The Camera Loves Her

  • Posted on January 4, 2020 at 4:22 pm

by Sindy070

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

{ This story was originally posted at Lolliwood Studios in July 2011 under a different title}

I saw the ad in the window of a local photographer’s studio, asking for girls between the ages of nine and thirteen to audition for modeling. Straight away I knew that my daughter Pippa would be perfect; she was lovely, with a flawless body, enchanting eyes and a dazzling smile.

I popped in and spoke to a lovely woman named Karen, who was the photographer. When I showed her a snapshot of my daughter, she agreed that Pippa really was something special, and an appointment was made for that afternoon, after school.

Karen explained what kind of work Pippa would be doing if she was chosen — modeling clothes, underwear and swimsuits, both solo and with other young girls.

I was a bit hot and flustered by the time I got home and I had to do something about it; you see, much to my shame, I had a fetish for little girls, both naked and in cute underthings, and that very much included my gorgeous daughter.

I’ve been a closet lesbian who has secretly lusted after the young stuff for years, and it was only recently that Pippa became a part of my craving, no matter how hard I tried to fight it. Whenever I see my daughter nude or in her underwear — and as her mom, I get plenty of opportunities, since Pippa has never been shy about her body — my heartbeat quickens and I begin to tingle and throb down below. Mind you, I had no intention of ever making a move on my daughter, so my feelings were that it did no harm to fantasize about her. The result was that Pippa soon became the star of some of my steamiest masturbation sessions.

In fact, once I arrived home, I did something that I’m usually able to resist, though my need was too strong that day. I fetched a worn pair of my daughter’s panties from the laundry basket — the most adorable pink undies you ever saw — then lay back on my bed, jeans and thong round my ankles, fingering my wet pussy as I held those panties against my face, inhaling deeply. They smell of Pippa, a little girl scent that drives me wild.

I pictured my little girl in front of the camera in matching vest, panties and nothing else, her panties fitted tightly to show off her mound. God, I knew this was wrong, but I was enslaved to this forbidden hunger, my vulva wet from the mental image of my daughter peeling off those same underpants that I was sniffing, proudly displaying her nakedness to this Karen woman.

Close to coming, I dragged Pippa’s panties down to my cunt, using them to rub myself hard as I exploded, soaking the fabric with my juices as I creamed all over them. As soon as I finished, I was filled with shame and guilt for getting off to thoughts of my own ten-year-old daughter. I knew, though, that those fantasies would return, and I’d jill off again to dirty dreams of my Pippa.

I’d managed to calm down by the time I picked my little girl up from school, telling her what was going on as we walked to the studio. Pippa was really excited about being a model — she’s never been shy about showing off — so when we got there, Karen was introduced to a very bubbly and excited ten-year-old.

“Oh, my, aren’t you a cute one?” Karen smiled as she ran her expert eye over my daughter, “You must be Pippa. I’m Karen… and I want to take some test shots of you to see how you look through a camera.”

“Okay, ma’am!” Pippa replied enthusiastically, “Whatever you say!”

Into the studio proper we go, and soon Karen’s camera is clicking away as she takes lots of photos of Pippa in all sorts of provocative poses. God, even this was enough to have my pulse up and my sex throbbing.

“Now, given that if you do model for me you’ll be doing a fair bit of posing in your underwear, “Karen asked both of us, “I’d like to take some test shots of you in your undies — is that okay?”

“I don’t mind,” Pippa said with a shrug. “You don’t, do you Mommy?”

“No, not at all,” I eventually said, smiling at Pippa and then at Karen, who was watching me intently.

So I watched as my darling daughter stripped out of her school top and pleated skirt to stand there in her matching cream and pink Cupcake cami and panties, and her white knee-length socks. With her long blonde hair in a ponytail, she looked positively luscious.

I couldn’t keep myself from staring at Pippa as my pulse went up another notch, the panties I wore already damp. I was struggling to maintain my composure as I drank in the sight of Pippa’s smooth thighs and her trim little butt as Karen put my daughter through her paces.

“Well, she’s perfect,” Karen told me when she was done and I watched Pippa getting dressed, “I’m ready to offer her a contract right here and now!” By then, she’d uploaded the photos, tweaking them to give me an idea of how my daughter looked as a model.

“Could I have copies of these?” I asked her, my voice breaking a little as I studied a picture of Pippa sitting on the couch with legs spread, showing the gentle contour of her mound in those pretty panties.

“Of course you can, Mary,” Karen said with a gleam in her eye. “I can see why you wanted her to audition — she’s exquisite.”

“Yes, she is,” I said absently as I watched Pippa bend over to put her shoes on, my gaze drifting up the back of her thighs to the hem of her skirt, “she really is.”

“I expect you’ll be her chaperone for the photoshoots, then…?” Karen inquired as she produced a contract for me to sign.

“Oh, of course,” I replied, scribbling my name. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Good, good,” Karen murmured, smiling warmly at me and putting her hand on mine, “I find it’s always best to have mothers present when I’ve got their little angels undressed.” She laughed, her eyes warm as she spoke. “Sometimes they enjoy watching their daughters even more than I do…”

We both laughed, but I couldn’t help but notice that Karen’s comment had many levels to it — did she detect how deeply my feelings for Pippa ran?

Don’t be silly, I told myself. She can’t possibly know — can she?

“Actually, I have a shoot coming up that Pippa would be perfect for,” Karen told me. “Are you free this Friday evening for a few hours…?”

I quickly agreed, and we made plans to meet.


On Friday afternoon, I made sure that Pippa took a bath and washed her hair when she got home from school. As she got herself clean, I listened near the closed door, wistfully remembering those days when my daughter liked for me to bathe her. At least I got to spend a pleasurable ten minutes drying and brushing out Pippa’s hair, her nude body wrapped in a towel all the while.

Finally I left the child to get dressed in the clothes I’d laid out for her — a pink tee and a baby blue skirt, over plain white panties and cami top. I’d spent the afternoon masturbating furiously over the photos from the other day… giving into my twisted desires completely, imagining my little girl naked, longing for my touch.

I was more nervous than she was when we got to the studio, but kept my composure as Karen told me what she had lined up for the photo session — some tops and skirts, a few dresses and a selection of underwear.

“Some of them might be a bit racy, mind you, so I’ll want to see if you’re okay with them,” Karen told me.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine, but I’ll check them anyway,” I assured her.

The next hour or so was sweet agony for me as I helped my little girl change into all those different outfits; seeing her in cute panties and skimpy tops, watching her pose so eagerly for Karen and her camera. Pippa looked beautiful and was clearly enjoying herself, moving as Karen directed her and playing dress-up in all those lovely clothes.

Finally Karen called a short break. As she swapped out memory cards, she asked me if I was okay. “You look a little flushed, Mary.”

“Oh yes, I’m fine,” I replied, resisting the need I felt to shove a hand down inside my jeans and finger the hell out of my tingling cunt, “it’s just a little warm — you know, with all these lights.”

“I know what you mean,” Karen confided, “Y’know, on long shoots I sometimes strip down to my undies when it gets especially hot.”

“Oh, wow, I mean, um,” I stammered, “I guess, if it’s just you and the girls, and, um, their moms…”

“Well, I’ll even do it if there are men present!” she snickered, “but there never are any when I’m doing a shoot with little girls. So… did you check the underwear out, are you happy with Pippa modeling it?”

“Oh yes, more than happy!” I blurted out, then caught myself. “I mean, um…” Shit shit SHIT… what on earth must this woman think of me?

“I know exactly what you mean, Mary,” Karen said softly as she leaned forward, placing her hand on my knee, “I’ve seen the way you look at your daughter, and I don’t blame you one bit.”

I stared down at Karen’s hand on my leg, not knowing at all what to say — at this point it seemed downright silly to deny the feelings I had for my child… not to mention dishonest.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered, “you’re not the first mother I’ve had in here that feels that way about her little girl — it’s entirely natural and is a wonderful thing to see, as Pippa will be in a minute. Let me just go and check on her — be right back!”

I wasn’t sure what to think as Karen went to check on Pippa in the little side room. She’d obviously noticed the longings I have for my daughter. Now I was beginning to suspect that Karen felt the very same way.

So maybe Karen craved little girls like I did; was that a good thing? I was too flustered to decide.

“What do you think, Mommy?” asked Pippa as she bounded out of the room just ahead of Karen.

I could only gape at first. My daughter was wearing a white lacy training bra and high cut white panties that were verging on adult lingerie, with lace panels, frilly edging on the waistband and the thinnest of gussets that failed to completely conceal Pippa’s vulva.

“I think you look wonderful, honey,” I replied huskily, feeling my panties grow increasingly wet, “very pretty, very sexy.”

“I feel sexy!” she squealed, beaming at us. As for Karen, it turned out that my instinct had been correct — she was looking at my daughter in much the same way I was. It was clear to see that we both desired her.

Karen started the shoot — and that just made it worse for me, as she directed Pippa into all sorts of poses and positions, some of them quite sexual. Not that I was complaining, no indeed — I got to see those sexy little panties getting stretched tight across Pippa’s mound, the outline of her slit quite visible.

“Go and try the next set on,” Karen told Pippa and, as my little girl scampered happily into the changing room, turned to me with a big smile on her face.

“Do you think it’s warm enough for us both to undress?” Karen asked me as she walked over, “I know you’re getting hot… wet, too, I’ll wager.”

“You know I am!” I moaned, squirming in my wet thong. “Just promise that what happens in here–.”

“–stays in here. Don’t worry, I know how to be discreet,” she reassured me, her hand gently stroking the back of my neck. “I also know what some mothers really want from their daughters.”

A shiver of mixed nerves and excitement raced through me as Karen leaned down and planted a brief but heated kiss on my lips, straightening up with a lustful look on her face. Just then Pippa entered with the next set on — knee-length black socks, a black camisole and some skimpy black panties. She looked positively ravishing.

“Pippa, your mother and I were just saying how warm it was getting in here,” Karen told her. “You wouldn’t mind if we stripped down to our undies, would you?”

“No, of course I wouldn’t!” Pippa replied, looking at Karen and me with a smile.

Karen was quick to kick her shoes off, then remove her top and trousers, revealing a shapely, pleasingly chubby figure with large breasts in a black bra and matching panties. Pippa was staring at her, but then glanced at me, frowning as she noticed that I was still fully dressed.

“Come on, Mommy… you too!” she scolded me playfully.

I slipped off my top and eased my jeans down to reveal my lacy bra and thong, trying to keep my legs together so as not to reveal how wet I was.

“I can see where Pippa gets her looks from,” Karen murmured as she gazed at me with hungry eyes. “You’re gorgeous!”

“Thank you,” I replied, blushing as I sat back down demurely, feeling rather self-conscious as both Karen and my daughter stared at me.

“You look way sexy, Mommy,” Pippa said softly, a look in her eyes that made me shiver inside.

“Thank you sweetie, so do you,” I told her, keeping my legs pressed firmly together; I could feel my thong growing even damper.

The atmosphere in the studio changed over the next few minutes as Karen directed my daughter into increasingly naughty poses. Pippa clearly enjoyed showing off her body, and I knew that my little girl would do anything Karen asked. The question was, how far would Karen go? Would she stop, or take this all the way until my daughter was completely nude?

I soon got my answer. “Pippa, I want to do some special shots now, some exciting ones that I think you’ll enjoy,” Karen told my daughter. “Does that sound okay to you?”

“Sure, Karen,” my little girl told her. “Whatever you want me to do, just say!”

Karen went over to Pippa and arranged her in a kneeling position on the sofa, legs wide apart, and got her to lift her camisole up enough to expose her tummy before returning to the camera and snapping away. Then she asked Pippa to remove the camisole completely, and once my daughter had complied, Karen told her to put both hands on her hips.

I was fidgeting like crazy now as my darling daughter proudly displayed her bare chest, the slight mounds of her young breasts topped with tiny pink nipples that made me think of candy. The smile Pippa flashed me made my heart melt, and I knew that in a moment I was going to have to take matters in hand.

I noticed that Karen kept sneaking her hand down to her groin, and as I watched she rubbed herself through her thong. I realized that Pippa was able to see this, and that’s when I knew that Karen was performing for my daughter. I watched what was going on between them, the looks that they gave each other as Karen arranged and posed my little girl into the sort of positions you’d see in a girlie mag. Her panties were pulled up very tightly and clearly showed the outline of her slit.

At one point Pippa knelt on the sofa with her back to us, legs spread wide, her rosebud barely concealed. She looked back at me and mouthed, ‘I love you, Mommy,’ and as I mouthed it back I realized that my hand was inside my thong and rubbing my wet pussy. I glanced down at my hand and back up at Pippa, and that was when she gave me a look that no ten-year-old girl should be capable of.

“Can you touch yourself there, Pippa?” Karen told my daughter as she sat there with her bum in the air. “Rub yourself through your undies for me, sweetheart.”

Pippa didn’t hesitate, reaching down and running her hand across the front of those pretty panties, pressing the material into her slit and moaning blissfully. My fingers were dripping by then as I brazenly masturbated to the sight of my daughter, rubbing herself for the camera.

Karen padded back over to Pippa and got her turned around and sitting back on the sofa, legs spread wide apart. The way my daughter looked at Karen with such open adoration had me enthralled, and I just stared at the two of them as Karen ran her hand over the wet material covering Pippa’s pussy before she guided the girl’s hand into her panties, then stepped back to grab the camera, removing it from the tripod.

Karen snapped away as she squatted in front of Pippa, directing my daughter to finger herself, and it was clear that the child was only too happy to obey.

“Here,” Karen said, moving closer, “I want to try something really wild.”

Did she ever! Karen got my daughter to raise her legs into the air, then pulled those black panties halfway down her thin thighs, revealing Pippa’s finger, buried in her pussy. I watched Karen play with herself for a few seconds before she took more shots of my little girl masturbating.

My thong was now a damp little bundle on the floor as I spread my legs wide and shoved two fingers into my cunt. Karen had my little princess performing a live sex show, rubbing her gorgeous smooth slit and holding it open for the half-naked photographer and her camera. There was a constant whispered dialogue between the two, and although I couldn’t hear all of it, it was clear that they were both getting very aroused, and that something was about to happen.

Then Karen looked back at me and gave me an imploring look. “Can I…?” she murmured, the need in her eyes telling me exactly what she craved.

I couldn’t deny her — anyway, I wanted it to happen, to watch it happen. I smiled and nodded at her, giving this woman permission to do as she pleased with my ten-year-old daughter.

Karen put her camera down and took hold of Pippa’s ankles, pushing the child’s legs back as her head went down. I rose to my feet and stood over them, rubbing my juicy cunt as Pippa cried out in pleasure. I took a close look — Karen was burrowing between my daughter’s thighs. lovingly licking her little pink slit.

Oh God, how beautiful was that? My legs were becoming quite wobbly, so I dropped to my knees, tugging Karen’s thong down with my free hand and fondling her wet pussy.

It was so wonderfully thrilling to watch this grown woman going down on my naked little girl. I knew that at some point I would get to experience this same joy for myself — but not yet, not now. Right then I was quite happy to watch my Pippa surrender herself to this sexy lesbian photographer, who was thrusting back against the two fingers I had buried in her creamy canal. The studio reeked of wet pussy, and above the whir of the lights came the moans and cries of unleashed lust and passion.

Pippa came first. That was a marvel to behold, her thin body trembling and shaking as she gasped for breath, her head tipped back, eyes closed as she came in Karen’s mouth.

It was all too much for me. I had to withdraw my fingers from Karen as I came all over my thrusting hand, bent over as I came like a wildcat. Releasing her hold on Pippa’s legs, Karen quickly rolled onto her back beside me, frantically rubbing herself until she exploded in a very noisy, very messy climax.

All three of us remained motionless for a little while as we all basked in that post-orgasm glow. Pippa was the first to stir, throwing herself into Karen’s arms to kiss her with girlish enthusiasm, crying, “Thank you, Karen… thank you, thank you!”

“I think you should give your mother a little gratitude, too!” Karen chuckled, patting Pippa’s bare back as she sat up.

“Of course! Thank you, Mommy!” Pippa squirmed her way into my lap, wrapping her legs around my waist, and kissing me hotly. “Thank you so much!” Her naked upper half felt absolutely divine against mine, and I her little wet slit against the bottom of my tummy as she hugged me. “I like modeling!” she whispered, her cheeks flushed a pretty pink.

“I do too, baby,” I murmured, already wondering what our next session with Karen would be like.


Karen phoned me a few days later. “I’ve got another shoot lined up for Pippa this Saturday afternoon, if you’re interested. This time she’ll be posing with another girl about the same age — one of my regulars, named Amy.”

“Count us in,” I replied. “Ever since that first session, it’s been practically all Pippa’s spoken of. She’ll jump at the chance to pose for you again.”

“Good!” Karen exclaimed. “Now, Mary, I’m sure you’ve realized what sort of photos I’ll be taking… and what market they’re intended for. It’s not exactly legal, but the money is unbelievable. So I want to make absolutely sure you know what I’m going to ask of your daughter, and that you’re okay with it.”

“As long as Pippa is happy, then I’m happy too,” I said, wondering just how far Karen intended to take things on this upcoming shoot. “All I need to know is that there aren’t going to be any men participating… or even present, for that matter.”

God, no!” she assured me, “I don’t do that sort of photography. For these special sessions, it’s strictly females only — on both sides of the camera!”

“Then we’ll be there, Karen,” I told her, already feeling tingly at the prospect of seeing my Pippa with another young girl.


Ever since that first photo session, it had become obvious that my darling Pippa was hoping for something sexual to happen between the two of us. To be honest, it nearly had, one evening when I was tucking her in and came dangerously close to kissing her like a lover… but I still couldn’t bring myself to engage in incest with my ten-year-old child, no matter how much she aroused me.

Granted, I’d already seen Pippa willingly undress for another woman, masturbate for her, allow herself to be photographed doing it… and then I watched as that woman went down on my little girl until she came. Now that my daughter had tasted lesbian love, she hungered for more — and having seen how turned on I was when Karen made love to her, she saw me as a potential bedmate.

It didn’t help that Karen had let Pippa keep some of the lingerie she had modeled in. My daughter was constantly lounging around the house in these skimpy underthings, clearly trying to get me hot enough to fuck her. Instead, I spent hours shut up in my bedroom and masturbating furiously, dreaming of submitting to Pippa’s desires. Something was going to have to give soon, and I knew I would either take my child to bed or crack up completely — the question was, which would happen first?

On the day of the next shoot we arrived at Karen’s place, where we were introduced to eleven-year-old Amy and her mother Jill. Amy was just a little older than Pippa, with dazzling blue eyes and short brown hair. I suspected that she would grow up to be every bit as attractive as her mom, who was about my age.

“So… this is only Pippa’s second shoot?” Jill asked me after we’d all been introduced.

“Yes, but she seems to have taken to it like a fish to water,” I replied.

“Well, Amy will take care of her,” Jill assured me, “she’s a seasoned pro at this. Her photos are incredibly popular with the collectors — they pay top dollar for them. I’m sure that Pippa will be a big hit, too — she’s a lovely girl.”

“Your daughter has done a lot of this sort of work, then?” I asked Jill as Karen was sorting the girls out in the changing room.

“Oh yes, nearly two years now,” Jill said all matter-of-fact, “and of course we’ve been sharing the same bed ever since. I take it that you and Pippa have…?” The fire in her eyes made it very clear what she meant.

“No, not just yet,” I confessed, blushing for some strange reason, “I can’t quite bring myself to do it.”

“But you want to, don’t you?” Jill said, leaning in closer and putting a hand on my upper arm. “You spend hours agonizing about it… and you’re constantly masturbating while thinking about her, aren’t you?”

“Oh, my God — you too?” I asked her.

“Yes, weeks of anguish and heartache, before I bowed to the inevitable and let Amy take me to bed,” she said. “I wish now that I’d done it even earlier. Oh, Mary, it’s so good, having your little one as a lover — I can’t begin to tell you!”

“I — I still don’t know…” I replied quietly.

Jill understood. “It’s not something that’s easy to do,” she said with a nod, “but eventually, you will give in, I’m certain of it.”

Then, before I could answer, the girls came out and I felt that familiar tingle. Pippa and Amy were dressed in very sexy school uniforms with tight white tops, short pleated skirts, black stockings with suspender belts and tight white cotton panties. Pippa had her hair up in two cute pigtails. Jill and I stared in perfect awe at the girls, then we glanced at each other and smiled.

The set was a king size bed in a space made up to look like a little girl’s room, all pink and fluffy, and Karen started off with lots of innocent poses that still kept revealing glimpses of those cute white panties. Jill and I sat side by side on the sofa. I could see that she was getting as turned on as I was, that familiar uncomfortable look when your panties are getting damp and you really want to touch yourself.

Soon, Karen had the girls kissing and touching each other — and I was in serious need of some relief. Fortunately, Jill came to the rescue. She slid close to me and, without saying a word, put a hand on my knee, squeezing it as she slowly pulled the hem of my dress up. I turned to meet her eyes as she kept inching my dress up and I spread my legs as wide as I could. Her fingers were soon stroking my inner thigh.

This wasn’t exactly new territory for me, but I’d not felt the touch of another woman in a long while, so I was trembling slightly as Jill’s fingers touched me through my panties. Then I felt her hand on my shoulder, and she turned me to face her, those lovely blue eyes telling me without words what she wanted. I offered no resistance, just let my own eyes drift shut. I felt her breath on my face, and then Jill was kissing me as she rubbed my pussy.

For a little while, the girls were forgotten as I traded tongues with Jill, her fingers pushing the material of my panties into my cunt, making me moan into her mouth. I realized that my hand was on her thigh, and I began to stroke and squeeze it, loving the softness of Jill’s skin as I made my way under her dress, seeking the warm, wet junction between her thighs.

When we came up for air, I saw that Karen was shedding the loose summer dress she wore, and that she was completely naked underneath. The girls were still in those school uniforms, kissing passionately and fondling each other’s bottoms through the tight white cotton of their underpants.

“Shall we undress too?” Jill asked me, a look of raw lust in her eyes.

Yes, I think we should,” I reply, my pussy positively throbbing.

Jill slipped my dress from my shoulders and let it drop to the floor to reveal my swirl-embroidered bra and matching panties. I helped Jill out of her top and skirt to reveal a black lacy bra and thong set. We kissed again as we helped each other out of our undies, and I was excited to see that Jill had made hers wet — though not quite as soaked as mine were!

We sat back down on the sofa together, our legs twining as we gently toyed with each other’s wet slits. Our girls were by now minus their tops, taking turns sucking on each other’s titties, such as they were, their nipples hard and wet. Karen had them arranged so that their legs were spread and their tight panties on full show, both pairs showing dark wet patches.

Jill and I swapped deep French kisses as we fondled each other, eyes glued to the hot sex action unfolding under Karen’s expert direction. The girls’ skirts were soon discarded, leaving our little darlings in stockings, suspenders and panties. There is something so wonderfully wicked about little girls in adult lingerie, and I had to admit that my Pippa looked stunning. Amy did too, and the sight of them grinding their half-naked bodies in front of us had my cunt dripping.

“Mary, you’re soaking wet — can I lick you?” Jill asked me between kisses.

“Please, yes — I need to come!” I gasped.

Jill slipped down on her knees between my legs, which she pushed up for me to hold open for her. I gasped as she fastened her mouth to my wet cunt and began to lick and suck me. I watched the girls as Amy said something to Pippa and Karen, and all three of them smiled as they watched Jill go down on me, then returned to what they were doing — kissing with tongues, rubbing the fronts of each other’s wet panties.

Jill’s tongue felt amazing, and I knew that a big orgasm wasn’t too far away. Meanwhile, I continued to watch the girls perform for Karen. Jill was sucking on my clit as Amy knelt behind Pippa, kissing her neck as she reached around, slipping a hand down the front of my daughter’s panties.

That was all I needed to trigger my climax, and I ground my dripping cunt into Jill’s mouth as I came hard, gritting my teeth to keep from screaming.

As I gulped for breath, Jill smiled up at me, then stood, straddled my lap and tilted my face up to hers, giving me a deep, hot kiss and letting me taste myself on her lips. I knew that Jill expected me to return the favor and oh, God, how I wanted to — it had been ages since I’d been with a woman and I was still intensely aroused — but right then, I really wanted to watch the girls.

Jill clearly understood, and we snuggled up on the sofa to watch our lovely children perform for Karen. She was putting them into poses where they were fingering one another inside their panties. It was thrilling beyond measure to watch my Pippa joyously make love with another little girl.

“Isn’t this the loveliest thing you’ve ever seen?” Jill asked me quietly as we watched Pippa slowly remove Amy’s cotton undies.

“Yes, it’s unbelievable,” I whispered, as we caressed each other’s bare bodies, lost in the beauty of the moment. “I never realized how special it was to be a mother.”

“When you give in and make love to her, you’ll find out that it’s even better!” Jill gasped as my fingers lingered over her clit. “Please, Mary — make me come now before our girls start fucking for real!”

“Yes,” I moaned. “I want to lick you, Jill!”

She quickly positioned herself for me — one foot on the floor and the other leg hooked over the back of the sofa. I  got down between her legs and began to feast on her juicy cunt. Jill tasted divine, and as I licked and sucked on her wet folds, I shivered at the thought of doing this to Pippa, using my lips and tongue to pleasure her little pink slit — it was only a matter of time, wasn’t it?

Jill was starting to buck about on the sofa, and before too long she was coming, filling my mouth with her tangy juices as she held my head to her groin. We shared another creamy kiss when I surfaced for air and then we turned to see what our daughters were doing. Amy was flat on her back, with Pippa on all fours between her spread legs, her bare bottom in the air and her mouth glued to Amy’s pussy.

“Look at your daughter’s slit, all wet and glistening,” Jill murmured in my ear. “Surely you can’t resist that, can you? You want to go down on her, just like you did to me.”

“Oh, I do, I do,” I moaned as I stared at Pippa’s pussy and rosebud, both fully on display, “but I — I still feel like it’s wrong to, to make love to my own daughter!”

“There’s nothing wrong about it at all,” Jill insisted as we watched Karen kneel behind Pippa to get some great shots of both her holes. “I bet you let Karen fuck her last time — didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did,” I replied softly, thinking back to that afternoon — remembering how turned on I’d been, watching another woman go down on my ten-year-old.

“So you’ll let others enjoy your daughter’s body, but deny yourself?” Jill’s fingers found my clit and teased it. “Listen to me, Mary — there is no greater love, no stronger bond than that between a mother and her daughter, and to express that love in a physical way will only make what you have even stronger.”

“Oh, Pippa,” I whispered.

“Imagine it,” Jill said, her lips brushing my ear. “You’re both naked, and she’s nestled in your arms, kissing you again and again, that sweet tongue fluttering in your mouth, her pussy wet and hot as she grinds it against your thigh…”

“Yes!” I gasped. “Oh, Jill, you’re right, I’ve got t-to have her! Not here, though, not now. Later, after we g-get home.”

“I agree with you there,” she said, taking her hand from between my legs, reaching up to rub the wetness into my breasts. “You really ought to be home and in bed the first time you and Pippa make love.”

The girls were now engaged in a sixty-nine. They looked so hot and sexy with their slim legs clad in black stockings, slender nude bodies locked together as they ate each other out. Karen was moving all around them taking shot after steamy shot, and all I could think of was swapping places with Amy and having my darling daughter on top of me, her cunt and anus in my face. I shivered with suppressed lust and desire, aided by Jill’s lips nuzzling my neck.

By the time Karen was finished shooting, the studio was heady with the scent of pussy. We got up and went over to join Karen and our daughters on the huge bed. I took Pippa in my arms and gave her a big kiss, telling her how wonderful she’d been.

“I saw you and Amy’s mother doing sex together,” she said to me as I stroked her stocking-covered thigh. “Will you do that to me, Mommy?”

“Oh baby, I will, but not here,” I murmured, “I want our first time to be special, just the two of us.”

“Thank you, Mommy!” she cried, throwing her arms around me, kissing my mouth with a passion beyond her years. Her tongue darted past my lips, and I just had to suck on it for a moment.

Finally, Pippa and I gently drifted apart, and I turned to the others, suddenly feeling a bit bashful. “I think we need to go home now,” I said to Karen, Jill and Amy as they watched us with big smiles on their faces. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, Mary,” Karen chuckled as Amy played with her breasts, “you go and have a wonderful time with your daughter. I’ve got these two here to keep me entertained.” She leaned in to give Jill a kiss, reaching down to cup Amy’s cute little bottom.

“Let’s do this again sometime, Mary,” Jill said as I watched her finger her daughter’s little slit. “We’d love to have you!”

So Pippa and I hurriedly threw our clothes on, most of the underwear going in my handbag, and we kissed them all goodnight before hurrying home to experience something wonderful.


My daughter and I were both very excited by the time we got home, but I was determined to take things slow and easy — I wanted this moment to be perfect. So I led Pippa into my bedroom, where she sat on my bed as I slowly undressed for her. Then I took off all her clothes, pausing often to kiss her skin as I exposed it. Finally, we were naked together. The sight of her bare body made my cunt quiver, and the way Pippa was looking at me made it clear that she felt the same way.

We ended up lying in a tight embrace on my bed, our mouths locked together as we kissed. It was so wrong for be kissing my ten-year-old daughter like this, but it felt so good! Her soft young body was pressed up against mine, and I couldn’t stop running my hands all over it. Our legs were scissored, and each of us had a thigh pressed between the legs of the other, grinding away shamelessly.

I unraveled myself from my daughter’s clutches and rolled her onto her tummy, then moved down her body, kissing a path along the way until I was lying between Pippa’s spread legs, admiring her bare bottom. My heart raced at the sight of her moist, smooth slit and pretty pink anus. I couldn’t wait any longer — I extended my tongue and took a long, slow lick through my little girl’s cunt, shivering with the sheer lewdness of the act and loving the taste of her.

“Oh, yes, Mommy!” Pippa wailed, “do that some more!”

I was licking and lapping my child’s slit like it was my favorite ice cream, parting her folds with my tongue and delving inside to taste more of her liquid sugar. Now and then I’d tease her tiny clit, making it peek out of its hiding place. That drove her wild with delight..

Oh God, Jill couldn’t have been more right — why hadn’t I done this earlier? Putting myself through all that anguish, those guilt trips, denying myself the most wondrous experience a mother can know?

I was in heaven as I went down on my sweet Pippa, and I could tell from all the contented noises she was making that my daughter was happy too as she thrust back against my face, her warm, thick fluids flowing into my greedy mouth.

By now my thumbs were holding Pippa’s slit wide open, and I was working my tongue into her tight vagina. She was fast approaching her climax and I ate her for all I was worth, determined to make her her first orgasm at my hands an unforgettable experience.

“Mommy!” she cried out, “It… it’s happening!” And with a choked cry, my little angel shook and trembled as she came for me, feeding me her sweet nectar as I drank it from her cunt. I finally had to stop licking her when she begged me to.

I pulled her limp body to mine, kissing her softly and whispering how much I loved her. We stayed like that for as long as Pippa needed to recover. Finally, she smiled and said, “It’s my turn now, Mommy.”

For a while she was happy to suckle on my breasts, making me sigh contentedly as I remembered the last time she had done that. Then Pippa squirmed down to lie between my parted legs, going “Oooohh!” when she saw how wet I was. “Oh, wow, Mommy — can I take some pictures of your pussy?”

“Honey, you can do anything you like,” I told her as she got up and dug her cell phone out of her purse.  “I’m your model now.”

My daughter got me to spread my legs far apart, and as she snapped away I fingered my cunt for her. Pippa got a dozen or so shots, then directed me to get up on all fours. “Pull your bottom open, Mommy,” she said. “I want some pictures of your butthole.”

I shivered to hear such a kinky request from my daughter, but happily complied, spreading my buttocks apart to reveal my rosebud. “Now put your finger in your butt,” Pippa said, after getting some lovely anal close-ups.

I’d never used my asshole for solo pleasures before, but quickly I found that I liked it, probing deep into my rectum as Pippa clicked away. “Rub your pussy with the other hand, okay?” she cooed — and I obeyed, putting on a dirty show for my daughter and getting off big time.

“Now lie down, Mommy, pull your legs way apart. Let me see all your pussy,” Pippa told me. So I withdrew that finger from my rectum and spread myself out on the bed, letting my child see how excited I was. I pulled myself open as wide as I could, and she really liked that, moving in and snapping away. By then, my cunt was so juicy that it was actually dripping, the warm fluids oozing down into my butt crack and leaving a huge wet patch on the bed.

I thought I might explode if I didn’t get to come soon — luckily, my daughter put her phone to one side and went down on me, her hands replacing mine as she licked and lapped my sticky folds and sucked on my swollen clit. As I squeezed my tits and tugged on my nipples, I stared in awe at the incredibly exciting sight of my darling daughter between my legs, smiling up at me as she ate my pussy.

Then it got even wilder. Pippa got me to push both knees back until they rested against my breasts, then got down and began to rim me, her tongue bathing the crack of my ass.

Jill had, of course, been right — surrendering my body to my wonderful daughter, letting Pippa feast on the pussy that had given birth to her only ten years ago was the most amazing, most exciting, most mindblowing sex I’d ever experienced.

My angel shoved two fingers right up inside me and fucked me with them as she kept her lips glued around my clit. Me, I was moaning Pippa’s name, telling her how good she was as she brought me to the brink of a tooth-rattling climax.

I came with a loud cry, begging Pippa to fuck me, my clit on fire in her mouth. My daughter’s fingers were squelching in my pussy as she pounded me hard, still nursing on my clitoris as I bucked and shook under her. I was panting and gasping for breath as Pippa finally slowed her movements, releasing my throbbing bud from her mouth and pulling her wet fingers from my cunt with a loud slurp.

As I caught my breath, I watched my angel lick my juices from her fingers, and then she scooped up some more from my aching vagina and gave her fingers to me to suck clean. Mmm, I tasted good.

I pulled my darling Pippa on top of me and held her tightly as I kissed her sweet little mouth, whispering how much I loved her and how wonderful a daughter she was.

Fortunately it was a Friday night, with no school the next day, so I told Pippa she could stay in bed with me if she cared to. Of course she did, and after awhile we made love again, more slowly and gently than before, taking the time to explore each other’s bodies and share deep kisses.

Pippa’s cell phone came into use again, too, both of us taking delight in posing for each other in increasingly lewd ways — I liked the shots I took of my finger buried deep in Pippa’s bottom the best, though and the ones she took of me licking her clit ran a close second.

We drifted off to sleep snuggled together, and I enjoyed the best night’s sleep I’d had in ages. The next morning found us still entwined, still deliriously happy. The guilt I once felt about my desire for Pippa simply wasn’t there.

Three years later, my daughter and I are still intimate. We both take other lovers now and then, but always seem to return to each other. As long as my darling Pippa wants me, I am hers.

The End


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  1. sue says:

    I wish there were more chapters. Or maybe not. This was good.

  2. SugoiiKacey says:

    Camera model stories were always hot to me. I agree..the main topic of mom wanting daughter was definitely covered. But still think another chapter or 2 would’ve been nice building more building on Jill and Amy and Karen’s storylines with possible future long term happenings all together. But this is a nice one.

  3. Jay Denton says:

    Omg, this was so hot. I would have loved to have been there watching what was happening between the two girls. If only there had been a follow on chapter when all 5 of them played together.

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    Oh YES…so good! I agree with every one, a hot, beautiful story that could be made longer with more scenarios and chapters..the possibilities are almost endless, Mothers & daughters exploring other mothers & daughters exploring their wonderful desires!
    And as Jill expressed to Mary during their impromptu ‘tete-a-tete’:

    “Imagine it,”Jill said,her lips brushing my ear.”You’re both naked, and she’s nestled in your arms, kissing you again and again, that sweet tongue fluttering in your mouth, her pussy wet and hot as she grinds it against your thigh…”

    Yes, close our eyes & just imagine it…Mmm, as Sue commented: so good!


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    I agree with all, it was very erotic, as all mother daughter stories are to me. Other chapters would of been appreciated but also it leaves our imaginations to wonder where we want to go, which I am sure we all have.
    Thanks JetBoy for rewriting it and letting us enjoy it! The picture was a nice touch too. I would like to know the original title so I could compare but I am sure yours is the best.

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    Wow, what a terrific story. Viewing //, this has been one of my favourite jilling fantasies. Jetboy wrote a similar story that is even better. Thanks so much for this. XOXO

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    Thanks to all for the praise! I did a lot of work on this one, but I wouldn’t have bothered if I hadn’t had a good story to start with. It’s a shame that the author didn’t do any more lesbian stories. (They’re pretty scarce at the Lollywood site, truth be told,)

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    A wonderful tale so very well told

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