Is This About Sex, Mom?

  • Posted on August 23, 2019 at 2:51 pm

By Thom

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in May 2006 }

“Is this about sex, Mom?” I asked when my mother told me that I needed to set some time aside for the two of us to have an important talk.

I had noticed that I was finally beginning to show signs of becoming a woman instead of the 13-year-old girl that I would be in a month. My tits were beginning to grow and I was getting pubic hair between my legs. I already knew everything that I needed to know about normal sex from my sex-ed class at school. What I wondered was if my mom would talk to me about sex with girls… because I wasn’t very interested in boys.

“Yes, honey, it’s about sex. This is something a mother has to do with her daughter. A long-standing tradition. You’ll just have to put up with it.”

“I don’t mind, really. I have some things about sex I really want to talk about. When do you want to do it?”

“What do you mean, you have things you want to talk about? Is there homework I need to do before we talk?”

“No Mom, no homework. I’ll bet you know everything that I want to know. See you after school.”

“Bye, hon.”

“Bye, Mom.”


I was a little uneasy, knowing that I was going to talk to my mother about sex with girls and women and not what she thought she was going to be telling me about.

I already knew about sex with boys. Mom and had talked a little bit about same-sex relationships before, but didn’t get into anything about, well, how it’s really done. I did know that I wanted to fool around with other girls… even though I haven’t found a girl that has seemed interested.

I especially wanted to find a girl who was like a younger version of Mom, because she is the most beautiful woman imaginable. I found a picture of her from when she was a teenager, wearing a sexy bikini, and it actually turned me on!

When we sat down after school, Mom gave me all of the usual stuff and I corrected her on some things that I had learned in class… and then I knew it was that moment or never. I took a deep breath.”Mom… what if — well, what if I liked girls instead of boys?”

“Well, that’s okay too. It’s your happiness in the relationship that’s important. Is that how you think you feel?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Well, you are still quite young, honey… and you could find yourself being attracted to a number of different kinds of people of both genders before you find the right person.” She paused, studying me for a moment. “You remind me a little bit of me when I was your age, you know.”

“You liked girls?” My pulse began to race.

“I did, sweetheart… and had a friend who did, too. She and I became lovers.”

I felt lightheaded and incredibly excited. Wow… my mom had sex with another girl!

Cautiously I asked: “So, Mom… are you still, um, attracted to women? Have you… had any girlfriends since you and Dad got divorced?”

Mom gave me a shy smile. “Funny that you should ask, honey. Yes, I’ve fantasized about other women for years… ever since that first time with Jessica. I never cheated on your father while we were married… but now that he’s gone, I’ve been thinking about exploring my, er, lesbian side again.” She reached over and took my hand. “Does that weird you out, honey?”

Far from it. In fact, Mom’s little bombshell had me looking at her beauty in a whole new light.

“What did you do together, Mom? Please tell me. That’s the kind of thing I wanted to ask you about.”

“Oh, I don’t think I could talk to you about that, honey… that’s really personal. Aren’t there clubs at school these days for that kind of thing? You can meet other girls your own age there.”

“I’m not sure I want to come out just yet. Why did you decide to marry Dad and not stay with your girlfriend?”

“That’s a good question, actually… and since I’m not still with your father, I might have made a wrong decision, mightn’t I?”

“What happened to your girlfriend? Did you have others?”

“She moved away and I’ve lost track of her. I had a girlfriend in college, too…”

I still don’t know what made me ask this, but I did. “Mom, what if it’s you I think I like for now? Would you… do things with me — like you did with your friend when you were my age?”

She was shocked. “Absolutely not, sweetheart. What would make you ask a thing like that? We couldn’t. I’m your mother, for one thing… and I’m also much older than you are. You need to find someone your own age… but not get too involved with them. I mean, you’re only twelve.”

Well, that was certainly an emphatic refusal. I tried a different approach.

“What if you just showed me how, Mom… you know, like we were having our own sex-ed class?”

“The answer is still no — and I don’t want to discuss it any further, young lady,” she said, abruptly standing and ending the conversation.

I just sat there, feeling foolish. Why had I just asked my own mother to make love to me? Well, all the talk about being with other girls had gotten me all hot and bothered… and the knowledge that she was now a lesbian only added to my excitement. Also, my mother is still incredibly sexy. And now, the fact that she had turned me down flat only made me want to be with her all the more. I sighed.

We were pretty quiet with each other for the rest of the afternoon and through dinner. I did my homework, watched TV for a little while and went to bed.

I was just starting to drift off to sleep when I heard my mother come into the room. I opened my eyes to see her standing by my bed, dressed in her nightshirt, looking thoughtfully down at me. Then she reached for the hem of her shirt and tugged the garment up and off, revealing her naked body. My heart began to race.


She pressed her fingers to my lips. “No talking now, okay, honey? We’ll discuss this another time. Right now, just relax… and follow my lead,” she said as she climbed into bed with me.

Mom quickly slipped off my t-shirt and panties, leaving me naked too. She wrapped her arms around me, drawing me into a loving embrace. It felt super nice to be so close to my beautiful mom… to have so much of my bare skin touching hers. I would bet we hadn’t been like this since I was a baby.

Mom kissed me on the mouth. I felt her tongue tease my lower lip and then withdraw. I was so surprised, I didn’t have time to respond properly. My arms were around her, but after she kissed me, I brought my right hand around to the front of her body and touched her breast. I moved my hand around in a circular motion, feeling her nipple stiffen against my palm.

She let me do that for a bit, then she reached up and took my hand in hers moved it down to between her thighs. She inserted my two fingers into her cunt, right up to my palm and had me move them back and forth. She was really wet, dripping wet really… and hot as a furnace.

When my fingers and most of my hand were slick with her juices, she moved my fingers up her pussy until I felt the nubbin of her clitoris. Without a word she held my wrist and moved my hand around, showing me how she wanted me to touch her until I got the rhythm right… and then she released my wrist and let me do it on my own.

I began to fuck Mom with my hand, pumping my fingers in and out of her, occasionally brushing her clit with my thumb. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open, and sighs of pleasure issued from her, so I knew I was doing a good job. It was utterly thrilling, making love to Mom… my heart was pounding!

But my excitement became even greater when her hand slipped between my legs, which I eagerly parted for her. I whimpered as her fingers began to explore my virgin pussy… then cried out as she sought out my clitoris. It was electric, having her touch me, and I started to arch my back and buck. In my passion, my fingers accidentally slipped out of her cunt… but Mom paused in her movements just enough for me to find the wet heat of her once more.

My mother and I quickly fell into a rhythm that worked for both of us. Soon I was coming, which seemed to excite Mom sufficiently to get her off as well.

Afterward, she held me really close. I was sure that I wanted to have a repeat of what had just transpired, but I was so grateful for what had happened and aware that I was supposed to be quiet about it for now, that I just lay there and soaked up the good feelings. After a bit, Mom kissed me on the lips and got out of bed and left the room.

I briefly lay quietly, basking in the good feelings I was having from my mom’s loving when I realized I could relive it even better with a hand between my legs. My fingers still smelled of my mother and were, in fact, a bit damp from her wetness. I put them on my own clit and rubbed it the way Mom had rubbed me and I imagined her still with me and getting me off again.


Next morning at the breakfast table, Mom didn’t say a word about what we’d done the night before.

Finally, I decided to speak up. “Hey Mom, that was great last night. Thanks for changing your mind. Can we do that again some time?”

“We’ll see about that, dear. In the meantime we’re not supposed to talk about it, okay?”

“That’s fine. I wish you had spent the whole night with me… but I did have a lovely time with you.” And that’s where we left things.


A couple of nights went by without anything else happening. I was beginning to think that she wasn’t ever going to return. On Friday night though, after I got home from a friend’s house and had been in bed a half hour or so, she slipped into my room.

Ever since that first night with Mom I’d been sleeping naked, hoping she would come back for more. I think she was surprised to find me that way, even though she was naked, too. Mom pulled me on top of her and planted a big kiss on my lips as she wrapped me up in her arms and legs like a cocoon.

I could tell that this time was going to be different. Our first night together was kind of tentative, but this time Mom seemed to know where she was headed. “I love you, Mom. Thanks for coming back again.”

“I love you too, sweetie. Now hush… this isn’t a time for conversation. We’re going to take a wild ride together — and after tonight you’ll truly know what it is like to make love with a woman.”

I didn’t quite understand, but intended to pay close attention. At that moment, I was exchanging passionate kisses with my mother, feeling incredibly tingly between my legs.

When she started to guide my body up against hers, I didn’t get what she was trying to accomplish. I guess that was what she meant by paying attention, because she wasn’t only not talking about what we were doing, she wasn’t even giving me any kind of instructions. But by moving me to where she wanted, I found myself straddling Mom’s face, with my pussy right on her mouth.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have her lick me there… and I don’t think it was just the sex thing. At that moment, I loved my mother more than I’d ever loved her before. I know I hadn’t had any experience with this stuff, and the first time anyone goes down on you is supposed to be special, but Mom knew just what to do to make me feel loved. I came in like a heartbeat. I came a couple of times before she even came up for air.

I was leaning on the headboard, my head was up against the wall above my bed and I was panting like crazy… but something made me decide to turn around to see what was going on with my mother, and that was when I noticed that she was frigging herself with her hand. It was at that moment that I realized: I needed to do something to help Mom out, just as she’d helped me.

I climbed off of her face, even though it felt really good to have her tongue probing me, and I began to snake my way down her body. My cunt was so hungry for continued stimulation that I mounted her leg and humped it as I took first one of her nipples into my mouth, then the other one. I think she liked having my pussy grinding into her thigh, because she shifted me a bit until her pussy was touching mine, then started humping me.

I kept moving, though, and licked and kissed my way on down until I got to her furry mound. I wasn’t sure where to start to untangle all of that hair she had there and where the various parts were that I should be attending to. I touched her bush, and then began to probe looking for an opening. Mom wasn’t helping me too much at that point because I think she was just beside herself that her twelve-year-old daughter was naked, kneeling between her spread legs and poking around her hairy cunt with my mouth and fingers.

I kept sticking my tongue out and licking at what I thought was the top of her slit, but it seemed I was only licking her pubes, getting them very wet.

Finally, I guess that Mom figured out how ineffective I was at eating pussy, so she came to my rescue. She reached down between her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart.

“See that nub at the top there that’s sticking out, hon? Can you put your mouth on that? And remember the last time, how I had you stick your fingers inside my vagina and get them wet? Well this time, I want you to stick them in, but move them back and forth and don’t take them all the way out. Here — let me show you.”

She grabbed my hand, made two fingers straight and pushed them deep inside her cunt. Then, as if having second thoughts, she pulled them out, straightened out my whole hand and pushed that into her. At first all of my fingers went in and then, with a couple of pushes, my whole hand went into her until only my wrist was sticking out. I was pretty amazed, but I didn’t have time to study it because she took hold of my wrist and was thrusting it back and forth.

This time, though, I pretty much knew what I was aiming for and used my free hand to open her pussy at the top, looking for her clit. And sure enough, there it was — though I think it was even larger than it had been a few minutes before when she showed it to me. Anyway, my right hand was really buried deep in her hole and I could feel her vagina sliding back and forth over my wrist. Once I’d found Mom’s clit, I put my mouth right on it and started to nurse, like a baby sucking a nipple.

Mom started to gush juices out of herself. My face and my arm were getting soaked, and her bottom was bucking and thrusting like she was a wild pony and I was a cowboy trying to break her.

“Harder, harder, faster, faster,” was all my mother could say, over and over again, and I was doing the best I could to do just that, my hand buried up to its wrist inside of her and my mouth on her pussy. Mom’s juices were dripping from my chin.

Mom had pulled her feet up so that her heels were touching the back of her butt and she was using them to thrust her pussy toward my hand and mouth. I was caressing her breast with my free hand, but I guess Mom decided that she wanted to call it into duty too. She took my hand off of her breast, brought it up to her mouth and began to suck two of my fingers, getting them wet. Then Mom took that hand, slid it down her front and, raising her hips, pushed those two fingers into her butthole.

By this time, all of my energy is focused on my hands, which are fucking Mom’s front and back holes, and my mouth, which is sucking on her love nub.

At first I was sort of squished up and kneeling between Mom’s legs but when she put my fingers into her back hole, I was able to stretch out. My pussy was tingling so much from the excitement of what we were doing that I began to rub my bare mound on the sheet, arching my back slightly to get some contact with my sweet spot. Then my mother, even with so much going on with her at that moment, realized that I wasn’t getting too much stimulation, and stretched her right leg out, pushing it underneath me.

It worked out such that as I settled in on top of her leg, my pussy was just about at her ankle and that her foot could push on the back of my butt, rocking me at the same rhythm that I was using to push into her holes. I ground down hard on her leg so that her ankle was spreading my lips. It felt awesome. Mom turned her foot slightly sideways so that it was spreading my butt cheeks open as she pushed on it.

What was going on down there almost became so distracting that I began to lose my concentration on of the things I was doing to her. Anytime that I seemed to slack off, though, Mom would push harder on my bottom and we would fall back into the rhythm again.

I wasn’t about to let up until I was sure Mom was going to come. And while it took a little longer than I thought it would, she finally began to gasp heavily and then scream out a bunch of guttural sounds that made me think she was either going insane, or she was getting off in a big way.

I hadn’t come yet, but once Mom has hit her peak, she pulled me up so that our mouths met and began to kiss me passionately. Then, reaching down, she thrust a finger into my pussy and found my clit with her thumb. With that, I  lost all control, a massive orgasm swallowing me whole.

After that, Mom and I just lay together panting, trying to catch our breath for the longest time. Finally able to breathe, we began to kiss and cuddle, and that kept up for quite a long time until we both began to feel tired.

“Mom… will you stay with me tonight instead of going back to your room?”

“Of course, angel. I think we’ll be spending quite a few nights together in the future.”

And that’s how it happened. Mom and I are girlfriends now. Oh, she sometimes has sex with other women, and I’ve fooled around some with a couple of girls at my high school. Mostly, though, we’re into each other. It’s not something we planned on, but it makes us happy.

The End

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  1. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

    Very HOT!… An after school mother and daughter talk that really goes well!
    These 3 lines are an indicator of the direction of how it went:

    …I hadn’t come yet,but once Mom hit her peak, she pulled me up so that our mouths met and began to kiss me passionately. Then, reaching down, she thrust a finger into my pussy and found my clit with her thumb. With that, I lost all control, a massive orgasm swallowing me whole.

    Wow! guess the daughter’s homework assignment was a success!

    great story Thom!

  2. kim says:

    This would have been a great after school special way back in the day. Except they would never have, and still wouldn’t put something like that on TV.


    • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

      Hey Kim!
      Really great comment and I totally agree!,…imagine this story competing with ABC tv’s afterschool special: Which Mother is mine? (1979) starring Melissa Sue Anderson and Marion Ross.
      Although over the air TV has pushed the envelope vis-a-vis sexual mores & nudity, there are centuries to go to get to intra-familial sex stories.
      Maybe in the far,fsr future people will evolve enough to find it commonplace and accept it more readily…one can only dream…for now!


  3. Emily says:

    Thank you. I really liked this one.

  4. Jake says:

    Mother and young daughter is the best subject matter, somehow I never get tired of the idea.

    I look a mothers with their daughters out in public, real life, and I always wonder if there is any sexual energy, or if they would have sex for real.

    Stories like this make it seem so possible.

  5. NLW says:

    To all authors. Where are new stories? Aren’t yours feathers sharp enough ?

    • Purple Les says:

      Purple Les says:
      September 2, 2019 at 3:16 pm

      I’ve been working on a couple. I know we lost a couple writers but picked up a couple. Anyway we do what we can when we can. We all work and have real lives to give time to. And it’s summer.

      JetBoy does a good job of putting up these older stories that many have never seen before or some may remember fondly but haven’t seen for awhile. Sometimes leftovers can be better then the new dinner.

      Best yet, read the guidelines and try your hand at a story yourself. You may surprise us and yourself. We can always use more writers.

      Sorry about the double reply, now you see why I don’t write more.

      • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

        Hey Purple Les!

        so glad to read that your working on something new! can’t wait to get my squinty little eyes on it!..oh, and yes I agree with you leftovers can be delicious!…who among us hasn’t loved that next day taste of cold pizza, or “bubbles & squeak” the day after a nice boiled dinner?! also, a real good story read twice is 10 times better than a poor one read once!


    • JetBoy says:

      Ahem. We are always looking for great new stories, but the fact remains that there simply aren’t enough of them for us to post every other day.

      Assuming that we do want to keep posting at our current pace, there are really only two choices available to us.

      1) Lower our high standards and accept any new story sent our way, regardless of quality or suitability for Juicy Secrets.


      2) Post classic old stories, especially ones that are currently unavailable or hard to find.

      We choose the latter, and would not be surprised if most of you agree. Our goal is not just to showcase amazing new works, but also to assemble a library of edgy lesbian erotica that is second to none. Maybe we aren’t even close to reaching that goal, but we’re trying our best, damn it.

      • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglia says:

        Hey JetBoy!

        Endeavor to persevere! willpower & true grit, not to mention a sharp #2 pencil( and some kind of electronic writing program ) and your collective Muses tickling your creative juices from your frontal cortex!( or is it the Medula Oblongata?…I can never remember. )
        You are right, Juicy Secrets,( IMHO ) is the premiere erotic lesbian story site!… and waiting for better stories is so more rewarding, like that little thrill one gets when one sees the new email from JS that something new has been posted( it’s like X-Mas every time! )
        So, yeah,…damn it!


  6. Myka & Sophia says:

    Really nice read … we loved it … thanks for posting it 🙂

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