My Mother, the Escort

  • Posted on May 15, 2019 at 1:59 pm

Author Unknown

Note from JetBoy: Can’t locate the original of this one. Then again, I rewrote the hell out of it, changing the customers (the ones who hire Kim’s mother for the night) from a male-female married couple to lesbian lovers. Hope you enjoy the result.


I suppose I was pretty dense not to have figured it out sooner. I mean after three fucking years, I should have worked out the truth of it. If the late night phone calls and the sexy attire that Mom regularly wore weren’t enough to clue me in, the fact that we always had plenty of money after Dad left ought to have.

But Mom had become a lesbian since the divorce, which made the explanation a hell of a lot less obvious than it might’ve been. Anyhow, I never caught on until this one night when I picked up the phone to call a friend and heard my mother talking to some strange woman.

Normally, I would’ve immediately hung up — I certainly wasn’t the kind of girl who would eavesdrop on her mother! — but I listened for just an instant too long, and found myself unable to break away. It only took a moment to realize what was going on. Mom was describing lesbian sex acts, each one accompanied by a price. The woman on the other end described what she wanted, and Mom made an appointment to meet her at a local hotel. They exchanged goodbyes.

My heart thudding, I stared at the phone receiver. I couldn’t believe it! My mother was an escort… for other women!

It wasn’t like I was appalled or disgusted, mind you. Why shouldn’t Mom make good use of what she’s got? She’s only in her late thirties, with a beautiful, voluptuous body. Besides, the idea kind of made me hot. The idea of fucking a guy for money creeped me out, but doing it with another woman seemed… oh, I don’t know, kind of wild and exciting.

Then I got a really wild idea — I figured if I played my cards right I might be able to pick up some extra cash, if Mom would be willing to throw some work my way! She knew how sexually active I was, after all…

Hanging up the phone, I shuffled down the hall to her bedroom, where I found her sitting at the vanity table in a long silk robe.

“Hi honey! Got plans for tonight?” she cooed, while primping her long dark hair.

“No,” I casually replied. “Mom… I have something to discuss with you.”

“What’d you do now?” she asked casually, spraying perfume along her supple neck.

“I know where you’ve really been going every night,” I said, gazing evenly at her.

“Really…? Where?” Mom replied, a mysterious smile on her face.

“Well… I kind of heard your conversation on the phone a minute ago.” I replied.

Surprisingly, she seemed relieved that her big secret was finally out in the open. And when I asked if I could get in on her action, she immediately agreed!

“Why not?” she replied. “You’re certainly pretty enough, and I know you’re experienced at sex with women… and it would solve my problem if you came along.”

“Really?” I asked, delighted that she had agreed so easily.

She gave me a sly look. “There’s a new client who’s giving her girlfriend a special present for her eighteenth birthday — me! She requested two girls because she doesn’t want to be left out of the action, but all my regulars are busy and I don’t want to blow this job… the money’s too good.”

My heart was fluttering like a hummingbird. “It sounds great, Mom!”

An hour later we were outside room 269 at the Plaza Motor Lodge, ready to go to work. Mom was in a black stretch satin gown with a plunging neckline that almost reached her navel, with two side slits up to her waist that showed off her long slender legs and sheer black nylons and garter belt ending in a 6″ clear platform high heels. I was wearing a tie-front top and short plaid skirt, white nylon over the knee stockings and 4 inch black platform heels. I wanted to look sexy but innocent, so Mom tied my long black hair in to a ponytail.

We knocked on the door and an attractive woman in her early thirties answered it.

“Good evening. I’m Erin, and this is my lover Davina,” she said, pointing over to a younger woman who was sitting in an armchair, looking extremely nervous.

“I’m Janet, and this is my daughter Kim,” Mom replied.

I nearly fainted! I guess I hadn’t expected Mom to admit our relationship.

Erin arched her eyebrows. “Hmmm, interesting… a mother and daughter team. Does that cost extra?”

“Not at all, honey,” Mom replied, turning on the charm.

Erin poured us drinks… and Mom began coming on to Davina right away. “Why don’t you come over here and sit next to me,” she purred, patting the bed.

Davina did so, still clearly nervous, and Mom wrapped an arm around her shoulder and began whispering in the girl’s ear. I could tell she was turned on, jitters and all.

“Kim, come and sit with me,” Erin said, perched daintily on the sofa. Heart throbbing, I crossed the room and sat down next to her. She smiled at my mother and her girlfriend as Mom began to nuzzle playfully at Davina’s neck. “She’s never been with any woman besides me before,” Erin murmured.

Erin didn’t waste time. Sliding her arm around my waist, she kissed me hungrily. I was startled but responded quickly, my tongue emerging to meet hers. I felt Erin’s hands on my breasts, her palms brushing my nipples. I glanced over at the bed and saw Mom and Davina in a hot embrace, kissing passionately. My mother’s hand was beneath the young woman’s skirt, and Davina was clumsily unbuttoning Mom’s dress.

Erin opened my blouse and lowered her face to my breasts, skillfully sucking on my nipples, making them stand to attention. I moaned, pulling her face into my chest, placing my free hand between her thighs. She was wearing slacks but no panties, and I could feel the heat and wetness of her cunt through the material.

“Here, baby… let me undress you,” I heard my Mom whisper to Davina.

She quickly peeled away the young woman’s clothes and laid her down naked on the bed. Then I watched as she did a seductive striptease. Mom shimmied out of her dress and released her beautiful breasts, then ran her hands across her nipples. She slid the dress down her stomach and over her ass, revealing a black g-string thong. I watched as the dress hit the ground and she stepped out of it.

Mom turned and bent over at the waist, sliding her thumbs under the strings of her thong and pushing it down to her ankles. Holding the position so Davina could get a good view, she glanced at me… smiling as Erin and I made out. Now nude but for her garters, stockings and heels, Mom straightens up, and for the first time in awhile I got a good look at her unclothed body.

She was just about perfect for a woman her age, with full creamy breasts, a shapely ass and a neatly trimmed tuft of hair between her thighs. Davina simply lay there, mouth open, taking in my mother’s beauty. Erin was impressed, too, watching my mother as I slid my hand into this woman’s panties to fondle her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm,” Erin purred, loving my touch, “your mom is really hot!” Then she turned to me. “So… let’s see what her little girl is like.”

“Yes, ma’am…” I said in my most innocent voice.

I rose to my feet and began to strip. I slowly removed my top and played with my nipples, then removed my skirt and panties, leaving my knee socks and heels. Erin’s eyes moved from my 32B tits and down my stomach to my shaved pussy.

Her eyes blazed with excitement. “Turn around and grab your ankles, lover,” she demanded.

I turned around, bending at the waist, and took hold of my ankles. Erin knelt behind me and ran her hand up my inner thigh, brushing my pussy with her fingertips. I could feel the warmth of her breath against my cunt and asshole as she inhaled deeply, clearly loving the scent of my arousal.

“Damn, you’re hot, girl,” she breathed. Then she sat down on the bed, parting her thighs. “Get down on your knees and eat my pussy. I want your mouth on me,” Erin panted.

I didn’t have to be told twice. As I lowered my face to Erin’s glistening cunt, I saw Mom working Davina over. She rubbed her breasts against the teenage girl as she kissed her way down her body.  As much as I wanted to watch them, though, Erin’s hungry cunt demanded my immediate attention. After placing hot, wet kisses along her glistening labia, I took her flower into my mouth, pressing my tongue deep into the moist crevice.

“Mmmm… oh, yesss. You have such a hot little mouth,” Erin moaned, shifting her butt in the chair as I ate her. I sucked and licked at her pussy, loving the heat, the flavor of this sexy woman. Behind me, bedsprings creaked.

“Oh,” Davina moaned, “oh.”

Tilting my head a bit, I saw Mom on her knees… her round, firm ass sticking out, her mouth fastened to Davina’s juicy cunt. The young woman’s trembling hands were resting in my mother’s thick mane of hair, her eyes closed, her mouth open. The sight of Mom’s butt made me tingle all over. I love the sight of a hot woman’s ass, and hers was magnificent.

Wanting to drive Erin absolutely crazy, I took the pink nubbin of her clit between my lips, flicking it mercilessly with the tip of my tongue.

She seized up as her body was rocked by a raging orgasm, her wild cries echoing in the room. “Oh GOD! YES!” she howled. I remember hoping that the walls at this motel were nice and thick.

I could hear Davina gasp hoarsely as her own climax hit warp speed. “Ohhhh! Oh yes! I’m… I’m… I’m…” she panted.

I continued to pleasure Erin’s cunt, and she came for at least a full sixty seconds before she released me, flopping back into the chair, sweaty, flushed and satisfied.

“Mmmmm, Davina… your pussy tastes so good!” Mom cooed, licking her lips as she sat up. The young woman reached for my mother and drew her down into a hot kiss, her tongue emerging to lick her wetness from Mom’s mouth and chin. Then she relaxed, holding my mother close.

Davina shifted her gaze from my mother’s eyes to smile sleepily at her lover, who was relaxing in her chair as I rested my cheek on her warm thigh. “Thank you, Erin,” she said in a soft voice. “That was wonderful.”

“Hmm… I’ve got a hot idea, if you’re into it,” Erin said with a saucy grin, her eyes darting from me to Mom and back again. “Janet… will you and your daughter make each other come?”

It took a few seconds for her words to sink in. But I already knew that I wanted it to happen. The thought of kissing and fondling my sexy mother made my already overheated cunt even wetter than it was.

Mom rose from the bed with a smile, then placed both her hands on her hips… as if waiting for me to make up my mind. She didn’t have to wait. I stood, walked to her and slid my arms around her waist.

“Mom, I’ve — I’ve wondered for a long time what you were like in bed…”

“Would you like to find out, honey?” she purred, her eyes never leaving mine. To answer that question, I hugged Mom tightly, kissing her passionately, my tongue seeking hers.

Moaning into my mouth, she fondled my ass, pressing her breasts against mine. Then she led me to the bed and lay back, eyes dancing as I parted her supple thighs. “Come to Mommy, baby…” she breathed.

I slipped into her embrace as naturally as always… but now as a lover instead of a daughter. She explored my mouth with a hot tongue, sending my lust soaring. My hand stole between her thighs.

When I fingered her pussy, she writhed in my arms, gently nudging my head lower. “Kiss Mommy’s nipples, sweetie…” she whispered. I happily obliged, sucking the pink tip of her right breast into my mouth, then gently nibbling at it.

She moaned, hugging me closer, “Yes, baby… oh, yes, just like that. I adore you, sweetheart!” Purring with pleasure, Mom cupped my ass, grinding her cunt into mine in a wickedly incestuous fuck.

“Ohhh, Mom!” I squealed, pushing my throbbing pussy against hers. “This feels so good… But I want to taste you.”

“Oh, yes, my angel. Lick my pussy,” Mom gasped, “and I want to lick yours.”

There was nothing in this world I needed more right then. Giving Mom a brief, but extremely hot kiss, I swung myself around until my face was inches from her pussy. The sight of her glistening cunt and the intoxicating smell of her aroused me to erotic heights I had never known before. Acting purely on instinct, I opened her cunt with my fingers and placed a loving kiss just inside her vagina. She inhaled sharply.

“Oh yes, baby. YES! Eat Mommy’s pussy!” she cried just before her mouth claimed my cunt, her tongue plunging deep inside me.

I moaned into my mother’s juicy slit, tonguing deeper into her wetness, totally caught up in my first foray into incest. We were really getting into it when I felt a hand creep beneath my chin and raise my face from Mom’s quivering cunt.

Opening my eyes, I found myself staring directly at a huge latex cock, then I saw that it was firmly strapped around Erin’s waist.

“What do you think, Janet? Should I fuck you with this big cock while your daughter licks your clit?” I heard Erin say above me.

“Yes!” Mom panted between slurps from my dripping slit, “Do it! Fuck me!”

I watched as my mom spread her legs for Erin, then I grabbed hold of this hot dyke’s prick and guided it to Mom’s opening, easing the tip inside her. Just then, I felt a hot, wet tongue lick at my asshole.

“Yes!” I gasped, shoving my hips back against Davina’s face. “Ohmigod that feels so good!” My head spun. I loved having my ass rimmed… and Davina had a wicked tongue that worked magic in my anal cleft. Obviously, she’d gotten over her shyness and then some.

Heart pounding, I lowered my face once more, enthralled by the sight of Erin’s cock pumping in and out of Mom’s cunt. I licked at her clitoris… then took the pink nubbin between my lips and sucked it, flicking it with my tongue. My body began trembling helplessly. Those hot, sucking mouths at my pussy and ass crack were turning me inside out!

Meanwhile, Mom went ballistic, thrusting her ass every time Erin lunged forward. Grabbing her thighs, I hung onto her for dear life as I sucked her clit. She moaned into my pubes, wrapping her lips around my own pink pearl until I went into overdrive.

The world burst into shiny pieces that flew wildly in every direction as I came so hard I saw stars. I could feel my mother climaxing beneath me as I bucked and rocked atop her.

Spent, Mom and I cuddled while Erin and Davina relaxed next to us.

“Wow!” Erin grinned. “Worth every penny. Damn, you two are hot together!”

“You can say that again,” Mom chuckled, hugging me tightly. “Welcome aboard, sweetheart!”

Mom and I kissed passionately, making it clear that she and I were more than just mother and daughter now… much more. As my hands reached for her beautiful breasts, I wondered if all of our future jobs as a team would be as fantastic as this one.

The End


8 Comments on My Mother, the Escort

  1. I don’t like to criticize; however, describing a lady’s clit as a nubbin seems a great deal like a cliche. Isn’t there another word or phrase that would be more appealing, or more expressive?

    • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

      hey [email protected]!

      how about: “pearl of pleasure”?

      or; “the little man in the boat”?

      anything would sound better than, “a small mass of erectile tissue that is situated at the anterior apex of the vulva.”

      try watching this youtube vid for slang terms:

      • sue says:

        That’s great, ET&A .

        Though I could picture the ‘Amy’ character from the Big Bang Theory saying to Penny’s character

        “Would you please stimulate the small mass of erectile tissue that is situated at the anterior apex of the vulva”

        to which I’d Penny to reply

        “How about I go down on you instead.”

        • Amanda Lynn says:

          I damn near spit coffee on my keyboard! LOL! Now, if there was a follow through with that scene… 😛

          • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

            Oh, sue and Amanda Lynn, yes,Amy always did have a kinda “girl-crush” on Penny, especially after she was introduced to the show. I seem to remember some phrase she used to describe the ladies “nether region”..or something like that….
            And Penny also was the real “card” of the show. She was so side splitting hilarious when Sheldon, who had to help her out of the shower after she fell and thought he had a hold of her arm:
            “…what are you doing, Sheldon?”
            “I’m holding onto your arm”
            “does it feel like an arm?”
            “, no.”
            “Then why don’t you let it go?”

            Great stuff! so glad Kaley Cuoco is doing good with with her tv commercials, she deserves so much more!

  2. Euphorsyne,Thalia & Aglia says:

    WOW!..great job of re-writing Jet Boy!!!
    such wickedly delicious sex!!!..Janet & her luscious daughter,Kim..whew! what a duo!
    these lines are really hot:

    When I fingered her pussy, she writhed in my arms,gently nudging my head lower.
    “Kiss Mommy’s nipples, sweetie…”she whispered. I happily obliged suckling the pink tip of her right breast into my mouth, then gently nibbling at it.

    She moaned, hugging me closer “Yes, baby…oh, yes, just like that. I adore you,sweetheart!” Purring with pleasure, Mom cupped my ass, grinding her cunt into mine in a wickedly incestuous fuck

    “Ohhh,Mom!” I squealed, pushing my throbbing pussy against hers. “This feels so good… but I want to taste you.”

    “Oh YES, my angel. Lick my pussy,” Mom gasped, “And I want to lick yours.”

    ….”oh yes,baby. YES! Eat Mommy’s pussy!” She cried just before her mouth claimed my cunt, her tongue plunging deep inside me.

    So beautiful! HOT!… And finally this:

    …The world burst into shiny pieces that flew wildly in every direction as I came so hard I saw stars. I could feel my mother climaxing beneath me as I bucked and rocked atop her.

    YES! my feelings exactly!!!

    Thanks for you great work, JetBoy! for an awesome story that just might have the potential for continuation!?


  3. Litka and Tim says:

    Yes,Jetboy ,we completely agree that a continuation of this story would be wonderful . A mother/daughter team to pleasure other women !! That has always existed in our fantasies. Just imagine what pleasures they would provide to women with similar fantasies. This was a highly erotic story ,Jetboy ! Would love to read more of their sensual adventures 😀

  4. David says:

    Very erotic story, well done on the rewrite JetBoy. I am sure Janet and Kim are going to have lots of fun evenings together.

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