The Mark of a Good Babysitter

  • Posted on May 5, 2020 at 5:23 pm

By Honey West

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in March 2006 }

So there I was, hanging from the fourth-floor balcony by my fingertips, and as my life flashed before my eyes, I was thinking, Maybe I should have had more sex before I died.

Okay, it sounds dramatic and cliched, I know. But I was hanging from this ledge, and the one thing I wanted to do before falling to my death was to throttle the little brat that got me in this fix.

My name is Stevie, by the way, and at that moment I was supposed to be babysitting.

The Carlsons live in the fourth-floor flat of this rather nice apartment complex. I live in the neighborhood nearby, and while school is out, once or twice a week I come and watch little three-year-old Amanda for the afternoon while Mrs. Carlson attends “charity events.” Like hell she does. What she’s really up to is getting royally laid by her lover or boyfriend or whatever.

Like clockwork, she’ll get home in time to pay for my services (rather well, actually), and push me out the door so she can change back into her oh-I’ve-been-working-all-day-around-the-apartment clothes before her husband gets home. She asks me to keep mum about her afternoons, so she doesn’t get simply inundated with requests to do community work. Yeah, right.

I’m sixteen and, if I do say so, well developed for my age. My boobs aren’t as big as my mom’s or Mrs. Carlson’s, but they do get envious looks from the girls in my class, and cause a distraction to the store managers as I ask if they’re hiring. They aren’t, incidentally, and that’s why I’m still earning money babysitting.)

I’ve gone through enough heavy petting and experimentation with boys to realize that I’m gay. To confirm this, I’ve been licking the pussy of my best friend Joanne for about six months now. We’re still rather new at it, and have to keep our sex games a secret — which isn’t easy, seeing as we’re constantly surrounded by family and friends. Luckily, my babysitting assignments sometimes give Joanne and me the privacy that we need to further explore the joys of lesbianism.

Sitting for little Amanda, though, is not one of those opportunities. In fact, this three-year-old monster is more like a walking advertisement for Ritalin. She’s constantly on the move, and always up to mischief if you don’t stay alert.

It was getting late, and Amanda’s mom would be home soon. Earlier that afternoon, as I settled her in front of some cartoons, I got a call on my cell phone from Mrs. Booker. They would not be going out tonight after all, and didn’t require my services. Damn! The Bookers had a baby that just needed occasional changing and minimal watching, so Joanne and I were planning on getting naked on their living room rug. Well, screw that plan. Still, that meant I had the night free. Maybe we could go to the movies and try something there.

As I tried to call Joanne, my cell phone started signaling that the battery was dying. The stupid phone usually went pretty quickly once the beeping began, so I knew I’d have a shot at maybe one quick call. I stepped out on the balcony to get a better reception, and that’s when it happened. As Joanne’s answering service kicked in, I heard the sliding door shut behind me and turned to see Amanda hit the switch. The little brat had just locked me out on the balcony!

“Amanda! Unlock this door!” I yelled.

She was giggling silently at me as I screamed at her. I knew she couldn’t hear me. The building faced a bunch of trees, but beyond that was a busy highway, so the glass doors and windows were made extra thick and soundproof. She could probably guess some of the obscenities I was hurling at her and did a triumphant little dance in front of me. I frantically motioned for her to unlock the door, hoping that she understood the seriousness of the situation. Instead, the little bitch went back to her stool in front of the TV and sat, calmly watching her cartoons! Ooohh! When I get my hands on her–

I looked at my watch. Holy shit, Mrs. Carlson will be home soon! How’s this gonna look — a three-year-old child with free rein of the house and me locked out on the porch?

I told myself not to panic, that the mark of a good babysitter is the ability to think through any emergency. I was pretty sure that the front door was unlocked. Call Joanne and see if she can rush over here. Shit! The cell phone was now officially dead. Okay, now I could panic. I pounded on the glass desperately, but Amanda chose to pretend I wasn’t there. I pounded some more. She got up, came over and drew the curtains closed! Aargh!

I looked around. The apartment was in the middle of an L-shaped building so I couldn’t see the balconies on either side. The only thing to do was drop down to the third-floor porch and hope that somebody was home or their door wasn’t locked.

It seemed like an easy plan, until I actually started dangling from the bars of the balcony. It was then that I started to consider just how much distance there was from one floor to another, and I didn’t seem to have the strength to pull myself back up. That’s it, I thought. I’m gonna die, I’m gonna fall three stories and I never got to say goodbye to Joanne — or kill the kid, for that matter.

I held my breath and swung my body back and forth. I let go when I thought my momentum was forward but miscalculated and my feet dropped right on the railing. Swinging my arms like windmills to keep from falling back I went face down onto a patio chair and hugged it like a friend. All right! Now I got to kill Amanda.

I sat in the chair for a moment. I’m not sure who lived below the Carlsons and it got me thinking: Be careful, you don’t want to scare some little old lady to death. The curtain was about three-quarters closed but I could see that a TV set was on inside. I cupped my hands to look in, and as my eyes adjusted they made out two little figures on the far couch.

Two little girls. Small frames. Maybe eight, maybe nine years old. One slim, waif-like girl with long blonde hair, holding what was obviously a toy doctor’s bag. The other girl had dark, shorter hair and was a little stockier. The nurse was wearing pants and a t-shirt, the stocky one wore a summer dress. As the slimmer child put on her red plastic stethoscope, the other one stood on the couch and bent over, pulling her dress up around her waist to reveal her white-pantied backside.

The thin girl pretended she was listening to something through the other’s bottom, moving the stethoscope around. I watched in fascination as the ‘nurse’ pulled her ‘patient’s’ panties down to her knees and began to probe around those smooth white globes. I couldn’t see the other girl’s face; she was patiently bent over with her ass in the air as her friend parted her cheeks to look at her little brown rosebud.

The thick patio glass took away some of the detail I was aching for, but I could see her bare, pouting pussy as the nurse drew closer to the area for a curious sniff. She ignored her medical equipment at that point and pushed her finger around and between the other girl’s cunt lips, then brought it to her nose.

At that point, I must’ve tapped my forehead against the glass. The nurse girl turned and saw me, and I knew right then that I had to act fast. I pulled on the sliding door and entered. Thank God it was unlocked!

The girls, understandably, screamed out. The stocky one fell forward as she hiked her panties back up. They both clambered together into the corner of the couch, frightened. Trying to calm them down as quickly as possible, I opted for an authoritative bearing.

“Stop it!” I commanded “You’re safe. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

I went through a string of assurances that probably would have been more reassuring if I hadn’t been peeking through their third-story window. Using my best babysitting skills, though, I managed to calm them down a bit. Anyhow, I’m sure they felt as awkward at being caught playing Doctor as I felt being Voyeur.

“I’m Stevie,” I told them.

The girls glanced at each other. “I’m Beth,” the slender one said, “and this is Becky.”

“Pleased to meet you both. Now, why aren’t your parents home?”

The kids were quiet for a moment. Then Becky spoke up, “What makes you think they’re not home?”

“Because, silly, you wouldn’t be playing Doctor in the middle of the living room if they were within a mile of here.”

Beth started to speak. Becky tried to shush her, but I silenced her with a shake of the head.

“Our moms are at work, and we have to take care of ourselves. And…if we want to keep this nice place, well we have to be very fur… fru…”

“Frugal,” Becky offered quietly.

Frugal, and… well, my mom and her mom are working really hard, and if we can just behave ourselves for a few months we’ll be able to have money and go to real nice schools and… and…”

“Be a family,” Becky said quietly.

“And be a family!” Suddenly there was panic in her voice. “Please don’t tell anybody we’re here alone! It’s only for three nights a week!”

“Calm down, it’s okay,” I cut her off as I looked around. The apartment wasn’t stocked like the others in the complex. It was sparse. Two couches, entertainment center and TV along with a dining room table. But everything was neat and clean. And there were toys and dolls for the kids and educational primers on the table. I couldn’t tell if I wanted to slap or hug these women. Didn’t know them well enough, I guess.

Suddenly I could hear footsteps in the hallway. I ran up and put my ear to the door and was relieved to hear someone enter a neighboring apartment on this floor.

I turned back to the girls. “Okay, kids, listen carefully. I’m not going to tell anyone you’re home alone, got that? Now you have to promise not to tell anyone I was peeking through your window, deal? Good. Now, what time do your moms get home?”

Becky froze. Beth was also thinking the same thing. “They get off from their job at the restaurant at ten. Are you going to tell them…?”

I smiled. “How am I gonna tell what you two were doing if I wasn’t here? I just want to make sure you two will be okay on your own.”

“We always are,” Beth said with a bit of pride.

My mind was racing. There was a demon toddler upstairs doing God knows what, and I knew that my coming in the balcony like I just had and racing out the door like I was just about to must have seemed totally unreal to these kids. Well, it would certainly be a moment to remember.

I don’t know what made me so bold at that moment. I thought I might give the girls a quick hug before I left, but as they just stood there I reached out and took Beth’s hand, brought it up to my nose and found the scent of Becky on her finger. I sucked it into my mouth, swirled my tongue around it, then smiled. “Mmm, very tasty.”

Their mouths were still hanging open as I left.

I ran upstairs. Thank God the door was unlocked. The first thing I saw was the stove. The little monster had turned on all four gas stoves and the kitchen was getting hot. After turning them off I hunted down Amanda and found her on the balcony, looking down — to see if I had jumped off, I guess.

She tried to run past me but I caught her arm, brought her to the couch and proceeded to give her the spanking she deserved. Her mother had told me in no uncertain terms that Amanda was to be spanked when she was bad.

Mrs. Carlson entered as I was administering the last few smacks.

“Bad night?” she grinned.

I let the child go, and she went screaming into her bedroom. “Sorry, Mrs. Carlson, but she locked me out on the balcony.”

She shook her head. “No need to apologize, Stevie. You did the right thing.”

Mrs. Carlson had a dazed, contented look on her face. That must have been some damn good loving she had. She looked at her watch and frowned, then picked through her purse to hand me my fee. When I took the money, I could tell that she reeked of sex.

She rushed me out the door. “Thank you, Stevie. See you next week.” I knew she was in a hurry to get into the shower.

In the hallway I saw that she’d given me twice what she usually paid, decided that she meant to do that and hopped down the stairs. I stopped for a moment outside Beth and Becky’s door, not sure why, and was about to keep going when the door popped open. The girls came out just as I was starting down the stairs. I paused in mid-step.

Finally, Beth spoke. “You’re a babysitter, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. So?”

She whispered to Becky, who nodded her head eagerly to whatever Beth said… and she reached into the pocket of her pants, took something out, and poked at it. Then she smiled up at me and held out what seemed to be three crumpled dollar bills and some change.

“Can you… can you babysit us?”

Oh, for crying out loud. Here this kid was standing with Disney doe eyes and what had to be her life’s savings, and all I wanted to do was to hook up with Joanne and do nasty things to her. I saw Becky peeking shyly at me, her toe scuffing the carpet. I studied Beth as he stood there with her arm stretched out offering the ball of green; I felt like I could put her in my shirt pocket and carry her around.

I knew inside I was thinking of talking to their mothers, maybe offer them a budget deal on babysitting or something. No promises. School would be starting soon, anyway. It wasn’t really my concern. It’s just that I didn’t like the idea of these two being unsupervised… oh, hell.

I took the money, walked into the apartment, then laid the bills and change down on the table, feeling pissed off and proud of myself at the same time. I wasn’t sure why.

The little imps — both ten, it turns out — stood together with excited looks and nervous giggles. They were lovely creatures, I had to admit it.

“Okay, I can’t stay the whole time… and I probably shouldn’t meet your moms this way. So let’s keep this a secret between us, okay?” They both nodded. “Now, what about dinner?”

Becky, it seems, was in charge here. “Take the dish from the fridge. Leave the foil on tight. Bake at 375 degrees for forty-five minutes. Take the foil off, CAREFULLY! Bake for another ten minutes. Microwave the corn that’s in the orange Tupperware. We get one piece of toast each and milk, not soda.”

“Becky washes, I dry,” Beth intoned, “Bath is at seven. We take turns and clean ourselves up good. Don’t leave a mess in the bathroom. We can stay up till nine.”

“Jeez, I’m impressed. What the heck do you need me for?”

“Company!” they chimed.

The meal went well, and I found I was enjoying myself. I called Joanne and told her another job had come up, but we would not be able to get together tonight. One of the moms called to make sure all was well, and the girls, as instructed, didn’t mention me. As the tykes methodically went through their dishwashing ritual, I sat, sipped a soda, and watched their little butts scurry about the kitchen.

The image of Becky’s bare bottom preyed on my mind, and I soon came to realize that the girls were viewing me pretty much the same way. At the dinner table, they kept stealing glances at my boobs through the concert t-shirt I wore, smiling secretly at each other.

Soon we were sitting on the couch, where I kicked off my shoes and got the lowdown from the girls about their moms.

“Her mom and my mom moved in together two months ago,” Beth told me matter-of-factly, “Becky is my new sister.”

“They lost all their money when Beth’s dad left.” Becky volunteered, “but now we’re together, and we’ll be just fine.”

Beth leaned forward and whispered, “Our moms are gay, but they don’t want us to know that.”

“Yeah,” Becky said, “so we pretend we don’t know!” They both broke into giggles.

I had to admit these tykes were growing on me. I’d never had a sister and loved the thought of suddenly acquiring two. It turned quiet for a moment. I became conscious of the fact that I had a girl sitting on each side of me and that they were staring at me intently, as if I was about to say Important Things. I could feel the heat of their bodies as they sat close to me.

“Thank you for not telling on us.” Beth piped up. “Um, you know.”

I looked down at Becky and her soft round face blushed. Despite her slight chunkiness, she was very pretty with small doll-like features that I could tell would evolve into Linda Ronstadt-like beauty. Beth had a natural loveliness, that wholesome All-American girl look. I felt my body starting to tingle as they sat closer, almost leaning into me. I could feel their eyes regularly shifting to my chest when they could.

I cleared my throat. “So. How long have you two been, you know, playing Doctor?”

They both blushed and looked down, then glanced at each other and smiled like secret lovers. “Yesterday.” Beth confessed, “And then today.”

“It was last night!” Becky lost her shyness for a moment, then turned quiet. “We, um, found a magazine in Mom’s drawer.”

Lesbian stuff.” Beth took over, “It was a little while before our moms came home, so we had to pretend to be asleep. But we looked at the pictures, then we looked in the mirror and we looked at each other and…” She smiled shyly, making a cute face.

I couldn’t keep from smiling. “And did you like what you saw?”

Beth grinned sheepishly and nodded. “Only… the pictures were of women and they had, like, hair and … boobs. And we know we’ll have that stuff when we grow up and all, but we… well we thought the pictures were really good and, um…”

“Can we see your boobs?” Becky blurted out. She then clapped her hands over her mouth, in shock at her own bluntness.

“Becky!” Beth hissed. Obviously, this subject was not supposed to be broached so soon.

I laughed out loud. It was an honest laugh. As a typical Cynical Teenager, I realized that I didn’t laugh like that too often. The girls, taking it wrongly, looked disheartened.

I hastened to reassure them. “Honestly, ladies, I’m quite flattered. Really, I am. But don’t you — I mean, haven’t you seen your moms’ boobs? Like, when they get dressed?”

“They don’t want us to know they’re gay, so I guess they don’t want us to see them naked, either,” Becky said as if that explained it all.

“Besides,” Beth said, “my mom doesn’t really have big ones. Neither does Becky’s.”

“Not as big as yours, anyways!” Becky exclaimed. She glanced at my chest, her eyes widened for a second, and then she nervously looked up at me, clearly flustered by what she’d seen. When I heard a small gasp from Beth, I looked down to see that my nipples had hardened, and were quite visible through my t-shirt. I was wearing my sexiest bra, one that didn’t conceal much.

Now I blushed and smiled. This world on the couch was now feeling closer and cozier.

Okay, let’s face it. I had now taken a hard left into Horny. And the thing is, I knew I was feeling something both familiar and strange at the same time while I hung out with these kids. Being a lesbian was nothing new to me, but this sudden sexual attraction I felt for these two cute little pixies, that blew my mind. I knew then that the oddness I’d been feeling was an urge to run my hands over their little-girl bodies.

I needed time to think about this. Three, maybe five minutes.

“Umm, Isn’t it time for your baths?”

“No, it’s early — OOWW!” Beth had kicked Becky’s shin.

“Actually, it is time for our baths,” Beth declared while Becky gave her a dirty look. We’ll go start the water.” The girls jumped up and ran to the hallway, stopped and turned to wait for me to follow them. I did.

The bathroom was spotless. It was also warm. The room was dotted with little fishes on the wall, and colorful Barbie bath products sat about the place. A thick long rug seemed to invite my bare feet to test its plushness. As the tub filled, Becky swished her hand through the water to check the temperature.

The sight of these little ones standing in front of a tub filled with steaming hot water made my heart melt like a snowball in an oven. Becky was still wearing her dress, Beth had her jeans on but had taken off her top and was modestly holding it over her flat chest. They were waiting for me to decide what would happen next.

I shut the bathroom door, pushed the lock in, and walked over to the toilet. I closed the lid and sat down, letting the humid warm vapors of the bathwater intoxicate me. I held out my arms and drew the young ones close to me, one girl, on either side. My hands began caressing their backs and Beth’s bare skin felt like velvet.

I looked into their faces, so entranced by their soft, young lips that I almost faltered in trying to sound serious. “Now you know we can’t tell anyone about this, right?”

“We know.” the girls said simultaneously and I felt strangely safe with this. I plucked Beth’s shirt from her hands and delighted at her flat chest and the puffy pink gumdrops that were her nipples. I playfully put my fingertips to each one and they grew into even bigger puffy pink gumdrops. Her body gave a shiver, and she giggled nervously. I remembered from experience that in playing ‘Doctor’ the emphasis was on exploration of the genitals. I figured I’d start these angels on what I always found erogenous.

“Watch this,” I winked to Becky and, like a vampire, descended on Beth’s nipple and heard her cry out ‘ohhh’ when my lips surrounded her mushroom bud. It felt rather strange not to feel my face push into a pillowy tit like my girlfriend’s. I wondered if the child was enjoying this, then I felt her arms wrap gently around my head, cradling me closer to her chest. I released her nipple with a loud pop, then chuckled at her expression of dazed arousal.

Becky had been watching with rapt curiosity and a bit of jealousy, so I reached under my shirt and unsnapped the front of my bra, took her hand and placed it on my bare breast. She glided her small hands over my boob as if shaping it, stopping to feel the hard nipple. Beth took charge of the other one and I sat back, marveling at two seven-year-olds feeling me up.

I could feel my pussy throbbing as their curious fingers molded and kneaded my sensitive orbs, each girl exploring me in her own way. They squealed with glee when I pulled my top off and really went to town, feeling the bottom swell of my breasts and tweaking the pointy tips. Feeling increasingly lightheaded, I began to stroke the girls’ hair and arms.

“That feels wonderful, ladies.” I could tell they loved it when I called them that. “Tell me, do you ever make yourselves feel good at night?”

Becky was on her knees, her face just inches from my swollen nipple. She paused at the question.

Beth replied first, though. “She wants to know if you come, Becky. Remember? Like I told you.” She looked at me and proudly said, “I can arggasm! Becky can’t, not yet. She told me.”

“I can too!” Becky said with an uncertain air. “I think.”

“Of course you can, honey,” I assured her, between gasps as Beth had decided to bury her face in my breasts. My, this child had potential. “You probably already have, you just haven’t given it your full attention yet. Now do me a favor and suck that nipple and I’ll show you what it’s like.”

I was feverishly horny as I popped my jeans and shoved a hand inside my panties. I was ready for a quick ‘arggasm’ and with two children suckling me I came as soon as my finger flipped across my clit. I tried to keep it reserved, so as not to scare the girls, but my body convulsed and shuddered as I came in for a landing.

When I refocused, both girls were watching me, their mouths agape. “Wow,” Beth said, eyes wide and grinning. I suspected that she hadn’t learned to come like that just yet.

“Are you okay?” Becky asked.

I guess I had that lazy smile that comes from a good explosion. “I’m wonderful, Becky. And I owe it all to you two.” They looked at each other and smiled proudly when I said that.

I pulled my hand out of my pants and absentmindedly twirled my gooey fingertip around the tip of my breast. It’s something I’ve always done, I guess. I was about to make a new suggestion when Beth lunged forward and suckled me anew, tasting the pussy juice I had traced on my nipple. Becky watched as I sucked the remaining honey from my finger, and I thrilled at the realization that I was about to do some serious teaching here.

Reaching around, I began gripping and groping the girls’ backsides through their clothes. It was an amazing sensation. It felt like I could grab Beth’s whole bottom in one hand, she was so petite. Becky had a bit more flesh to her and her thin dress allowed me to move her pliant cheeks about, gently squeezing her buns.

It was when they stripped completely that I knew that I was now a card-carrying member of the girl-lover’s club. Their flat boyish bodies, devoid of hips and beautifully smooth; the pink round nipples and, of course, those lovely soft-looking slits, each filling me with a longing to part those sweet lips for a peek at the treasures inside.

Slow down, I thought, let’s see what the girls think when I get naked. “Why don’t you finish undressing me?” I said.

They eagerly pulled off my pants and panties, then began to explore my bare body. I stood with my hands on my hips, legs apart as they explored every nook and cranny below my waist. They ‘oohed’ as they ran their fingers through my pubes. I noticed they were very much into scents as they sniffed around my pussy and ass.

Each took turns spreading my cunt-lips and cheeks and putting their noses up close to draw in my honey-laced muskiness. Oh, how I wanted them to push their tongues into me but I knew that, despite what they’d seen in a lesbian mag, I would have to lead by example.

First, I showed them how to kiss. I kissed Beth’s tender lips and, after some light pressing, let my tongue slip into her cool mouth. I could hear her sigh as I did this. When we broke apart, I suggested that she try that with her new sister. Soon she was kissing Becky with an affection that warmed my heart. I fought very hard not to finger myself while I watched.

As Becky laid back on the soft rug, I positioned myself over her as if doing a push-up. She giggled in anticipation as I lowered myself slowly, my boobs settling on her boyish chest. I let my body cover her as I kissed her mouth and then nibbled my way down her small frame. She got ticklish around her belly-button, which I tongued to her delight, but grew silent as I neared her hairless pussy.

As I gazed at the smooth crack, I could smell her little-girl perfume — and I swear, it was getting me high. Beth had crouched down and her face was inches from mine, watching every move I made. I reverently peeled Becky’s lips apart and my eyes and nose savored the pink flesh and sweet aroma of this lovely nude cherub.

She was delicious, to say the least. She gave a surprised sound as my tongue snaked into her tight hole with a circular, scooping motion, then moved up to her little bud, which I suckled gently, lost in this child’s body as I held her ass cheeks in my hands and feasted away.

I stopped and turned to Beth, who didn’t realize her tongue was protruding from her mouth as she watched me. “Take care of Becky’s nipples, sweetie. Both of them. It’s what sisters do.”

She did. I lapped away as I saw Beth’s baby-doll lips encircle her new sister’s nipple as she tweaked the other one with appropriately petite fingers. Soon Becky was panting and moaning. She started to draw her legs up so I helped her along and held them high, my mouth glued to her bald cunt. This exposed her little rosebud to me, and I just had to taste her there. I felt her wrinkled hole tighten as my lips gave it a puckered kiss. Concentrating on her slit, I nonetheless kept licking her anus when I was in the neighborhood, feeling it flex open and shut with every swipe of my tongue.

Her gasps became fast and furious as I ran my tongue back and forth, from her ass to her pussy. At one point I wrapped my lips around her clit and held it there, flicking it furiously with my tongue. Little Becky’s body began shaking and shuddering to the point that, as she climaxed, I think she peed a little into my mouth.

When I looked up, my chin was soaked with her juices and Becky had a flush of red across her chest as she lay there panting. Beth was stroking her face gently and looking at me, half-waiting for assurance that her sister was fine.

“Now that,” I said with a grin, “was a real arggasm.”

Beth insisted that it was her turn next, and that was the way the evening went. To prevent sibling rivalry, I gave equal attention to both girls; licking one and then the other, making sure they came the same amount of times. They would take turns with my body, exploring and examining, asking questions while licking my pussy.

I came two more times for them. Once, doing what I did the first time, only without my pants obstructing the view. They delighted in licking my juices from that one. The second one was probably a little odd to them; in my horny state I rubbed my slick wet cunt lips on Becky’s buns, humping her until I came again.

I was just getting started on the fine art of sixty-nining when I checked my watch. Damn. There was so much I wanted to do with these little imps, and the time had passed so quickly. I knew they needed time to get the bathroom and themselves cleaned up, so I reluctantly called things to a halt.

We soaked in the tub for about fifteen minutes, caressing and teasing each other, then I climbed out and got dressed. I guess I expected the girls to protest my having to leave, but they were in a state of dreamy exhaustion. We wiped the bathroom spotless, and I poured some bubble-gum bubble bath in the tub before pulling the shower curtain closed, to help cover up any tell-tale sex smells.

I told the girls to get ready for bed before I left, and they came back in lovely pink pajamas.

At the door, I asked if they would like to see me again and they lit up “Yes! Yes! Yes!” It blew me away. I was in love with these girls.

“Okay,” I said, “I’ll figure out how to approach your moms and offer them a deal. I’m sure they don’t have this kind of schedule every night, right? Well, we’ll do what we can.”

The girls gleefully clapped and cheered. I made another attempt to make sure that they both understood the importance of keeping this a secret, but the kids frowned at me for even trying. I guess I knew that they could be trusted.

I knelt down and hugged them both. Sweet things, I could tell they were going to sleep soundly that night.

“Tell me, ladies… are you sure your moms never give you your baths?”

“Nope. Never,” Becky said.

“We always wash ourselves,” Beth stated.

“Good. Turn around. Both of you. And bend over.”

They looked at each but did so and I pulled Beth’s pajamas down and pulled her cheeks apart, gave her little rosebud a kiss and then a quick hard suck just to the side of it. I did the same to Becky and pulled their pants back up. Beth still had a look of surprise. The hickeys were light and would be gone in a few days, but they would be visible to the two ten-year-olds until then.

“What was that?” Becky asked, smiling with a tinge of embarrassment as she rubbed her butt.

“That, ladies, is the mark of a good babysitter.”

The End



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  1. Sally Drewett says:

    Lovely story…really enjoyed it…thanks for getting me hot

  2. David says:

    This story was pretty well written Honey, but needed to be edited a little better. My first question is why she never went back to Mrs Carlson’s apartment to be with Amanda when she got home. The second is when she peeked in the girls seemed to be 6 or 7, later in the story she says they are 10 and then at the end they were 7. Got a little confusing.

  3. NC Bright says:

    I enjoyed the story very much. Just one question what happened to the three year old that locked her out to start with? Just curious.

  4. Margaret says:

    A lovely idea but yes a little confusing about the age of the little angels. Perhaps Stevie has found a way to keep Amanda in line if/when she makes it back to the apartment.

  5. Captain Midnight says:

    Although I agree with the other readers’ confusion over the girls’ ages, and scratch my head about the little kid locking the sitter out on the balcony, I really liked the humor in this story! It was a fun read even without the sex, which is a very good quality for an erotic story to have.

  6. JetBoy says:

    My apologies to the author. There actually is a part of the story where Stevie goes back upstairs to deal with Amanda. I must’ve accidentally lopped that part out while in cut-and-paste mode.

    I also adjusted the age discrepancy. Thanks to our keen-eyed readers!

    By the way, if you enjoyed this, check out the other Honey West story we have. It’s another hot babysitting tale. (Do I detect a theme…?)

  7. sue says:

    Great fun story. I guess we tuned in too late to see any errors. Yes Honey West is real good.

    Kim and Sue

  8. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Just have to agree with Kim and Sue: Honey West is terrific!
    Loved the shenanigans that little Amanda was doing as Stevie was trying to do her job.
    And how that seg-wayed into her[Stevie] meeting Beth & Becky, which turned into an awesome teaching lesson. the sex was sweet and delicious and at one point when Stevie was “administering” attention on Becky’s oh-so-cute derriere, she turned to young Beth and…well, these lines are an example of how good the natural dialogue of Honey West’s is:

    …I stopped and turned to Beth, who didn’t realize her tongue was protruding from her mouth as she watched me. “Take care of Becky’s nipples, sweetie. Both of them. It’s what sisters do.”
    …When I looked up, my chin was soaked with her juices and Becky had a flush of red across her chest as she lay there panting. Beth was stroking her face gently and looking at me, half waiting for assurance that her sister was fine.
    “Now that,” I said with a grin, “was a REAL arggasm.”

    Mmm! so good!…and the ending was a pure delight, with Stevie kissing their angelic butts and “leaving her mark” as it were!

    All in all, a great story!


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