Beneath the Mistletoe

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Author Unknown

Note from JetBoy: What with all the fiction we’ve got that features underage girls, it strikes me that we could use a few more stories with grown women who end up in forbidden lesbian relationships. Here’s one. I made some major changes in the plot here, which will be explained further down. Do enjoy!


You know, I’d heard all the mother-in-law jokes before I got married… but honestly, from the moment we met, I got along famously with John’s mom. In fact, I found Cora to be as supportive and sweet as my own mother had been.

John and I lived in Seattle, while his mother had a farm in Michigan. We both taught high school, and on our salaries we could barely afford our single annual trip home at Christmas time to see Cora.

I didn’t mind going at all. My folks had passed away while I was in college and John and his mother were all the family I had. Besides, Cora was a wonderful woman, and we both looked forward to going home and spending time with her in the big farm house where she lived.

John and I had met in college, fell in love and were now living the typical young couple’s life in Seattle. Seattle and its annual rainfall is an acquired taste, but we enjoyed living there and after a few years were looking for a house to buy and had begun to talk about having kids. A high point of the year, however, was splurging on plane tickets and flying into Detroit and driving to John’s childhood home for Christmas. Cora always had the house decorated with a huge tree and Christmas trim all through the house. We almost always have snow and, well, it just seems that it’s like we’re living in some old classic Yuletide movie.

It was on our fourth Christmas trip home that things became different between John’s mother and me. It began with just a little silly incident, but even then, I knew that something special had happened even if I didn’t understand it at the time. It’s funny how a quiet, intimate moment can change your life forever…

That December was a Christmas out of a storybook. It had snowed off and on since the morning of the twenty-third and now the woods and farmland around us looked like a winter wonderland. Inside my mother-in-law’s warm and cozy house I could sit and watch Cora for hours, amazed at her energy and her imagination and her kindness while she did all the little things that made the old farmhouse a real home. John’s dad had passed away many years earlier, but Cora had never remarried. She was such a lovely, vivacious woman that I often wondered why.

She and I were in the kitchen on Christmas Eve — Cora making an apple pie for tomorrow’s dinner while I watched at the kitchen table. Cora moved around the kitchen effortlessly with the energy of a teenager and I have to admit, a figure any real woman would admire.

Cora had blonde hair that she wore short, and was dressed in a flannel shirt and tight blue jeans, the seams stretched by her shapely, generous bottom. That shirt did nothing to conceal her voluptuous breasts, which swayed beneath the warm wool material. Her big brown eyes sparkled with laughter as she worked, and I remember wishing that I had her fair, flawless complexion.

As she put the finishing touches on the pie, she gave me a quick glance and a smile and asked, “So, Diana — are you and John going to make me a grandmother anytime soon?”

I giggled and took a sip of hot chocolate from the mug in front of me. “We’re talking about it. We’d like to find a house first — neither of us want to bring up kids in an apartment, especially the little cracker box we have now.”

Cora nodded and said, “I understand that — a family needs a house.” She turned away from the counter and smiled at me. “Well, it makes me happy just to know you two are at least thinking about children, by now I’m sure you know how to make them.” She winked at me naughtily while I felt my jaw drop.

“Why, Cora Holland — I can’t believe you said that!” Sometimes I think John’s mother made jokes like that just to see my reaction. I grew up in a strict, conservative home where just uttering the word “sex” could get you spanked.

Cora walked across the room with a hot pitcher of cocoa and topped off my mug and while pouring two more mugs full, said, “Well, it’s true… and this old house has seen a fair sight of babymaking. That big old poster bed you’re sleeping in used to belong to John’s grandparents… and they conceived ten kids in that bed, including John’s daddy.”

While I tried to get my mouth to work, Cora leaned down and kissed the top of my head and said, “You two should get some practice in while you’re here — who knows, the old Holland family luck might kick in!”

I could feel myself blushing and managed to get out — “Cora, you’re awful!”

My mother-in-law just laughed in reply and was about to say something else when John called from the living room, “Hey, are you girls ever coming in here? It’s getting late and we haven’t even listened to the old records yet!” There was a pause and Cora and I looked at each other and together perfectly lip-synced silently as my husband hollered, “It’s tradition, y’know!”

Cora rolled her eyes and shook her head as she said, “That boy and his traditions.” She picked up the two mugs of hot chocolate and motioned towards the hallway. “I guess we better go before your husband has a cow.”

I laughed as we walked down the narrow hall, “Well, you raised him, you know.” I said in a bantering tone as we approached the narrow entrance to the living room.

It was a wonderful evening as we talked and listened to Christmas albums — Cora and John entertaining me with stories from their family history, especially John’s getting into mischief as a boy. While John stuck to cocoa, his mother and I opted to break open nice bottle of wine I’d brought with us and by midnight, we’d pretty much finished it off.

As the chimes on Cora’s old grandfather clock began to chime the arrival of Christmas, Cora stood and stretched, her breasts straining against her heavy sweater as she raised her hands over her head. “Oh my, I know some children that need to get to bed before Santa shows up!” she said in a mock-scolding tone.

I stood up and had a stretch myself, my own heavy breasts bulging out against my sweater. I gathered up the cocoa mugs to carry to the kitchen, not paying attention as I moved towards the doorway… and wound up colliding with Cora as we both tried to get through the entrance at the same time. We both stopped and began to apologize, facing each other, our breasts pressed together.

John, on his way to the bathroom, laughed and said, “Uh-oh… you gals need to kiss!” We both looked at him and then looked above us to see what he was pointing at. Above us was a large sprig of mistletoe that Cora had hung over the doorway for the holidays. John snorted with laughter as he left the room.

Cora laughed and leaned in a bit, her breasts mashing against mine. “Merry Christmas, daughter in law,” she said in a happy voice, and we gave each other a soft kiss on the lips.

It felt lovely, and I wrapped my arms around Cora, a mug in each hand. I didn’t understand why, but my heart was racing.

She drew back, gazed deep into my eyes and whispered, “Oh, my… that’s the nicest kiss I’ve had in ages.”

We both laughed and I don’t know, maybe it was the wine — maybe it was anticipating a little lovemaking with John that made me feel so naughty, but I leaned in and with my mouth open, moved to kiss Cora again, another like the first one… but to my surprise, Cora’s open mouth met mine, and I gasped as I felt her tongue spear between my open lips.

Now, I’ve kissed a girl before. In fact, my college roommate Jenny and I had enjoyed more than a little girl-on-girl loving on those lonely nights when we were between boyfriends, but it didn’t prepare me for the jolt of pure excitement that surged through my body as I French-kissed my mother-in-law for maybe fifteen seconds, our tongues dueling fiercely.

When we parted, I was slack-jawed with amazement. Cora smiled back at me and softly said, “You’re a very good kisser.” She moved into the hallway then, her breasts brushing heavily against mine… and while my nipples had become rock hard, I was equally sure that I could feel hers, even through the heavy sweater.

Acting like what we’d done was no big deal, my mother-in-law called out for me to just leave the mugs in the sink, she’d clean up in the morning. I stood for a moment in shock at what had just happened, then I heard John shuffle back into the room. “Ready to turn in?” he yawned.

And upstairs we went.


The next morning, I got up and pulled on a modest babydoll negligee — obviously braless, my breasts opaquely covered by the silky material, the nipples obviously outlined and protruding against the cloth, and matching panties. John gave me an appreciative stare as he pulled on a sweatshirt and boxer shorts.

I glanced at myself in the mirror as I followed my husband, The light green negligee ended at mid thigh, showing off my sexy legs and accentuating my breasts. With my bed-tousled head of carrot-red hair, I did look sexy — and I found myself wondering if Cora would think so… as if I was dressing for her. Deep down inside, somehow I knew that I was, too.

We joined Cora in the kitchen. Maybe a year ago I wouldn’t have seen her as anything but John’s middle-aged mother — a pretty woman, but whom I would never think of as a sexual creature. Now, it was hard to take my eyes off her as we ate breakfast. Cora was wearing an old, well worn, light blue flannel gown that molded itself tightly to her body, clinging to her heavy breasts and her full butt. Interesting… there were no panty lines that I could see.

We sat down together and ate a Christmas pancake breakfast. Afterwards, while John headed upstairs to shower and get dressed, I helped Cora clear away the dishes.

As we washed and dried, Cora glanced over at me and smiled coyly. I smiled back at her, and then we both broke out laughing. We hugged, our bodies pressed tightly together. I marveled at how good and warm she felt and again, thoughts of her body flashed in my mind even as we continued to laugh. It seemed obvious that both of us were enjoying the sensation. We drifted apart, laughed quietly, then turned back to the dishes.

I glanced up at the mistletoe hanging just a few feet away, thinking how exciting that moment had been last night — and how lovely it would be to do it again…

I didn’t mean for it to happen, but Cora saw me gazing at the mistletoe. She set down the plate she was holding and reached for my hand. “C’mere,” she murmured, guiding me over to stand beneath the small green sprig hung above the doorway. We stared at each other.

She leaned into me and we kissed — no simple peck on the cheek, but with mouths open, my tongue welcoming hers as our lips pressed together and sealed. Her tongue danced and snaked around mine, making me shiver. Her arms came up and her hands clamped down on my shoulders, pulling me firmly against her. Under the thin clothing, I could feel my nipples grow harder, sensing the soft fleshiness of her breasts. A wicked heat began to stoke between my legs as I felt her own nipples through the thin satin of my nightie.

We kissed a lot longer this time, much more than the few seconds of the night before. Forty-five seconds, maybe even for a minute before we finally parted, our lips separating wetly with a delicious smack.

We stared at each other wide-eyed, very much aware of the energy between us.

“Wow!” I whispered, barely able to speak. I had to face it — my husband’s mother and I had just shared a lover’s kiss!

“Yeah,” Cora replied in a very husky voice. “You know, there’s a lot to be said for tradition.” Then she realized she still held me in an embrace and her face flushed bright red and she exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, look at the time. I’ve got to get started on Christmas dinner!” Cora beat a hasty retreat towards the stairs, calling out, “I’m going to get dressed and get started in the kitchen — Diana, I could use some help in a bit, if you don’t mind!”

John came down a couple of minutes later, and I made small talk with him, trying to conceal the intense excitement I felt.

When Cora returned she was dressed in a long, denim skirt and a matching denim blouse, enough buttons left undone to reveal the upper swells of her breasts. This time I was absolutely certain that she was braless — her nipples were clearly visible through the material. She grinned at us and said, “C’mon you two — things to do. John, I need some wood chopped for the fireplace and Diana, get yourself dressed… I’ll need your help in the kitchen.”

John headed outside to the woodpile while I hurried up the stairs. I quickly showered and dressed myself in jeans and a flannel shirt, with no underwear at all. Like Cora, I left my shirt partially unbuttoned to show off my cleavage.

Over the next few hours, Cora and I stayed busy preparing one of her classic Christmas dinners, complete with a Christmas goose, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, dressing and other foods — enough to feed a small army. The entire time, I think both my mother-in-law and myself were keenly aware of the sexual tension that had arisen from our kissing, but neither of us made mention of it — it simply hung in the air between us, a living, powerful, but silent thing.

Interestingly, despite Cora having a kitchen large enough to be the envy of women everywhere, we always seemed to be crowded. Cora was constantly brushing by me, her breasts rolling against my back or against my front, thighs pressed together as we would work side by side, peeling potatoes or washing dirty pans. Before long, I was doing the same, going out of my way to rub myself up against Cora’s body.

As the kitchen began to heat up from the baking, I began to regret wearing a flannel shirt… then I got inspired and yanked my shirt out of my jeans, undoing the lower buttons. Then I tied the tails of the shirt up into a knot, exposing my stomach and accentuating my breasts, which were now contained by only two buttons. I was quite aware of the view I was now providing my mother-in-law.

Cora took a long look at me and sighed. “Show-off… If I had your figure, I’d be doing that too, Diana.”

I laughed and replied, “Cora, you’re a beautiful woman and I love your figure. Don’t be afraid to show what you got!”

My mother-in-law rolled her eyes and then said, “I’m already daring enough, walking around without a bra on.” She cupped and hefted one breast. “But I don’t sag much for my age and size and I just refuse to wear one around the house.”

Suddenly, feeling very daring, I walked up to her and said, “You have a great body, Cora — you shouldn’t be shy about it.” My mother-in-law jumped a little as I slipped fingers into the waist of her denim dress and began yanking her shirttails out. I slowly unbuttoned the lower buttons on her blouse, feeling her body heat, then rolled her shirt up and tied the shirttails together like mine, revealing her round stomach and drawing more attention to her magnificent breasts.

I put my hands on Cora’s bare waist and murmured almost shyly, “I think you’re the sexiest mother I know, Cora.”

Cora blushed and I could feel a slight flutter under her skin and then we both laughed at our flirting and went on with the cooking. I meant what I’d said. I thought Cora walking around in the long denim dress and her tied up shirt, revealing her full, round belly and barely constraining her breasts made her look like some sort of motherly goddess.

As we finished cooking, we were both very touchy-feely — reaching out to touch one another as we passed, at least when we weren’t rubbing our bodies together. Once as I was peeling potatoes, Cora came up from behind, her arms wrapping around my bare waist, her chin resting on my shoulders and her huge, soft tits pressing into my back. It was a very erotic moment for me — a lovers’ moment.

Later, as we were finishing up, Cora scooped up a finger of warm gravy and asked for my opinion. I giggled as I approached her and she slipped her finger into my open mouth and I sucked the potatoes off. I looked into her eyes with the same gaze I gave her son whenever I sucked his cock and I could see the arousal on her face as I let her finger slip from between my lips.

After I brought out the sweet potato casserole, I spooned out a little bite and blowing on it to cool it off, transferred it to two fingers and repaid Cora with a request for her opinion. My mother-in-law sauntered across the room and took my hand and slowly slipped my fingers between her ovaled lips and sucked them clean, her cheeks hollowing as she moved up and down on my fingers. Cora looked at me with obvious bedroom eyes. I could feel the juices trickling from my cunt down my inner thighs and I went weak in the knees.

Cora let my fingers slip from her lips and then gently kissed them and turned away with a wink, not saying a word. She busied herself with getting the goose plated while I tried to compose myself, wondering what I was about to unleash.

Christmas dinner was wonderful — way too much good food and probably a little too much wine. The sexual tension between Cora and myself was thick in the air and more than once, I was sure I could detect the scent of my aroused pussy in the air and thought that I could smell Cora’s arousal as well.

We all ate until we were stuffed, looking at each other owlishly, sleep threatening to overtake us. John announced that he needed a nap, and asked me if I wanted to join him. I was about to say no, wanting to stay downstairs with Cora, but then she asked me, “Can you give me a hand pouring the gravy into this Tupperware container?”

I joined her at the table, and she whispered, “Go upstairs with him… then when he falls asleep, meet me down here.”

My heart racing, I helped Cora with the gravy, then John and I climbed the stairs to our bedroom, where we stripped to our underthings and crawled beneath the sheets. Sure enough, John was asleep within minutes… and I knew that he’d be dead to the world for at least an hour.

I put back on the negligee I had worn downstairs this morning, this time wearing absolutely nothing underneath. I didn’t bother with brushing my hair, rather enjoying the bed-tousled sluttish look.

As I stepped out into the living room, I saw my mother-in-law, who now had on her flannel nightgown. She smiled at me with eager eyes and murmured, “This has been wonderful, Diana… I don’t know when I’ve had a lovelier Christmas.”

“I don’t know when I enjoyed dinner so much, Cora — especially making it,” I replied.

As I drew closer, she reached out and took my hand. “Well, normally I hate having anyone else in my kitchen, but I loved making dinner with you.” Then she winked that sexy wink of hers and said, “Of course, if we’d taken any longer, I don’t know if we would have ever gotten finished.” She rose, still holding my hand, and led me toward the kitchen. Just as we reached the door, she paused… and a shiver raced through me as I realized where we were now standing.

I stepped closer to my mother-in-law and slipped my arm around her waist. The lust and need in Cora’s eyes reflected my own desires, and we wrapped our arms around each other and met in a passionate open-mouthed kiss.

I knew this kiss wouldn’t be counted in seconds, maybe not in minutes — it was a sweet, lusty kiss that could go on forever as far as I was concerned. Cora’s tongue danced and darted in my mouth, teasing my tongue one second, then rolling deliciously against it the next. Little sighing sounds came from both us as we kissed and kissed and kissed.

I felt Cora’s hand move to my shoulder and tug one shoulder strap down until my right breast sprung free and then Cora was cupping my heavy tit, her palm lightly teasing my hard, thick nipple. I whimpered as our kiss ended, already aching for more of her mouth.

My mother-in-law ducked her head, gently nuzzling and kissing my neck… and then as I felt her hot breath on my throbbing nipple, she looked up and whispered, “Can I kiss you here? Please?”

I ran a hand through her hair and guided her to my nipple and in a shaky voice, replied, “I would never tell you no, Cora. I… I love you!”

I moaned as I felt my mother-in-law’s tongue roll over my nipple and her mouth close tightly around it and begin to suck. I felt orgasmic energy begin to swell inside me, rolling out in steadily stronger waves from my cunt until every bit of my body was aflame with pleasure.

As delightful as Cora’s mouth was against my breast, I reached down and cupped her face in my hands and drew her upright, again pressing close to kiss her passionately. My hands dropped and began gathering up the material of Cora’s nightgown until I found the hem and slowly I began working the tight fitting material upwards, revealing bit by bit, my mother-in-law’s voluptuous body, feeling the softness and the heat of her on my fingers.

Our bodies pressed together as we kissed, my thigh pressing between hers and I felt her wetness amidst a jungle of pubic hair, confirming my suspicion that she wore no panties. Our lips parted as Cora raised her arms and I pulled her nightgown over her head, flinging it to one side.

I forcefully resumed my deep kissing of Cora, pushing her against the doorway arch as my hands began to roam over her now completely naked body. I squeezed and fondled her generous breasts, so much bigger than my own, then ran one hand down, splicing fingers through her curly mat of hair and then finding the hot, wet flesh blossoming like a spreading wildfire.

Cora moaned happily into my mouth, her tongue becoming a mad thing as I slipped a finger between her labia, finding her wet and slick and incredibly hot. My mother-in-law’s hands fluttered helplessly on my shoulders as I began to roll my finger around inside her burning cunt. I slipped another finger into her, and my thumb began brushing overhead, searching out and finding her swelling clitoris.

I wrapped an arm around Cora as her knees began to buckle. Using pressure with my fingers, we slowly stepped out from under the mistletoe and edged our way towards the couch, each step drawing groans from Cora as my fingers played inside her and our tongues danced like lovers.

When I felt the back of her legs bump up against the couch, I ended our kiss, smiling at my mother-in-law as I slowly squatted down, my tongue rolling over her breasts, pausing to lick each nipple roughly and drawing an excited squeal as I playfully bit her left nipple. I kissed my way down her belly, my fingers never leaving her hot pussy and as I began to nuzzle into her thick forest of dark blonde pubes, I used my free hand to urge her to sit.

Cora eased down onto the couch and I went onto my knees, spreading her legs, nudging them wider with my shoulders and free hand. “Ohhhh my God!” Cora sobbed as I added a third finger to her pussy and began to roughly fuck her back and forth. Her labia were spread wide, a wet, gleaming carnal flower in a wilderness of dark hair. I leaned in until she could feel my breath on her glistening flesh. I inhaled her scent — savoring its aroma, her arousal strong and thick in the air.

“I love you, Cora,” I said, looking up at her from between her thighs. “Let me show you how much.”

I leaned further in and pressed my lips into her quivering flesh, rolling my tongue around her clitoris again and again and then running down one lip and crossing to the other while I finger fucked her. As my hand pushed into her, I lapped her erect clit, swollen up with passion and need and gently locked my lips around it and began to suck at the inflamed tip.

My mother-in-law started like she had been shocked, her body convulsing as my loving attention triggered a massive orgasm. Her hands dropped onto my head, fingers gripping thick strands of my bright red hair and pulled me more firmly against her. I felt her legs lift and come to rest on my shoulders.

I added another finger and began to spin and twist my hand as it fucked Cora’s cunt. When I looked down, I could see her thick juices flowing forth to coat my hand. I licked and sucked and explored with my fingers, finding the places that practically levitated my mother-in-law right off the seat cushion. My chin began to drip with her juices as I ate her out. She was so wet I could feel it squirting from her with each outward movement of my hand, feeling Cora’s hot essence trickling down to my elbow.

Cora moaned hysterically above me as her pelvis bucked and twisted against my mouth. On the periphery of my vision, I could see her heavy breasts rolling and bouncing as she writhed from the sweet torture of my mouth and fingers, coming again and again.

As her orgasm crested and eased off, I slipped my fingers from her pulsing cunt and showed her the glistening wetness that covered them. “You’re delicious, Cora — I’m glad I saved room for dessert!” I cooed before sucking my fingers clean.

Then I buried my face in her spread pussy, showing her the true reason God gave women tongues. Her cunt felt like a furnace — it was so hot and she was so tasty — her sweet aroma filling my nostrils. I practically tried to face fuck her in an effort to bury my tongue as deep in her body as possible.

I feasted on Cora’s sweet cunt, dividing my attention between tonguing her delicious wet flesh and teasing her throbbing clit with occasional stops to nibble and suck on her labia. Cora’s body began to tense up again as another orgasm claimed her.

I climbed up to straddle Cora’s lap, feeling the intense heat of her pussy beneath my own dripping cunt. I looked into my mother-in-law’s eyes as I moved to kiss her. Our tongues rolled together, mingling and darting back and forth. We both kept our eyes open, staring at each other.

I saw love and lust and more in Cora’s big brown eyes, and knew right then that this couldn’t be a one-time thing between us. She and I had discovered something new and beautiful to share. From this day forth, my mother-in-law and I would be passionate lovers.

When our kiss ended, I rose, shedding my negligee as I did so, standing completely naked before my husband’s mother.

Cora looked at me almost shyly. “Diana, I’ve never… tasted a woman before, but I’ve been dreaming of licking you… will you let me?”

Tendrils of desire raced through my veins, culminating in a furnace of lust between my thighs. “Mmmm — being the first pussy you taste would be my pleasure, Cora,” I exclaimed as I got to my knees, swinging one over her face and straddling her. I slowly lowered my pussy towards Cora’s waiting mouth, gasping as I felt her eager tongue move against my dripping wet flesh. Just the knowledge that I was letting my husband’s mother go down on me was enough to send shattering waves of pleasure through my frame.

Cora reached up, her hands getting a firm grip on my thighs, pulling me down so that I was literally sitting on her mouth. I cried out in delight as my mother-in-law began to feast on my cunt. Clearly, Cora was an amateur, but what she lacked in know-how, she more than made up with enthusiasm.

Her tongue, just as devilish inside my pussy as it had been in my mouth, feverishly whirled and danced and licked my wet, quivering flesh. Cora’s nose probed into my asshole, adding an extra something to the experience.

I struggled to keep myself coherent, but the pleasure my mother-in-law was bestowing upon me with her tongue and lips was too intense… especially after she discovered my clitoris and began teasing it. The first time she ran her tongue roughly over the exposed pink tip, I thought I would pass out from a convulsion of pleasure that crossed into that grey area where ecstasy and pain are close… but then Cora modified her touch and now gently licked and sucked me till I was a gooey ball of lust, orgasm after orgasm shaking my body like a rag doll.

I knew that Cora’s face was being bathed in a flood of my juices as my pussy quivered and spasmed in ecstasy. And just when I thought I couldn’t possibly come again, I felt Cora’s mouth retreat towards the top of my cunt, focusing on my clit and the folds of flesh around it and then something pressed into me. My eyes popped wide open and I gasped with pleasure as my mother-in-law slid a finger deep into my asshole.

I seemed to spend an eternity wallowing in sweet, incestuous delight, aware of nothing but Cora’s soft, sweet body and the tongue that never seemed to tire of licking me.

Then suddenly I was coming again, a firestorm of lusty pleasure igniting inside my pussy to sweep me away, sending burning rivers of pure heat surging through me until I thought my heart would explode. I could hear myself panting hoarsely, gritting my teeth, and then I was sucked out of existence and everything went away…

When I came to, I was locked in a glorious soul kiss with Cora, the taste of both our cunts evident with every swirl of our tongues. Cora cuddled me, her generous breasts nestled against mine as she kissed me lovingly, then bent to nuzzle my neck. “Are you okay, Diana?” she lifted her head to whisper.

I nodded, fighting tears and replied, “Oh God, yes!” I kissed her deeply, then gazed into her shining eyes. “It’s like — like nothing I’ve ever known from making love before. It was like a…a….” I was at a loss for words.

“Like a religious experience?” suggested Cora. “I understand that. From the time you kissed me last night, I’ve felt like I’ve been filled with some holy spirit, its power growing inside me and steering me to this moment. Lying here naked and fucked by my daughter-in-law, I feel like I’ve been to a church revival and saved of all my sins!”

And our mouths met again.

There under that Christmas tree Cora and I took a vow for this to never end — it was a new beginning for us both. Lying in my mother-in-law’s arms, feeling the wetness of her pussy against my thigh and the warmth and softness of her breasts, I felt as I had on my wedding day — that I was part of a greater whole than I had ever imagined!

Five years later, Cora and I are still lovers. I’m still married to John, and do love him lots, but the secret relationship I share with his mother is the true passion of my life. We fuck every chance we get… and John is delighted at how well the two ladies in his life get along. He knows nothing of our love affair, and that’s how Cora and I want it. She is the light of my life, and I would be lost without her.

The End

Afterword from JetBoy: In the original version of this story (see below for the link), the son joins in the fun and games as well for an incestuous threesome. As you might guess, this aspect of the story held no appeal to yours truly, so I simply trimmed him out of the narrative as a sexual partner. If I did the job correctly, you won’t have noticed his absence.


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  1. Jack says:

    Love the story! The detail is exquisite and I especially enjoyed the religious/sacrilegious element as the 2 women described their feelings! And you edited poor John out perfectly! (As much as I myself would have loved to be him in the original. 😉 )

  2. Obsessive Imaginings says:

    There isn’t enough seduction/romance balanced with eroticism in this genre and I don’t think you could have done this better. Thank you.

  3. drew says:

    hot story! loved the sexual tension building up to the naughty sexy fun!

  4. drew says:

    this story in its original form is from Literotica

  5. Joey says:

    Great job leaving out the son. I loved it the way it is posted. And I like the fact they were older women.
    Thanks Jetboy.

  6. Sapphmore says:

    For those interested in the original, it is indeed still in Literotica as Drew says and the author is Ahabscribe, who writes almost exclusively incest stories.

  7. Jay Denton says:

    I loved it. I hope if I carry, my mother-in-law is like Cora

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