Just Try It

  • Posted on January 28, 2020 at 4:05 pm

by Kids Loving Kids

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in March 2007 }


Note from JetBoy: All the young characters in this story are substantially younger in the original. If the author reads this and objects to this change, I will be happy to take it down.


“Eeeew,” my friend Briana said, “you actually lick Rose’s pussy?”

“Well, sure. She likes it, it’s fun, and I love the way she tastes. You like eating pussy, so what’s the difference?”

“She’s your sister! And besides that, she’s only four!”

My friends Gwen and Kate gave Briana a pitying look that said it all.

“When did you first do it?” my friend Gwen eagerly asked, turning back to me.

“When she was about six months old. Me and Mom both licked her.”

“I wish I could’ve been there to see it,” said Kate.

“We have it all on tape… Mom nurses her, then licks her while I eat Mom’s pussy… then I let Rose ride on my face while Mom goes down on me. We can watch it sometime if you want to.”

“That would be so cool!” Kate answered excitedly.

“Yeah,” Gwen nodded, “but I’d rather watch you make love to your sister right now!”

My friends all looked at me as if I’d been given the dare of the century. Of course, to me it was no big deal.

“Sure. I’ll go get her.” I said, and went to my little sister’s bedroom where Rose taking a nap. I gently awakened her, asking if she wanted to play our “special games.”

She eagerly said “Yes,” so I undressed her, taking off her little top and panties, brought her naked into my room, and laid her down on the bed, where my friends and I formed a circle around my four-year-old sister.

“What if your mom comes in?” Briana asked.

“It’s okay, she likes it when I make Rose feel good. Sometimes she joins in.”

“Gross,” Briana said. “That’s just weird, making love with your own mom.” I was wondering if inviting her to my thirteenth birthday party sleepover was a good idea after all. At this rate, I didn’t even know if I could trust her not to tell people, but it was too late to go back now.

“Well, I don’t think it’s gross,” said Gwen. “I think your mom is totally sexy, Jen. She’s not much older than we are, either. I’d love to go to bed with her.”

My mom had gotten pregnant with me when she was only 17 years old. Her joke was still that I would always be her favorite mistake.

“I wish Mom and my sister had made love to me when I was a baby,” said Kate. “I think it’s totally sweet.”

I took off my own clothes, then knelt naked on the bed next to Rose. “Some people just don’t think it’s right for some reason. They think you’re supposed to wait until you’re eighteen.”

Gwen said “But they don’t stop fucking when they turn thirty… if you can fuck after eighteen, then why not before? That’s a stupid rule.”

Kate nodded her agreement, her eyes never leaving my naked little sister.

I decided to put on a show for my friends. I knew none of them had ever seen such a perfect little slit like my sister had. I knelt at her head and used one hand to spread her tiny little pussy lips open. “Doesn’t she look delicious?” I cooed.

They all nodded, and I saw Kate’s hand slip into her panties.

“Tickles,” lisped Rose.

I leaned over to kiss my sister’s nose. “I just wanted to show your pussy to my friends, sis. We’re going to play special games now, okay?”

“‘Kay,” cooed my sister.

I bent my head down and gave Rose a slow long lick that made her cunt glisten. I sucked her tiny clit into my mouth and nursed on it like a nipple before sliding my tongue into her hole. I made a few thrusts like I was fucking her with my tongue, making her bare slit all wet and slippery. It made her toes curl, just like my mom’s do when I eat her pussy, and she smiled and purred in delight, sighing, “Do it some more.”

“Wow, she really does like it,” Gwen said, and I nodded.

Gwen and Kate both got naked and began stroking themselves while they watched me make love to little Rose. Kate was still slowly teasing her pussy, and she was starting to moan. Gwen had a different method, she was hard and rough with her body, pinching her nipples and grinding her fingers between her legs. She pinched her clit between her finger and thumb and rolled it between her fingers. I saw her pussy getting wet as she fingered herself.

Briana seemed more interested in my other friends than the naughty act I was performing on my baby sister. I was determined to get her involved, though.

“Briana, don’t you wanna try licking my sister’s pussy? It’s fun. You can see she really likes it, and she tastes amazing too.”

“Nah, I’ll just watch,” she said. I could tell that she wasn’t into it.

“Could I lick her, Jen?’ Gwen gasped.

“I wanna lick her, too!” cried Kate.

“Okay. Gwen, you asked first, so you can have first crack at her. Kate, why don’t you give her a kiss?”

“Do you like kissing, Rose?” Kate asked, as Gwen knelt between my sister’s thighs.

My sister nodded. “Mmm-hmm,” she replied.

My friends began doing as I’d suggested, and both began making love to Rose. They took turns kissing, licking, and sucking every inch of my baby sister’s body, and looked like they were in heaven.

Meanwhile, I started talking dirty to Briana, trying to get her as hot as the rest of us were. “Look at those two, the way they’re loving Rose’s beautiful little body. Have you ever seen anything so hot and sexy before? Wouldn’t you like to taste her, just a little…?”

She was politely ignoring me. Here I was, best friend, offering her the opportunity to lick and kiss and caress and just enjoy my baby sister, and she didn’t want any part of it.

I felt bad, partly because she was missing out on something really beautiful, and partly, I knew that if she really disapproved of what I was doing with Rose, she might not keep it a secret. A plan began to form in my mind.

Meanwhile, my other friends were doing all kinds of things. They had sucked Rose’s nipples, run their fingers through her tiny slit, and sampled her juices. Now, Kate and Gwen were on opposite sides of Rose, each with one of her tiny hands in theirs, guiding them towards their own cunts. God, this was hot – little baby Rose was about to fist fuck my junior high friends!

Her tiny hands were able to easily slide in and out of my friends’ pussies. They’d both been sexually active before, and both took their own virginity with household objects – Kate with the handle of a hairbrush, and Gwen with a big fat pen with a cartoon cat on the end.

As Kate and Gwen both neared their climaxes, I was surprised to see them dismount my sister. Gwen squatted over Rose’s face and cooed, “I’ll bet that you love how this tastes,” just before feeding my baby sister a mouthful of her cunt.

Kate faced the other way, back to back with Gwen, and her pussy rubbed across baby Rose’s tummy. Kate, as we all knew, was a squirter. Sure enough, she ended up gushing and shooting her juices all over my sister’s chest and belly. The three of us took turns licking it off, little Rose giggling happily all the while.

While the girls recovered, Briana had to go pee… and while she was gone, I told Kate and Gwen about my wicked plan. They nodded emphatically, big grins on their faces.

When Briana came back, I took Rose up in my arms as Kate and Gwen teased Briana, flaunting their naked bodies in front of her. “You don’t wanna lick Rose, but you still wanna play with us, right?”

“Well, duh, yeah,” she replied. “I love doing sex stuff with you guys… I’m just not into really little girls, okay?”

The girls got Briana undressed, so that we were all finally naked. She lay down on the bed, and Gwen straddled her face, so that Briana could see was her friend’s pussy. She began to lick Gwen out, and Kate knelt above Briana’s chest to suck her nipples.

That’s when I took Briana’s ankles and spread her legs apart. She probably thought I was about to go down on her while she licked Kate. It would have been fun, and I was tempted, but this time, it was Rose’s turn.

“Taste her pussy,” I whispered to my baby sister. “Just like you do with Mommy and me, okay?”

Rose crawled between Briana’s legs and brought mouth to my friend’s clitoris, which she began to suckle, as if it were a tiny nipple.

Briana began making mewling noises when that began, and I knew that we had her. We all kept this up until she and Gwen were both coming.

Finally Briana lay motionless, basking in the afterglow of her climax. I knew how she felt — Rose was incredibly good at oral sex, having been raised to make love to women from the very start. Now it was time for the final stage of the plan.

Keeping her arms pinned down beneath their legs, they reached down and picked up Rose, then carefully settled her right on Briana’s face.

Briana squirmed and fought, trying to get up, but couldn’t. As Gwen held my little sister in place, pressing her soaking wet cunny into my reluctant friend’s lips, Kate pinched Briana’s nose so that she had to open her mouth if she wanted to breathe.

Briana fought as long as she could, but then I made it even harder. I started licking her pussy roughly, like she craved. I jammed my tongue up inside her deeply, and fingered her vulva as I did. She cried out, but made no sound because of Rose’s pussy there.

Finally, she began to lick my baby sister. After just a few seconds, she resigned herself to her fate, and gradually, we could all tell she was getting into it.

Soon, she was eating Rose’s pussy with gusto. She was licking hard and fast, not only taking Rose’s clit into her mouth, but thrusting her tongue deep as it could go into the four year-old’s vagina.

Soon my baby began to thrash in ecstasy, I was getting flooded with Briana’s honey, and that sent me over the top. Just like that, we were all coming at once, the room ringing with our cries.

It was about that time that my mother got home from work. She came in to see me licking out Briana, who was trying to get as many fingers as possible into Kate and Gwen’s pussies while they kissed each other. Briana was still going down on little Rose, thoroughly enjoying the four-year old pussy she’d been forced to taste.

Mom watched us for a bit, then smiled and began to take off her own clothes.

Now our sleepover was going to get really interesting…

The End


15 Comments on Just Try It

  1. DigificWriter says:

    To Jetboy:
    The text of this work is derived directly from a story called “Forced to Try” by an author known as Kids Loving Kids that was initially posted on the original Leslita website.

    • JetBoy says:

      Thanks. I looked pretty hard for the original of this one, with zero success. I did change the story quite a lot – in “Forced to Try,” Rose is an infant, and the girls are all kindergarten age. To me, bumping their ages up a few years made it a better, more convincing story. Others will disagree.

      Anyhow, since the bulk of the story is taken from the Kids Loving Kids original, I will give credit where credit is due.

  2. Misty Meadow says:

    Although I’m not actually into four year olds (add seven, please), I like the writer’s willingness to push the envelope. But can a four year old really consent? Then again, this is fiction, so does it really matter? “Unknown” writes “Kate, as we all knew, was a squirter”. They are more rare than most writers seem to think. I only ever knew one and she thought she was involuntarily letting her bladder go when she came and was profusely apologetic, but I LOVED it! I knew her orgasms weren’t faked. For the facts, google “female ejaculation” and if you are a squirter, god bless you!

  3. sue says:

    I always feel the reader can change an age mentally to what they like. But I must admit, the age of the little sister took me by surprise, but I could deal with it. It is fantasy and so well, the character enjoyed it seemingly. If you’re feeling very naughty it’s a fun read. Otherwise, yes it really does push the envelope as Misty said.

    Well written, I couldn’t find the original story to compare.

  4. Sallydrewett says:

    So nice

  5. Nathan Riches says:

    So at one point it is stated that “Rose was incredibly good at oral sex, having been raised to make love to women from the very start.” So to address the issue of consent, technically there was none, because she had obviously been sexually active pretty much since she was born. The question is whether she enjoyed it? Which in this situation was yes. Now, in real life, who knows, she may come to regret/resent her mother and sister later in life, she may not. But thats why this is a fantasy.

    With regards to the squirter part, while yes, “natural” squirters are rare, I have read that it is possible to train yourself to be one. But thats not really important right now. It simply comes back down to this being a fantasy, so authors can put anything they like in. Want a hermaphrodite (a rare occurence where someone is born with both genitals, often in working order)? Not a problem. 6 year old boy with a 10′ dick? Sure. Dad knocking up a 5 year old daughter? Why not. (and before you say anything, it IS possible, there has been at least one 5 year old and plenty 6 and up that have gotten pregnant and carried to full term and delivered, in most cases, perfectly healthy babies)

    Fantasy is exactly that, fantasy, so you can throw anything into it you want (though I do actually like mine somewhat grounded in reality most of the time)

    Love the story, and would like to read more maybe, seems there might be a possibility for a romantic side, with Gwen’s comment about Jen’s mom. Thanks JB

  6. collie says:

    What bothers me about this story isn’t the ages, but the fact that one girl is forced to participate against her will. That’s just a turn off for me. But to each their own.

    • sue says:

      That’s something we didn’t fully take in to account.Especially during our first read, though the forcing did stand out and I guess some like that,but not us. Although by the end of the story, Briana, is ‘in to it’ She didn’t go there by choice and so we must agree with you, collie.


  7. Dylan says:

    I loved the story! A great short story that pushed the envelop of fantasy. I enjoyed that the 4 year old was the main focus in the story…..very exciting. JetBoy, here is your opportunity to author a chapter 2, that includes, Mom in the sleep over activity with her daughters and with all the rest of the girls.

  8. David says:

    Great story, thanks for the rewrite JetBoy. I have to agree that 4 is young for me too. 10 and 11 is perfect age for starting.

    • JetBoy says:

      I admit that four is kinda young compared to the usual fare you see at this site. To be honest, it’s not the ideal age I’m looking for when I read lesbian fiction.. but I also figure that there are readers who appreciate reading about girls that young, and “Just Try It,” is for them.

  9. Bryan says:

    Short but HOLY FUCK

  10. tractorboy says:

    i agree with Gwen if it is not forced , Rose certainly enjoys it then why not?

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