A Model Companion, Part One

  • Posted on October 10, 2021 at 2:38 pm

By Louisa May

Note from JetBoy: Those of you who have been enjoying this kind of erotica for a long while are surely familiar with the wonderful and very sexy lesbian fiction of Louisa May — first appearing at the Nifty Archive, then finding a second home at Lesbian Lolita. More than anyone, Louisa May inspired me to try my hand at writing erotica… but please, don’t blame her for that.

It’s been a long while since she’s been heard from, so imagine our surprise and delight when she turned up in our Comments section, responding to praise for her stories, some of which grace our archive. Seems that Louisa May more or less stumbled onto our humble site, and was delighted to discover that folks are still reading and getting off to her work.

Now that she’s back among us, it was decided that we needed more of her vintage stories at Juicy Secrets. Hence, we present this gem from 2005. Thanks, Louisa May, for all you’ve given us. We love you!!


“Valerie! Lara, look who’s here — it’s Valerie!”

Lara followed her mother into the small dressing room and dropped her rather heavy knapsack onto an empty chair by the door. “Hi, Valerie,” she grinned, shy but happy to see her attractive older friend again.

“Hey, Squirrel!” At the locker across from Lara’s dressing table, Valerie had turned at their entrance. She seemed genuinely glad to see the girl. “So I guess it’s you and me again, huh?”

As Lara started to answer, her mother cut in. “Well, you two are so darling together, how could they not do another shoot?” She fussed with Lara’s hair as the girl sat at her beauty station and took out various cosmetics from her voluminous bag. “And next, I suppose, will be the fall line, and then maybe a Christmas special…”

Valerie sifted through the various outfits that hung, unassigned as of yet, in the corner. “Well, I don’t want to be counting any chickens…”

“No, of course not.” Lara’s mother had taken out a hairbrush.

“…`Cause all of a sudden, y’know, the powers that be decide they’re seeing too much of us.”

Lara gritted her teeth as her mother dragged the brush through her fine blond hair.

“Two shoots?” said Valerie, rolling her eyes. “Too much? Well, that’s just silly.”

Lara winced. “Mom… ow?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, honey.” She dropped the brush in her purse and patted the girl’s head. “Sometimes I get to feeling like I’m brushing Puffy!” She nodded to Valerie. “Our dog.”

“Well, Puffy likes it. I don’t.”

“I know, sweetie, I said I was sorry.” The stoutish woman blew out her cheeks, thoughtfully drumming her fingers on Lara’s dressing table. After a moment’s hesitation, she spoke. “Honey? You think you’d be all right if I hit Bloomingdale’s for a while?”


“Sure? Because I don’t have to–”

Lara turned. “Really, Mom, yes. Yes. I’ll be fine. Valerie’s here.”

Her mother turned to Valerie. “Is that okay?”

The young woman shook her head. “Nope, sorry, not in my contract.” She grinned. “Of course it’s okay, what the heck do you think?”

“Well…” Lara’s mother picked up her purse. “Thank you.”

“Hey, I’m just gonna be here working. So’s she.”

“Fine, then. Have fun, honey.” She kissed the air by Lara’s cheek and headed out the door. “I certainly will!” And she was gone.

Lara stretched her arms out wide. “Aaaah! Free at last!”

Valerie smiled. “A bit of a pill sometimes?”

Lara made a face. “Sometimes!”

“Well, I’ve never been a mom, and certainly never the mom of an eleven-year-old, so I can’t do any judging.”

“Yeah but you’ve been a just-plain person, and sometimes, my mother is so… ooooeeeeeyyyuuaaahh!” And her fists and head came down on the table.

“Oo-ee-yuh. Yes, definitely. Took the words right out of my mouth.”

“Hello, ladies!” The door swung open and a small bulldog of a woman strode in carrying a big box. “First outfit on the right. And here, I’ve got unders, unders.” She held the box to her chest. “Light or white, and no colors.”

She turned to Valerie, who rummaged through the box and fished out a couple of lingerie packages. “These’ll do for me.”

The bulldog swung over to Lara. “You?”

Lara looked to Valerie, who translated. “Gotta have white or light-colored underwear for the shoot.”

“Oh. I think–” Lara peeled her jeans down to reveal a patch of pink.

The bulldog shook her head. “Nope. Here you go.” She dug into her box of tricks and produced a package. “Thong. Petite.”

Thong?” Lara looked somewhat stricken.

“Yep. Can’t have any lines showing for them shorty-shorts. Gotta be nice and smooth for that sexy little butt of yours.”

“Um, sure.” Blushing hugely, Lara accepted the package.

“Okay, Miss Manners. I think we have what we need.” Valerie’s arched eyebrow made its point.

“Thank you ladies. Any questions, I’ll be in the shop down the hall.” Bulldog bustled out.

“A thong.” Lara stared at the package as if it held narcotics.

“No biggie. I’ve been wearing them for a looong time.” Unfastening her jeans, Valerie pushed them down to her feet. Lara hesitated, then did the same. She noticed that sure enough, Valerie wore a white thong.

“Why’d you take them from her box? You’re already wearing what they want, aren’t you?”

Valerie smiled and winked. “Never pass up a free pair, right? It’s not like they pay us enough anyway.”

“Ohhh.” Lara had stripped down to pink panties and a training bra. Valerie couldn’t help marveling at what an amazingly pretty girl she was. An adorable face, and such flawless skin! Just… perfect, she thought.

“There’s a bathroom right around the corner if you want to change in there.”

“Oh, no, I just…” Gingerly opening the daunting package, Lara weighed the skimpy item in her hand. “I never wore one of these before.”

“It’s like a bathing suit bottom, only smaller.” Valerie stood at the rack, perusing the product. Lara found herself looking at the woman’s back; the smooth muscles and firm, womanly bottom. She liked looking at Valerie’s bottom. Suddenly aware of being distracted, Lara stepped out of her panties with a sigh.

Having selected her own outfit, Valerie turned to see Lara, now naked but for her bra and socks. She felt a little tingle beneath her belly, deep down. Wow, she thought. This girl’s only eleven, and I’m feeling attracted to her. Hmm.

She told herself not to stare… after all, the poor girl had enough on her plate at the moment. Instead, Valerie concentrated on putting on her summer wear.

“Oww…” As Lara padded over to the clothes rack, she wriggled her bottom.

“Feels weird?”

Lara picked at the thong. “Not just that, it’s…” Reaching behind, she plucked at it again, but to no avail. She looked at Valerie. “See… I got a mosquito bite right…”

“Ooh, yeah–”

“I mean, it’s right there, right on my, um, bottom hole–”

Valerie made a face. “Yikes. That’s one determined mosquito.”

“Yeah… but I scratched it b-back there, and it got kind of–”


“No, I don’t think so, just… really sore. And now…” And Lara tried plucking at the thong again.

“Well… here’s the thing, kiddo. I have this trick, way back from my dancing days.” Valerie reached into her purse, then produced a jar of Vaseline. “Ta-dah! Never leave home without it.”

“That… helps?” Lara stood in place looking perfectly scrumptious, using one hand to hold the thong away from her bottom.

“Oh, sure. Here.” Lara took the jar. “Just smear a gob of it on your butthole. Keeps it from chafing.”

“`Kay.” Valerie busied herself with her outfit while Lara opened the jar. The woman smiled to herself as the girl made sounds of increasing frustration. Eventually, a small explosion. “OHHhh! I can’t…” She let out a sigh. “I’m such a klutz.”

“What, honey?”

Lara was near tears. “I just can’t… put it on and hold the thong away at the same time. It’s like I need three hands!”

Valerie found herself taking a small breath, trying to steady her racing heart. “Want some help?”

The plaintive look Lara gave her would have melted a glacier. “Could you? Please?”

“Easy-schmeasy. Turn around.” Lara complied, and Valerie scooped up a generous dollop of Vaseline. “Okay, just… open yourself up a bit.” A bit disorienting, this — and, wow, what is going ON here with me? she thought. Watching Lara reach back and use one hand to move the thong and the other to spread her crack open. And there was the poor little mosquito-bitten area, pink on pink.

As Valerie’s finger touched the lubricant to Lara’s pert little rosebud, the muscle tightened, and the tiny hole seemed to wink. Valerie tried to remain as professional as she was able while painting the tender area with the Vaseline.

“There… that should do it,” she said, hearing a slight shakiness in her voice. She gave a playful slap to the flawless bottom, taking note of its velvety softness. “All done.”

Lara turned, her cheeks crimson. Something about the child’s awkwardness endeared her to Valerie more than ever. “Well, that was the weirdest thing!” Lana declared. “I mean… you had to touch my butt! My butthole, even! God, it’s — it’s so embarrassing!”

Valerie grinned. “Hey, it wasn’t so bad. Hardly stinky at all.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Lara cried, covering her face with both hands. Valerie was about to offer comfort, then she realized, to her relief, that the little girl was giggling.

“No, really,” and Valerie reached out to touch Lara’s flushed cheek. “I know how it feels to get chafed down there, and it’s no fun. So, really, I’m glad to help.”

Lara rubbed her face against Valerie’s palm, much like a cat would. “Aw, that’s so sweet. Thank you.”

“Yup.” Valerie patted the girl’s cheek, then let her hand drop. “C’mon now — let’s see what goofy things they gave us to wear!”


Three hours later, a breathless young woman and a weary little girl swept back into the dressing room.

“Whoa! I am pooped!” Lara gasped, flopping into the nearest chair.

“Yeah, four outfits in one shoot.” Valerie began shucking her clothes. “That’s pushing it, even for them.” She stepped out of the svelte black slacks, then unhooked her bra.

“It’s the most I ever did at once,” Lara said. With a sigh, she stood and began to unbutton her top.

“Oh, they just wanted to see how much they could get out of us without having to pay more.” She tossed the bra in her bag and massaged her breasts. “Aaaah, blessed relief!”

Lara watched. Clearly, her comfort level with Valerie had risen dramatically since the Vaseline incident. She parted her lips to speak, hesitated, then came out with it. “Your breasts are so beautiful.”

Valerie smiled as she continued to massage herself. “Why thank you, sweetie. What a nice thing to say.”

“I mean it.” And she did. Valerie was the most beautiful woman Lara had ever seen, and looked even better out of her clothes. “They’re — they’re gorgeous. Just like you.”

“Oooh, keep it coming.”

Lara’s eyes widened. “Omigosh, look at your nipples!” The combination of Valerie’s massaging and Lara’s admiration had aroused the young woman’s dark nipples, and they were now visibly erect.

“Yeah,” said Valerie, looking down at them. “All these nice things you said to me… I guess it turned them on.”

“They’re like… I don’t know, like little brown fingertips or something.”

Valerie smiled. “Or something, yeah.”

Lara tilted her head to look, her cheeks slightly flushed. “How d-do they feel, um, when they get like that?” She frowned down at her own chest. “Mine are too small.”

Valerie had an extremely wicked impulse, then thought better of it. But watching Lara, noting the obvious interest in the little girl’s eyes… in the end, her hunger was too powerful to resist.

“Why don’t you touch them?” said Valerie. “Find out for yourself. I don’t mind.”

Lara’s eyes widened. “Really?”

Valerie nodded, moving closer to the girl.

“Um, sure,” Lara said. Okay.” With a shy grin, she reached out, extending a finger.

Valerie let both arms hang at her sides and waited, eager to be touched. When the child’s fingertip brushed the tip of her breast, it was the merest hint of pressure, barely anything — but it sent a wave of arousal bolting through Valerie, one so strong that she couldn’t stifle a low groan.

Lara immediately snatched her hand away. “What?” she blurted, her face a picture of concern.

Valerie smiled, shaking her head. “No, no, it’s nothing… that just felt really good, and I, um, wasn’t quite prepared for it.”

“My finger felt good? On — on your nipple?”

“Better than I thought it would. Much better.” She took a deep breath. “So what did it feel like?”

“Umm… can I touch it again?”

“Hmm, let me think about that… YES?”

Lara giggled. “Good.” Again the girl’s finger extended towards the now-swollen nipple, which had grown even bigger since she’d first touched it.

“Take it between two fingers, Lara… give it a squeeze. Oooohhh, yessss… just like that!”

“It’s so long,” breathed Lara, rolling Valerie’s dark nipple. “Ooh, it’s hard and soft!” She gave it a gentle, experimental tug.

Valerie’s eyes were half-shut, her mouth hanging slack. “Oh, GOD yes. Squeeze it… and pull on it. Do both. Both, honey. Mmmmm, yes!”

Lara was fascinated, and quite excited herself. This was like a dream come true for her, even though it was unlike any dream she’d ever had. She was giving her grownup friend good feelings, sexy feelings. And her friend was loving it, making frantic little humming noises as Lara squeezed both her nipples, circling them around in her fingers before she pulled at them, the way Valerie wanted.

“Ohhh… oh yeah,” Valerie panted, then she suddenly clutched at Lara’s arms. “That’s enough,” she said, gently removing the little girl’s hands from her breasts. She’d already come once, and felt certain that another orgasm would be much too conspicuous. And she didn’t want to scare Lara away. In truth, Valerie wasn’t sure what she wanted, but was beginning to suspect that it was something very risky.

“Did it feel good?” Lara was all enthusiasm, like a little puppy.

Valerie slowly nodded. “Ohh, Lara… that was way better than any massage I’ve ever had.”

“Oh, yay! I wanted to pay you back, You know, for the Vaseline.”

“Well, then, I hope you need Vaseline a lot more often!”

Lara made a face. “Yikes!” But then she laughed.

As they dressed, Lara was finally able to peel the thong from between her buttocks, then step back into her comfortable old pink panties. “Oh wow, that’s so much better.”

“Lara?” Valerie asked the girl, “would you like to spend an afternoon with me sometime? Just shopping, or seeing a movie, or whatever?”

Lara’s face positively lit up. “Are you kidding? That would be GREAT!”

“We’ll have to check with your mom.”

“Oh, she’ll love to have some time to herself. That’s what she always says, you know: “I never have time to myself!” Besides, she thinks you’re awesome.”

“Sounds good, then.” Valerie planted a kiss on Lara’s forehead, then touched her nose. “Let’s keep all that Vaseline, nipple-rubbing stuff to ourselves, okay? Secrets between friends.”

Lara blushed and smiled; a confidante! She nodded eagerly. “I can keep a secret.”

“Okay, kiddo, see you soon. Here’s my phone number, you can give it to your mom.”

“Or just keep it for myself,” Lara replied, pressing the piece of paper to her chest.

“Or that, yeah.” Another kiss, quick on the lips this time. “Bye, love.”

Lara was breathless. “Bye.”

With a final wink, Valerie made her exit.

Lara stared after her friend, even after the door had shut. “Whoa,” she whispered, standing there in her panties and nothing else.

On to Part Two!


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  1. NC BRIGHT says:

    Okay hurry with part two. Want to find out where this goes. Have to say a very good beginning for sure.

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    Excellent start to what hopefully will be an equally excellent series!
    As this was first published some years ago do you have all the chapters ready to go JetBoy?
    I hope that you do.
    And, thank you so very much for all the work you put in which makes writing like this available for a highly appreciative audience.

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    Please send the rest of the story as soon as possible it’s great want more

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    Great start

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    You are my favorite erotic story author without a doubt- I have read and reread your stories more times than I can count. I am overjoyed to see some new work from you. This story has the excellent writing and the slow build and the abundant evocative descriptive language that I adore. Thank you and I can’t wait to read more!

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