Greenfield Tales, Chapter 4

  • Posted on December 29, 2020 at 3:42 pm

By JB West

For helpful information about this story’s main characters, please consult The Girls and Women of Greenfield Tales

Part 1 – A Nightcap

When the movie ended at around 8:45, Deena breathed a sigh of relief. Sitting there for an hour and a half with the two little ones snuggled into her on either side had been both heaven and hell rolled up into one.

Cassidy had fallen asleep about twenty minutes in, right on schedule. When Kim noticed the sleeping woman and pointed her out to Rachel, they both chuckled. And as usual, Cassidy was wide awake by the time the credits started to roll.

It was time for the girls to go to bed, but Katie insisted that Deena and Cassidy come upstairs to see her room first. Kim was fine with that, so everyone followed the delighted six-year-old to the staircase. Katie was practically skipping up the steps, giving Cassidy and Deena tantalizing glimpses of her panties along the way. A moment later, she came to an abrupt halt in front of an open door. “Here it is!” she cried.

“Wow,” said Deena, looking into the room from the hallway. “It’s really pink.”

And it was. The entire room had been decorated in a variety of shades of pink. The walls, the carpet, the canopy over the bed, all pink. A large collection of stuffed animals were mostly pink as well. The bedding, the vanity, a small table and chair set, and even the beanbag chair in the corner were similarly hued.

“I love pink,” Katie exclaimed, hugging herself.

“So does Deena,” Cassidy said, giving her lover a quick wink.

The girls were successfully tucked in, a round of good nights were said, and the four women marched back downstairs. “Okay, who needs a drink?” Rachel said, walking into the kitchen.

Cassidy and Deena exchanged a look. They’d been there for hours, and Deena had to work in the morning… then again, it wasn’t that late.

“Sounds good,” Deena replied.

The women went back outside. Cassidy and Deena took seats at the table while Rachel uncorked another bottle of wine, a merlot this time.

Suddenly, they heard the jets on the hot tub fire up, and looked over to see Kim unbuttoning her shirt, revealing a bikini top underneath. “What?” she said, grinning at the others. “I’m not allowed to drink because of the meds I’m on, so I have to relax in my own way.” She threw her shirt at her sister, adding, “You’re all welcome to join me if you like.”

Rachel threw the shirt back at her sister just as Kim was stepping out of her shorts, then started to remove her own shorts. She turned back to their guests. “Wine and a hot tub. A perfect combination. You ladies in?”

Deena and Cassidy watched as Rachel pulled her t-shirt over her head and let it fall to the ground. Exchanging a knowing look, the two lovers rose from their seats. This certainly wasn’t the first time they had been invited into a hot tub, but it was the first time they’d received such an offer from two straight women, sisters no less, one of them married.

“Sounds nice,” Deena said. “But we didn’t bring our suits.”

“You and I are about the same size, Cassidy,” Kim said. “I’ve got a couple of bikinis that you’d fit into.” She studied Deena, who was taller, more slender, and less busty, then shook her head. “I don’t have anything for you, I’m afraid.”

“You can just go in your underwear if you want to,” Rachel said as she climbed the small set of stairs that led up to the small deck the hot tub was set into.

“That works for me,” declared Deena, unbuttoning her top.

Cassidy, however, hesitated. “Umm, I’m actually not wearing a bra under this.” Normally, she had no problem going nude, but wasn’t sure it was appropriate to do so in the presence of her new friends, especially since they were both straight.

Kim was already seated in the hot tub and starting to relax. “You can go topless if you like,” she said. “We’re all girls here.”

“Hey, I’m cool with that if you are,” Cassidy said. She pulled her top over her head and set it down on the chair, quickly followed by her skirt. Taking Deena’s hand, Cassidy led her lover up the small set of stairs.

Once they’d joined the others in the hot tub Rachel said, “Aww, screw this. The girls have been tied up all day. Time to let ‘em loose.”

She deftly undid the clasp on the back of her bikini top and flung it over her shoulder, where it landed on top of one of the bushes that helped create the little haven that the hot tub was nestled in. Kim muttered something about getting comfortable and freed herself from her own top as well. Realizing that she was the only one who wasn’t bare-breasted, Deena unhooked her bra and tossed it onto the deck.

The square hot tub was fairly large, able to seat eight people comfortably, so each woman had a whole side to herself. Settling into the steaming water, they exchanged blissful smiles.

Reaching for the wine bottle, Rachel made a face. “Shit,” she said, “We forgot glasses.” She glanced around at the others. “Anyone mind if we just pass the bottle?”

No one objected, so she took a swallow, then passed the bottle to Cassidy on her left.

“We’re all friends here,” Cassidy said, repeating Rachel’s line from when they first met. She took a slug and handed the bottle to Deena who was on her left.

Deena took a sip, then looked at Kim. “None for you, right?”

Kim shook her head. “Not with these pain meds they’ve got me on.” She laughed. “It’s okay, though. I took a pill right after dinner, and it’s got me feeling really mellow.”

“In that case…” Drifting over to the opposite side of the hot tub, Deena gave the bottle back to Rachel.

The women chatted while passing the wine around. Like before, they discussed a variety of topics, but the conversation was very meandering, never staying on one topic for very long, and soon the women became mostly quiet, lulled into a euphoric but mellow state.

Glancing across the tub at Rachel, Deena was startled to notice that the woman was staring at her chest with a great deal of interest. In fact, there was a warmth in Rachel’s’s eyes that felt a lot like …desire.

Deena had the smallest breasts of the four women, but her nipples were large and enticing, a dusky pink hue with quarter-sized areolae. Right then, her nipples were erect, partially because of the bubbling water gently massaging them, partially because she was in the presence of three beautiful and sexy women, all topless.

Almost without thinking, Deena raised a hand and tweaked one of her nipples. Rachel gasped at the sight. Deena saw the wine on the deck behind Rachel and swam across the tub towards it. Rising from the water, she reached for the bottle.

Rachel was transfixed by the sight. Illuminated by the soft light of the patio lamps, Deena seemed more goddess than woman — skin sparkling with wetness, water dripping from her bare upper half. My God, she’s beautiful, Rachel thought.

Tilting the bottle, Deena allowed the last of its contents to pour into her open mouth. Some of the ruby-red liquid dripped from her chin, falling to spatter on her left breast.

A shudder of helpless lust surged through Rachel, leaving her breathless and dizzy. What would it be like, she wondered, to taste wine on her skin?

Deena set the empty bottle down next to Rachel, which brought her bare chest to within a foot of the wide-eyed woman’s face. Gazing down at Rachel, she murmured, “Like what you see?”

Struck speechless, Rachel stared up at Deena, into her eyes– then immediately looked away, her face flushed bright crimson.

Thrilled by Deena’s actions, Cassidy slid up close behind her, cupping her lover’s ass beneath the surface of the water. She glanced over to smile at Kim, who was staring wide-eyed at the scene playing out in front of her.

Deena pressed back against Cassidy, but her eyes remained focused on Rachel. “You can touch them if you want,” she said, offering her breasts to Rachel, who was still looking away, obviously embarrassed to have been caught ogling Deena’s tits.

Cassidy sat down next to Rachel. “It’s okay,” she said. “Deena and I are really into sharing… if it’s with someone we really like.” Finding Rachel’s hand under the bubbling water, she guided it towards Deena’s chest and gently placed it on Deena’s left breast.

Frozen to the spot, Rachel stared at her hand, then at Cassidy, then at Deena. She struggled to speak, then fell silent, looking away.

Still holding the woman’s hand, Cassidy began to move it around, caressing Deena’s breast. “Like this, Rachel,” Cassidy said. “This is how she wants you to touch her.” As if on cue, a small moan escaped Deena’s lips.

From across the hot tub, they heard Kim say, “Oh, my God.” Glancing in her direction, Cassidy gave Kim a sexy wink.

By then, Rachel was fondling Deena’s breasts with both hands, brushing her nipples with curious fingers, smiling hesitantly as she caused them to stiffen. Just off to one side, Cassidy watched with a satisfied smile as Rachel felt up her lover.

This continued for about a minute, then Deena covered Rachel’s hands with hers, holding them to her chest. “Can I kiss you?” Deena asked.

Rachel gazed helplessly at the younger woman, lost in her eyes. She was torn between feelings of guilt and desire but replied in the only way she could in that moment. “Y-yes,” she stammered.

Leaning in, Deena pressed her lips to Rachel’s, allowing them to linger. After awhile, they drew apart and exchanged shy smiles, then came together again.

This time, Deena brought her tongue into play, using the tip to lightly brush her new friend’s mouth. When Rachel gasped, parting her lips, Deena seized the chance to kiss her more deeply.

Shocked though she was when Deena’s tongue darted into her mouth, Rachel recovered almost immediately, swamped by a wave of desire that left her breathless. Without another thought she threw both arms around Deena, returning the woman’s kiss as passionately as she was able.

Cassidy rose to her feet, pleased with what she saw. She turned to face a very dazed Kim and slowly moved to take a seat by the woman’s side.

“Hello, beautiful,” she said, settling in next to Kim and placing a hand on the woman’s knee.

Deena was nuzzling a pathway along Rachel’s neck, her lips traveling down to the woman’s breasts. She licked at a swollen nipple, then sucked it into her mouth, causing Rachel to hiss with pleasure.

Kim watched her sister’s seduction, mouth hanging slack in disbelief, still not entirely comprehending what was happening, yet very much aware of Cassidy’s hand, now inching its way up her thigh.

Deena continued to lavish affection on Rachel’s nipple, alternating between light kisses, gentle suction and the occasional love bite. Clutching the back of Deena’s head, Rachel began to guide the younger woman, slightly changing the position of Deena’s mouth and the pressure it was applying to her sensitive flesh. She was moaning as waves of pleasure surged through her body.

Across the bubbling water, Kim struggled with excitement mixed with fear as Cassidy’s hand crept up the inside of her thigh, inch by agonizing inch. She hadn’t felt the intimate touch of another person since her husband’s death almost three years earlier, and Cassidy’s caress was positively electric.

Wondering how far Cassidy intended to take this, Kim got her answer when the younger woman traced the outline of her slit with a finger. “Oh, God!” she cried, a rush of pleasure racing through her body.

Kim braced herself for the next touch, partly dreading it, partly desperate for more — only that touch never came. Puzzled, she turned to look at Cassidy, only to find the woman gazing back, a question in her eyes.

Confused as she was, Kim made her decision in a heartbeat. She placed a hand on Cassidy’s arm and said one word. “Please.”

Cassidy gently asked, “Are you sure?” Kim nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

Beneath the water, Cassidy took hold of the tie on the side of Kim’s bikini bottom, then undid it with a tug. Kim raised her hips, allowing Cassidy to strip the lower half of the suit away, which left her completely nude.

Tossing the wet swimsuit onto the deck, Cassidy slipped her other hand between Kim’s legs and began to lightly massage the woman’s pussy. Kim shuddered at the touch, tilted her head back and let out a loud moan. It was the sound of three years worth of sexual denial and frustration being released all at once.

When she heard her sister’s cry, Rachel’s eyes opened, and she gasped in astonishment at the sight of Cassidy sitting next to Kim, obviously masturbating her. “Oh, fuck, that’s hot,” she hissed into Deena’s ear. They came together in another torrid kiss, but this time Rachel’s eyes stayed open as she watched her sister get fucked by another woman. Why does that turn me on? she wondered.

Cassidy loved to make women come with her fingers, and right then, she was fucking Kim senseless, her wrist pumping like a piston as she plunged two fingers over and over into her new friend’s cunt. Then, sensing that the woman’s arousal was at fever pitch, Cassidy abruptly withdrew, shifting her attention to Kim’s stiff little clit.

The response from Kim was truly impressive. Her breathing became shallow and rapid, her body trembled violently, and within seconds she exploded in a powerful orgasm. “Fuck!” she screamed, then doubled over, coming harder than she ever had before.

At the sound of Kim’s wild cry, Deena and Rachel broke their kiss to look over at the other women. It was a thrilling sight. Kim was hunched over, her eyes squeezed shut and her body quivering from the small aftershocks of her climax.

Cassidy had slipped her fingers back inside Kim’s pussy and was twisting them around. With a choked moan, Kim pushed Cassidy away, stammering, “Oh, stop, s-stop. I — I can’t…

Kim slumped back against the side of the tub, her eyes closing. Cassidy wrapped her arms around the dazed woman and placed a light kiss on her shoulder.

The sight of her lover nestling with Kim caused a rush of arousal to surge through Deena’s body. She turned back to Rachel, pleased to see that same sexual heat in her eyes. Once more, she found Rachel’s lips with hers, and the two women shared a hungry kiss — which was interrupted by a splashing sound. They turned to look, and saw a naked Kim climbing out of the hot tub.

“Excuse me,” Kim mumbled. “I — I have to…” Leaving her clothes and bathing suit behind, she wandered toward the house, pausing briefly at the door to look back at the others — her sister and Deena first, then Cassidy. She gave the younger woman a shaky smile, then went inside.

Making a face, Cassidy stood up, then moved over to where Deena and Rachel sat. “Um… I’m going to go make sure she’s okay,” Cassidy said. Bending to give Deena a peck on her cheek, she clambered out of the tub and proceeded into the house.

Deena and Rachel watched her walk away, the light silken fabric of her wet panties clinging to her shapely ass, which jiggled slightly as she hopped down the stairs. The sight caused another wave of sexual heat to course through Deena, and she turned back to Rachel. “Did that excite you… watching my lover fuck your sister?”

“It did,” a blushing Rachel admitted with a nod, “and I don’t know why. I mean, Cassidy is a lovely girl, but Kim… my God, I’ve never seen her look more beautiful.”

Deena took Rachel’s lovely face into her hands. “Believe me, you are every bit as beautiful as your sister,” she said.

The two women came together again; this time, Rachel was the one who initiated the kiss.

As much as Deena was enjoying herself, she found herself quite surprised by the events of this evening. Of course she thought that Rachel was sexy, Kim too, but throughout the day her attention had been more or less focused on little Katie. Even when the four women all had taken their tops off and jumped in the hot tub, she hadn’t really considered the possibility of anything sexual happening between them.

Something about seeing the desire in Rachel’s eyes when Deena caught the woman peeking at her tits… it had flipped some kind of switch inside her. At that instant, Deena knew that she had to have this gorgeous creature, and felt confident that Rachel felt the same way about her.

Deena slid her hands around Rachel’s back and down to her full ass. Clutching both cheeks, she pulled the woman closer. Rachel’s large pillowy breasts were pressed snugly against her own, their nipples brushing together, sending flickers of pleasure through their bodies.

Suddenly Rachel pushed herself away from Deena. “This is crazy,” she said, looking away. “I’m a married woman. And you’re engaged. And…and I’m not a lesbian.” She slid over a couple of feet to put some distance between herself and Deena.

It was suddenly very quiet, nothing to hear but the light hum and bubbling from the hot tub jets and Rachel’s heavy breathing. They sat in silence for a minute. Rachel finally glanced up at Deena, an anguished look on her face.

“First,” Deena said, giving Rachel a reassuring smile, “you need to know that Cassidy will be one hundred percent okay with anything you and I do together. Don’t worry about her. Second, I have no desire to get between you and your husband, or to break up your marriage.” Moving closer to Rachel, she rested her hand on the woman’s knee. “And third, I’m sure you’re not gay, but I don’t think you’re completely straight either.” Deena could see the fear and doubt in Rachel’s eyes, but there was something else as well. Desire.

“I would very much like to make love to you,” Deena continued, reaching out with her other hand to lightly caress Rachel’s cheek. “But I want you to know that it’s your choice. We can do as much or as little as you’d like. We don’t have to do anything else tonight, if that’s what you prefer. We can talk or I can leave you alone. No pressure.” Deena drew her hand away, but Rachel seized it and brought it to her lips.

“I do want you,” Rachel said. “I’m just…” She fell silent.

“I know,” Deena said. “It can be confusing, these new feelings.” She leaned in and gave Rachel a small peck on the lips. “Maybe we should take a break and go find Kim and Cassidy? I’m sure that your sister is feeling a bit confused, too.” She laughed. “And if I know Cassidy, she’ll be helping Kim with that.”

In spite of herself, Rachel chuckled at the thought of what those two might be up to inside. She nodded, then returned Deena’s gentle kiss.

The women got out of the hot tub and gathered their things, as well as Kim’s and Cassidy’s clothing. Rachel turned off the hot tub and shut off the exterior lights, then the two half-naked women stumbled by moonlight into the house, shutting the door behind them.


Part 2 – In Your Eyes

Kim was very warm, both from the hot tub and her orgasm, so entering the air-conditioned house caused her to shiver. Not that she even noticed — her mind was still reeling from what had just happened in the tub with Cassidy.

As she padded from the kitchen into the living room, Kim winced at the brightness of the single lamp that had been left on. Compared to the darkening skies outside, it was like being caught in a spotlight.  Noticing her nakedness, Kim suddenly felt exposed and vulnerable. Part of her wanted to curl up in a small dark room where no one could find her. Where she wouldn’t be judged.

Kim had made it to the foot of the stairs when she heard the back door open, then close again. A moment later, Cassidy entered the living room, wearing nothing but her panties, and the two women locked eyes. They held each other’s gaze for a small eternity before Kim broke away and started to climb the stairs. As she neared the top, she could hear Cassidy following.

She made her way down the hallway, past the door to her daughter’s bedroom, and for the first time since Katie had been born she didn’t stop to look in on her little girl. At the end of the hall, Kim opened the double doors to the master bedroom just wide enough to slip through. Feeling for the light switch, she slid the dimmer halfway up, illuminating the room in a soft, murky light. Kim crossed halfway to the bed and then paused, listening for the sound of Cassidy behind her.

She turned around when Cassidy lightly knocked on the door and peeked in through the narrow opening. Again, the two women locked eyes. Cassidy watched Kim as she moved to the foot of the bed and sat, her gaze turned downward. Drawing closer, Cassidy paused, and when Kim didn’t respond, seated herself to the woman’s left. They sat in silence for a few moments.

Finally, Cassidy spoke. “Kim? Are you okay?”

Kim looked up.  “I’m just…”


Kim looked away again, swallowed hard and then very softly said, “Ashamed.”

Cassidy had been with quite a few women in her time. Some of those women had never had a lesbian experience before, so she was experienced with dealing with the confusion and fear that they felt afterwards. But Cassidy had never before been told that her lovemaking had caused a partner to feel shame. It felt like a punch in the gut.

“I…” Cassidy began, then fell silent, not knowing how to respond.

Looking up again, Kim saw the hurt in the young woman’s eyes,  and realized with a start that she’d injured Cassidy’s feelings.

“No, no, you don’t understand,” Kim hastened to explain. “I’m not ashamed of what we did — or of you.” She knew what she wanted to say, but it was hard to make the words come. Kim reached over and took Cassidy’s hand, tears welling in her eyes. “He’s b-been gone three years, and I still haven’t gotten over it. I — I know that it’s time to move on, b-but I’m scared t-to…”

“Oh, my,” Cassidy whispered as the meaning of Kim’s words sank in. She felt a shuddering sob move through Kim’s body as the woman began to cry. Cassidy gave Kim’s hand a squeeze, suddenly realizing that she was still wearing her engagement ring and wedding band.

Wrapping her free arm around Kim’s trembling shoulders, Cassidy said, “And what you and I just did…  it was the first time you’ve been with someone since then?”

“Yes,” Kim whispered. Resting her head on Cassidy’s shoulder, she continued to weep, tears falling from her eyes and onto the younger woman’s chest. Cassidy held Kim close and let her cry.

After a few minutes, Kim’s tears began to subside, but Cassidy continued to hold her, and Kim relaxed, nestling into her new friend’s embrace. Cassidy’s bare skin felt so soft and warm against hers. The cool air of the bedroom caused Kim shiver and Cassidy drew her in even closer.

They heard a light knock on the door, and looked up to see Rachel and Deena, standing in the doorway. Rachel had put her bikini top back on, while Deena wore her underthings, still damp from the hot tub.

Rachel could tell that her little sister had been crying, and hastened across the room to comfort her. “What’s wrong?” she asked as she sat down next to her sister, sandwiching Kim between herself and Cassidy.

Kim didn’t reply. Instead, she raised her head to direct a sorrowful glance at the framed photograph of her late husband that stood on the dresser..

“Oh,” Rachel said, then wrapped both arms around her sister, hugging her tightly. “Oh, Kimmy.”

Rachel only intended to console her sister, but after what had just occurred in the hot tub, she couldn’t help but be acutely aware of Kim’s nudity… and how lovely it felt to hold her this way.

Cassidy looked up at Deena, and the two lovers exchanged smiles. It was getting late and she knew that Deena had to work in the morning, but Cassidy had already made up her mind that they wouldn’t be leaving yet, not while Kim was still so upset.

She had only just met Kim that day but already felt very close to the woman. It also didn’t hurt that Cassidy found Kim to be incredibly attractive, both in body and in soul. All day they had discovered shared tastes in so many things, from clothes, music and movies to their choices of food and beverages to serve for dinner.

And it was while preparing dinner that Cassidy realized that she wanted more from Kim than just friendship. Possessing only rudimentary culinary skills, she had been put in charge of preparing the salad, and Kim had stopped Cassidy just as she was about to cut into one of her fingers while chopping veggies. Kim taught the younger woman the correct way to hold a knife and slice vegetables safely in a way that made Cassidy think of those scenes in cheesy movies when some guy teaches a girl how to swing a golf club or handle a pool cue by holding her from behind.

When Kim’s body pressed against hers, Cassidy had experienced a tiny flutter in her belly, the kind that she often felt when she was with Deena. At that instant, Cassidy knew that she wanted Kim badly, and began to think about how to make that happen.

Now, seated side by side on the bed, Cassidy only in her panties and Kim fully nude, the moment to make her dream a reality was at hand. Cassidy knew that Deena would be more than happy to make love to the sisters and she could also tell that Rachel would be easy to persuade. Cassidy wanted the four of them to come together as lovers, sharing their bodies in every way imaginable.

Only one stumbling block lay in her way: Kim’s confused feelings. The lingering sorrow left by her husband’s passing, the fear that kept her from seeking love again, the shame at having lost control only minutes earlier with her new friend. Something was needed to help Kim break through, to help the woman find herself — and in the process, a shot at happiness. And Cassidy knew how to bring that about.

“Kim?” she said, and the woman turned to look. “I have a way to help you feel better.” She glanced over at Deena who gave her a tiny nod, knowing what her lover intended to do.

“What is it?” Kim asked a curious expression on her face.

“It’s a technique that will calm you when you’re struggling with feelings you don’t want — like guilt, or shame.  It lessens the negative emotions you’re feeling by increasing and strengthening the positive ones.”

Kim frowned. “Like hypnotherapy or something?”

“No. Not hypnosis. Your mind will stay yours,” Cassidy reassured her. “Think of it as more like accentuating certain thoughts and emotions, while smoothing away others.”

“That sounds an awful lot like hypnosis,” Rachel interjected.

Kim seemed doubtful. “Um, I’m not sure about that.”

“May I ask you a question?” Cassidy asked Kim, and the woman nodded. “Feel free not to answer if you like, but be honest if you do. Did you enjoy what we did in the hot tub?”

Kim blushed and turned her head away, but still held onto Cassidy’s hand. She gave it a light squeeze and whispered, “Yes.”

“And do you trust me?”

Kim thought back on the events of the day. The shock of first seeing Cassidy as she climbed out of the car. The lovely conversations they’d shared that afternoon. The light touches exchanged while preparing dinner. The gentle yet urgent way Cassidy had loved her in the hot tub. The comfort she’d freely given to ease Kim’s distress. The calm and caring way she was speaking now.

I do trust Cassidy, Kim decided. She’s a good person, absolutely. “Yes,” she replied. “I trust you.”

Placing a gentle kiss on Kim’s cheek, Cassidy untangled herself from the woman’s embrace, climbed up onto the bed and scooted herself back until she was seated in the middle of the king sized bed. She patted the space in front of her and murmured, “Sit here.”

Once Kim had arranged herself, Cassidy held out her hands, which Kim took in her own. The connection established, the two women gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Concentrate on me.” Cassidy said. Then she started to count down from ten.

To Rachel, this seemed exactly like some kind of silly party game, but Deena knew better. And even though she was somewhat worried because she knew the mental and physical toll that Cassidy might suffer, Deena was still excited because she recognized the good it could do for Kim.

Cassidy continued the slow countdown, each successive number synchronizing the women’s minds. By the time her count had reached zero, she was inside Kim’s head, and in complete control of the woman. Cassidy could do anything she wanted to Kim while in this state. She could wipe away the woman’s grief, even erase the memory of her husband entirely. She could make her laugh, make her cry, make her blind with rage. She could change Kim’s personality and enhance her libido, turning her into an eager sexual plaything.

But she did none of these things. Cassidy simply found the place inside Kim’s mind where her misplaced guilt resided and, bit by bit, built a porous wall around it. Kim would still experience the emotion, but the pain she felt would be eased. Hopefully, in time, Kim would finish building the wall herself, or better yet, take control of the guilt and destroy it so that the wall would no longer be necessary.

Cassidy then found the area in Kim’s mind that controlled her inhibitions. She saw that there were already the beginnings of walls of Kim’s own making around these, and that they hadn’t been in place for very long. Cassidy built them up a bit more, wanting to make sure that, going forward, Kim would be more open to new experiences.

To an outside observer like Rachel, the whole thing seemed to only last a few seconds. For Cassidy and Kim, it was longer. For them, time momentarily ceased to exist.

Both women closed their eyes at the same time, breaking the connection, but it took a minute for Kim to snap out of her reverie and return to herself. While not entirely understanding what had just happened, Kim knew that her mind had been altered. Cassidy had made certain that Kim knew this.

Opening her eyes, Kim saw Cassidy’s smiling face. She immediately leaned in and hugged the younger woman, then began to cry again, but these were happy tears. A terrible weight had been lifted from her, and she felt light and free, filled with gratitude for the person responsible.

Kim took Cassidy’s face in both hands and kissed her. It was a light, affectionate kiss that conveyed her thanks, but also her lust. Cassidy took Kim in her arms and returned the kiss, teasing the woman with a hint of tongue.

Her brow furrowed in confusion, Rachel turned to Deena, who was smiling at the embracing women. “Um… what just happened?”

“You should ask Cassidy that,” Deena said. “I’m sure she could help you too.” She gave Rachel a light peck on the lips, then climbed onto the bed to sit behind Cassidy, placing a hand on her lover’s arm. Cassidy broke the kiss she was sharing with Kim which, by then, had become quite passionate, glancing over her shoulder at Deena.

“I think Rachel could use a bit of your help, too.” Deena said. Cassidy and Kim turned to look at Rachel, who wore a pensive, slightly worried expression.

“Do you really think so?” asked Cassidy. “She seemed fine when we were all in the hot tub.”

“Trust me,” Deena replied. “She’s almost ready to explore these new feelings, but can’t quite bring herself to let it happen. Wouldn’t you agree, Rachel?” The older woman hesitated, then gave a tiny nod. “You can make it easier for her, babe.” Deena punctuated her remarks with a few tickly kisses on the back of Cassidy’s neck, causing her lover to sigh with pleasure, then break into giggles.

Quickly recovering, Cassidy stretched a hand out towards Rachel. “Come sit with us,” she said, patting bed next to Kim.

Rachel slowly climbed onto the bed and sat beside her sister, facing Cassidy, while Deena moved around to Cassidy’s side. Taking Rachel’s hand, she gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“Rachel,” Cassidy said, “tell me what you think of my lover.”

Rachel’s eyes went wide and she started to stammer. “Well, um…I don’t…umm…” The question had clearly flustered her.

“Calm down,” Cassidy said, “Just breathe. Take a moment to collect your thoughts.” Deena’s right, she decided. This woman is primed and ready to explode. She continued, “Rachel, there’s nothing you can say that will offend me… or Deena. This is a safe place. Just be honest. That’s all I ask.”

Rachel’s cheeks were flushed bright red. She looked over at her sister, who nodded in encouragement, then at Deena, who made her heart melt with a smile. “She’s so beautiful,” Rachel blurted, then covered her face with both hands.

“I agree… she is beautiful,” said Cassidy. “Did you think I’d be offended by that?”

Rachel shrugged. “I d-don’t know. Guess I’m just being silly.” She was blushing, embarrassed about admitting her feelings out loud.

Deena was thinking that she’d never seen Rachel look so cute as she did in that moment. Unable to help herself, she leaned into Rachel and kissed her, deeply and with considerable passion. They broke apart after a minute, both women flushed and somewhat dazed. Kim could only stare, her mouth slightly agape.

“You two are so sexy together,” Cassidy said. No more questions, she decided. Time to shake things up a bit. She reached out to take Rachel’s hands. “Look into my eyes.”

Rachel complied, and Cassidy started the countdown once again. Upon gaining entrance into Rachel’s mind, she set to work. She knew that Rachel was in a better place than her sister, both mentally and emotionally, so her manipulations would not need to be as subtle as they were with Kim.

Brick by brick, Cassidy built walls around Rachel’s inhibitions, arranging things so that the woman would still be in control of her actions, but leaving her more open to the idea of exploring lesbian sex, especially now that she’d sampled it for herself.

That task accomplished, Cassidy decided to do something to ease Rachel’s conscience. She knew that Rachel was a good person, one who would probably feel guilty for cheating on her husband. To counter those feelings, she planted the notion that intimacy with another woman was very different from committing adultery with a man. Cassidy carefully placed that idea in Rachel’s consciousness, then moved on.

In the process of touring the woman’s mind, Cassidy noticed that the high wall built around a certain taboo had small but noticeable cracks in it. She could easily sense the unexpected arousal Rachel had felt at the sight of her sister enjoying lesbian sex, and how confused those stirrings had left her. Working from that impression, Cassidy paused to widen those gaps ever so slightly — not so much to change Rachel’s mind, but enough to leave the woman open to new possibilities in her familial relationships. With that, she took one last look around, then gently withdrew.

Cassidy and Rachel simultaneously opened their eyes. Just like her sister had, Rachel sat in stunned silence for about a minute. Then, once her head cleared, a joyous smile appeared on her face as she looked around and realized that she was free. Free of doubt and fear. Free to love who she wanted to love.

Turning her wide-eyed gaze to Deena, Rachel stared at the woman for a few heartbeats, then slowly drew closer to her until their mouths met in a kiss that quickly grew hot and passionate.

On to Chapter Five!


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