Sharing With Erin

  • Posted on February 1, 2020 at 3:58 pm

by Author Unknown

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

All right, site detectives… can anyone find the original of this one? The basic plot is the same, though I gave it a major coat of polish.


I took off Erin’s jeans and panties together, eager for her. She giggled and kept her legs closed, teasing me. Kneeling between her legs, I eased them apart, revealing her pussy, cooing as the scent of her excitement wafted to my nose. Her hair was very fine on her mound, sparse and light brown. I kissed one knee, then the other, nuzzling my way down her thighs as she opened them wide for me.

I saw the ring then, small and golden, nestled between her pussy lips. I dipped my head and ran my tongue between her lips as she opened, tasting her. Moaning, she rolled her hips, her fingers in my hair, urging me to her as my teeth closed on the ring and pulled. She could tell that I was excited by my discovery by the way my tongue moved as I kissed her wetness.

“Oh, Jenny,” she moaned, her fingers tightening in my hair. I flicked her ring with my tongue. “Have you ever seen anyone pierced like this before?”

I knew I shouldn’t have said it, but blurted it out anyway. The good wine, the heady excitement of sex, the taste of her… all combined to cloud my senses.

“Only my mom,” I said.

Her body stilled under my kisses. I licked at her, my tongue lightly brushing her clit.

“Your mom?” Her voice was thick, no longer passionate, but I was not sure what else it was. “Your mother is pierced? And you — you’ve seen her?”

I let my nod answer, licking her, not wanting the mood to change, wanting to make love with her, hoping she would not be shocked, knowing she was anyway.

But there were lots of reasons a daughter might know her mother wore a gold ring in her clitoris. Nude beaches. Casual bathroom scenes. Any number of things.

Or the daughter could have been lying naked between her mother’s thighs and kissing her cunt, just as I was now with Erin.

I had met Erin just that day. I saw her and wanted her and within moments of talking to her, I knew she wanted me too. I am tall and well-rounded, blonde and blue-eyed, and easily attract attention. Just like my mother.

These things went through my mind as I licked Erin, trying to bring her mind back to lovemaking. She was too curious — or freaked out? — to let me, though.

“How… I mean, when…” She had to ask.

I moved from between her legs and lay down next to her. Softly, I kissed her lips, seeing her eyes were open. Sighing, I decided I had nothing to lose by being honest. Either she would be totally turned off or it would excite her… so I finally spoke.

“Erin, my mother and I are very close.”

She let me kiss her, then pulled away to look at me. “How close?”

My fingers moved between her legs, toying with the ring. “Very close.”

“Oh, God,” she murmured–partly with shock, partly because of my fingers. “You’re… you’re kidding, right?”

“No,” I answered simply, kissing her ardently as I lay next to her, easing a finger inside her cunt.

“You have — have made love with your…”

“Yes,” I answered, punctuating my answer by pushing my finger into her even deeper.

“Oh, God.”

I stopped her from saying more by covering her mouth with mine, letting my body speak to hers, wanting to bring her back into the moment, the touch of my fingers moving in and out of her, the sweet taste of my lips on her own, the warmth of my body against hers.

Erin whimpered under me, and I could sense her excitement returning, building. She arched her back, pressing her slender body to mine, her sex onto my finger as her tongue slipped into my mouth. Then she broke the kiss and gazed at me, lips parted and breathing heavily. “Oh, Jenny,” she sighed, “that excites me.”

In a moment I was sure of it as she pushed me back onto the bed, trailing kisses down my body, biting each nipple a little harder than just for pure pleasure, then moving down, down between my long legs, touching my clit with her lips, then suddenly licking my pussy gently. Her tongue was hot and playful and I squirmed, raising my arms over my head and palming my breasts and their hard nipples. It was sheer delight.

“Jenny,” she said, pausing in her licking, “tell me.”

Tell her. Tell her how I became my mother’s lover. As if it were that easy.


Delia is an amazing woman. She was seventeen when I was born, thirty-three when we first made love. Free-spirited and uninhibited, she began playing with other women when quite young, then with men later.

She was married, briefly, before she met my father. When they did meet, the sparks flew, so she left her husband and took up with Dad and another woman named Tina, a ménage a trois that kept them quite happy for a few years. They broke up, then she reunited with Tina on my fifteenth birthday.

Shortly after I was born, Mom decided to go to graduate school to study advanced design. She supported us by becoming a nude model. Mom had been featured before in a men’s magazine, and her sister had done two porn movies. It wasn’t like any of the women in my family were very shy about showing off their bodies.

I gazed deep into Erin’s expectant eyes as she ate me, then took a deep breath.

“We were doing a modeling shoot,” I began. “A mother and daughter thing. Nude.”

“Totally nude?” asked Erin, pausing in her licking, the uncertainty and awe clear in her voice.

“Not a stitch,” I nodded. “I’d modeled before, but this was the first time I’d ever done a shoot naked.” God, her tongue was so wonderful, such a delight. I lowered my hands and ran my fingers through her hair as my other hand lightly caressed my breasts.

“The photographer had the stylist braid our hair together for some of the shots, so we couldn’t move apart at all. The photos themselves weren’t sexual, really, they were more artistic… but I felt incredibly aroused anyhow — because the slightest movement would cause my breast to touch hers, or her naked hip to brush mine. Anyway, there was a lot of our skin touching one another. And we had our arms around each other most of the time.”

“Oh, God,” Erin murmured, laying her head on my shoulder and caressing my breast. “This is so turning me on.” She nestled her face into my shoulder for a moment, then bent her lips to my nipple and let her hand play across my mound, fingers teasing my clit. Her slim thighs found one of mine and pulled it up tight to press against her sex. “Tell me more.”

“Well, at first, we tried not to brush against one another more than we could help,” I breathed, “but it felt so good when we did that we… well, we kinda started brushing our bodies together on purpose.” I inhaled sharply as Erin lightly teased my clit with her finger. “Not too much, just enough so no one at the session would notice. We kept giving each other these big naughty smiles, like we were totally getting away with something. Mmmm, that feels so nice, Erin.” I sighed deeply as she touched me, savoring the thrill of her lips on my nipple.

“Once we were done, the photographer had hired a limo to take us home… and after the shoot, we threw on our clothes and slipped into the back seat, kind of flushed and very aroused. Neither of us had put on our panties or bras, we just tucked them into our bags… so we were both completely naked under our dresses. I was feeling hotter than a pistol, knowing I was going to get myself off as soon as I got home and to my room.”

Erin nuzzled my neck as her finger slid in and out of me. I was on fire, both from her touch and knowing how much it was turning her on to hear about my first time with Mom. I’d never told anyone before, and found myself getting deeper and deeper into the idea of sharing the memory with a lover.

“I glanced over at Mom at some point and was kinda surprised to see her with her hand between her legs, touching her pussy. It was such a sexy sight that I think I gasped out loud. But what really surprised me was that she didn’t stop fingering herself after I caught her. In fact, she spread her legs even wider, putting herself on display for me. She had such a… such a bad-girl expression on her face, I can still picture it.”

I sucked in my breath again as her finger pumped my dripping cunt. “I couldn’t just sit there and watch her anymore — so I slid across the seat to her. As I did, the hem of my dress caught and rode up my legs until my pussy was showing.”

Erin giggled. “You slut,” She withdrew from me, running her wet fingers through my pubes.

“Hush, now… we’re getting to the good part. Mom sat up as I came near her, just… looking at me. Now, I’d been nude with her nearly all day, and she’d seen me without clothes thousands of times before. But this was different and we both knew it… and she was turned on. I was too. So I came close and kissed her on the mouth — not a daughter’s kiss to her mother, but a real kiss, a kiss of passion.”

Erin kissed me hungrily to let me know that she knew exactly what I meant, then moved again, making her way down between my breasts. “Go on.” Her soft brown hair tickled my skin.

“As we kissed, I ran my fingers up her leg, up her bare thigh. I felt her pressing into me, wanting it as much as I did. I still remember how wet her cunt was the first time I touched her there. Her mouth opened and she gasped, then whispered, ‘I love you, Jennifer.’ I smiled and said that I loved her too, and her thighs opened wide for me. We kissed again, my fingers opening her cunt, and she wrapped her arms around me as I made love to her.”

“Damn…” Erin breathed, pausing to trail her tongue over my tummy.

“Mmmm… Okay, so I was working my fingers in and out of her, and then I felt her hand between my legs, caressing my pussy. Oh, Erin…” I purred happily as she trailed a line of soft kisses down my body. My head spun, but I continued, knowing how hot my story was making her. “She had just slipped the tip of her finger inside me when, all of a sudden, the limo stopped outside our house.” I giggled, remembering. “Oh, man, was that a shock! We had to get about ten seconds to get ourselves apart and covered up before the driver opened the door.”

“Wow,” Erin said again. “Did he catch you?” She was teasing me with feather-light kisses, brushing her lips all around my cunt without actually touching me there.

“No,” I grinned wickedly, “but the car reeked of pussy, so who knows what he was thinking?”

“So… what then?”

“Oh, we got inside as fast as we could scoot ourselves– and as soon as the front door closed behind us, Mom pushed me back against it and kissed me, hard. I remember sucking on her tongue. Then she knelt at my feet, tore off my skirt, and put her hands on my ass, pulled me forward just a bit… and the next thing I felt was her mouth on my cunt.”

“Wow,” Erin said, “that must have been incredible.”

“It was,” I gasped as her tongue traced slowly along my labia. “I’d never been licked or even touched there by someone else, and Mom was so good at it. She only had to eat my pussy for a minute or two before I was coming so hard I nearly fell over.”

“Wow,” Erin said again.

“Then she kissed me again, and I could taste my pussy all over her lips and tongue. It had me hot all over again, and I knew I had to do that to her — lick her the same way.”

“God, this is making me crazy,” she murmured into my pubes.

“I started tearing her clothes off. I ripped her skirt, but she only laughed. Anyhow, once she was naked I just started making out with Mom like I was possessed — groping her, biting her, kissing again and again… I had my way with her for awhile, got her so hot she was hyperventilating. Then I was between her thighs and nuzzling her. I’d never eaten pussy before, but somehow I knew exactly how to please a woman — how to please her. It was fucking incredible.”

“Make love to me, Jenny,” Erin whispered, moving up my body to kiss me sweetly. “Like you would make love with her.”

I sat up, taking the lead, rolling Erin onto her back.

“Oh, Mom,” I murmured in her ear as I ran my hand up her thigh to touch her ring again. I threw my thigh over hers as she moaned in pleasure, my other hand cupping her  breast, feeling her nipple stiffen against my palm. God, how it stirred my memory to think of how my mother’s breast felt through her blouse that first time I touched her.

My hungry mouth found Erin’s — and as we kissed, I pulled at her ring, just as I had with my mother on that incredible day seven years ago.

“Oh, Jennifer,” Erin cried out, trying to lift her hips, even with me on top of her. “You did that to her, to your mother, your own mother, you pulled her pussy ring?”

She knew the answer. But hearing me say so would excite her. “Yes, I played with her ring, lover. I pulled it like this…” and I demonstrated, “and turned it like this.” Erin cried out again, louder this time. I love noisy women.

“And then,” I whispered, moving down her body, “I did this.” I began to nibble her clit.

Erin’s trembling hands came down to rest on my head, her fingers lacing into my hair. “Do you still make love to her? Do you… is she still…”

My tongue moved with her, into her, the ring teased and toyed with. I could sense her impending release as she moved with me, her pussy opening to my kiss.

“Yes, Erin,” I breathed. ”She is still my lover.” I slipped two fingers deep into her. “My mother is a very desirable woman.”

“Oh, God, so is her daughter,” Erin moaned. “Oh, God!” She came explosively, gasping and crying out, arching her body.

“Want to meet her? I am sure she would like you… very much.”

“Yessssssss,” my pretty young lover hissed.

I kissed her sweetly… then rolled over onto my back, my legs open to her, eager for her touch.

The End


8 Comments on Sharing With Erin

  1. David says:

    That was so hot! The combination of the two girls and her memory of her mother made the story very erotic. Hopefully there are sequels to this to read about Erin with Jennifer and her mom. Thanks JetBoy for reworking this story for the Unknown Author!

  2. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Loved it! a great polishing job JetBoy. The writing is so good, loved how the story Jenn was telling Erin got them both so excited, as it did all of us readers!

    • sue says:

      ‘polishing job’, is that what the kids call it these days? Just kidding E,T,&A. I very much agree with your comment. Good work, JetBoy. And I did a little ‘polishing job’ on myself.

      • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

        Hey sue!
        Ah yes, “polishing job”..loved it! good one sue!…wasn’t one of the duties the 16th century English chamber maids to “polish the bed knobs”?
        I know other servants polished the silverware…does anyone polish shoes nowadays?..and what about those patent leather shoes girls and women used to wear..remember how they shone( shined? ) they always looked well polished.
        One last thing, be careful “polishing” yourself, too much rubbing in one go can wear away the finish( and that might be problematic )


        • Tim and Litka says:

          Oh wow, what a fantastic arousing story Jetboy. Reading that, reading the way Jenny related that to Erin, was so like the way we read together when we make love. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. If there isn’t another part out there Jetboy, you should write one. Or if not, maybe we will, even if just for each other. Thank you so much!!!

  3. Kestya says:

    One comment: can someone write a sequel?? Please??

    • JetBoy says:

      Much as I’d appreciate a sequel to this story (and enjoy writing one!), I’m up to my eyebrows in story projects and other doings for Juicy Secrets, and dare not take on anything else.

      HOWEVER… if any of you readers are tempted to assume the task of composing a new chapter of “Sharing with Erin,” we would be favorably disposed toward posting the result here, long as the quality is up to snuff.

      This goes for pretty much any story here that is either A) unfinished, or B) could be spun out into another chapter or three. That said, please check in before you start such a project, just in case we need to ask permission from another author.

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