A Week in the Life, Part One

  • Posted on August 31, 2019 at 2:37 pm

by Regina A

{ This story was originally posted at Nifty in November 2003}

I feel like such a heel for doing this to my own daughter, but I guess I’ve just heard one too many horror stories. I’m not about to let my little girl fall prey to some internet stalker, or be taken advantage of by some creepy guy..

Truth be told, she isn’t so little anymore. Paula just turned sixteen, and she’s blossomed into a very attractive young lady with a lovely figure and beautiful golden-red hair. I know that she spends a lot of time online, emailing her friends and hanging out in chat rooms. I also know that she has a good head on her shoulders, and wouldn’t do anything that would knowingly put herself at risk, but the fiends who lurk out there on the web are very clever about luring sweet young things into their clutches. I comfort myself with the knowledge that I’m just trying to protect my daughter.

That explains how I find myself standing in Paula’s room, trying to work my way through the instructions from the computer spy store. I’ve already installed the software on her computer, and now I’m trying to set up a hidden spy cam in the corner of the room.

“Mostly people use this kind of equipment to catch their husbands,” the woman at the store told me. “But we do get some parents here too.” That makes me feel a little better.

The program is supposed to be one of the best. The spy cam should allow me to monitor her room even from my office, seeing whatever she’s up to, while the software captures all kinds of stuff from the computer, like chats, email, the whole bit.

The next day, I check my email. The report from the snooper software is there, but it doesn’t contain much. I had no idea that teenagers could spend so many hours talking about such inane stuff! I make a mental note to talk to Paula about how much chatting she is doing at night… only in a way that she won’t know I’m snooping on her.

But while I’m reading the report, another e-mail comes in. This one is an alert that the webcam has been activated by movement in my daughter’s room. I try to get the viewing software running so I can take a peek. I don’t really expect to see anything going on, just Paula doing her homework, most likely, or hanging out after school. I fumble around, but I can’t get it to load properly. Twice the program crashes, and then my entire system locks up. I read the manual again, realize I’ve forgotten to reboot after installing. Oh well…

While I’m waiting, I make a quick phone call to one of my clients and we chat for a few minutes. My back is to the computer, but I can hear it coming on behind me. Finally, I’m done with my call and spin back around… and my jaw drops.

The image filling the screen is surprisingly sharp, and what it shows makes me gasp in disbelief. My precious Paula is on her bed, stark naked, straddling someone’s face. All I can see is the top of the person’s head, but it’s clear that, whoever it is, he’s eating Paula’s pussy. My daughter’s face is aglow, and she is in ecstasy. I stare as she pulls and pinches on her own hard nipples and grinds her pussy slowly into the face of the person beneath her.

Suddenly I realize where I am and what I’m doing. I bolt over to shut and lock the door. If someone sees what I’m up to, it would be hard to explain, especially on company time.

Trembling, I make my way back to my chair. Who is this person with her? I’ve never even heard her mention a boyfriend! Yet here she is, having sex in my house. It’s my worst nightmare. God, I hope she has the sense to practice safe sex, I silently pray, then feel my cheeks turning red as I realize the absurdity of what I’m thinking.

What should I do? Should I call home? Interrupt what’s going on even at the risk of admitting my spying activities?

I reach for the phone — but just at that moment, Paula drops down onto her elbows as the person moves out from under her. In a moment I’ll know who it is.

Am I in for a shock! Appearing above Paula’s sweaty behind is the grinning face of Jenna, her closest friend, someone who is almost like a second child to me — and the daughter of Pam, my closest friend. She’s laughing, and her face shines with wetness… the wetness of my Paula’s pussy!

This is crazy, absurd! I feel like everything I know or love is suddenly crumbling all around me. My head spins, and I feel myself getting faint.

How could I have been so blind to this?

I sink back into my chair and try to gather myself. Ten deep breaths. Better.

I look back on the screen and the two of them are cuddling, kissing, and I feel my heart leap in my chest. At the same time, I realize that I’m not upset. In fact, I’m certainly happier seeing Paula with another girl than I would be if she was having sex with some boy.

I wonder if, subconsciously, I’ve been giving off some kind of vibes that Paula has picked up on. After all, isn’t that the main reason why my husband left me, because what I thought was bisexuality turned out to be something much deeper than that?

I can still recall that moment from five years ago when Rick finally found out the truth about me… coming back unexpectedly from a business trip, only to find Alexa Danforth and me in bed together, naked and sweaty, her perched on top of my mouth, making that squealing noise she always made when she came. God, that sound used to drive me crazy.

I smile wistfully, missing Alexa all over again. We still keep in touch, but she moved away the next year. Since then, my sex life has been a bit of a joke, just a few desperate flings with women I hook up with online and at a local lesbian bar. Suddenly, I feel very lonely.

And all this time, I was trying to raise Paula to make her own choices. Which she seems to have done.

I look back at the screen, watching as Jenna spreads her legs open to reveal a closely trimmed pussy. Paula slides down between her legs and begins to use her tongue on her friend. They look so comfortable with each other, so happy. So… erotic.

With a shudder, I realize that I’m getting really aroused watching the two of them. I can feel my nipples hardening as I stare at Jenna’s puffy ones. She begins rolling her right nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Her tongue sneaks out to wet her lips, and I find mine doing the same.

I glance at the door, gauging my chances of being interrupted. Slim, I think. Slowly, my fingers trembling, I unbutton my blouse down to my navel, then reach up and ease down the cups of my bra so that my breasts are exposed. I’m panting a bit as I wet my fingers, then begin swirling them around on the tips of my nipples. A moan sneaks out.

I can’t believe how turned on I am, watching my own daughter and her friend have sex, but something about the illicitness is exciting me even more than the simple act itself. It feels kinky, forbidden.

On the screen, Paula has both hands on Jenna’s thighs and is pushing them apart forcefully, jamming her face into her friend’s pussy. Jenna is doing what she can to help, humping her butt off the bed to meet Paula’s tongue.

I reach down to hike up my black skirt. I can feel my panties are already wet. My sweaty bottom squeaks on the leather of my chair, and I find myself smirking. I have just the thing. I delve into my bottom drawer and pull out a rumpled towel. I smooth the towel out on my seat, stand up, and pull down my hose and panties. They cling wetly to my pussy lips for a moment, and I rub myself a bit before sinking back down. I’m so horny now, it feels like I can come at any moment.

Paula is fingerfucking Jenna now, lips clamped to her clit while she rapidly slides two fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Jenna’s head is thrown back and she looks like she is screaming. I begin to rub my pussy hard and fast. I’m close… so close…

And then I’m coming, throwing my head back and gasping as jolts of pure pleasure rock my body. I take myself through one more orgasm before I slump down in my chair, dazed. Soon as I catch my breath I lick my fingers clean, then pull my panties back up and give the room a quick spritz of air freshener.


When I get home that night, Paula has dinner on the table — baked chicken breasts, a salad, and some fresh snap beans. She is positively glowing, and I wonder what she’d say if I reveal that I know why. But I keep my thoughts to myself, letting her pour me a glass of wine and listening to her chatter about her day.

“What did you do after school?” I ask idly, though I glance at Paula to see her reaction.

She doesn’t skip a beat. “Oh, Jenna came over and we did some homework together.”

Mmm-hmm, I think to myself. You don’t say. Biology? Or chemistry?

“You know, honey,” I say instead. “I’ve been thinking about inviting Jenna and her mom over to a barbecue this weekend and to use our pool. Maybe we could even have them stay overnight. What do you think?”

Is this really coming out of my mouth? Has my brain gone haywire?

“That would be awesome!” Paula cries, and hugs me. “Jenna can sleep in my room!”

Yeah, I think, and in your bed. But I just smile, and we sit down to eat.


I wake up in the middle of the night, my nightie sticking to the sheets. I feel damp between my legs, and with a start I realize that I’d been having an erotic dream.

With a shudder, I lie there recalling it. I’d been replaying the scene from the afternoon — only this time I wasn’t just watching, I was participating. Paula had been sucking on my left tit, Jenna on my right, and both girls were fingering my wet pussy. I reached down and began doing just that. God, I’m so fucking wet, I think.

I let my fantasies run wild, and by the end, the two girls are locked in a sweaty sixty-nine next to me while my old lover Alexa Danforth fucks me with a strap-on. I have two tremendous climaxes that leave me breathless and sweaty.

Afterward, I’m so aroused that I can’t sleep, so I get up and work my way through the month’s bills. By then, it’s almost 5:30 and there’s no point in going back to bed. On a whim, I do something that I haven’t done in months, switching on the Quickcam perched on top of the computer. I move my mouse over a tiny icon, double-click it, and the screen fills with tiny squares, most of them showing the faces of people like me. One of them, in fact, is me, and the rest are people trolling for a webcam partner.

When I first bought my webcam, I was like a kid in a candy store, and I spent many nights camming with other women, even the occasional couple. At first, I was very wary about the whole thing, reluctant to do too much. But I quickly realized that if I hooked up cam to cam with someone else, it was all anonymous. And sometimes it was sexy as hell. I’d had some pretty wild sessions with others. Gradually, though, I felt more and more uncomfortable — dirty, even — about doing that kind of thing online.

I look closer. Most of the squares are filled with men, some of them wanking on camera. There’s something pathetic about the sight of these lonely souls doing this for just anyone who cares to see, and I feel a kind of wave of self-revulsion sweep over me. Then again, is what I’m thinking of doing all that different?

I almost shut down the program. But just as my hand twitches on the mouse, a few new squares open up. One of them catches my eye instantly, a dark-haired woman about my age, wearing a white robe. I watch her for a moment, see her eyes looking intently at the camera, no doubt scanning the squares just as I am. There is almost an illusion that our eyes meet, but I know the chances she is looking at me are remote. I see her glance down. Typing, perhaps?

Then I almost jump, because a line of type appears in the chatbox.

Mary38:> Hello?

I look at the square, see the tag below it. It’s her!

CarolCam20:> Hi…

There’s a brief pause. These first moments are always awkward. I wait anxiously.

Mary38:>What are you looking for?

Hmm, I think. The direct approach. Oh well…here goes.

CarolCam20:>Someone to cam with.

Mary38:>Someone like me?

I smile and look at her square, see that she is smiling too.

CarolCam20:>Someone exactly like you.

It only takes a few seconds for us to exit the main room and hook up privately, cam to cam. I turn off my self-viewer and expand her square on the screen.

CarolCam20:>You’re lovely, Mary.

Mary38:>I was just about to say the same thing about you, Carol. Your real name?


Mary38:>Me too. Scoot back a bit. Let me see more of you.

I slide the chair back. I can feel my nipples poking out against the thin cotton of my nightshirt. On a whim, I reach up and pull on them.

Mary38:>Mmmm. That looks nice. But I wish I was doing it.

I scoot back in.

CarolCam20:>Me too.

I realize that she is opening her robe. It falls open, and her bare breasts bob in front of my wide eyes. Her nipples are large and puffy, my favorite kind. She wets a finger with her tongue, and I watch as she slowly traces the wet digit around the tip of her right nipple. I find myself wetting my own lips.

Mary38:>Now you.

With only a slight hesitation, I reach down and catch the hem of my nightshirt, pulling it smoothly up and over my head. My breasts catch slightly in the material, then release, swaying. It feels delicious to be naked, and a new surge of desire rushes through me. I can already tell that this is going to be good.

Mary38:>God, you are gorgeous, hon. Play with those tits for me. Can you lick them?

I nod, suddenly eager to please her in any way I can. I lift my right tit and let my tongue tease the nipple, then do the same to my left one.

Mary38:>That is HOT. I love it. I wish I could do that but mine aren’t quite big enough.

CarolCam20:>Your tits are perfect though. I love your nipples. Would love to suck on them…

Mary38:>Oh hon, I would love that! Where do you live?

For a second, my little warning alarm flashes, but I mentally turn it off.

CarolCam20:>Outside Washington, D.C.

Mary38:>No kidding? I am in Falls Church!!!


This is the first time I have ever cammed with anyone who lived nearby. She must be about ten miles away.

Mary38:>Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

CarolCam20:>Umm…maybe? lol

Mary38:>We need to talk more…but first things first. Right now we need to get busy.

I stare at the screen and watch as she stands up, shrugging off the robe. Her face is above the viewer now, but her trimmed pussy is perfectly framed. Again, my tongue sneaks out to lick my lips as she spreads herself for me, opening her cunt with her fingers so I can see the pink wetness inside.

I reach down and start playing with myself as I watch, then roll the chair back slightly so she can see me. She sits again, spreading her legs up onto the arms of her chair, and for a few minutes we just watch each other and rub ourselves. I am really wet.

Mary38:>Do you like using toys?

I nod, and we each go off to get our favorites. I glance at the clock. Almost time for Paula to wake up. I feel a sudden sense of urgency.

CarolCam20:>I didn’t realize how late it is getting. I only have a few more minutes.

Mary38:>Time enough, though. Right?

I nod, and we each start using our vibes. I watch as Mary moves hers expertly over her clit, then lets it play up and down her wet slit. I try to match her motions with mine, and almost simultaneously we find our holes and shove them inside. When she pulls hers out I can see the toy shine from her juices. She’s close, and I am too.

Mary38:>Now rub your clit for me and we’ll come together.

I follow her instructions, starting slowly, then moving faster and faster. My fingers are flying now, and Mary’s are a blur. I love looking at her eyes as her mouth falls open and she starts to climax. Like looking into a mirror, as I feel my own orgasm wash over me.

Mary38:>God…nice one.

CarolCam20:>It’s been awhile.

Mary38:>Really? That’s hard to believe. Not seeing anyone?

CarolCam20:>No. Not for awhile. Listen, I have to go, but this has been lovely. How can we keep in touch?

Mary38:>Easy as pie, hon. I’ll give you my cell and e-mail.

I copy them down, and we say our goodbyes.

It’s only when I get up to head into the shower that I hear the telltale creak of floorboards in the hall… and I realize with a start that I’m being spied on. And there’s no one in the house but me and Paula.


In the shower, water coursing down my body, I have time to gather my thoughts. So my daughter was peeking at me while I got off. That made us even. But I can’t help wondering what she is thinking, watching her mother get off like that with a complete stranger. How much did she see? I ask myself. Does she have any way of knowing that I was having chat room sex with another woman? 

I finally decide to just pretend she didn’t see, unless she says something. Which she doesn’t, even on the drive to her bus stop.

“‘Bye, Mom!” she says, as she climbs out of the car. “I’m gonna stopover at Jenna’s after school to do homework.” She says it like a statement, not like she’s asking, and is off before I can even respond. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what they’ll be doing.

Five minutes later I’m mired in traffic, but feeling strangely peaceful. I decide to put the time to good use and dig out my cell phone.

“Pam? It’s Carol.”

“Carol! God, it’s great to hear from you. Here our daughters are together every day, and we hardly ever see each other.”

I almost say something, but bite my tongue. I do want to talk to her about Paula and Jenna but now doesn’t seem like the right time. “Listen, Pam. I was wondering if you and Jenna wanted to come over on Friday for a cookout. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day, and I thought we could use the pool… maybe you could even stay overnight if you’re game.”

“That sounds lovely! A mini-vacation. That’s a great idea. I know I don’t have to check with Jenna. She loves spending time with Paula. In fact, they’re coming over today to do homework. I was going to have Paula stay for dinner, if that’s okay with you.”

“Sure, that’s fine. I’ll plan on seeing you around six-ish on Friday, then?”

“Sounds great. Can’t wait, hon.”

I hang up. More waiting in traffic. My fingers drum on the wheel. I glance over at the phone again. Pick it up and dial from the paper stuffed in my purse.


“Is this Mary?”

“Yes? Who is this?”

“It’s Carol. From, um, from this morning?”

“Oh my gosh, Carol! Hello! I didn’t expect to hear from you this soon. I was just getting ready to leave the house.”

“Well, if now is a bad time, I can…”

“No, not at all. It’s great to hear your voice. It’s just like I imagined it would be.”

I laugh nervously. “I bet you say that to all the girls.”

“It’s been awhile, Carol.”

There’s a silence for a few moments. We both know what comes next.

“I think… I have to see you,” I hear myself saying.

“I was hoping you would say that. When?” I can hear the desire in her voice.

“Tonight?” Quickly, I tell her about my daughter, and about my unexpected window of opportunity that evening.

“I’ll make us dinner, love. But we may want to start with dessert.”

“You’re making me wet, Mary. Again.” And we both giggle. I feel like a naughty schoolgirl.

This a way to Part Two!


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  1. DragonRider says:

    Okay, not a bad way to start things out. A little masturbation and setup is nice. Hopefully, this doesn’t turn into one of those “0-100 real quick” stories. I don’t mind them, but I, as of late, have been more into the slow-burn love stories that end in hot scenes.

  2. SugoiiKacey says:

    Nice. Been awhile since I read a camming story. Although there’s a part of me that enjoys the “caught in the act” in person kind of thing instead of thru a security cam…which also makes me think of trust issues distracting me enjoyment-wise.
    On the quickness… well if it was longer written we’d likely have to have a tougher wait for chapter separations lol…
    I also will say that I love these..my reading history was more with leslita so nifty stories are freshly awesome to see.

  3. Tim and Litka says:

    Well we thoroughly enjoyed it. Enjoyed the masturbation and especially the arousal at her daughter having sex. Just hope mom a d daughter get intimate soon.

  4. Euphorsyne,Thalia & Aglia says:

    Very very good!..loved the way Mary was so intent on making sure her daughter, Paula, was being safe on line and how when she finally seen(surreptitiously) that Paula was having fun with a girlfriend, it intrigued her so much!

    And the online cam chat room experience Mary had was really hot!…

    But I’m a bit confused, did Mary invite her new “cam buddy” Carole over on the same day that she expected Pam and her daughter, Jenna, to be there? And did she ask both guests, that, if they wanted they could spend the night?…what was she thinking? or was it a subliminal desire to have her cake and eat it too?!!!

    In any respect, what a good first chapter Regina A.!!! And like other readers here, I’m waiting to see what transpires next!


  5. Phil says:

    Great plot! Hot, too! Well done!

  6. sue says:

    I like the beginning. I got those little butterflies you get from doing something naughty that you know you shouldn’t do but then you just have to do it.

  7. Emily says:

    I liked reading this. I’m glad I read it before I put my panties on this morning.

  8. Dylan says:

    I liked it. A great start to what will be a great mother/daughter incest story, with many friends!

  9. beckym says:

    where is part two

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