Mommy and Thea

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Note: This story first appeared at the Nifty Archive earlier this year. I fell in love with it, and wrote the author to tell her as much, along with a link to Juicy Secrets. She sent a gracious reply. I was quick to ask her if we could post “Mommy and Thea” here, and she consented.

Thanks, Mindy. We love your story, and look forward to more gems from your deliciously wicked imagination.


by Mindy Max

It’s only natural for a mother to fall in love with her daughter. But to fall in lust with her? And at such a tender age, too…

From the moment Thea was born, she was my world. Mind, body, and soul. I’d never felt such emotion — not even for her father, sweet man that he is. This little girl, only seconds old at the time, became my reason for living. Nothing could sway me from my devotion, and nothing has since.

For most of her life it was just Thea and me. Her father, Matt, is an army mechanic, and for whatever reason can’t get enough of deployment. Which is fine. The selfish part of me is glad I don’t have to share. This little girl is all mine, and I’m all hers.

Matt wasn’t there when Thea and I determined that only she should decide when to stop breastfeeding. It was how we bonded, after all. What kind of person would take that away from a child before she was ready?

I watched her grow from an infant to a toddler to a child, with black curls growing long and wild around her chubby cheeks. It was only the two of us when she lost her front teeth, and it was me who soothed her as she cut a second set.

In all that time her eyes continued to sparkle like emeralds, wide enough for a woman to lose herself in. So full of life, wonder, and joy, coupled with a shy smile and a giggle like music.

There was nothing I wouldn’t do for my Thea, if she only asked.

At nine years old, she still bolted in the door the second she was off the school bus. Wherever I was in the house she would find me, drag me to the sofa, and wait impatiently until I sat. How can anyone say no to such a sweet, pouting face? Especially when all she wanted was to be close to Mommy.

I lifted my shirt, and was already dripping. There’s no bra. I’ve long failed to see the point of them. All they do is get in the way.

Thea latched onto my nipple like a starving animal, gorging herself on my breast. Already the weight of my chest eased as she gulped down the sweet tasting milk. She sucked eagerly, as though it would make the milk come faster, thicker.

She never knew how wet that made me – feeding her, filling her belly, her diminutive tongue swirling about on the tip of my breast…


I know what you’re thinking. It’s immoral to be aroused by a child, especially one so young and innocent. And you’re right. I would never, ever do anything to harm Thea. My constant arousal never being sated is a small price to pay for her safety.

Besides, that’s what sex toys are for… and my husband, whenever he was around.

All of that changed one afternoon when, in the middle of nursing, Thea’s hand became… curious.

I was staring down, lost in my little girl’s dreamy expression, when she suddenly let out a moan. I jumped. At first I thought Thea was in pain, but then I saw her little fingers under the hem of her tartan school dress, pushing aside the seat of her lilac cotton panties, pressing into her hairless crease.

My heart stopped. This was my daughter, just nine years old, playing with herself while nestled in her mommy’s lap!

What should I have said? What should I have done? To this day, I’m still not sure.

One thing was for certain — I wasn’t about to reprimand Thea for what she was doing. Girls have a hard enough time in this world without being shamed for exploring pleasure, and I wasn’t about to turn into my mother, doling out punishment for something that comes naturally.

My hand ran down the length of her arm, reluctant to pull Thea from herself. She was clearly enjoying the sensation, nursing from her mommy and touching her tender, virgin cunt.

Oh, God. I shiver just to think about it!

Finally, my better nature won, and I nudged my little girl’s hand away. “No, sweetie. That’s something you should only do in private.”

My chest tightened. I was being a good mom, wasn’t I?

Thea pulled away with a pout. My semi-deflated breast flopped by her ear. “But Mommy,” she whined, “we are in private!”

“Private even from Mommy,” I told her.

For reasons I can barely grasp, my heart was breaking. I’m not used to saying ‘no’ to Thea at the best of times.

She frowned but didn’t argue, and turned in my lap to feed on my other breast.

I never want to be away from my Thea, and yet I suddenly couldn’t wait to be alone with the bedroom door locked. There was a warmth pulsing between my thighs, crying out for attention.


The next week passed without incident. Thea, it seemed, had gotten the message. A gentle reprimand about the personal nature of self-pleasure, something that not even mommies are allowed to be part of.

What a cruel world we live in.

I couldn’t shake the image from my mind; my daughter, aware enough of her body to find pleasure in it — stroking her mound, teasing the labia with an eager finger. The thought followed me wherever I went.

From the moment she boarded the school bus I was in the bedroom, pressing a wand between my legs turned to its highest setting. I tried in vain to think of something else — anything else! My husband, other men, other women… but all paths led back to my little girl.

Her perfect smile, her round little nose… her smooth, soft body. How it would feel for her to taste my…


Orgasm after furious orgasm couldn’t fully dispel my desire, even after rubbing my clit raw. But this was all I could allow myself; the price I had to pay to be a good mother.


One night, my poor, darling girl developed a cough.

“Mommy,” she said. “My chest hurts.”

She’d suffered the whole day at school, and wasn’t her usual, vibrant self when she arrived home. Even the comfort of being nursed by her mommy failed to lift Thea’s spirits.

As if to drive the point home, Thea — usually so keen to cling to the very last moments of the day — didn’t argue when I suggested an early bedtime. The poor dear was beyond exhausted.

Despite the forbidden thoughts I’d been entertaining, it was a perfectly innocent act, changing Thea into her nightgown. Any sense of arousal took a distant second to concern for her well-being, beautiful as she is in the nude. She needed a mother’s touch, not one of a denied would-be lover.

She crawled into bed and leaned against the wall obediently. Thea was always a joy, even more so when she didn’t make a fuss.

Taking out the jar of Vicks, I murmured, “I’m going to put some ointment on your chest, sweetheart. It will help you breathe.”

“Okay, Mommy,” she said.

I undid the buttons of Thea’s nightie, exposing the baby smoothness of her skin and the subtle dip of her ribs. I had to keep from gasping. The urge to lean down and pepper her with kisses, to taste her flawless body was overwhelming. Resisting temptation took more fortitude than I knew I had.

But where my lips were wanting, my fingers were sated. I rubbed the pungent ointment into her chest, and inhaled the heady mix of oils, all the while stealing this most intimate caress.

One day some man, some woman would be there to sample the fruits of her body as she presented them; but for the moment they were mine, despite being limited by her age.

No. I mustn’t think those thoughts. I’m her mother — a chaste protector, nothing more.

But that changed when my little girl groaned. It was sensual, needy, and took me completely off guard. I was frozen as Thea arched into my hand, guiding it toward the small, unassuming nub of her breast.

Again I stood at the threshold, face to face with the ultimate taboo.



Taking a child’s trust in my hands and exploiting it for my own ends. Dare I?

Thea was begging for it…

No. She couldn’t know what she was doing. She was a child, only aware of the sensation coursing through her young body, unaware of the weight of her actions; ignorant of the risk a parent takes when they harbor such feelings.

I said nothing. I did nothing. Her barely-there breast seemed to grope itself, pressing into my hand.

My breath grew short; my heart was beating to the point of explosion. I could feel my child’s heart beating too, somehow steady in the realm of the forbidden.

What to do?

“Mommy?” she whispered.

I gulped. “Yes, baby?”

Thea took my wrist in her tiny hands and guided it downward, downward, towards the place that burned between her legs. My mouth dropped as contact was made and held. My gosh, I didn’t know little girls could get so wet!

Despite her exhaustion, Thea’s smile was brighter than I’d ever seen it before. She wanted this, without question, and I shivered as she clasped her thighs around my fingers.

I twitched by reflex, stroking her slit without thinking. God, the sound of her whimpering, lost in delight! How could I refuse her?

“Thea…” I said, my voice shaking.

She pulled closer, her sparkling green eyes locked on mine. “I know it’s naughty, Mommy… but I won’t tell anyone. I promise. I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

Maybe she did understand. But she couldn’t, could she?

Thea answered that question with a kiss, more fiery and passionate than any I’d experienced before. Her lips parted wide, her sweet little tongue rolled around mine.

It would have taken some kind of super woman to hold back the tide of lust. Nine-year-old Thea proved a greater temptation than reason, and I surrendered completely.

I pushed her to the mattress. She landed with a giggle, flashing the dampness of her panties at me.

There must have been a hunger in my eyes, because Thea didn’t question my intent, not for a second.

I pounced like an animal, pressing between the bow of my daughter’s thin legs, thirsty for her sex, for her soft skin, for her lover’s kiss, for her everything. How had I resisted this angel for so long? How much did I risk, just for this moment? Now that I’d tasted her passion, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

And neither would Thea. Every caress, every kiss, had her begging for more. She clung to my neck for dear life, as though she would suffocate without my love.

Our clothes vanished in a whirlwind. No more nightie, no more panties, no more camis and yoga pants. Just a woman and a girl, naked in body and soul. If ever there was a perfect moment between mother and child, it was that.

How long had my hunger for Thea been mounting? Months, at least, despite my every attempt to deflect that need with masturbation. That lust broke into the open right then and there, sweeping romance aside. We’d waited too long for this, and now it was happening.

I clasped the back of Thea’s knees and splayed her legs wide, making room to dive into her baby cunt. Her sex was perfect — smooth, hairless, and without blemish; just soft enough with muscles developing under a trace of baby fat.

“Please, Mommy!” I heard her beg.

As though I needed encouragement! Her taste was as sweet as sugar; sweeter than my own, the only flavor of pussy I knew. My tongue lashed between tight, virginal labia, searching for her honey pot with a fervor I’d never known.

To think that I was capable of this. Sex with a child, lovemaking better than any I’d experienced before.

No, not just any child — Thea. My daughter. The love of my life, now and forever.

My tongue ran along her opening, moving the length of her slit. Thea giggled and squealed, having the time of her life! And then I’d discover a new corner, a new technique, prompting her to shiver in ecstasy.

She clasped her legs and thrust her mound toward me, as if asking me to swallow her whole.

With gentle, deliberate licks I soon discovered a tiny bump — her underdeveloped clitoris, barely protruding from its fold. Yet for such a small thing, it stirred up a massive surge of pleasure, pushing my little girl higher on the tidal wave to her climax.

What a delight it was to see Thea that way, to know that I was showing her how beautiful, how perfect sex could be. Few parents ever had such an active hand in the sex lives of their children, and after making love to Thea, I was convinced more than ever that a mother’s touch was required to set the standard.

Thea’s breath stilled. She was close. So close!

I didn’t let up for a second. She would experience her first orgasm if it was the last thing I ever did, and it would be spectacular.

“Mommy!” she gasped. “I… I hafta wee!”

I raised my lips from her cunt to say, “Just let it go, sweetheart.”

And she did, in wave after wave, lost in euphoria, a clear stream of liquid squirting from between her thighs.

There is some argument as to whether or not female ejaculate is the same as urine, but I didn’t much care. I was so thirsty for my child that I swallowed all I could, and sucked at her slit for more. Her sweet, tangy taste delighted me.

Bleary and spent, my darling girl reached out to cling to me. I drew her into my arms. My own pleasure could wait awhile until she settled. I had a maternal duty to tend to.

Perhaps Thea could be convinced to return the favor, but next time. The two of us had broken more than enough boundaries for one night, and my child needed rest.

Thea nestled against me, still shivering from the pleasure she’d received. Her head found a home between my collar bone and neck. Her hot breath tickled, and assured me that she’d never been so alive.

“I love you, Mommy,” she murmured.

With a gentle finger I traced circles on her back. “And I love you, cupcake. Now and always.”

I planted a kiss on her forehead, then she leaned up to kiss me on the lips. It was an adult kiss; gentle, but still loaded with desire.

She pulled away and beamed, nibbling at her lower lip as only a child with a secret can.

“Mommy?” she asked.

“Yes, baby?”

“Can we fuck again? Lots and lots?”

I narrowed my gaze, more curious than anything. “Where did you learn that word, little miss?”

“Some kids at school told me about it,” she said.

“Uh-huh. And I suppose you had to try it out for yourself.”

She smiled. “Yeah!”

What a beautiful child. I leaned down and kissed her again. “We can fuck as many times as you like, Thea. So long as we keep it a secret between us, okay?”

She nodded obediently. I could see that she understood.

I continued to cuddle my little girl, losing myself in the love that shone in her eyes. I knew that the pleasure we’d just shared was just as important to her as it was to me, and I was glad about that. Maybe I wasn’t a selfish parent after all.

“Mommy?” she asked again. “When I grow up, can we get married?”

My heart skipped. What a beautiful thing for my child to want!

“Girls can get married to other girls,” she added, “and there’s no girl I love more than you, Mommy.”

Between my daughter and my husband, I knew who I truly wanted.

“Of course, my darling,” I whispered. “I’d love nothing more.”


A lot had changed in the last two years; more than simply becoming a lover to my pre-adolescent daughter.

Thea’s father and I divorced not long after that first steamy night. Though he could never know what had changed between us, he knew it to be profound. It was better that way. He and Thea had never quite bonded, and he didn’t want to be a parent — not really.

He left with little protest. Perhaps he thought I was a lesbian. I don’t know if that’s true, but my preferences were swinging decidedly one way — only not just to females, but to little girls whose bodies were still budding. So innocent, sweet, and thirsty below the surface.

Now ten years old, Thea was a fiend for sex. After her first period she became ravenous, grinding against every surface, searching for random objects to thrust into her cunt every time my fingers weren’t available. Like mother, like daughter.

She was unashamed of desire, not like other girls her age. The swell of her nipples opened a new world of excitement, where the aches of growth were quelled by my swirling tongue. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she got off on the cocktail of pain and pleasure.

Thea doesn’t breastfeed anymore. Sometimes I miss that connection, wishing I could express milk as she played with my breasts. Now her lips envelop me with lust, not for closeness.

Sometimes it’s strange to see my little girl working her way toward being a wanton slut. I don’t say that to degrade her. Every girl should take charge of her sexuality, and Thea owned hers with a fervor I could only dream of at her age.

Our relationship wasn’t exclusive. Though she’d sworn never to share our secrets outside the bedroom, that didn’t stop her from drawing other girls into hers.

How many times had I stood outside Thea’s door, listening to the stifled moans of another virginal tween? She must have birthed at least a dozen little dykes, fingering and licking their sticky slits like nobody else could.

Still, a piece of my heart broke each time, knowing that she loved other girls as well. Thea was my one and only, and I, her mother, was just one of many.

I tried dating other women. Many younger than I was, barely adults themselves. Nothing ever took.

Only Thea would do.

Yet in spite of my pining, I eavesdropped on every encounter, dreaming of every touch, while fingering myself outside her door. It took everything I had to keep from screaming as I circled my clit. Just the sound of my little girl fucking inspired juices to run down my legs and thighs, leaving me a sticky mess.

On most nights we slept together. Thea never protested about bedtime, so long as I was there to lie with her. We’d abandoned the need to dress ourselves, and nothing is better than the feel of skin against skin.

She curled into me, back pressed against my breasts. Despite her growth, she still fit the shape of my body as though born for it.

I reached around her, resting my hand in the dip above her hip bone, then began to trace lines with a finger — along her collarbone, under the budding of her chest, down the small curve of her belly, and through the fine hairs sprouting between her legs.

Thea gripped my hand reflexively between her thighs, but fought to pry them apart. Her battle was in no way aided by the soft bites I applied to her shoulder, her neck, her jaw, her cheek.

God, the taste of her! So smooth, so soft, so sweet. And I was intoxicated by the smell of berry shampoo that she loved.

Once again I asked myself: How does a mother get to be so lucky?

“Mom,” she moaned, pressing her hips down against my fingers. Nobody had ever wanted anything as much as my girl wanted me.

“Yes, my darling?”

She whimpered as I ran the tip of my finger between her labia, then betrayed a wanting gasp. I could practically hear her eyes rolling back.


“Use your words, princess,” I told her. “Tell me what you need.”

Thea scrambled through the haze of arousal to find them. “I… I need you, Mom… I need you inside me.”

A wry smile twisted my lips. “What’s the magic word?”

Please, Mom!” she cried. “Fuck my pussy with your fingers! Please!”

How can anyone refuse such a heartfelt request? I did as she asked, and slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt. Once she’d been incredibly tight down there, but daily practice had made entering her all too easy.

Thea bucked back and forth against me, throwing one leg over mine for easier access, giving me room to plunge into her. My fingers curled, running along the heat of her inner wall, stroking that tender spot that launches every woman to Cloud Nine.

At Thea’s age it must have been even more sensitive, as she could not go a day without me touching her there.

My little girl rolled onto her back so she could face me, reaching to grab a handful of my hair. She peered up with clear green eyes that shone between gasps. I could see the rapture growing inside her, mounting toward its peak.

That look was my world. I lost myself in those soulful eyes as my Thea begged and pleaded for something that only I could give her. Who needed other girls when Mommy loved you the most?

My daughter’s vagina tightened around my fingers. She was close.

The moment Thea’s orgasm tipped over the edge I claimed her mouth with mine, sparring with her tongue, swallowing her moans with a fiery kiss. She couldn’t be any more beautiful if she tried.

This girl, not yet a young woman, was my everything. There was nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for her, if only she asked.

Thea collapsed into my arms and I drew her close. She was the perfect little spoon, and I was all too happy to nestle with her. At least from the front she couldn’t feel the sudden rush of cold in my veins, or see the tears pricking my eyes.

“I love you, Mom,” she murmured.

I kissed the back of her neck. “And I love you. So, so much.”

It would be a moment before she recovered enough to give me the same attention, when she would plunge between my legs and give Mommy an orgasm of her own. So we just held each other, and I tried not to think about tomorrow.

Thea shifted about in my arms. “Is everything all right?” I asked.

She nodded. “I’m just thinking is all.”

I brushed a curly black lock behind her ear and gave it a loving nip. “About what, my darling?”

Thea hesitated, and gripped the arm I’d wrapped around her with both hands.

“I don’t wanna fuck other girls anymore,” she said.

My heart stopped. What could this mean? Was it over between us? I couldn’t let my feelings get the better of me, not when my daughter needed support. Maternal instinct took over where desire would overwhelm.

“Why’s that, my love?” I said, fighting to strip the panic from my voice.

“Because,” she said.

Thea turned in the bed so we were facing each other. Even in the dark the girl’s eyes shone like emeralds, bright as bright could be. I wanted to kiss her soft little smile, but knew I had to wait.

“There’s only one woman I want to be with,” she said, never once looking away.

I was speechless. For the first time in however long I didn’t see the brave, confident lover I’d welcomed into my bed, but a little girl who couldn’t know what she was saying. Even if it was a dream come true, I couldn’t allow feelings to crush my reason.

Tears rolled down my cheeks, but I forced a smile. I stroked Thea’s cheeks and leaned in to kiss her brow.

“There’ll be others,” I said. “You’ll grow up and find a girlfriend your own age, or a boyfriend.” The words were like a knife to the gut, but what kind of parent would I be if I didn’t say them?

Thea reeled. “Boyfriend? Seriously, Mom, don’t be gross.”

I laughed weakly. Of course. I should have known better.

She leaned closer and pressed her brow against mine. We rubbed noses, just like the Inuits — like I used to do with her when she was a toddler.

“I’ll love you forever, Mommy,” she said. It’d been years since she called me that. “I’ve always wanted to marry you, ever since I was little.”

She couldn’t mean that. She couldn’t!

Thea rolled to the other side of the bed and pulled a small velvet box from the drawer. My eyes grew wide. She couldn’t know about that, could she? I’d bought it in a moment of weakness, but I never was able to…

She opened it, revealing the sparkling green stone inside, encased in a silver band. If one were to look closely on the inside of that band, they’d read the words To my dear Thea, who I will love now and forevermore.

“Mom,” she said, blinking through tears of joy in her eyes. “I want to be your wife, more than anything!”

It was a dream come true — my only daughter, wanting to be together like this. I cried and threw myself into her kiss. Then I asked for her hand in marriage.

Of course, she said yes.

The End

Author’s note: Mindy Max is a romantic pervert with a special love for a certain kind of motherhood. She’s open to requests, though only a rare few may take her fancy. She writes for the love of writing and celebrates the chance to share naughty words with you all.


24 Comments on Mommy and Thea

  1. Morris says:

    It would not be bad if, in the continuation of the story, even the daughter can feel interest in little girls and maybe share them with the mother.

    • Mindy Max says:

      Thanks for enjoying, Morris! I do have a continuation in mind, wherein a young adult Thea and her mother have a daughter together. Thea, being sexually liberated all her life, proposes raising their girl just as she was. Keeping it in the family!

  2. Sapphmore says:

    I searched on NIFTY Archive and my own archive and found only three stories, this one, The price of getting ahead (Transgender June 2021) and Bitch bride (Bestiality May 2021).

    I googled “Mindy Max” and also the email address used on NIFTY but just these three results.

    I guess circumstances may have curtailed her writing.

    • Mindy Max says:

      I’m very glad to have the chance to write again. I’ll be writing more for Nifty in varying genres, though my F/g writings will largely come here.

  3. David says:

    That is a shame Sapphmore, because I loved this story and would of loved to read more about Thea and her mother. If any of you have read any of my comment, mother daughter love is my favorite. Would of loved to read any of her other stories too. Great job Mindy Max and if you read this and ever decide to write more, please submit them to JS.

  4. Steve says:

    Fantastic story I hope it will continue there is more to this whole story

  5. theflash says:

    loved it

  6. Rosey M says:

    I loved it! I’ll admit my heart broke a little when we hear about Thea sleeping with other girls, but I love how she realized in the end that Mommy is all she really wants. I think it’s a great ending as is, but I certainly won’t complain if Mindy ever does a continuation! Great work! ♡

    • Mindy Max says:

      Thank you, Rosey! It broke my heart too as I wrote it. Open relationships can be a wonderful thing, but it can be a struggle to share. xo

  7. Steve says:

    Great story. I could literally feel the the tension building and found myself reading each sentence of the story faster to get to the climax. Great writing Mindy Max

  8. Claire says:

    Am a bit new to this kind of reading but this one is really full or love , pleasure and respect.. I guess the evening kiss I will do to my 8 yo this evening can be a bit dreamy !

    • Mindy Max says:

      We can all dream, can’t we? Thank you. It means a lot to know you’ve connected with the heart of the story, not just the sexy parts.

  9. theflash says:

    great story will there be a part 2 the wedding day and wedding night

  10. SearchingHeart says:

    I am so hooked on this story. Mother daughter love is my the main reason I come her over and over. I will read this story a thousand times. Excellent story. So sorry to hear there are not more mother daughter stories of this author to be found.

  11. Ben says:

    Matt wasn’t there when Thea and I determined that only she should when to stop breastfeeding?

    • JetBoy says:

      Oops! Fixed. Good catch, friend.

      • VerityVioletViola says:

        Another potential error, a discrepancy I happened to spot my first time reading through, is in Thea’s age and the timeline. She’s nine, two years pass, and then she’s ten? Unless I’m misinterpreting some fine point of subtle ambiguity–maybe when the narrator says “A lot had changed in the last two years…” one of those “two years” is supposed to be referring to the whole year Thea was nine, and the second year refers to the “current” one in which she’s ten (and possibly by that point she’s almost eleven, and it’s just being rounded up)? I suppose that’s certainly possible, but it seems like highly awkward, confusing wording, in any case. I dunno, maybe that’s just me, and I’m overthinking (or under-thinking?) the expression somehow, but that tripped me up.

  12. C says:

    I enjoyed this story but one thing I would like to see less of both in real life and in fiction is mothers feeling like they need to hold back their desires for their young daughters. Secondly I want to see fewer mothers feeling like they have to raise their daughters to be attracted to males just because that is what they learned as children. There is also nothing wrong with setting a limit on young girls only dating and having sex with other females until they reach the age of 18. During that time of life there are many reasons not to have sex with males and many more reasons to be exploring their sexuality with other females as if this was what their emotional and physical biology has intended for them. Men shouldn’t be regarded as the enemy but we need a paradigm shift that says they don’t always need to be the object of female attraction.

    • Mindy Max says:

      Perhaps in an indvidual fantasy, but while I agree that heterosexuality shouldn’t be coerced, neither should any other sexuality, especially on children who lack agency and control. Sad to say, you probably won’t get much of what you’re seeking in my stories, as I like to keep somewhat of a foundation rooted in our world. Girls and women face unique issues, and for me as an author that needs to reflect in the writing. It’s in that sameness, of joy and struggle, I feel that sapphic intimacy builds.

  13. Mindy Max says:

    Hello, friends! Thank you so much for your kind reviews. It means a lot to know that these characters connect with you, not just in terms of sexuality, but in their love, respect and warmth. That element is crucial in the kinds of stories I’m eager to tell, particularly between mothers and daughters.

    Thank you, JetBoy, for your editing of my work. You’ve done an excellent job, and I appreciate your correcting any mistakes I might have missed. Perhaps I should recruit a proofreader for my further works, though they can be hard to find when it comes to… *sensative* material such as this.

    For those who’ve wondered about my disappearance, there were some issues between myself and my wife, who I’m sorry to say struggles to appreiate this fantasy life. We’ve since resolved that discomfort somewhat, and with any lucky I can submit further works soon.

    A new F/g piece is underway, “To Nurture Sappho”, which I’m hoping you’ll see soon. And of course, I’m happy to take requests should you have any.

  14. ShyboyPanties says:

    What an amazing story of love! I enjoyed the emotional roller coaster that Mom took us through, the apprehension, then the full commitment and final inhibition. All throughout the story that main thread of love was ever present, a sweet romantic love. I really enjoyed this as well as another story you have written… Bitch Bride.

    Bitch Bride was also very well written, very creative. Loved the theme of the story, I have been looking for something along those lines for a long time, was very satisfying. Enjoyed how she had flashbacks to earlier as she was at the marriage.

    Can’t wait to read more of your stories, you are very gifted. Thank you!

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