I don’t know. I think you’d look stunning. But you’re right. This really belongs on a very petite woman. Do you know your friend’s size?”

Terry said, “She’s a three.”

The clerk disappeared into the rear of the store and reappeared very quickly. “Would you like it gift wrapped? You get a free deluxe wrap at That’s a Wrap with any purchase over $75.”

“Oh, yes. Thanks.”

“Cash, check, or charge, then?”

Terry handed her AmEx card to the clerk. The clerk rung up the sale, gave the card back to Terry, and then called another clerk over. “Amanda, take this over to That’s a Wrap.” Turning back to Terry, she asked, “Christmas, right? Or is it a wedding or birthday gift?”

“Christmas. But that’s fine, I can take it there myself. Thank you anyway.”

“Oh, certainly. Here. Just show them your receipt, Ms. Reynolds. Happy holidays!”

Terry left the boutique and Kris joined her. Hand in hand again, they walked towards the gift-wrap boutique. At the boutique, they had to stand in line for service. After finally getting to the service window, they were told it would be about an hour wait.

Kris giggled as they walked out of the boutique. “Where shall we wait? In the Pathfinder, maybe?”

“Don’t tempt me. C’mon, I’ll buy you a Coke while we wait.”

At the Food Court, they got their drinks, found an unoccupied table and sat down. Kris periodically got up to go check with the boutique for their package. Two Cokes, a plate of nachos, and three-quarters of an hour later, the gift was wrapped and ready for pick up. Terry claimed the gift, and they left the mall for the parking lot.

As soon as they were in the Pathfinder, Terry leaned over towards Kris, slid her hand under the teen’s skirt, cupping her mons. Kris spread her thighs and sighed happily. Terry caressed the girl for several moments through her panties, then took her hand back. “That’s for being so patient back there. I can hardly wait to get you home and in my bed.”

Kris caught Terry’s hand and held it against her pubis. “Can you drive with one hand?”

“Oh. Mmmm, sure. But let me get out of the parking lot first, okay? Put your feet up on the seat, and pull your panties down for me while I get us out of here.”

Kris happily complied, slipping the sodden panties down around her thighs. Pulling her knees up to her chest, she placed her feet on the edge of the seat. Terry maneuvered the Nissan out of the mall parking lot and onto the boulevard. Reaching over to Kris, she lifted the hem of Kris’ denim mini-skirt and gently cupped her mons in the palm of her hand, fingers exploring the sensitive tissue of Kris’ labia. By the time they reached Terry’s house, Kris was flowing with lubrication.

Terry parked the Nissan and pulled her young lover’s panties back into place. Kris smoothed her skirt down. They both walked quickly to the house. As soon as they entered, Terry took Kris by the hand and led her into the living room, where they threw several bolsters and cushions from the sofa and loveseat onto the floor in front of the fireplace.

Growing more excited by the second, she quickly undressed Kris — removing her skirt, blouse and bra, barely managing not to break any zippers or pop any buttons in her mounting passion. Taking a large cylindrical bolster and a smaller rectangular cushion, she had Kris lay down, slipping the bolster under her hips, and the cushion under her neck and shoulders to support her head. Kris’ pelvis was now slightly elevated. Her mons swelled against her panties, the curves of her labia delineated by the taut material.

Terry knelt on the floor next to Kris. Reaching forward, she slipped the girl’s panties down until they were resting across the middle of her thighs. With her back arched by the bolster under her hips, Kris spread her legs, stretching the panties to their limit. Terry gazed for several seconds at Kris’ deliciously exposed pudenda. Reaching down to the girl’s mons, she gently spread her labia apart with two fingers. The girl’s vaginal cleft gleamed with moisture.

Leaning forward, she extended her tongue and slipped it between her parted labia and thrust it as deep as she could into the girl’s vagina. Terry sighed as she gently probed Kris’ vagina with her the tip of her tongue. Kris was lubricating freely, so Terry gently ran her tongue along Kris’ labia and mons, delighting in the girl’s delicious flavor.

Kris began to come, sending what seemed like a fountain of nectar into Terry’s mouth. Her young lover’s sex had a salty-sweet taste that Terry found utterly compelling.

Terry continued to caress the young girl’s mons, labia, and vagina with her tongue until Kris had come several times. She was mildly surprised at the length and duration of the girl’s climaxes, since she had yet to even touch her clitoris.

At length, Kris sighed heavily, rolled onto her side, and gazed at Terry through half-closed eyelids. “Mmmm. I don’t know what you did, but that was one of the best ever. Like the first time you did me, but different, somehow. Thank you. Now,it’s your turn. I owe you two.”

Kris raised herself to a kneeling position in front of Terry and quickly unbuttoned the older woman’s blouse, then unhooked the front closure of Terry’s bra. Kris knew that Terry’s breasts were the most erogenous zone on her body, and that Terry really enjoyed having them suckled. Leaning close to Terry, Kris took a nipple between her lips and fluttered her tongue rapidly over the erect bud, flicking it up and down, then from side to side.

She raised Terry’s skirt up around her waist, then slipped both hands into her lover’s panties. Terry was soaking wet, so Kris eased two fingers of the right hand deep into her vagina, while her left stroked and caressed Terry’s labia. Seeking out Terry’s clitoris, Kris began to caress it with her fingertips. She brought her left hand back up to Terry’s other breast and began to gently caress the nipple, rolling it between thumb and forefinger.

Terry was quickly overwhelmed with the sensations pouring into her brain from her breasts and vagina. A sudden orgasm rocketed through her in an intense, prolonged burst of pleasure.

As Terry’s climax attenuated, Kris slid two fingers into her own vagina, coating them with moisture, then brought those fingers to Terry’s lips. Terry could smell Kris’ muskiness, and eagerly took the proffered fingers into her mout, eagerly sucking them. As the salty tang flooded over her tongue, Terry felt another orgasm rise to engulf her.

“Mmmm, you taste so good. How did you know I wanted to taste you again, right at that moment?” Terry’s first female lover, Lisa, had possessed the same talent; a seeming ability to know what Terry was thinking and feeling as they made love.

Kris shrugged. “I… well, I just thought that would make you happy. I just want you to feel as wonderful as I do when I’m with you, and it seemed like the right thing to do. Sometimes I think I can read your mind, especially when one of us is coming.”

Terry encircled the young girl with her arms and held her close. She gazed down at the young girl as she leaned back, pulling Kris into her lap. You are a jewel, Kris, she thought to herself. Priceless beyond compare.

Kris snuggled against Terry, her back resting against Terry’s breasts, her legs, still bound by her panties, resting over and across Terry’s. Terry reached down to where those panties still clung halfway down the girl’s thighs and slipped one of her legs free, leaving the panties bunched around Kris’ other leg. Now, as they lay together on the floor of Terry’s living room in front of the fireplace, Terry reached around Kris and eased the girl’s thighs apart. Then, gently, she inserted two fingers into her young lover’s vagina.

Kris twisted her upper body to the side and gently nuzzled Terry’s nipples with her tongue and lips. The woman and the girl were both sated now, and just caressing each other for the sake of the physical contact.

Kris enjoyed this post-coital intimacy as much as the passion of the sex itself. Right now, with Terry’s fingers gently probing her vagina, she didn’t feel any urgency at all. Cradled in Terry’s arms, she felt safe and happy. And it was this sweet, warm feeling that she wanted to share so much with her friend Caryn.

Kris closed her eyes, and thought about Caryn. She’d wanted to get intimate with Caryn since the summer, after she and Terry had first made love. Kris, who’d never actively pursued a boy, much less a girl, didn’t know how to let her best friend know that she wanted to make love to her. But with Terry’s help, she’d finally come up with a way to let Caryn know how she felt. The problem, Kris reflected, was not so much in letting her know how she felt, but in dealing with whatever reaction Caryn would have when Kris made her desire known.

After discussing the situation with Terry, she’d come up with a two-step plan that involved a gentle hint, followed by an opportunity to further explore that hint. Granted, the lingerie she’d just bought for Caryn sent a less than subtle message. In fact it might just be a little too obvious. But Kris wanted to provoke a strong reaction. So the Christmas gift of lingerie was Step One.

Step Two was providing a situation where Kris and Caryn could be alone together when Kris presented her gift. Terry solved that by suggesting that Kris house-sit for her the next time she was out of town on business. Kris would naturally invite her best friend to keep her company. Now, with Christmas only a week away, Caryn’s gift was in Kris’ possession.

Kris opened her eyes and looked up at Terry. “Oh, I really love this, being touched so nicely by you. Will you do me one more time before I go home?”

“Of course, sweetheart. With my tongue?”

“Oh, I don’t want you to let go of me. Just your fingers, please!” Kris settled back against Terry, spreading her legs even wider in anticipation.

Terry smiled and tightened her arms around the young girl in a hug. She placed her free hand on Kris’ chest, and closed it around one of her small but deliciously firm and prominent breasts. She felt the nipple erect almost immediately against her palm. Meanwhile, Terry quickly found Kris’ clitoris with her fingers and lightly pinched it. Kris responded immediately, thrusting her hips upwards. Terry finished what she had started in the mall, her fingers fiddling with the girl’s clit.

Kris came in a crescendoing series of climaxes, each one more intense then the one before. At length, Terry felt Kris go rigid, her vaginal muscles clamping down tightly on Terry’s fingers. Terry waited for the orgasm to run its course, and then gently removed her fingers from the trembling teen.

Kris sighed heavily, then rolled off Terry’s lap.

“Mmmm, so nice. Oh Terry, I wish I could stay.” With a sigh, Kris reluctantly started to gather up her clothes. Terry got up, went into her bedroom and put on a robe, then returned to the living room. Kris was already dressed and waiting by the front door.

“Have a happy Christmas, Kris. Give me a kiss, and I’ll see you in a few days, alright?”

Kris smiled and kissed Terry good-bye, then opened the door, not wanting to leave. As she stepped outside she said, “When does Carrie come home? Is she still in Vancouver?” Carrie was Terry’s sixteen-year-old daughter. Kris was too embarrassed to say so, but she had a secret crush on her, and sometimes liked to fantasize about making love to mother and daughter at the same time.

Terry nodded. “Yes, and she’ll be going straight back to the academy from there, so she won’t be coming home until March. You’ll have all the privacy you need for Caryn.” Knowing Kris was reluctant to leave, and admitting that she hated to see her go, she said gently, “I’ll see you soon, sweetheart. If you happen to hear from those two remarkable brothers of yours, please give them my best.”

“Okay, I will. Bye, and happy Christmas, Terry. I love you.”

“I love you too, little one.”

And now, for the rest of the story – Part Two!


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  1. Captain Midnight says:

    How many chapters are there expected to be?

    • Nathan Riches says:

      And will we get a bit more back story? We kinda came into the middle, so its a little confusing. How did they meet? When? etc.

      • JetBoy says:

        There is one more chapter, soon to appear.

        Nathan, I admit that it’s a little strange the way this story begins, but that’s how the author wrote it, over two decades ago. We still think it’s strong enough to post in the archive.

        • FunScotty says:

          This was the fourth story the author published at nifty. The very first, Carrie’s Seduction, was a long, VERY explicit story about a sexual encounter between 16-year-old Lisa and the 10-year-old Carrie, whom Lisa is babysitting. I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve read here, but nothing I read here matches the eroticism and pure taboo heat of Carrie’s Seduction. The mere idea of a babysitter fucking her charge is one thing; what Lisa does to Carrie, and gets Carrie to do to her, is out of this world. I am not exaggerating.

          Carrie’s Mother was the second story. The Terry of this story is the mother in that story, and it’s also Lisa who is the other participant. Lisa and Carrie are absent for the third entry, The Pool, which is all about Terry seducing Kris. Caryn appears in that one, but not as a sexual participant.

          I’ve been dying to find out if Randi Patterson (the nifty stories were attributed to Randi Reynolds) wrote or published anything else. The email address at nifty is no good, so if anybody knows her, please encourage her to share some more stories.

          • Nathan Riches says:

            So, jetboy, any chance you could track those down or maybe Scotty, if you have them stored? Have a kind of OCD about coming in halfway through a story. Not saying Im not enjoying it, just would enjoy it more starting from the beginning

          • Steve says:

            Thank you for the detail. The “Carrie” stories are some of my favorites. I had never tied Terry to the “Caryn” stories or to “The Pool”. I loved Terry and Lisa in “Carrie’s Mother”. The pot smoking scene in that one is awesome. Again, thank you.

  2. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Great story so far, Randi!
    really loved how they were so intimate in the public space at the Mall, and how scholarly young Kris is, it brought to mind a sexy, horny librarian! And then the frustration of not being able to orgasm until they at least got to their vehicle to enjoy some restrained foreplay…then as Terry and Kris discussed Kris’ friend Caryn, these lines are so yummy:

    She took Terry by the hand and looked steadily at her. “I want her to feel the same way I feel when you are touching and caressing me.I want her to feel the same pleasure we share.”

    “Oh my Kris,” Terry sighed. “I think I just came. When was the last time I told you that I love you, very, very much?”

    “Oh, about ten seconds ago, when you told me you wanted to drag me out to the parking lot and do me in your Pathfinder.”

    Terry laughed. “I think that was more lust than love…and pure, unadulterated lust at that. There is a difference you know.”

    “I know. and I know the difference. Just like I know you love me, and not just because of the sex. I can feel it in the way you touch me, and I can still feel it when you’re a hundred miles away.”

    Mmm! so beautiful!…
    And then when they finally had sex, the lines are delicious:

    ….Leaning forward, she extended her tongue and slipped it between her parted labia and thrust it as deep as she could into the girl’s vagina. Terry sighed as she gently probed Kris’ vagina with the tip of her tongue. Kris was lubricating freely, so Terry gently ran her tongue along Kris’ labia and mons, delighting in the girl’s delicious flavor.

    Kris began to come, sending what seemed like a fountain of nectar into Terry’s mouth. Her young lover’s sex had a salty sweet taste that Terry found utterly compelling….

    Oh,YES!,that taste! that beautiful taste!!!

    Can’t wait for the next chapter to see what pleasures and adventures unfold!

    Thank you, Randi Patterson, for a really yummy story!

  3. David says:

    Hot story, can’t wait for the second chapter.

  4. JetBoy says:

    Okay, time for a few words of explanation. It turns out that Randi Patterson DID write other stories connected with this one, but she neglected to make that clear, or link them together in any meaningful way. Many thanks to our sharp-eyed readers (especially FunScotty and Julian Juli) for tracking them down for us.

    At some point, we hope to add these other stories and put them all together to form a unified lesbian sex saga… but at the moment, PoppaBear and I are tied up with other site projects. Your patience is appreciated.

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